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• ‘ *, v • 1 , .• " ;V_ -v^
St. Benedict’s
Father J. C Daly; Pastor
Madofcne E: Sterling: reporter
The ladies of the St- Peter Claver
Guild met in the Church club room
and Mrs- Sessions was hostess of the
e'-u ning: Plans w. re-completed for
the sponsoring of an Easter break
fa -t by the Guild on Easter Sunday
April 1st- from 9:00 to 1:30 p: ni:
Ot -:er plans of interest were discuss
ed and the act ng i-resident read
several paragraphs on the life of St
Peter Claver that was enjoyed by all
Mrs: Sessions served a delicious re
past am* was voted a most excellent
and generous hostess. The Crusaders
of St: Benedict's are developing a
splendid play under the direction of
their president and will soon be able
to present it to the public. They
selected a 3 Act Comedy drama by
Lillian Mortimer entitled; “Go Slow
Mary;" and they will soon be able to
make a very creditable appearance
The Junior Choir was heard in
their initial venture last Sunday* at
the can* Mass; and never before did
their voices blend in such excellent
union they did in those beautiful
Mrs: Catherine Allison a promin
ent Catholic benefactor of St- Bene
dict was largely responsible for the
training of the children and was ably
assisted by the principal; Sister
Mary Daniel and Mrs- Marie James
th o Mr: Samuel Barton a
r. „ nLo: of the Cx*usaders and a bass
s igcv In the quartette assisted the
rule folks with the singing of a
s that proved a trifle difficult for
th r young voices- Mr: Barton sang
. . ;;l i nally well
Mrs: Morris who has been on the
V list for some time is reported
< ng well she is able to sit up and
v h r*e to see her in church again
s n
Mr: John W: Conn of 2914 North
io h Street was received into the
Catholic Church and baptized by the
Castor Father Daly last Friday aft
t noon Mrs- Conn was present at the
i, The Omaha Guide )1
Recant mends
The State
Furniture So.
Corner 1-lth and Dodge
Streets. As One of the Most
Reliable and Accomodating
firms to Buy from.
Prices the Lowest
Terms the Easiest
--—- ,
Now Located
2122 N. 24th St.
apt ism’:
Pleasant Green Baptist
Rev. I': J: Price; Pastor
Mrs: B: King; Clerk
Mrs: Lottie Keys; .reporter
Sunday School opened at 9:30 a
m: with Superintendent Vealand;
• ••siding. Enrolled in Sunday School
42: The school is doing nicely under;
the leadership of Superintendent1
Vealand and Brother Milton.
At 10:45 devotions were led by
f> aeon Spencer and Mitchell- The ,
choir was on time- At 11 a: m: Pas
tor Rev: P: J: Price fill the Rostrum
speaking from the 1st chapter of
Drnicl and the 2nd verse- Topic; ^
: Christ Kingdom of Eternal:
At 3 p: m: Rev: Rhoades spoke for
Mrs. Turner; “State of Oklahoma:
He is from Council Bluffs:
BYPU opened at 6 p: m: with
President Collier presiding- They are
doing nice work in the BYPU:
At 7:45 p: m: devotions were held
1 At 8 p: m: the pastor spoke from the
31st chapter of Deuteronermy and
the 11th verse- Topic Eagle Stir His
It was a wonderfully illustrated
sermon by our pastor- We had a
very large congregation Sunday
night- Visitor are always welcome to
Pleasant Green: Four additions to
he church were: Mrs: Anna Greene;
Mrs: Alford and two other members
reunited their membership. We give
thanks to God for such a leader as
Rev. P: J: Price: When you want to
feel the spirit; come to Pleasant
Green 22nd and Paul Street for we
are doing good work- Sunday night
Rev: P: J: Pi ice will speak in behalf
of Kansas; Mrs- Lottie Keys: She
hopes all her friends will come out
and help her.
2025 North 24th Street
M- E: Ashley; Pastor
Mrs: B: M: Welch; reporter
Sunday School opened at 9:30 a
in: and it was well attended: The
astor brought us an interesting
message on how to reverence God’s
house 8:30 p: m: Elder H: P: Mor
j gan brought us a splendid message;
Jchn 1st chapter 6 verse.
Christ Temple
O: J: Burckhardt; Pastor
J: W: Goodwin; Assistant Pastor
Mrs: Verda Gordon; reporter
The Temple work is taking on new
life and new aspirations Elder Hun
Icy taught the Sunday School in the
absence of Deacon Anderson and i
lively Sunday School it was- Eldei
J: W: Goodwin brought a heart
searching sermon at 11 a: m: And
cur pastor brought us a worthwhile
sermon Sunday evening from the
ccautitudes- Many were the comment,
heard regarding the same: Our Bible j
Class Tuesday night was good as
usual and the Bible Institute taught i
by Elder Tanzemore is gaining mom- j
entum as it goes- Brother J: C: Park
er who teaches the Bible Glass ever
Tuesday night is a great scripturian
and you should set in his classes:
We are expecting a great day Sun
day you come and worship with us j
at 3 p: m: Elder E: W: Anthony of
j Salem and his congregation will j
; worship with us Elder Anthony being
_ __ |
; Reid-Duffy I
Pharmacy i
24tl Sz Lake St* I
Webster 0699
Free Delivery
the speaker for the occasion. The
Sisters of Christ Temple was called
together, Monday night by Sister
Willie Vann daring which time they
organized a Missionary Band. The
service was opened by singing. There
...» Sunshine in my soul today. Follow
1 by the reading of the scriptures
by Sister Edna Bankey; Sister
Vann discussed the purpose of the
meeting. The following officers were
selected: Willie Vann President Hel
en Watts vice president. Bertha
Mallory secretary; Henrietta Me-.
Hodden treasurer; Carrie Irving
riiaplain. Edna Pankey was made
chairman of the field work. The fol
i. wing named Sister White; Forest;
Huntley; Love and Middleton. Sister
Amelia Anderson was' made chair-.
man of the cooking committee. Sister
Marion chairman of the program
committee. The president closing re-!
marks showed the possibility and
opportunity for the work of this or
_ ■ I
Bethel Baptist Church
29th and T Street
Rev. F: S: Goodlett Acting Pastor
M rs: J : C: Collins; reporter
Sunday School was opened at 9:30
o'clock with a very nice attendance.
Our Acting Pastor that has been;
called to serve during the period we
aie without a pastor; Rev. F: S:l
Goodlett having a previous engage- j
ment our worship services was con-1
duct<-d by Rev. A: B: B: Truxton J
who chose for her topic “Take Hee3
That You Be Not Deceived.” Luke
21 8.
All present were spiritually bene
fited by the speaker as she spoke so
profoundly and encouragingly to the
A large number attended BYPU at
7:30 o'clock conducted ‘ by the Presi
dent; Mr. J: Henderson- After which
those present for evening services
enjoyed a Spiritual; Feast from the
subject: “Love” by Rev. Sister A: V:
B: Truxton; 1 Cor: 1-1:13.
Visitors and friends are alw'ays
welcome to worship with us at the
B the Baptist Church.
Cleaves Temple
27th and Decatur Street
The Cleaves Temple Sunday School
is one of the most interesting church
schoos in the city. The enrollment
runs high. So crowded have the Sun
day School rooms become that the
adult class is having its classes at
the Parsonage. Each teacher has been
well prepared and well qualified for
the task of teaching. We have in
our group teachers who are outstand
ing religious educators. We are
working out new methods new plans
and new ways of presenting facts to
our students. We believe that religion
is to be lived and not a formular to
be used after death. It will be worth
while for any individual to attend
this school.
One cx the most unique aitairs ox
the Sunday School was the Talent
Rally. It was a contest for talents!
Oh boy. what talents. Thei'e were ex
traordinary talents super talents big
talents and small talents.
Each student was given a penny
for a talent. The one who invested
this penny and brought in $3.60. Miss
Beatrice Berkley Williams of Ohio
Street won the highest Pri3e in the
Junior Department. She brought in'
$2.00 with her penny: Little Miss
Williams is one of our outstanding:
students. She ranks high in her class !
activities. The next contest is a rally
between each member of the classes.
Little Master Greenfield wants it
known that the rest of his class
mates must go some to surpass him.
Little Miss Royler tells the primar
ies to look out. In the Junior Class
they are saying that Miss Beatrice
Williams can’t get away with this
prize. All of the intermediates are
stirred up. In the Young People’s
Class the far daughters are saying
we must have the prize while the
handsome sons are casting lots
among themselves. In the Adult
Class each is watching the other.
Such a grim contest has never been
seen before. Folks; if you want to be
in the whirl in the rea swim of life;
if you want to be in that magnificent
crowd of gay and happy people then
come to Cleaves Temple. Sunday
School. There is something of inter
est at all times. Watch out for the
big Sunday School Party. It will be
one of the most unique and inU-cost
ing auai» that has ever been given,
ihe Ten ttride Wedding
Who is th> Unknown •Graoni.' He
certainly is running the laches swise
er ..lean nuts, they are all in love
with him. The great mystery abou. u
is they don’t know who he is. I’ve
never know my people to keep such
a secret. I can hardly rest for tele
phones ringing and women talking.
What do you suppose all this racket
married to one man. Oh my what a
is about? Ten ladies are trying to get
man! Some of them says that he is a
big high; handsome brown skin so
ciety man. But nobody knows who
Wish it was me. There might be a
possibility cf all ten of the ladies;
ghiting married. There is no way of
finding out wh ohe is. If it were; you |
know' ten ladies sure would find out.
All Omaha is stirred up. They are I
longing and waiting patiently for the j
unknown groom to appear. Like a
ground hog he is waiting for the sec- j
ond of April. Then they say he will
appear: Come see this mysterious
man that’s stirring up the people of
Omaha. Purchase your tickets now: :
The preaching services began at
eleven o'clock. The pastor Rev. 0- A.
Calhoun, ascended the rostrum filled
with the spirit as usual. He took his
text from Mathtews 25:31. He used
for a subject: ‘‘Doing Religion.” In
substance he said “In Judgment God
Shall Be Judge and Jesus the Per
secuting Attorney- Men in sin are in
opposition to Christ. They are a
gainst him and his program.
In life we fail to get justice some
times because there is so much to
enter into life’s equasions. The Scotts
boro Boys are failing to get justice
because of racial prejudice. We fail
to get justice because of selfishness;
political bosses; meager affairs ect
Ladies and Gentlemen; men and
send themselves to Hell. There are
many ways by which this is done.
Men send themselves to Hell by ly
ing; stealing; murdering drinking
cursing committing wrong social
acts leading wrong kinds of lives.
Some people think that religion is
a matter between God and man. The
religion of Jesus Christ is not only;
songing praying shouting getting
happy crying and paying but it is a
matter dealing with our fellow men
Some people are saints at church and
the devil at home its nothing to that
kind of religion. One maybe able to
sing and pray until the shingles seem
to fly off the roof; but what good is
that if we get on the outside with a
long lying tongue. Religion is a mat
ter that affects us daily. Then he
gave many definitions from religion
from leading authors. The most
sti iking def illation was one from
William James—‘^Religion is visiting
the sick the fatherless widows and
orphans and keeping unspotted from
the world” Then he said: “Religion
affects not world.” Then he said;
“Religion Affects Not Ony my Re
tionship with God but aso my re
lationship with my fellow men. Can’t
spot me means much. In fact; it has
meant too much- Men are doing all
kinds of things and boast abqut no
body can sport me: Religion friends
is what you do and not what you
say-” Everybody was inspired by this
wonderful expander of the Gospel.
Sunday evening at 3 o'clock the
pastor’s wives gave a program. It
was enjoyed by all. The Epworth
League is progressing nicely. W e in
vite you to come to the league
Sunday evening at 7:45 the pastor
preached another wonderful sermon.
He took his text from Acts 17:6. He j
used as a subject: “The Gospel a Re
volution.” In substance he said: “The :
Gospel should create a disturbance, j
If the gospel is not creating a dis-1
turbance; we as preachers and christ- j
ians are not doing out part- John the ■
Baptist created a disturbance and
men could not rest until they repent- ]
ed of their sins; where ever the
apostles went they created a distur
bance. In Ephesus; the apostles stir
red the people to such an extent; I
that they burned their books. Homes i
were crowded with a kinds of trashy
hoodue; black magic and fortune
telling books. We need a barn fire
today to burn up some of the trashy
books in our homes. Then we will- get
Then he taled of how the gospel
revolutionizes the heart and social
conditions. He talked of how the
gospel revolutionizes the heart and
social conditions. He talked of the
.1 heum homes; the home for girls j
cut. Then he said that we as Christ-1
Ians are to make the world better- If
we are not; then we are*not carrying
cut Christ’s Plan ” Rev. Calhoun is aj
great pastor a wonderful preacher:
and a profound orator. Once you,
hear him; you will nor ritret having)
that strong da ire of returning. All:
who are desirous to hear him should i
cen t early because of the huge
Charles Stallworth; reporter
St. John A. M. E. Church
‘ The Friendly Church”
22nd and Willis Avenue
Rev. L- P. Bryant; Pastor
The services at St. John last Sun
V.y were very good throughout the
day- The attendance at all services
were very fine. The Sunday School
started the day out with a high
spirit- Rev. Bryant preached from
the 144th Psalms and the 3rd verse
and from the subject: “Humanity.”
He preached a good sermon in which
there were many good thoughts to be
In the afternoon; Rev. Bryant and
several members of his congregation
went to Allen Chapel in South Oma
ha to attend the quarterly meeting;
while at the same time; the Sunday
School group of the church went to
Bethel to the Sunday School Alliance.
At the evening services; Rev- Bryant
took for his subject; Spiritual Bank
Those to join the church were Sis
ter Evelyn Handy of Bethel and a
former member of St- John and Miss
Lovely from Memphis; Tennessee.
We were glad to see Sister S: M:
C: Baker Brother Glover and Master
M. T- Murrell who have all been ill
for some time. Some of the late sick
of the church are Mrs. Ester Hicks
The Paul Quinn Club invites you
to be at a baby show on March 23rd
next Sunday March 18th Rev. Bryant
and his senior choir will go to Clair
Chapel to help Rev. Clay in his
quarterly meeting.
There were no visitor’s cai’ds pass
el in but some of the Visitors in the
church were Rev- Cole of Nebraska
City and Mr. Mrs. Curtis Kirtley of
2 ion Baptist Church.
The weather is getting better each
Sunday now. The Sunday School in
cites you to come and make yourself
welcome- They have classes for both
j oung and old. Make yourself feel
young again by coming to Sunday
I School
Program for the Week:
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Freaching Services 10:45 a- m
Endeavor—6 p. m.
Class Meeting Tuesday—8 p- m
Bible Class Wednesday—7:30 p. m.
Teacher Meeting Friday — 7:30 p.
Learn to watch for all your church
and social news in your own home
town paper; The Omaha Guide. It is
trying to keep you informed on all
I news
Clair Chapel
H. W. Smith; reporter
Rev. Alfred Clay; Pastor
Sunday School and all of the serv
ices were well attended- Rev. Clay
preached a wonderful sermon and we
were all overjoyed to know that he is
able to be but with us once again
The Forum had a very prominent
speaker; in the person of Miss Pat
terson and everyone enjoyed listen
ing to her. All the clubs had good re
ports on the Rally and raised $88-00.
The ladies are leading. Visitors are
always welcome to all services.
Salem Baptist Church
22nd and Grant Street
Rev. E. W. Anthony; Pastor
Minnie Harris; reporter
The Salem. Baptist Sunday School
opened at 9:30 a. m- with Superin
tendent Wesley presiding- The Sun
day School was well attended. The
younger people are to be commended
for the interest they are taking in
tho work. The lesson seemed to be
well discussed by all of the classes.
At 11 a- m. our pastor brought to
us am inspiring gospel message. His
subject was “Staying With Christ-”
Text read thus; “Jesus saith unto
them; you need not depart-” He
stated; If Christians would stay with
Jesus they need not be afraid of the
trails that confront therm
The BYPU opened at 5:30 p. m-j
with* president Hosenbaugh p: :sid-‘
ing. Devotion was conducted by Mr.
E. L. Young- President Cooper
coudn’t stay until the meeting was
over because he visited Morning
Star’s BYPU- He wiil continue mis
for sometime visiting the BYPL’s of.
the city. At 8 p- m- our pastor!
brought another wonderful message
O . . *»TT' n 'Mi 'fr C» \ i B n
CUDJ t. c ... O A ■■
TCXt w I V-uU^vv* Vi »-*■• - '• •
me 36th verse. The sick of the
crunch are Sister Gregere; Sistt-r
Hester; Sister Dixon and Brother
Kendall Sister Mamie Thomas; Sister
T_rtci who has been sick is reported
well- Brother B- Johnson is also ill:
You are welcome to Salem at ail
Bible Forum 2012 N. 27 St.
Elder Irving has a Bible Forum
each Wednesday night at the above
number where a number of men and
women gather who represents some
of best members of the different
churches where a good work is being
accomplished. The work is inter
denominational and unbiased and if
you attend these meetings once you
will then realize their worth to the
community. In these meetings real I
Bible truths are thrashed out in a
sweet spirit and when you leave the ■
meeting you all a gow over the
truths you have learned. We think if l
you attend this meeting once you will j
in all probability become one of us. i
Ernest Preston Boxer to Attend
Forest Camp
Ernest Preston 2712 Franklin St.
popular Omaha Light Weight Ama-,
teur Prize Fighter is planning to at
tend the Forest Camp to train for
his Professional career long about
the last of April
Arthur Williams 111; Reports Back
to W ork
Mr. Arthur Williams 2808 Ohio
Street who was reported ill last
week is able to be up and around
again and has reported back to work
_ I
C. C- Galloway of the Omaha
Guide honored guest Mr: and Mrs:
Edward Childs of 1105 South 13th
Street had as her honored guest for
tho week end; Mr- C: C: Galloway
Acting Editor of the Omaha Guide. 1
Informal Bridge Club Guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Gray
Mr- and Airs: Lloyd Gray enter
tained the member of the Informal
Bridge Club at home March 3rd.
Friends of Air: and Airs: Henry Tal
j bert were honored guest; Mr- and
j and Tuddle. Miss E: Bennett was
I hostess for the club- Saturday night
‘ at the home of Mrs: Mary Wright.
Airs: Mobile Johnson will be hostess
for the Informal Bridge Club at the
home of Mrs: Lloyd Gray; 2716 Cor-1
by Street Saturday night
The Banquet under the auspices of
the eight governesses of the Pleasant
Green Baptist Church which was
given at the Northside YWCA 22nd
| and Grant Street was a grand affair.
I The attendance at the Banquet was
about 210
This banquet of which Mrs. Addie
Turner was the originator was an
overwhelming success
Mr: McCreary acquitted himself
grandly by the way he prepared the
menu for the large number of guests.
The chairman of the committee
and her staff of officers worked
faithfully to make the Banquet a
grand affair- Namely: Mrs. Benola
Pearl chairman; Mrs. Edna Taylor;
Mrs- Ella Bullion; Mrs: Verilee;
Moore; Mrs: Ollie Bostic; Mrs. Eula
Meltsie; Mr. F: C: McDonald and
Mr. Bishop Pearl.
The governesses all appeared in'
uniform at the banquet by wearing
badges to represent the state for
which they are working- The gover
nesses names are as follows:
Mrs: Addie Turner; Oklahoma:
Mrs. Lottie Keys; Kansas: Mrs- Es
tella Watters; Arkansas; Mrs- Etta
Clayton; Mississippi: Mrs. Dollie
Johnson; Missouri: Mrs- Mary Cur
ren; Alabama: Mrs. Georgia Cooper;
Louisiana: Mrs- Zetta White; Texas.
All governesses and guests came
beautifully gowned in evening ap
parel. Some of the best talent of
Omaha appeared on the program at
the banquet; which was highly ap
• 111 * "*"
•^KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES”_ Merely A Difference In Definition f
/hm-mhV. just
r tou^h as a
N. IT *!
i | • v *
v l,fe ^y
If ' ... 1
predated by all present- The short
talk, fo-'cn by Mr: Hf»r*y Lei and
and Mr- Simmons were v :y ably
presented on “Tiie Racial Uplift-”
The instrumental solo give ,■ IV. ss
Dorothy Bryant was enjoyed by all.
The tables were beautifully uacorreed
with spring flowers- Rev: P: J:
price; pastor of Pleasant Green had
a table beautifully dec ■ a. 1 with
“lev and candles fn- r ryr - of
10. All flowers used at the banquet
were distributed among the sick of
our community
Samuel Cain 2902 Decatur Street
has started to clean up and beautify
his lawn and garden. He will spend
his evenings off from work to do
W ~f W-. ™ - i j
if. .F'.cGV to
rt’ r- r-» f c ' ~ ^ H
ki iWLL •_j ..
(By RJ3V !• B. F.TS5.. I> l>,
il-i.ib -i of Ka.ultj, ?.o.<*ly llllile
Institute of Cl:ii* ^ » )
©. 1934, Western Newspap r Trilim
Lessen for March 13
| LESSON TEXT il. tt. 1! ' 1 58-14:13.
' GOLDEN TEXT— A“k and It shall b<-i
given you. seek and ye shall llnd,
(knock and It shall he opened unto
you.—Matt. 7:7.
I PRIM ART TOPIC—Jesus Helps a
I Stranger.
JUNIOR TOPIC—When People Trust
jTOPlC—A Mother's Love and Faith.
UC—Faith Tested and Triumphant.
I. The Unbelief of Jesus' Own Coun 1
Itrymen (13:54-58).
: Jesus shared the common fule of
iineu, unacknowledged in his own coun !
try. Even his own brothers did not
melieve in him until after his resur
rection (John 7:3-8; cf. Acts 1:14).’
jBecituse of this unbelief only a limited
work could he done there.
( II. Jesus Responding to the Faith of
(the Multitude (Matt. 14:13, 1 '<).
1 1. He retired to the desert (v. 13).
jTlie news of the cruel death of John
Jthe Baptist brought grief to the heart |
|pf Jesus and he withdrew to a place
jof quietness to commune with the'
tieaveniy Father. Jesus accepted John's
idea ill as typical of liis own.
j 2. Followed by the people (v. 13).'
The people were so greatly Interested
in him that they followed him on foot
jout of the cities.
! 3. Jesus healing the sick (v. 14).
Although the rulers had broken with
|him, he did not abandon his work.
Though desperate and hopeless cases
jwere brought to him, none was found
too hard for him.
I lit. Jesus Responding to the Faith
yof a Woman of Canaan (Matt. 15:21
1. The mother’s awful distress (vv
pi, 22). Her daughter was grievously
[vexed with a devil. The daughter was
|the one who was afflicted, but it was
[the mother who carried the burden.
jNo doubt this Gentile woman had
heard of the fame of Jesus. His power
to heal had come to her notice and
doubtless many times she longed for
him to come her way that her daugh
ter might be healed. Now that lie was
in ber neighborhood she came straight
way to him.
2. The mother's fervent appeal for
help (vv. 23-25). She humbly fell at
his feet and pleaded for mercy. She
besought him to cast the demon out.
, Her appeal may be considered as a
model prayer.
a. It was sincere and earnest. From
The depths of her heart she cried to
j the Lord for help.
b. It was brief and definite. In a
,few well chosen words she besought
the Lord in behalf of her daughter.
' c. It was personal and humble. The
, Lord is pleased when we beseech him
in behalf of personal friends as well
as ourselves. She came humbly, for
according to Mark's account she fell
at his feet (Mark 7:25).
1 d. It was believing and persistent.
Though she was outside of the cove
nant people, she believed the Lord
would hear a cry of need. All who
accept Christ are his covenant people.
She persistently begged help of the
Lord. She would not accept a refusal.
The Lord is pleased with the soul who
will not let him go until the blessing
is granted (Luke 11:5-10, 18:1-8).
3. The woman's faith rewarded (vv
a. Jesus’ apparent refusal fv. 23).'
He answered her not a word. This.
seems strange that to her distressing
cry he was irresponsive. Scarcely ever
did anyone have to ask the second
time. Frequently he did not wa*t to be
asked. The reason for his silence was ’
that a real difficulty lay in the way.
He was sent to the lost sheep of the
house of Israel. This woman was a
ptranger to the covenant people. Her
bppeal was on the wrong basis. She
addressed him as the son of David,
which only a child of the kingdom, an
Israelite, had a right to do.
b. The woman’s quick response (vv.
23-27). As soon as she perceived the
difficulty she worshiped him as Lord
and cried for help. While only the
Israelite could approach him ay the
son of David, all can come to him and
own him as Lord. She willingly took
her place as a Oentile “dog,” recog
nizing that salvation is of the Jews
The word 'or dog is a diminutive term
used for the pet or household dog
which had a right to the crumbs which
•Cell froru the tabic.
c. The glorious issue of her faith
(v. 28). She received more than she
asked. Her daughter was healed at
once while the instructions she re
ceived were worth much to her. She
goes down in history with the Savtor *
commendation of her