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Contacting With Lennox
July 30. 1932.
President of the
Prudential Savings, and Loan Assn.
102 South 18th Street.
Omaha. Nebraska.
Dear Sir:
1 am writing you in regards to the
situation in the north end of Omaha
among the cult red citizens. A large
number of whom are your tenants,
ami some are buying property from
you 1 am iju.te ,ure you had not ob
served the aer.ousneas of the situa
tion, and tho. e who are depending
up«.n tab class of people, makes it
V IV hud to k rep all things adjusted
1 have bvn t customer of yours for
the j.^st 8 or 9 years, and I have tri
i , hr? very prompt in takirg care
of my account*. I have spent a large
. sith your Co. carrying ten.
ants who have paid me well, or as
they h»uid each month when the
rent comes due. and they have been
doing this for 4 or 5 years.
Wh.-n one take* into consideration,
corporations *uch as the Telephone
Company, Nebraska Power Company
Metropolitan Utilities District, Pax
ton and Gallagher, and other busin
esse« that we patron ze; representing
at least 5'i of the population of the
city, numbering 11,000—14,000; each
concern make* our group “the last
to be hired and the first to be fired.”
When it comes to being »*iven a fair
consideration, they are put at the
bottom of the list, regardless of how
they support a business. It seems
very cruel and unjust to shut them
out of work when they are deserving
and willing to work, but are not giv
en the proper consideration. They
are human and act similar to any
other body of people if given a
chance. They are dependable, ap_
preciative, trusty and fair, and are
anxious for an opportunity to make
These businesses that they are sup
porting expect the same fee as reg
ularly from them as of others; al
though they are given the least, or
no consideration whatsoever, regard
less of qualifications. I am sure
this body of people have meant a
great deal to your Association. Many
of them are anxious to save their
homes, and will if given an oppor
tunity. If the city was crowded
with opportunities of employment for
all matters would be perhaps some
what different, but wherver there is
employment, after every other na
tionality is served, this body of peo
ple is given the rest, or the next
consideration, which is not fair.
I am sure you realize the same as
I, the more intelligence one has, the
better equipped he is to prepare him
self for the necessaries of life, re.
gardless of race; the more comfort,
able and inviting he can make his
surroundings to guard himself a.
. ainst diseases, and the more desir- |
oas he can fit himself for the situ
alien. If every man was given a fair i
chance, there would be no discrimin
ation as to employment or business
transactions; no confusiorts or ill, but every one made happy,
not speaking from a social standpoint
: f view for that is not to be consid- j
. ’
1 know that you nave any number;
f house.-, in this community, and per.
haps you and several of the men em
ployed on your staff, are members of
the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, or
some other organization that is band
id together for the betterment of the
city. 1 was thinking if there is not
ome way you can influence these dif
ferent corporations to give this body
f people a more fair consideration in
regards to the amount of money they
spend with you and these different
■ ther concerns. We will be happy to
know you have given us consider
ation which is greatly needed, and
this will perhaps be a wonderful help
in keeping your books up to date,
and helping any number of property
i buyers to hold on.
Any businesses have used this body
! r f people as a means to an end, and
•hey are not receiving the proper
! consideration they should, in proport
i ion to the amount of money they are
pending with your firm, and others.
V ny number of concerns have given
! them satisfaction to the extent, “they
1 were going to do, but this is often
the end of such consideration, and no
j further action is taken on same, and
I am appealing to you for a body of
people who are not in a position to
help themselves, which makes it bad
for all in the community.
If there is anything you can do to
help better this situation and bring
about a fairer consideration, it will
be hVthly appreciated among this
group of people.
Thanking you for whatever consid.
eration you may give, I am
Respectfully yours,
Dr. G. B. Lennox.
August 5th, lydd
G. B. Lennox, M. D.,
1602V4 North 24th Street,
Omaha, Nebraska.
Dear Dr. Lennox:
Your long letter of July 30th re
ceived and I assure you I was greatly
surprised to be included in any class
that was not fair to the Colored peo
ple of our city, particularly coming
from yourself. I have always looked
'with pride to our Colored business,
and have never turned a request down
for assistance because of color, know,
ing it was only skin deep.
We are working under State Law
and governed by the Banking Depart
ment. They make no distinction of
race, in fact they do not know only
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the names as they appear on our
books. When they give an order it
must be obeyed regardless of color.
People have invested their money in
these institutions and the only way
they can get it back is by having the
borrower pay, or sell the property.
As to our treatment of your people,
no individual or firm has done, yes I
will say, one quarter as much a3 we
have. Our outside man has kept one
half of our tenants working all win
ter and up to July, allowing them to
pay one half back payments and the
other half to live on. I would refer
you to Luchias Murray, 2906 North
-Sth Street, and ask him if we have
helped him to save his place and
many others we could name. Mr.'
Murray is a railroad man. We find
a good portion are not willing to work
to help out, particularly when they
get back in their rent, they get up
and move, leaving property open to
vandals and in a very dirty condi_
I hope I have explained myself ful
ly, and assure you, Tiave n-’ver chang
ed front from my feelings for the col
ored people. With kindest regards.
I am,
D H. Christie, Sec’y
The 1933 budget of the Omaha
Community Chest has been set at
$611,160 at.d workers in tb* Chest an
nual campaign will endeavor to reach
this goal in the period from Novem
ber 14 to November 24, E. S. Water -
bury, president of the Community
Chest, stated.
“In settling the budget at this a
mount consideration was given to the
fact that the depression has fielded a
two.edged sword against the Com.
j munity Chest this year,” said Presi
dent Waterbury.
“In the first place there are many
people, who gave to the Chest last
| year, now on the unemployed list and
many less can be expected to give.
In the second place, several thousand
j of those who formerly gave in other
years will require assistance from the
j Chest this year. In order to fill up
j the gap thus created and also to take
care of the deficiency which occurred
last year, as a result of the terrific
and unprecedented relief load, which
the Chest was obliged to carry, it was
the unanimous conclusion of the
Chest board of directors that this
total represents as much as can be
realized from the people of Omaha in
this campaign^’
munity Chest budget committee, stat.
Roy Pane, chairman of the Corn
ed in regard to the budget:
In seting up the budget for 1933,
the Chest budget committee has had
to keep in mind two things*: first, the
i needs of the community, and second.
I the ability of the community to sup
| ply these needs.
“After carefully considering the
budgets of the thirty-one Chest agen_
t ies, and paring down all proposed ex
penditures to the absolute minimum,
the Budget comm tee feels that any
thing short Of the figures set, will
make it impossible for the Omaha
Community Chest to carry even the
load it is now carrying. In fact,
is little doubt in our minds that
'he Budget set is low, and that j: the
Chest i- to arry through 1933, its
-hare of the Relief Burden, we must
aisc the >um we have or more than
this amount,” Page added.
(rwyer H. Yate.- general chairman
of the 1932 33 Che-t campaign, in'
commenting upon the budget of $611,
160 said that in order ; } nave a sue.
L-essful eamj : gr and to raise the a
mount that ha been set, it will he i
necessary for all who can to contril I
ute a much larger amount than they
gave la~t year and in every instance
campaign workers will be instructed
to urge all subscribers to substantial,
ly increase their contributions.
Chairman Yates said: “The Public
must realize the necessity for welfare !
work and come forward with sr .
■ c-iptions larger than ever before. !
'there is no question but that the i
funds required are needed and muri ■
be raised. To discharge their civic j
duty, everyone must contribute as
much as their individual circumstan- t
es wil permit, even to the point of;
“A large number of citizens are giv
■rg their time and counsel to the car-*;
h'us activities of the Community1
rI,est. many serving on the Boards of;
Directors of the various agencies.,
There will soon be over 4,000 men
and women on the streets, whether ■
the weather be good or bad, making |
a city-wide canvass for this year’s
Chest requirements. These workers j
not only give of their time but con
tribute liberally of money and we do I
not think it is too much to expect that;
every citizen shall do his or her full,
share in this emergency.
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Davis, Gladys j
Brown Thompson and Bert Fowler i
motored to Lincoln Saturday to see j
the Pitsburgh-Nebraska ’Football
Mr. Luther McVay. 2868 Corby St.
_; i
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As Washer Swishes Family's Clothes
Clothes can 6» washed so easily »Ho~,
stt cessfuliy at home that it s no wtifl
der this curly-headed youngster want*
her mother to dolly's best party
dress into the household washer to oe
swished frcffh and clean with the rest
I of the family's things
Almost y.OCfl.SOO women hare learn-t
ed bow pleasant it is to have plenty
of clean clothes for themselves auu
their families as often as they wisn
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can accomplish the feu's A household
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stances oe to tt*v# s good wasHsme I
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^incr of stv’h* «»*''i *4 - f>*
seeds of all families and the srttf Si 111
purses Women can end their drudgery
and cut thefr household expenses try
watching tbe newspaper sdvertisd*
mentis and tbe Store display windows.
Sealers sell washers on Installments,
too. which makes it possible for any
was seen on the firing ft#* at the
Cornhusker game Saturday,
Mrs. Floy Southard, 2617 Erskine
has been ill at her home for ai few
! weeks.
organized teSrfl of Colored Basketball-'
players, will open their season by
playing the fast and great white team
of Gretna, Iowa, on next Wednesday,1
November 16th.
The lineup of the colore'd players is
|as follows: Thoftlas Love, forward
----— '
player; Johnny Phillips, forward;
Chaffes Dickerson, guard; George
Curry, guard; John Beasley, center;
Theodor© Bell, forward; Joe Allen,
guard; Harold Wilkes, guard.
The Omaha Ponies expert to have
a very busy season in Omaha as well
as out in the surrounding towns in
OPr vicinity. This team plans to
travel to Cleveland, Ohio, Kansas
£5i>y, Mo., Witchita, Kansas, and St,
Joseph', Mo.
T/w Omaha Guide wishes our “0
maha Ponies” much success during
their season and Eastern tour.
W \y \y ]
Read What Others Say i.
Omaha Nebraska,
Nov. 15th, 1952.
Editor, Omaha Guide:
As we approach Thanksgiving, I
am forced to admit that I am com
pelled to put on double glasses to dis
cern sufficient reasons to be thank
ful with 15,000,000 people roaming
be country without work, with suf
eiing, crime and poverty and tne
orals of the people at its lowest
The people have become discour,
a: - d; yet there :s plenty of every
tn ng—food and clothing wre never
cheaper. In fact, all the necessities
T lue are going begging for buyers.
,) one seems able to solve the law'
. distribution, perhaps we should
thankfu] for this.
Now that the No ember election is!
over, we are pleased to turn our
to the coming City election that
' ds fair to he one of the hotest cam
rai Vis that has ever been waged in
this City.
Rumors are flying around that the
present Commissioners must go,
seems to have caused Commissioner
"fowl to think that hi chances for re
election will be beter if he goes alone.
The other Commissioners seem to be
somwhat in doubt and of course are
using care in their declarations, as to
what they will do.
For which I can see no reason. Thd
job carries with it a tidy salary, and
the present City Commissioners
should be proud of their record in ad
ministering the laws of this City.
Everyone knows that there are baf
fling law violations in al] urban cen_
ters, that cannot be solved. But the
citizens of Omaha are compelled to
acknowledge that since the shifting
of the police, fire and finance depart
ment. harmony has prevailed.
Whether this is due to the person
ality of Commissioner Hopkins, or *o
the careful handling of the situation
by Mayor Metcalfe or whether it is
just one of those astrological cases,
where each person has found their
place in life, is hard to determine.
Whatever the case may be the present
City Commissioners have nothing to
[he ashamed of in asking the people
for con. inuatior. in office.
2522 Lake Strefc.
| by C. Homer Burdette
Johnny Owen is all smiles. H-e is
! one of the two Negro democrats that
were elected to the State Assembly.
■ Lh. third Negro to be elected to any
| office and the first to be nominated
v’ >i of or outside the city of New
' York.
Owens has rolled up his sleeves,
1 and started ©n a plan to exterminate
the depression in the State of Ne-I
“We need more men to look after '
the interests of the poor man”, were
Owen’s final’ words.
_- .
John Adams, Attorney
Notice by Publication for Setlement
of Final Administration Account.
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam Miller, Deceased:
I All persons interested in said' mat
| ter are hereby notified that on the
| 24th day of October 1932, Mrs. Wil
liam Nora Miller filed a petition in"
said County court, praying that her
final administration account filed here
in be settled and allowed and that she ;
be discharged from her trust as ad- ■
ministratrix and that a hearing will
be had on said petition before said
Court on the 18th day of November
1932. and that if you fail to appear
Read The...
..Read the.....'
Every Week
>efore said Court on the said 18th day ,
jf November 1932 at 9 o’clock a. m., j
ind contest said petition, the Court
nay grant the prayer, of said peti- ■
ion, enter a decree of heirship, and
nake such other ami further orders, I
illowances and decree-, as to this
iourt may seem proper, to the end j
nat ail matters pertaining to said es_
ate may be finally settled and deter
nined. ,
Bryce Crawford, ,
County Judge.
John G. Pegg. Attorney
Notice of Probate of Will
In the County C;>urt of Douglas
Bounty, Nebraska In the Matter of
the Estate of Caroline Bridewell. De
All persons interested in said es- i
tate are hereby notified that a peti- j
tion has been filed in said Court, pray
ing for the probate of a certain in
urnment now on file in said Court,
purporting to be the last will and tes.
tament of said deceased, and that a
h<\aring will be had on said petition
before said Court on the 12th day of
November 1932, and that if they fail
to appear at said Court on the said
12th day of November, 1932, at 9
o’clock A. M. to contest the probate
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Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
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