The independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1902-1907, June 25, 1903, Page 15, Image 15

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JUNE 25, 1903.
iTlhos Stoo5 .Will- be CDosad l
All rlnrr fVio "EVvniif'h vPTnlrr HTViorA'a o Inf. fvf tViinca rrrku ttto 4- v tt..
want to celebrate the 4th properly. We have anticipated your every want You can
buy everything you need, here, at prices that will leave you plenty of money with
which to celebrate our national holiday.
From Head
to Foot
the good dresser can fairly revftj
in the newest of summer furnish
ings. The selection shown at our
store embraces the very latest and
most exclusive designs and novel
ties from ties to underwear.
Shirts! Shirts!
We have them for gents and boys,
in , the newest styles and catchy
patterns. Price
50c 75c $100 $125
and $150
Latest desigM and snappy patterns in embroidered 4-in-hand, shield
tecKs, club ties, snield bews. Price 15c 25o and 50o
Wash Goods! W,ash Goods!
From now till July 4th will be big days in our wash goods department.
48c silk embroidered silk tissues in all colors, including white, reg
ular 60c quality; up to July 4th ;per yard. .......... 48c
42c for mercerized grenadines in colors, light blue, pink, tan, white
and black; regular price 50c; up to July 4th, per yard ...42c
32c Madonne jmercerized novelties, very sheer fabrics in a neat
combination of colors. Never sell for less than 40c per yard;
our price up to July 4th per yard . . ... ..32c
2J)c for Silk tissue, Lorraine Swiss novelties or St. Gall novelties;
regular 35c quality; up to J uly 4th, per yard 29c
23c Mercerized tissue, soie tricote lisle tissues, or any 30c wash
goods in the house, up to July 4th, per yard 23c
He for mercerized colored oxford, nothing more neat for shirt
waist suits; regular price 15c; up to July 4th......... .......... H
10c fr Whittenton crash, something cool and stylish, in natural
color, with a raised stripe of blue or red; regular price 15c;"
up to July 4th, per yard................. ......10c
Ladies' Gauze Union Suits.
Proper weights for Summer wear. Splendid
- 5 r values for this week's buyers.
Jersey ribbed, in white, low neck, sleeveless, with full or knee
length pants, regular price 75c; this week.
Jersey ribbed, in white, low neck, sleeveless, and knee pants
trimmed m lisle lace; also Jersey ribbed, in white, full sleeve and
full length pants; regular price,50c, this week.
Jersey ribbed, in white, no sleeves, knee pants, trimmed in lace;
special this week ,
NEW LOT SUMMER BELTS made of pique. Belts that will wash
and always look well. Our price till July 4th , ftQn
choice, each , . LOu
Comfortable Corsets for Summer
Lightness, flexibility and strength -the ideal
requirements in summer corsets are combined
in scientific proportions in our summer models.
G-D. Justrite style 442. Dip hip, 4-hook,
11 inch clasp, long dip front and hip, low bust
Made of excellent quality batiste, neatly trim
med with heading of same material and val
lencienccs lace. Comes in whit only
and the latest of corsets ....1 00
G-D. Justrite Style 277. 4-hook, 11-inch
front steel, low bust, short corset, top and bot
tom trimmed with ribboned lace. One of the
most popular shapes. Made of fine quality
white batiste Price '
each....... 0o
G-D. Style G54. 4-hook, 10 -inch clasp,
French girdle, top and bottom trimmed with
elegant lace. Made of fine quality white
blue and pink batiste. Price, each.... ..50c
G-D. Justrite style C53. 4-hook, 12-inch clasp, medium low bust, cut
away hip, top trimmed with silk edging. Made of best quality im-
ported net . Price, each 50c
G-D. Justrite Merrimac short corset. Low bust, 4-hook, 11-inch
clasp, top and bottom trimmed with silk edging. Made of best
quality imported net Price, each . . ......... , 50c
Shoes for the Glorious Fourth.
HOW Can VOU eni'nv ihn Fnnrfh in hnairv nnnnmrt KU ek. VAII
j 7- e lignt we'Shts and easy summer shoes for men, women
and children; full of style and not expensive.
Street Shoes, Oxfords and Colonial Ties.
Made from natent rf rmfont.
This is the comfortable footwear for summer. ' Come and see what we
have to offer.
$3.98 for a Dress Skirt.
It will be to your benefit to select nnn nf nnr tnnn HiViiinn rMh nQs
Skirts They are in blue and black, plaited seams and cross straps;
a good value at $5.00. Special till July 4th. . ,v. . . . . ....... . . . . 3 gg
$5.98 for a Dress Skirt.
To ' reduce OUT Sfnflr onusn.irnrn Kaif. nnliiit.mlfi.Ju'
skirts with seven-inch trail, trimmed with good taffeta silk, in blue, black
and brown: an excellent carmen t for this nrir a Wa'omII h1m -
them on sale till July 4th at. ., , . . . 4 45 gg
98c for a Ladies' Waist. v
Here is unnfher nhnnrA tr awnr inn rt nnr ramilm. t1 OK aJio' o'kt.i
Waists. We Will IllaPA OUT AnHrA liriA nf a; hi fa linnna tf)sraA AKamU-tm
and batistes for ypur inspection. They are all of the very latest style
and the cream of this season at $1.25. Your choice of them for 9gc
$ 1.29 for a Li non Waist a
Out regular $1.50 white linon waist, made of crood aualitv linon with 3
rows of tucking on back and sleeves; front fully tucked with 2 i',. : ,
rowsofcluny lace; cheap at this price; will go at. SI 29 ;
The 'M' Underwaist
TheM underwaists for boys and girls.
, We have them in ecru and white; Sizes 2
atol2 years. Number 15 for any size 15c.
Number 25 for any size 25c.
Th -wr Wbjsu
In all the HAWAt dftsiirns. mad a w11 fit waII tA frimma rtinmAl
We are making a SPECIAL offer for this week at the following attractive
ON FIVE STYLES ladies' corset covers, nicelv trimmed in m. in.
broidery or lace; regular 60c value; this week, each. 4uC
THREE STYLES in ladies' corset covers, trimmad in 1 nA
ace inserting; bargains at 75c; 6ale price...., ......DuC
THREE STYLES in ladies' corset rnvern. lrimmA1 in 1a nnA in.
Swiss embroidery; regular $1.00 value at , luC
THREE STYLES in ladies' corset covers, fronts made of lace and era
broidery inserting; real beauties at $1.25; sale price, 00a
this week ..uOu
Domestic Bargains for This Week.
50 pieces good apron gingham, 5c a yard. "
10 pieces of Russian crash, all linen, good qual. at 10c; our price now 7c yd.
40 fieces good LL unbleached muslin, 36 in. wide; now oc a yard.
1000 yards best American prints, in blue, black and gray. Regular 6c
value; 4ic a yard.
1500 yards of good quality bleached muslin, 36 inches wide; bargain at
regular, price of 7c; our price this week 5Jc.
1000 yards of fancy straw ticking; our regular 121c quality; goes at 10c yd
: Fancy weaves in straw Tam O'Shanters for girls, worth 50c; i
to close out, each 39c
Ail-Over Laces and Embroideries.
We show a very strong line in white, cream and black laces at the
most popular prices 25, 35, 45, 50, 60, 75c and $1.00 a yard.
Embroidery all-over in whiter u- havA ih.m in fannv c(rm. mA
floral designs in a long list of prices-45, 50, 75, 85c, $1.00, $1.15, $1.35. $1.50.
$1.05, $1.85 and $2.00 a yard. ' "