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MARCH 5, 1903.
C -
the Nebraska Independent
Lincoln, Htbrasba.
Entered according; lo Act of Congress of March
j, 1879, at the Toslcffice at Lincoln, Nebraska, aa
aecond-clar a mail matter.
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money with news agencies, postmasters, etc.,
to be forwarded by them. They frequently ,
forget or remit a different amount than was
left with them, aill the aubscriber faila to get
pi oper credit.
Address all communications, and make all
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Zbt tltbrnska Indtptndtnt, .
Lincoln, Neb.
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school of political economy.
.The sap-headed humorists have dis
covered a new theme. It Is, "Running
a Store as Christ Would Run It"
The. effort of Frank B. Noyes to
write humorous editorials for the Chi
cago Record-Herald are heart-rending.
Rev. H. L. Hutchins, an agent off
the American Bible society, makes the
charge that polygamy is practiced to
a considerable extent in the down
east state of Connecticut.
Secretary Cortelyou , wants nearly
$8,000,000 to start off his new depart
ment of commerce. More departments,
more commissions, more offices, indi
cate very heavy taxation ror me iu
ture. vJsXxX
J A. decision in the United States su-
preme court, in a luneiy ta&u ib iuiu--preted
to mean that congress, can pro-
;nit)it tne transportation 01 any ar
ticle of commerce. - If that is so, con
gress can smash the trusts any time
that it wishes to do so.
The republicans continue to pile
high the honors on ' Senator Hoar's
head. Circumstances demand it The
senator's fierce opposition to imperial-
ism has "endangered republican control
of the state of Massachusetts. An
effort must be made to right things.
The republicans of the Indiana state
senate killed a bill limiting the power
of the state courts to issue injunctions
for contempt In labor, troubles where
the offense was not committed in the
presence of the court and providing a
trial by jury when the offense is com
mitted, elsewhere. Wonder if the la
bor unions will still line up and vote
'er straight? " ' - ' "
7 It was long ago settled that typhoid
fever was a preventable disease and
that an epidemic of it pointed to un
mistakable disregard of well known
sanitary laws. The epidemic at Cor
nell university which has been so
deadly that it has almost closed its
doors is plainly chargeable to the
criminal neglect of the health author
ities of that place. It is the next
thing to wholesale murder,
The number of heelers placed on the
pay roll by the republicans of the Il
linois legislature Is so large that great
pains are taken to keep a large part
of Ihem away from the capital as their
presence would so jam the floors and
corridors that It would be difficult for
any one else to get in. Each senator
and representative is allowed so many
dollars a day to pay henchmen who
fere put on' the roll. That Is the sub
stance of the charge made in the re
port of the Legislative Voters' League.
People submit to it because Abraham
Lincoln freed the slave3.
During the last four or five years
The Independent has remarked several
times that crime was on the increase
in the United States. In the clubs
and elsewhere the editor has been at
tacked fiercely for making such asser
tions. Now It seems to have become
an accepted fact The Chicago chief
of police lays the blame on the min
isters. He says that they fail to im
press the ten commandments upon
their congregations. The ministers
lay the blame upon the exclusion of
the Bible from the common schools
and 'the utter lack of training in mor
als of the children. Others say that it
is owing to the circulation among the
youth of the Jesse James style - of
novels. Judge Lindsey of Denver says
that half the boys of Colorado are
thieves. All are agreed that crime,
and especially murder, has Increased
out of all proporti&n to. the increase
in population. : ! ;
This state of affairs has been ac
curately and often predicted in these
columns. Two or three years ago the
subject of "degeneration" was treated
in every detail and the beginnings of
it noted. The words "degeneration"
and "degenerates" occurred very fre
quently in these columns those days.
Now the facts are acknowledged, the
evidences of degeneration are taken
for its cause. When the ministers
abandoned the old gospel and began
to preach a new one, when the bread
"and wine in the communion service
was passed by millionaires who had
gained their , millions by special priv
ileges, by bribing city councils, legis
latures "and v congresses, and the fact
that a church was proud to have the
circumstance known that it harbored
and gave exalted seats to that class in
preference to the poor to whom Christ
belonged, when men were everywhere
honored because of the dollars they
had accumulated instead of their
character for honesty and righteous
ness, the foundations for an increase
in crime was laid. Murders and iaoy
burglars followed as effect follows
cause. . .. ..... . : ; -f , : :
There was an act committed byi'the
house of representatives at Washings
ton , the other day that will produce
more degeneration than all the Jesse
James novels that w,ere. ever printed.
When a member of that body was un
seated who had been elected by over
6,000" majority without any excuse at
all other than that the majority had
the votes to, and the men who
thus violated their ' oaths go back
home and proclaim again that "all
is fair in politics," the youths of the
land will have another high example
to set aside , the -ten commandments.
When all the rules of moral conduct
are thus trampled underfoot, and not a
pulpit in the land raises a warning
voice, is it any wonder that crime
The "causes" of the increase, in
crime are political and economic.
When men who buy elections, practice
every sort of deception and falsehood,
make contracts with polygamists to
carry a state, attack men of the pur
est character, defame and vilify, and
then are regarded as the highest types
after which our youth should pattern
what other result could follow?
When the accumulation of vast for
tunes created by the labor of the poor
is held to be the chief aim of man,
and that upon those who succeed in
accumulating millions .should be
poured out the honors ' and adoration
of the public,, instead of the lovers of
mankind - who strive tb bring .comfort
and happiness to the common people,
the very foundations of morals is un
dermined and a stimulus given to
crime of every sort This is what The
Independent has called the worship of
Mammon Instead of the love and wor
ship of the God of our fathers. This
is placing at the head of the list, not
as the angel did, the lovers of man
kind, but the lover of gold. The re
sult Is inevitable and easily foreseen.
Crime will continue to increase as
long as the doctrine is publicly
preached that "all is fair In politics."
For a large part of each year the daily
press is filled with accounts of politi
cal contests. The people become fa
miliar with the buying of city coun
cils and legislatures, with ballot box
stuffing, with the perjury committed
to escape taxation and other things
criminal which are condoned by the
churches and the perpetrators cf
which instead of being prosecuted and
convicted, are pointed to, both In so
ciety and the church, as fine examples
of sharpness and American strenuos
ity. That leads to increase in crime
as certainly as gravitation draws
things toward the center ofthe earth,
Letus make the Independent School
of Political Economy a great body of"
truly educated men and ' women, and
thus counteract the evil being done by
the National Economic League, with
its plutocratic college presidents, trust
magnates, and Grover Clevelands.
No doubt Secretary Cortelyou, who
is to be the head of the new depart
ment of commerce, is a very estimable
gentleman, but if the president had
searched ;the whole country over he
could not have found a prominent man
who was by education, previous em
ployment and environment less fitted
for the place. The department is to
be the government head of the great
business interests of the country, but
Secretary Cortelyou has had no busi
ness training at all. In that depart
ment is to be located the control of
the trusts, but Mr. Cortelyou has had
no experience in that line that can
guide him. He has never held a po
sition of authority but as stenogh
rapher and private secretary he ha
been completely subject to the orders
of others. He has had no experience
in government whatever and none in
politics except as a private secretary
to men engaged in politics.
h The people and the business inter
ests that have suffered from the for
mation of trusts should have had a
man selected from among them to
head the department that is to con
trol the trusts, not a young man who
has had no experience in business ex
cept to draw a stated salary. The
appointment of Mr. Cortelyou is as
wide a departure from the policies
that have controlled cabinet appoint
ments heretofore as cbuld possibly
have been made. When a president
disregards the prominent men of his
party men who have had experience
in government or business and ap
points his private secretary to a cabi
net position, it is inaugurating a new
system. ;; Such places have heretofore
been held by men who had proved
their ability, had been active in pub
lic affairs or had gained a position of
prominence by their ability and learn
ing. Mr. Cortelyou may prove ef
ficent in the position, but there is
nothing in his career to presage k.
His many years of obedient service to
men in a party under which the trusts
have grown to be the greatest power
in the land, does not indicate that he
will be a very efficient "trust buster."
W. E. Curtis improves in his abil
ity to lie as the months pass by. Last
week he announced that "the vaults
of the United States treasury are
crammed with hundreds of millions of
dollars." Aside from the extravagance
of the expression, "hundreds of mil
lions," the truth Is that all the money,
belonging to the government, with
the exception of the redemption fund
and the working balance of about
$50,000,000, is in the banks, which have
got it without interest and are already
loaning it out to the people.
Build on the solid rock". Read the
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day If youj&ro Interested In the Inde
pendent School of Political Economy;.
Another conference was held in
Washington last week concerning the,
fixing of a ratio between gold and sil
ver to which the president called Rep
resentatives Southal, Southard " and
Cochran as the principal parties.. The
thing that urged them on was that
citizens of the United StateSnnow have
investments in Mexico alone aggre
gating more than $500,000,000. : The
earnings of these enterprises have suf-.
fered a serious fall in gold value with
every fall in - the value of Mexican
money. So it will be seen that . it . is
not the good of the Mexican that these
gentlemen are , interested in. The
earnings of these foreign, investments
go out of Mexico, and every fall in the
price of silver leaves v-hat much more
in Inn hntn t.t A '
rise in the price of silver means a fall
In the. price of , the products of labor
in which the Mexicans pay the inter
est on these foreign investments. The
importers of foreign goods into Mexi
co, foreigners who have invested there
and the exporters of goods from other
countries to Mexico are all in favor of
fixing the price of silver by law. The
same is true in regard to all countries
which are on the silver basis. That
creates a large moneyed Interest that
is now for bimetallism and it is grow
ing in influence every year. Just at
present they declare that "there is no
movement in contemplation to estab
lish international , bimetallism." If'
fixing the ratio of silver to gold by
law is not bimetallism, then what is
it? - To say "fixing "the price of sil
ver" instead of saying "fixing a ratio
between silver and gold" does not al
ter the case in the least
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Dr. Hirsch has the same opinion of
the daily press that The Independent
has so long .held. He says it is "sen
sational in its' methods, , unreliable in
its statements, evil in its influence jand
unscrupulous to the point of deprav
ity." ; jj ' '
Every one will remember how :a
short while "aeo the president, -waa
making speeches telling how happy
and prosperous the Filipinos were and
how many blessings the imperialists
had brought to those people. He had
been listening to Beyeridge and sev
eral more imperialists of that sort
and believed every word they said
ami believed it so firmly that he re
peated it in his speeches everywhere.
Now Governor Taft and others in the
Philippines have been telling him an
other story -and without retracting a
word that he said, he sends a special
message to congress in which he con
firms every word that The Indepen
dent has said in regard to the horri--ble
conditions in -those Islands. He
says in his message:
"A series of calamities have be- '
fallen the Philippine people. Just
as they were emerging from near
ly six years, of devastating war- ;
, fare, with the accompanying de
struction of property and the
breaking up of the bonds of social
order and the habits of peaceful
industry, there occurred .an epi
demic of , rinderpest which de
stroyed 90 per cent of the caribous,
the Philippine cattle, leaving the
people -without draft animals to
till thfi lands of to aid in the ordi
nary, work of farm and village life.
The extent of the disaster can be
seen from the fact that the surviv
ing caribous have increased over
It appears from this passage in the
message that what The Independent
has said is all true. There has been "a
devastating war," "destruction of
property," "breaking up the habits of
peaceful industry" and "destruction of
social order." So the Filipinos who
were , denounced as "savages," had
"habits of peaceful industry," and
lived "in bonds of social order." It
will be seen that those who wish to
be informed, who wish to get "the