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FEBRUARY 19, 1903. "
Trusts The Cause and Cure
. Editor Independent: You wanted
short articles on the trust question.
The trust Is the product of the profit
and competitive system. "A large con
cern can be operated more economical
ly than a small one. The trust elim
inates competition and enables them
to raise the price of their product.
Men engage In business for profit and
as long as we maintain the profit sys
tem and recognize the private own
ership of such things we cannot con
trol them. Under the. existing 'social
order we set up. a .system and then
challenge thai , system, .with . penalty
laws. ,We Ignore the . great natural
law of cause and effect and attempt to
remove cause . by punishirfg effect.
Wilshire's slogan, is. the. correct solu
tion: "Let the people own the
trusts.", -. .. T. J. SHELLEY.
Greer," Idaho .
yielding hand. CHAS. A. MILLER.
Baldwinsville, N. Y. R. R. 4.
Editor Independent: I hardly know
what is the best remedy for the trusts.
I am a hard working man and have
never given the subject much thought.
1 know when coal is scarce the oil
trust raises the price of its product
and I pay more for oil. "I think the
coal strikers are to blame there. We
have too .many ' shrewd men in the
country. Give a sharp business man
a million dollars and he is a very
dangerous fellow. It is but natural
he should work for his own interest
and invest hl3 money in that which
he can get the most out of. If I am
poor and unfortunate I must help
swell his pile, and yet no man would
want to invest his money where he
was going to lose it or get nothing out
of it. It is a hard puzzle to solve
and the poor man pays the freight
every time. I think strikes help out
the trusts a great deal. Miners strike.
Coal becomes scarce and the price ad
vances. The oil trust advances the
prices ; of oil because there is more
demand. I pay more for wood, my
neighbor mere for coal. And both
2 cents more for oil. All on account
of the strike.
There happens to be a very dry sea
son. No grass, no hay. , Cattle die by
thousands. Very little beef in the
country. , Beef trust control the lit
tlo there is. " Prices go up. Way up,
20 cents per pound and 12 ounces to
the pound. Lots of fish, though, fish
goes up, too. Fish trust been losing
money for years back, now sees chance
to; rake in a pile. And who is to
blame, the beef trust, the fish trust,
or the dry weather? It. is a hard
puzzle to answer, and the only rem
edy in my poor way of thinking is to
make it unlawful to combine great
fortunes against the public good and
enforce that law with a firm and un-
Editor Independent: I see in The
Commoner that you wanted my rem
edy for trusts. First, organize; Ig
natius Donnely In Caesar's Column
shows us a good way. Any man can
enlist ten men reformers. Each of
the ten men enlist ten men, and so on
until we have a majority. Each club
of eleven, the organizer to be chair
man and to vote only on ties. Second,
direct legislation. Third, all officers
elected by direct vote.
Fourth, free coinage of silver at the
ratio of 1G to 1. The banker wants
to put up one dollar in credit and
make the people give him a one dollar
bank note issued on that credit, then
make the people put three dollars of
gut edged credit for the use of one
dollar and pay 6 per cent interest
1 ifth, demonetize bank notes. Sixth,
another 16 to 1 proposition; the gov
ernment, v which is in the hands of
these executive committees of ten,
shall coin and issue $1 in legal tender
paper money, for every $16 of actual
value. Seventh, government to issue
to every county $10 per capita of said
county, for federal building, govern
ment bank of loans and deposits, post
office, police and fire department, tele
graph, telephone, hospital, government
life atid fire insurance. Courts of
equity, with judges on salary and all
cases to be settled without costs. The
day depositors transfer their money
to government banks. Look out, We
will need an ark; O the water that
will leak out of stocks!
Eighth, government to build three
double-track steel railroads, from At
lantic to Pacific, north, central, and
southern; and five north and south.
Locate them on the map. 20 thousand
miles of railroad at 20 thousand per
mne, rour hundred million dollars.
Sugar and lumber on the free list
Greatest government sugar refinery in
the world on. Mobile Bay. Government
to compete with trusts; government to
do a certain per cent of the business
of the country, commence with 10 per
cent to increase the wages of labor
and keep down the price of products
so that a laborer can buy 80 per cent
of his products.
Members of the golden rule labor
trust may wear an alumnium charm.
Products have advanced 40 per cent,
labor 2 per cent.- Labor must be ad
vanced 38 per cent
Cuyahoga Falls, O.
i - "
Brought On Sciatic
Nervous Prostration
Dr. Miles Nervine Gave
Back, Health.
I was laid up during the winter of 94-95
-with sciatic rheumatism ar.d nervous prostra
tion brought on by a ssvere attack of La
Grippe. The rheumatic pains were so se
vere at times that it was impossible for me to
turn in bed. I was unable to sleep. I had
two of our best physicians in attendance,
took all the advertised remedies for troubles
of this kind bnt got no help whatever until I
took Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. Six
bottles restored me to health; I am better
than for years; in fact am entirely relieved.
I can eay with a clear conscience that it was
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine that restored
me to health. When the pains of sciatica
and rheumatism were most severe I secured
almost immediate relief by the use of Dr.
Miles' Anti-Pain Pills.' I have recommended
Dr. Miles' Remedies to many people." Fred
Myers, Redfiekl, S. D.
"I was taken with pain in my heart and
under the left shoulder; with such heavy op-
Ijressed feeling in-my chest that I could
lardly breathe. I had palpitation so bad
and my heart would throb so that it would
shake my whole bed. I also had a weak, all
eone feeling in the region of my heart. My
doctor treated me Tor liver and stomach
trouble but I failed to receive any benefit
until a friend rernmmpndprt 7"r AliW ITonrt-
Cure and Restorative Nervine. I used both
and one box of the Anti-Pain Pills. I
believe I am completely and permanently
cured.." Mrs.. J. V. Golding, Noblesville,
11 1 1 11 ii'triM" sr 11 sarin i'uhi t 1 1 ir-r- dim ihh
tie Dr Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and 1; cart1 Diseases. Address
Drjdilea Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
Editor Independent: "What cause,,
trusts?" Greed, backed bv thfi nowprs
of government. Governments now,
and in the past, are. and have been
instituted for the sole purpose of hold
ing the masses in subjection while
the robbers despoil them. The nffirers
of government are permitted to get a
tew or tne crumbs that fall from the
rich man's tables. Nonentities that
cannot earn in other vocations, more
man tnree or four hundred dollars a
year, under present systems, get elect
ed to office and the dear people pay
them from one to fiftv thousand dol
lars a year for governing them.
it is too expensive. "What is trip
remedy?"- Get rid of all the parasites
that ride on the backs of labor. Get
the idea of freedom started in your
think shop. Jefferson and other good
men saia, and say. "The least gov
erned are the best governed." What
do you socialists say? What right
has any man to govern any other
man? What right h as rniT sr nf
men to govern any other set of men?
It sometimes seems to me that rxli Il
eal parties are hiehwavmen that
throng the highways to divert the
minds of the people from real issues.
The question today , is one of freedom
or slavery. "He who would be free,
must strike the first blow." The first
thing for the people to learn, is to
know their rights, and in learning
them, they will learn how, and why,
thev are being robbed.
The smouldering slumbers of revo
lution cannot be kept in bounds when
the people once fully understand these
questions, and then the drones will be
shaken from off the backs of industry,
and the sunshine of peace will cast its
rays in gloomy abode3, andThe God
dess Love will reign supreme. The
drones who fatten off the toil of
robbed labor, will never let the shack
les be taken from the limbs they bind
until compelled to do so.
I and, air and water are natural ele
ments, not made or put here by any
man, and no man, or set of men. has
any right to hold , more of either of
these elements than Is necessary for
his or their actual needs, against, or
away from, any other man who needs
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and can use what they do not need an J
cannot use, except for the purpose of
enslaving others. Every title deed to
land is one of force, written in blood,
and are frauds that free men will not
permit. Occupancy and use is the
onlytitle to latid, and when men
learn their rights, will be the only
title that will be recognized. Let us
L direct our every effort to educating
the people, for in this alone can come
the revolution that will set men free
and bring in the millennium when we
will have "Peace on earth and good
will among men." S. A. WRIGHT.
Springfield, Mo.
If the land is plowed the soil will
drift li'e enow. Renting would stop
the cattle and sheep men fighting.
We have not heard the slightest
reason why our legislature turned
down the government sand-hill renting
resolution. If tht nine mill'ons of
acres, good for nothing only pasture,
could be rented in blocks of fo'ir or
five tho"f mL acrs at one cAnt an
acre, and the herder take a home
stead, in the center build himself a
house and other buildings, then fence
hie pasture, he can make a living.
The railroads from Chicago to Buf
falo have taken off their sixty-mile-an-hour
night trains. Every passen
ger had to pay extra throe dollars for
a sleeping berth and extra two dol
lars fare. Passengers on the Nickel
i tate road can ride five or six dol
lars cheaper than on those fast trains
and two or three dollars cheaper than
on any of their regular trains. The
safety of a moderate train more than
pays for the two or three hours ex
tra time. We never had a more
pleasant ride between Chicago and
Buffalo than on the Nickel Plate,
We are to have two months' city
campaign this year. If the excite
ment increases as it usually does we
will have a hot time.
We hardly Ihink that another ex
periment farm in the western .part of
the state will pay. The expense of
running the present state farm, with
the experiments, cost fifteen to eigh
teen thousand dollars a year. Buying