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    rape 4_____Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, September 3, 1932.
Mrs. Anna Botts Honored
The Out Door Club of Zior
Baptist Church, honored Mrs
Anna Botts. wife of the late l)r
■V. K. Botts. with a breakfast al
Elmwood Park, Monday morning.
August 20th. About twenty-two
guests were present. Mrs. Mamie
Oriffin of Lincoln, Nlebr., was al
so present. Mrs. Botts home is
now in Excelsior Springs, Mo.
Mrs. White and family of Kan
vts City. Mo., spent a pleasant
week with her daughter Miss
V'irginia White at the home of
Mrs. Minnie Dixon, 28M!> Ohio St.
The grandmother of Mrs. Kobt.
(Bud Oreen is very sick in Ard
more, Okla. ,
Mrs. J. Bates left Kansas
City, Mo., to be at the bedside of
her mother, Mrs. Ellen McCon
Mrs. Anna Botts was guest at
Zion Sunday, at the Cnveiling of
the Memorial Tablet, dedicated to
her late husband. Dr. W. F. Botts.
While in the city, she was the
house guest of Mrs. Lucinda Dav
Mrs. Ella Hamilton, 1211 Strat
ford Koad Kansas City, Mo.,
spent a few days last week in
Omaha, visiting her sister, Mrs.
Mary Frazier, .'£110 Ohio St.
Mr. Harry Hardy was very
pleasantly surprised on Tuesday
evening with a Stagg Party hon
oring his birthday. Those pres
ent and wishing him “Many hap
py returns were Messers Karl
Hiiuigan, Stanton Duke. Lamarr
Peters. Lewis Artisun and Charles
Johnson. The Stagg was arrang
ed b) Mrs. Harry Hardy, who
was. before her marriage, Miss
Mercedes Johnson.
Century Club presents Big Mid
Nite Jamboree, Ritz Theatre, Sept.
3rd,—Admission 25c.
Mrs. R. C. Gaskin Entertains
Miss. R. ('. Gaskins honored her
week eud guest with a beautifi
t a at her home, 2040 Decatur K1
The honored guests were, Mr. an
Mrs D. \V . Gaskin of Fulton. M<
Mr. Gaskin is a brother of Mr.
Richard Gaskin ami Prof, and
Mrs. R. L. Washington and their
daughter, Sadie Ruth of Columb
ia. Mo. Many affairs have been
given in their honor. About fifty
guests enjoyed the evening.
For information concerning fin
ger-waving pressed hair, write or
SHOP, 2538 Fourth Ave., Council
Bluffs, la. Tel. 3932 W
Mrs Wm. Elam entertained six
week-end visitors at the home of
her daughter. Mrs. R. C. Gaskin
Thursday evening. The visitors
were relatives of Mr. Elam. Mr.
T. Elam, Mr. George Elam wife
and sister Mrs. D. Sinclair, all of
Tennessee and Mrs. Johnson of
St. Louis.
Mrs. Walter Seals at 2808 Bin
ney St., has &s house guest. Mis?
Eton* Grant and Miss Leah
Sunday Dinner
2219 Willis Ave., WE. 4035
Mrs. Litha Smith. Prop.
III.. ■
(‘rump. While here they are the
recipient of many social courtes
ies among which were a one o’
clock luncheon complimentary to
Miss Eloise Grant dietician and
Miss Leah Crump principal of
Kealing school of Kansas City.
The color scheme was carried
throughout the house with garden
flowers. Those present were
Mrs. J. T. Fields, Mrs. Archie
Macey, Mrs. Lewis Artison. Mrs.
; Ollie Madison, Mrs. Earl Jones,
Mrs. James Dixon, Mrs. Edith
Todd, Mrs. R. L. Turner, Mrs.
Dora Alexander, Miss Eloise
Grant, and Miss Leah Crump.
Mrs. Marie Stuart, Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Frazier, spent the week
end, visiting friends in Glenwood,
Mrs. Saybert Hangar
Gives Theatre Party
Mrs. Saybert Hangar honored
the summer visitors Wednesday
afternoon with a theatre party at
the Paramount. The honored
guest were, Mrs. Lillian Pegg,
Misses Kurklin and Neely of Chi
cago, Miss Jean Blackwell of Bal
timore. Lucille Williams of St.
Louis and Alice Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stewart
of Chicago, will arrive Sept. 2nd
to spend ten days as guest of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Hell, 2436 Grant St.
Mrs. Archie Macey was hostess
to a breakfast, complimentary to
Miss Eloise Grant and Miss Leah
Crump. Covers were laid for
Mrs. J. Eden, 2860 Corby had
as dinner guest Miss Leah Crump,
Miss Eloise Grant of Kansas City,
and Mrs. ,T. Owens of the city.
Mrs. Jackson and daughter had
as dinner guest, Miss Eloise Grant
and Miss Leah Crump and Mr.
Percy Holmes.
Society Matron Honors Visitors
] Mrs. T. P. Mahammitt enter
tained at Bridge Monday evening
| at her beautiful home, in honor of
, Mrs. Ja mes Pegg, Misses Neely
and Kurklin of Chicago and Miss
Lucille Williams of St. Louis, Mo.,
Miss Neely is in social work in
Chicago. Twenty-five guests en
joyed the evening.
Mrs. Daisy Love Hostess
Mrs. Daisy Love honored Miss
es Lillian and Lucille Williams of
St. Louis on Saturday afternoon
with a bridge luncheon at her
home, 2425 Maple St. The guest
were: Miss Florence Myers, Mrs.
Hazel Jordan, Miss Mary Woods
of Denver, Mrs. Francis Elliott.
Mesdames Ruth Wheeler, Eva
Waldron, Pearl Reese, A. L. Haw
kins, Tone Hangar and Miss Anna
If wanting a nice place to stop in
Lincoln, call or write, Mrs. W. R.
Colley, 1035 Rose phone, F 2046.
j Mrs. Earl Wheeler Fetes Visitors
Mrs. Earl Wheeler of 3011 N.
28th ave honored Misses Lillian
and Lucille Williams of St. Louis
at a bridge luncheon, Friday af
ternoon. The guest list included
Mesdames A. L. Hawkins, Elise
Turner, Eva Pinkett. Bernice
■ . _ _ i r~ --—
Peebles, Lena Paul, Alice Wilson,
Lila Pryor, Dorothy Williams,
Frances Elliott, Edna .Jackson,
Eva Waldron, Oletta Allen, Nina
West, -Jean Blackwell, J. C. Carey,
•J. Harvey Kerns, lone Hangar,
Pearl Reese, Win. Haynes, Ger
trude Lucas, Lois Goode, and
Susie Yancy.
Century Club presents Big Mid
Nite Jamboree, Ritz Theatre, Sept.
3rd,—Admission 25c.
Miss Florence Myers honored
Miss Mary Woods of Denver,
Colo., Tuesday afternoon with a
Bridge luncheon.
Dr. .James Lewis, wife and
small son returned to their home
in Fort Scott, Kansas after an ex
tensive visit with Dr. lewis’ mo
ther and relatives. While in the
city they were the recipients of
many social courtesies.
Jjittle James celebrated his 1st
birthday while here and had a big
Mrs. Rachel Woods Entertains j
At Fontenelle Park
Mrs. Rachel Woods was hostess
to a group of friends at a dancing
party Monday evening at Fon
tenelle Club house. Many of the
vounger social set were present.
Those assisting were Mrs. P. A.
Houston of Greenville, Texas,
Mrs. Ij, B. Houston, Miss Cuma
Watson and Mrs. Win. Perkins.
Mrs. Belzora Collins, 2923 N. t
25th St., introduced her niece
Miss Jewel Lott to the younger
social set, with a buffet supper,!
Friday evening, August 26th, I
About forty young people were)
Cards and dancing were the en
tertainment of the evening.
Very enjoyable features were
given by the Cole brothers who
were headliners at the Orpheum
theatre the week of August 25th.
Their interpretations of the pop
ular songs was unique and com
Mrs. Collins was assisted in
serving a very delightful and re
freshing slipper by her two dau
ghters and niece, Mesdames Es
tella Newland, Lucille Hamilton,
and Christine Brown, also by Miss
Lucy Mae Stamps, Mesdames Es
sie Porter, Thelma Williams and
|Messers Leroy Newland, Royal
Speese and William White.
Miss Lott is formerly of Dallas,
Texas. where she was a senior in
the Washington high school. She
will continue her studies at the
Central High school this fall and
will make Omaha her permanent
Miss Nellie E. Beene of Chicago
is spending a ten day vacation
with her sister Mrs. Lnellian
Waites on Ohio St. Miss Beene
is a student at the Curtiss Wright
Aviation school. Miss Beene has
the honor of being the first girl
of our race to enroll. She has
made one solo flight. Curtis
Wright also has colored instruct
Birthday Party
Mrs. Bernice Golden entertain
ed a group of the younger set at
a birthday party given in honor
of Miss Della Mae Isa'acs at the
home of Mrs. Lillie Mae Young,
2640 Binnev St. The guests were
Misses Arceola King, Carrie Good
lett, Hettie Golden, Sarah Frazier,
Virginia White, and Erncliffe
Blackburn, Messers William Hall.
Fred Dixon. Allen Brewer. Wil
liam Mitchell, Frank Adams, Ron
ald Williams, Lewis White, Carl
Hvdellberg, and Vernon Black
._ i
i n ' in I
TR\ OUR HAM-“Our Bar-B-Q is Delicious” ?
Come In Any Evening and Eat Our Bar-B-Q Sandwiches
; All Fowls and Wild Game in Season. *
Ask for Our BAR-B-Q Preminum Hams.... t
PHONE WE. 6354 2881 MIAMI ST. !
> ... ....t
August 15 to 30, was the en
campment period for Business and
Industrial Girls at Camp Brew
ster. Many Business and Indust
rial girls spent a joyous two weeks
vacation at the Camp during this
time. Miss Barbara Geary of the
Quack Club of the North Side Y.
W. C. A. taught tennis at the
camp during this period.
The Jolly Bridgettes
The Jolly Bridgettes met at the
home of Mrs. Clara Smith, 2109
Miami St., with Mrs. Dorothy
Abney as hostess. The evening
was spent at bridge. A delicious
luncheon was servedi The next
meeting will be at the home of
Mrs. Bernice Henry. Mrs. Doro
thy Abney, reporter.
Passtime Club
The Passtime Club, met with
Mr. and Mrs. Abner Ward, Aug
ust 18th. After regular business
a social hour followed. The next
meeting will be with Mrs. Bell. A.
Ward, reporter.
College Educational Club
A study club was organized
Sunday evening, August 28th at
the YWCA. This club has been
talked of for some time and final
ly perfected as an organization.
The aim of the club is to promote
higher education and act as a vo
cational guidance for students of
our group. The club also intends
to bring educators and artists to
our different groups. Mr. L. L.
McVay, who is a graduate of
Howard University was made
president. Rue Lee Jones, Sec‘y.
and Mrs. Lois Goode, Ass’t SecV.
Many suggestions were offered
by Mrs. Rhone, Rev. Rhone, Miss
Evelyn Evans, Dr. Singleton and
others. A social hour followed at
which time Miss Genevieve Mabry
of New York, gave a sketch of her
activities in New York.
The Rainbow Club
The Rainbow Circle club was
entertained by Mrs. Ruby Red
mon of 2619 Decatur. The regu
lar meetings arc held on Monday
nights. The visitors were Mr. F.
Miller and Mrs. Goodlett. Prizes
were won by Mrs. Ada, first. Mrs.
Lee Bennett second, Mr. Eldrige
Cooper first and Mr. F. Miller
second. Visitors are always wel
come. Joe Williams, Pres. Ruby
Redmon, SecV., Lee Bennett, re
Boys and books again—Youthful
Love not so serious—parents are
(The Literary Service Bureau)
Maxie Miller: I am haltiug be
tween education and love. I fin
ished high school and my parents
want ine to go to college. I am
in love and the boy I love says if
I go to college he may wait for
me, and he may get married to
someone else. I am almost decid
ed to give up college and get mar
ried, for fear I may lose him.
Must I?—Young Lover.
Young Lover: You will be a
young fool if you give up your
education! If this boy loved you
very much he would be willing to
wait, even though it might not
seem wise. Indications are he is
not so much in love with you af
ter all.
You owe it to your parents not
to disappoint them ; and you owe
it to yourself to finish your edu
cation and prepare for a life of
service in whatever field you may
choose. You are young; you
will be in love many times, before
you die: and you will have many
more opportunities even superior
to this one. Go on to college;
make your life worthwhile; and
in the years to come you will look
back and wonder what you ever
were so foolish even to consider
giving up an education for a you
thful love. Be wise, Young Lov
er. or you will live to regret your
folly.—Maxie Miller.
(By John Benjamin Horton, Jr.)
The Colored Women’s Baldrige
Republican Club had as their
guest of honor. Congressman Mal
colm Baldrige, at the home of
Mrs. Gertrude Shackelford, 2515
North 26th St., Friday night,
j August 26th.
The President, Mrs. Gertrude
Shackelford, opened the meeting
at 9:2(1 p. m. and later Mr. John
B. Horton, Chairman of the Advis
ory Board, acted as the master of
ceremonies for the evening. After
briefly outlining the policies of
the organization and the future
plans to put Baldrige “over the
top”, Mr. Horton introduced the
speaker of the evening, who in a
clean cut and convincing manner,
formally set forth upon his cam
paign to carry the North side.
It is this writer’s opinion, that
after hearing such a sincere ap
peal to sixty women of this club,
MacBaldrige hasn’t a chance to
lose; nothing short of success is
his. We have an organization of
Power and believe me these wom
en know how to put their Con
gressmen over. When sixty wo
men start out to do something,
they usually accomplish their
mission when thoroughly organ
ized and that they are.
Mr. Joe Rosenbloom. Dr. John
A. Singleton, Candidates for State
Senator and State Representative
respectively, spoke in glowing
oratory and as very sincere and
capable champions of the cause
of the “Grand Old Party” and for
Baldrige and themselves. Mrs.
Elise Turner and Attv. Ray Wil
liams spoke also for the Republic
an ticket and for our Club’s can
didate in noble terms.
Others were on the program in
cluding the Jolly Glee Club, a
piano and song rendition by Rev.
Glover and a dramatic reading hv
Mrs. Shackelford. The master of
ceremonies then turned the meet
ing into one of social chatter and
delightful refreshments were
Kolum n
By Haxold Biddieux
Our Trip to Camp Gifford
We arrived Monday, August 8,
at Camp Gifford. The first thing
we did was unpack our grips,
clean our cabins and then wait
for the bugle to blow breakfast,
gee the boys were hungry. We
had cereal, eocoa and toast for
breakfast, after breakfast we had
rest period we could then go to
the candy store and draw out
books to read. We had sinkers
and floaters to swim a half hour
and then the bugle would blow
for swimmers swim. Some of the
boys would try and swim their
fifty yards which would help
them to become a first class scout.
After swimming classes there
would be miscellaneous, do what
.Vou please. After that assembly
that means to come get help on
what you need to pass tenderfoot,
second class or first class tests.
After miscellaneous we had gen
eral swim, that was when the fun
came. We played water tag and
diving, after each swim we took a
shower then dressed in our scout
uniforms for retreat, after retreat
we ate supper. We could again
do as we pleased. Every day
was the same only we could go on
different hikes at night. On Sat
urday we had track meeting.
Our division, defeated division
Xo. 1,—80-48. On Sunday wre
, bad a swimming meet, we also
won that. I do not know the
score. We also had iee cream for
dessert for supper. Division No.
1 got double dessert for beating
the staff members in a game of
Sunday morning we had Sun
day school in the woods. Some of
the order boys that were higher
class got to ride hours in the boat.
Every boy that went gained in
weight. The only sad story was
Ralph Holloway who had to leave,
camp on account of an earache.
We left company Wednesday for
Stories by Jean Terrell
There lived a dog who was very
selfish and greedy. Going home
one night he came across a fat
juicy bone on his way home. There
were other >dogs who tried to get
the bone, but the big old dog
would not let them have it. As
he came across the bridge be saw
the reflection in the brook of a
dog with a bone, he snapped and
to his surprise it was not a dog
but himself and he drowned him
---■■■ '■ T1
Scwne years ago a boy named
< arl was very kind. He was get
ting ready to go to school. His
mother said do not stop for any
one, the boy said allright and
went on. On his way he saw a
man running across the street and
a car about to run into him, so
< arl called to the man in time to
save him. And Carl was a brave
7 ...
When Hallowe'en came Tom’s
mother said, do not put soap on
peoples windows, Tom said [
won't. When night came, some
boys were putting soap on the
windows. They asked if he could
put some soap on. Tom said yes.
When the lady found soap on her
window's she got after the boys.
They all got away but Tom and
she carried him to his mother and
she whipped him. Tom never did
that again.
When the 4-th of July came Al’s
mother told him not to buy any
fire crackers until she came back
from visiting. A1 was only six
years old and his mother knew
how dangerous they were. A1
disobeyed his mother and for a
while he had a fine time. Then
he lit a fire cracked and it went
off in his face just as his mother
walked into the yard. He was
rushed to the hospital and had to
stay there all summer.
* * m.
How I Enjoyed My Cooking
by Helen Bradshaw
T am a little girl, 10 years old,
and haven’t had much experience
in cooking, only through my mo
ther and Mrs. Lewis. I can set the
table myself. Mrs. Lewis taught
us children how to make salads,
such as Bean, Egg and Golden
Rod. Mrs. Lewis was very nice
about letting us girls cook. There
was about sixteen in our class. The
ages from ft to 10. And the hours
were from 12 to 1. Tt was great
the way they took interest in
for 3 Days. Sun., Mon., & Tues.
on 24th St. between Franklin and
Seward Sts.
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