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    I SOCIAL _ _• 4.__ CLUBS
___Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 2, 1933___
Pe rsonals
X > J L r >5 s and
. ■ »ve.' visi ng in Omah*
\ . - ar. 1 fn- r. While here
j;,'" J .. .n ;-v--n . ’» is ter went
V. < n a steaded t; ip, visit
• . - in Kansas City, Empor
and Bartlesville,
C » a.
Th ; i lack to Omaha bringing
Mrs Wilson ami Mr
i it-s. a .iter and brother.
S :r lives th .*y motored to
- to visit Mr and Mrs.
! . I . k*. On returning to Oma
ha • t port crops look exceed
ij.gN r in Nebraska and having a
xr .wJe'r'el trip
r . - ave returned to their homes.
M ; Mr- J L Peoples have
fcf- * ..on to visit his aunt Mrs
Steel, r-. They both reside at the
home of Mrs G A Johnson, 61P
N’ r*'- 4ftth Street.
Mr- L raine G Shoemaker, neice
rf Mr rd Mr* Thomas Vann. 2403
N r - 2-nd Street, who is leaving
; tk h in the Pinney Woods
S : Piney Woods. Mississippi,
has b * the recipient of many social
c * Among them have been a
* n by Mr and Mrs A R
H.,rr 1North 28th Street, a
the: gie«B by Mrs M Lec
n of the North* de Y W C A and
Mi - Evelyn Evans, our city visiting
Nurse; a dinner by Mr and Mrs A.
Oualey 2*21 Blond.. Street at which
time Mr Elvin C Davis of Chicago
was a; a guest; and a party given
«,n the .awn at the beautiful home of
Mr urn Mrs Adam Lee, 2814 Cald
well Street.
Mrs Shoemaker will leave Omaha
SepternU r 2, as the guest of Mr and
Mr> A E Williams Sioux City,
Iowa or a motor trip to Kansas City,
MiiM u: She will be their guest un
it! time to depart for Mississippi on
or soon after the I5th of September.
Mrs Shoemaker has been Cfuite
active jr. the church and community
life of Omaha since her coming here
a year ago She is a former Instruc
tor of History at the Philander
Smith CV liege in Little Rock. Ark
ansas; Head of the Department of
English n the Arkansas Baptist Col
lege ir, Little Rock; Instructor of
French. English and Education at the
Swift Memorial College in Rogers
ville, Tennessee; and summer school
Instruct r of English at the Piney
Wood School. Mrs Shoemaker has
bet n resting for two years in Omaha.
She Lv the Clara Crawford of Des
Mouse - Iowa and is a Bachelor of
Arts from Drake University of that
city, a member of Delta Sigma Sor
M s Thelma Harper,, daughter of
Rev and Mrs C C Harper and a
former pupil of Mrs Shoemaker at
the Prilandei Smith College, will
succeed her as pianist for the Salem
Baptist Church.
Mr and Mrs Claud McFall, Mrs.
Charles. Sebetman and Mrs Georgia
Goosby and Mrs Sara Arias of Chi
cago. Illinois, motored to Nebraska
City. Thursday evening. Where Mrs
Sebetman with a number of St
John's Senior Choir sang at the White
Methodist Church.
0B Tuesday evening a four course
owner was served at the home of Mr.
and Mrs Alex Sampy, 2630 Drexel
Street after which bridge was played.
Following the party was served with
a dinner consisting of everything ex
quisite. Making it a success for the
On Wednesday, Mr and Mrs Nor
man Bolder and a party were royally
entertained by Mr and Mrs Law
r e Wynn, 2626 Seward Street.
On Thursday evening, Mrs Lula
, 1540 North 21st served a deli
;i iu chicken dinner after which the
v d nartfd for Chicago to attend
■ Century of Progress. All report
• <r 3 very good time.
Mrs Pearl Hutson, 2716 Franklin
Street will leave the city to visit
lends and rlatives in Missouri.
and Mrs Norman Balor and
it of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs Eliza
'h Bolder and Mrs Sarah Lee of
n, Ohio, were visitors of Mr
irid Mrs Grant Taylor, 2721 Caldwell
•t Tuesday and Wednesday Aug
ust 24th and 25th Thursday after
n the party was entertained with
Barbecue Picnic at the home of
and Mrs Grant Taylor, the
daughter of Mrs Lee and the sister
■ f Mrs Bolar.
Mrs Wilda Allen, and Miss Wirtie
a I in of Oklahoma City, motored
from Oklahoma City to Omaha with
out a puncher or blow out to visit
their mother and sister, Mrs Allen’s
ther, Mrs Helen M Sampson,
: i i't Lake Street, Mrs Mattie Blair,
sister of Miss Carlin who lives at
2112 North 28th Street," city. They
left this morning at 4 a m , for an
other motor trip back to Oklahoma
C ty Mrs Allen left her brother
Harry Sampson with tearful eyes and
her mother .iurt a few degrees above
a nervous breakdown. Miss Garlin’s
brothers and sisters in laws and sis
ter so very sad. A host of friends de
siring a safe arrival in Oklahoma
City, and hope a soon return and
make this their future home. Very
many partis were given in honor of
them while here.
Mrs Ella Mae Hathaway and
a friend, Mrs Morse, of Kansas City,
Kansas motored to Omaha to spend
the week end with Mr. and Mrs Wal*
ter Harmon at their residence Pre
ceding their visit here they stopped
.n Lincoln for a week. Mrs Hath
away is the aunt of Mrs Harmon.
W H Triplett of Denver, Colora
do, private car man for 25 years with
the Union Pacific Railroad, spent
Saturday in Omaha.
Mr and Mrs. Harry Leland, and
Mrs Butler will attend the Young
Democratic Club of America, meeting
held in Kansas City, August 31, Sept.
1-2, from there they will go to the
Democratic State Convention held in
Wichita, Kansas, September 3-5.
Mrs Velma Watkins, 2526 Lake
Street, popular Cabaret entertainer
husband came over from Chicago, for
a short visit with her.
Miss Mamie Mosely, of Memphis
Tennessee is leaving this week foi
home after spending a month with
her neice, Mrs R Herbert Walton
and family of 957 North 25th Street
Miss Mosely had a lovely time with
old friends as she is a frequent visit
or of Omaha. Sunday Miss Moselj
and Mr and Mrs Herbert Waltor
! motored to Camp Gifford to visil
their son Richard Marshall.
Mrs Nannie J Walton of Leaven
worth, Kansas and three sons anc
daughter in law spent the week end
the guest of her son A. Herbert Wal
ton and family of 957 26th Street
Mrs Walton is a teacher in the Lin
coln School in Leavenworth. Alberl
Walton a mail carrier of Leavenworth
and Lawrence B Walton a telephone
operator of Kansas City. Mr anc
Mrs Wirt D Walton of St Louis
where Mr Walton is a teacher ir
Summer High School. The party jusi
returned from a trip to the Chicagc
Fair. __
Mr. R. L. Turner, formerly
of the Omaha Police Depart
ment, and Miss Ruth Lewis,
formerly of Commissioner
Wcstergard’s Office, will
represent us in the future
in your Community. Any
courtesies or favors extend
ed them will be appreciated.
We solicit your business.
and Zoric System Cleaners
“Omaha’s Most Progressive”
2324 N. 24th St. WE. 1029
Mrs M L Rhone, held resident
worker of the Woodson Center, and!
children spent a week visiting in!
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Woodson Center girls’ Kitten ball
team defeated Bellevue 17 to 2 last
Friday. Woodson Center Junior boys
defeated Bellevue 7 to 3
Mr C Orchard, of Armour and
Company paid a high tribute to the
off ces of the Woodson Center Credit
Union for the service the Union is
rendering to the community.
Miss Eloise Jones, who has been
visiting her aunts, Mrs M E Webb,
and Mrs Georgia Nelson Brown,
and friends here left last Wednesday
for Chicago to visit the World’s Fair.
She will go from Chicago to her
home in Dallas, Texas.
Miss Jones has been very popular
while in the city.
Miss Florence Myers, popular Den
ver University Coed, is visiting her
parents Mr and Mrs W L Myers
for a few days. Miss Myers will spend
next week in Bes Moines, Iowa. On
her return she plans to accompany
her family to Chicago.
Mr W H T Ransom, who was a
delegate to the Elk’s convention last
week has now gone to visit in Ken
tucky. He will visit Mrs Ransom’s
sister in Louisville, and will stop at
other points in the state. On his re
turn he will stop in Chicago to visit
the World’s Fair.
I Mrs R L Turner left last Mon
day for Chicago to visit the World’s
Mr and Mrs Robert Harris, 2537
Burdette Street, celebrated their 13
wedding anniversary last week.
Mrs Martha Evans is chairman of
a Woman’s day program to be spon
sored at Cleaves Temple C M E
Church Sunday, September 3 Wom
en will have complete charge through
out the day.
Mrs Ada Britton, of Coffeville,
Kaflsas, is visiting her neice, Mrs
Fred McDaniels. She will.probably be
here for a month or more.
Mrs Viola Quarrels, 2207 North
i 27 Avenue left for Lincoln, Nebraska
Thursday morning to spend a few
J days with Mrs Bobbie White.
I _
Mr Robert Coleman, 1002 South
13th Street has returned from a trip
to Kansas City, where he went to
bury a dear friend, Miss Edith Haw
kins, who lived at 938 Bell Street,
Kansas City, Missouri.
Mr Martin was honored at a din
ner given by his future son In law at
i the Sunsef Hotel in Bellavisa, Ark
Mrs Nellie Kellog is report ill
We hope sheisimprovingbynow.
1525 North 17th Street Omaha, Nebr.
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Miss Margaret Dallas, former Oma
han, now living in Chicago is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs J W.
Dallas, 119 North 37th Street, here
for two weeks.
Miss Dallas is a Family Case Work
er in the Stanfford Park District of
the Unemployed Relief Service on
the West Side in Chicago. She de
vises plans, and ways and means of
helDing fanvlies, and is very popular
in both civic and social circles in
She will be feted at many social
functions during her stay in Omaha.
Mrs G B Lennox finds Omaha
to t*e a very pleasant place to live.
Mrs Lennox says that she is begin
ning to like Omaha very much, and
has made quite a few acquaintances
since coming to the city. She was
acquainted with a few Omahans be
fore her arrival in the city, having
met them in the east. They are Dr
J J Jones, Jesse Hutten, Shumpest
Logan, Dr Ross and Joe Dorsey.
Mrs Lennox was born in Jersey
City, N J , and attended Lincoln
High School of the same city.
Dr Lennox met Miss Viola Rich
ard, now Mrs Lennox, in 1926 while
attending a medical association in
Atlantic City. November 26, 1930
they were married in Alexandria,
Virginia and spent a brief honeymoon
in Washington, D C attending The
Homecoming Howard Lincoln Foot
ball game.
Irene Harold is returning to Chi
cago, Illinois.
We especially thank Police Com
missioner Myers for the wonderful
talk on “Community Building.” We
feel that all has taken new courage.
Our club slogan. “In Union there is
Strength” is being tried out every
day. About 2000 atended. Committee
on Arrangement; Roy Ship. Wilbur
Wagmond. Marie Trynay.
Miss Doris Martin has returned
returned home after a wonderful visit
in the south with relatives and
friends. She reports a very delightful
time for the past year. Mr Martin
who took the trip to accompany his
daughter home was very much sur
prised when his daughter announced
her engagement to Dr Alfred Hunt
er of Dallas, Texas.
Miss Bobby Black of Los Angeles,
California and her father Henry
Black also her sister who has been
visiting, Mrs Lizzie Buford has
gone to Chicago for a visit of three
weeks. After which she will return to
Mrs. Lula Hemmingway and son
Robert Hemmingway, after a very
pleasant visit here with relatives and
friends, left Friday for their home
in Memphis, Tennessee, stopping en
route to visit with Mrs Maude Oden
of Kansas City.
Miss Mae Hunter, teacher in the
Kansas City Schools and her brother,
Leslie Hunter, enroute home from
the Century ef Progress Exposition
in Chicago, stopped over here and
spent the week end as the guests of
Miss Grace Dorsey, 3618 Parker St
Mrs Florence Banks of Sioux'
City, Jo^Ta is visiting Mr and Mrs
Fred Norris, 1208 North 24th Street,
she was entertained Monday evening
by attending the Boat Excursion.
Mr and Mrs John Harris, 2411 i
Indiana Avenue motored tff Fremont,
Nebraska accompanied b y Mrs
Georgia Peoples.
; SAVE 1
j WE-5000 j
r Robinson Drug Co. [
| 24th & Decatur Sts. ^
Mrs Ivy Sanders, who is visiting
the city from Chicago is the house
guest of Mrs C H Harris, 2424
Caldwell Street, instead of 2504 Lake
Street as appeared in last week edi
tion. |
INFORM ATIONas to the where
abouts of Mr. Channie Bush, thei
brother of Mr. Earl Bush anyone
who knows of the whereabouts or
address please write to Mrs. Row
ena King, 618 Oak Street, Leaven
worth, Kansas.
Mrs . Viviree Pettie, popular Chi
cago woman arrived in the city Sun
day to visit with her sister Mrs. J
L Glover her mother, Mrs Lucille
Ware and brother in law, Rev. J L
Glover, Mrs Pettie visited the Oma
ha Guide Office last Monday, and was
taken through the plant by Editor
C- C Galloway. Mrs Pettie said
ihe Guide had a splendid plant. And
the paper was fine and every race
citizen should support this paper.
She was entertained Monday night
by Mrs Jerdie Clayter and Mrs
Pattersoh. They spent the evening on
the boat. While here in the city she
will reside at 1713 North 25th Street.
The parsonage of the C. M E
Church of which Rev. Glover is pas
A delegation from Omaha has just
returned from Chicago where they
attended the Wbmen’s Missionary
Connectional Council at St Paul C
M E Church. They reported a won
derful trip, and also took advantage
of the World’s Fair while there The
persons motoring are: Mr State
Montgomery, Rev and Mrs Glover,
Mrs Alice Wade, and Miss Maude
line Brown. Mrs Beatrice Gray,
president of the Nebraska-Region
also attended the meeting, but went
Via Burlington. The motoring party
returned last Saturday at 5 p m
Mr M L. Harris, edtior of The
St Joe Review, was the guest of
Rev Clay, pastor of Clair Chapel
Mr Harris made a constructive talk
after the morning sermon, and was
invited back to talk at the Young
People’s meeting.
Mr Harris is very much Impress
ed with Omaha, and is considering
some future plans in newspaper act
ivities in Omaha
Miss Dorothy Bell, and father Mr
Jim Bell expect to visit the World’s
Fair at some very near future date.
Mrs Florence Terrill and daugh
ters. Ethel and Jean, 2502 North 24th
Street left Saturday for Chicago
where they will be the guest of Mrs
Alice Galloway sojourned for two
weeks to attend the Fair.
Miss Madeline Brown, who left to
visit the World’s Fair in Chicago is
now employed in one of the leading
Beauty Shops’ of Chicago, and will
probably make that city her home.
Mr and Mrs Williams of Kansas
were visitors in the city last week at
their home of his brother, Mr James
Williams, 2806 Ohio Street.
Mr and Mrs. James Williams
motored to Kansas to take their bro
ther and sister in law home.
The Boat Excursion last Monday
night was a decided success. The
sponsors take this method of thank
ing each one for their patronage, and
we feel confident that every one en
joyed himself highly. In order to
accommodate some of those who were
unable to go at this time, and by a
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every step'? -*v» .
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In the Wellington Hotel
popular demand the excursion will
be repeated on September 11, 1933.
A b:g floor show and other amuse
ments will be featured on the decks
at this time.
The honored guests were Mr
Nathan McGasky, Mr W R Branch
and Mr Kelly B Ector. #
Mrs. Phil Smith entertained at
luncheon Wednesday in honor of her
sister in law, Mrs Gracious Prud
homme of Natchtoches, Louisiaa and
Mrs Julia McCollon, of Dallas, Tex
as, the sister of Mrs Freddie Port
The guests were served on beauti
ful hand painted dishes
Those partaking of the delicious
luncheon were: Mesdames Cassie
Jackson, Bernice Henry, Catherine
Manely, Stella Sullivan, Myra Kin
caid, Freddie Porter
Mrs Petty, of Chicago, is visiting
her sister, Mrs J L Glover here
The sisters have not seen each other
for six years Mrs Petty has been
the recipient of many social cour
tesies during her stay here
Mr Ricardo Tornell, of Argentina,
is in the city for a few days
Miss Alice E Hunter has recover
ed from a recent illness.
Mr and Mrs Z E McGee left Fri. for
Chicago. Milwaukee, and other points
in the East They will be gone about
ten days
A stag party was given by Phil
Smith Sunday in honor of friends
from Dallas, Texas After the party
a long ride was given the guest of
honor to see the beautiful city of
The club met with Mrs M Bailey.
The evening was spent in playing
Bridge. The prizes were awarded to
Mrs M Griffin and Mr C Davis.
Visitor Mr Frank Moore. The host
ess served a delightful repast.
“The Mystery Club” seems to have
that swing. It don’t mean a thing for
them to have a nice little sick com
mittee with Mrs Eva Thompson as
chairman, Mrs. Lillie Thomas and
Mrs Pearl Farmer as her assistants.
Hello World! keep your eyes open
and watch for the startling annouc4
ment of the big floor show to be giv
en by the talent members of this
great club. Perhaps you will see the
“Inkwell Sisters”, the ‘Rumba Queen’
the little girl who tops on so many
toes, Earl Hines, Snake Hips, and last
but not least old king Zepa, himself.
Whats that club got that makes
people think they are so hot? It’s got
me some and I can’t stand it. If I do,
Skippy. If your curiosity is stirred
and your emotions beyond control,
learn more and think nothing of it at
the home of Mrs. Alma White, Sat
urday evening 2885 Ohio.
Francis Patterson, Reporter.
I -
The Flapperette Club met at the
home of Miss Mable King, president,
Friday afternoon, August 25th, at
2866 Corby Street. Where the young
hostess entertained other guests.
Dainty refreshments were served and
they played games danced and play
ed cards. The club members are: Miss
es Mable King, Olive Willis, Mary
Ellen Britt, Elizabeth Black. Edna
Blair, Rowena Jones and Nellie Rob
ertson, sponsor. The guests were:
Messrs Robert Hill, Edwin Riggs,
Leonard Turner, honored guest,
Chrisman Clark and Jimmy Madden,
an honored guest of Chicago, who was
visiting Mr and Mrs. Millard Single;
ton. . . |
Colored United Civic Club of South J
Omaha held a picnic for the benefit
of the Community Home at Jetter’s
Grove last Friday, August 26. The
picnic was a decided success. We wish
to extend thanks to all of our friends
and co-workers and especially do we
appreciate the splendid cooperation
shown us in this effort.
We are glad to see our model
lovers showing s®me signs of recon
cilation. “It is an ill wind that blows
no good,” isn’t it David?
* * *
Will Gilfred King please tell us why
he walked across 28th Street whist
ling “Sleepy Time Down South?”
Willa didn’t have anything to do with
it did she?
* * *
Girls if you ever want a Soda, we
recommend “Compy” Williams. He
seems to make that a habit. But girls
you will have to wait your turn and
you all come after Helen.
ik * *
We beg of Adolph to be more care
ful whose car he steals to take his
favorite “Torch” for a ride. Especial
ly if it is raining.
* * *
Whenever Joe L has had a wee bit
to much, he gets love sick ad croons
to a lamp post. Sompin tells us that
there must be a woman in the case.
Am I right Joe?
* * *
“I don’t like her, but she’s on Rub
ber” didn’t we hear Horace W. 3ay
something like that the other day?
Who has Horace been rushing that’s
on Rubber? We wonder?
* * *
Will someone please ask Robert
(Fluffy) Jackson who the queer per
son was that he came to the Matinee
Dance with Sunday Wore last? Let
us hope that association does not
bring on assimilation. Or at least not
in this case.
* * *
Someone told Lewis White that he
was a good Tennis player. He is a
tennis player, but after a fashion
someone told us.
* * *
Leonard H trys to make us think
he was playing when he cuts in on
his girl-friends dances on Sundays.
But we know better. Don’t we Chris?
* * *
Toots and Ralph should not play
hide and go seek at parties. Especial
ly if they are both going to hide.
* * *
George McGee has gone Juvenile
and is seen making frequent visits at
Omaha Tech. His interest in those
young children is only in a brotherly
way. That's what George told us.
# * *
Miss Margaret Dallas is back in
town we notice and Mr Richie is try
ing his hand again. That’s right
Marcellus, you know that saying
about “If at first you don’t succeed.”
* * *
Who is the little Drug Store boy
that insists upon turning flips for the
young lady on Miami Street Ask the
young lady?
* * *
Have they got Edward A., you
know the preacher’s son in between.
Sophisicated lady is back in town and
dizzy has never gone any place. So
whats that young fellow to do ?
• * *
We don’t think Susie Whiteside like
the idea of her boy-friend playing
around so much. This is just a hint to
the boy-friend.
• • *
The car was pretty Jabo, but the
girls weren’t so hot. And after all
cars aren’t everything. Are they
• • •
They tell us that Mabel King's
party was a success. But Eddie Bid
dix is still wondering why he wasn't
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