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    "JANUARY 8, 1903.
Mr. Schwelzer Quotes From th Verona
' Articles of 1823 and Explains
Recent Occurrences
, ; There can be no doubt that the Eu
ropean ' monarchs have again insti
tuted a new holy allianee and that our
government, with the purchase of the
Philippine islands, . secretly . entered
that alliance. To prove that asser
tion we need only to judge its acts and
compare, them with the articles ac
cepted by the holy alliance at a con
gress held at Verona' in 1822, which
. reads: '.'The undersigned, specially
authorized to make some additions to
the treaty of the holy alliance, have
, agreed as follows:
Art I.- The high contracting pow
; ers, being convinced that the system
of representative government is equal
ly incompatible with the monarchical
: principles as ' the maxim of the sov
. ereignty of the people, with divine
- right engage mutually to use all the
.efforts to put an end to the system
' of representative government in what
ever country it may - exist in Europe
' and to prevent its being introduced in
those countries where it is not yet
Art II As it cannot be doubted
that' the liberty of the press is the
most powerful means used by the pre
. tended supporters of the rights of the
nation, the high contracting parties
.promise reciprocally to adopt all prop
er measures to suppress it, not only in
their own state, but also in the rest
of Europe."
This article of the secret agreement
of the European -monarchs accounts
for the, carnage in China, South Africa
and th. Philippine islands.; for our
supplying .England with horses and
mules to subjugate the heroes of the
Transvaal' republics; for giving Ger
many and England free hand in the
. South American republics which is a
., violation of the Monroe doctrine,
which was expressly adopted as a pro
test and protection against the holy
alliance; for the suppression of free
thought, free speech and free press by
our executive through Assistant Post
master General Madden; for subordi
nating and putting our educational
system under control of clergies; for
cutting every family tie, even crippling
and killing the child in the mother's
womb, by our inhuman,; barbarous la-
bor system;, for the inhuman .and cruel
treatment of our laborers, especially
''"in "sweat-shops, factories, coal mines.
Idaho iull, pen; for subjugating this
. people under the dominion of the pope.
All these acts are only the effect of
a well deliberated tyrannical system,
the executors of a secret order of the
holy alliance with the pope as its spir
itual head, because divine rights of
kings can only be granted "and sus
tained by an infallible pope as the rep
resentative of God on earth.
Bismarck made a great mistake or,
as we-common people say, he mcrde a
fool of himself, when he commenced
the Cultur Kampf. Without divine
right, William I. was only the Kan
tatschen prince and the butcher of
Rastatt, for the German people,, espe
cially for Catholic priests, who at that
time never called him by another
name. As soon as Birmarck had found
out that he was only too glad to ac
knowledge the supremacy of the pope
by submitting to his decision in the
dispute over the Caroline islands and
accepting the order of Christ to wear
. it na a tnhan nf VUKSJlllfl fTfl tfl thft T)OT)e.
- J t, U. l -" r . - "
whereof William I. was endowed with
the divine right of a emperor and re
ceived full indulgence for slaughtering
patriotic people, who defended their
liberty and right of self-government
and for the butchering at Rastatt,
where he killed defenseless persons,
the noblest patriots of Baden, without
allowing them a trial.
.v The church .can right any wrong
and grant indulgence for auy crime,
and riq. people can buy it at fixed
prices and giving tithes from their
plunder. A"railroad company in Min
nesota made a" land claim in a well
."settled country, but when the roal
owners protested and the railroad
' company had found out that the sec-
'r'etary of the interior would declare
their claim as void, they sold it' to
; Archbishop Ireland, which made that
'land the sacred property of the church
' fend that sanctimonious bishop evicted
all. those settlers, who refused to sub
mit and accept his usurer's terms;
and hot long ago the supreme court
declared his title perfect. That's the
wav divine rights are created.
Now you sanctimonious Christian
: gentlemen of altar, throne, money bag,
and press, what do you think that
Christ would say to your acts? I be
lieve he would only repeat what he
once said, to some gentlemen of your
kind; it is recorded St. Matthew,
XXIII. 13, and reads: Woe, unto you.
scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for
iae shut up the kingdom of heaven
painst men. For neither ye go in
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yourself neither suffer ye them that
are entering to go in. Woe, unto you,
scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for
ye devour widows' houses and for pre
tense make long prayers, therefore ye
shall receive the greater damnation.
Woe, unto you, scribes and Pharisees,
hypocrites, for ye compass sea and
land to make one proselyte and if he
is made, ye make him twofold the
child of hell than yourself. Woe, un
to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo
crites, for ye are like unto white
sepulchers which indeed look beauti
ful outward, but are without full of
dead men's bones and all uncleanli
ness. Ye serpents, ye generation of
vipers, how can ye escape the damna
tion of hell?"
With Judge Ladd we ask: "Where,
O, where are our boasted constitutional
rights of self-government? Where
are our asylums of the oppressed?
Where our land of the free and home
of the brave? Alas, all gone down
trampled in the dust of the iron heel
of a pious American despot, sustained
by an irresponsible congress of brain
les demagogues and a subservient su
preme court"
Will the American people submit
to that despotism? Never! People
cannot be humbugged forever. Lin
coln said: "Some people can be fooled
many times, but not all the people
can be fooled all the time."
The avalanche of a moral, political
and economic revolution fs now in mo
tion to destroy forever ignorance, su
perstition, .popeism. divine rights of
kings and divine rights of the money
bag and worthless pdpe, bishops, Eu
ropeans, kings, president, congress
no international money bag can stop
it; it will drag them along and bury
them, too, because, as Schiller said:
"If the star on, which you dwell and
live, jumps off its track and incenses,
you cannot choose if you will fol
low; it drags you along with its cen
trifugal power together with its ru?
and all the moons." The holy aljiano
at Verona declared that sovereignty of
the people is Incompatible with mon
archical principles and divine rights
It Is getting time to decide permanent
ly which one ihall rule.
The old is collapsing, time is chang
ing and new life blooms out of the
Out of the ruins of despotism, ignor
ance, superstition and fraud will grow
the tree of liberty with its precious
fruits truth, knowledge, justice, and
universal brotherhood and love of men.
But it would be foolishness to expect
that the privileged classed should
make a change and voluntarily give up
their usurped rights.
Men are selfish, and, as Mr. Jeffer
son said, "all will become wolves If
not restrained." Goethe said: "Cruci
fy Christ with thirty years that he
will not become a deceiver." The peo
ple must help themselves. We need
a second Declaration of Independence
from the old superstition of divine
rights. We must emancipate our
selves from the despotism of the
priests' bag and money bag.
Instead of blindly obeying the or
ders of clergies, president, congress
men and judges, we must show to
those gentlemen that the people are
the real boss, who has command," and
that they are only hired men, who
have to obey the orders of their mas
ter, work for their wages and are
responsible for their acts the same as
any common laborer; but to do that
the . people miist directly control offi
cers tnd congress with the initiative
and referendum and that can only be
done by . a peaceable revolution, which
means a total cliarigf of our constitu
tion. ! F. SCHWEIZER.
Woodlawn, Neb.
Dr. Bye, the Eminent Specialist,' on
the, treatment of cancer, Kansas City,
Mo., states that in his long years of
extensive practice in the treatment o
carcinoma has proven beyond a doubt
that the disease Is hereditary, having
successfully treated as many as four
or more members of one family suffer
ing from the disease. The Doctor hai
printed a valuable book, profusely Il
lustrated, which is sent free. Parties
afflicted or having frieDd3 afflicted
should write him. Address Dr. W. O.
Bye, Kansas City, Mo.
M. F. Magnuson, Edgerley, N. D.:'
Send me The Independent 13 weeks a3
per your ad. in Missouri Valley Farm
er. Did you mean that every subscrib
er should accompany his subscription
with ideas on remedies for trusts?
(All who wish to, and we will pub
lish as many as we can find space for.v
Ed. Ind.) -