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Rhodes, Elliot, Lead In Central’s Track Win
RhodesCagtures Both Cen
tury and 220-yard Dashes
Waite- Rhodes. John Ellios. and !
Eddie Wiggins romped and stomped
their wav around and over the Tech
ova! to lead Central High’s victory j
in the Citv Trek and Field meet.
Technical High’s eight years rule of
the track wor'd was broken by Coach
•I- G. Schmidts’ purples who massed
together 45 points to the 38 collected
by Tech Benson barelv b*at out
Abramah Lincoln 32Vi to 31, for third :
place. North scored 16. South 9 3-4,
and Thomas Jefferson 4 3-4
Two Records Busted
John Brown. South’s ace high timber
topper, sailed over the 120-yard high
hurdles in 16-4 to break the 16-5 re- ;
cord esc-iblished by Matt Walsh of
Abe Lincoln in 1932- Brown was
hard pressed by Stevens of North.
•Joe Shenfield also broke his own
milo record of 4:46-6, which he set last
year, by jogging around the track
four times in 4:44.6- He was only
able to place fourth in the half mile
120-yard high hurdles—Won by
Brown. South; second. Stevens, North;
third, Hall, North. Time—:164 (Old
record was :16-5 by Walsh, Abraham
Lincoln. 1933)
100-vard dash—Wen by Rhodes,
Central; second, Reynolds. Abe Lynx;
third- Kildahl, Benson- Time—:10-2
Mile run—Won by Shenfield, Tech;
second, I>awton, Benson; third Knight,
Abe Lynx. Time—4:44-6- (Old re
cord was 4:46-6 by Shenfield, Tech,
22<#yard low hurdles—Tied for
first,Hurwitz, Tech and Rosenbaum,
CCentral; third Stevens, North- Time
Shot put—Won by Elliot, Central,
45 fet 8 3-4 inches; second, Grimm.
Benson, 44 feet 6 inches; third, Shan
non, Tee Jay, 43 feet 3-4 inches.
Freshmn relay—Won by Tech
(Stevens. Stipich, Clark, Me Gruder);
second Central; third, Abe Lynx.
440-yard dash—Won by Rosenbaum,
Central; second,Shenfield, Tech; third,
Anderson, Abe Lynx- Time—:54 3
High jump— Tied for first, Kildahl,
Benson; Grimm, Benson; Austin, Tee
Jay and Brown, South- Height—5
feet 6 inches.
220-<yard dash—Won by Rhodes,
Central; second, Kildahl, Benson; third
Desanti, Tech. Time—:22 8
880-yrd run—Won by Fritsch, Tech;
second, Knight, Abe Lynx; third,
Lawton, Benson. Time—2:084
880-yard relay—Won by Central
(Rosenbaum, Payne, Wiggins, Rhodes)
second Tech third, Abe Lynx. Time
Mile relay—Won by Tech (Fritsch,
Price, Standifer, Hurwitz);. second.
Abe Lynx; third, North Time—3:45 2
Theodore W. (Ted) Metalfe, who is
going to gain ground every day
and s a candidate for the Republican
n i na ion for the govtnor of Nebr
The cas*? was tried in district Court
Judge Redriek presiding- Attorneys
agreeing to try it without jury. Mr
Lewis given judgement for $229.
John G. Pegg attorney for Mr- Lewis.
John Adams- attorney for the Guide
Application for a new trial filed and
if trial not granted, the case will be
appealed to supreme court by the
St- Louis, Mo—(CNS)—Three new
bish'ops were elected in the 18th Gen
eral Conference here recently. Out of
a score of candidates the conference
selected H. P- Porter, of Jackson,
Tennessee, publishing agent for the
past 12 years; J. A- Bray, of Chicago,
Secretary of education for 20 years;
J. H- Moore, Holl, Springs, Mississip
pi; secretary of missions for the last
24 years
The Rev. J. C- Colclough, of Hous
ton, Texas, was editor of the Christan
Index at Jackson, Mississippi, to fill
the Vacancy caused by the death of
Editor George C- Parker on April 29
of this year
Miss Celestine Smith entertained
with a waffle breakfast in honor of
her birthday, Sunday morning at 11
Those present were Misses: Louise
Fletcher, Lorraine Fletcher, Nathalie
Brown and Celestine Smith and Messr
Leonard Harrold, Ernie Campbell,
Willie Wainwright and Jaimes Crumb
ley- After a lovely repast the group
spent the afternoon in kodaking
With a dinner at eight. Miss Na
thalie Brown entertained in honor of
Miss Smith’s birthday- Those present
at the five course dinner were Mes
dames: Maxine Owens and Mary Ann
Elliot, Misses Celestine Smith and Na
thalie Brown and Mesrs- Leonard
Harrold, Ernie Campbell, J- C- Will
Read The
Worlds greatest Waves/
The constant west wind
or Cape Horn create waves
Light <jazz -
Color music has recently
seen made directly from SOUND
New cities -
lams and Joseph Owens
The rest of the evening was spent
in dancing . .
The Omaha Guide on receipt of a
letter from New York City inquiring
ior some raw talent, they are well
qualified to put on the finishing
touch- The following performers re
ceived part of ther training at the
Lafayette theatre; Cab Calloway.
Bill Robinson, Duke Ellington, Ethel
Waters, Noble Sissle. the Mills Bro
ther's and many others
We are writing the manager of the
theater for some detailed information.
In the meantime, if you are possessors
of a musical talent of dancing and sing
ing ability we would be pleased to have
you register at the Omaha Guide off
ice, 2418 Grant Street.
The Lafayette Theatre is actively
on the look-out for new talent
Dancers, singers, comedians and dra
matic artist are needed for its pre
sentations. The Theatre maintains
its own producing staff and rehear
sal hallwhere those with talent can be
assisted by men of exxperienee in
ether parts of the country.
Honors Niece on Birthday
Mrs. Booker Abram. 2621 Erskine
St. entertained fourteen children at
her home, in honor of her niece, Pa
■ tricia Ann Simm on her third birth
day. Those present were: Moriine
and Naomi Crocker, daughters of Mr.
and Mrs- Mike Crocker; Beverly Jean
and Audry Ervin, daughters of Mr.
and Mrs- Eldrige Ervin; Ruth Harding’
and Ruth Walker, daughters of Mr.
and Mrs- Jin^mie Walker; Gloria and
Delores Bryant, daughters of Mr- and
Mrs- Ralph Bryant; Charles Abrams
son of Mr. and Mrs- Bratt Abrams
Everyone had a wonderful time. The
time was spent in playing different
Visits From Oklahoma
• i
Miss Lucille Bates of Oklahoma
City, Okla- is visiting her aunt, Mrs
Booker Abrams, 2621 Erskin St
Three year old Nancy is an earnest
radio fan- Nancy listens with rapt
attention to everything —music,
speeches and station announcements.
Her family “listened in” one night as
she knelt to say her “Now I lay me.”
At the end she paused a moment, and
then said, “Tomorrow night at this
same time, there will be another
“Can you cook, dearie?”
“I don’t know, but I used to make
wonderful mud pies.”
Question—Why is a rooster like a
nickel ?
Answer—Because its head’s on one
side and tail on the other.
Betty Davis—Club Editor..
Mrs. Lucius Fulwood, 2722 Burd
ette St takes ths means through the
columns of the Omaha Guide, to ex
tend her many thanks to all Omahans
for the large surprie she has received
in the past two months of her business
How a New Kind of Tooth Paste Dissolves
and Removes Ugly Tobacco Stains
BOST Tooth Paste is more than
a clean-tasting, refreshing denti
frice. It is the only tooth paste
specifically created to remora the
handkerchief. In like manner, BOST
Tooth Paste, and no other, will re
move from your teeth the stubborn
chemical deposit of tobacco. BOST
unsightly yellow stains
from smokers’ teeth. Go
to your druggist today,
buy a tube of BOOT
Tooth Paste and make
the ’famous "handker
chief test"
It is this: Inhale a
mouthful of tobaeco
smoke and blow it
through your handker
chief. The brownish, yel
low stain on the cloth
is the same "Smoke
contains no acid, no
abrasive, and is as safe
and beneficial for the
teeth of children as for
adults. It sweetens the
breath and refreshes the »
Brush your teeth with ■
BOST Tooth Paste reg- !
ularly. Consult your
dentist periodically. And
you will be doing all I
that you possibly can
do to protect your teeth
Screen** that cigarettes deposit on
your teeth. Now squeeze enough
BOST Tooth Paste on' the handker
chief to cover the stain. Then rub
the spot briskly with your wet tooth
brush and see now quickly the dis
coloration disappears.
Make this same test with any
other tooth paste and you will find
that Idle stain remains on your
and keep them spotlessly clean.
BOST Tooth Paste is sold at
leading drug counters everywhere.
Or in liberal trial tubes at your
nearest chain store. If your dealer
is out of stock, send 10c (to cover
postage and handling) for a gener
ous 14-day supply. BOST Tooth
Paste Corp., 9 East 40th St, New
York City.
Maroons Plotting
For Valley Title
Coach Dutch Whites Tech high
tracksters failed in their attempt to
retain their Nebraska state crown,
they didn’t quite have the necessary
punch to keep Central from walking
ff with the Intercity crown Maroon
teams have won for eight consecutive
But Tuesday Dutch was busy plott
ing again and he saw just a bare pos
sibility of the Techsters finally com
ing through to victry in dfence of th
eir Missouri Valley crown in the annu
al meet at Tech Saturday
Of course it all depends on the krea
ks but White is hoping that Lincoln
high and Sioux City East and Central
squads will be strong enough to cut
down Cetnral and Abraham Liscoln
without materially affecting the Ma
roons, who are expected to be ex
eceptionally strong in the distance
Mills of Lincoln, who should shatter
his own shot put mark will cut down
big John Elliot’s scoring power, and
White hopes that one of the Sioux City
squads can provide a sprinter to heat
out Walter Rhodes. Central’s other
career as a punctual, loyal and court
rous representative of the California
Perfume Co-, through which she has
won for herself many satisfied cus
tomers- She feels thoroughly capable
of rendering service that is expcted
bv her patrons in both price and qua
Mother’s Day Will Be Long
Mother’s Day will be long remember
ed as a happy day in the J- W- Gordon
family. Theij. son, Booker, who has
been the camp for 15 months return
ed at 8 o’clock
A triple irthday dinner, honoring
Mr. Morris Lee, whose birthday was
May 13th, Mr. Booker Gordon, May
17th and Mrs- Gordon May 20th, was
gven by Mrs- Theoris Taylor, daugh
ter- Other dinner guests were: Miss
Mary Gordon and Mr. Clarence
Bell Opening Cabaret
Mr- Jim Bell, cafe owner for years
in the city of Omaha, is opening a
cafe and Cabarett 2418 North 24th
Mr. Bell plans on being in his new
establishment in the near future. He
is moving from his present Lake
Streets ddress
The two volumes of testimony taken
at committee hearings on the federal
antl-lynching bill tell little about the
evil which has not been for many
years cdmrnon knowledge, but they
focus emphasis on the one remedy
which seems capable of exterminat
ng it.
“big gun.”
Missouri Valley records, for the
most part faster than either Intercity
or Interstate marks, are expected to
be fairly safe, although Joe Ew&ld of
AbraKam Lincoln, who bumped a knee
running the hurdles in the Intercity
carnival last week, is expected to be
back in shape by Saturday sd will be
out to boost the pole vult mark of 11
feet 2 inches and the high jupnp re
cord of 5 feet 8 3-4 inches
Interstate athlete, however, are ex
pected to cut loose with wholsale re
cord smashing in their annual meet at
Fremont, Friday, and Coach Gaylord
Stuelke’s Thomas Jefferson Yellow
jackets are expected to beat out Ben
son, Fremont and North with but
little trouble, for the team champion
Don Gugler, husky al-state football
er is the big reason the Yellowjackets
will be favored. Gugler will be fav
ored to win the 220, 440, discus and
possibly the century, and will also
anchor the favored Tee Jay mile re
lay team
Omahans Attend Convention
Mr- J. Harvey Kerns. executive
secretary of the Omaha Urban League
left Thursday for Kansas City to
attend the Urban League Convention
and the National Conference of Social
Work- Mfs- Evelyn Singleton and
Misses Ray Lee Jones, Lucy Mae
Stamps and Mable Ray, of the Omaha
Urban League and the Mid City Com
munity Center left Friday. Miss
Estelle Robertson also left Friday.
Others attending from Omaha are;
Mr- and Mrs- Rhone, the Misses Ruth
King, Virgina Jackon, Rachel Taylor,
Dorothy Taylor and Lucille Gray.
Mesdames Grace Hutten and Corine
Speakes at Lawerence Kans.
Mr- J- Harvey Kerns, executive
secretary of the Cjmaha Urban
League and the Mid City Community
Center spoke before the Student
Forum at the Kansas university, at
I-awerence Kansas Sunday May 20 on
“The Challenging of the New Deal
to College Youth.”
Robert Smith for Senator
By A Friend
Once more the voters turn their at
tentions to the election polls for the
The Republican Candidate, Mr
Robert Smith, at present Clerk of
the district Court, is in the race- Mr
Smith has held this position for over
twenty-six years, and has proven him
self an excellent executive, as well
as a very worthy, noble and effcient
Mr- Smith as Clerk of the District
Court can boast of having one of the
best run offices in the County
Not only has Mr. Smith run his of
fice efficiently but he has shown him
self a true friend to anyone who has
had any dealings wth Urn, or was di
rected to take his troubles to him;
and especially has he been a friend
to the Negroes of Omaha- Regardless
of one’s position in life, Mr- Smith has
always turned a listening and sym
pathetic ear to their want
Mr- Smith is the thinking peoples
candidate for United Sttes Senator
'_ I
Eat Anything
You Like
an coupon good rot %*•
Take the cupon below to the Duffy
Pharmacy Owen Pharmacy Ross Drug
Store Johnson Drug Store Robinson
Drug Store Thull Pharmacy for spec
ial Offer. __
— Upon presentation of this cupon
and 89c to the Duffy Pharmacy Owen
Pharmacy Ross Drug Store Johnson
Drug Store Robinson Drug Store an
Thull Pharmacy, you will be given a I
full sized $1.25 bottle of Puratone. __ I
Game Turns Into Track and
Field Meet
The Finocchiaro and Mother’s Bests
scored three runs in the final stanza
to barely nose out the Cudahy Rex
in a hit- at will game. 14 to 15.
Gentile of the F- and M. B ’s, Di
Giacomo of the F and M B-’s and
Clements of the Rex. banged home
Wheeler Misses Fly
The big fire works started in the
ninth when Wheeler misjudged Ryan’s
drive to left field that went for a
With two out. Williams threw a
wild pitch that alowed DiGiacomo to
score the tying run and Dworak an
kled down to second. A wild throw
by Lee on the grounder by Long and
Dworak scampered home with the win
ning run in his pocket.
Cudahy Rex
ab r h o a
Wheeler If. 6 110 0
Hodges 2b . 6 13 12
Cle ments cf.6 4 4 1 0
Smith c .6 13 6 1
Manley rf . 6 0 10 0
Fry lb ..6 2 3 10 0
Bolden ss . 4 13 5 4
Lee 3b . 3 2 2 2 3
Walker p.1 0 111
C. Crump p .1 110 2
Williams p.. 110 0 1
Hamed If.0 0 0 0 0
Totals 46 14 22 26 14
Mother’s Best
ab r h o a
Ryan If. 5 2 2 0 0
Monagahan 2b. 2 0 0 0 3
J. Gentile 3b.4 10 11
P. Gentile.6 3 4 0 0
Dworak c.3 2 0 3 3
Long ss . 4 10 2 3
S- DiGiacomo cf.4 12 5 0
J- DiGiacomo lb. 4 1 1 16 1
S- Bininato p.2 2 2 0 2
J. Beninato p. 2 0 10 3
R. DiGiacomo 2b. 3 2 2 1 3
Totals 39 15 14 27 20
Cudahys.120 620 021—21
Mother’s Best.015 131 103—15
Eugene D. (Gene) O’Sullivan
Democratic Candidate for
A vote for Nebraska and you
from Nebraska. You who know him,
know that if he is elected he will be
one of the best Senators who has
represented our state- You who have
only heard of him through some friend
need not hesitate to give him your
vote, and you who have not heard of
him must get acquainted with him
efore you cast your vote in the prim
aries- Don’t forget the name Ro
ert Smith for Senator.
Nod Lyons of Oklahoma City was
.in town Monday. Noel Lyons is
a big ice man. He freezes water for
pleasure purposes exclusively, but
sells the pleasure for aprofit. o his
business is just as commercial a that
of the Metro Utilities, or the makers
of the gas and eectric chill boxes.
Noel Lyons wants to put a hockey
team in Omaha. The team would be
a member of the American association,
which last season included Kansas
City, St- Louis, Oklahoma City and
Tulsa. Next winter it will have six
maybe eight members
* * m
Foreigner Hometowners
Noel Lyons talked with some of Ak
Sar Ben’s noblest knights- They were
interested. Presently they may an
nounce that there was a meeting of
th minds, as Prof. Bullock used to
say in com|nercial law class, the re
sult of which will be the decent, come
December, of a covey of hardy
French-Canucks on our town- These
Canucks would become, for rooting
purposes, just as simonpure, native
bom hometowners as, say Julius Bel
ford, or Bob Koran.
Canada has pretty much f a comer
on the production of pro hockey play
ers. Is rder for hckey to be profit
able the old hometowners fight must
be nurtured and encouraged. The
customers must kid themselves into
believing that a lot of Pierres and
Alphonses are bom defenders of the
municipl honor, just as in the summer
time they mut fool themselves into
seeing the outfielder from Racoon,
Gorgia and the third basemn from
Paw Paw, Michign, s bom defenders
of the municipal hosor on the baseball
* * •
What’s This Honor?
I’ve never been able to learn just
what is this honor that’s so habitually
challenged on the field of sport; nor to
dicover, no matter what it is, why it
is so continually in need of defense.
Being wared, cynical nature, I’ye
often suspected that it’s a sort of
straw sprite, set up by opportune
ballyhooists and promoters to be
knocked down by the enthusiastic
whoops of deluded payng customers
but I’m not going to twang any longer
on this theme and spoil a lot of
trustful folks’ideas Besides we were
dealing with ice—ice and hockey
* * *
They Go Wild
Mr. Noe ILyons feels that hockey
would go over big in Omaha, That’s
just what he said—hockey would go
over big.
“It’s the fastest, mst thrilling, most
dangerous hair raising sport there is,”
said Mr- Lyons. “People go wild over
Mr. Lyons had a lot more adjectives
but this will give you a general idea
how he feels about the product he has
for sale- It might be appropiate to
note at this place that a good many
hardened old sports observers agree
with Mr- Lyons- Two notable ex
ceptions do not
Hockey, said D^mon Runyon, in
effect is hooey, tiresome, boring.
Hockey, said Westbrook Pegleg, in
effect, is hooey tiresome, boring.
Grantland Rice once wrote a poem
about it- He thought it the thrilling
est chillingest, most marvelous, won
derfullest sport- Mr- Rice applies the
same description to other sports, in
seaon- Mr- Rice doesn’t want to be
called a knocker, or destructive critic.
* * *
Got 35 Horses
It would cost Ak-Sar Ben—or any
other corporation or individual around
35 horses to make the Coliseum ready
for hockey
Approximately 18 miles of 1% inch
pipe would have to be laid over the
present terrazo floor, then another
terrazo floor laid over thfe pipes- The
pipes carry the stuff that makes the
water turn harder than a gangsters
Mr. Yyons mentioned only the Ak
Coliseum as a possible site what do
you think?
Sports Writer
Send Us Your Curtains, Drapes, Pillows, Blankets
And Zoric Dry Cleaners
Call We. 1029
2324 No. 24th