Danskeren. (Neenah, Wis.) 1892-1920, September 15, 1915, Page 3, Image 3

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S. P. Lenz
In g private letter »t« Unz- tuskytity«1’nitt·tli.
1915, Dr. G. H. Gerhssisding wrute to uns- »t«
his krieuds, sayiuzk «()h, how l wish thut
the Lord woulcl »Zuin the way sm- yuu tit
specui 1917 in the gr·«ntksst Luther-m city iu
the Woli! Sud us thi- liirgest uuuihtsr sit· nu
churchokl l«utht«1-xms in the wuricll li« tin
Church could wiu Phicusik it imuhl ihr-an thts
Wes-St; auti that wuulcl nie-hu the winning »l·
Axnstskissa!" In this sum-- suuuth uusl islouut the
Miuo timss the-« RHU ll llmsglsh Spsusth in
ZU arti-»sic- Ou «The Luther-tu Nun-cis Insel
Moder-U Evangelist-iU iu the- Anwsicuu Luth
ersu SurveL after a ww- zihlo Walz-As eisu
eludes with this Paragraph
«l haie lougc lcll that h»th fin- tin
quiskkeuing Of the spiritiml life uf mir uwu
members and for this cvhiigoslizutiuu uk thi)
steht mass of the unehurehisij uhuut us, meth
ods eousiclemhly mims vigiirous and euer-O
tic than uuy we or In the huhit nf omplyiug
might t» hi- sct iutu uporatiiiu sur-oh- thmsp is
uuthing against the spirit und gtsnius of »in
ohurch, surely Iiuthiug umwaiigeliorih in ius
raugiug sur spsscial uiissiuus in »m- fes-pas
tiw eumnniuiti·:s. iu which ist susviccs wu«
tsnucsd sluriuk thi- u-c3c«-lc. and ; haps sur
WiPLhS at a time. the- fuutiinuimt due-trink
Ok G(»,l·- plau »t· Salve-thut shall im Hist furth
with simpljcity aucl powcstn Such uiissiiqus
an- asstuullx heilig hile sluring the Leim-u
ssiasun iu sum 0k our- lakgek cities with thi
cuopsxraticm ok all the- churehes of nur faith
in the immediate viciuity. They should lis
helcj Nimmt-er at all Israeticath asul ut fis-«
quent into-Nahm The-)- should he made us at
trsctive us can he to the gern-rat public. thosy
should entmumge iuquiret-s, who see-Oh furthor
justructiou Thou- csxisitcuccs and purpose
shoulcl be made komm in evcsry pussililcs
way to the gener-ei public-, hzs person-il juri
tatiou and public advertisomeut A way
should he fuuml to socure our StrssngosL mos.
sttruotlve presse-hers, to comluot tlIc-m, nnd
the ils-F umz« yet come-, and l for out- would
welcomo it. when our Ghin-eh will tmin autlJ
eall tue-u for this specific Werk, who shall hi
evoogelists pure and slmple, rather than zur-!
own. Athen of meu rather than Aleph-«de of
ssthcsred flooko, just as it now does-, train auJ
csll men kot- the work of lauer missious oml
for itallze among thi- cuosu iu our volksng
and umwallt-lex la the same sen-Je ja which
st. Paul procloimed and 1)ractioed: «l am be
come all things to all men if by any mann»
l might suve sman we too ought to be wil
lig-Z. and enger to heoome all things to all
wen thut use may bring the true Evangel
to Ill. This would be s cousistent attitudss
as wolle as u couviuciog answer to Mode-m
The- tis-usier com-Amicias us tlm Musenle
Chureh appoiutccl o emuuuisssuu to Hssnsl out
s will for a '«.’x«ati«u-Wiclss Pressa-hing Mig
slou." Thon- jg no um- slssuying this fiust thut
tin-n- hkts lmpu somi- usmw with all Hirt-«
hrauchssg of the Ums-oh ou ·-;u-tli. The- ils-—
man Psstholic (’lntrt«h hin clunik wry l.ttl·
for this-Im pxtktsi ol« tho world iu which slns lutes
hod hists wehte-ist swoy isxnspt to link-D lusr
Wohle in lguumur«-. This Risfunmssl sjivisiuu
hats So split itzt-U up int» splintorg of mir
tsriauisun nml has so nevivwl itsislf to clcsath
that the end-schlank has lass-u los-it nusl tluss
known-ng Ist-noli sxst Molc. and this sti---»1.s«.l
extemal und itsteklmL how- mist lunl Find-J
duced such a excl-sus- that then- lg not mimäsi
C thr- saw-ilu-it tmil lo«i·t. Anml with all out-;
boostjag ok «l)je keine Lohn-« and Echo-i
true Luther-ou (I’huk«(:h" sinsl "(’ii«l’.-sl
true visihle Church on k)u1·tl1," let us he- hinH
est Quough to ask the qui-stinkt aml auswqu
it: «U«hst would lu- the conslition uk this(
World todt-L it« there ver-ro no other churoh
ou esrth than any ons- seslf—rijxl1t(e»us lutthch
w syno(l, or all the Luther-un syumlix naht-F
den« With all our hoastiog of umwier
Ihst would become of this poor lost worl-l.’
it we Luther-as hsd all the presse-hing to do.
und did not work hardor at it la the-. www
than we bsvs in the post? Whot are wo do
jng to Ist-het- np our uuohurchcd Luther-an
iv our III-so sitiosf tht is to heoome of the
whole world wbioh is locke-Ins koste-· in num
ber-s than the whole christsiau churoh, it wo
do not wolke- up soon and put to practioe what
we hcljove nnd tesoh with an ovokwiclksaiug
powok the woaoektul Cotpol ot Ohr-ists lt
msy be htiiniliotias. hut it is trat-, thut- there
it something wrong with us. Wo have thi
truth which the wole need-, but we have
tot oone our duty to rasch the muss-. blau
M Getbekdios und sputh sool the truth
la view ok ther farzt-» let us Hamele ts
kbs Propor- svcngslistio Ustbocls ot the
Luther-n Charon
I shall lsy Just-u th« Don-using thro» pru
jositions kor comjdpmtismx
I. The Luther-in ( ’:hnnh sammt mnsk
birmonioush with pl-»f(-s-sj«n.cl vmugcljsm
II The Lutbemn Unsre-h Mk « Duft-et
klebt to make use ok ehe hast »1 u« »Hu-»
Ill. The liathcksa Charon Im- m-- heut
tout-winnin« method in the »wid. is w will
only use it.
1. The Luther-n cbumb cannot work hat
moniously with preis-sonst Hauses-m When
l Us- s boy Oft-»und to so to the Albright
«) VIII-III hör i Wut-presst after
— zog-sm- a um- assi.
ehurch to see t-he hlg met-Uns III-» memorx
tuskes me hnck about fifty years, and l have
no better way of explainiyg professionnl
ennsgelism thun to give the impression os the
things l have sei-u aml the results during
the past half Gentuan The first hig mustjng
I ever intended 111««h:s u wundes-still lchpression
on my mind. It was- nsiuter aml the- steigt-Zug
was good und tlns splilpr lpoxs anil girls Intelwa
up the hokses to u lslg Sled sml tle«l u its-w
lsell t-- the han«-se und I wesut nloug lot
tlus first time to sei- the .-lerigltts Shuut. The-)
Zniql beforer we Starke-il thut St was nlsout tim»
for l'l1jl llouser nml llemzv linsh t-- mit n
llLI.-n, l"p to thut time l was used to rote-—
nsneks tu the house ot Hoch hut that night l
»m- hoys und girls have kun in the »san« of
thi- ehmsoh and in the t«1«ont the- huxs nnd thi
ghsls were kneeling ut the knottrners’ heueh
weeping nnd cryiug nnd Orange Lake was
proz-lag lomler nnd louder und soou Henry
Allgicsr hegen to jump and shout nnd Uean
Rush jumped over the hucks of the pews nnd
how he dld jumkpl l never suw uns-thing like
it. thll llnuser did not get through thut
ulghh and it was understood thut ull must
go ever-)- nlght til he gets religiom for-, Huld
they-. he hents them all. l shall not tnlco the
tin-c- to tell nll about those meetiugs thut
winter, but the night Same Anally when Phil
got rellgjon, nnd Such hopplng aucl shouting
I nisvek Snw before-. That wlnhsr nenle one
humlmä were converted in the old All-right
ehumh only one mile from our olcl st« »l»hu’S
Luthekan ehurch where weweku glatl to see
u emsig ok kifteen to twenty confirmed in the
sprjng on Pol-n sundnzn As l grew older I
notieeel that the Albright ohukeh dld not
sit-»in to grow any largek und nearly ever-)
wiuter the- old buckslideks heil to lns wurmesl
onsr by the some old prooess ot« shoutiug, nnd
sonn- ok the hoys with whom l weot to school
neu-r could timl religion nt the Institut-«
Nearly hall« e ecntury has pas-Heil and tle
old Luther-In Chnrch olalms nein-Uv nll thc
mismherg of that neighhorhoocl nnd the Al
lsrlglst cltnroh, now ealled the lcvungellcuh
has only n few melnhers nntl has entwelef
ohnnjked its methods ot« gettjng convertkt
Tini-- passecl on und l hecame a pnstor of
a chnreh in Columhus, 0hlo, and while then
l sum- two txt-est kevlvals. One was conducted
lsy a certain lcev. Von Dicke in the so-oalle(l
Christian Church, bettet- known then as th(
Wann-hellste ohukch, and the other by B. Pay
Mille The first converted about thkee hun
dred people in a few weeks under n tont
net-«- the out-net of Plft Avenne nnd High und
the other was s renl prokesslonnl evangelist
pkonchlng for alle denonllnntlons· Van Mkqu
oonverts were added to a llttle mission churoh
on III-ist Plfth Avenue and in o short tlmok
the-)- wore not to he found; and when B.
Faz- lellla pkeached in Columhns his follow
csrn loy this thousand-z were so full ot· lon
thnt they hatt-d overyhocly who clhl not mer«-(
wlth his methods and thozf followod hlcn to
thss clepot when he wtsnt tun-)- lilce heru
wuisghippssks in n crowd so las-gis thnt tlns
mit-sing of n graut klug cuulil not hin-t- stir
Isml thi- poeople nny more. Whnt wh- tlus ro
sult li. Pay Mills has lett this Flut-listin
fuith tin-l hls follow-ers lost all this roh-jun
tl1i-»x« ssvssr lind, nnd that wem not »und-. Ile
ikpponlsssl to thoir emotlons nnd the-F måstuolc
thislr Vielan for thss now hi1·tl1 unil us soon
»s- thsszs logt the-its Hnntlonal l"e·«lln»k-.-s thisy
liml ih- lli--)" supposissl tin-its rssliwui
Tau-s- yst-w l siui hast-or ·-l" thi« ls·i-·Hl
Lunis-mi- thin-ile l lmns l»-·«n hist-H ls«x
isuiipn isosisiml ius:e9tiug8. lu the lltsssl »in- si
nsml selnusislisss unitsssl l» »Hm-Ort this vity Lin-l
u Amt I-t«·-.««cl«-ts wus «.-«·ill--il links-. friuu Hin-u
nsi. lvut tlns kiuul rsssiulti Humans-l ils-» lin- l«’ii-s.l
eint-Hi liy thi- (,««l«i-li--tiiskil uisslliml uclslssil
»Hu-is mismluscssi thun ull tlus utlissr sshunsliossi
isuiulsiuwl This let-l uttssiupt wus this Bild-(
suinlnzs »vor-unents, u l"--u- »in-um its-su, «l·lit«i·
uns « Hisll«-«ppuintis-l llilly Sumle Hin-mil
lssss ulmsli tmsli the luerf us uppisiiitiuks »Hi
--i· tut-inhier «l1 »Ihr-r thun-how tu gis t» Brit-.
l’n., i» so-« und hear tlns suslsslusittml inmlcsru
tsvuugoelist nnd t» urmnms for hisi wmiuix t-)
this e:it«v. He had writtcsn link-ins thut hi
mmM come-. providing ullcs thi- must-staut
churuhvs pxcrspt the lustlukmn untl the- Epis
uupuliiins would unitss and clnse ull the-its
wwle day uuel Rundin ssvoning spriieiss for
sit weiskixh This selk-sppointec1 ceummittmi al
so sppnintecl one meinher of my cum-rega
tiun tu gis nlung to Arie-, l’u., to scsss uncl hem
lsillzc While at Brit-, Billy ihm-»vier that
bit-unhold lind five Luther-an chunehess nnd
thut ins-s- iiktsken hundred cui-ruhen« were in
the- l·’it-s-t Ghin-Ch. Just as soon as Billy dis
covered this tsct he was immediate-h- con
vert-sc Ile now insisted that the Pirst Lu
ther-un church must full into line with all
thi- utlnscs Protestsvt dcnominstions nnd co
upistsute with them, or he would unt come
tu Mai-stiehl. You can imngsine the presure
that usu- luvught now uu the meins-»s- ok this
»als chumh and finslly on the Dator to yeilcl
to the Empor-or uf Mode-m Bvsngelism The
matt-Or was first hwught to the attontion
of the Counoil and the Gouveil asked the
qonsrogntion to der-ichs the wettet-. The time
lud now Come kot- the psstok ok the- blitzt
Luther-n Ghin-oh to takt- a Stand, or let an
out-säm- come in sad diotste what he oould
do, or not do, in the oonsregstion where
God lmi osllsdhim to pro-oh and tslce one
of the klagt over whloh klo hsd plsosd him.
It was s Mit-s hour, bat I lud seen so mnoh
ot ths ole kmüt o! the hlsh preiska meth
wds tm I« am not W w h- Hostie-Ha
ee what the resolt would he. So I politely
informed in)« eongregation that I would not
hold a eluh over them, hut that they were
trying to hold one over me. and that I want—
ed it undoi·st·-od that it« the-)- voted to elose
mx serviees here Sundax morning or even
ing. that they were voting un in)« kesignatioo
m th-( same time· The rsssmlt was that thi
·-«hgi-«s2utiuh unanicnousiz deniilch to do noth
ihg t» hindu- the Billzs suiulux laufenan
but w-« would kontinue ums »w« seniees as
iiss hisd before. The rissulr wiss that Billx
Sand-U uns-zi- caniik to Klaus-sieht ils-re is the
lilmsc l«»l’ it H-1’)’ SUUJ (lt«t«stis-«1: li« lFlll)’ slllls
day was in his- oanipaign solely to save souls,
would he have refused to come just because
one Luther-an ehureh, as he desired, did not
Hsield tu his demand? Honestlzy does it not
loolc as it· he want-ed the kifteen hundred
ineinhksrs ot his tobeisuaele niecsting the last
night to swell the 1)o(«lietliool- «’ The Liteiakzs
Digsst oi sziil tl1i1-,d lltlv hit- ii photogihph
of the following check
·"l’he Land Title end Trost Gomit-OF
1»hii«s1s21pi-iu. dssx 4317. zum-ci- 20, 1915.
SZlJLISJIT Pop- to the order ol· William A
sundoy Blitz-one Thousain One Hundked
end "l’lii1«t)"-;-iix Dolliuss tin-l lsjight)--tive Conts.
The Sehhoortl Xationiil Bank New York li.
A. David-, See-retme
The somi- ihajghzine shows that he touk
from t.w«-nt)"-uoe eitles MUSAGET-L »w
this loolc like the follow-er ot the humhle
Katzenan At the present time aismngements
ori- mmlks with Bol) Jones to come to Mons
iield this 1«all. but the Luther-In ehurohes
will not jin the inovement thv can we not
work hormoniously with prokessional evan
gelismi Ileke is the whole trouble. If the
wankte-list represents no (lt-nominotion, then
hi- must leere out the very things the peo
ple need, koc- feak he ofkends the ehurehes.
The result is that he does not presst-h s full
Uospet The seine is tritt-, it he does repre
sent another denomination. How can two
denominations opposed in their dootrines
honestly work together and play the hypo—
cerite either hy ignoring the doettiines or hy
see-hing to agree when they do nott To re
preseut all the denomiaations is just as nega
tive as to represent notie. You may exemineI
the whole evangelistie sehool of preise-here
in this oonntrv from the religious vaudevilleq
eetor Bill) Suadsy to the reverential devo- i
tod, lnnulslts, ein-nost, Uod-l·e-at-jng MoodyH
and »von will find that thier ls no right onus
coptlon of the means of grace in theils theo
l()i(y, There is a woeful coufusion in theil
minds as to the work of the lloly spirit and
they see-m to have no ooueeptjon of the real
meuning of th·e Holy Sackaments.
ll. This leads me to spegk ok the greatl
lacet that this Luther-n Chor-eh has a perfech
right to make use of the very hast ol· the
lusst evmigeelists. It would he kolly to say that
wss out-out lssam anything ol’ tho profisssjoi
Isul protigeslist lle is a tmlned man und does
things which we Shonld not ignorie. As a
roh-. the trainpd osmngellst is very euruisst
in his mein-hing ein-l is kksarlpss in his esxpos
sitlon of this Divine law und know-; how tu
prssss homss flu- juvitiltion to this sinnt-m tu.
ttomts to Uhr-ist Vthsn « both-Tun Los-s tssj
XorthkicshL Mass» ht- is dispply inqnwzsodl
with two things: til-ist. the good it- wonldz
do all Luther-an pastors and preuchprs to txt-.
to Northkiold to Mit-n how to desvislop thss
Hin-final sichs ok ("’-lns?s-tlm1ity: sc-eomll)". thi
good it would do the Moody school of jin-Eh
Just-s to nttcsnd a good Imthekkm Umsonst-oc
csr Sehle of thosologzc We Luther-ans would
.l» wtsll fo lssiusn of the tin-rags- Amme-list
lum- tis kit··—;««l- s-;u«n«stl)·. l do not Nil-l- lo llns
wismnisli its-l »l· Lan-Enk- »l«l" (:()lluI·.-s, Nil-trillio
--h«it·— imsl ji«-mian III-on this pnljnL lpul Eli-«
sincppl »l« .l«§ll«l Pius-O A llm LPHUJ xl lllsslll(«
k-- pro-sont in « -:l--«-I-·xv ·-.u··«l«ss Netz-. XV« Slmulil
sirisaoh as u thing »Hm l« thing tut-n l«i-t us
not lns ofnsiil tu Hpionml this lziw This Sei-«
nson ou th« Jlsnnst shows us litm spurlos-«
Wirth inlg i« Ilion-his- the rtsal ttlmning us
tin- («i-1ttttmt«li11·sitls. Wo munot piptmsis sein
ftp-) Hinlul Tle tlmnslssrsi of Sitmi must pro
»Nic- tlw »Hm-e of (’ulvin«y, bot nn-. tmilc(s an
hour-ist notifession right here-· l was immly tu
g« int-- this minishzv hesforp l lmiml u rtsiil
imitution Lin-n from this pulpit »f« my ·l··m«
Luthorun ohurch t» outside sinuers to oomssi
t« f’hrist. l do not meua to Any tlmt tlierol
wssrrs not things that could thun havts lnsen
intssrpnstecL but I il» mpaa to Any thut ll
non-r hearil a koial direct. stkoakp pesmnasins
imsitation given for sinnen to come to Christi
as it should lmws hpen given. Hin-ins tin-;
ttuth us w-· hin-h we should not list im)
unmxclist guer us in giving the invitkition
to the lost to come to Christ
somts one will sci)·: "lk we mm learn som·
los-uns from ths pr«lc-Hsional evangelist uhz
nist »ja-in in with th( mouement lor the good
of this (-it)-. »t- tlns minmunity in which wi
liVi-.l«"· Othissss will Myz «ll« only one goul
in Hin-sil. is it not w irth the pries- ok the ta
hnmuale ancl the ·«.l·i’»rt;·l« The questions can
not honestly he mittled that was-. There iii
somc good in Rot-um cstholism and in
Christian sciences sintl in many humuu organi
zation-V but does thut justiky one to identif)
himsolf with such organizations without Con
siderinix the evil in them? tht jk u redival
does sovs c few goals-, and others are tot-over
driven into n montnl state where they onn
uot he tesohpd any nun-et Let us not tot-set
that the omotioncl revival hu drin-u more
people into latldoljty than say other voll-lon
movsmont in the world list s nun thlnlc
thut kullns is the now lilsth, Jud ths
mit-W tut-Holla- link-« hin-Ists It m
ly will—then he thinks he has lost his reli
«gion nnd will he harder to reach than ever.
l gnw my ohservation of r·-i«ix-iilism for near
ly fifty years for n nur«-»s-. lt ilissws tkmt
the »Hast-in has lieikn eunstiintlzs isliikiigiiig.
Hm soc-tun- itl"ter th» other has tsiilsil till
now th« tulieriias«lks»sli«w is un ones-. Jus-i s.-l
slusn mors- thiiu unt-«- wilh Zilly Nin-law ils
Hu— —t.-«-.-«-t»i·. i«s-i-«-.Hiix.- »wi- vjithinon :«..
twuitzuutsp shurt --«n««n.««1«--tits. ilthors Eil-s
trjving t» iuiitims hin-. Iiul it is this ·lk-«tli
—tt«ugglss ist « sl)«iii2 Amsel-. The Eos-it wiil
lau-. unil thut i-· thi— wijv »in-liest pi·osii(:liin«-.s.
»lhs- 1«(«iii«l«.— lisiiuneisit siu »T« sin, uusl the pres
sing invitsitiutn hut so nun-h is hist «..;! thut
we Luthersns cannot join in the uswonient
without siteritioing the Vers things for which
we statt-L and the time is not sur oft when
som» ehurehcs must changi- to the ziruotiess
which l shall next mention, »i- (li-«.
lll. l reker to the taet that tin- Luther-in
thut-eh has the liest wol-winning method in
th« world. ji« she will only use it. ln the
first Fluch-, we have the most perfect Gospel
the world has ever hean can there he n
dicken-nei- lietween Gospel und Guspelsl Cer
tninlzss the-re enn! The tin-il einnmansl of
Jesus was so plain that any chilcl ought to
understand what it nie-int. thsu Jesus
vMitl: "(io »so into all the world," Ile certain
ly ilisl usit tin-tin sur us t« sit Jown ein-l let
AWJOUTLUUU lichthen pe,-i-isli without even tell
iug them who Jesus is. XVhen He sah-L «Än(l
nie-ke- ciisoiples of all nations," He oertainly
ilicl not ins-an only the schilt-; hut how-mits
thsn He saicl, «huptizing them into the
name us the Patheiy and the Son, and the
lloly Uhr-st," He did notimean that a man
shonhl preaeh in twentzuone oities for two
years for stil46,000 and ins-ver mention hup
tism. lk l told s little ohild to katten a heu,
feeding her corn, I certaian should not ex
peet the hen to he fattened first and then
fed, or not ked at all. When Jesus said that
we should make disoiples. liaptizing them,
He meant it, and it is a poor Gospel which
ignores lsuptisin, or the haptism ok little in
ksnts and ohildren. When Jesus seid, «teaoh—
ing them to ohserve all things whatsoever l
hin-e eommanded )"ou," He eertainly wanted
the teaohing to sont-inne after haptism. The
Lutheer Phuroh has the t«ullest, most com
plete, most perfect GospeL the world has ever
hssard from the ljps of the tninistrzs since the
days ot« the spostles We have just what the
worhl meer We have the sonl-sntiskying
lnscssd ot· like. What the world needs and
does not know, we have-. l um not Sitz-ins it
hoastfnth but tlianktitlly, that it is easier to
preaeh in the Luther-an churoh than in any
other denominstion in the world. Our theo
l gy has a «’l’hns saith the Lord" bsok ok
ix that makes the Luther-in pulpit und sohool
u power and keeds the souls which come to
hegt-. Then why let down the hars to the
ten-l ot· the dxing system ok the ohurehes
whi(·h have negleeteil the- plain eommand ok
the Lord Jesus Christ to make diseiples, lisp
tizing them anil trat-hing them all things
which He eommavcledt
We have not unlv the must perfect blos
snsl tu preach to the people-. hat the most
permiswivcs invitntiun to extksml to them. The
Its-sung invitiitiun »t· the Hasses-list tu n sinnek
t» accept Christ seems very sit-unk- and plain.
lint the farzt is that the sinncsr cloes not. know
what he means-. VVho has not looketl with
pity un an warne-It sinner kneeling on one
shle ol" a nmntsths lsixnceh seeking Uhr-ist nnd
sum-,- ignumnt prsifessed c’l1rlstia11 on the
other shlts of the heneh not knowing what to
Js- ms link-? llow much hetter it would hin-e
Iw-« for that sinnst-f if he had heen invited
int« u Haut-l entgeht-Ucle elass where step lik
stiip h-- could hun- learnml (-’»,«l«s plan of Sal
mtinn nnil tin-n hi- mmld have hacl n» trun
lilts to must-Ist l’hrist itltxslligentl)·. Thus-» is
n» eumpnrisun hetween the link-)- invitation
of un Orange-listig entnpnign und the reason
uhle appenl to a man to siin s eateehetical
elkiss to investigute the plain iloetrines of sal
vntion We are living in im ang when men
want to know what they are doing. They
want to investigete Icvery Luther-an pastor
should have three oateohetioal elasses at lenst
ten month-«- ok the year darin-; his whole min
ist1"z-: one for this little childken above six
years ok age and one for the regular can-sehn
mene from twelve to fifteen years old. and
one for adults ok any age. Every memher ot·
the ehureh should have a card in his pocket
all the time reading something like this:
l am now ready to learn more fftu the
way ok salvation and to join the next est-e
ohetionl class ok the Lutheran
Adclkess ———-..—.-...-—-——-—«—————
Thisu lu- shunlil usi- hjs Zuflu««n(-(- im thr
nsnn M-« works by bis sich-, un any man with
whom ht- mmsss in Untat-L that- ncods thi- ins
Hirnctimk t» porsuzisio hjm to joiu the n·sxt
keins-s- innt got ltim to sign the card-sit Ins-uns
mun- tlmu u verbal promise——an(1 Womit-sc
hins to start tu the class with him Juni du it.
Hain-z aktisr the- jnclivsdnnl man Mir-n- hi
u«m·ks. »t- liv("«8, Inn-its hnililing taberuacshss n
thousand times. The wiss-le chnnsh Shmild
wutoh the upon dont-s as God opem tin-m.
Go(1’s true revivsls km« plmmed by Him. lf
we will watch cakixkullzz m- will see the open
doors into which He would bin-e us entetz
Let me give one example. Our plan is to re
ceive now momhers about Pshn sundazg ot
lcsster sunday, but this you-, after pro-Od
ink s taung sei-man Hut-ig- holy wol-, those
mihsoad men called me up and wanted me to
statt a new katechetieal elass for them. klare
tioil opisncstl a door. Eva follow-ed up GOE
jslxxu anil luul tesn praxi-r Herricps iu ten dis
ti·L«-t— in onss ists-hing: aud. lsy the use of an
«iit»i«ol«ih-. l visitetl all tcsn tiieetings, and
ot«l"s-i·t-il ssnis short praxi-r at nat-h met-klug and
asliwl all tin-mutt. it tluzv know any-inc- who
ilwulsl l-« a Unsisstian antl ·join a nosw Class. l
i««-««s-in«sl th-— sonnt-s- ol· fifty-»Ent- pisoplts that
Itixzht This nisxt wsstslc I visitmä the fifty-inne
Isistssotinlly ansl got the promisss ot fifty-two
t-- »j«iu th« plus-: What was the i-«-sult".« l
(«Xplain«-ii thss unttxchjstn lsriisl"l)’ antl on Pen
t·-(·«.»t l Liiptizwl oktcl kontinue-il l·ll"t«x·-t-in-ht
schilt-, tuostLv lujsads ol· J"amilies, ancl baptized
tonrtusn ol« their ohildrtxsn These people are
now worliers in the chureh and are Entltiug
·-th·-rs. lsjtssrx Luthoetsan in this country
should he taught tu ssxtssnd the- intitatinn to
sinnt-thing «:l«-1«inite«. to a cslass to st11-l)« the
Rekitsturpsh This is- tshe tit·,-St.ssft«wtins iin·ita
tion in this world. lict the worldling under
stand that hi- is askesd oanf to inwstigate
and then clocids for himstslf alte-r ht- und-sk
stancls: and the invitation appisals to him.
"l’lu-ri« is no rssason why the l«uth·«i««n cshurceh
should not hold a set-les of nieetings in tin
tall ol· this zwar just before starting the
isatsisolnstial Hasses and malt-« as strong a plssa
as- any Hangplist fix-r (·at(:-eliunnsns. As the
month-s »F July and August are vakation
month-« and thi- publics shools are csloskstl it
is not a good time to carry on th(1 can-che
tieal work. At this point 1 wish to states that
then- is no better System in the world to win
souls for christ than good (-.at(-ehis-ttion.
.."l’rain a ohild in the way he shall go and
when he is old he will not dppart from it.«
Pater-Maul Christi-ins may stray trin the
straight and narrow wa)f for a while-. but
like the prodigaL they will come back hohle.
They know the truth and know the way back.
They have something to hold to; and like
the disciples ot« Christ, hear and learn God’8
Word in and through which the Holy spirit
oparates on their hearts day and night It
lis an easy matt-er to rjdjoule head-religion,
Jbut God gave us heads to reach the heartz
Hand Eis comtnand is to search the Revis-takes
l Prorn all that has been said let us draw
la few conolusions:
l l. liet Luther-an pastors literally «eat«
Zthe little book as John did according to the
tenth ohapter ok Revelation and tagte the
sbitterness of the law which oondemns us
and the sweetness ok the Gesle which saves
us and "prophesy again before many peop
les, and nationa, and tongnes, and kings.«
Il. Let us preaoh as dying men to dying
men and make a strong plea in every sercnon
for souls to join the cataohetioal olass and
learn the will ot« God more kully and becolno
intelligent Christian-L
Ill. liet us not at this late hour. when
all other methods have been rednced to the
last struggle of a dying system, let down the
high standard of the hast method tlod ever
trat-e to reach the world. The- New Testament
has onl)f one sermon on the Monat. but
many oatcschisatisms by onr Lord, and the
first wlnsn Ho was onl)f tmle years Old,
askinzx anxl answerjng questions
IV. Inst one- of the great tnonstnents ok
th« year 1917 lu-« Luther-an evangelisml
Leu Hut-.
En un Udgave af Lew Wollaces bersmte :
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: Z Bind. bvcr non ca. 125 Sider, i Format :
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: Viscy der sølqer Ostens Stimm. Snm For- :
: ord finde-s en kort Levnedskildring af Forfats :
: term. Bogen er trykt med store, let lasselige :
: latinfke Typer. :
: Den fælges, san lanqt Lager-et kcekkexz for :
: den befkedne Pris af «
60 Ets. per Etscmplat .
Partei-sit :
Dan. Luth. Publ. Hause. ·
Den lille Stfngi.
En gvd oa Interegfant Fortælling fta
Kristenforfølgelsen i Spanien 142 Sider,
smcmfnldt indbnnden i rtdt Shiriing med
Gnldtryk. PrisLör.
Dia. Luth. Publ. Osnfr.
Balölevi Buches
Den nye Udguve as Lutheks Katekibmus med
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nne Overfcettelfe as det ny Testamente og trnkt
mesd latinfke Typcr foreligger nu fckrdig og vil
herefter blive udsendt paa alle Bestillinger for
denne Bog· Den nye Udgave er en net lille Bog
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