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JUNE 11. 190S.
3 I
Nervous, Chronic,
Other Dls s !
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- BOOK 2. Chapter V.
When a government issues Its cer
tificates stamped with the "money"
symbol, "and makes those certificates
express truly the quantity of value
actually received in exchange for
them by that government, and makes
them transferrable by delivery, an J
conclusive procf of payment, and a
peremptory - eipt by "tender"
against tax levies "In the public of
fices" and against judgments "in the
courts," that government does there
by "coin" its"money"-and in thus
exercising the "power to coin money"
it exercises the power of taxation.
A certificate thus endowed has pow
er to perform every beneficial service
for man "in the public offices and in
the caurts of the United States" tnat
a gold coin can perform no matter
how flimsy may be the material upon
which it is coined.
Ou.slde of those offices and courts,
neither a gold coin nor any other,
thing has any power as a conclusive
proof of payment, as a receipt by its
tender, except as that power is con
ferred upon it by statute.' Outside of
the satisfaction by tender, or tax lev
ies and judgments "in the public offi
ces and in the courts," every 'payment
of obligation of every nature is a
voluntary transaction and rests,
like exchanges, upon the agrement of,
the parties.
And let it be noted that this stat
utory power to perform a statutory
service - beneficial to men, constitutes
the utility the only util
ity of "coin," and is the power men
strugle to obtain dominion over; and
the resulting expenditure of human
energy in that competitive struggle for
their possession, produces the force . A
demand for. coin which maintains
their statutory "valuation."
But when such certi-cates, whether
stamped as a damnable and iniquit
ous falsehood upon some favorite's
private gold (for which government
received nothing) or a; a truthful ac
knowledgement of the receipt by the
government of the quantity of value
expressed upon its face (as on - a
"greenback"), are presented to the
custodian of a tax levy or a judgment,
"in the public offices and in the
courts," such "tender" conclusively
proves that payment of the tax levy
or judgment had already been once
made, and, without any agreement
with anybody, satisfies and cancels
the claim. Unlike exchanges and vol
untary payments it does not rest upon
agreement or contract.
It is not coins, nor diamonds, nor
silver, nor gold, which thus pays these
claims. The tender of such certificates
in those two places , is the authorita
tive and conclusive declaration of the
government that the bearer had al
ready paid that amount to the gov
ernment as taxes in advance of any
tax levy; and whether tax levy or
judgment, that government is its cus
todian, and having already received
from the bearer the q .antity of value
expressed, compels the creditor to ac
cept the means of satisfying tax lev
ies or nothing in t'ae case of the
judgment; and accepts it as a receipt
and conclusive proof of payment in
the case of the t-.x levy.
Outside the public offices and courts
the power of "tender" does not ex
ist. In those two places its power is
absolute and arbitrary.
A certificate of the character we are
dealing with i. the only real coin.
It is a mere question cf evidence, over
the sufficiency of which the power of
government is absolute. It is a con
clusive receipt for "value," presumed
to have been paid by the bearer in
taxes advanced to government in its
hour of need. .
Every litigant who goes Into court
submits himself to its jurisdiction and
is compelled to accept its ad-judication-ror
nothing. The govern
ment having by statute endowed its
certificates of advance payment of
taxes with exclusive power to per
form a' beneficial statutory service for
man, (the performance of which is ur
gent and universally required by stat
ute, and which is likewise beneficial
to the government), assumes the right
to compel those, " ose claims it en
forces, to accept those "coins" as a
substitute and in satisfaction for their
claims, in return for compelling the
debtor to so satisfy them.
And this is not inequitable, because
the creditor will sorely need those cer
tificates called "coin," as- the only
means of securing deliverance from
his own obligation to meet tax levies
and judgments; or else the need of
others for them, for that inevitable
service, will enable him to obtain in
exchange for them a quantity of util
ity of a valuation equal to that ex
pressed in. his judgment
i Government has no right to compel
people in their dealings with each
other to accept such certificates in
exchange for their services or
valuable commodities. But in deal
ings between the government and the
people this is always done; as where
it has conscripted men to form an
army, paying them with such certifi
cates, and using that army to forcibly
impress needed commodities which,
are paid for by the same means.
But whatever governments may d.
upon their own account, and for their
own advantage, it is not within the
power of government to extend the
power of "tender" so as to compel
one private person, when dealing with
another (outside of public offices and
courts), to perform beneficial service
or deliver valuxble commodities in
exchange for such certificates or
"coin." But - wherever governmental
power is supreme, as it is both "in
the public offices" and "in the courts,"
there it is competent for that govern
ment to make such certificates or
"coin" conclusive proof of payment,
and also to compel their "tender" as
the only means of making that proof.
x When the United States stamps tho
talismanic words, "United States of
America Ten Dollars," and declares
by statute that all taxpayers and judg
ment debtors shall use that, and noth
ing else, as the only means of freeing
themselves from the burdens of tax
levies and judgments, by "tendering"
It "in the public ofilces and in the
courts;" and on the other hand de
clares such tender shall be sufficient
proof that they h a v e been paid;
these acts being performed in tin
public offices and in the courts are
within the jurisdiction of a sovereign
We arrive, then, where we can per
ceive that the American gold eagle
has exactly two powers and nc oth ers.
It can perform no office except
as a peremptory receipt, 'by its "ten
der," in the public offices and courts,
as conclusive proof of payment prev
iously made by its bearer. It has no
authority or power elsewhere. It does
not pay anything; it simply proves
conclusively that payment had al
ready been made.
The attempts of economists to ac
count for the -"value" of coin excite
pity. . John Stuart Mill, smothered by
the received rubbish, gives the fol
lowing explanation:
"As the whole of the goods in th3
market compose the demand for mon
ey, so the whole of the money con
stitutes the demand for the goods.
The money and the goods are seeking
each other for the purpose of being
exchanged. They are reciprocally sup
ply and demand to one another."
Jfol. Ec, p. 27.
"So that the value of money, other
things being the same, varies in
versely as Its quantity; every increase
of quantity lowering the value and
every diminution raising it in a ratio
exactly . equivalent This." it must be
observed, is a property peculiar to
money." Id, p. 30.
Absurdity could go no further. The
proposition that inert "goods on the
market" could "compose the de
mand for money" is such a pre
posterous statement that we are as
tonished to find it seriously put forth
by so distinguisned a man as Mill.
"So the whole of the money consti
tutes the demand for the goods." If
you pile all the coin and all the goods
in the United States up in two heaps,
while all the inhabitants betake them
selves to distant countries, would the
coin and goods constitute the force
of demand for each other?
It is clear that Man is the active
factor, and that it is the expenditure
of his energy in efforts directed to ob
tain exclusive possession of things in
the adverse . possession of others
unose efforts being restrained from
taking the form of violence) which
produces the force of demand And
this is necessarily as true of one com
rcodity as another; as true of coin as
il is of corn.
(Continued Next Week.)
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