The huntsman's echo. (Wood River, Buffalo County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1860-1861, October 25, 1860, Image 1

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" , .'." rwetimtr.a "'
MKt Brer.a Tt0fllo County, N. T.,
eer Thursday Momim? tiriu $2 00 V
yaaf,, It advauce for nx mouth $1 bo
. ; Single eoplee JOc.
t jr. r.. jonxsoit,
.JOUfttOVfl Itt.IIK,
, f .f . i Wood Utter, X. T.,
WILL attead U all call in his nrofes
aln Kurf jriiif, Platting, Aaiyiiicvritif,
aa. ave. n i-tr.
1E3U J iiJ Cl lLW7Ji),
1! . . f ; LlQVOllS,
"-XayeskHee tees t Fart Kearney, art th
S . ' ? . t v
aVBtjreats wilt Had the Ba Accommoda
v Ua naoa ana waier
TSX andervigaed bnv now In operation
Aa rxcallcuf Kopa Ferry.
. acres tie LOUPE FORK, stGenoa the
. araaaiaf aa tha old Mormon Route. This
ia tke aearent and boat rwui. add always
Cnjaarres aa low aa at uny ferry on the
. Oeaae, April i, I860. -. nletf '
fsaapartant to Emigrants
w-aoora to thc
!, V. T., having Wer. transferred in-
fee poeaession o( a new Company, form.
ri tot tba express purpose of txUblithlii);
. (f eressior, at that point, which will be
tairoaM m chabcc,
.a iaed ay law, and entirely free from
Amy Tarnations Delays .
taat ere raally to be avoid :d, ij now In
eoaptet rannlar order, and in chare t
ana ef the Dlreclnra of the Company. The
klt ray be assured that everything will
a data U ensure to thin
iSa pnblle patronage and suppert. Fo
fwrtW information apply to Mera. ur
tr a) trait)!. By rdr of .He Board.
;ratftMt.; 0. P. Hl'BFORD.
r. f. : MCMAIIO.V.
' ' " " '; al-tf.'
rf-Mf-o (Lau'.f Claeiad, 0.) "
tlfitt45 iso uvaav.os,
Hilz fWffl1! B.LUFfS' 10WA
MaWSa mmd Ilarueaa Malter,
M teiDwir, i : .'
Maawrweeates and keep ea baud rryUuDj
akkliM. cl-tf.
fdVacNs aaJwari bltwn Main and Seott
irMU, Council BluBs.Iow. i
JODX JTOXES, . . Proprietor.
Trill Hoaeia eitdated centrally to tbe
lelaaa pertiea e4"theity iti apart mruts
,-k.. .-J II .... .11 ... ....I ..MUlhill,
jaei H kia ao sir of epufort aud eonveni
.a.' ' 1 r. -f.
ai... .eiKsnrsK, !
'Oat Btaderaad Blank Book manii
ttWef. (f oMail Bluiht, I own, in prepared
eaccaU anything in Lis department of
saineae, areaipUy and In a substantial
i.tSTotjkicaAalbka , manner, ai d at Uw
aveea; nl-tf.
if :
''taetiif aeWer-i - w.ii.m rvicr. '
. orru'Eix v ru.EV.
ilia U Laad Warrants aad Ex-
" Cauael! UluOa, lows.
IVTILL aUead to aalectiou ani Lora
' Vy lipa af lands la western 'owa and
eTtbraske, the payment ol taxi ou lands
aaa-fealdeats a:l the' eolleeliou and
i(tc f .alaiiat., ...
City, Iowa. ;
,v;u ii
iaal 4 rviwrow. ' Mica auwiM 'r
' i i V'Ctrjrfoy 4 JLWVIM. ' 1
nILL pfaetln to all tbe Court la
jrY WWr Iowa and Nebraska.
asaM Keffa, Jaw. nl-tf.
1 -
. I '
Golden JjjDue
' a.
xucrisDAV. ocxoiu:ftLit 10.
at BLt! A. II .10 WHS.
Thtrt'i a ray of li-)it ttr U bining now.
With a ieady fii-aio a-jJ a slduii glowp
Ttum'h the iuDlight died in her bali awny,
AnJ tlm tiiiflil cmo on with tb rhut of (Jay ;
Yt,a brilliant gun iu htr crown w4 t,
Aud it jlcomth on through the ibaduws yet.
TU the rtarof Hope iu tbo pilgrim'
With hi of liRht thi will nevr di.t.
And Ulendeih on through the mii of D'S''f
Through the windinicptluinalndof hlibt,
To thai brighter Und, that blent wtreet,
Where tbe rawomcd low at Uio Savior fot.
Th "ftrf", Kilh lotr fhisot
Ridiaiit Irum pari, .iilUd mind,.
" Tihurt th. SiTlor riX" ''hin M. rmft,
1 .. ) n r ( (hr. fontrfit
Tlio wrM "r "'. "i fn. and bil
' tt Miik re will ou Itit'f rill.
ll.w . t thy, jx TMkVarc '
llt kullt ti.ti U,. tU7-r irwf
rrtllatl, ' 1,111 y ,t4 ""th 'y'
Tfc. jr Mill p'' " U" pv''"' Oo4 ;
I!t.t' JnHKiiieiiU fr th tiu i leli haJ,
AaHtjtt Mrejr, toS lnnrcd,tlr Irum ilita4
Tka "That krigkttr Und tnd UiM. blwt iimrt '
. Mbr. tha iwowi bow mt th. Smor i fwt,"
M ill bi b thii ttrth, nhcrotli. rltooD i1j'.1 m.t
Aad tbo Spirit at owr Cl ju)- eotipltto
Tb rif ktwai ih.ll (bin. M tk. .an Iu lu itrcnKUi,
Aid th. Kinldom nf God taestmllntivd t leugth
1.0B(-louk.4 for, 'Hi ttu, kal tut mom io n
"Huiu ndrUnbU dapirt -Gd f w rd ihill
frct.nd.ri, h. it pn-Mut profen W M trao,
Shill onfoldtj, doolirod, and held up to Tiew,
Tb. burden of tatia i!)ill no lougnr Jncoir-,
U .il.arrurt irtriyiid, will auk. tk.slnpU kulitra.
Th.a .bill God Uit b (thr,d ironnd
Tb. voucm Knbteouai-t tlh. bow UUowtd
tb, grouad f
"Tbta ihill th. urth briag forth I la laercut,
Aai Cod. our m God. wr ill lv. m UIi ptic.." .
"Th. lloMinj of God ob 11 ia poopl. bill bo,
Ani tb. nd. of tbooircb Hit .nUation tball
Wood tir Ccatrr. I'amttB.
The Uiumond Stud.
At the corner of one of the streets
leading to St. Giles, London, there
had sat for several yearn, a withered
visaced begg.-r, aeemingly six'y year
old or more, who tportcd an enoi nious
hunch upon bis ahouldcrs, and whose
face pre.enied the nnom- loiis appear
mice of marked age, though the fea
ture were round and lull, and the eye
of old Vincent for thus i.c bad long
been known was ns bright nnd clear i
us that of a person of thirty, only.
Ha wa very lame, loo. lie an
proacbed his sanJ at a very early hour', '. .,
!.. .u .4 i.i,v I..- i i kindly.
ivinrf.noat (ill late at n it-lit. for mine
than a score of veara. At first, he
hud been renmkaliy piinclnal in his'
Coining nd going, and ibo freuen er
nf that neighborhoiti would aa o.n
have expected to have missed tbe
-pi re of tbo tower of a morning, rain or
shine, for a long period, as to hiive
found theplactiof Tom Vincent vacant
so sure was the bepgar to make his
diurnal hult at his permitted und fa
vorite corner.
He wi a never obtrusive lo pnsers
by and hc police tolernted him, lor
Tom wa quiet and melancholy, evi
dently' modest bud bumble and needy ;
and (hough he wuHa'way to be found
there in all kjnds of weather, yet lie
took Rood care of his p.;rson. and was
r. . ........ . i
t..- I,, twill 1,;. ,,..-.1
and miserablr, exterior was eviiU-W8', pavement, remembering-
of liis poor and wretched condition. j
c. ..... a pm ...
w even uuui jivicu uvi a fun (ib
,i ... i ... .V.,...,j
they passed and re-passed, the pen
nies, ahUjings, unci occasional crowns
that were dropped, into bis incigniti
cant charity-box soon amounted to a
very comfortably paying income for
him. ' He boarded his money, ftom
the begining, and after five years be
found iiiinneif able to invest a bund,
some surplus, at good round interest,
though nobody knew of this. Tom
came and went tbo same as before.
He was doing a thriving business.-
His location was the best in town, and !
he made (he most of his opportunity.
lie bad a wife and 01 e third -at
home.' liis daughter was well educat
ed, and had been taught from infancy
never to ask tr answer queaiions re
pardinghir parent, whose orenpat'on
she ically knew nothing of. Tom Vin
cent was un assumed name ; m bo Jy
su.pectfd hi.ii, ai'd he might have
l,i,.f.rl nf t-t wpll-L-nnwn rt. fill
doomsday, nnd none would have been J
ti. I,., it w.11 ,,h..,np,l u,n-
hit scheme of deception, and so well
did he continue lo carry out bis ob
jects. ,
Among his regular benef.tcfors
and there were mtrny, of the people
who passed his conery daily there
was ene person who bad long been
friendly (i old Tom. H was a you1 g
merchant.' who came and went to and
from bis busiuu every morning, and
j who scnrcelj' aver pii l t!ut icgar
I ttii icu wiihi u' derofcitin ' ia Tom a box
lO'iic Mivr cnan.'e. Iin t.nino vrna
iMoflimef. ' 11 was b trarleiaiT, in
tli drjyo'-.da line, nud he acfmtjd
from Hie otitx'ot o have taktn (i hwy
to old Vincent., Wliilo a yoiinjr tltrk,
even, h liad Ictn alwaya mindful of
the poor ol't litinchab ck, anil a lie ynt to be bi tter off in
own p cai.iary circumotincc!, b
Li carno m re ibra! tluu vvtr, drop !
t a ,
I'lug his daily Kliil!ii'R or
liulf-cro.v ii
or ictum-
itity the box, t M lit! went
!, tmd ftlw.iyA' with & checrim! woid
; lo Toin 4N a pseJ. 1
j ,he mtliniime Tom's means 1)h:1
j, nnd lie had pot together
!, rt,ry , sumt which he bad
j invited to L't ofl''! ill bis rei.l
, ... li: . rnm;'v w,re tlomieibd in
a r"rnote part of the town, and be vis
i id tliein i.uoe t r twire a iuek. only,
ti r nHny A lonpand wemy yer. Al
Itnuflh Ire became . 1;n regular in his
'i appearance t l.i nccutoined finer,
I arriving much- later in ilir mtrnii p
I 'ban uxnnl, find di-p'Hti" i irLirr at
niiht; Ihtn a J.y woubl pas itb
! out Tom'a making bis appearance at
all, a very atrnnce f ircunisimce in the
estimation of those wbi bud known his
reiiliirity lunj j bnuiiy, be rami:
bill twice or tbrke n work, and wia
lilninly iror
and sickly than ever. T.i those who
bad seen and observed eld Vincenl
tbe longest, it wit that tbo bi-g-fnr
tvua r-ipidly failing in btu'lb, an I
it wa thought that be would noon be
misled from bin poal fimilly, nxl fur
ever. Tom wa very ol i and -Keiikly,
l.i me 'lid worn out, and tic nmueruu
Iric-nd of the needy rami . i'ciea'(i
'beir daily favors, for it whs i iiiri
that be wou'd r.oi t i ed their cluir
a great while Icng'r, at host.
Mr. Worliiiifr bad lately pfssei.
Tom's locale, but tbe bejar observed
I that he dropped only a lew hu'po ce
I in tho lit le box, then n penny or two.
(then nothipg for a whole week. A
j las, he went by upon the other '!:
of the way, I hia w; a a' queer nrraage
ment, tlio 'ghl Tom. Wl at b id lie
done t offend him ? What bad l.ap
pened to caue the udltu change m
his friend's habit nnd bis long contin
ued favor ? Tom could not imagine
why he was thas remiss.
Ono day, l!r. Mortimer ' crossed
(ever, however, ui uppeU a lull-crown
I in tho boxand halted.
-How tre you. Turn V ho said
. -tool J,
tir, poorly," responded
the bejrgar.
"You havn't been here of late io
regularly a befori," added Mr. Mor
timer. "What's the ni .iter?"
No' fowell as formerly and get
ting old, master," said Tom.
"As poor as ever, too?"
Aa poor n ever," renp:nded Tom.
Mortimer st uted, a moment after
ward. EuJdeidy, pazsd for an ins' ant
upon Tom's partiHlly exposed itbirt
boiiotii.anl thin went ou ab m bis
bushes. The beggar soon alierwnrds
secured his little box, and returned to
bis humble lodging, iu n dingy court,
blfi uiilu westward.
"That couldn't h.'ive been a gem
- I : I i- ii .r.. i
"?l " , . ' ""rc'' .
Mnrhrtiir f f liirncolr t.m ha fitifrtiT
i iUVib)Hil wv -e--4.eee at iiuilltu
-toruoier io nimseii, i.s
, ' ,,'
wiiut ii - i 'u iu. l iiuirnt a srinepse oi
in io.n mcent s ho
m . r . i a, , ,
isom.' "It was showy though, nu 1 nr
tistically act. It could not havo heeu
a diamond, and yet it w;is very bril
liant. What is ibis old bepgnr doing
with a crystal, even, in his shir'-bo-soin?
' continued Mortimer, to hinj
stdf, Astonished. . Can it be that Tom
is a deceiver, like the rest ? I must
see to this," added Mortimer, shrewd
ly. ''I, nviist see to this. He may
liuve found, it, nnd perhaps may not
know iu value. It insy be el.isa. We
mas knoilihutoryl' ni.J Mortimer
cui.iiquco n :wrjn 1111 esiaoipu
in- ut. which was now in the hands of
his creditors, for (he trr.der-man had
latterly been unfortunate, end his
l name, unluckily I ad just appeared in
the Eankmpt's U 'telle," among the
failures of the day.
When the early friend of Tom re
turned next day, ho missed old Vin
cent from hi pot. and not till three
utet ward$ did,
the beggar again. . t
he chance u on
beggar again. . Ha enra up. de
posited n f mill co'u in hit box, bu'
saw more of the breast-pin.
Tom was in rags, his bunch was as
big ns evi'Ti ho s'ooped more inouu
ful'y (ban uu 1, antj ho locked th
same miaerahle object that be hud
seemed, lo Mr. Mortimer, for hilt a
accr" of years before.'
"Hard times, Tom,' said Mc'.iwer
t the boggnr.
"Vrry, nir ju4 live, all ol, u.
nnd tnnta ail. tieie a n note a cen
tlernan left wi'me yfaterd y evening
for you," continued Tom, aa Morti
mtr was nivvins oo Tbej tell ie
you've betn uulort'natc, too, of late,
Jlortiint r took the 1 tier, llmiikcd
To;. i, nnd bin ried to liU' rooms to
read it. 1 It rend i a folfows : '
' If .Mr. Mitrtimer will cnll nt Bank
Irte. tioho, No. C0, n f-u' o'clock.
ou Tl nrediiv, l e will hear a.ifnetbiDi'
'.here to Ins prrstnt olrttiiiae.
The letur wat without is?nalure,
bnt. the loc tii n tvi i ref.pectrtble, and
tbe ajipo n cd hour, during daylight.
)! rt nier rieponded lo tbiacnll with,
ut heitntion ; and at early futir o'
tb k hi fund biinie!f befcra n band'
iome dwelling, in Hank Street. lie
mounted th ione ctepa, rang the bi ll,
presented l ii cad. and was ushered
by a aervani into a be; ulMiilly furnish
ed apiirimerit,' wbtre he was reqnea ed
tosiiA moment, when the pmpriutor
of i lie houfe would wait on him. '
All this perrormante was inexplica
ble to i he ytaing man, put be was ti
lifted fit-in bis denbis, partially, by
the mir-mee of a lSni .looking, gentle
manly ninn, wlmni he bad never1 seea
before, and who sNl : '''' ' '
Mr. Kdw.ird Mor'.imrr, I believe 1"
"Ye, ir," said the o;her, "your
j ervant, fir."
"M ike yourself at home hrre, Mr.
Mor imei,"saiil the gcii'lcnian; kindly.'
'I heurd of vour misfortwrie, recently.
j and I h;ivw si ni for 3-011. to see. what
may be dot e for jour pecuniary relief.
Tint i our dinuer-hummons, sir will
you j in ust" " '' ' ' ' '' '
Mr. Mortimer tha'keJ his strantre
f fiit I'd. nd they both ptsncd into 'the
dming-riom. ;
" I hi is p-:y wife Mrs. Elton, iind
my d iiilitfr, Oeorget'e Mr. Morti
mer." s i I the gt ntlemafl, preseniing
the ymr e nu gr.icioiibly, to his
fxin ly ; a'i ( ti e i cwly-miide ucquain
tnncts s;t' dun to the ii . cushion of a
fplcrnbd rt pa-t, lit which' (be ladv of
Air. I'l'.on pre ivied w'th a 'grace he
hail never s: en rXctHed.' : ' -
When-the -loth n ut removed from
the tahle. -wine pUced before them,
th lndie rttiie l, and Air. KIton thus
addres'fd the bankrupt young iner
ch nt. ... ...
."Mr. Mortimer.i to what cjreura-
!ancc yoa are.jnsj now, indebted (or
lhis interview, and what mar,, per-,
haps, follow i it matters not at this
moment for me to explain 5 .you shall
be duly adt'Med of all that is require
yon rhould know;' but at tha outset,
1 m itt ak that you yield me jour
coulidec.ce. und believe that- while. 1
promise to be your friend,' 1 will at
the Hume time propose no impertinent
queries. ft least in my own judgement,
legard'ng your flhiirs. : Do we under
s'Kiid each jotluiv now, sir f"t , . j
T have no wish, my dear sir, iior
am 1. in a pnr ion jiii now (ii 1 were
reer so w, dip:iseil, to pruc ict
(iecettion, Mr. Llton. Vouarenware
of ruv prsi;iit pecuniary (rouble ?
"iusacllr mid that I why J sent
for you. , Do you remember me ?"
"No, sir."
"Look i gain," sriid Ellon.
1 ciiiioi, recollect, sir, that we
hav ever met," responded Mortimer,,
examining the gentleruaeJ'a - features
Well, lhn " continued his host,
I knew ydur fither very well; and
i a he is dead and you have no friend
to whom you enn now conveniently
turn for advice and aid, I have' as
turned to invi e you here, and to make
you apro)Osal."
"You are very kind sir and I am
in a position to appreciate your liber
ality, most certainly." '
Mow much money do you owe,
Mortimer? ' ' ;
'Six thousand four hundred pounds
s:r. ' ' - -'All
Yes, sir, six thousand in round
numbers''' ' "-' ' '
What have you to pay It with ?"'
Ebteen hun ird pounds, value in
my stock of goods and cash in hand
and about two thousand pounds in
deb's and securities.' '
"You are twenty-five hundred
pnun ! behindhand then," tuid Air.
"You are light, sir."
Are you nn i ried, Mr. Mortimer t
"Nu. 'ir no !" exclaimed Morti
mer wi'h a piirtml smile. No, air,
my eiidiune cannot brand, me With
uny tx rrtvagance as this. I im
frt" and unencumbered in this re.
Ft co." : ;'
"II. ve 5 ou no intentions in tb&t dl
rec ion V ' ' '.'
None, I essure yott tir,'.
"You will accept a loan of me, will
j von liof, Ur. Mortimer,-'oS , five ptjux
iiiounanu pounus 1 j
1 1.
'I W ould di m gladly ; but Tnally
sir, ibis is rotjrely unexprctrd iaJL
lit not. a f hilling'. Value.that.l can
offer vou by Way of security' . v'
- "Did I ask you fr tacur itj V rt'A
Khan, mildly; i U
"No, ns sir, yon did not-l3at iris
common, rV'u are aware, underautTI
circum--' ' r 1 i 1 .ill i
Tfes,' yes," fcpKevIEntonrntTj
rnnlirif. film t 'ii,f" iiA Imrr
of the presenf Casit ar 4y Vrteara
common you ste ; aud if yea possre
sed the ecurity you allui'e ai, yt-u
wou'd have no iliiHculty iii rblair,it.g
the money you niay iee4, Qy,wuc
Thus thtre, won'd.lye no taej"it in my
purpose. . I. want no ai.curily, 1 ani
desircus to Hit jou. ' Wili ym ac
cept tha offer ? '
With !1 my heart, sir. and I will
labor hard to return jt . jow 'wiK
good round interest when (he cla'wia
that now darken my prapeU-akaJ
have passed aw iyA' . t . i f.
Enough 1 belifweyoiiare 1
and reliubla. " Exense prJ nJon?eViU
A friend if yeur Vr rih'?r f'n'i'au
who presumes .'upon.-. calling ihimaelf
your Iriend is beiow-aud lias just in
limated a desire Ufaea you. 1 will,
send biln' hpo am'ue jou'dr it' mo
mrnt while I arrapjeJ.'our other' mai
lers. With tl:e .words Mr..JIIuu
dijappfnred. . .lr
, .A.lew moments afier.wards a chtrep-
ing noise ja he..rdjn,th bnli.and M..r
timer W. S ai-toni-hrd n't a-int. hj
o'oor open nnd lo' ljelKiM J(Wtat!eriiix
garments; the crii'oiieeand thihuhch-'
ed form of ohl.Tcm Vinent,1flife:r"Ui'e,
room where he sat. ," h !.-. ih.w ..1
"Hallo 1" exclaimed Mcfrftmcrj'sAir-
prised.. 1. "Why-j T-m,. how aoi yw
manage Ao get up theso long vairs V'A
, "Mr. Morti ntr, I'nilgirtd l.aeei
you. VoitVe in good. coinp'ny;,l)PR .
Mr, Elton's one o' jtny best friend,. -r- '
I've known him I've known"(Mr'. $1-
ton, no w,' hiln .in j 'shine, summer .an-i
win'er, these flve-and-lbrty years"; and"
lie'a aMers iaken gooif car Vine. ' I '
never want liny thing- vvheri hi eeuh't".'
aid me. - Ile'ea nice gooJ mitn--wTbert''
is he ?" asked Tom. ti t v 1 vite-.i
He Jias) ju"t ppetl out, bat WiH '. "
soon n-iurn-i) ,Vb are uosria the
box, Tom ypuj und J.hYou,- tak
t"l tf?t B?u-8 ' 1 We,"
Mr. J-Jton is Jun about to . saye j .
t . A; ' t I - T f
11 um jcbuuinijr uiagrace py loaning or
giving me money enough to'pay nj't'
debts with. I am-t,th'l.''momnV a; '
banKrub'i Tom . What dov-v6vi (Ain'k
of that-?'-; ' '' nv.'f
."I've heard tfcrrie tiaysfp.'l4
said Tom. "But you've log ; ''
good friend to me, at all ovenw aaiif ;.
I could have saved you ia wy.mtf.i-L.t
would gladl v ihave done o., ...iipja,,.,
see hsre, Mr. .Mortimer, (takings ,
small ornament from his bosom) We'
a matter thi.t's a precious littfx' use 'id"
the like o me. I LoUght;it'cheap 6f a"
man who was in dim res iroine Hm -l
ago and I'll make vou a pr'ejient of ft
to yemeinber me by ; I shan't go to
the old corner no more. V ,u ; ;-.!. .!
JVo V aid Mortinjei, perplexed 1
again.: .:. i , n.a' : ! t r:.u
To,' replied the beggar,: -'I'va ffati.
through, vou see ; take, jtha,liloa4 ,t
stud and here's a check op, tka J3an!c.,j
of, England, for . sjx tUouaand pflmi4j,t
which! promised you.", , , . '
When instantly throwing' aside h'ii'
crutches and doffing the .brpgar's 'Wijf "l
and dress and false bunch,1 Mr. E;!tv!pYu' ,
hie hitherto strange fJor.d,and'new.J-',
found benefactor, stood befoe fcinj 1 ''
. Tha presentation 6f' tha 'diaraorrd .1
stud at first aslouaded , Mrtirsr
though it called IO. hitx mind th; (act
tbvt be hud seen a ainiilar jewel pun
wittingly exposed in (be beggars, o'iV .
stm a . lew days previousv Heiorai',.,
he now htd,time to look iq'o the' d. ,
tails of this nivsie'rv. the 'robea ' iinil '
disguiso of old Tom VFnce'nt had1 be"ett ",
thrown aside and' he- saw-letore him '
his fiiend the beggar but ' tliil thi-'
respectable Mr; Eh oil of Bank Strati
SollO. " ' " "'. '1' h."-i li'ft .ili'.lntf.n-
, In : ibis disguise .Tom YiticenA .lroln v
nccumuU'ed.his monay., ,U rmsftTi,w
bered the cominu l kindness, and pba-t., .
tity pl Mr. .Mortimer, and when. lor-, ' ,
tune .ceabed to' s'mila Vn him, a1 h
L'-cains 1" involved, ' the beggar' wfjorat' '
be' had 'ao ofua aided; 'crfie tilusf t'M
his timely resistance." J '
; Mortimer aeeeptefl''thef iiftbdrJii's'
etui and the abick. iWMh eie lake
he immediately paid bra dabis andtHvsr .
ratiged i-.nt w fas the utara-, lie auMr? t
ceeiled in business .and bsrf-aa.,.,
hpnored, nad ih r.i;t, inchaqi, and in,
t Wv year tfjerafurlie, w ard;,
hrppily to UnfGfXngMlt J-lwo,.4iUrv
btuaf.eor' beautiful to4 aacanrjiliiii..
Concluded on fourth pa ft. fg