The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 24, 1932, GUIDE EMANCIPATION EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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Washington—(CNS) — Occupation
statistics for the United States re
leased recently by the Bureau of the
Census here, give an interesting pic
ture of the country’s law enforcement
machinery. The gross statistics for
the entire nation show that there are
131,687 persons in the United States
serving as policemen. Of this number
84’J are women. These figures do not
include detectives, marshals, sheriffs
or constables, however. Of the total
number of police in the country,
slightly less than one percent or 1,264
are Negroes, 33 of whom are Negro
Although the Negro population in
States in the extreme South nearly
equals that of whites, there are only
63 Negro police in Alabama, Arkan
sas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mis
sissippi. North Carolina. South Caro
lina, Texas and Virginia. Mississippi,
where the Negro population exceeds
that of the white, has no Negro police,
nor have Arkansas or South Carolina.
Northern and Western States, where
the Negro population is small and
which have no Negro police are as
follows; Connecticut, Idaho, Maine,
Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire,
Ne«w Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon,
South Dakota, Utah. Vermont. Wis
consin and Wyoming.
Pennsylvania leads all other States
in the number of Negro police with
a total of 302 Philadelphia is the
leading city, having 219 Negro “cop
pers." Illinois is the second State
with 188: New Jersey, third with 124;
New York, fourth with 115; and Ohio,
fifth with 80. Missouri has 51; Cali
fornia, 49; Michigan. 46: Indiana, 42;
and. the District of Columbia, 40.
Marvland has only 14. with but one
of these in Baltimore. Texas lead*
the Southern States with 22 Negro
police. Houston has five of these and
San Antonia, four. The rest are scat
: ■Tz^jrjgzgr .yjgqgyacaPTa i
(Judge I
W. G. I
■3 Hastings I
3 £
3, 1
^Compliments You Upon^*
rjthi*. Anniversary
I for the S
Progress You Are
Engine Company Number 4 Firt
Department. The Colored fire depart,
ment of Omaha with a fine record oi
two retirements.
The first Colored Company was or
ganized January 6, 1895 with a per.
sonnel of five men including Samuel
G. Ernest, captain, Joseph Henderson,
lieutenant; Scott Jackson, driver,
James D. Hardin, pipeman, ,Everett
W. Watts, pipeman, the only surviv
ing member of this company.
At that time it was known as Num.
■impnrr-rr-jtr. rr. ■ J. mi ■ l
ber 12 hose company, located at Twen
ty-seventh and Jones, the men work
ing continuously with one days leave.
On April 29, 1900, the company was
moved to 30th and Spaulding Street,
and the name was changed to Num
ber 11; remaining there until March
1, 1928 when it was moved to its
present quarters, 16th and Izard, and
renamed Engine Company No, 4.
The Company now consists of a
double shift with ten men, J. C. Greer,
senior captain, 26 years service, Alon
7n .Tockeon. Jr captain, 21 years ser
vice, Harry B. Lewis, ranking pipe
man, 19 years; Jewel Rose, driver, 13
years; Melvin Freeman, driver, 13
years; Jasper Cole, pipeman, 10 years;
Manuel Cook, pipeman. 9 years, and
R. L. Green, pipeman, 4 years.
Mr. W. H. Jackson served 21 years
on the fire department. His applica
tion of thrift and cooperation of his
wonderful wife now enables them to
live comfortably on fche pension which
he receives from the city as a reward
for his services. Quoting Captain
• m. w.
James Greer, when asked for a state
ment concerning him, he said, Bill, a
they call him was easy to get alon;
with, was never up for charges fo
any offense. In fact a wonderful fel
low who never said no when aske
for a favor.
Mr. Frank Stewart served 21 year
on the fire department, leaving wit
a fine record. Mr. Stewart has
beautiful home and is reputed wea;
thy, having invested wisely in severs
business enterprises, and is also d:
rector of Bey Scouts.
New York—(CNS)—A survey of
'he Virgin Islands in the Caribbean
Sea is to be made this Fall by a
social service expert to determine to
what extent and in what direction the
board of directors of the Internationa]
Save and Children Fund of America,
Inc., may help promote a program
of self-sustenance there.
At . luncheon held last week th«
board voted to use some of its funds
to aid conditions in the island terri
tory as soon as the survey is com
Governor Paul M. Pearson outlinec
his twenty-year program of agricul
tural and industrial development
i which he devised soon after takinj
I office in March, last year.
Governor Pearson renewed an ap
peal for donations of musical instru
ments to public schools in the islands
He also urged an enlarged program
of social service to correct evils at
'endant upon cramped living quarter:
ind to provide jobs at living wages
r ~ ..
Greetings from
Sam K.
!j Greenleaf j
# ♦
x i
County Tax
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Notice of Administration
j In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Mallory Hazzard, deceased.
All persons interested in said
estate are hereby notified that a
petition has been filed in said
Court alleging that said deceased
s died leaving no last will and pray
r ing for administration upon his
r estate, and that a hearing will be
‘ had on said petition before said
1 court on the 1st day of October
1932, and that if they fail to ap
5 pear at said Court on the said 1st
1 day of October 1932, at 9 o’clock
1 a. m. to contest said petition, the
j Court may grant the same and
grant administration of said es
tate to Ray L. Williams or some
other suitable person and proceed
I to a settlement thereof.
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
Atty. H. J. Pinektt.
In the matter of the estate of Eliza
Mabry deceased.
Notice is hereby given: That
the creditors of said deceased will
meet the administrator of said es
tate, before me, County Judge of
Douglas County, Nebraska, at the
County Court Room, in said
k County, on the 1st day of Novem
ber 1932, and on the 3rd day of
j" January 1933, at 9 o’clock A. M.,
| each day, for the purpose of pres
j enting their claims for examin
S ation, adjustment and allowance.
I Three months are allowed for the
creditors to present their claims,
! from the 1st day of October 1932.
Bryce Crawford,
! County Judge.
\ James E. Bednar, Atty. at Law.
j 824 First Nat’l. Bank Bldg.,
j Omaha, Nebr.
Notice of hearing on application
; of Adolph Musil, executor of the
last will and testament of Math
] ilde M. Peters, deceased, for Lic
j ense to sell real estate.
ITo the heirs-at-law, devisees,
legatees, next of kin and all per
sons interested in the estate of
* Mathilde M. Peters, deceased.
You are hereby notified that on
| August 30, 1932 on the petition of
r Adolph Musil, executor of the last
j will and testament of Mathilde M.
jj Peters, deceased, filed in the dis
trict Court of Douglas County,
j Nebraska, and being Doc. 287 and
2!)4 of the records of said Court,
the following order was, duly
made and entered.
Order To Show Cause
On reading the petition, duly
verified, of Adolph Musil, execut
or of the last will and testament
1 of Mathilde M. Peters, deceased
for license to sell the East thirty
(30) feet of Lot Five (5) Block
| (5) Bowery Hill Addition to Om
aha. Douglas County. Nebraska,
and also to see the interest of
said deceased in and to Lot
Twelve (12) in J. E. Ryley’s sub
division of Lots Fifty-four (54)
and Fifty-five (55) of S. E. Rog
ers plot of Oklahoma, an Addition
in Douglas County, Nebraska,
held under certain land contract,
either or both of said above des
j cribed tracts, for the purpose of
paying claims due and owing by
said estate and the costs of ad
i ministration thereof.
It appearing that there are not
sufficient funds and personal
property in said estate to pay
such caliras and that it is neces
sary that the real estate' belong
ing to said estate, or so much
thereof as may be necessary, be
sold for the purpose of raising
sufficient funds to pay claims and
costs of administration of said
It is therefore ordered that, the
heirs, devisees, legatees, next of
kin and all persons interested in
the above described real estate be
and they hereby are required and
ordered to appear before me in
Court Room No. 8 in the Court
House of Douglas County, Omaha
Nebraska on the 13th day of Oct
ober, 1932, at 9 o cloc,r a. m., to
show cause, if any therebe, why
license should not be granted to
Adolph Musi.1, executor of the
last will and testament of Math
ilde M. Peters, deceased to sell at
public sale, in the manner provid
ed by law, the above described
real estate, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to pay the
claims allowed against said es
tate and the costs of administra
tion thereof. It is further order
ed that a copy of this order be
published far four consecutive
weeks in the Omaha Guide, a leg
al Newspaper published and in
circulation in said Douglas County
next before the hearing on said
application, Omaha, Nebraska,
August 30, 1932.
By the Court,
W. G. Hastings, Judge.
In the District Court of Douglas
Couty, Nebraska,
Lavida Butler, Plaintiff, vs. Clem
W. Butler, defendant. Doc. 285, page
TO CLEM W. BUTLER, non-resident
Defendant: You are hereby notified
that Lavida Butler filed a petition a
gainst you in the District Court of
Douglas County, Nebraska, on the
2th Day of May? 1932, in the case of
Lavida Butler, Plaintiff, vs. Clem W.
Butler, Defendant, Docket 285, Page
No. 1, the prayer of which requests
the Court to annul the marraige be
tween you and this Plaintiff on the
grounds of desertion and non-support.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 28th day of Nov
ember, 1932, or the allegations of the
said petition will be taken as true.
W. B. Bryant, Attorney.
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