The independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1902-1907, January 01, 1903, Page 9, Image 9

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    JANUARY 1, 1903.
A Judge who will allow lawyers,
especially corporation lawyers, to in
sult witnesses, browbeat them and in
dulge in criminal insinuations again: t
them is not fit to sit upon the bench.
The lawyer who does it is a sneaking
coward. He takes advantage of his
position as an officer of the court to
Insult men and even women, which
he would not dare to do if he met the
same persons on equal grounds. Not
long since a corporation lawyer in
Chicago was allowed to make the
most insulting insinuations to a per
fectly upright, honest woman of good
standing, a wife and moiher, and the
judge said not a word. If judges will
not protect the honor of the men and
women whom they force to appear be
fore them, they are as great sneaks
and cowards as the lawyers. Las':
week, Benjamin Garver, a well-known
citizen of South Bend, a timid and re
tiring man, but conscientious and hon
orable, preferred death to submitting
a second time to the insults and in
nuendoes of the corporation lawyers
who were defending a suit for dam
ages against the Lake Shore railroad
for killing a man at a railroad cross
ing. Mr. Garver drank an ounce of
carbolic acid and died at the door of
the court house Mr. Garver's friends,
and they were many, claim that he
was so outrageously badgered and in
sulted by these corporation lawyers
that his mind cave way under the
strain. The judge who presided and
the lawyers who did that thing are
equally guilty, if not of murder, then
at least of manslaughter in some de
Secretary Root, in his' answers to the
charges of cruelty preferred against
the army in the Philippines, declared
that the troops there were "the flower
of American manhood." Then in mak
ing a fight for the re-establishment
7of the army, canteen he furnished sta
tistics to the effect that of 342 com
panies of our army in the Philippines
showed that in 60 companies every
man used liquor in some form. In
130 companies this was true of 90 per
cent more of the men. In 58 compa4
nies between 70 and 80 per cent, and
in only 68 companies were the figures
less than 70 per cent.
If that sort of men are the flower
of American manhood, then the men
who fought the great battles of the
civil war did not have much of the
flower of manhood in them, for there
were whole regiments that were strict
ly temperate and compan'es without
number of the same kind. Imperial
istic "flowers of manhood"' are of a
different species from those who
fought for the Declaration of Inde
p;ndence under the inspiration of the
sentiments expressed by Lincoln in
his Beardstown speech.
Gloucester, the place where the fish
ing smacks sail from, is of such great
importance in the eyes of the tariff
grafters, that the interest of no other
city in the state of Massachusetts is
to be taken into consideration at all
if the fishermen of Gloucester so de
cree. Just at present, when reciproc
ity with Canada is before the people,
the dailies, all of which are for rec
iprocity, provided that no reciprocity
treaty is ever ratified by the senate,
are every one greatly interested in
Gloucester. According to them the
fate of this nation depends on Glou
cester. They have all been so de
claring of late. They say that this
nation cannot exist without a navy
and a navy cannot exist without Glou
cester, for there is the only place that
the men are born and bred who can
man the navy. Gloucester breeds sail
ors and nothing else and no other place
can breed them. What men trained to
sailing fishing smacks could do aboard
a modern warship they do not tell,
but they most emphatically declare
that if it were not for Gloucester
there could be no navy. If the duty on
codfish is lowered our navy will be
ruined. In their argument, this is
not the "ruin of an industry," but the
ruin of our navy. Woe unto this na
tion if that treaty with Newfoundland
or a reciprocity treaty with Canada is
ever confirmed by the senate. The
navy is gone, and England, Germany,
or some other country with a na.vy
will come over here and capture us.
It may be that they have places in
Gloucester where the modern war
ship engineer, electrician, machinist,
explosive experts, and gunners are
bred, and that a reduction of the duty
on codfish "would ruin that industry,"
but if they have they should give a
specific account of the same. That is
the only kind of men who are of any
use in the navy aside from the coal
heavers and other common laborers.
The policy should be adopted requir
ing every man who comes to Wash
ington declaring that he must have a
certain rate of tariff or "the industry
will be ruined," to submit his books
to the scrutiny of trained and official
accountants who will make a report
upon the actual cost of manufactur
ing the goods that he produces and
the price for which he sells them. If
the public is to be taxed to support
his industry, the public has a right
to know his profits. It is a fact thai
there are now delegations in Wash
ington declaring that their several in
dustries "will be ruined" if the tariff
is lowered in the least degree, where
the goods have been making from 30
to 40 per cent profit for a long time.
If they must have a tariff, then let us.
have publicity. The claim that the
beet sugar industry would "be ruined"
by a reciprocity treaty with Cuba pro
viding a 20 per cent reduction on the
Dingley rates is a case where publicity
is needed. Recently several of these
sugar beet companies have sent cir
culars to stockholders declaring divi
dends amounting to more than 50 pel
cent. That beats the Rockefeller graft.
His dividends for the last year were
only 45 per. cent.
Nebraska still stands at the head of
all the states in the matter of educa
tion. The late census report shows
that of the children between the ages
of 10 and 14 in this state, 99.66 per cent
can read and write.
When measured by the value of their
manufactures, New York, Pennsyl
vania, Illinois, , Massachusetts, Ohio,
and New Jersey stand at the head of
the scale of the states in the order in
which they are here printed. .When
measured by the ability of their chil
dren between the ages of 10 and 14
years to read and write these states
rank altogether differently. Thus, New
York, instead of being first, is 14th;
Pennsylvania, instead of being second,
is 20th; Illinois, instead of being third,
is 15th; the other three are Massa
chusetts, ninth; Ohio, fourth, and New
Jersey, 21st. Nor is their position
either stable or improving. On the
contrary, all the six great industrial
states have fallen from a better rela
tive position during the 10 years from
ISOO to 1900.
Those figures show what tremendous
republican majorities result in for the
common people. Here in Nebraska the
fusion government greatly increased
the disbursements to common schools.
As soon as the republicans got back
into power they greatly reduced them.
Last spring when The Independent
expressed some doubts as to whether
the bankers would permit congress to
pass the Post check currency bill
because the Post check currency would
deprive the bankers of some revenue
for writing drafts the bureau of in
formation wrote a courteous letter as
ruring The Independent that it need
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have no fear on that score, because
bankers were rather tired of writicg
drafts for small amounts, considering
the revenue hardly worth the trouble,
etc. Not having access to all tho
financial publications, The Indspen
dent does not claim to keep track of
all the multitudinous details of new
kinks adopted by these purveyors of
"credit," but tries rather to keep in
touch only with the general move
ment. However, one of our subscrib
ers, in remitting his dues for another
year, gave us a little insight into whatr
is to us a new scheme of these big
bankers who scorn to write small
Caesar's inscription is a follows:
"The Bankers MONEY ORDER
Association. No. 122620A.
The amount of this Money Or
der has been received by the bank
of issue for transmission and pay
ment by The Bankers Money Order
Association, payable at
The Western National Bank, of
the city of New York.
National Bank of Redemption,
Boston, Mass.
First National Bank, Chicago,
Crocker-Woolworth National
Bank, San Francisco, Cal.
Metropolitan Bank, New Or
leans, La.
Imperial Bank of Canada, To
ronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and
Vancouver, Canada.
Banco Naclonal de Mexico, Mex
ico City, Mex.
The other part is similar to an ex
press money order or a United States
postoffice order and need not be
quoted. It might be said, however,
that the "order" was for $1. This
would not look much like proof that
our Post check currency friends are
correct. In fact, it seems odd that a
number of big bankers, who are jus
dying to avoid the trouble of writing
small drafts, should organize an as
sociation to take in the whole of North
America for the purpose of issuing
small drafts under the name of "mon
ey orders."
But success to the Post check. cur
rency bureau and its bill. May it be
come a law.
The republican leaders well know
that their protection system is a house
of cards and that the only way to pre
vent the whole thing from falling
down is to keep hands off and not jar
the floor. That is the reason why they
say that the tariff must not be
touched. -
The Morgan shipping trust combine
don't seem to go at all. But one sale
of the stock has been recorded and
that was made on the curb. All that
has been bid is 15 for common and 30
for preferred. The stock has been' so
outrageously watered that even the
gudgeons won t bite. : '
There was never a dollar of profit
made on a board of trade or stock ex
change. Profits accrue to commerce
where both parties to a trade are ben
efited. The other is gambling, for
when one party makes anything the
other party loses that much and the
gains are not profits, but winnings. 1 ;
The "panic stoppers" down in New
York are thorough believers in the
maxim that "the hair of the dog will
cure the bite." A pool to expand bank
credits fifty millions whenever there
is a stringency in the money market
caused by expanding bank credits, is
a most thorough exemplification of
that old saying.
Teddy's argument that the tariff on
steel must not be touched because to
remove the tariff would not only ef
fect the trust, but "ruin the industry"
of the small producer, had a great ef
fect during the last campaign. He,
of course, referred to such companies
as the National Steel Co., the Union
and Sharon Steel companies and oth
ers of that sort. The election is over
and all these steel companies are now
non est, the big trust has swallowed
them and they exist no more. There
will soon be no little steel companies
and the removal of the tariff will no
longer affect small concerns for there
will be none of that sort. . Will Teddy,
then be willing to have, the tariff on
steel removed?