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FEBRUARY 12, 1903.
Nervous, Chronic
& Private Diseases
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orrhea.HleetPilemViatnla and Hectal Ulcers
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FKI'NIAor SY1UILIS we cannot cure, If
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Money and the Taxing Power
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"When the congress was empowered
by the constitution of the United
States to "fix the standard of weights
and measures," that body thereby was
authorized to select and adopt a
"term" to be used as a symbol of the
quantity of earh mode of force, of
each dimension of extension in space,
and of duration in time, by the use of
which, in connection with the nu
merals, we may express quantity of
each in any given case. How wisely
or otherwise they used that power is
another question. Each has a term of
its own; and by us 3 of that term, in
connection with the numerals, we
may express differing quantities in a
common term, which makes compari
son between those quantities possi
ble; and the numerals show a fixed
mathematical relation. It -leaves us
nothing to do except to compare the
numerals used in connection with the
symbol which stands for the stand
ard unit. Th process of fixing the
standard of weight and measures is
the act of choosing a word or term
which shall stand as the symbol of
the quantity of the force of gravita
tion, of extension, or of duration, to
be used as the standard unit
The symbol, being the only thing
with which it is possible for us to
deal, becomes to all intents and pur
poses the standard unit itself. By the
use of the symbol, so chosen, we may
compare with it any quantity capable
of being expressed by the same sym
bol, and every such quantity must
necessarily be either a multiple, equal
to, or a fractional part of, that sym
boland the numerals enable us to
express which of these it is.
It is clear that in every instance the
standard unit, for which the symbol
stands, is a fixed quantity either of
force, of extension, or of duration. It
never is possible for it to be a
physical object. The word "yard"
expresses a fixe I quantity of exten
sion in space and symbolizes a purely
abstract entity. The word "yard"
does not symbolize yard stick or a
tape measure, thirty-six inches in
length; it symbolizes a fixed quantity
of extension in space, in the abstract,
and without reference to any physical
And the same is true of every such
It stands as the symbol of a fixed
quantity of that which it symbolizes;
and that which it symbolizes is al
ways an abstract quantity and
never a concrete thing.
Hence, it is absurd to speak of any
physical thing as a "standard unit"
The sole merit of such a device is
that the symbol chosen affords an un
changing standard unit. Symbolizing
in each case a fixed quantity, which is
used as a standard unit, it forms a
reliable and unfluctuating standard of
comparison. It is not material that
we never can know how much
that "standard unit" may be, re
pressed in any other term, so long as
it retains the essential quality of im
mutability. It is of no consequence
to us how much a yard may be i n
itself. What the absolute length
of a yard may be, can never be agreed
upon by any two persons, nor known
by any one; and can never be ex
pressed in any other way, than by
saying "it is a yard."
But when such a device is estab
lished and accepted, we use it me
chanically, and from habit come to
assume that the abstract quantity of
linear extension in space, which we
symbolize by the term "yard," is as
determinate and capable of verifica
tion in the concrete as is the thing
expressed by the word "horse" or
"tree." while in fact the thing t
symbolizes can never be known in
any way, except as symbolized.
have for determining quantity of
force manifesting itself in the action
of the brain In generating thought
The quantity of the force of demand,
manifested at any given time or place,
therefore, for want of an implement,
can only be appraised, or estimated, or
"valued." It has a "valuation" placed
upon it That which we "value," or
appraise, or estimate, is strictly the
quantity or degree of intensity of the
force of demand, which Is the corre
late or force-equivalent of the quan
tity of human force expended under
the condition above set forth, or
ready to be expended in obtaining or
retaining "wealth" at a given time
and place.'
The conclusion is thus forced upon
the mind that "value" is neither
more nor less than a "valuation" of
our apprehension of a mode of mani
festation of force, analogous to those
forms which we call gravitation,
sound, light, heat, electricity, chemi
cal affinity, etc. If we are to deal
intelligently with it, and utter the re
sult of that dealing, we must -adopt a
device analogous to that adopted
in dealing with other. forms of force.
This necessitates a device, not to
determine or ascertain the
quantity of that force, at any given
time or place, in action; but a de
vice to express its quantity, as
apprehended or appraised, or "valued"
by us. It is clearly our valuation of
quantity of the force of demand pres
ent that we mean when we use the
word "value."
The device for expressing valuation
of the quantity of the force of de
mand must, therefore, be created, as
in other like cases, by choosing a
word or term which shall stand as
the symbol of a fixed quantity of the
force of demand, apprehended as such,
in the abstract; and the quantity of
abstract force of demand so symbol
ized is the "standard unit of value;"
or, more correctly, the "standard unit
of the force of demand."
A device thus constituted, consisting
of the chosen symbol, aided by the
numerals, when established by gov
ernment, is a Money.
Owing to current fallacies, a note of
warning is here necessary:
A money is not coin.
When a government, having powe
to do so, fixes the "standard of mon
ey," it adopts a device consisting of
a chosen term, which symbolizes a
fixed quantity of the force of de
mand, and that symbol constitutes the
"money" of that country, and is used
by the aid of ordinary numerals to
express quantity of the force of de
mand. This act of fixing the "stand
ard of money" is an act totally dis
tinct from "coining." It has no ref
erence to coining. The "money" thus
fixed may never be coined, as no nec
essity might exist for it.
Let us now recall the conclusions to
which the facts drive us concerning
what is called "value." Energy or
force expended in the competitive
struggle between men, for the ex
clusive possession of things endowed
with utility, under the operation of
laws enforcing private ownership and
exclusive possession and restraining
from violence, generates, as its cor
relate form, an equivalent of the
force of demand. No appliance
for ascertaining quantity of that force
has been devised, any more than we
The word, "money," has been ner-
verted, and as thus perverted is used
as the common name for coin and its
substitutes. The lexicographers,
either ignorantly or fraudulently, have
assigned a false derivation for the
word "money." They, or most of
them, assert that it is derived from
the Latin word, "moneta," which was
the name applied by the Romans to
the goddess Juno, in conseaiienno of
the goose story. It was applied to her
temple in Rome where the geese,
sacred to Juno, were kept and which
"warned" the Romans of the secret
approach of their enemies. They
called her Juno "Moneta" in com
memoration of that warning. The
word "moneta" was derived from a
Latin word, meaning "to warn."
By a natural process of abbrevia
tion the temple of Juno Moneta came
to be called the temple of Moneta.
In later times the Roman coin fac
tory was established in the temple of
Moneta, and Moneta became the name
of the Roman coin foundry.
Out "mint" is a corrupt derivative
from Moneta. We also derive our
modern word "monetary" from Mo
neta. From the same root out of
which the Latins derived Moneta, we
have drawn "monitor." "monition,"
"mental," etc. This current deriva
tion of the word money from moneta
carries the implication of "coin" as
the meaning of "money."
(Continued Next Week.)
Diseases Caused by
Dr. Miles' Restora
tive Tonic and
Thirty-one Years.
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