The independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1902-1907, March 12, 1903, Page 15, Image 15

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    :,r, THE. NEBRASKA-JNQEPNEDENT.-. - - ' - r -- 15
Remodel 3 eg Sale I
1 Extra Special Prices on SPRING AND; SUMMER MERCHANDISE in Ever) Department' 5
- JF? are enlarging and remodeling our store to meet the demands of our fast growing business, Many'de rev
fimo c.Yi"lrivM-rt nvtsJ pair) C linn nup stnrA tn fnfipt f.ifi nP hut -Prist tirnminn misiness. Jrianvde r- -
ft " .- " ' . in i . ' - .. fit T1 7 ... . . .7 " Iff 7 '.' . "I" 7 . j! T -J-.?.- C"
JC partments will have new locations ana all torn oe given tncreasea qpaces- : K? mve-:awanyea, mi Memuawwj p
to lighten our stoch, which is too large to move conveniently, I. The '..unusually '-large a' our nu eg
ie5 merous lines at the, JRirtrd Snecial Prices made will, we feeL reduce our stock ravidhl.. V r 2
, . - -; V " - . . . " J. , v j. v . .
During our Remodeling Sale in this department all Ready Made Gar
ments will be marked at from 10 to 15 per cent loss than actual values.
We wUl guarantee fit of all garments.-
Ladies', New Suits, 75 new designs in Etamines, Voiles, Broadcloths,
, Cheviots, Serges, Mohairs and Novelty Mixtures, in all sizes from 32 to
46, in all colors. Prices $5.00, 6.00, $7.50, $8.50, $9.00, $10.00, $12.00,
$13.50, $1150, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00, $20.00, 21.50, 22.50, 25.00, 27.00, 30.00,
and upwards to. . ; v. . . ', . . .". . . . . M . ' V . . ' '$4T SO
Silk Dress Skirts, 35 different designs, the very latest styles, in all sizesi
and all prices from 47.50 down to..,. ............ . ..... .$5 OO
Ladies' and Children's Silk Coats, in 25 different styles from $30.00 down
to... - v5 OO
Walking and Dress Skirts in 85 different styles, in Etamine, Voile, Canvas,
Cheviots, Broadcloths, Serges, Thibets and other Wool Novelties, Mel
tous etc., at from $37.50 down to.. r. ; ' .$100
Children's Suits, in Serges, Cheviots and Broadcloths, at $15.00, $12.00'
, 10.00, &50, 7.50, 6.00 and.... ........ $5 OO
Children's and Misses Skirts at $5.00, &50, 3.75, 2.75, 2.50 and..;... $2 OO
Hemstitched Scarfs and Lunch Cloths, worth 29c; special at. .. . . . . .'13c
Tapistry Pillow Tops, values up to 29c, your choice, each.'... 13c
Baby Pillow Slips, new large laundry Bags, Tapistry covers, Tapistry Slipau
with tassels, ready for use, your choice. .................... . . 29c
Stamped Linens and Pillow Tops in large variety. . ..
500 Pieces Batiste, 32 inches wide, beautiful designs; special at 15c
Imported Scotch Ginghams, beautiful quality, plain or fancies, at. . . .25c
Oxfords and Cheviots, exquisite line, all colors and styles, stripes, polka
: dots, etc., from 65c down to.,.. -25c
Fancy Canvas Cloths, 34 inches wide, all colors, at .-30p
Imported Linen Ginghams, for waists or suits, ia all colors, at 35c
Grenadines and Tissues in the newest shadings or in black and white ef
fects; this week at. 50c
Black Peau de Soie, very fine quality, worth 95c; this week, only, at. .79c .fj
BLACK "YUNCA" PEAU DE SOIE, 23 inches wide, very fine qua!
with high lustre, regular $1.35 grade
' sold less than $1.75; special this
uality, C
ti i4 ru
, very best quality, 23 inches wide, never f
s week at. .............. ........1 43 L?
Our celebrated Yunca satin, none better, worth $1.15; special this week p
only, at.......... .... .. ...............,..........89o ?L
YUNCA SATIN, black, 23 inches wide, finest quality ever offered for $1.35; Cj
special for this week....... ................ ,.7....... $108
BLACK TAFFETAS, EXTRA SPECIALS-We have just received 15
a - pieces of 27-inch wide Black Taffeta Silk, pure silk, very heavy, with f4
high lustre, actual value $1.10. Extra special this week, at......79o
Imported Organdies, in the latest designs, at. -35c
Silk Batiste, in black or white, at ...25o
Z Mouseline de Soie, best quality, all colors, plain or polka dots; this week,
at ...45c
9 Exclusive Dress Patterns, in the most beautiful Art Novelties, Grenadines
ouu v vmics, bv. .................................... ogu
Dotted Mulls in the most elaborate effects, embroidered figures, from $1.00
down to... -50c
Imported Swisses, very complete line at $1.50, 1.25, 1.00 and 85c
Pure Linen Etamines, all colors greens, tan, delf blue, etc., at 50c
Black Taffeta, 19 inches, good black, very fine finish; special this week, Cr
at .... . . . . ... ......... . . .... t ... . . . . . . ... . .;. .... . . ...... . . ... . .... . 59c Ctj
FANCY SILKS Changeable Peau de Soie Chamois, full line of very
pretty shadings, in all colors, at 95c i
Foulard Silks, the newest thing, white ground with black polka dots, navy p.
hlum rrnund with whila ruilkft rinu and black crround with whits DOlka .
dots, would be cheap at 95c; special for this week at. 69o p-i
Our line of Fancy Silks is very complete including checks and all the new
- and desirable styles of the season, at special prices this week, ranging C
from $1.50 down toS. .,. .. ................ .1 .. ... ...... V.t5o
PONGEE SILKS We have prepared for a big season's trade in plain and J
embroidered Pongee Silks and have them iu all colors, at..,. ... .98c p
-'..' '' J- "-'X
t-i . r i i . L r 1 u 1 . .1 .1 it.!. .1- t
riacK ceviois, very ncmvy, cue uuisu, wouiu oo cuesp ui uuc
Black Cheviot, 54 inches wide, very desirable for suits, worth
week at
Black Mohair, suitable for separate skirts, 54 inches wide; worth 89c, this Ct-
new mu. ..................... t ............... m . .
Black Granite, Basket Cloth, Etamines, Voiles, etc., suitable for dresses or
separate skirts, at prices ranging from $4.00 down
Black Etamines, 45 inches wide, perfect black, very fine
less .than 90c; special this week at.... .69o
Black Mistral, 48 inched wide, beautiful quality ; this week, at ..... . ..89c r?
'London Twine" 44 inches wide, very fine .and firm, always sold at $1.25; W
" this week at ,97c
Colored Wool Dress Goods Mohairs in tan, delf blue, gray, red, green, p
blue and black at..... ..........48c 5
tl OS Anxmn M 1 ....( t
, luiB ween. .
47o fU
$1.00; this pi
.......Too LP
to.....;.......75c J
e quality, never sold C.4
Butterick Patterns and Publications.
Send for Samples. cj
! ftfll AO rtiSS (O tSrtt .iL
The Mathematical Language
. The new mathematics is a sort of
eupplement to language, affording a
inean3 of thought about form and
quantity and a means of expression,
more exact, compact and ready than
ordinary language. The great body of 1
physical science, a great deal of the
essential fact of financial science, and
endless social and political problems
are only accessible and only think
able to those who have had a sound
training in mathematical analysis, and
the time may. not be very remote when
it will be understood that for complete
initiation as an efficient citizen of on?
of the new, great, complex, world
wide states that are now developing,
it is as necessary, says H. G. Wells, in
the March Cosmopolitan, to be able to
compute, to think in average and
maxima and minima, as it is now to
be able to read and write.
; C. H. Jeffrey, Chadron, Neb. : There
is no use trying to get these republi-
. V i .J AVI 1 A up uere iu rea.u auyiumg uui re
publican literature and the most of
them don't read much of that I am
disgusted with the "whole shooting ,
match" and hope the corporations will
stick it to them clear up to the hub. v