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    JUNE 11, 1903.
ment day, two weeks off. With the
gold bullion on board, interest cnarga
hour by hour figure up no small
amount on the big consignment cf
The contest between the homestead
ers acting under the law and the nig
cattlemen who are acting in direct
violation of the law seems to increase
in violence. Three men were mur
dered ' in Cheyenne county, Kansas,
and those who perpetrated the deed,
being threatened with a mob, the gov
ernor of Kansas ordered out thejni
litia. All The Independent has to say
is that the law ought to be enforced in
regard to fencing of public land and
: r. is against, good public policj
the law ought to be changed. If tha
administration had given positive no
tice that the law would be enforced,
no violence would have occurred. '
When it comes to assessing corpor
ations, republican boards of , equaliza
tion are same everywhere. In Colo
rado the board has reduced the as
sessment of railroads and express
companies over $1,000,000. - When this
other taxpayers vote the republican
ticket, that is what tney vote for.
They should not kick about it after
wards like Rosewater does.
W. E. Curtis is still booming Judgo
Parker of New York for the demo
cratic nomination for president. Ai
Curtis i3 one of the most partisan and
prejudiced republicans in the United
States, the reason of his activity for
Judge Parker can be very easily sur
mised. " - " 1
The colleges and universities all
over the land are publishing their
statistics, summing up the year's
work and comparing it with the re
sults of former years... The testimony
of the authorities of all the universi
ties is that for the last ten years th'i
women students have shown a capac
ity for prosecuting the most advance!
and difficult work of the universities
and that carefully prepared statistics
show that the women have led the
men in higher scholarship by 10 per
cent. The presidents say that th"5v
do not thinlc that the women have
superior minds, but the women aro
more conscientious and diligent in
their studies. College men give to)
much time to athletics and othe'
things outside of their studies.
Every day there are announcements
of more arrests and indictments or
the postolfice thieves, It now appears
that every division of the postoffics
service is infected with thieves. The
losses so far discovered amount to
more than $500,000. The thieving hi
gan with the reign of imperialism and
has continued ever since.
The famine in the province of Kwan
Si,- China, Is one of the most terriblo
ever known. The people are dying of
starvation by the thousands. Some
contributions have been sent from
this country, the Cnristian Herald
having sent $10,000 and others who
have learned of the awful suffering
there smaller sums. The heavy taxes
levied to meet the indemnity demand
ed by the rich Christian nations of
the earth are responsible for part of
ta distress.
The explanation of the Russian chi i
of police of the recent massacre Df
Jews is a fine exhibition of Russian
diplomatic writing. He charges the
Jews with being the aggressors anl
winds up with this sentence: "Tan
Russian peasants when driven j
frenzy and excited by race and relig
ious hatred, and under the influence
of alcohol, being worse than the
Americans who lynch negroes."
The Quakers of Pennsylvania ar?
taking as firm a stand against child
slavery as they did against negro
lavery in the days when Wendel
Philipps and Garrison were welcomed
to their meeting houses. At a recent
meeting Mrs. Florence Kelley, sec
retary of the National Consumers'
league, declared that child labor con
ditions were worse in that state than
in any other place in the world, nor
excepting Russia. She showed that U
the state there are now 36,000 children
between the ages of 13 and 16 em
ployed at hard labor, a greater num
ber than are employed in all th3
southern states put together. The re
publican government of the state of
Pennsylvania makes that state one of
the blackest spots on the map of the
United States. Every bill introduce 1
to abolish the slavery of the little
children was killed by the republican
members of the legislature. The wor
ship of Mammon instead of the God of
our fathers makes men devils.
The governor of Colorado has ap
pointed a woman a solonel, on hU
staff. The most fastidious cannot fin 1
serious objections to such an appoint
ment There are no duties demanded
of the members of a governor's mill-
' i
Lincoln, mi&lhMlM&l Nebr.
i L - ' 1
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tary staff which the most
woman cannot perform.
The case against the wholesale coal
dealers and operators in Chicago has
finally been settled. They formed a
combination by which the amount of
coal offered for sale was restricted
and the price raised to extortionate
figures, resulting, so the board of
health of that city testifies, in the
death of over 200 -persons and Incal
culable suffering among many other".
The only punisnment is a permanent
injunction forbidding tnem to do it
It is announced in the eastern dail
ies that Quay,' the unspeakable Boss
Quay, will be the next chairman of
the republican national committee anl
that he will have the handling of a
larger campaign fund than was ever
before collected.
from naught into the thousands."
Mr. Mosby's argument fs well pre
sented, but if those men who followed
the first man Into the wilderness,
came without money they would net
Increase the value of the first man s
farm one dollar, whether one man
came to live near him or ten thou
sand men built a city adjoining h's
fRrm, unless some or all of them
brought some money with them.
In case they brought some money
with 1hem, the value measured n
dollars per acre or front foot would b's
Money and Taxes
(Written for The Independent in an
swer to the Henry George Edition.)
Editor Independent: In an article
entitled "The Single Tax," written by
Mr. Speed Mosby, which appeared n
your Henry George Edition, Mr. Mos
by says in part: "No man, severing
himself from civilization and from ali
communication with the civilised
world can go Into the heart of a wild
erness and add one jot or tittle to th?
value of the land he finds there. All
the Improvements he may mafce can
add nothing to the value of the land.
. . . Let other men come In and build
cities and lay out farms around him,
and the value of the land will leap -T the government choosing It. But such
governed by the average number of
dollars each new comer brought with
him. Or the number of dollars pT
capita manufactured by the govern
ment they created.
A value created by the community
is always regulated by the amount
of money in the possession of each in
dividual forming that community.
Which brings the whole matter round
to the money question. ,
The question of ability to pay tax?s
would still depend on the amount cf
taxes, In dollars, and the number of
hours a person was compelled to la
bor to get possession of a dollar with
which to pay those taxes. The ability
to deprive the laborer, of the fruits t
his labor comes from having posses
sion of the dollar with which he must
pay nis taxes; whether the tax is lev
ied by the government, the money
lender or the trust manufacturer
makes no difference. The application
of the single tax might lighten the
burden of taxation now resting on the
laborer and producer, but their condi
tion will never be what it should ba
until our government issues all ou
money and controls the volume there
of. GEO. B. BOLT.
Bloomington, 111.
(Mr. Bolt's Idea Is In the main cor
rect, yet he confuses "money" with
"coin" or coined money; and con
fues "value" with "price." As Cap
tain Ashby shows, "money" is a de
vice for expressing or naming or say
ing a given quantity of "value," cr,
more accurately, a given quantity of
the force of demand; the word or
term chosen as the unit, together with
the numerals, constitutes "money" of
acts arc not done for mere pasting.
necessity compels them. And no sys
tem of taxation can be devised, per
mitting even an approach to equity,
whether the taxes be paid "in kind '
or otherwise, without the adoption of
a device, .a name or term for ex
pressing quantity or Intensity of tre
force of demand. "Money" may be
coined, but "coin" Is not a necessity
where taxes are paid "in kind."
Mr. Mosby was correct Given a
thousand persona on an island Iso
lated from all the rest of the world,
not one of them with a "coin" in hia
possession, and the force of demand
will arise as soon as some semolan'-e
of order is restored, men are prohib
ited from using violence in securing
possession of articles of utility in tne
adverse possession of another anl
they begin to employ peaceable means
of obtaining possession of these ar
ticles of utility by exchanging. Ex
change can go on without any word of
term to express quantity of the force
of demand at leist to a limited ex
tent; but the taxing power cannot be
exercised equitably without that
Mr. Bolt places too much stress upon
the per capita amount of coined mon
ey in a given locality. Much depends
upon its velocity. Upon this point ho
would do well to read Alexander Del
Mar's "Science of Money." And iu
the main he has the right Idea: That
so long as government compels the
taxpayer to procure a certain thing
which is exclusively endowed wUi
power to cancel a tax levy colnel
money just so long will the money
question be paramount Associate
fir. Edmif ten lii Lincoln
The many friends of Hon. J. H. E.1
mlsten in Nebraska and adjoining
states will be interested in knowing
that he has opened commodious of
fices in this city. He is president of
the Central Nebraska Real Estate Co.
and has associated with him several
of the best known and experienced
land agents In the west Among them
are W. F. Black B. S. Ringsby, O.
Vincent and E. D. Johnson. Anyone
looking for a home or for a land In
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J. M. Shull, Ragan, Neb.: I am for
a straight populist platform and ticket
next time, without any 'fusion witli
democrats or anyone else.