The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 19, 1932, ILLUSTRATED FEATURE SECTION, Page 4, Image 8

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    Rich Soil First
Need of Winter
House Plants
This is the season when flowers
are being put through a “harden
ing” process to transfer floral beau
ty from the outdoor garden to the
For the last two weeks or so the
geraniu us, lobelia, lilies, ferns, and
other plants that have been in the
yard have been developing in spe
cially protected spots to be moved
into the living room window boxes.
Of most importance in this trans
fer is the securing of a rich scar.
Plants grown in pots or boxes se
cure their nourishment from such
a small area that the dirt should
be the >est obtainable as the win
ter house plant season starts.
How Cardui
Helps Women
^•Malnutrition” means that your
body is not getting enough to keep
It up, so that what it has to do is
not done well. You may not be eat
jlngr enough to keep up the work of
Itbe body, or there may be something
wrong that keeps you from getting
full value from the food you eat.
• Because of mal-nutrltlon, some
i women have aches and pains every
month. Such pains should not be
j Take Cardui to give you a better
appetite, to give you more strength
from the foed you eat — to build up
and Increase your feeling of well
being. Aches and pains go away as
you build up with the help of Cardui.
Many gardeners find the answer
to their soil problems in mixing
three parts of loam, one part de
composed rganic matter, such as
peat moss, composed material or
leaf mold, a 'd one part sand or
sifted coal ashes. Florists also car
ry good potting soil for those un
able to secure a “home made’’ mix
Little can he judget from the
appearance or texture of the soil
as to the foxl value it contains ex
cept that the soil .aoult v dark
in color and loose enough to en
courage r-t growth. In such cases
as those in which used garden soil
is taken fo the house plants, it is
well to add small amounts of com
mercial plant food. In the potting
process the soil can be mixed with
the pla -t food. Successive applica
tions may be made about every six
weeks, depending upon the type of
fertilizer use
< -o
Wlial the House
wife Should Know7
Washing Curtains
and Blankets
The first thing to consider in
washing a blanket is the color
fastness cf the material. Test a
corner of the blanket in lukewarm
If the material of the blanket is
washable shake the blanket to re
move all the loose dust and dirt.
If there are medicine, iron rust, etc.,
stains remove tiiese by special
n*ethods. It is important to re
member that wool needs a little
thought and care, if it is to retain
its soft, springy nap after wahing.
Never use anything but lukewarm
water and a pure, neutral soap. Lux
is particularly effective for launder
ing blankets, for it is so pure and
mild that no matter how much is
used it cannot harm the blanket,
ind yet it removes the dirt quickly
They eat, too. Just regular fellows who have not reached the caviar stage yet
despite their success. They are, left to right, Herbert, Harry. John and Don, the
famous Mills Brothers who reecntly gave a beenfiL performance for the Baltimore
Y.M.C.A. recently. ^
and easily even at lukewarm tem
peratures. AJawys dry blankets in
the shade, away from excessive heat
and freezing temperatures — never
dry them in the sun.
A washing machine is very help
rHere’s the Scientific
It’s foolish to pay more than 25c
for a hair grower when you can get
GROWER at this low price. Black
and White really grows hair and
lots of it. Scientifically made, it
nourishes hair glands and stimulates
scalp. Results are certain and sure.
Ask your druggist for large can, 25c.
For Bobbed
Hair Girls
And Good
Looking Men
Stubborn hair lays
right down when you
Dressing. Gives hair
that sleek, smart look.
Nothing just as good.
Large tin for 25c.
Your Hair From
Hot Combs and
Pressing Irons
Give your hair the same protection
and gorgeous sheen and finish just
like it gets in America’s finest
beauty parlors. Use BLACK AND
Oil). Gives finest results, protects
hair from bums and leaves it smooth,
straight and soft. Large can BLACK
! ful in washihg blankets, but if nol
convenient, a tub can easily bp used
Dissolve the Lux in lukewarm
water. Always have the suds luke
warm. Never put blankets into hoi
water or hot suds. Two tablespoon -
fuls or so for a gallon of water art
usually ehough. except in hard wa
ter, but it is essential to use enougl
Lux to maintain thick, lasting sud:
throughout the wash. Especially ir
washing new’ blankets, which ofter
have an oily finish on the material
it is necessary to use plenty of soay
to maintain suds.
When the suds are ready, put ir
the blanket and begin washing a:
once, do not soak colored blankets
even for a short time, ./ash thf
blankets by squeezing the thick Luj
suds through and through the ma
terial: do not rub. as this is likely
to mat and felt the soft wool fibers
If the blanket is dirty use severa
fresh Lux suds, for dirty suds dc
not effectively remove dirt.
When the blanket is clean, thor
oughly rinse it in clear, lukewarm
water. It is important to remove
all traces of dirt and soap, if the
blanket is to be bright and new
If a wringer is at hand, put the
blanket through this adjusted loose
ly. If this is not convenient squeeze
the water out—do not twist blank
Hang the I-lancets evenly over a
line, squaring the corners so that
the weight is evenly distributed and
the edges are straight. Blankets wiU
dry more quickly if spread between
Hang striped olankets so that the
stripes are up and down, so that if
the dye runs it will run onto the
stripes not into the background. If
the dye is even slightly unfast in
sert white cloth between the folds,
so that one section does not flap
onto another. Dry in a good cur
rent of air in the shade, if possible,
and never expose to the direct rays
of the sun, nor excessive heat, nor
freezing temperatures.
When the blanket is dry stretch
it on a flat surface and carefully
brush it with a clean soft bristle
brush, in one direction to raise the
Have blankets thoroughly dry be
fore folding, especially if they are
to be put away for some months.
In washing blankets in a home
washing machine, a lukewarm Lux
solution is made in the washer and
the machihe is operated until a
thick layer of suds covers tha water
The blankets are then put into
the washer and enough additional
Lux added so that a 1-3 inch layer
of suds is maintained throughout
the 5-’0 minute wash. It is ad
visable to give blankets a second
washing in Lux.
Never drain off the water while
the blankets are in the washer sinoe
they will catch the dirt as it drains
through them.
The three rinses should be in
water of the same temperature.
Household Hints
Glass food containers enable the
housewife to tell at a glance the
state of her supplies.
* * •
Tomatoes, used as a vegetable,
have about the same health value
as oranges and are much cheaper.
» * *
Old-fashioned cider is still con
sidered to be one of the very best
tooth washes ever diseoveredi.
In order to judge an old chicken
from a new one, look at the skin
on its feet. The skin on the feet
of young chickens is tender and
there is little fat, while in old
chickens the skin becomes hard and
the feet are scaly.
Clear ammonia and soap are
better than anything else for re
, moving spots of machine grease
from clothing.
If your bladder is irritated, either because
your urine is too acid ui bwwwui inflam
mation is present, just try Gold Medal
Haarlem Oil Capsules. This tine, old prepa
ration has been used for this purpose for
237 years. That its popularity continues is
the best proof that it works. But be sure
vou get GOLD medal. Accept no substitute.
35c & 75c.
Anyone can be more beautiful
at very little cost. A good start
is to use Exelento Quinine Po
made on your hair to make it
soft, glossy, and easy to dress in
the new styles.
For your skin, use Exelento ^
Bleach Cream, a new cream that
does three things at the same'
time: first, lightens the skin; sec
ond, removes pimples; third,
makes the skin smooth and soft.
All Exelento beauty helps will
please you. Try Exelento Beauty
Aids the next time you want a
fine face powder, vanishing cream,
skin soap, or other aids to beauty.
Write Miss Clarice Cain,
Atlanta, Ga., for her surprise
package of Exelento beauty samples, and
her Beauty Secrets Book. They will b«
sent you, FREE