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    FEBRUARY 5, 1903.
dltlons precipitated by the coal strike.
Representative Gaines of Tennessee
criticised the president and the at
torney general and the district courts
here for not enforcing the Sherman
anti-trust law and the interstate com
merce law against the alleged coal mo
nopolies, suggested that the people of
this city petition the district judges
to enforce the law, and said that if
the laws cannot be enforced "we can
then see about impeaching the officials
who fail of their duty." He closed
by declaring that he would leave the
convention to go to the capitol for the
purpose of voting against the measure
increasing the salaries of the judges.
"We want to find out," he said, "whe
ther it is a fact or not that the dis
trict judges have not attempted to en
force the laws applying to the coal
trust. There has been a conspiracy in
the District of Columbia to raise the
price of fuel, and no attempt has been
made to indict those who have been
responsible. Will I vote for the bill
to increase the salaries of these judges
from $4,500 to $6,000 a year? I would
lose ' my right arm before I would
consent to raise their salaries one
penny, with the record of their fail
ure to do justice scaring them in the
face. When I leave here it will be to
go to the capitol to vote against the
bill to raise their salaries."
Representative Cochran of Missouri
also criticised the inactivity of the
courts in affording relief from trust
extortion and their control by cor
poration influences. ''Were a judge
to drop dead this hour," he said, "be
fore the widow's tears were dried the
corporations would be selecting hi!
successor and forcing their choice
upon the appointive power." He went
on to declare that an honest judiciary
could, by enforcing all the laws we
already have, drive every trust out of
existence in six months.
An illustration of the power of th
coal trust was cited. In her testimony
before the coal strike commission, Mrs.
Burns said she had worked as a
charwoman in the Markle Coal com
pany's office and her son in the mines
for ten years and neither had ever re
ceived a cent of money, but were $40
in debt at the end of that time to the
company's store. Such conditions as
these, -all built up under republican
rule, will inspire a doubt as to the
willingness of the party in power to
deal a blow at the trusts of any ef
fect. A minority report was submitted to
the house yesterday by the democratic
members of the house judiciary com
mittee on the anti-trust bill recently
reported by the committee. The views
of the minority are submitted at con
siderable length. They propose an
amendment which will make the bill
applicable in its operations to exist
ing corporations, as well as to those
organized in the future, and will deny
all corporations violating the Sherman
anti-trust law the use of the mails
Renewed. Left Side
Badly Affected.
Liable to Paralytic
Dr. Miles' Nervine Gave
Me New Life.
"This is to certify that I have used Dr.
Miles' Remedies quite extensively, especially
.the Restorative Nervine, which has done
wonders for me. Six years ago I had nerv
ous prostration and again three years ago, at
which time I began taking Dr. Miles' Re.-.tor-atiye
IServine. I kept taking it for six
months and have taken an occasional doic
during the last two years. I am practically
a new man and feel that I have been given a
new lease of life. I used to have very bad
attacks of stomach trouble bu" since using
the Nervine I can eat riost anything I wan'
with impunity. 1 wa? examined ia Omaha
by a noted German doctor three years ago.
He told me I was liable to a paralytic stroke
any moment; that my whole L ft side was
badly affected. That was just before I began
taking Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine.
My work for two years and a half has been
very trying on rny nerves. I am a presiding
elder, traveling my districts at the rate of
ten thousand miles a year, preaching on au
average of five times a week, besides marry
business meetings, and the multitudinous
cares of my work in general. Thanks to Dr.
Miles' Restorative Nervine 1 have beeu gain
ing in flesh despite this hard work until now
I weigh a hundred and nhv ty-six pounds,
nearly twenty pounds more than in all my
life. I preach Nervine wherever I go to
those afflicted with nerve, heart or stomach
trouble." Rev. M. D. Myers, Presiding Elder,
Free Methodist Church, Correctiunville, la.
All druggists sell and guarantee first bot
tle Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
telegraph, and telephone systems, as
well as the other facilities of inter
state commerce specified in the bill
" Another, amendment proposes to
make watered stock ground for declar
ing a corporation bankrupt. Still an
other amendment provides that every
corporation engaged in interstate com
merce wherever organized shall be
subject to the jurisdiction of the state
in which it may operate. Provision if
made by the minority for the imposi
tion of a tax on all corporations with a
capital in excess of $200,000. In addi
tion to imposing a fine where com
mon carriers knowingly transport the
goods of a corporation violating the
anti-trust law, provision is made by
the minority for summary seizure and
condemnation of such goods. Finally,
the minority propose an amendment
putting on the free list certain ar
ticles manufactured of steel, agricul
tural implements, paper and pulp for
the manufacture of paper, window
and plate glass, salt, and other ar
ticles. The chairman of the house judic
iary committee has asked for a rule
for the consideration of the anti-trust
bill,. and also for the bill to expedite
hearings brought under the Sherman
anti-trust law. II. W. RISLEY.
The Cancer Germ said to have been
discovered by an Eastern Physician
caused great surprise. Heretofore
this disease was supposed to be caused
by a cell growth. Careful experiments
are being made. Dr. Bye, the Emi
nent Cancer Specialist, of Kansas City,
Mq., is being beseiged by hundreds of
people suffering with this dread dis
ease. The Doctor is curing many
cases, thought to be incurable, with
the combination of Medicated Oil.
Persons suffering or having friends
afflicted should write for an illus
trated book on the treatment of can
cer, tumor, ulcer, piles, fistula and all
skin and womb diseases. Address Dr.
W. O. Bye, Cor. 9th & Broadway, Kan
sas City, Mo.
The Outlaw's Lament
The cold, starry vault, alone covers
my head;
The mountains far up, are deep
mantled with snow;
A wandering outlaw denounced and
in dread,
While hounds and man-hunters are.
trailing, below.
Wild beast and the wilderness kinder
than man ,
Less ruthless and vengeful, to those
who transgress.
Forgiveness and mercy are under a
My blood for the blood they will
grant nothing less.
Oh, those merciless men! They pray
every day
Their God to forgive, as they merci
ful grant
Free pardon to those who transgress
go astray !
Such prayers are 'naught? save a
hypocrite's cant.
On, on to the mountains the wilder
ness dense,
To hide from the mercy these
Christians bestow.
To one who repents of his deadly of
fense And loathes the fell deeds which the
passionate know.
Through hunger and horror an out
cast, alone
A price on my head and a hound
on my track!
Man's vengeance craves blood noth
ing less will atone
For the sins which were instinct
though brutal and black.
To die of starvation be torn by a
Or plunge down the cliff on the
rough rocks below
To end the man-hunt to meet death
with a bound
Thus thwart the foul fate and its
lingering woe.
Lie mangled and dying tormented by
One chance in ten thousand may
haps to live free;
While wolf, man and buzzard, each
strive to be first
Small thoice in the doom which is
howling tor me!
Pasadena, Cal.
Isthmian Canal
Editor Independent: I see a great
deal in the newspapers about the isth
mian canal. We are no nearer having
a canal than we were fifty years ago
although we have spent hundreds of
thousands of dollars employing com
missions to ramble around in Central
117. n xt w
vve r-ay uie rreigru. y
We will deliver the following 110.00 combination to any town in
Hy the state of Nebraska, freight prepaid by us, any time during tho f
iK month of January, 1903. Reference: First National Bank or The In- yft
rfk? dependent. ?K
f GO lbs Best Granulated Sugar for fl.00 VJ
K 20 lbs Choice Prunes 1.00 i j
'P 25 bars Good Laundry Soap 1.00 JJ'
J 2 lbs High Grade Japan Tea 1.00 . ?
4V 10 lbs High Grade Pea berry Coffee 2MO A's
wjS? G lbs Fancy Bright Apricots " .75 J!f
fjS 4 lbs Fancy Muer Peaches f)0 f
li 4 lbs Fancy i Crown Large Raisins 50 ik'i
Gibs Fancy J pan Head Rice 50 Jff .
r.l 2 cans 10-oz Cream of Tartar Baking Powder. 50 f
i 3 pkgs. 10 cent soda 25 fi '
A 3 Pk6s 10 cent Corn Starch 25 k
3 pkgs 10 cent Gloss Starch ; 25 V
A 1 lb Pure Black Pepper 25 l
r;K 1 bottle Lemon Extract 10 ?k
' 1 bottle Vanilla Extract 10 W
jfjb 2 doz. clothes Pins ; ; 05 Of
fiS All the above for f 10.00 W
Orders for customers outside of the state of Nebraska and on line
f of railroad entering Lincoln add 75c. to j ay part of freight. l
hi t'tt
W W .
I Branch & Miller Go. f
flN Cor. lo.h and PS ts. Lincoln, Neb.
IS What we Advert! we Do.' t
Too Late
Christmas has come and you did not buy one of our
Beautiful Pianos. Well its not too late yet, we still
have a beautiful assortment, all styles, grades and prices. I
We are still as anxious as ever to sell you and will make
every possible inducement.
If you can't call, write us.
Matthews Piano Co.
H20 O Street,
Lincoln, Neb. j
America. I don't think we will ever
build any canal, nor does any bod v
want one, for it would be of no use
to the people of this nation if we did
have it. No one would use it. It is
about 700 miles nearer for a ship go
ing from New York to Manila to go
by the way of the Suez canal. Beside"
there is not a ton of coal by the
isthmian canal, except what is car
ried by ships, and no markets for a
ship to stop it; while by the Suez
canal there is the finest market in
the world and cheap coal at every
port. "
The produce of the Orient and Cali
fornia are largely perishable goods
and can be shipped across the conti
nent in four days, while it would taki
30 days to go by a canal. These goods
are largely used in the interior and
would have to be reshipped to interior
points. By railroad they could be dis
tributed as the trains pass across the
continent, so no one would use it t
carr produce. It would be worthless
in time of war, for no one would trust
a great warship in it when it could be
blown up any minute; further it is in
a hot climate where white men can
not work on it and would not give
employment to the American people.
The estimated cost is something like
180 million and it would probably cost
twice as much to finish it. The money
it would cost to build and maintain
this canal would build a double track
railroad from New York to San Fran
cisco and equip it, besides leaving sev
eral millions dollars to work out on
the highways. I will leave it to tho
rt l r f f ' 1 1 J TnrlonAnlnMf nVtiT
icaucio Oi a iib liiucpixuiit tt uuji
would be best for the American peopla
to spend, these hundreds of millions
digging a worthless ditch in a hot cli
mate where no one can live, or build
a double track railroad across our
own country owned by the government
and run at actual expenses.
If a canal were built the expense of
maintaining it would be several mil
lion dollars per year and the income
would be practically nothing, as no
tody would' use it. The French peo
ple have been working down there for
nearly fifty years and have spent hun
dreds of millions of dollars and now
want to unload the worthless old ditch,
they have been digging for forty mil
lion dollars since we bought the Phil
ippines, at $20,000,000. Every Europ
ean country think they can sell us
any old trash at their own price and
it looks as if they can do it.
Miller, Neb.