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JUNE 18, 1903.
News of the Week
The latest news from the Philip
pines is that the regions inhabited by
the Moros is to be made a colony of
the Philippine colony. A colony of a
colony is a new thing In the world,
but the attempt of the imperialists to
engraft colonies upon a free republic
I likely to produce many entangle
ments such as statesmen never
dreamed of in all the history of gov
The Chamberlain proposition to es
tablish protection in England has met
with almost universal opposition in
parliament and the ministers were ob
liged In order to save the government
fiom dissolution to declare that it
was not the policy of the cabinet, but
only the private opinion of Mr. Cham
berlain and Mr. Balfour, and was not
to be adopted as a government policy.
In the discussion, Sir John Gorst re
peated a statement that has often
been made in these columns. He
said: "A great portion of the rising
generation in the United Kingdom Is
already so degenerate and poverty
stricken that anything tending to in
crease the price of food would threaten
a national disaster."
The later speeches of the president
on his recent trip were all non-political
and consisted for the most part of
trite aphorisms with which all would
agree, pertaining to the same truths
that we were all taught in our youth
and read in the school books. Then?
was one sentence delivered at the
dedication of the new church to which
the president belongs in Washington
worth preservation. He said: "Ona
sad, one lamentable phase, of human
history is that the very loftiest words
implying the loftiest ideas have been
used as cloaks for the commission of
dreadful deeds of iniquity." No ppp
ulist can help reflecting that just such
words as these wore used as cloaks for
the dreadful deeds of Iniquity which
has accompanied the whole imperial
policy from the beginning. Th3
slaughter of 300,000 innocent people
waa called "benevolent assimilation,"
"duty,", "destiny" and "the guiding
hand of providence." The president
U a supporter of imperialism.
as the state of Nebraska' and lies be
tween Austria and Turkey.
There were only six passengers
killed on all the railroads last year In
Great Britain and the year before
none at all. Compare that with the
slaughter of thousands by the Ameri
can railroads run to make dividends
on watered stock.
Reports are being published charg
ing the most inhuman treatment of
military prisoners at Malahl military
prison, located at Lruna Bay, near
Manila. The prisoners have been
able to smuggle out a report of their
treatment (which is most horrible
and make a plea to the authorities at
Washington. But what hope is there
that any relief can be obtained from
imperial authorities 10,000 miles
away? An army serving in a foreiga
country where it has despotic power
and where the people are looked upon
as an inferior race always has and
always will become brutalized. From
torturing Filipinos it is a natural step
to torturing prisoners of our own
The massacres of Christian Mace
donians by the Turkish troops is mucn
more extensive and horrible than that
of the Jews at Klshineff and there are
no public protests in this or any other
country. The reason of that is that
the German emperor is a friend of
the sultan and stands every other
country off that would be Inclined to
interfere. The Germans have large
interests and many special franchises
In Turkey. The degree of horror ex
pressed for massacres of innocent peg
pie Is mainly gaged by money inter
ests. If there were no immensely
wealthy Jews In this country, the
great dailies would treat the murder
and outrages in Klshineff in an en
tirely different manner. The poor
Macedonians have no wealthy friends
King Alexander and Queen Draga
of Servia were murdered in their pal
ace last Thursday night and new
government under a new dynasty was
set up. It was a plot entered into by
some of the king's ministers, an aid-de-camp
and others within the palaca
and the military outside. It appears
that, the people made no protest and
quietly ' accepted the change. Kin;;
Alexander has been very -unpopular.
Tie overthrew the constitution of the
country in an arbitrary way a few
months ago and had married a disre
putable woman. The person to be pro
claimed as the new king is very
friendly with Russia. Servia is a lit
tle country about one-fourth as large
Henry Watterson advocates the
nomination of Attorney Folk of St
Louis, the man who has convicted s
many boodlers and bribe givers, by
the next national democratic conven
tion. Whether Folk has any qualifica
tions for the office or not Is not
known. That he Is an able lawyer and
an honest man everybody agrees, but
the people would want to know what
he thinks about asset curjency, trusts
and tariffs.
Tom Johnson has made good hi3
threat to drive every democrat out of
the party who voted for the fifty-year-
franchises. He made the fight so hot
that six of the eight who so voted did
not attempt to secure a renomination
and the other two he defeated. Tom
made a three days' campaign in one
county where one of these democratic
republicans seemed likely to get a
romination. If the whole democratic
party , had followed the same policy
iu regard to the Hill-Cleveland group
of republican-democrats the party
would now be in a position to win the
next national election.
During the last five months the
holders of U. S. steel stock, preferred
and common, have suffered a loss "of
$61,000,000. The dailies are all nor."
declaring that the bottom has been
reached, but. we will have to wait to
see. Lord Rothschilds has joined the
other great financiers in trying to
bolster up the market He declares
that prosperity has come to stay and
that stocks will now advance aaln.
It looks to The Independent very
much like Rothschilds gave out that
interview for the purpose of prevent
ing a panic.
The position taken by the waiters'
union of Chicago that they would not
arbitrate and denying the right of
employers to organize, while they
claimed that right for themselves, ha3
resulted in their complete overthrow.
The conservatlveness of the real la
bor union leaders in that city was
shown when the denounced the wait
ers' union and declared that they had
no sympathy with it Labor cannot
adopt the policies of rapacious capi
talists and succeed. .
Some time ago The Independent in
formed its readers of the fact that
the decision in the Northern Securities
case had been brought about by the
Harriman and Rockefeller Interests
and that the object was the overthrow
of Hill. Now it is announced in Wall
street that Hill has absolutely lost
control of the Northern railroad sit
uation and that J. Pierpont Morgan
hap also been eliminated so far. that
he can act only as a banker. The
Northern Pacific railroad control goe3
into the hands of Rockefeller, Gou'd
and Harriman. If the information that
The Independent furnishes its readers
was distributed to all the people of
the United States, in five years the
whole political and economic situa
tion could be changed.
It seems that the corner in cotton
will work a world-wide disturbance in
business and cause immense losses to
manufacturers and wage-worker
alike. It is said that D. J. Sully, W.
P Brown and the McFaddens have a
compact which covers the whole cot
ton producing world. The suffering
will not be confined to this country
and Europe, but will be most intense
in Asia.
The insidious and silent manner in
which the Servian army was won over
b the assassins who murdered Kin?
Alexander and Queen Draga has pro
duced a state of alarm In the capital
of every crowned head of Europe.
Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria has fled
the country and refuses to return. In
Berlin, Vienna and Rome there is al
most a panic in the palaces. The tax
ing of the people to create and main
tain immense standing armies may be
the downfall of several dynasties and
Europe may become a sea of . blood.
The people of Amesville, O., as "a
joke," elected a tramp who had just
spent fourteen months In the work
house, mayor. They relied on the
new Mark Hanna law, giving the gov
ernor power to remove mayors, think
ing that the tramp could be removed,
but it was found that he could not bo
removed until he had done something
while, in office that could be charged
against him. The scheme was to have
him removed so that the old mayor,
who was very unpopular, could be re
tained for another term. It was a
nice republican scheme, but it did not
It is announced from Washingtoi
that great efforts ro bein" rio o
suppress a full publication of the facts
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Lincoln, Neb.
Lincoln, Neb.
in regard to the postoffice scandals.
The suppressed matter relates to Per
ry Heath and several members of the
republican national committee.
The Interstate commerce commis
sion has hauled up the Burlington, the
Rock Island, .the Frisco, the Missouri
Pacific, the Union Pacific, the Mil
waukee, the Alton, the Santa Fe, tho
Wabash, the M. K. &.T., the North
western, the St Louis Southwestern,
and a number of scalier lines of rail
roads and demands that an answer
be made why they have recentlj ar
bitrarily raised rates. If that com
mission had any power to control
rates, something might come of it,
but it has not. All that the investiga
tion will amount to is a pretence of
doing something In the interest of tho
people. The railroads control the
body that created the commission,
namely, the congress of the United
States, and will continue to control ic
as long as the republican party re
mains in power.
The modern "devil wagons," as au
tomobiles are called, are creating
more havoc in Great Britain than iu
the United States. The matter was
brought up in parliamnet the other
day and the following statement was
made: "Every day harmless and in
offensive persons, who presume to
think they have some right -to the
public roads, have to fly to the hedge3
and ditches for refuge. No one dare
ttke his dog for a walk without run
ning grave risks of seeing it reduced
to a mass of blood and bone. In the
villages a reign of terror has set in.
Neither riding, driving, walking nor
ordinary farm occupations, necessitat
ing the use of the public roads, are
likely to be undertaken." The selfish
rich having gobbled almost every
thing else in this world, are now taK
ing the last refuge, the public high
way, from the use and enjoyment of
the poor. Will the patient masses for
ever bear the tyrannies and exploita
tions of the rich without protest?
Postoffice stealing has been traced
to New York and the whole republi
can machine of that state seems to
have been engaged in the thieving
business. There was never such a
morally rotten organization on the
whole earth as the republican party.
While there are good, honest men and
even officeholders In its ranks, the
managers of the party seem to be
degenerates. :
The last boost that the plutocratic
papers have given Cleveland since his
nomination for a third term by the
democratic party ended in such a fiz
zle, Is to announce that he is to be
offreed the presidency of the Univer
sity of Virginia which Thomas Jef
ferson founded. The propriety of
making a man who never attended
college and is not even a high acho.
graduate, the head of a great univer
sity Is in accordance with many of tha
ideas of plutocratic writers for tho
great dailies.
After the awful floods that de
vasted Kansas and portion of St.
Louis the country drew a sigh of re
lief In the thought that such calami
ties for the season were over. But
there comes a tale of disaster from
Oregon where the town of Hepner was
struck by a cloudburst and a wall of
water rolled over It said to be fifty
feet high. Something like 500 people
were drowned, whole families bein?
swept off at once. It is the saddest
disaster of this year of disasters. The
town was situated in a valley and the
water came down so suddenly that
there was no chance of escape.
Cholera has again broken out
among our troops in the Philippines.
Six deaths are reported for the week
ending June 10. The punishment of
this nation for its imperialism seems
to be never-ending. Of what benefit
to us or the Filipinos is it to keep
thousands of soldiers in those islands
to die of horrible tropical diseases?
Berlin dispatches up to noon Wed
nesday showed sweeping gains for the
social democrats in the reichstag elec
tion Tuesday. In twenty places the
election must be held over because no
candidate had a majority. Of 198 dis
tricts the centrists captured 60; so
cialists, 53; conservatives, 21; other
parties, 24. Four agrarian leaders,
Hahn, Roesick, Lucke and Ortel. were
defeated. At the 1898 general election
in Germany the reichstag election
stood: Social democrats, 16; cen
trists, 108; national democrats, 56;
national liberals, 49; conservatives, 62;
Dcnulists. 30: free conservatives 20 ! ,
anti-semites, 3; people's, 14; total, 358.'
fit - I'Hl .Idfll
Lincoln, Neb.