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    1 SOCIAL C\ _ • _ i._r CLUBS '
— . ... — OMAHA, NEBRASKA, APRIL 21, 1934. " " - ^ -==“- page Three
The Creolians Club.
The Creolians met at the home of
Miss Bernice Gray 1816 N. 22nd
Street, Thursday afternoon, April
12th. This was the club’s second
^ meeting of the month, that being
their Kingston meeting, the time was
■pent in making diffirent kinds of
candy. And boy! oh boy! was that
candy. It melted in your mouth
just like Ice Cream The club is
planning to hold their first spring
hike of the season on Saturday
April 21st. You haq have been on
hike’s before, but if you miss this
one, well, use your own imagination.
Any one that is really interested in
seeing some of the “Hidden Treajjire”
sights about Omaha and the outskirts
of Omaha are invited to accompany
the club on thi hike of all hikes. The
■ext meeting of the club will be held
Thursday April 19th at the home of
Miss Susie Hall, 2420 Charles St.
All m^nbers are requested to be
Miss Yildred Bronson—President.
Miss Amelia Thomas—Reporter.
The Eureka Bridge Club.
The Eurca** Bridge Club met at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Davis,
2119 N. 29th St. Our regular meet
ing was held after which bridge was
played. An enjoyable time was had
by all. Club prizes were won by
Mrs. Davis and Mr. Addkins, booby.
Mrs. Noiling and Mr. W. Ford. ▲
delightful repast was then served and
ft was followed by dancing which
made us feel like the old depression
was gone. The guests of the even
ing were Mrs. E. Levinson, Mrs.
Kinkade, Mrs. J. Davis.
The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Payton, 2610 Blondo St.
Mr. J. Davis—President.
Mrs. M. Payton—Reporter.
Les Charmantes Club.
The Les Charmantes assembled on
Wednesday evening of Aprl 4th to go
to a theatre party at 8:40 p- m- We
met at the h^me of Miss Constance
Mullen. We all went in a body to
the theatre. On our return to Miss
Mullen’s home, we were served a de
licious luncheon. Everyone reported
having a grand time. Eighteen were
The next meeting will be at the
home of Roberta Pharr, 2735 Seward
St. Wednesday, April 18th. Will you
he there? We hope you will.
Charles H. Davis—President.
Roberta J. Pharr—Reporter.
Max Yergen at St. John.
Max Yergen, foreign work secreta
ry of the Y. M. C. A. who has
been devoted to social and rleigious
work in South Africa, will be the
principal speaker at the evening
service of St. John’s A. M. E
ahurch Sunday, April 22nd.
Mr. Yergen is one of the few
Negroes who has won both the
Harmon award for distinguished
service in his particular field and the
Spingan medal. The meeting is
being arranged by The Omaha Urban
Entertains Club.
Mrs. Lillian Mills entertained the
S. Jonrner Truth and Study Club at
the home of Mrs. Ludie Gray, 2802
Ohio St. Monday April 16th. After
spending an hour socially the club
members were served with a delight
ful repast. The next meeting will
be at the home of Mrs. J. H. Mary,
2931 Franklin St. at which time
Mrs. King will instruct the club in
making articles from Dennison’s tis
sue paper. >
Mrs. Adora Bland—President.
Mrs. Ludie Gray—Reporter.
The Katty Koquettes.
The Katty Koquettes met at thei
home of Miss Vonceil Anderson. 29141
Lake St. and plans were discussed|
for our Mother and Daughter’s Tea.
\fe had one visitor, Miss Ruth Grey.
After the lovely repast was served
we all left only to get ready for our
Birthday Party, Friday night in
honor of four sisters. Kittensvat the
hdme of Miss Dorotheda Bell. Our
next meeting will be at the home of
Darotheaa. All members please be
Mable Longmeyer—President
Helen Sherwood—Reporter.
The Loverettes. ,
The Loverettes held their weex y
meeting at the home of Miss Emily
Williams, 3033 Pinkey Street, Friday
April 13th. 1934. We discussed our
coming social which was to be held
at the home of Miss Emily Williams.
We are also planning to have a kodac
pa»t* Sunday April 22, at Elmwood
Keep an eye on us. We have
something in store for you in the
near future.
Miss Iantha Hall—Reporter.
Miss Emily Williams—Secretary.
The class sponsored by the Omaha
Waiter’s Association and the Urban
League each Friday is rapidly grow
ing into the hearts of the members
and friends. Last weeks’ class con
I sisted of table settings approach, re
ceiving orders and courtesy. The
n°xt class which will be held Friday
night at It) p. m. will' be carving,
land serving. Everyone should be
present to take advantage of this
very important event.
At the regular meeting held last
Monday, two hours and a half was
filled with very important business
and several members united with the
Association. Forty-two members
were present and ten visitors. Mr.
Huckins of the Hotel Paxton has
been invited to attend the class Fri
day night. Lets give him a big
M. L. Harris—President.
H. Bronson—Secretary.
The Jolly Twelve Art Club.
The JoMy Twelve Art Club met
Friday April 6th with Mrs- L. Cald
well, 2715 Maple St- with the presi
dent presding. All members are re
quested to bring their quilt work
finished on the next meeting.
The hostess served a delicious re
past and everyone preent enjoyed it
to the highest in spite of the dis
agreeable weather on good Friday,
March 30th, the club and their
friends were honored guests of the
Electrc Power Co., about 35 being
present. We wish to thank our
friends for coming out so nicely. The
next meeting will be at the home of
Mrs. Dotson, 2211 Miami St.
Mrs. A. Sherwood—President
Mrs. L- Caldwell—Secretary.
Mrs. Wm. Young—Reporter.
Miss Elizabeth Lillian Johnson
from Kansas City Me., is in our city.
She is staying with her brother, Rev.
R. W. Johnson, 2431 Patrick. Rev.
Johnson is Pastor of the Metropolit
an Spiritual church on Lake St. Miss
Johnson reports that she intends to
make Omaha her home.
Misses Hazel and Margaret Lewis
of Atlantic, Iowa, visited with
friends and relatives in our city over
the week end.
Mrs. Rev. F. A. Waites and Rev.
Elizebeth Fox both of Philadelphia,
Pa-, are the house guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Hiram Greenfield, 1005 N.
49th Ave.
Mrs. Maud Ray, who underwent
an operation for gall stones at the
Metnodist Hospital two weeks ago is
improving to the satisfation of her
family and friends.
The Sewing class that was being
held at the Mid-Center will be can
celled, but the Cooking and Cannery
Class will be substituted in its place
under the auspices of Smith and
Mrs. Beatrice Gray, 1816 N- 22nd
Street reported t oone of the Omaha
Guide Reporters that she is expecting
to leave Omaha around about the 16th
day of May. Her destination is un
known. She will attend the C. M.
E. annual conveitnon which will be
held at St. Louis Mo. before return
Omahan Visits Different
Southern Cities.
Mr- Henry B. W’illiams, 2922 N.
26th at. made an extesded trip of
abount three months visiting differ
ent southern cities. Among some of
the cities he visited were St. Louis,
Little Rock, Ark., Benton, Ark,
Texacanna, Tex- and Hot Springs,
Arkansas. While in Hot Springs he
took two baths- He reported that
,• took two baths
He reported that he found condi
tions were very unpleasant among
the colored race, especially on the
jobs. He also stated that to his
idea of thing Omaha is taking care
of the poor better than any city he
visited during his whole trip.
j Parent’s Council to Have
The Parent’s Council of the sev
esth day adventist church. 2760 Lake
street will render a program Sun
day May 29th at 8 p. m. Aj.iong
the other interesting things, the
Rubenites will render several num
bers. Come you are always wel
come. There will be no charges.
. Recreational Program
. _
The Recreational program, which
has been going on at the Mid-City
t Community Center will continue.
There will be teachers in all classes.
Classes will be -formed in each de
partment. Music, Dramatics and
Physical Education. You may regist
er for adults- and children grroups at
the Mid-City Community Center.
Mr. Robert Floyd and Mr. Alvin
Goodwin motored to Des Moines last
Sunday and while in Des Moines en
joyed the hospitality of Misses Jean
Reynolds and Charlotte Fields. They
returned early Monday morning
singing the praises of Des Moines.
Celebrates Birthday.
Mrs. L. S. Davis, 2530 Grant St.
celebrated her birthday Tuesday
evening. The following guests were
served a delicieus three course din
Mrs. Lena Dallas, Mrs. Lulu R.
'Thomas, Mrs. Mary Frayser, Mrs. j
Eliza Gilky, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Shobe, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Russell,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McWhorter,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wheeler, Mr.
Thomas Whet ler.
Woodson Center News.
National Negro Health Week froim
April 1 to April 8 was given an im
| portant place in the activities of
Woodson Center. Our Junior High
School Club sponsored a Health
Forum in which all of the older clubs
narticipated- Dr. Wiggins and Miss
Evelyn Evans R. N. spoke to the old
er boys and girls respectively, on con
tagious diseases, tuberculois, and sex
hygiene Both of the speakers brough
valuable information to the two
The Golden Star Club, with the as
sistance of its sponsor, Mrs- T. Han
cock and Miss A- Longmyer nurse
I at Woodson Center sponsored a
“'Health Movie,” The History of
God Liver Oil, at the Gym- The
movie was largely attended by all of
the children in the neighborhood, in
cluding those from the parochial
schools and their parents
Children of Woodson Center under
twelve, and members of our junior
clubs, put on a “Hleath Parade” as
a climax of Health Week activities.
They marched through the streets
displaying health banners with such
slogans as : “Plant your garden
now,” “Is Yours a Tin can Alley,”
“Reach for an apple instead of a
sweet, “and don’t forget your Cod
liver oil.
Girls decorated their doll buggies
and cleaned up dollies who also took
part in the parade. Children enjoyed
refreshments and games after the
Some forty odd boys and girls,
members and guests of our junior
High Schoou club, enojyed an indoor
picnic Thursday evening at the Cent
er. Girls wore gingham dresses and
hair ribbons- Games and dances
were enjoyed by all.
And those appetizing lunches.
Boys of the Midget club have or
ganized their baseball team, and held
their first prctice this wtek. They
are looking for competition, and chal
lenge boys under 12 for games.
Woodson Center is sponsoring a
Girl’s Day and Conference April 24th,
at 4:45 p. m- for girls 12 and over.
Mrs. Lois Goode and Mrs Bess Brown
are the speakers. Girls from the
Northside Y. W. C. A. and the
Urban League Center have been in
vited to attend. Supper will be
served at 6:30 p. m- Reservations
are 15e and must be in by the 20 of
Charles Alston, president of our
Seuior High School club and March
graduates of South High school won
in this week’s district music contest
t and will compete in the State solo
contest next month in Lincoln. We
take this opportunity to wish Charles
all the success in the coming event.
We feel that he will win ose of the
$rst places in the coming State
contest. “Go to it Charles!”
If you’ve heard this one before,
skip it, anyway, it’s about George
Curry and Margarite, who have been
so, so, for about two years, it is ru
mored, are going to walk down op
posite sides of the Avenue .... Geo
rge doesn’t deny the rumor and Mar
garite remains as silent as a clam.
There is a new club going into act
ion .... It is called the Ace of
Spades and its membership is eight
four boys and four girls .... Thev
intend to fish out news and get it to
you .... Now that’s what I call
My good friend Claudel Agee is
ill at home . . . . Slhe’s bad enough
to have to remain in bed, for the time
being .... 1 know she would be glad
to hear from you.
Well, it happened again, Billy Love
lost again .... He is fast becoming
another has-been .... Now, take
Kid Chocolate II, for an instance, he
is 19 years old and an up-and-coming
fighter .... He even knocked his
man out in the first round last week.
What was it in the picture last
Tuesday night at the Ritz Theater
that caused Freddie McCowan to lean
his head on the shoulder of Leona
Davis in such a romantic manner? .
. . . Mdse Ransom has become a
which, which ? , . . . They are saying
down onthe Avenue, “Mose, Get Going
The little girl who tried to be smart
one night last week, at a certain club
I party seems to have got caught in
(her own game . . . . It is suggested
by some of your friends, Helen, that
you be careful how you crack next
1 time.
By Bronson and Lane: A doorknob
da a thing a revolving door goes a
round without .... A straw is
something which you drink something
through two of them .... A fern
is a plant that you’re supposed to
water every day but when you don’t,
it dies, but if you de it dies anyway,
only not so soon .... Cobblestones
are a pavement that people would
rather have asphalt than .... Sum
mer is a season that in the winter you
wish you could keep your house as
warm as .... A cartoon is a funny
drawing that makes people laugh
when other people claim cigarets come
in on it ... . Cream is a stuff which
dry cereal doesn’t taste any good with
out it, unless you use milk,but you
haven't any!
George Curry “Jabbo” doing a fairy
dance .... Richard David being
tall and handsome .... Juanita
Yancy without her baby talk ....
Mose Ransom being a woman hater .
. . . A,mela Thomas just madly in
love with some boy .... Ivory Lee
Moore not being sophisticated ....
Margaret attending a dance escorted
by a boy .... Alfred Kimsey with
out his wise cracks .... Henrietta
Edson having some place to go every
night .... Walter Hollowell as
looking like Warner Baxter ....
Edgar Smith without a swell head.
Take it from Claude McKinnay,
for thats where I got it, that Amelia
is just, “Oh. What Have You.”
Mr. Richard Lowe of the N. R. A.
will speak before the Omaha Waiter’s
Association next Tuesday night at 10
p. m. at the Mid City Community
Center. The purpose of this meeting
is to inform the Waiter’s concerning
certian parts of the Resturant Code
which effects them. The public is
invited to attend this meeting.
Just another reminder of the Tro
jan Club’s big bridge party April 25th
at the Masonic Hall. The committee
of arrangements have taken every
means of making this bridge party
a great success. They have re
ceived the cooperation of many of the
various bridge clubs of the city.
There will be plenty of tables to
accomodate everyone and valuable
prizes wil be given to the winner's.
Come out and spend an enjoyable
evening with this group of girls, an
auxiliary of the Y. W. C. A..
Miss Celestine Smith—Reporter
Rev. R. w. Wells, a whirlwind
Evanglist, will be in Omaha and
preach a special sermon, Sunday
morning, April 22nd at 11 a. m. from
Cleaves Temple Church- On Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock he wil give a
heartto heart talk to the women and
also a chemical demonstratioon ser
mon turning water three different
This sermon will show how sin acts
on the soul and body- Everyone is
invited to come out and hear these
two great lectures.
New York City—(GNS,—A bill to
abolih the New York City Board of
Taxes and Assessments, transferring
its functions to a single commissioner,
was introduced in the Legislature at
Albany, on Friday, by Assemblyman
Abbot Low Moffet, Republican otf
New > ork- The bill completely re
vises the taxation and assessmentset
up, ubtituting in place the preent
board of revision of assessments a
nc-w baord of asesments review.
Hubert T Delany now the Manhattan
representative on the board the bill
seeks to abolish, by grace of recent
appointment by Mayor F. L- LaGuard
would be affected by the passage of
the measure- It is claimed, however,
that the movement is part of Mayor
LaGuardie’s reform program and that
Mr. Delasey will be a member of the
new board of assessments review, in
case the bill is passed. The bill amend
the city charter effective July 1. It
would empower the newly created
taxation commissioner to appoint not
more than three deputies, as well
as a group of appraisers- The Mayor
would appoint the board of assess
■ nvents review, compoed of five mera
I bers
New York—(CNS)— They Shall
Not Die,” the Scottsboro case drama,
which was announced to close on Sat
urday night will continue at the Roy
ale Theatre. The box-office sale of
tickets prices will be reduced to a
$2.50 top for the evening perform
ances and $2.00 for the matinees.
Opportunity Knocks
How would this strike you as an in
vestment opportunity ?
You are given a chance to turn a
certain part of your monthly or an
nual earnings over to a group of fi
nancial experts- A contract is drawn
whereby you “buy” a definite sum
on the easy payment plan. They will
take your payments and invest them'
in govement bonds, ' in the best in
dustrial securities, in first mortgag
es on good rural and urban property.
Their total investment, made up by
hundreds of thousasds of small pay
ments such a yours, embraces the
whole sweep of sound American
business and productive enterprise.
Stringent laws, passed for your pro
tection, regulate the tpye of invest
ments that cam be imade
In order to assure you the ultimate
in safety, the concern you turn your
mosey over to has gigantic cash re
serves, built up over many years, to
stand behind your comparatively
small investment
This isn’t all by any means. If you
die, even though that should happen
afte you have made but one pay
ment, the full amount you have con
tracted for will be paid to your hears
After a few yeas, you may borrow
against your investment if need be—
or you may drop further payments
and receive a cash settlement, in case
of dire necessity.
That sounds too Utopian to be true
But it is true—and the institution of
fering you that is life insurance,
which has survived these recent years
of black depression with colors fly
Read The
For the Young L&dy
Tbto pretty spring gown 1b notable
lor the charmingly young square neck
line bordered simply with a doubled
frill of the print to match that on the
Announcement Extraordinary
In Accordance With Our
Modernizing Program
We Inaugurate a Most Convenient
For You
TODAY KEEPING pace with progress demands that you
do things “different” Our modernizing program
is well under way in fact, it has progressed to a point that
we are in a betttr position to serve our patrons in a more efficient
manner than ever before.
TO HELP (you take advantage of Hayden’s low prices, so that
you may have the helpful, comfortable things you want in
your home to make it more attractive and cozy ... and tp
concentrate your shopping at Hayden’s so that your savings
will be greater. . Hayden’s take pride in announcing the in
auguration of this most convenient BUDGET PLAN. This ad
ded convenienc is merely another part of our new policy of
that you take full advantage of it
THE fourth floor you’ll find a pleasant welcome awaiting
you to talk matters over regarding this easy payment