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    fr~ ■— ■ - .... |
Horton s
by John Benj. Horton, Jr.
-- . . --'j I
What! Will the Court House
Fni|»loye;» and County lnstitu.
tion I Lmployees Get Their
Xmas 1'ay Chock*? —
This writer walked in on one of
th<- weekly County Commissioners’
tr • *jrs. Tuesday morning, Dec. 13.
and th d sr ion on salary cuts for
employ**** County
fundi, and County
upkeep for the poor
was at the height
of argumentation.
Mr. Frank Riha,
Chairman of the
County Board, who
intend* to try his I
lu. k for City Com. |
aliasiorer next Johnny Horton
spring, contended
that in -as much
as there is only about $328,000 left
in the County Fund he would not
sign tie pay warrants for the cur
rent salary expenditures due the
Court House and Institutional em
ployee* of Douglas County until there
,* ,-nu . h money in the treasury to
warrant same.
Mr. Riha was not in favor of pay
ing any salary before the County re_
«jt* ved more money in reference to
the above mentioned employees, so he
refu-ed to sign the warrants. This
means that if the warrants aren’t
signed, the possibility of all Court
House as well as all County Institu.
tional employees, won’t draw any
Xmas money and the kiddies may not
receive their rightful share of Santa s
Mr. Falconer said that ‘this may
be pretty tough for Mahoney and
Barber who comes into office next
month if salary warrants cannot be
signed”; Mahoney replied that he liv
es at home and that he has been out
of work so long that he is accustom
ed to being broke.
Riha said that ‘$328,000 should be
set aside because the people are not
paying their taxes in full!” ‘‘Where
are we going to get the money to
pay employees?”
County Attorney Henry Beal, at
this meeting, revealed the law to the
Commissioners on drawing warrants
etc., Mr. Jacobs, newspaper reporter,
for the Bee-News, asked the question
"Would Interest be paid on non paid
warrants?” The reply came that in
terest could not he paid on warrants
where there were no funds available
in the County Treasury with which
to pay.
Riha said: “I want everybody to get
their money but I'm not going to
take any chance.” “The County
Board has to take care of its poor.”
Henry Beal replied to this effect;”
“You are going to so carefully man.
euver this thing that just before the
Dynamite goes off, Riha will go fish.
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• 1
The thoughts upon the minds of all
decent, self.respecting and law-abid
ing citizens at this time, I believe, are
these, namely: Will we have to con
tinue with the abnominable, detest
able and unclean practices of a cer
tain element of our society who boast
of giving us privileges to operate
“dives”, “buffet flats”, and “gambl.
ir.g joints”, some of which operate
next door to decent and respectable
citizens of Omaha? Wouldn’t we
much better prefer legitimate posi
tions of honor and trust according to
our representation in population and
voting strength?
Why shouldn't wre have our pro
rata of employment in every branch
of City f.’overnment, as well as County
and State government?
Let’s hope the day will come when
we’ll awaken out of our sleep and get
busy and do something that will re.
in burse those poor mothers and fath
ers who slaved night and day and
have spent thousands of dollars to
ward the education of their boys and
girls in order that they may aspire to
positions of dignity in this, great city
of ours.
We will no longer stand to be kidd
ed in believing that we are getting
iustice; we will no longer be the
laughing stock of our “political boss,
es”! We’ll seek to rais? our stand
ard of service from just merely that
chambermaids and all forms of in
of servitude for example bootblacks,
ferior jobs; but we will demand of
those who seek our votes a JUST
SHARE of the city’s, county’s and
State’s positions, based on the mathe.
matical prniciple of percentage of
our pro-rata of employment.
’’Writer’s note:—Watch this col
umn every week and you will read
the truth exposed wherever warrant
ed regardless of political connections.
by Homer C. Burdette
Kangaroos Beat Albright 46 to 0
Gerber’s Kangaroo Courts wrecked
a white team from Albright Sunday
afternoon at 21st and Paul Sts. These
mighty Kangaroos have been beaten
only one time this season.
Jack Sharkey Offered $100,000
To Fight George Godfrey
It has surprised many to hear that
an eastern promoter has offered Jack
Sharkey a hundred.thousand slats to
fight George Qodfrey. Sharkey’s
manager claimed it was news to him
and has not stated as to how he would
George Godfrey was recently rein
stated Ijy the Pennyslvania State Ath_
letic Commission.
The G and O Gymn on north 16th
Street, has closed its doors. It’s hard
to tell whether this firm still manag
es G rimes) Chocolate III and Joe Giv_
Several basketball teams rehearse
nightly at the Kellom school grounds.
No team is organized except the Om
aha Ponies. It’s hard to tell whether
they wil form a league or not.
Read The Omaha
by “Madame X”
Obscene Stories
(Next Week: “Some Wives and
Others” by Mr. “X”)
(The Literary Service Bureau)
Racy jokes and anecdotes and ob_
scene stories are improper at any
time, but especially so in the presence
of a man’s wife. A disgusted wife
writes, “My husband seems not to
know anything about propriety. Some,
times when he has company and I am
present he does not hestitate to tell
jokes which come pretty close to vul
garity. He seems not to realize that
such might cheapen his wife in the
estimation of other men, and might
cause these other men to talk im
properly to or in the presence of his
wife. Whn I get after him he says,
“T’was only a little joke;” but I don’t
see it in that light.” And I agree
with this wife; and advise that she
boil over sometimes and tell him, in
the presence of his company that she
is displeased with such lack of res
latest design
\ii tfe %ur 01 ame
The Omaha Guide
for Job Printing
are reminders of die
for years to follow I
Gifts most appre
ciated at Christmas
time are those which
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Such a gift is the
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Nebraska Power @
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"A Good Citizen Wherever We Serve”
Guide’s Platform
* *„ < ‘ .
■ • ■ • .
Race prejudice must go. The Fatherhood of God
and the Brotherhood of Man must prevail. These are
the only principles which will stand the acid test of good
citizenship in time of peace, war and death.
(1) We must have our pro-rata of employment in
businesses to which we give our patronage, such as groc
ery stores, laundries, furniture stores, department stores
and coal companies, in fact- every concern which wre sup
port. We must give our citizens the chance to live res
pectably. We are tired of educating our children and
permitting them to remain economic slaves and enter in
to lives of shame.
(2) Our pro-rata of employment for the patronage
to our public corporations such as railroad companies,
the street car company, the Nebraska Power Company,
the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company and other
establishments which we are forced to support by right
of franchise. Also our pro-rata of employment in re
turn for the taxes we pay in our city, county state and
federal government.
(3) To encourage the establishment of a first class
hospital that we may get the best that there is in medical
science from our doctors whom we know to be nearest us,
also to encourage a high respect of them and encourage
more of our girls to take nurse training.
(4) A one hundred per cent deportment of our cit
izens in our public or private places of business, especial
ly on street cars. If we are to be respected we must act
respectably, especially in public places where we are con
stantly before the public’s eye.
(5) A one hundred per cent membership in the Om
aha branch of the NAACP. should be had to encourage
the efforts put forth by the founders of the organization
and to assist the general office to establish a five million
dollar endowment fund to maintain operating expenses
and to further the principles of the NAACP. All peo
ple of all races must be educated up to a higher principle
and a more thorough understanding of interracial rela
tionship that our country may in reality be a government
of the people, for the people and by the people in whole
and not in part.
(6) The re-establishment of the Christian Religion
as Christ taught it, for the uplifting of mankind, elimin
ating financial and personal gain. A practical Christian
Religion, week day as well as Sunday. An attitude to
ward our fellowman as a brother in order to establish a
principle which will guide the destiny of each other’s
children; our neighbor’s children today are our children
(7) Courteous treatment in all places of business
and the enforcement of the State Civil Right Law.
(8) To encourage and assist in the establishment of
the following financial institutions near 24th and Lake
Streets: A building and loan association, a state bank,
administering aid and assistance to our widows and
children. \
(9) To encourage the erection of a one hundred
thousand ^dollar Young Men’s Christian Association
Building near 24th and Lake Streets.
(10) To enlarge the Young Women’s Christian As
sociation that it may supply sufficient dormitory accom
(11) To teach our citizens to live economically with
in their earning capacity by printing in each issue a bud
get system for various salaries.
(12) To make Omaha a better city in which to live
by inaugurating a more cosmopolitan spirit among our
American citizens.
(13 To put a stop to the Divorce Evil by passing a
State law making the mistreatment of a wife or a hus
band by either of them, a criminal offense to be decided
by a jury, first offense, jail sentence of a short duration;
from one to five years in the penitentiary. This, we be
lieve will make men and women think before marrying,
second offense, one of longer duration; third offense,
(14) We must become owners of the city govern
ment by paying a seemingly higher salary to those whom
we employ to administer its affairs, a salary that will at
and, also, a first-class trust company for the purpose of
tract men of high calibre.
(1) Fight for a passage of the Dyer Anti-Lynch Bill
and thus stop the shamful lynching of American citizens.
(2) One of our citizens in the president’s cabinet.
(3) Federal control of the educational system that
every child must have a high school education.
(4) Assist in the furtherance of research by our
scientists and historians to prove that civilization was
first founded in Africa.
(5) Establish a political influence which will bring
about our pro-rata of higher appointments made by our
chief executives.
(6) Stop graft in politics by passing a Federal Law
making election day a legal holiday and compelling every
American citizen of voting age to vote.
(7) Prevent further wars by teaching the so-called
white race that it is high time for them to quit fooling
themselves about white supremacy with only three-tenths
of the world’s population. They must be taught that
color is due to climatic conditions. They must be taught
that seven-tenths of the world’s population is made up of
darker races. They must be taught that the rays of sun
that blaze upon the equator and turn the skin brown do
not affect the power of the brain any more than the cold
ness of icy glaciers affect the brain of the white race;
and that the darker races will not continue to be crushed
by a money mad few. If the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of Man are not welded into the hearts of this
world’s family now, by teaching the principles laid down
by our Saviour, it will be welded into the hearts of our
children some day sbon, on the bloodiest battlefields this
world has eyer known.
(8) Cut down congressional representation from
the Southern States in proportion to the number of votes
The OMAHA GUIDE will put forth its best efforts
to bring about the above 22 points with the assistance of
those who believe it is for the best interest of good Amer
ican citizenship.
Detroit, Mich. (CNS) How a young
white woman narrowly escaped death
as a blood sacrifice to the gods of a J
weird cult and how a luckless Negro ;
was stabbed to death in her stead j
was told here last week by the cult’s
“High Priest.”
The ^elf_styled “king” of a weird
religious cult that demanded a hu
man sacrifice was held upon his re. j
ported confession that he invited the 1
first stranger he met into his home
and killed him on an altar
The intended victim, Harris said,
was Miss Gladys Smith, white, 21,
a setjement worker who often called
at the Harris home. Only her failure
to arrive at the usual time saved her
from the terrible fate that overtask
the victim.
“The ninth hour of the twentieth
day had come,” police quoted Robert
Harris, 44 year old color man, as •fil
ing. “It was predestined 1,500 yedfc
ago that at that hour I must mdfce a
human sacrifice to my gods. It must
[ not be a member of the Order of Is
lam, but some stranger—the first
person I met after leaving my hom«.p
That person, the confession said,
was James J. Smith, 40, also colored,
Harris told police of inviting Smith
into his home, crushing hia head with
an automobile axle, “just to quiet
him,” then stabbing him through the
heart on the altar. Smith’s body was
found on the crude altar.
The stabbing, police said Harris
told them, was the crux of the cere
monial. A cheap magazine found in
Harris’ home was opened to a story
of mysticism on the desert in which
a description of the stabbing of a hu
man sacrifice was underlined.
Harris said his cult had as members
100 Detroit Negroes.
The “sacrifice” recalled the slay,
ing of Benny Evangelista, head of a
religious cult; his wife and four
children, here in 1929 by an axe kill
er. Harris lives on a few blocks from
the scene of the Evangelista slayings
and police said they would attempt
to link Harris with that “cult” crime.
Harry Leland, president of the Ne
braska Negro Democratic Club, an
nounced Saturday night that the club
will hold a victory reception the night
of December 17, at Dreamland Hall,
24th and Grant Sts. Leland asks
that all Negroes registered as Demo
crats, call Ja. 0306 and leave their
names and addresses, so that they
may be sent invitations.
The State Democratic Hdqtrs. of
Lincoln, Nebr., and the Douglas
County Central Committee of Omaha
honored Harry Leland, president of
the Nebraska Negro Democratic Club
with a special invitation to the Ban_
quet held at Lincoln, Nebr., Lincoln
Hotel, honoring Judge J. J. Thomas,
State Chairman, Mr. Leland and
State Rep. elect Johnny Owen at
The Omaha Banquet was held at
the Hqtel Fontenelle as a Testimonial
Dinner for Arthur F. Mullen, national
committeeman for Nebraska, who
was the man who was more than any
other responsible for the nomination
and election of Gov. Roosevelt as
President. Accompanying Mr. Le
land to this banquet were Mr. Owen,
Repres., H. J. Pinkett, Ray Williams,
Atty., C. L. Coleman, Commander A
merican Legion Roosevelt Post No.
30 at Omaha. All enjoyed a wonder
ful dinner and listened to many won
derful speeches. Speakers were:
Hon. Richard L. Metcalfe, Mayor;
Hon. Paul F. Good, Atty. General,:
elect; Hon. Edward R. Burk*, Con_
gressman, elect; Hon. James Law
rence, Editor Lincoln Star, Mrs.
Evelyn Ryan, National Committee
woman, Hon. Arthur Mullen, Vice
Chairman National Committeeman.
24th & Lake St.
Webster 0609
24th & Cuming St.
Atlantic 0609
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County, Nebraska. In the Matter of
the Estate of Caroline Bridewell, De
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a peti
tion has been filed in said Court, pray
ing for the probate of a certain in
strument now on file in said Court,
j purporting to be the last will and tes_
| tament of said deceased, and that a
hearing will be had on said petition
before said Court on the 12th day of
November 1932, and that if they fail
to appear at said Court on the said
12th day of November, 1932, at 9
o’clock A. M. to contest the probate
of said will, the Court may allow and
probate said will and grant adminis
tration of said estate to Florence
Muriel Wright or some other suitable
person and porceed to a settlement
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
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