The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 24, 1932, GUIDE EMANCIPATION EDITION, ILLUSTRATED FEATURE SECTION, Page 3, Image 15

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    strode over to his desk, beckoning
Linda to follow.
"Now lock,” he s Jd as she faced
him over the wide mahogany desk
top, “I understand how you feel,
and I like you a little bit too much
to make you do anything you don’t
want to do. When I first met you,
I kind of thought that maybe I
could teach you—some way—to love
mr just little bit. But I guess it
ain’t no use. I can tell you’re crazy
about that evangelist, and there
ain’t a bit of sense in fooling my
self on that score.
"But here’s what we’ll do: You
just call that Harris fellow off us,
that evangelist: make him quit
yelping about our night clubs and
cabarets and our little gun (JtKirrels.
Tell him he can talk on any other
subject under the sun, just as long
as he leaves us alone. And we—
we ll just forget he exists. On the
other hand, if he keeps on with that
campaign of his to put ”s out of
business, it’s gonna mean that some
body gets bumped very, very soon.
i It’s gonna mean war between us
and him—war to the death! And
evangelists ain’t usually such hot
fighters when it come- to tommy
Linda arose.
“Well, whadda you think of our
little proposition?” the Ace wanted
to know.
“I’m not—not even considering
(It," Linda told him frankly. "Fred's
going to keep ov just as he's been
doing, and ' it’s necessary to run
you out of business to clean up this
city, he's goinj to do it. And what's
more, I'm going to be right there
to help him!”
The Ace sputtered. Linda arose to
leave. The door was still closed.
“May I go now?” she asked courte
The Ace arose suddenly, strode
around his desk, and gasped Linda
by the shoulders. She struggled
but he held her, thick dark fingers
biting cruelly into her flesh.
“I gave you your first chance,” he
saud. “and I’m giving you your last
one. yiow which is it to be—are we
in the Fifth Annual Water Carnival and A.A.U. Swimming Championships recently held at the Francis
Pool in Washington, D.C. After each race the male as well as the female contestants are put on the
rubbing board. The boys get plenty of towrels, but very little rubbing which is due to the fact that each
-. girl has an alternate “trainer.”
fragrant creams
To bring out ALL the beauty of your skin, use Genuine Black
and White Beauty Ci earns. Each of these creams is scientifically
made to suit your skin ... to bring results in the shortest possi
ble time . . . results that will amaze and astonish you. More
than that! The jars are big and the prices are very low.
A Better
Cream because
it Penetrates
Your skin needs a cleans
ing cream that penetrates
deeper than ordinary
cleansers. That's exactly
what Genuine Black and
White Cleansing Cream
does. It penetrates deep
down into the pores and
brings out all dirt and
impurities which cause
bumps, blackheads ahd
big pores. Large can 25c.
A Better
Cream because
your skin, too!
Genuine Black and White
Peroxide Cream does
more than protect your
skin from the darkening,
coarsening effects of sun
and weather. This snow
white cream contains just
the right amount of per
oxide to lighten your
skin . . . keep it velvety
soft and creamy fair.
Large jar, only 25c.
A Better
Cold Cream
To smooth away wrinkles
and stay young through
the years, your skin must
he properly nourished.
Genuine Black and White
Cold Cream is rich with
scientific oils which
magically banish the
signs of age and keep
your skin youthfully soft,
beautifully smooth and
firm. Large jar, only 25c.
I friends or enemies?" He drew her
roughly t_> him. She scratched at
his face and tore at his clothing,
but he would not let her go. Then
with one last, desperate lunge she
tore away from him, ran to :he desk
and pressed the button which con
trolled the door. It swung open
slowly. She ran for it, but the
Ace, infuriated, was upon her now,
dragging her back. She screamed.
The Ace tried to kick the door
shut; then remembered that itj
would not move except under the
electric control. He turned, and
dragged the girl across the room.
And then, before he knew what
had happened, a dark form catapu
lated through the door and landed
on his back. His grip on Linda re
laxed; he turned, and two men,
struggling madly, fell writhing to
the floor. Linda pulled herself
away and watched them. Who was
this that had saved her?
• * *
Two factions go to war
against each other in the next
installment of this breath
taking serial.’ Don't fail to read
Bend your Embarrassing Moment
to the Editor and it will be
A Hungry Passenger
My brother took me downtown to
go shopping, and to my disgust he
decided to take one of the goats
from i ranch to the veterinarian
at the same time. All was well as
long as "Nanny” laid on the floor
and slept. Brother parked the car
in the center of the town while we
made a few sto"s at some of the
Imagine my chagrin when we
came raek to the car to find a little
crowd gathered around it. including
a good-natured policeman, enjoying
our “Nanny” who was perched on
the back seat, calmly chewing the
candidate cards brother had in the
car windows!
Commander of the Streets
A short time ago I str.rted down
th back way to the corner grocery.
I heard a pat-pat of feet behind me.
Thinking it was my dog following
me, I turned, pointed my finger, and
"Now. you get right back home!”
But it was not my dog. I was point
ing my finger at a man not three
feet behind me —C. B H
Bright Sayings
of the Children
What Do Your* Say?
Send them to us and they
will be published.
• Eva, 4 years old, was looking at
her sister's tennis racket. "When her
2-year-old brother wanted it, she
said: “You'll break it. Cant you see
it has holes in it.” R. F. E.
* * *
I had an old antique cup and
saucer which had been handed down
to me from my grandmother. Natur
ally, I prized them greatly. One
day my small daughter was washing
the dishes and decided to wash my
old cup and saucer. A slip of her
hand—a crash—and my cup lay on
the floor broken in a dozen pieces.
‘‘O, Dolly,” I wailed, “you have
broken my old cup and it’s been in
my family for years and years.”
“Well, mother, don’t look so wor
ried,” she answered, “if the cup was
that old, it couldn't have been much
good.” J. H. C.
the Face Needs More
Attention in Hot Weather
Wpmen who have been wearing
white wash gloves this summer
gather a fair idea of how much soil
the hands pick up in a day. In less:
than a day. as a matter of fact, be-|
cause they're not kept on all day.]
But it's a ’•are one of u wh{> sur-1
vives the day without a little glove
washing jab for the pair worn. Isn’t
it true?
Now, if gloves pick up that much
dust and grime, how about the,
face? True, the face isn’t into
everything. But it’s into enough.
It may not handle the papers on
the way into town in the a an. It
may not brush itself across a desk
or rub a counter or open a door,
and on. But if the hand does
it, the face is going to get some of
that grime before the day’s over.
For we do carry on more face rub
bing with hands than we think.
What I’n* getting at is not the
need of washing gloves and hands,
though they need it all right. But
that the skin needs ‘cleansing at
least twice every day in summer
time. There’s more oily excretion
during the hot weather, for one
thing. There’s more perspiring.
And there’s more wind and dust to
be met ith.
And there is more need of the
cooling water after the face cleans
ing, too. For both the cooling effect
and for the astringent value to the
skin. For a very oily skin, the wash
ing rite may be exaggerated to a
third time of day without damage
to the skin. Use warm watt and
soap, a warm water rinse; then
cold and cold, and colder. An ice
rub won't hurt. The idea is to get
the oil glands in better working
order by stimulation. So, don't be
afraid of too much cold water. But
wash with warm, underst nd. And
keep away from oily creams for the
time being.
The new-skin freshners are aw
fully nice to use for daytime pick
me-ups. Unroll your bit of fresh
cotton and use one after the face
wash. It does something nice for
the face- and to the morale.
If the skin is oily, add a few
drops of tincture of benzoin to
the rinse water.
Words Often Disused
Do not -ay, “I dislike blue worse
than green.” Say, “more than
W'ordt Often Misspelled
Guileless; note the two le’s.
Words Often Mispronounced
Axes (plural of ax); pronounce
ak-sez, e as in “bet ” Axes (plural
of axis); pronounce ak-sez, e as in
Troubk (verb), annoy, mok-st, af
flict. distress.
Rend, rupture, >re: k, tear, lac
District, region, province quarter.
W'crd Study
STRICTURE; an adverse criti
cism; censure. “His strictures on
English customs displayed much bad
The Postal Life & Casualty Insur
ince Co., 63 Dierks Building, Kan
sas City, Mo., is offering a new
accident policy that pays up to $ I 00
a month for 24 months for disability
and $1,000.00 for deaths—costs less
than Ic a day—$3.50 a year. More
than 148,000 have already bought
this policy. Men. women and chil
dren eligible. Send no money. Simply
send name, address, age, beneficiary’s
name and relationship and they will
send this po icy on 10 days’ FREE
inspection. No examination is re
quired. This offer is limited, so writt
them today.