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    APRIL 25, 1007.
which sit pikers who won't pay. It was
an exciting and brilliant bit of work on
both sides, but it doesn't interest the man
with a torpid liver, and a stomach that
rejects everything but hot water and a
medicinal tablet of bran and alfalfa.
But what a temple this botiy is when It
is taken care of; when all the vital or
gans are performing; their functions har
moniously. No headache, no bad taste in
the mouth, no all-gone 'feeling when you
happen to get around fifteen minutes Jato
for dinner, no nightmare in the "Vtiily
watches." and no haunting apprenensious
when about your daily duties. That which
impairs the body i.s sinful for the reason
that' these 'mortal--temples are givtn us
as a sacred trust and by the provisions
of the Creator are so fortified against
disease that it is only through repeated
violations of the unwritten laws of nature
that serious trouble ensues. Health is
the natural condition of everything: that
lives, and is paramount to all other bless
ings, unless it be salvation, of which it
is no unimportant part.
"Glorify God in your body." That means
to be temperate in eating and drinking,
prudent in avoiding unnecessary exposure
and the misseraMe dissipations of "lam
hours and convivial companionship To
observe regular habits, to keep clean, to
hold the passions in check, to breath the
pure air and drink in the sunlight; to
cultivate kindly thoughts and hopeful an
ticipations, these constitute the "reason
able service," the rewards of which are
a hundred fold more than the sacrifices.
This lump of dust I own I am aware
Is not a very elegant affair.
But it has served me through this vale of
- tearrf
As my abvie for more than fifty years.
It isn't very hnnds6me I'll admit,
And I'll be triad when I am done with It,
But while upon this sinful earth I walk
This is my home I'm -not a-goir.g to
Because some friends outside the gates
of bliss -Are
cooped up in a fairer shnll than this.
My prayer is this: "Lord, if it be Thy
Preserve this house a little longer still. -The
earth is fair and friends look good
to me,
And there is much this side the Jafeper
sea ' -
To lure O, help me walk in wisdom's
And fill my heart with thankfulness and
Dear Lord, it is so plain that fools may
Thfso mortal bodies are a gift from Thee.
If we defile these sacred tempies, then
We reap disease. Thy laws are )usL"
' Ax.'.en. ".' "' '"' " '" . ' ' ' V '
Anyone who has traveled over the
pine-forested hills of Michigan md
then journeys extensively through the
sand hill region of Western Nebraska
cannot fail to be impressed with the
possibilities of pine-tree culture in this
state. When the wanderer finds far
out on the sandy divides, between the
Snake and the Middle L.oup the charred
stumps of groat, pine trees, where now
no pino forests are in the vicinity, he
is puzzled to understand how these for
ests disappeared. Early elk hunters in
this region were often surprised by
stumbling upon the stumps of these
dead sandhill lorestr. Did these pine
trees grow there during lor.g cycles of
wet years which kept , the , fires from
destroying them? Who knows. - But
the very abundant growth of young
pine back from the ravines of the Nio
brara river, wherever fires are kept
out, add;-; to the hope inspired by me
planting op 500,000 young pine trees
this month by the United .State:-; gov
ernment on its forest reserve in th
Dismal river region.
(Norfolk News.)'
A successor to Judge Samuel
II. Sedgwick is to be elected
this year, and that successor
should be the judge himself.
Judge Sedgwick is serving his
first term in the of?.?", having
been elected five years ago last
fall for a term of six years, and
having been a fair and just
judge, he is entitled in all fair
ness to nnomination and re
election. He lias unusual abil
ity, is conservative, careful and
fair minded. His record on the
bench of the supreme court of
this state has proven that he
Is honest, absolutely incorrupt
ible and has tho courage of his
convictions to stand by what he
thinks Is right. Hi high ap
preciation of the responsibility
of the olliee which lie hold will
not nJlow him to devlat from
hit opiiiinn of what i; fair and
Jut between man and
mutter whether his Ido.i har
monise with public opinion ""
not. il in wald o him that af
ter be has m:idc up hi mtm!
thnt a thing I r!tvi, that hi
official - I"'"" would ii id Unit
way, If In- knw thai In- would
be ims politically tin
niU tni'iii.-iu I Uit li- U usually
tlsM mil tli' nplnimii wriMi-n
b him hiv -aid to n id ,lik-
H.uhiK In J'Ik S'ditwhW n
Kuoit Jud.'. Ibf ripuMtcui
party nlnmhl try t -tTt-tinnt
thii ar, but nhutl
lull 'if n bit renmnlnatlon
tttid tbrtlon.
i '""' i ' ,, , n
N APPRECIATIVE review of the
work of the Nebraska legislature
is given by John P. Spreeoher in hia
paper, the Schuyler Free Lance:
People of the state, as a general
rule, regardless of politics, unite in
saying that the last session of the leg
islature was the best session wo have
ever had in the state. Of course, peo
i are extremists and tho last is al
ways the worst or the best in every
line, but in this we think it is well
put and that it was the best, from a
people's standpoint, that we have ever
had. There are 'some corporation ele
ments who are not feeling so well over
it and a few partisan democrats who
insist on rcfering to all as "fake re
form" or else want to claim all the
credit due for their party, but In main
there is a general public approval of
the session.
Roth houses and the governor were
republican and the democrats were a
small minority and to the party in
power (toes the great credit go, as it
should: Yet, while the republicans
were in the majority and are entitled
from a political standpoint to ah
credit, still the democratic minority
was a good one and but for it there
would be little to boast of. While
majority of the republicans of both
houses were for the people, still a
large element was of the old-time
corporation brand and with republican
votes alone nothing, would have been
accomplished. So while we give -the
republicans- as a party all credit, we
must not forget to bo fair with the
The republicans had as a result in
view the fulfilment of all platform
pledges, and for. the first time in the
history of the state that was done.
What a grand precedent Is here estab
lished! Just thing of the people for
once being able to read a platform
and know that it meant what it said.
Surely the milleniun has come in poli
tics. On the railroad question for once th r
legislature has done something- and
while it may not be in as great and
full measure as could be desired, it
is simply wonderful, just the same.
They passed an anti-pass law, a ter
minal taxation law, cut the passenger
fare to 2 cents per mile, made a 2
cent. mileage book good for family use,
cut present freight rates 15 per cent,
passed a bill empowering the new
railroad commission so the. people may
ecare relief by that means, cut ex
press rates 25 per cent, require jail
roads to im-tal track i-cales and fur
nish shippers with weights, prevents
railroads from enjoining tax collec
tions in the future, holds railroad
companies responsible for the death of
or accident to employes' negligence,
prevents trains from obstructing cross,
ings more than ten minutes, require
operators to hi over twenty-one years
of age and makes stealing .rides on
cars a crime. What more could be
done. in the ruilr-oad line, unless it be
a heavier degree? Surely the railroad
question was legislated this time in
full from u people's standpoint.
Over two hundred bills were passed
and many of them reform measures,
we cannot here enumerate. The direct
primary law, prevention of child labor,
anti-lobby 'aw, pure food law, prohi
biting pooling as Jo bridge contracts,
protect the landlord as against his
tenant in regard to crops and a hun
dred other measures good for the pub
lic. It certainly was a great session
and a session of 'the people.
To Governor Sheldon is due to a
great measure this result. The cam
paign he made last fall on the sub
jects, following his legislative record
before in the same lines, aroused a
public sentiment that meant results.
He was instrumental In forming the
platfoim of his party and he talked
it on the stump, standing squarely cn
it after elected. Governor Sheldon Is
a man of the people and is sincere and
The republican party in Nebraska
i in -tt !iMit rendition to go bcfor
t tie people another year nnd there li
no use putting up a democratic ticket
us with proper nominations the Mate
will be mfr republican than ever and
It hhould 1. The democrat it; opjHi
tunlty in Xrhruxka is pant. They had
a grand opportunity and proved un
faithful tit th trust and mmply "fako
r; form n " who- prm'-"' :J profusely
and giive nothing In return.
Tin ipu!Ut thirty w aa a '
movi iiit nt in N braka ami had a
piuuorm Hf piinffplit that were grand,
but the p.ilfv Wi,ut Ifd by a tur.h of
doumnn In im-rn w ho were iaiy
prt'.v wit.i ill'- purty w u fake,
Th' populist party deserved A better
fat but it iiiirltftl the inrly liitt
It tlid n ! fx)' th Koim! of ull houll
h.ip dn'i! rli-r. Ii. H combine with
tlt dnii rat It w an a tinttlnc ef th
"reform f ri V th arMt of the
fetip!f but It for tb" nrbiit of
the loaves and fishes for the use of
the greatest bunch of corporation tools
ever in power in the state.
If there ever was a political element
entitled justly to the term "fake re
formers" It v was that demo-populist
combine and yet the leaders of that
outfit today have nerve enough to -bit
back and sneerlngly refer to the re
publicans as "fako reformers."
BLACIEll ice is now delivered to
some of the Sarger consumers of
Lyons and other cities of Europe.
There are . so many railways in the
LAlps at present that It has been found
profitable to gather this ice and trans
port it to tho cities, where it Is pre
ferred to other Ice because of its hard
ness and lasting qualities. , This Ice
Is blasted and mined In the same man
ner as stone Is quarried.
The writer of this 'article served as
a populist member of-the senate and
house both and was at one time a
leading member of the party in the
state, when almost any official prefer
ence was his for the taking, but h
was disguested with the outfit and re
tired because, he would not go in with
the outfit of pass riders and corpora
tion tools. We learned then that to
denounce the leaders of the movement
as to what they were was to losa
prestige and to be termed a disturber
and a disorganizer. One could not
stay in tho fusion ranks and be true
to himself an.1 true to what he ad
vocated and have any standing or pre
ferment. No wonder such a roten out
fit slid out.
And as the republican editors today
are largely responsible for tho great
record made by that paity,- so were
the democratic and popullstlc editors
responsible for the miserable results
of the so-called "reform forces." Those
popullstlc and democratic editors were
ever on tha hurrah for the "reform
forces" and became a bunch of hero
worshipers who had nothing in view
as to results and seemed to care noth
ing for official records, but were like
a lot of poll parrots mouthing over re
form policies that were fakes. They
were a lot of idolaters who worshipped
their leaders from Bryan down and
did not consider that an honest service
for the people was' necessary- nor that
platform pledges were anything to be
considered." ' ". "' -.
We give credit where credit is duo
and say that the republicans have
done what the populists and demo
crats should have done years ago and
would if they were anything but a lot
of "fake reformers."
Mark Au, who says he is the cham
pion pedestrian of the world, has just
finished a 60.000 mile walk. He started
on August 6, 1900, to walk the 60,000
miles in seven years and to earn his
living on the way. He did so, with
nearly six months to spare. He traveled
through Spain, Portugal, Germany,
Holland, ftelgiuni, Switzerland, and
twice through France. He speake only
English. lie had plenty of adven
tures. He was five times lost in snow
drifts, robbed, shot at, stabbed and
stoned. The object of the long ramp
was to j.) rove that a workman is not
used up at the age of forty-five.
Signor Ilnine, an Italian inventor,
whose name is associated with wire
less telephones, has perfected another
departure in swift electric communica
tion. His new invention i.s ono for
sending telephonic and telegraphic
messages simultaneously along the
same wire by means of an arrange
ment setting in motion electric waves
of varying energy which neither over
lap nor mingle. The control is so com
plete that messages can be exchanged
between any two points notwithstand
ing that other stations intervene,
Municipal authorities of Barmen,
Prussia, have been requested to ad
vertise for a dentist who is willing to
attend an elephant, an Inmate of th
local "Zoo." The elephant suffers
from peevishness, in consequence of
frequent attacks of toothache, caused
by an 'overabundance of sweets. A t
such times he is practically unman-
ageable-. . "i'lie .locftldent-ista refuse to
attempt to fill his teeth. One dentist
was brave enough to try to examine
an aching tooth, but the enraged ele
phant chased him around the enclos
ure, and the dentist afterward sent i i
a bill for damage caused by the shock.
if' i
4? ,l
.1, (1 : v
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