Danskeren. (Neenah, Wis.) 1892-1920, August 11, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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ifyou me
Meiny Alter »seh
kmck FU« »Direc««o»s on
Urge- Flfterscan IOC
Hund s« miss
H 0 0 S l E R
a koste-ow
Ilussrssr IHH U, ia s-- s«----ls( nur
halt-usw« -««1 unt-instit noluvo
kslskH sinkt-I x IPX H U. I«-1;
lsl KLle LIL L Jst I» l- Not-drin
- k --«v»sruf!ss II« Hf M- IN « T
Ksslcf IlsmkfrHc VUMC tsle
Mochi-I. IchI fscfcn
Ums-! » «- «! Mit-n- u«—«·k. Tlml
wsp Uns shjz tim« Hnsrs nin ·-·.i-1·
HxsssIILJsUsst chI-.ij««,;1!I-I .k Ums-I
ntnnss ;----I-.«- li«t it »Um-sk- Uns-ji«
rossti knist« sug« «’ l«I-k(.«- l.-«-nth.
Thus-- V - k- spthtsrs nkesp ·««-uH«·t.
fis-«:·Hh» ji«-»- lcssssu hin- ts-»
um« «
«I s-« · sinjsi thi- Esszss Inst-n
d«-1«i«s.-IJ" "(«»-·« ··«-h·-« i-- un
(«l««."·.:«s3 «—tt·f ;-Is.«.«»«-.— « NJ mä«
(-!i«-·- "-. s:«-" Th« !··-c.--H·st«
O«’x«-k«.X"-t;·-« ’««« 1·-Il- "..!«.·V Just
«Y---. shtk n." wi-! Hxsp li
H· lllUHZsP I IHWH .XI)H««E Hit
Joksssfstnsf vHsuikz xxlsz l wxsiiwi
s- lsing pfui-i- t--lliI-U Zwist s«
zwic u-«": is m- ·-lil ist-singst 1» im
ils-Rhan Yssllk !«·"sHI·-:·.— Uh-)I«
IF!«-- vi-— .i swososjsnth sicqijnl »t«
sinkst-hing .jl«s(- (-»-.x";««·lii-o-. »w!
Zucht ji«-»J« just-zw! him Is«x« kli«
tin-- it»-Is·—-«t »i· thi- Hksis Hss lik
M H -ii-’« !, :: lunnlrwl Nun-s owk
—-(Ii«1 !- —-«I«·- »Y« bran- snsfs k
Iiut H-- wusch-X !"s-1’:.«·t. rn
Mmis t-- thssnk thut tle sppittispn
»Y« Aus-h 1-r-«pl(- du«-Ist matt-»F
tlmt uns-N mvn npiniisn is nll
thut nimm-s "
Thssy Hm ist-from tho fircs a long
timss nml Volks-d of many thiqu
Thon Johtx with a Siqh at the
importnnitios of the present, re
lated this littie seen-s that had
take-n place in Leanders Wayne’s
office-, finishing with. «An(1 I
govo him n meng notice, mo
therl I’m through thesi-ei«
«0 Johnsp Thore was great
distnny and nlarm in the moth
er’s voioe.
«I’11 get something- elso, amtli
ets, just as good. Yes, l know
I’vo an nnoommon ohnnoe to
kise at Mr. Wsyne’s, and 1
know how much my being there
means to you-but I oan’t Stoy,
mothmss Hi rather ckig in the
stkeets than work kor Leander
«I thinik you are giving np
the opportunity of your liketikne,
isJohn," seid the little mother
quietle "l«o-«nil·sr anne isn·t
Ilaik As biUi it- ins stinkltis He
prides hiinselk on hi- «"c«ankness.
But he’s just. Ahn-. und if he
knew your -1«ksth(-r’s story as l
ikuow it—and he sure 1 inteuri hi
shalh one daz- soon—he could
hardly have Spoliosn as he did to
dey. I woman have you stay
«if l thought other-wisse You had
jbest think the matter over very
earekully before you deeide."
«I’ve deeided elreedy1« seid
the hoy passionatey. «l’d rather
Hdig in the stteets than work kor
ihennder Waynel"
« The wes-M- notiee given by
John Loriug to his employcsr
passed rapicil«v. John did his
work as usual, holding his young
heed urrogautly high. Out ok of
fice hours he made the rounsls
of the other okkiees in the
town, but no one seemed in need
of hiS sei-viere This didn ’t change
»John’s deeision in the ienst: in
ikaot, he never dreamed of Mang
iing it for any reason whatso
,(-wr. Ohi Leanders Wayne, iook
ing ou. regrssttcsd for the hun
Fiirssdth time his hasty worde—
ithe issue haci been so trifliug
Tand this expression so streng,
that ns he thought things over
Tthe two hardizf seemed to «fit."
i «I helieve you’re kond of the
Jbo»v,« he seid, testily to himselk,
Egoing into hie private office on
the last morning of -Ioh11’s sta·v.
«You’re not just regretting the
lioss of him in the business-—
it’s the hoy hiniselk y0u’1·e rn
; Lrsstting."
I Ohi Leander- XViiyms hui-1-i(s(i
jinto thi- outets office xigaicL
"l«o»k her-o. .l»hn.·’ he Mid.
«1’m tensthy sum-)- I hurt »mu.
kAs »von said the next day-, up
peamnce m-« not always the
»most important At any rate,
"who Am l to »jn(,lge nnyon(-.? It
was u eisuei thing to sa)-·t0 »von
Tun hideous thing-and l’m sor
ry. Nov-, Joha, you sit the busi
msss-—-«y()n’ro ins-mit kot- it. Id0U’t
«miad telling you that I have
great hope-s for »von in jt-—espe
·eia",v—espeeioll»v when the time
Jesuiten that tho heft of it falls
zon young shoulders. You are the
iyotmgest employee I have, but
EPW thonght of you. I’ve done
my part. how-, in reclaiming inz
s(«lf—-«mn do your-A. I ask you
to stny."
ThcI hoy listened with flush
»in-,- ich-sehs. The zum-mirs won
mnple—-the prospeots l)o)-ou(i bu
ljpf Zum-ing. Thon thi- word
«cowin-(I" floshod vividlx
through his lpmin —1«)thi«g couhl
wiprs that out. «No, Mk.W-1)s11(s,"
hi- suitl sit-inh-, I cannot ist-US I
wumot work for you xmx niot-(«."
Johu Loriiig tlid not «(iig in
the sttsmsts.« ljut he walkml them
pristty thotsoughly for the next
fssw w(s(51(9——wnlkts(1 them with
hiks hssiid high, hut with his heart
sitilcing into his hoots. FVeiL he
wasn’t to he cullul a (:»wiu-(l,
Hinz-unGC Ollluk Alls-P um«-» lllsl
.l»lm visit. Hin-tim: furtlt ismslt
nlurnlngz Wlllt l«1"(«SlI ll«p·s, Unl)f
t« l«- tut-heil away sljsisppoint·s(,l
»t- swsli pla(.-ss. lcvmzv osiiucs pcpsi
tlon in tllo wltole small town
swnwl t» l«- fillml untl iillul
Inst-nun-ssnt.l)·. Tho- little motlter
kmjd ti»thing, but lust- anxissus
limlui lusspolm l1(.«t- l"(---linx.:s. Frorn
wenn-Flug over -I»lnt’1- clmuccss ot«
riging in the world she cause-,
more nnd mun- prossingly as the
»weolcs went on, to wonsying over
the provisions of their dajly ljv
ins. It was a poor aeason of the
year for gewins, so her own lit
tle inooma had dropped, and, at
any rate, John had been used
Lto provide the greater part ok
ltheir ljving expenses. It had been
Ihia pride to bring homo his anl
:ary eaoh woek and give it to
stlte little mothek. Still Mm Lok
ing aaid nothing. lt was not her
way to tallc. she had atkong con
viotions on one particular point
—and that was that each one
was oapable of want-ging his own
lite. she kelt that John was old
enoush to work out his deliktin
kot- hinnelk Yet the atresa and
anxiety told upon her trail con
stitution, and she oama before
long totlook thin and white.
Joha, whose miud was full ok
himselk and hjs woes, tried to
met-wol- the little mother’s wokn
appear-thun There was a certain
sttsajnwl list-sing in hjs heart to
ward his 111uther—he lelt her de
sire km- him to return to Lean
ilssr Witz-risse olliee, and he ke
Hented it. lle knew also that he
·should he hringing home money
»to keep the home Seins that
their tiuy resoukoes must be well
7nigh drained. All this together
seemed a mighty weight, los-com
jng ever and korever more heavy.
John lenked keverishly kot- work,
uo longek particular as to the
kiml of work-—huteher shops,
slkocksl1·)ps, klrygooda No one
wanted a helpekz everything was
iillecl One day on his drein-)
quest he eame knee to kaoe with
his formel- (-1uployer, and, look
jng into the l’an1jliar, kind old
(-.(«mt(snnnce, almost wished he
were haek onee more at the old
dole the clesk that Leanders
Wayne had Said would he walt
ing for him. Thon, flash-like, the
bitter- thought nished through
his mind, «’He called me a co
wa1·d!" «Good day, sir," said
.l»lm cui-th-, and was passing on
when old Leander Wayne stop
I)(-(l him.
«Can’t »von overlook an old
untan itiistake, ho«v'.2" he Seid
Aud -John I«oring, with his
hoad high, only seid again,
«·(;»(«l day, sit-,« and moved
Thcs larder in the Loring home
(i;1i1y hoc-eine more scantz the
r·-nt was nearly two months
overihnn About this time the
littlp mutlmr took ti) spending
her days in trying donghuuts for
zuli- anii her nichts tonrfuily
prinzian that her hoy might not
tnrn out ts) he a eoward after
all. For «Iohii 1«()ring. trying to
fis-o from his mother’s siek kaee
and his uwn responsihility in the
matten hmi eummenced to spend
his oveuings away from home.
By an extraordinory use ok the
will person-I of certain make-up
«keep themselves going when they
are renlly ill. The little mother
was this Sort of a person. These
people, when they go under-, So
under hard. Anii that is what
the little mother did. There oame
·« night when Johu Lorning come
home to find her stroteed upon
Uns floor in the kitehen insowei
hle. A heaping platter of floh-Ih
nnts on the tahle hore witness t-)
her tale end oloso hy her hpnsi
hiy the-— long ilonghnut for1c. Johir
Lori115z. as hi- picehmi up this
wnstoci littio fijznro in his Stroh-zl
msms nnd onrrimi if to th-- Mil- ’
risonk hmrd « gront thruHsinsz
roioo fhht seemofi his onn. Ut
not his own thnnsierimz in hi
lnsxiitk re- echoiiw through mmsv
nener in hig hoch-—- «You ans a
von-anR You nre a (smmr(1!" For
in thut few momoiits’ trnmit
with that hohle thin figmsp In
his msms flic- lin)f suclslisnly sun
:sll things M thssy wen-.
"Y·-s. sit-," suisl .l»lsn Lohn-;
lsis (-l(-ftt- Czws limlcjnkz kmnlclzv in
to thuso of old Lin-nistet- UND-im
««l’vi- com-- book-. Ajul il J.«u
want to givp me book my ,i«-ls.
l"ll lic- glml to txilccs lt."
A dort-tin informiug csxzmssshsn
muss-.- into thss sklclests nmt1«s »Hm-s.
Thss usholis asnits wus, sann-how
instinctiwlx under-stund lustmsssn
than «Il" l hasl over Use-HI
thought lfoss o second that Tun
were o()wardly, b0y——a·hj(?h l
didn’t—this moment would hin-e
Drin-ed you work- not. YOU-O
come1 haclc like a mau." illil
Leanders Wayno hud strong an
at this polnt to wipe his moist
old eyes. kok he was tkemendonk;
ly kond of the l)oy. To avoid this
he loolced fixedly out ok the win
dow for a second, then he tunmd
t0 Jolm Sud sAid Sinkply,
«’I’hero’s your denk, and liest-eh
my hund. Will you give mo
your-IF «
Johu hesitated s momcmt «I
want you to know," he said
thiokly——«my mothek—-I come
home last night and found her
uaoooscious—(lone up by the
whols thing. The dootok scys sho
has a good ohouoc to pull through.
« the window.
Here John took hie turn at Star
ing at the blank wall without
«So before ue
shake hands«— the hov kacecl
about agaiu—-«it took that," he
said lir11113, «to make me see that
l trul) was a—
"1)on’t say it, lad. We all have
»our weak place-a And how is one
» gotten another,
to judge another«l" soleinnly the
old man held out his hand to
John, and as Solemnly the hoy
llaid his within it. «Now, boy,
tell me of your mother."
«Doet0r Beatty said that with
care and nursing she’d proba
khly come out all right And I
knew«—2lohn looked at his desk
—«1 knew that this would do
more than anything. Even it« l’d
it would have
lbeen the same. You see, mother
»has Set her mind on my rising.«
«You’ve a good head for the
« said the old man. «1
»don’t mind telling you that I’ve
missed you in it. You’ve a knack
for it, lad. Neu-, I tell you, the
salary eommences from to-day,
in advance this time, but you are
not to return to work until the
mother pieks up a hit. Oh! yes,
-I()l1n, let an old man have his
way. klow about nurses and all
«Dootor Beatty arrange-J it
all, Sir. He’s a good friend to
mothek and me· And we are to
settle it later at our convenience
—pekhaps when l’m——when l’m
»—r-isen a bit, sir."
i The pillow on which the little
motheth head posted was sent-ce
ly whiter than her own thin face,
hnt the eyes gazing into .John’8
’were lustrous «l fes-l as if l
»Na-e strong umugh now to get
;111)." she doeiarcscl ·«l’hc-r()·«s no
Ltimire iikn good news. Ancl yonhse
’-zs)iiig hack! Aml yon’ll have
««vom- Chance! 0 -Iohn!« linder
ln(«ath this ontwanl thanksgiving
iwas something strongms yet-the
Inother’.s-! hpatt whieh was saying
sjnhilantim «-Iohn has found him
PSpIU He has kam-d the Situation
lijke the man he is· Oh! I knew
«1ny hoy was no cowakd!«
Mcnighvder oq Prassusu der end-»
nn ikhs bar indscsndt Befrilling paa
Marsheretninqen »Hi, bedes ind
licsnde iaadan Mart-it umliqt
Dan. Luth. Publ. Houie
Mk. C. A. Stut
vil i August og September Manne
der arbede for lldbredelie af Sam
fundets Vlade og Vager m. m. li
Drum-von og thxvy Countics, Ja. I
Han autoriicrcs herved til at
modtagc Vetaling for Subskrip-t
tion og anbefolcs til Landsmande
Vclvillighod paa disfc Egnr.
Danish Luth. Publ. »Soqu
Jan Mangel-ei
llnder unenfmaondc Titel er dcsrv
nylia udlonmnsci isna Rot-faltesrtsns
For-lag Strom Wis« on Balsam
liim as Eijnrd Folleimd, Prusil i
den norsle Form-du Ton belcndtel
norf’k-amerilm1s·kc Forfnltcsr Walde-I
mor Aqer figer om Bogen bl. ins
»Vi hat her en Tigtiatulinih som«
baade hvad Sproq og Jndlxolk ein-l
gaar holder Maul iticd.L5jc-mlaiidets.«;
Bogen faas hos Forfatteren og’
kostet-i Omilag 50 Cis-.
Daniih Lutheran Publ. Hause.
Danfk MissionösSangbog.
—- fok —.
Hedninqe og Jstaelb
M i s i i o n e n.
Samlct af »Komitoen for de al
mindelige Ydremisjionsmøder«, foml
bestaar af Past. A. Busch, Bifkop
Koch Past. T. Løgftrup, Dr. :eol. P»
Mader, Grosserek Johs. Sehr-den
Paftor Vilh. Strener og Lie. tect.
Turm. Udgivet af »Bei danske Mis
Bogen indeholder 168 Missionsi
lange alfabctilk ordnede i to Asde
1. Hedningemisliom
2. Jsmelsmission.
Ligeledes historier Oplysningei
om Sangenes Oprindelfe, oft-.
Trykt paa godt Papir. Meget
stcerct melag. Ptis 15 Tis.
Paa Partier gives Rat-at
Dan. Luth. Publ. Doulr.
DAM coLchE
lebyder Undervisning i kølgeuds Kann-:
PROSBMINÄFUMSHSU tot-beredet- til Triuitatis somit-rinnt
NORUALuddanuer Lasters og Lærakindot tot «prljc
sohools ' '—udstodok « « state cortitlcstos ’ ’.
AcszUIC-flraakigt, tot-beredet til do ladet-de skolun
WI!C—PII-uo, Orgel, Violjn og sang.
Cod Aalcdning tot Nykommers til at lærc Engel-h
kot- Kost, Log-i og Undervisning per tin llgor Acco
C. x. HANSBN kont.
sitt-is citat ny Katalog.
Kun 3 Mit
fra By og Jerubane kan endnu faas Land for 82500 per Acre i
Volusia Eo., Florida.
Enhvcsr kan købe en Farm i Florida for kun 17 Cents om Da
gen 85.00 maanedlig Afbetaling. De betalcr hvcrken Reuter eller
Stat. Ksb nu medens Landet er billigt.
21 Donske har allen-de købt Land, faa Udsigterne for en danfk
Koloni er yderst lovendc.
Medeas Termometeret her i Nord- og IlkellrmsStatcrne vifer
over 100 Grader, oq alting gisper af Baron-, har man paa femme
Tid rn bcljogclig Temperatur, som varierer mellem 80 og 90 Gra
dor i Florida. Alle Oplysninged angaaende Land, Dlvljng o.s.v. samt
Kort over Landet sendes frit over-alt Ved Hctivextdelse til
P. H. Millcr,
Agentcr onfkcs. Elk Horn, Jo.
«lzillig Rundreise Exeursion
til det gyldne Distrikt af Montana (Dane Valley) ved
Eulberthn afgaar første og tredie Tirsdag i
hver Maaned. Den første afgaar den fjerde (4.) Juli
paa Great Northern R. R.
Opdyrkede Farine kan købes billigt i Dane Valley,
Danfk iuthersk Kirke og Præst tilhørende Den for
enede danske ev.-luth Kitte.
Tone Valley hat aldrig haft »Crop failure«. 1910
sum var det tørreste Aar, hele now-Besten bar kendt,
nat der dog mange, som fjk en god Rol. Mange bar
avlet Il) bu· Hoede per Acke.
Om De er i Markedet for at føbe Dem et godt
Form-Hieni, da kom og bei-m os nn, da Avlen grot, og
vi nil vise Dem noget af det bedfte Farmland, som
finde-s i Besten, lige ved Jernbaner og Brig-r og gode
,,Markets:s« i det danske Erim-man Dank Ballen
Dane valley cancl Sonn-aus«
Sam J. Anhäng
Vox 175, Culbertfon, Mont.
Jlfstmsg as sijrllc Hasses
Us«lesu«msnsam« og frile Jsijd
Vi ksbkt Fedekalvc, Hins, Æg og Smst til Tagcus hsicstc Prifer.
Vi er Agenter for Dr. Peters Kuriko samt for Scandinavians
IW Mskibslinie Landsmænd, som snsker at tcjse til eller
fra Danmath ksb Billetter has os. Vi fælger dem til billigste Pri-·
ser, og vi vil site alt, hvad vi kan, for at skaffe gode Pladfer paa
Stall Unausg us Wägen
Brei-kam m. m. fkq Diuifs Luth. Psbl Haufe Bcair, Nebe.
Sktnlittekatur, religisse BogeV Bibler, Salmebsger. etc.
Wollust-Jka Eo.
Couueil Auffi, Jun.
Poftfoksendelfet beflrges med Omhu.