The huntsman's echo. (Wood River, Buffalo County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1860-1861, September 27, 1860, Image 1

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    tiMtfHuW MJjii'' umj-aM aAaa a4tfeJia j
... ,t ; jonwoittt 'tnnt it r
ft have kit eaeellsnt and; eitesslvW
(iflitl vnlnintitt
6ne qtirf ,1 J linea or If i, 1 laetTtloa f 1 C9
Each aularoUent intertlon. 6
VvWaTJ ar a, -----
Same, ene year,
" aix monthr, .
One tnliiK.iv one tr,
" aix mcctoi.
" tfcree toot.tlia, -
Half column, one year.
Iff W
73 CO
5 00
lb ov
25 oa
13 tV
reasonable rates, jui ""
ness h4 dispatch Potter; BUi. ,Circ.
Uni ruitrf Cwri, Blank,
of ail Hk, "r Ht !"
". pkieM. rc 1 ( .T ''.' :
' CT'Cir'i af all st'sas Chromatid' and
, OiU Bordered Cards. , '
, Card-board, -j
f lala sad Fancy Taper for Ball ticket
; .- and Circulars , !
Moarnlag Carda and Not Paper, Plain.
Cap, Snd Letter Paper, for Blanks,
.' The Pla(t; Talleythe ilorri TcV Mlfonal-fcnd nih wky to Ih Poclllc. :
r lit .
iil J'ttl-
Oi." fourth column, one rear. '
- - r. tnree mopthe, .
W00DHlVERCENTBfi;:BdFfALO C0.. NiT., SEPTr27j;.1860. N0.16.H.
. eix montfin. .
' ' Invariably i Adfaace.
(mhw a '..- . V-'
.IP.- u i. , ' -: ... . j v , ' . -at . -j j - . m
07i LsmliiJ I
- v
r ( , . ,, .,,...( !... . I . v.. - !. t-.. .f is, iit tigs -i' j ' - ''T9'
5 Jl'Ltf'
14 1 .
1 i ;
.-. , .;- i !
tWoe Rrrrt. Buffalo CnilT. JW
.7y Tboraday Mornlnfr-tetroa t it 00
year; li adtaaia-for aix mootha $1 60-
jj i
tV." J. E. JOIISSOM, T. o
Woo HlTer. W. T. ;
WILL attend W all calli in hiaMrofe
ten Burreylnj, Plaulog, Engineering-.
. Bt:1!
'a noki for tiik wear.
v W. P. FOXi V "
KEEPS conetantly on band a aupply of
Orocerlea and Provleione, Garden 8auce
Caa fruit of all kind, I-iqaora, Cigara,
, Cora, Oata and, tn fact, ererything to
plaaae the Emigrant.". .-'ii
r herded by the wetk or month. A line
Camping piece, plenty of wood and water
aad a fine plee for etock. Entertainment
. for mn and bwst- Eerythln(f reaeonable
aifd fair. Call one, Cml all -money or no
aionef i I will treat yoa all alike.
Pot Springe, y.,T.2i mUea eaat,or Uot
oowoJ Sprtnga. " V r auMf.
-' . THX undersigned have now In operation
An Excellent Repe Ferry.
Vereee tbe LOUPE FORK, atGenoa -the
,eoeaing on the old Mormon Route. Tills
is the nearest and beet route, and always
ETUhaiges as low as at any ferry on Ike
Wiver. ' ' '
.3enoB, April 15, 1W50. nl-tf-
. Important to Emigranta
4nsBba" T-, having been transferred In
! the pmnesilon of a new Compaiiy.forrm
.4for th exprest parpoee of eatabtfsblng
i . safe croaiing at that point which,ill be
ei0M. ohiom, L
a lied by law, and entirely free from
Any yxa4ioua-Deirr
that art really t ba e.voidid, 1 is now in
complete rnnniug order, and in charge of
no of the Directora of the Company. iThe
labile may tus assured that verythin will
2Le 4ene to ensure to this
LOUPE . FORK i .ferry: ?;
public patronage and aunport. Fo
further Information apply to Messrs. Wur
ferd Brother. By order of the Board. ;
nl-tf. - I . O. P. HURFORD. ;
P. J.fttcMAUOX.
HJ1. 8. CUIMES. M. .
(LaU ef Cina4BAti, 0.)
l441f H?ne MfJtrf
. Ji '.liJ ' 4 TOVT
IfseiaftMtarM 'and ke en hand everythfoi
.lUi line. al-tf-
t Lower Breadwar. between Maid and Scott
f (itreeta,rCoucll Bluffs, tow. q . I
pott JOIES, . f r -popmior.
THIS Hoiseis altuaUd' centrally to th
. Uilim portion othecity Its apartments
trge aad well rentilatod, aad everything
akeut It has aa air ef comfort and eonvenU
i'-w.. m-ir. ;
" 1 W5uU. If. KifiTiOV - i
BOOK Binder and "Blank Book manu,
aerortr, Council BIrs, prepared
U esecuta anything in his department of
siness, pronipuj, ana in uuiiii.ii
wenaia iu L.Dser. una si iw
THOMArorricsaJ- i w.w.mhiset.
, 4ai B9ler tm Land iWarrajits. aai-.Xx.
' aajl. ' i'.-k , (,..,-.
Couaell BUifTs, Iowa,
WILLttml tOiiwlicUoujsnd Loea.
tioa of lands In western Iowa and
iTtbraska, the payment of Uxea on lands
MB-ritdents m eoueetloa and
Ittsnca of cWimi, .......
I . , 4', tit i i'J I e , t (,f
-.rikTirc nr Yw tTir'r- .'un.
CreMeat City, low.
e aaaivab ouhtoii.
.cxnrroN baldvik. . "
,.SlVU.I(lII At
,,f TILL nattl'-e a all tbe Cotjrts,Ja
V Wee tra Iowa end Xebrasba. , -
CeassH Hlaffs, rwa. nl tf.
- ( If .-'P. -DODGEe'-;
, Sctuor U Btldwl If DodgiJ
-Hr,ftiUnt mAl nrrefit ritei of Ex
J change; Exchange on tail th principal
Citiee In the Union Bought and Sold, t Gold
Duet Boueht. Land Warranta Bouffht, And
Bold, and Entered Time.. A ' !.; ' i
Council Bluff's, leva. - fc8-tf(
- '. k, i; a
;iIlMo..firf'rWi U?1lt1or
WILL kat .4nil 'WarrintB. Collect
- roeney, Pay Taxea, makoutPra-enp-,
tioa or other . Legal papers, etc., to.,
1 :ii.m ) ir .fclO-lj,, , .. j4i
a. w.
w.'o. Jan.
. , , PRICK A JAMES, '
' AttorMv atLaw, Council B!flk.Iowa
t. . . . '-"ui-tfri
r.Ti v. if. if.-, -f' -a -. - .;
Mas. It'. C.'BAKER, V Proprietor;
; , - "-0-0-o;pf; ,i!'.:ia' ,J
Tbla Is a somfrtable and commodious
...t.t!. t . ' ...r rm. ' '
fort will be beBtowedapou ltk 'l
' - Gueuts.' -'''
, t. .Good Station,
Uay'and grain, and Tfarda , for' Stock
-'Attention paid to th. wants oi
I- grants Chnrges as moderate as v,
? ;.) i could bel asked;, ;
i n4 -i !: .! ..); it -''.
WILLI AM S, SPUINGEfl, 1 & 't'O.,
' PA0P21 TORS - I .-i
Of Un above well-known Ranch (which
Is aituated on the South Platte' River, 25
miles North of Denver City) would re
sbrctf iilly inform their old friends, and the
public generally, that they bave -reiittad
nut Improve l the same, and are now pre
pared to Kanehe any -amount of horses,
mules, and oxen ; ami from theU long ex-
that they can five MtitiaeUoa... bave
a larira atuck of horsee. mules and oxen,
to sell or trade to the Emigrant, and at all
timea will be prepared to purchase all
kinds of stock tor cash in hand. ' In con
nection with our Eauche, we have a good
stock of ; . )
Provisiona, . v Groceries,
: ' Lleiors, . . ' ' '
and Outlittiug lioeds, for which
vt are not to bi undersold in tht eonntry,
and for Reference we refer to our patrons
generally" ' Wim.ims, Srawesa A Ca
'.. ." n"-tf. -..juS 5.i i'j
' .. i i I ' 1 ' . .
."'".;: JAWES H.ISII, VCO.."';y ;
.. u , -0i(iVBji ciTT, W. T. 1
i . ii II. t& ..11 tmm n.Milii,
ire. at'd pledge themselves' to furnish all
such prieel thtanet ba excelled la ny
irr west of the Aliaaissippl.. 1: ! -
Toe stock la entirely new, and laid in .
from tht-Atat Jmportins; Housee, in, tb
i: :: ..,Et?nf?itAe,-,i .h.Ii:! '
I . 1
.6-.oji.i .
1 - i ,u...iil 1
"IT.II'-iVaii;. ' 1
land at s ljw rates atsany pwer '
. House, mr.
Physicians Prteerpoha?"Cirefuly Pre.
.ipared.i .'f';i1. Afi.'.ip , nl-tf. ;
-' I" ' ' II
, , DaLas in
' n at; corn, and xats;' o
Kmlgrants will And the"Bs f AeeAmtriodl
Ugn "jT woogana waxrr
'-' FHEE.V
' n. iiJ. WitLiAws. "
ffle,l.a50Ad sj)ry Jamas' Block.
Count II Bluffs, Iowa; nl-tf.
.U.I.M a
trelakasraa A IlornboatoU 14 '
iiimjurMinN, iiiora,ixi,oigani,a(c
" M. IU') ..tfl ...nhJ .tr , I nula
v .w.w www i.n.i . . m
r a . ' f '"la.
e 1 "i w
ijraji,etBBB?,,,N .Wj.icsAwrtfap,
.1 y
hi ifisvefyew seea this keraiit Jskeji-
. t Hlah on the. mouatttin's crest. . . v t i t
; Fringed found with most and baxel-braka,
e echoes wake
s make, ' ' "
u' 'At everv sound the corners
p icjti i '., ;!!; tut..' "-.'t !
Did e'er you climb tbemeuntain steep, 4
On a golden summer day, . , !
To where the playful waters leap , ,
" : in tinf waves around your feef, C
"'a And silver clouds around you sweep? l' j
' f As they n)U on their way T i ' r -
.m --! i. ., ..,' (. i . : v?"f j
t Ilaply, wben all was calm and still, fj
' And w!nd had ink to rt, , ' , i
' ' ' fid a storm-bcat cliif you've drank yoUr fili
!' Gating oil the mirrored, mighT hill.'' ' '
That o power but neMor'i will, l
'm , Could have reared the noble creel''.
11 " Have 'drank ?rontthe L'trijlnuiiO,-
Stranger, from 'yond the ocean's strand
n n.' llt.'l," Rafftn tfhtf
grand, - w ' ' -'. :
'"And the glens tbeir' echoes
'- i. !ffjj,r a c;( ia.. ' "it 111M j
if Lako-of-the-Cloudi ia- a boaniiful ebect.of
water, ly'6 j Within a inuc li.uu , bal! oi tfaa
clear, and mirrors tliesummtts of the surround,
ing mountains wjth great .distinctness.,.
Tlic.Juiljce,ortU Xaglb.
1 After tbe evening- prayer I took
mv w? to th Tower, vealliiiiri by tha
way,'on 'Stid-Ahinedf with, whom - in
oilf latrf tnmble,", I had 1 arranged "art
" We foitnd tbe 'Nngib':ac?kled poa
hjs ouiliions, at the door of Jiisriresti
.ul. . Therel surrounded bv hia chiefs
and a crwd of .retnint-ra!, je jendered
t, a,-.LAKE-OP"THE-CLOCl).
important deeisiona wnilevsmoking his .. Next, came rtbe, fruiterer, and the
chicha -. vtu f.. .fio.y.a ; i: Mbutter-incrcbanf, n their (urn.
The audipfice ra a large orie for
id-Abd'tl'-Rab mort was very1 jjopu-
. . ii tir'sLlt
inr wiiQ.nis perpieb(uwiuir, u iKf5f',
meRsVe k hk
UJ Jv- r (.tlie .ewetwtry.w enioyad ,
fTT" . ..u
the oriv ileea of aceeae to4iim;"' it all
n m . .. . . . i . i 1 '
times to 'e ins case, on wnwn tne
k .. .it ..i ii. i.u(.. tj
decree b'aae'd'liWin Vault 'WVerf it eourbash Vn h sole of bis feet.":'
common sense. , c;m o'rllvT " if sTb f"tUreh.waIted off: with. his
j eeid-Anmeg,ioon,jne fliaca resery - ; -
.1 -. L . . ,1.a mmUm Af Ik.;
tribunal, while ibr BiyBelf. ftar the."
,iiwg vf vuif ;yw'M, A-v"4 Mr. wl hit uuir a hcui uf luiu- mc
most convenient iposiuon for see-'fourth' story with the "woman and the
and - hearing,' - and ithe audience money f Well,twheh wekrrived tliere
menced. a " rl ,:,,'i 1 1 ordeff d her.-auddeDlv.'to clean mv
the, most
i litre were vtuuicu wuu uiup,oni-
ed of ill-treatment on. tbocf3artf their
husbands'; "men., who .accused .their
mi - . .. -.I..! ..I,.!.:. J
i vea of fniiltv. or. of aterilitv : OlVI-
sionsol .inheritance lo adjust thefts "ii with fresh jink. Thtin said I te my
and frauds to Dunish i -amonff which self. 'If vou were the wife of (he fcl-
and frauds to punish j
eosea her wer two-paiticnlarly ret j
a a a .... . f t. .j a J 1
tnarkawe tonne jnagmenta renuereq ,
aeJ wm
( ne ura. i ja-ysT;!. T?T
one between o.Aant? ana, .a,
I . - - - '..1. . I " ' - - . ... . I
that u,a wnW :. , peaantntnw
wife of :th latter, having, beeaiak-n
.wa frota him bv thei formed ;who i
1 niaintained that be had a elannupon
LL. ., . .- .. ,.r . , ;
Th. 'u..miii n.niinaii tn - ar.irrrnw4
c " vv.,r-..T i
ledge either, the oue or..tbev o'ber of ;
tbem asj her bufiband, rberb
Uje-akse. which vrndered it decided y!'p
embarrassinc'. " . i-?! )
'HaVmJ heirtd it6th'sides?' fnd' ret
flectcd 'a morrfehOhV Niei!: feWi
pl t ... a . 'I . : f . . i i
oa wbicb 4b.Jceb-An4 J"ttja Pd4
ic The aOcoi! chte
fekai'&nA a Ti6(
a irujterer ana
tWlaitei1 vfv i
"4rdm: mAV ir
u, TbTfu.Uerei5d.,Xba
Uerea said..'! bad been, M
buy (Some ititf. Inia,' man,
r t -... i-w.t9 -v r .. .... 1
arew oai my porsuii.oi.liBi5y, iv
psyiorws Hu.jtruo-uiiu. pu.
dressikt pHK'lMiAm j Then w,W T ttf myelf, "ThPs nej
an here, .h?wr,'! tUm-iA th fraiterett knA laActha
a; oMniSu.n.-, r-- At this I Vowed' very low .'Indeedv f
nniicn Desmearca tvi'u ri t i.. .1 ,..- inirt a:..
l,VVfl (La'aUaftlna'Kat'fliislfrtllettr j , .a.-. ..;..- Vl .!.. J
VTTviisItVK ii wm.VriJtih7 h
mM?Mt) c.omtl T:
fffvY9H,7jI iW?, -tj''?oof In
mn cape o tuuy , om 'i', cut c
hitm mi. and. when 1 had nlled it. ha
tail 'llMUthon, bvg fif,,ni) iiv
s yoa Jl I . a . . V all " . L
atalAJsl opaaiaa.Riawer)JU a rga
ed y poeUt, Jrew which Uniitt'
my Kiha futl"Jf ffioney Wli ich I placed
upon lhJ fcilf of my ho?; Troiri'wiich
lie armttfied' It , nr wis koine off wrth
irwt:ttMerJ hb1 My mmiey, whta. I
IMtisod 4iinff bjrth wrjatoiand cried
' thiel'lf .kiiLJn anif nf me . rip iiA
'tfuaeiUfj-getBin-'-JBy property, lame;
-1 have brought faiia ore
APd now; J)y-Mohninmd, ourt Grei
rophetrI wer thnt this man lies iri
Bvina. ihat.I iSaVA CloleM . ilia mnnpr!
fe that money U truly jnine," f yr
.Tbe JSBgtb caused tbe complainants
lo repeat therrfiarKC-i twice, but neU
titer o(tlieuj,yantd from bis first state-
mat .Tli.n lie' Rftirl ' nftei a ' mn.
t . . r --7 . . r r
rnent8'.rtflection, "Leave tliis mone'y
here, .and return in Tm'tf an "hour," oij
which tiio'rruwrer.'wno n&d all along
tebt liis bold of Ibe monoy, deposited
it inwoodBn lowl, brought. by. one
of (be gnard--and both complainants,
bavintr made liieir salutations retired.
Wben tbey were gone, the Nagib
quitted bis seat at the door of tbe
vestibuleandr innt upjintq jjie fourth
etnr'y-of the 'Jower,, taking with, bim
the. wfiimm and the money in dispute.
At 1,1)9 appointed moment he returned
wiiU tiiem, and went, bdek; calmly to
hi rphi' The rtlirties Interested were
' all present, and the katib and felab
fxvere called up': 1 - " ;
" "Here, ' aid the'Nagib, addressing
the katib, -f.tke tlfy wife.Und lead her
awaf.'for'vhe is tbine frolyj'? t rttU '
I'-a-Then, turning 1 10 his guard :And
pointing (olhe fellah, ..he, said.
Give this man fi fly blows-of a
cnurbaith on the sol af bis feet."
;it.Th'e-.laiib walked off .with Jiis wife,
and, the guards .gave, tbe JbJUM- hit
ii . i .1. : .i i
- o i .o- -v - t -r j'.a. couroash ; pn,jq.e, foks of
bis feet, ,. , h : t , ,fc
L 8.B,U, V,c . " 'I.u'1'
crek-here is thy money ; T!nly didst
'tKMftake - it froai ' thine 'own tonrse.
7 ... . , . I"
L Then taming f, bis ;rardr tmd
..i-rt.- iMtM.,..!,-.. v.
pointicg'toThe" t9rer-mercbant, h
i m ! a It I 19 it m'S '
i saia, . ... .
r';.. 'iiij i.u. t
inooj, wn uc ;uavi gve;uic uui-
iaa mrjlianfc li i nurrinn. .
, .rWbeo tbe court bad risen, I asked
. iDHuuin, wiiq, iik wis Mcciiomeu w
.that 'work, she at, once, drew
koot tbe;oti(in from It,. washed .it prop-
1. 1. 1 i..t 111 . . A
Lerlv. renlaced it on the atand. and iilleit
lah you .neverjrouloVbave cleaned H&i
a t. s . . . ' Z'" " .a
inkhorn like that; you must be the
wifefMieailb:' t
".'GdV'saia"! bowing in token'' of
. ' Good T '. said bowing in I
- 'Sh' 4-.ifi.V'r7 il.a itri1iij
nv.. "w- . .
l. abon't-i tKei' m AnW' t ,M
M .The money Wis Wite innolhei
tj..u... k, .iu.i..i.: tJ .n:.
with , self-satisfied exDression. as. hi
leerea at me wiso iook. juw .oranut
a I !.L . 1 1 1 1 e a 1
. . . .
neas una cran. "lou
,narkl.dhow buiiesy the-b uter-Eier-
liaaa.f auuii . iiiifi tiAtSi awe aa air l-i t a Vt at sa ?
Ml" j"
(up'oq eamfh'iriffthe.'.wli er 'ctircfully I
could, hot liiid 'thai! i sirislo jpafticle of
reaie liad -'comtf tShe' 'surfafctv-
k i i; ii v u iiu iuauu a j hid tauiaui usf
bnttermejehaati for bad it btlortga.
Mn itnna Taftri I rinnhr whrtur lh
iTA' lin.,WkM';-. j.s.ijv..r mam
have rendered a decieion with tnofe
aagactirand wrsnftni,'' "
Uulil tliB 1 Baor )t IWayi looked up-
mww A.t. -fil 2".
.feUjon!iied;l,at jOBiftofi-tbrnrflt
Ja,t; rwfrel. fpuhdoil Apn.rfjiets: ., Of
IV iwiil""4nf U(i, uow
.'.aAi M.rfuU i.aia iw.iaaa;...ti...
the man who it bo better ,? )
was one between, f.iA' Uaie"wnlr WifinwA T!-4h; WM 1
tn i. na ifltier. ir Tnrrsv-Mivn neati rrrpusv r
A iJuriousTJucideut. ,
seem ,rqm. an pcurenqe
itelv been related to us. ud
oa nerfeetlv reliable' ruthoriiy, 'that
tlie ace of pirac'e ,'iaB P. '.entirely
passed away'. The wfiier Iswell ac
F a 1 fit. is ft a. ii.otrnn teUA w n kr ,
mhUor hi trie remarkable' e'xuerienee
iiiiBmiPM wilii mo uciivii "iiu nos iim
Civen DC low, navwg. anw n'u per
annaiiv fur ihtf last iweive venrs : ant
ihnucfh lia has not met bim : since his
-- g,- --- ...
aincular relief -fro eongenicat ae-
rt k.i fh-afiiriiira. irom Dersons
iri evert way ealitled to credit, , who
bave seen blm anp receivea me etory
. r s.i.
readers to determine for
themselves how Ux tbe intervention of
a miraculous aid may pv contribut
ed in Uie matler, and bow far it was
the restilt of mere natural or ordinary
agencies, we glVO Alio dioijt na u na.
'Thy nertotf ia Question is a eentle-
man rresiaiog m oeioji, ii uio olic
Vmm . hia birth he has 8uffeied from
lameness. . The difficulty was" in Ins
riirhl bio. the ioint seeminc'to be out
L 1 . Tr! t ! .V inne ' Sri fnfl(P.
oi place. iia ngu jp
quence, shorter than the other; " It
was shrunken and very Weak ; he al-
... . t ? i i
ways wore a boot witu a tmca sou?, up
on it.and Jimped badly when he walk
ed. Jn going up stairs be was oblig
ed to step up one step at" a tune wnh
his well leg, and bring the oilier tip
to it ihstead of putting it forward! to
the '.next, - as persons .usually po' up
tairs. When fatigued.- be WR8 uc-
etstomed to feel great pain in bis hip.
v eonia.two pr- Uirea monins( go pe
was in Chics iro attending to some bus
iness matters wbieh kept hiir Xur sev
eral weeks. He n proiessor ot re
... . ' a i .1 .... .
erui wcraa. us ..fiv".. .
ligioh,' and while there attended a ae
r:eB 0f relidous meetinu, becoroim
ries of religious meetings, becoming
very deeply interestea in iue snojeci.
One Saturday, suffering from very se
vere pain in his hip, be calledupoti a
surgeon to have it examined and to
ascertain' whether something could
not,te Jdone tlo laJleviate the paia-.-i
Some interruption oecnrrd, however,
o tliat t!i esm!nuUa w postpone
till Monday, . That iigbt after goieg
tob8d, the pain continutng. it ocor
red to him whether or not, tf he asked
in a ptoner spirit, aome Divine assis
tance might Lot-be vouchsafed,." in
the old titteVwherf the prophets and
apostlee walked on the ear)h. .'.He
arose from his bed, procured a light,
aod,taking his bible, opened by chartce
in nKonir in the New Tes'ameiit.
where the Christ 'miraculbu'sly'cures
a lama mnn.
Arinr Miilinff Sf'''1i'"riraceeded''to
v .v. ivv..'1!, -,
invoke',, ny earnest prayer; some sim
ilar interwAtipri7in'bia ,own behalf,
end then feeling greatly' cheered and
supported, by trust in Divine bene6-
cence, ho. again reiirea to resi, sou
tVil aslopn Durintr the niirlit
he dreamed that the Savior came to
Mm 'accompanied by a surgeon--llie
aume: that he1 had called, upon during
the day? The surgeon examined his
hip.and loJJ.biip UeouHbe Relieved,
but only bv an o'peiattbiu "To' this he
objected, tJe5ring thatotl should be
postponed t bnt Ihe enrgeoa teemsd
jiUfldenlv to seize and.flverpower .h'nn,
and 'with some instrument, laid open
bis hiD to the bone, and arranged the
joint in its proper place., . During the
operation" be had-me impression 01
Bunenag a severe-$nysAci piu, m m
reully underhe knifel surgeon.
Aftet, it, ., he" bad no fu?t!ier remem-
1 .... fi ...,Kinr. unlit rnnrnino" ' '
oraucu vvoiiyi0 -"-I o
Upon riMiBg.'J'iuha.lo'his Uer;
Ha'lntshmetitnot only tnai, u-aori
wileiigthene(Jput so as. to be
enwithtbeoiber,and. his bin all right,
but tlrat he could ywalk' without limp-
iwits and no loiu'tir a lame ri
),Ti,ani,wnoie, . juy
i cannnt well he 'described.
iTntnadia'taiv' discariled ' 'the 'boot
w(th the false solet which had hithfr-
M OCCIl n uvv.opii j"-- j
dial" Were 'mates.-1 !IiV leg waa-eot
wcakMboiih iTnlpIn: slightly from
long" habit f he- could walk as straight
asny ether manmie'jflie pliose.j ali
Ima mmi arowB.atroifrer. and hi tr11"'
eraiheidth.vfiry matbr'ttUyJinprbved.
lie, of course, cnfcider the .cure '
direotr. nn " Jlo -hr . u ppli wi.' '? : ;-
MKiidPtt QVi.) Slate MrwL t ,
-?J?iT"a'etpU!,'Vs4Vi it' eru pliij .
esopbor'co tlijr..hf hjf;
if thaaA lia in ihtir head, Jbey study ;
Lif in their belly. l!,"lia)&n(1,,Ari.n,KJ
it 'perform.
drains of (be Industrious may btr Ubt
" a;. : l. -! U. 1. 1.11.. jlJ
Uii- - . , ; " T- -r
nad tolie in viklr 'handtoVrai st ihe
lpn0i!if It in hi gsts. u. n )
u ' " A '
".V ,7 i .
tt" ht? Jf
iug, or,iapojjvenience. , 1! tvalkeM
about tbe room', several-times','' thtH
on rhrl clothes' amF Tn--p snti
rvct--Oa tbe surface of tbe moon
Ifre seen- tiumeron treak ef narraw
liues abo'it one hundred in number,
rWIiTih appear, prrhnps,more-Hkfr rms
row farrowa thnn anyiliing else.-
Sometimes they spread themselves en
lie lunar disd in straight lines, 'tom- ' '
timds'iliey" kve slightly Viirted J ia ev-' ' ,
ery case they are shot in between tj.'
and parallel borders.' ' It has often; , '
been supposed (bat these furrows, the - ( ,
true, nature of which h as remninrfli. t
hitherlt nnknow represst the bd ;
of ancient. 'dried-up river, ok rivers ."
that have ceased to flow. . . ).';
.-, Ojber asironomcrs' thiuk they . arr ;
streams of lava w h ich have teen vi rr.1
ited by lunar volcanos, and which re .'
fleet the ligh,rof .,tlie sun with iron
intensity. lhan tbe adjacent rtgions.-r
Mr.. Sohwabe, a German astrpnomefi
endeavors to give them ano'ber ezpla- .:
natiouj , lie has published ia the As f '
tronomische ackrieb'en, some facts'
which 'end to show that these Lars
are the result of vegetation on the aur-
iace 01 ice moon. f Accorumg to i::e
author, if the surtace of the, tuooii be ,
examined attentively with a good tel
escope and a proper illumination, -we
discover between the lines or lntiw'
ouk iurrows of the high mountain Cal
led TohoT-.and on . ditJerenf 6ih?r
point a quantity. ofNery delicate par
allef lilies of the greenish tint, which
were not .visible some months before" .
the observation, and which disappear-'
el afv w months aftir, to return again '
in ibe, proper season. '
, Uheso lines, which afe carkcr tuaa
tbe adjaccnf parts, are clearly there-
suit of vetretiitii'D that makes the ster-
ile'pnrts of the moon appear as brubt
luniinous streaks. ' According to alp.
SchWube, these lines of vegetation era '
more particularly visible oa the virj
britrht parts cf the moon -which Hre
circumscribed by the mountains Hip
parens, Albateguius, Werner. St oe ffi - :
er, Maurolycus, Gemma-Jf'ritU8Jtri-
colomoni, Cntharina Aboufeda, Regie'- ""
Montarious, tldl a discovery 1 f-so-
hltt been fculied tutu ihe Ua,t'Jt; r 't
thutbtine a pit, and now e Had it -it
. . . . . . rs-;.i. " "
a mouaiavn in me moon jj. wwumi, -Wur.
Elbaner, Uensias and. Count-
VVilhelro. . - - -
1 Littlk (Bjcttib. "'Hand me some
water. Baddy, won't youT" "la a-,
. a a a ..---a
minute, Betue. Anu ueiue Biever
ish cheeks were pressed again to the"
pillow, und lit le Harry's haada went
on as busily its ever with the Iran he
Woe making,' and he. at length entirely
forsrot the request. , "l'iease get t
now. Buddy,' he at last h.rd. and
snattrring knue, triggers,, ona stricgi;
ia. his has'e, be wad soon holding a
cup lo the irimson lips ; bu she ut
,ed her head languidly from if "NeS
this, please, bin some' and cold,
from (.lie well."' she said. ' 'Oh, don't
6e so1 particular,' Bettie 5 this ia fresh,
and I nm so busy I can't go now.
Won't tbis do?" Sho r-oiOBg-.-r re-
fused, but quietly -took the cup whiah
he -offered i and t waa the last u'me
she ever called upon her, brother for
un act of kindness. Ere another day
had passed she stood beside the River
of Lite and drank of its cool waters
never to thirst again. ; 'And of all who
wept over that little' brown uhln, as
it lay upon the table before the pulpit
there were none who shed more bitter
tears tbsn that little boy, who could
not forget that he had refused the last . .
request of1 his little Ute. Old Almanac-
. : . r -. ;.- r: . -,'.
A7Yankek JalrEa Bsreiue Bt'Mt
VtstAi--A Yankee from Maine, ha-
ing-t Bueua VisK the .n glit before
the battlt, aud komovvlaj; aoubtlul of
the result, went ou'nf- hearing, as U
stipposcd,, and .made , the following
Oh. Lord, here t we ore bouf four
thousand of ui and twenty thousand
Mexicons, enough to swallow us with
out greasin'; Now, If You can' help
us, do itand if VouniinV don't for
heaven's sake, don't, hfclp theMe1r
i-ans, aad just hold on. until to-mouow
and You'U seo the awfulust sight v'u
tver saw in Your, life. Yourr. jre
speetfuUy', nmon.'
Lkt IIek. Go.;flas7,TMT the
reverend gentlem:'n.(''a'tt-iiilia divho
service, iu JS'orf Jk, several years ag.i,
during a season, of t,pnitf. xoitetaent. - .
Wlultt -tbe oflicifctlog clergymav was
in thq midst of a mo.t ia'tnrettiii. dis-'
course; an old lady among the cn.'ure
g ition, 'arose, olapped hur hands, fend
prr;Vimed Jferciful Fnther. if I had
rone mnre feather in rdy wing of faith,
I would ily off to glory. - Tuo worthy
genile man thus interrupted, immdi
atoly replied, Vifod Lord, stick it 4a
gad let her go,, she's but a troubln
here." Tbit quieted the old lay, t ..
1 1
ti 1
.... . ,
'. J .
-'" "-
-. k .
..1 . . ,. i f 1
' ;.rr- f '
........ .-. f-- I 1. .
JT1-- a rJL-St f " ' '"
' :' ""