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IS EASY TO SEE— A Tt T I * “TC T T"V A ^ g *' "fl" ‘ ? IT IS EASY TO SEE—
The other man’s viewpoint when AmL I I II 1"^^ I I II I 3- The mistakes of other people we
s have nothing at stake. m A I t I I j I ^1 I J / ^ 5 M , do not like.
•** «*■ A * ■* * ^ ™ ■" “* «*"’*» 4. That the world is in trouble, but
Why other people fail, yet our fail- vvno wants to give God advice.
ems ■ mystery- With Ray of Sunshine -
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patre 4 Omaha. Nebraska. Saturday. October 8. 1982
- *_— — .. ■ ■ .■ —==---- —-— ... 1 ■ " — t- ••"" • -' — —— ___
iruliar. . sets in, we find smart society directing
th is .1 uvities to fall revues, clubs, hiking, and motor
trips, i.r at preparations are being made this winter oy
>ci ty women in devoting their time to char
1,, i - s *'S. ' The most interesting program set up
ox < hurch is co make ana
, i the needy. Others are look
in,. i.-tr . u.ti to aoir.g their bit to put ov-r the Community
Ci.* .-i -i-ivt*; or the Community Chest gives us our own
ui :.i . ... . a . V. W. C. A. and the Old Folks Home.
Mrs Eaidee Harris who conducted
the i ,;;tute of Human Relations at
the City Council Chamber two weeks
ago, is conducting a similar course
at th<r VWCA. Mrs. Harris spoke
to a small but appreciative audience.
Monday nite on “Emotions and Mar
riage”. The public is cordially in
voted to come and hear Mrs. Harris,
Monday October 10, 8 p, m.
Prominent Business Couple Unite
Mrs. Anna Delley and Mr. Preston
Hicronymous, both prominent in the
business world, were married Thurs
day evening. Oct. 6, at the home of
the bride Rev. Dotson and Rev.
Burckhardt a cousin of the groom of
floated Among the friends who
wished them happiness were: Mrs.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Allen, Mr, and
Mrs Crawford, Mr. and Mrs Walter
Hunter. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Maham
mitt, Mr. and Mrs. J. E Dorsey, Mrs.
Wilmeth Houston, Mrs. Cropp, Mr.
H. W. Black, Mrs. Lulu Lewis, Mr.
C. C. Calloway. Dr. Wesley Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. Todd, Mr. Solomon Hi
eronymous. Mrs. James Hieronymous,
Mrs. H. J Pinkett. Mr. W, C, Ray,
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bailey, out of
town guests: Mrs. Lulu Robinson
mother of the bride, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Delley, brother, Mr. Clarence
Del ley and daughter Annabelle of
Barbara Cray Now Mrs. Jack Smith
Mrs. Barbara Gary one of the most
popular young ladies in the commun
ijr, found time to get married this
summer. All we know is Hubby is
expected soon.
Mrs. L. Foster and Mother of
Moonkist, Nebraska and her two
charming grand-daugthers, Donna
L** and Patsy Ruth Lewis, were vis-:
itors at the GUIDE office Thursday
Mrs. C. A. Newby and family of Mo.
berly. Mo., spent the week-end as
m»est of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones,
2R12 Burdette Si. Mrs. Newby is
the sisier in law of Mrs. Jones.
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Jordan, Jr.,
left for Nashville, Tenn., where Mr.
Jordan will enter Meharry Medical
College Mr* Jordan is the former
Hazel Myers.
Mr. Allen W. Gooden, died at the
home of his brother Dr. D. W. Gooden,
mi ay Sept. 25, Dr. Gooden carried
the body to Dallas, Texas for burial,
their home. The bereaved ones are his
h - Dr. Gooden. Mrs. Gooden,
and a daughter in California who is
prominent in the movies.
Mr. Jack Winston of St. Paul,
Minn., has been in the city visiting
relatives. Mr. Winston is the form
husband of popular Beatrice Ma
formerlv of Omaha, now living
in Los Angeles.
Seen at the Sumnick Farm, dining
with Gov. Roosevelt was Mr. Harry
Leland. nresident of the Negro Demo- i
cratic Club.
Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Bell left for
nee. Tuesday morning at
Wichita, Kansas.
Mrs. Mattie Middleton who under
went an operation Sept. 21, is home
and feeling fine.
Mr. H. L. Anderson, chairman of
2nd ward Republican Headquarters,
motored to Des Moines, Tuesday, Oct.
4. with the G. O. P. to hear President
Hoover. j
Mr. Henry Torlon and Mrs. Dora
Alexander entertained friends Sun
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Banks, 2854 Wirt St.
The guest list included Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Cooper, Mr, and Mrs. Hunter,
formerly of Council Bluffs, Mr. L.
Ransom and Mrs. Alice Wade of
Omaha !
Modern Room—Man, AT. 7356.
Mrs Molly Owens, mother of Mrs.
Mrs. Molly Owens, Mothr of Mrs.
Jos. Cheney, 2809 Wirt St, departed
this life Friday, Sept. 23rd, at the age |
of 93 years. She was born in Green
County, Georgia, Mother of 16 child
ren. She leaves to mourn her loss!
one daughter, three sons, two of W.
Va., one of Athens, Georgia, one
granddaughter, Mrs. V. H. Wilburn,
a niece, three great grandchildren.
The body was in charge of Lewis Fun
eral Home. Burial in Mt. Hope.
■1,11 ■ ^ —— — i iii mi hi mm *■■■ !■■■■■ wi"w
Smart New Fall
Of Fine Canton $*198
| Crepe and Wool f *
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imaginable new style . . . with
sleeve hip and neck treatments
that give added charm. Silks in
tile, green, red and blue. Wools
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Girls’ Coats 3
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J. F. TAYLOR, Prop.
. Hi I ■lili III
Jean Calloway the biggest hit of the season with her fam-HALL to play for the Unemployed Married Men’s Bene
ous Victor Recording Orchestra, who is now finishing a fit Dance, the biggest hit of the season. Dont Miss this
6 weeks engagement in Chicago and wJho is coming tc Event.
Omaha., direct to the BEAUTIFUL DREAMLAND
-—" I — ■IN' I
adjourned for summer, Sept. 20th,
1032, for another ten months frolic
arj fun. Our first event of this sea
son, was a kiddies’ Party, starting
the campaign for new members.
Games, laughter and tasteful refresh
ments, were enjoyed by all that at
tended, and there was the number of
C5. We are looking forward to a larg
r club this year and a promising pro
gram. Watch for our new election of
American Legion Auxiliary Notes
American Legion Auxiliary held
their regular business meeting the 3rd
Tuesday in September at the home of
Mrs. Preston, 28th and Franklin.
Meeting adjourned to meet at the
home of Mrs. Venus Starnes, 24th and
Caldwell, the first Tuesday in October.
Autumn Tea
American Legion Auxiliary Post No.
held an Autumn Tea at the home of
Mr?. Perkins 2909 N. 25th St. It was
a very pretty affair. Mr. Rufus Long
presented the Auxiliary with a flower
vase fashioned from one of the first
shells fired at Verdun France, in
1918. The Auxiliary colors and regu
lar colors were used.
The Omaha Guide
f«r Job Printing
If wanting a nice place to stop in
Lincoln, call or write, Mrs. W. R.
Colley, 1035 Rose phone, F 2046.
Mr. W. W. Baltimore Dinner Guest
Mr .and Mrs. J. W. Thomas 2212
Ohio St, honored Mr. W. W Balti
more of Lorman, Miss., with a din
ner party Friday evening. Other
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.
Speese, Mr. and Mrs. J, L, Giles,
Miss Bertha Baltimore and Miss
Anna Speese. Mr. Baltimore is leav
ing for home this week in Lorman,
Mr. John Baker, of Portland, Ore
gon, spent one night and day with
his two aunts Mrs. Hunt and Mrs.
Brownley of 2410 Erskine. Mr. Bak
er was on his way to Chicago to the
world’s series ball games. He expects
to stop on his way back through, to
visit with friends and relatives for
a few days.
__ i
Oct. 14—Recreation Party for Un
employed persons over 18 years of
Friday, Oct. 28— “SOUP” .free, 12
noon. Being served by the Service
Committee for Unemployed. Mrs
Walter Seals and Madeline Shipman
in charge.
Baby Estrelda Consuela Horton Wins
First Place
The Baby contest sponsored by the
Dorcas Society of St. Philips Episco
pal Church closed Wednesday even
ing Sept. 28, 1932. This contest prov
ed to be one of the most successful
affairs ever given by the Society,
under the leadership of Mrs. Herbert
^ iggins, pres. All the babies made
a fine showing. The following are
the babies who entered and votes re
Estrelda Consuela
Horton . 711 votes—$35.55
Janice Edna McCaw 668 votes—$33.40
John Worthington
Williams .... 638 votes—$31.90
Millicent Jean
Whe®1er 551 votes—$27.55
Juanita Anne
Hangar .382 votes—$19.10
Willis Chauncey
Gray . 305 votes—$15.25
Lynn Long .270 votes—$13.50
Robert Gerald
Coleman .170 votes—$ 8.50
Charles Henry
Wilson .157 votes—$ 7.85
Total. . $192.60
First prize a bank book with $5.00
Second prize Silver mug.
Third prize, gold ring.
Fourth prize, gold ring.
Silver spoon and fork gvien other
Plans were outlined for a definite
Educational Program to be conducted
by the Omaha Urban League for
1932-1933 at a meeting of the Educa
tional Committee held at the League,
Wednesday evening. Mrs. Milton
Wilson was elected Chairman of the
Committee and Mrs. Dillard Crawford,
Secretary. Plans were outlined to in
terest more parents in education. The
| Committee also plans to offer Voca
Dorcas Jones Wins
R. K. 0. Voice Contest
Miss Dorcas Jones, popular and tal
ented neice of Mr. C. C. Galloway,
won first place in the New Voice Con
test sponsored by R. K. 0. and NBC.
semi-finals, Sept. 24th. Miss Jones
possesses a beautiful, rich, contralto
voice and has indeed brought honor
to the Nebraska division by winning
over 40 other contestants. Mr. Whit
taker of Lincoln, Nebr, won in the
semi-finals over WOW. Sept. 26th.
The Nebraska finals were held over
WOW Oct. 3rd with Mr. Whitaker
and Miss Jones competing for the
honors to represent Nebraska at the
finals to be held in Chicago. It was
at this tirnS “Little Dorcas” scored.
She will probably get a weeks run at
the Orpheum Theatre and will go to
Chicago, as guest of RKO. to compete
for National honors and a RKO con
tract. And Will She Win? YES!
. . _ . . I
Pastime Club
The Passtime Club met at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. F. Clark, Sept. 29,
After business a delicious Buffet Sup
per was served. 10 members present,
4 visitors Next meeting October 13.
with Mr. and Mrs. Gardner. The Club
will give a Whist Party Oct. 20, at St.
Benedict Hall. Good music and danc
ing. A. Ward, Reporter.
Jolly 20 Club
The Jolly 20 Club gave a get togeth
er breakfast at the home of Mrs. J. A.
Cage, 2610 Franklin St., the color
scheme was gold and black. Many
beautiful gowns were worn. Covers
were laid fr 16. Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. A. Woods, Mrs.
Lillie Sims, Mrs. Lena Wilson, Misses
Lillian Westbrook, Alice Crum, Sue
Dillsworth, Myrtle Miller, Mr. Wm.
Gustus, Earl Oliver, Clarence Wright,
Ralph Underwood. Fried chicken and'
hot rolls and coffee was the menu. 1
Ladies Social Club
The Ladies Social Club met at the
home of Mrs. Christine Phillips, 3032
Emmett. Meeting was called to order
with the opening song. When You’re
Smiling. After which business offi
cers were elected. Mrs. Eva Phillips
was voted president, Mrs. Josephine
Davis, vice. All other officers were
re-elected. Luncheon was served, af
ter which whist was played. Mrs.
Evelyn Jones wonn first prize. Mrs.
Maretha Burton, Booby. Visitors were
Mrs. Ida Potter, Mae Collins, Lucille
Johnson. Mrs. Eva Phillips, president
Mrs, Maretha Burton, Reporter.
Trojan Girls Club
The Trojan Girls Club at the Y. W.
C. A. met for the first time, since they
tional Guidance and Council to colored
boys and girls who are interested in
furthering their training. The Urban
League finds that it has been exceed
ingly difficult to interest a number of
grammar and high school graduates
to further education because of the
limited opportunities they find in
Omaha. Part of the work of the Com
mittee will deal in pointing out to
these youths outstanding examples of
Negro achievement in the various
fields and to seek opportunities of em
ployment for those boys and girls wTho
have special qualifications.
Other members of the Committee
are: Mr. ffm. G. Haynes, Inez Battles,
! Robert Rucker, Rev. J. H. Jackson,
Mrs. F. P. Jones, Oscar Washington,
I and Mrs. Grace Hutten.
Have you registered yet? If you
have changed your address since the
April Primaries, you must register
to vote. November 8th, 1932.
For your convenience the Election
Commissioner will provide for you to
register at the Office of the The
OMAHA GUIDE, 2418-20 Grant St.,
Thursday and Friday, October 13th,
| and 14th from 1 p. m. to 9 p. m.
212 »N. 16th St. 1
4903 So. 24th St. |
2408 Cuming St. 1
24th and Lake Sts. S
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