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St. Benedict s Church
Father J. C- Itely S- —Pastor
Madoline E. Sterling—Reporter
The ladies of the Altar Society are
plansing a Friday and Saturday Bake
sale, for the first week of May; this
will be followed by a May Rummage
S&le, the following week all Parishion
ers and friends are asked to send them
all they can., from their spring house
cleaning. that will help with this sale.
The St. Benedict’s “Visiting Com
mittee’’ was active last Sunday, and
made their usual monthly visits to
the Douglas County Houspital, car
rying fruit and literature to the masy
patients there; and also visited the!
homes of the sick of the parish. They
found Mrs. Daniels, of 35th and
Blondo, ^iuch imqroved, but still
unable to get about without the aid
of a crutch.
Mrs Mamis Long, of 2638 Binney
Srteet is well enough to be out again,
and her many friends will be glad to
se her at church next Sunday.
The death of Mrs. Evelyn Davis, of
2927 No. 27th St. was a distinct
shock to the entire parish, although
she had been in poor health for some
time, she was not considered in im
mediate danger of death. Her body
has lain in state for the past two
days at her home, surrounded by a
constant host of friends. Her rela
tives are here from their western
home and the funeral, a Raque
Mass, will be held at St. Benedict’s
Church Tuesday Morning at 9:00
o'clock. Father GaissiUy.the former
pastor of St. Benebict’s, will preach
the sermon. The body will be buried
in Holy Sepulcher Cemetary.
Mrs. Davis leaves a sister, Mrs.
Mary Williams of Pine Ridge, Wyom
ing, a cousin, Mrs. Ada Brown, of
Casper Wyoming, a brother, Mr Kale
Yancy, of this city and a large number
of friends and acquaintances to mourn
her loss. Mrs. Davis has been accom
panied at her home by a devoted
friend, Mrs- Sarah Lindsey, who feels
her loss as though they had been
united by the bonds of blood. It was
she thhat was with her on last Monday
nght when death came, and she sum
moned help and has been cosstantly
carrying-on, for the assistance of the
family and friends, etvery since. The
ladies of the St. Peter Claver’s Guild
held “Wake” on Monday night, and
served sandwiches, cake and coffee to
hhe many relatives and friends that
were there. The seven sorrowful
mysteries of the “Rosary” were said
and many -were the fervent prayers
that were offeed up fo the repose of
her soul. The room was banked with
many beautiful floral offerings, from
clubs and friends anr candles burned
at the head and foot of the lovely
casket. Myers Funeral Home will
be in charge
Conformation will take place at
St Benedict’s Church Sunday April
22nd at 2:30 p. m., with Bishop
Rummell officating
Christ Temple
26th and Burdette Sts.
O. J- Burckhardt—Pastor
J. W. Goodwin—Asst.
Enna Pankey—Reporter
Sunday wras a baner day in some
respects wth us at the Tempe, Elder
Irvisg brought us a great message
on Faith at 11 a. n. that al were
elated over, and many helpful thought
were gamed. ana amp. in. auuci
Steams brought us a great message
on the Modem Day Church and its
present methods of operation. This
message produces to your mind a
new thought on the laxity of the pre
sent day church program.
Brother Steam will continue this
sermon on Sunday evening asd I wish
all who are really interested in the
future of God’s church and people
might hear this great speaker on
this very important subject, Sunday
evening at 8 p. m. Sunday mornng
the Lord beng willing the pastor will
fill his own pulpit.
The church is at work Deaconess
Vann is leading a Basd of Missionary
Workers that are real accomplishing
something. The bible classes on
Tuesday and, Thursday nights aTe
growing tfnore andmore interesting
week by week. The Friday night
prayer meeting are on fire practically
from stat to finish. You will do
yourself a favor to drop into some
of these meetisgs. The church is
now in a financial drive and we are
praying for success. Please pray
* with us along this line.
Bethel Baptist Church
29th and T Streets
Rev. F. S- Goodlet—Pastor
Mrs. J. C- Collins—Reporter
A -
Sunday School was well attended
wth many members of the church
taking a new interest in the Sunday
School work, which was very much
appreciated by the faithful Superin
tendent and Assistant H- C- Gamer
and B- S. Sutton.
Morning worship was a spiritual
treat for all that availed themselves
of the opportunity to come and hear
the very fine musicale rendered by
the Senior Choir; and the very con
structive message from the Pastor,
the subject “The Eternal Certainty ”
B. Y. P. U. was truly enjoyed by
all present with the City President,
Mr- Cooper of Salem being with us.
He gave some very high points on
different anges of the work of the
Local and State activities, after which
the Church went immediately is to
evening services
Mr. McCloud, of Baltimore, Md.,
was introduced to the congregation
and gave a very interesting talk on
National Negro Problems and their
Visitors and friends are welcome
to come and worship with us at the
Bethtl Baptist Church.
Church of God
2025 North 24th Street
M- E- Ashley—Pastor
E. V. Dixon—Assistant Pastor
Mrs. B- M. Welch—Reporter
Sunday Schoo opened at 9:30 a- m. 1
At 11:30 a.m. Elder Marion Ashley
brought a great message in the last
days your son’s and daughters shall
prophesy: Joel 1st chapter and the
28th verse. At 5:45 p. m. Sister
Dollie Willus brought us a splendid
message First Corinthians and the
7th chapter. At 8:30 p. m. our
pastor preached on eight reasons why
I belong to the Church of God.
Salem Baptist Church
22nd and Seward Street*
Rev. Fort—Actng Pastor
Minne Harris—Reporter
Salt*n Baptist Church Sunday
Sehol open at its usual time with Supt
F. Wesley, presiding. All classes
seem to be getting much out of the
lesson. Every teacher was constuct
ed in teachers meeting to their pupils
Were were addressed by Rev. E.H.
Hilson. who gave us many encourag
ing remarks.
At 11 a. m. Rev. E. H. Hilson
brought to us a powerful gospel mess
age . His subject was, “P aul’s Thorn
in the Flesh.” Our hearts were
! made to rejoice as he spoke to us.
At 5:30 p. m. theB. Y. P. U- open
ed with E. L. Young. Group No.4,
the young men’s group gave an n
spiratioaal program. The Gateway
quartette rendered two wonderful
selectons. No. 4 is tryng to win
the contest. Mr. Lorenze Brooks
gave the closing remarks. He stated
that their program was the best ever
rendered at Salem.
At 8 p. jm. Rev. Hilson brought
us another soul stirring sermon.
The subject was “God is Slow Like
That ’’ Text read thus, “The Mills
of Justice Grinds Slow But Exceed
ingly Fine.” He stated, “That we
are in too big of a hurry sometimes
therefore we fail to get the blessing
He also stated that inGod’s own ap
pointed time the Black Man will get
full Justice. You will miss a Gospel
Treat when you fail to hear Rev^
E H Hilson. It seems like old
times to have Rev. Hilson with us
again. We are glad to have him
back. He was well received by the
members and friends of Salem.
Pilgrim Baptist Church
25th asd Hamilton Sts
Rev. Jas. H- Dotson—Pastor
Services wer well attended last Sun
day. Sunday School at 9:30 with
Supt. Fred Dixon in charge. Morning
services began at 10:45 o’clock.
After devotions which was in charge
of the deacons, the pastor Rev. Dotson
brought a message which was very
timely. The audience sat very quiet
while it was being delivered and
any number came forward and ex
pressed themselves as having enjoyed
it. One young woman joined the
church. In the atfemoon Rev. Jones
of Mt. Moria h preached the sermon
that will long be remembered. He
so beautifully compared the church
with the human body saying that as
the muscles, veins and etc., that go
to make up the human body cooperate,
so must the auxilliaries. departments
and the members of the church of
God cooperate; and that the members
should be so closely connected that
when their brother or sister is in
trouble they should be. The choir
sang and Mt. Moriah’s choir sang
with them.
B. Y. P. U. oqened at six with the
president J. W. Dacus in charge.
Mrs. Anna Johsson had charge of the
devotions. Group No. 3 rendered
the program which consisted of a
reading by Mrs. Lulu Aditms and a
short talk on the lesson by D. Wesley
Jones, Miss Dortch at the piano.
Evening services began at 7:45.
Rev. E. W. Anthony ex-pastor of
Salem brought the message to a very
Attend Some Ckurch Every Sunday
If you get any service out of this
church directory write us a line or
two we waut to serve- .
Before you buy your household
noeds^ consult the pages of the Oma
ha Guide first... That will make your
paper a bigger and better paper.....
Notice—Because I have been unable to reach a few of the pastors of some chures,
I am asking that any church omitted, will please get in touch with me, or send in a
written statement, regarding your church activities, and I will gladly enter the same
in this column Any error or ommision in the present arrangement, if brought to
my attention, will be cheerfully corrected The Editor.
We live not by bread alone The soul is like unto any other part of the body. It
must be fed and where is the food? The Church is the only place. Make your
choice of the following Churches and attend some church every Sunday.
United Sabath Day Adventist, 2320
N. 28th Ave- Rev. M. M. Boodle,
Pastor. Sabath day services (Satur
day). Sabath school 9:30 A. M. Mrs
L. Smith, Supt- Sermon, 11:00 o’clock
Jr. and Sr- Mission meeting. 3:00 p
m-. conducted by Mrs. A. B Wright,
and Mrs- Edith Boodle. Sunday,
Sermon and Song Service. 7:30 P. M.
Senenth-Day Adventist Church, 28th
aad Lake Sts. . ....
Brother George Anderson, Church
Elder. Acting Pastor.
Sun Down Vespers, Friday Evening.
Saturday Services, Sabbath-school,
9:45 A- M-, Mrs. Ethel Anderson, Su
perintendent- Sermon, 11:00 o’clock,
Missionary Volunteer Society. 4:00 P.
M-, conducted by Mrs. Anna Part
ridge. Prayer meeting. Wed. evening
8:00 P. M.
Zion, 2215 Grant St-, Rev. C. C
Harper, Pastor
Services—Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.
Mr. Harry Anderson, superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m- and 8:00 p- m
Prayer meeting, B. Y. P- U. 6:00
p. m. Mr- Murray Landrum, Presi
■ ' I
Salem. 22nd and Seward. Sts-, Rev.
E. W. Anthony, Pastor.
Services—Sunday school. 9:30 a.m.
Mr. F. L- Wesley Superintendent
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. 6: p. m. W. M- Cooper
Prayer Meeting.
Mt. Moriah 24 and Ohio Sts. Rev.
F. P. Jones, Pastor
Services, Sunday school, 9:30 a- m.
M rs. A. B. Speese superintendent.
Sermon 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m. Mr- M- Niles,
Mission society Meeting, every 1st
and 3rd Thursday afternoon, conduct
I ed by Mrs. F. P. Jones.
I Paradise 23rd and Clark Sts., Rev.
IN. C. Cannon. Pastor; Rev. P. M
Harris, Assistant, Pastor
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., Mr. C.
H. Garner, superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 and 8:00 o’clock
Prayer meeting wed- evening B. Y.
P. U. 7:00 p- m- Mr. J. Henderson,
| Mission .Art Club. Thursday afternoon
conducted by Mrs. A. M. Busche.
Pilgrim—1320 N. 25th St. Rev. J.
A- Dotson, Pastor.
Sunday school. 9:30 A. M., Superin
tendent, Mr. Fred Dixon.
B Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m- Mr. J- W
Baker, President
Tuesday evening, 8:00 o’clock, Gen
eral Group Meeting.
Men’s Laymen, Mr. George Lewis,
Heart to Heart Club, Mrs. Fannie
Porter President*
Willing Workers Club, Mrs. Fannie
Porter, President.
Elver Loyal Club Miss Nicholson,
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.
Senior Red Circle, Thursday, 6:30 p.
m. Mrs. Fletcher, President.
Junior Red Circle Wed. 4:30 p. m.,
Miss Mildren Dotson, President.
Missionary meeting. Wed. 2:00 p. m.
St. Benedict The Moore, 2423 Grant
St. Father J. C. Daly S. J., Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., Sister
Mary Daniel, Superintendent.
Low Mass, 9:00 A. M. High mass,
and Benediction, 10:15.
Altar society Tuesday afternoon, 2:00
p. m. M rs. M. Sterling, President, j
Peter Claver Guild Monday 8:00 p. j
m. Mrs- Ona Glass, President.
Week Day Mass every morning, 8:30
Christ Temple—26th and Burdette
Sts. Rev. O. J. Burckhardt, Pastor
Services, S. S. 9:30 a- m. Rev. J.
W. Gooden, supt
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m-, conducted
by Deacon Stafford, and Elder Hunt
Mission Band Meeting, Monday even
ing, 7:30 p. m. by Mrs. Wills Vann
Bible Class and Bible Institute, Tues
day evening, 7:30 p. m. conducted by
Brother J. C. Parker, and Rev.
St. Johns, 22nd and Willis Ave. Rev.
L. P. Bryant, Pastor.
S. S. 9:00 a. m. Mr. W. E. Webb,
supt-, A. C. E. League, 6:00 p. m.
Mr. Rucker. i
Sermon, 10:45 a. m- and 7:45 p- m
Class Meeting, Tuesday evening, con
ducted by the Pastor, Rev. Bryant.
Bethel A. M. E. 2430 Franklin St.
Rev. J. W. Williams, Pastor.
S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mrs. Maggie
Smith, Supt.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
A. C- E- League, 6:30, Mrs. Etta
Mae Woods, President.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening.
Choir Rehersal, Thursday evening,
Clair Chapel, 22nd and Miami Sts.
Rev. Alfred Clay, Pastor.
Services, S. S- 9:30 a- m-, Mr. R. R
Boone Superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m
Lucille Gray, President
Choir Practice, Friday at 8:00 p. m.
Board Meeting, Monday 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Cleaves Temple, 25 and Decatur St*.
Rev. O. A. Calhoun, Pastor
Services, S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mr.
Charles Stallworth, Staperntendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7»45 p. m.
by the Pastor.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evening
Mission Society, Wednesday after
Forward Step Clnb, Tuesday evening,
by Rev. O. A. Calhoun
Stewardess Board Friday Afternoon;
Choir Rehersa, Friday evening.
Allen Chappel— 25th and R Sts.
(South Omaha) Rev. W. S'. Metcalf,
Pastor. *
Services, S. S. 9:30 a. m„ Mr. John
Fellows Supt.
Sermon, 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening,
Metropolitan Spiritual Church, Lake
St-, near 24th. Rev. R. W. Johnson,
Services, S. S. 1:00 p. m., Mrs.
Ransome, Supt
Church services, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday, Rev. Johnson.
Church Services Tuesday and Thurs
day, evening at 8:00 o’clock. Rev.
Prayer Clubs Monday, 8:00 p. m.
conducted by Mrs. Payton.
Penny Club, Wednesday 8:00 p. m.
by Mrs. Grffin.
Choir rehersal, Friday evening.
St. Phillipe Episcopal Church—21st
and Paul St. Father B. E. Holly,
Sermon and Holy Communion First
and Third Sunday at 11 a. m.
Sermon and Holy Communion second
and third Sunday at 7:30 p. m
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Mr. Dil
lard Crawford, Supt
Regular morning services every Sun
day at 11 a. m.
Vespers meet second Tuesday in each
month. W. M. Haynes, Senior Ward
en and B. B. Cowans, jr. warden.
Women’s Auxiliary—Mrs. John Al
bert Wiliams—President.
Mrs. J. C. Donley—Secretary
Meets every Thursday afternoon.
Altar Guild—Mrs. Augustus Hicks
Mrs J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets Every Tuesday night.
Choir Guild—Mrs. Margaret Wil
Mrs. Dalaire McCoy—Secretary.
Meets every Thursday night.
Dorcas Society—Mrs. H. Wiggins—
Mrs. J. C- Donley—Secretary.
Meets every Friday afternoon.
good audience. We were glad to
note the visitors at all the services.
You are always welcome at Pilgrim.
Two additions to the church in the
e vening, one by Christian experience
and one for baptism.
All choirs of the city are invited
to take part in the pageant “The Old
Ship of Zion,” which was arranged
by the state president J. W. Dacus.
Practise every Holiday night at
Pilgrim at eight o’clock. This pag
east will be presented as a pre-con
vention program at Bethel So. Omaha
during the State Association in June.
Rev. Bryant of St. John will preach
a special sermon for the Missionary
society the fifth Sunday afternoon
at 3 p. m. Don’t forget the Mother
• and Daughter Reception to be given
Church. The program will be dif
ferent and we are sure you will enjoy
We are asking every mother and
daughter to be present and help make
this a big affair. Any woman who
would like to be mother for a daugh
ter that evening call or get in touch
with Mrs. Jane Johnson the president, j
or Mrs. J. H. Dotson chairman of
the program committee. The Sesier
and Junior Red Circles are working
jointly with the Mission society and
hope to make this one an interesting
be held the last Thursday evening in
this month and we are asking all
members of the various groups to
be present. Final arrangements for
the reception will be made.
Pleasant Green Baptist
22nd and Paul St.
Rev. P. J. Price—Pastor.
Bessie King—Church Cleark.
The governess rally was a success.
The rally netted the church $362.33
The following na/med persons were
Mrs. Etta Clayton raised $111.00—
Mrs. A. D. Turner raised $78.50
Mrs. Mary Curren raised $61-00—
Mrs. Georgia Cooper aised $31.10
Mrs. Esteller Watters raised
Mrs. Lottie Keys raised $15.00—
Mrs. Dollie Johnson raised $13.10
Mrs. Getta White raised $7.17—
Sister Etta Clayton was victorius
in raising funds for our Church. Sis
ter A. D- Turner second, Sister Mary
Curren, third, Sister Georgia Cooper,
fourth; Sister E- Wattes, fifth, Sister
L. Keys, sixht. Sster Zetta White,
seventh. The church highly com
mends the Governesses for their time
ly efforts in financial drive of only
72 days.
The church has set their seal of
approval on the plan for the fin
ascial drive by the pastor, Rev. P. J.
Price. The Rev. Price is a construc
tive Pastor. Our Sunday School is
progressing nicely also the, B. Y. P.
U., the Star Light Band, Mission
Circle, and the Choral Club.
Rev, P. J. Price conducted a re
of the South Side St. John Baptist
Church, which was a grand success.
There were four converts gained
for baptism. The Lord has wonder
fully blessed our Church with a manp
who carries a program to the people
and the Church.
The Cleave Temple
25th and Decatur St
Rev. O- A. Calhoun—Pastor.
Charles Stallworth—Reporter
Sunday school opened at 9:45 a- m
All were present and were inspired
by the lesson- Plans were 'made for
the Big Calico Carnival- Miss Ar
nett Capleton was elected to repre
sent Cleaves Temple in the big Sun
day school popularity contest which
is fixing to take place soon- Miss
Capleton is one among our most
popular Sunday School students and
will occupy one of the booths at the
Calico Carnival.
Sunday was quarterly Conference
day- The presiding Elder, Dr- L- E
B. Rosser, preached a wonderful and
powerful sermon. His text was
Jesus Shall Reign and Control
Until All the Enemies shall be put
under His feet” He talked of critici
sms and especially in this age, and
however critizes Negroes in business.
In part he said, “We Love to criticize
and find fault of the east thing about
a Negro business, if its nothing but
the prices are wrong-”
Then he talked of how business and
laws are set up to oppress rather
than help. The mass of people are
always oppressed by laws, while the
ones who need it least reap the bene
fit It matters not what my little
mind may think of it, the world has
made alms to suit the upper people
Then he talked of conditions as exist
ed, when Christ came,.and that the
only way to change conditions is to
change the hearts and minds of the
eople-” The sins of the world is
what is oppressing the people.
God’s Kingdom must triumph. Tt
takes a prophet to stand in the rnris
of smoke, and the evile of today and
say that God's K’ngdojn must t
umph Dr- Rosser preached a great
sermon and his deep forceful and
spiritual sermon was enjoyed by all.
Sunday evening at 3 o’clock we ha ’
another b:g sermon by Dr- Williams
of Bethel A. M. E. Church. H
preached a great sermon about what
Christ wants us to do- The cong. le
gation was stirred as never before
Clair Chapel.
22nd and Miami St.
Rev. Alfred Clay—Pastor.
H- W. Smith—Reporter.
Sunday school and morning services
were well attended- At the momin;
services. Rev. Anthony preached s
wonderful sermon- At 3 o’clock.
Mrs. Farmer of Union Memoral.
preached a soul stirring semon and
a splendid pogram was also rendered
e thank Mrs- Clay and Mrs. Kirtle:
for their earnest and untiring effort?
to get up such a wonderful crowd of j
such a good group of ladies and the
The forum had a good program
Visitors are always welcome to all
services- We will be glad to welcome
Church of The Living God.
—C. W. F. F.
2316 N- 25 th St
Rev. I. Graham—Acting Pastor.
Clara Graham—Reporter.
Sunday school opened at 9:30 with
a large number present The lesson
was taught from Matt 18th chapter
Bro- P. H- Robinson, Supt gave a
very nteresting talk about how we
should forgive one another- The
morning service opened at 11:30
o’clock. Rev. L. Graham preached
from Matt. 16th chapter, “Subject,1
Was a Never Failing Church.” We
had nine visitors present- We are
always glad to have visitors to come
to our church- We are asking all
our friends to come and help us in
our coming rally of the 29th of this
month- We ask our friends to come
aud hear Rev. I. Graham- I think
you will enjoy him Our evening
services are at 8 p. m
Rev Holmes was with us Sunday
evening and preached a wonderful
St. John A. M. E. Church.
| ‘The Friendly Church”
22nd and Willis Ave.
Rev. L. P. Bryant—Pastor.
The services at St- John’s last
| Sunday was well attended through
j out the day. Rev. Bryant’s subject
| Sunday morning was “Gratitude and
. Courage.” Some of the things we
should thank God for as brought out
in his sermon are as follows:
1— That there is a church of God,
for collecting all of us togehter.
2— That we have a Christian back
ground, due to the lives of our fore
3— For the place to retreat from
the World and pore out your soul
before God.
4— That the Church will go on
for ever making friends every day.
This we should do in a vocal way by
song and prayer
The experience of the past should
; inspire one for the future, because
all Christians should grow stronger
every day.
His subject was “What Is Your
Age ? ” The outstanding thoughts
for the evening service were: Don’t
measure your life by the number of
years you have lived but by what
you have done for Christ and His
cause, for the sum af one year, if
he has lved none for God equals zero
The sick of the Church: Mrs- Maude
Ray wll be home from the hospital
i in a few days- Brother M- Wright,
j Sister Audrey Caldwell, Mrs- Colquett
j all of whom we wish a speedy re
I covery.
rnday April 2Uth will be Union
day of Prayer at St- John’s and it
\ is hoped that everyone will come for
prayer, some time during the day
Prayer is the most needed thing in
this great nation of ours today
The first financial bulletin of this
church year was passed out last Sun
day- The pastor and officers wish
ti thank the commitee who worked
so hard to make this bulletin possible
and the members and friends for their
fine support- We know there were
scfitte whose report did not show as
much as they would like, but it is
not always the amount but the spirit
in which you give- If you have done
your best, the Lord knows it and
if you have not done your best He
knows it
Let us all pray that St- John’.'
well as financially by the time the
next bulletin comes out
There were no visitors cards turn
ed in last Sunday but we were glac
to see vsitors present- We hope yoi
will come next Sunday night Apri
20th and hear Mr- Max Yergin wh<
has spent several years on the missior
fields of Africa, n the Y- M- C- A
work. Mr.Yergin is a man whon
we should all be very proud, for th(
great work he is dong
The all request program will no!
be until the fifth Sunday night, s;
get in your requsets now- First i*
first served
Just watch the Omaha Guide foi!
all your church news and social news «
“Leadership which, like s contract,
ceases to function in the absence of
‘consideration.' ieaue.ohtp tnat recei
ves its sanction from the principles
of quid pro quo, is leadership
that we should encoruage is leader
ship wiiich has a keen and abiding
interest in posterity and therefore
endeavors to bring to the fore the
latent possibVties of the group.”
A. H. Maloney in “Race Deader
ship.” ,
'— Improved
chool Lesson
<By REV. P. ». PITS WATER, O. D,
X*mb*r »f PMUltj. Ifoodr RibU
Iutltat* •( Chl«tf» )
R If 14. Wtftan Nmmptr Unloa.
. C- .—111 '■ -!■
Lesion for April 22
i.GSSON TEXT—Matthew 19:19-99. I
GOLDEN TEXT—I have .hewed yon
all thing., how that .0 laboring ye
ought to support the weak, and to re
member the words ef the Lord
hew he said, It Is more bU.sed to
•Its than to receive.—Acts 19:11.
JUNIOR TOPIC—Giving Je.ue First
IC—The Right U.e of Money,
IIC—Stewardship of Possessions.
, The lesson title Is likely to be mis
understood and the teaching misap
plied. Jesus did not directly, nor by
Implication, teach that eternal Ufa
can be obtained by parting with pop
sessions. In his dealing with the young
" man, Jesus showed him his erroneoui
notion as to personal goodness and
j endeavored to reveal unto him hla own
I nssentlal nature.
I I. A Certain Young Man Came to
i Jesus (v. 16).
For a full view of the characteris
tics of this man see Mark 10:17-80
and Luke 18:18-30. j
L His virtues.
a. Courageous (Mark 10:7). He wai!
of high standing, a rich young rulsi
(Luka 18:18, 23). To come to Jesus
at this time meant to this young man1
ostracism from national fellowship. U
inquired real courage for him to come
to Jesus |
b. Earnest (Marti,10:17). He cam.
and knelt before Jesus thus showing
hla sincere earnestness. ,
e. High aspirations (v. 16). H«
wanted eternal life. There was ar
aching void In his soul In the mid*,
of pleasures which worldly affluei ,»
<L Pious and moral (v. 20). From
youth up he professed to have con
formed to God’s holy law. He pos
sensed such magnanimity of soul as tri
call forth Christ’s love.
e. He believed that Jesus could 1n!
form him of the "good thing” to bei
done to inherit eternal life.
, Z His mistaken notions. j
a. About Christ (v. 16). He es->
jteemed Jesus to be good but did n< i
(apprehend him to be God.
, b. Concerning himself. He was
(righteous. He thought he was g.
and that he could do something go....
thought that eternal life could he ob
tained by good works
II. Christ Dealing With the Young
Man (vv. 17-22).
Jesus skillfully led the young mar.
to see his errors and then put hi.
finger on the weak spot In his life.
1. Jesus’ question (v. 17). "Wb;
calleth thou me good?" Without glv
lug him a chance to answer he de
clared that only God was good, as 11
to *ay, “I am good and therefore !
am God."
I 2. Jesus' answer to the young man >
Question (tt. 17-20). "If thou wilt ei
tar Into Ufa, keep tha commandments.’
-Jesus here met him on his own ground
namely that of the law. The law re
reals sin and thus shuts the moutl
jof a self-righteous sinner (Rom. 8:19)
The law enrses Instead of saves (Gal
|8:10). The gospel was given to ear*
men from the curse (Rom. 1:18, 17).
8. Christ’s command (v. 21). Re
plying to Christ’s citation of the com
mandments of the law the young man
glibly asserted that he had kept them
all from his youth up. In Christ *
command to go and sell his posses
elons and distribute them to the poor
he put his finger upon the weak spot
4. The young man’s decision (r. 22)
He decided against Christ. In the su
preme test he chose his wealth and
let Jesus go. His going away sorrow
fully proved that he was covetous and
' therefore did not love his neighbor
as himself.
III. Tha Relation of the Rich to the
Kingdom of Heaven (tv. 23-26).
This teaching concerning tha peril
of riches was most timely. Covetous
dom was fast taking hold of tha peo
pie. Judas, one of the disciples, wa*
well under its sway.
I, It la difficult for the rich to en
ter the kingdom (rr. 28, 24). This
flfflculty Ilea not in the possession ol
riches but In trusting riches. The step
from possession to trusting Is a very
short one. Riches are deceitful (Matt.
18:22). Tha tendency of Increasing
wealth is to destroy the nobler life of
the souL It lulls Into security (Rev.
t:17); It leads to salf-lndulgenct (1
(Tim. 6:9), and to pride (Ezek. 28:5)
Entrance of the rich Into the king
dom is possible though difficult (rr.
IB, 26).
a. It la possible for the grace of
Bod to sanctify riches.
b. It la possible for the grace of God
|a to open a man’s ayas that ha may
tea bis downward soars# and repent.
a It la possible for the grace of God
Is change a man from self aeeklng |o
j 1 It la possible for the graaa ad God
te make men humble.
IV. Rewards for Following Onrisi
(rr. 27-80).
Those who turn their hacks epos
their country and poaoeaalona fci
Christ's sakt (hall receive • hundred
] fold te thli Ufa sod eternal life for
> the world to wm» Thooe who for
! sake all to follow Qkdd shall reign
i with Urn te cUry