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FEBRUARY 19, 1903.
JLItllefUld'a IMlemma-Department af
Commerce IIun a vt. Boimll-
. Mora Bank Loot Promlaed
' Washington, D. C., Feb. 16, 1903.
(Special Correspondence.) The house
having passed the Littlefield publicity
bill without a dissenting vote, it was
thought the strenuous "trust-buster
who lives in the White house would
give his sanction thereto and endeavor
to get it through the senate. So far
from this being the case, it is said
that when Mr. Littlefield called at
the White house to enlist the presi
dent's support for his,measure he was
told that it was far too drastic and
could not be made an administration
bill. Mr. Littlefield, therefore, occu
pies an unenviable position. He is
charged by the democrats with hav
ing made his bill entirely too lax in
its provisions, .while of course the
trusts , and thejeaders of the party
In power are charging him with mak
ing the measure too severe. Hence it
will fail in the upper branch of con
gress. That he is somewhat piqued
at the turn affairs have taken is evi
denced by the fact that he refused to
vote when the Elkins anti-rebate bill
(which came over from the senate last
week passed the house 241 to 6 on
The. Rockefeller telegrams were re-
reived by no less than a dozen repub-
. llcan senators and the inactivity in
"anti-trust legislation since their re
ceipt is evidence enough of the po
tency of the Standard Oil monopoly.
It is charged that this is not the
first time this monopoly has influ
enced legislation, but is a common
Are Free From Some Form of Indi
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form of indigestion, but scarcely iwo
will have the same symptoms.
" ' Some suffer most directly after eat
ing, bloating from gas in stomach and
bowels, others have heartburn or sour
. f . . . mi 1 1 i i : . w
of' heart, headaches, sleeplessness,
pains in chest and under shoulder
blades, some have : extreme nervous
ness, as in nervous dyspepsia. r
But whatever the symptoms may be,
the cause in. all eases of indigestion
is the same,- that is, the stomach for
. some reason fails to properly and
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(heated to 98 degrees (the temperature
of the body) and keep it at this tem
perature, tor tnree ana one-nan nours
rst t r r nr rr H r HmA Ha fierce will
"be as completely digested as it would
have been in the healthy stomach of a
hungry boy.
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. Dieting never cures dyspepsia,
neither do pills and cathartic medi
cines, which simply irritate and in-
flame the intestines.
When enough food is eaten and
promptly digested there will be no
constipation, nor in fact will there
be disease of any kind because good
digestion means good health in every
The merit and success of Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets are world-wide and
-they are sold at the moderate price of
50 cents for full sized package in ev
ery drug store in the United States
and Canada, as well as in Europe,
practice at every session of congress.
Several of its attorneys and lobby
ists are regularly employed here."
No appreciable progress has been
made in the statehood bill situation.
It still remains the regular order of
business in the senate, and while over
tures for compromise have been made,
the democrats have remained firm for
the rights of all the territories to sin
gle statehood. Several republican ad
vocates of statehood propose the ad
mittance of Oklahoma and Indian
territory as one stateNew Mexico and
Arizona as another.
The Philippine currency bill is un
likely to pass at this session. Demo
cratic senators are preparing to make
silver speeches against the measure,
and as but two weeks remain of the
session, they will likely be able to
prevent a vote.
The president has signed the bill
appropriating $1,500,000 for the erec
tion of a new building to be occupied
by the department of agriculture in
this city. It will be located near the
site of the present structure.
The United States minister to Cu
ba is in consultation at Havana with
the Cuban government officials rela
tive to the naval coaling station agree
ment outlined in the Piatt amend
ment The agreement-permits the estab
lishment of a naval station at Guan
tanamo and a coaling station at Ba
hia Honda. Cuba agrees to cede some
twenty square miles of land at Guan
tanamo for the naval purpose of the
United States as long as the United
States deems it desirable to maintain
a station. President Palma will send
a message to congress asking for the
enactment of a law authorizing the
purchase of land for this purpose.
He will also ask the senate to ratify
the agreement, although the ratifica
tion is not considered to be legally
The amount of rent paid for tho
ground used by the United States gar
rison at Cienf uegos has been raised
from $250 monthly to 500 monthly.
The conference report of both houses
on the department of commerce and
labor, bill was adopted by the house,
Tuesday, 251 to 10. Of the negative
votes, Littlefield was one of the num
ber. The significance of this action
lies in the fact that the Nelson
amendment, providing for a bureau
of corporations and the publication of
all the proceedings of certain corpor
ations, is included in the act. The
democrats attempted to amend by sub
stituting the Littlefield bill, but were
ruled out
Senator Morgan of Alabama de
clared in a speech this week in the
senate that the republicans were in
sincere and were purposely forcing
other measures to the front to pre
vent any anti-trust legislation. The
time of the senate was being wasted
on account of what he termed a
"peaceful political blockade" on the
statehood and other bills.
The bill introduced by Senator Han
na to pension all ex-slaves is con
sidered here to be a political move
in the interest of his own candidacy
for the presidency. Roosevelt's fav
oritism to the colored man of the
south has induced the senator to en
deavor to offset the popularity among
them the president has thus gained,
in iev of the fact that nearly all the
delogiites from southern states in re
publican national conventions are col
ored men.
The fight between the two men will
likely be an interesting one. In Wash
ington and the east, Hanna is the
more popular man of the two and the
prediction is freely made that he will
defeat Roosevelt for the nomination.
During the debate on the sundry civil
appropriation bill, Congressman De
Armond of Missouri referred to the
Hanna bill in a sarcastic vein, charac
terizing it as a cheap bit of politics,
but the subject assumed a somewhat
serious phase when Richardson of
Tennessee stated that adventurers in
the south were using the bill to im
pose oh ignorant and credulous ne
groes. It is interesting in this con
nection to note that the first bill ever
introduced in either branch of con
gress to pension ex-slaves was by W.
J. Connell of Nebraska in the house,
who was afterward defeated by Mr.
Two amendments to the sundry
civil appropriation bill were adopted
in the house, Thursday. One is for
$2,500,000 to build an extension to
the cast front of the capitol building,
and the other for $3,850,000 for a 400
room office building for members of
the house just across B street south
of the capitol.
Senator Aldrich has introduced a
new financial bill and strong efforts
will be made to pass it before March
4. Among the provisions is one that
the secretary of the' treasury shall de
posit customs receipts in national
banks. Another feature of the bill is
the provision in section 2 that vir
tually the entire money to -be ex
pended for acquiring and construct
ing the Panama canal shall be raised
uy an issue pf 2 per cent bonds. This,
of course, will furnish another graft
for the bondholders who have nour
ished for the past few years through
the favor of executives and lawmaic
ers, and as Aldrich is the head of the
republican steering committee and
probably the most influential senator,
save Hanna, it is probable the bill
will pass.
There can be no reason in any sense
for the government to borrow $50,
OOu.OuO at 2per cent, while at the
present time there is available for this
purpose at least $150,000,000 locked
up in the vaults of the treasury. That
old cry of maintaining the gold re
serve is useless with thinking people.
Senator Morgan Is making a fight
against ratification of the Panama ca
nal treaty. He has proposed 30
amendments to the treaty, one of
which seeks to vest absolute owner
ship of the route in the United States.
He contended that the present treaty
is loosely drawn and that it should
be practically redrawn.
Senator Pettus of Alabama endeav
ored on Tuesday to secure a recon
sideration of the vote of the previous
day by which the Alaskan treaty was
adopted. This treaty being one by
which considerable United States
territory is ceded to the Dominion of
Canada through the outgeneralling of
Secretary Hay by British diplomats.
All the democrats and two republicans,
Bard and Spooner, joined with Pettus,
but were outvoted by 13 majority on a
roll call.
An amendment to the sundry civil
bill to appropriate $3,000,000 to re
lieve poverty and distress in the
Philippines aroused considerable dis
cussion in the house and the quota
tion by a democratic member of the
president's message pf December 1 in
which he referred to the "general pros
perity and material well-being of the
people." An increase of one-third in
the running expenses of the White
house was also denounced by mem
bers as extravagance and a departure
from the original simplicity of the
earlier executives.
Nebraska has 375 rural free delivery
routes in operation at the present
timewhile Iowa has 1,379 at last re
port. The third assistant postmaster gen
eral has issued a new manual of in
struction for the conduct of regist
ered business in the rural free de
livery service. . The most important
innovation provides for the registra
tion of letters and parcels -left in the
rural mail boxes, the carrier leaving
the sender's receipt in the box. Un
der the old practice the sender had to
meet the carrier on the route. Rural
carriers are directed to accept for reg
istration all mail matter properly pre
pared and offered by any one that
meets them while on duty, whether a
patron of the rural free delivery ser
vice or not.
Storekeepers on rural mail routes
receive the mail matter of their pa
trons and deliver it to them at the
first opportunity. Registered mail,
however, has not been delivered in
this manner in the past, but the new
instructions require that on the writ
ten order left by the addressees with
the storekeeper for the delivery of
their mail, registered mail also wili
be delivered, except such as is in
dorsed by the senders, "deliver to ad
dressee only."
To those who recall that in th
first hearing of the income tax case
in the United States supreme court
the constitutionality of such a tax
was upheld, and that, subsequently,
without apparent cause, the decision
was reversed by the same court, the
infallibility of a judicial tribunal
may reasonably be called in question.
Hawaii imposes an income tax, one
of the reasons therefor being assigned
as the inability to raise an adequate
revenue by any system of land taxa
tion. So the income tax levied was
one of vital importance to the terri
torial government It 'was contested,
however, by many taxpayers, who al
leged that it was discrimination tend
ing to compel citizens to incriminate
themselves, presumably by answering
questions falsely. The imposition of
the tax was upheld by Hawaiian
courts, but appealed to the United
States circuit court of appeals at San
Francisco. In that court, Judee Gil
bert presiding, a decision has just
been handed down affirming the deci
sion of the lower courts and declar
ing the constitutionality of the tax.
The court says it sees no discrimina-
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Many a Womu Can Trace the Casta of
Htr Trouble to Neglected Girlhood
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trouble. Perhaps, the proportion is
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the critical period of her girlhood,
guarded her health and fitted her for
perfect womanhod. Such was the case
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tion in the income tax, and that "it
places the burden of taxation upon
the points of strongest resistance,
where it is easiest borne."
This decision will be hailed with
satisfaction by those who have ever
considered the income tax a great
one that should be imposed in this
United States Minister Bowen, rep
resenting Venezuela in the peace ne
gotiations, yesterday signed protocols
with representatives of Germany, Italy
and Great Britain, by which the block
ade of Venezuelan ports is to be
raised, all Venezuelan ships to be re
turned by the allies and the claims
for preferential treatment to be sub
mitted to The Hague for arbitration.
The result is considered a victory for
Mr. Bowen's diplomacy. -
Settle the Coal Strike by Taking the Minea
and Railroad, Says Mr. Schwelzer
Editor Independent Our statesmen
and legistators are at their wits' end
to control corporations, therefore it
may be interesting and they may learn
a little from the folowing article, an
abstract from the civil code adopted
Anno. 1887 by a direct vote of the
people of the state of Zurich, Switz
erland; that article reads:
Sec. 35. "The Regierungsrath (Ex
ecutive board of 7 members) is au
thorized to reform such corporations
as are degenerated or .which endanger
the credit or other public interests."
Besides, the Kantonsrath (legisla
ture) can abolish such corporations if
they pursue aims unauthorized or im
moral or injurious to the common
About eight years ago the federal
executive of Switzerland settled a
railroad strike in less than twenty
four hours, and not long ago the
Swiss congress abolished a railroad
company under that law, taking pos
session of the roads by paying the
shareholders their real invested cash
paid capital.
About a year ago the French gov
ernment under a similar law abol-