The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, January 27, 1911, Image 3

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    gone from nothing on the dollar to par since those two young "book "rooters." There is unlimited booze, beer and tobacco aboard- Ev
farmers" showed what may be done by intelligent effort.' erybody has dollar bills stuck in their pockets. Most of them are
either jobholders or relatives of jobholders. The others are hopefuL
The Nebraskan who wants to go into the apple raising business Somebody foots the bijls, but they never show up in "Uncle Joe's"
is a sucker for paying hundreds of dollars an acre for "Oregon fruit campaign expense account. With banks, public franchised corpo
lands," when he can get better fruit lands right here in Nebraska rations and big manufacturing and mining concerns to look after,
for far less money. As a matter of fact, the man who wants to of course "Uncle Joe" must have a lot of men looking out for
raise anything that may be profitably raised in the temperate zone him- And ix takes money to employ them. And how nice it is to
can find no country superior to our own Nebraska. Corn? Nebraska 1,ave men doing the work for. you while Uncle Sam foots the bilL
raises more to the acre than any other, state in the union. Wheat? Cannon gets the "labor vote" of the Danville district not because
Nebraska yields more wheat per.acre than any other state. Alfalfa? 1,e nas ever done anything for labor, but because organized labor has
Nebraska leads them all in yield per ..acre. ....Apples?. , The finest uu!:i,u,;cn aoie 10 away irora tne mea tnat tne man with the
Apples ever raised in the United States were raised in Richardson,.- pushwa thyea'r -round and a jgocket full of money during cam
Land Nemeha counties last year. Some of these days the finest vine-, paign times is the 'man to whoop' 'e'r up Jot.j And that's why or
yards in the world will be found along the bluffs on the Nebraska ganized labor gets so little consideration from the hands pf congress
side of the Missouri river. and state legislatures. . (!
. i.
Near North Bend, Dodge county, is a German-American farmer Speaking of political bribery, is there any difference between
who is living upon eighty acres of the land he homesteaded many the wage earner who sells his vote for $5 cash, and the real estate
? years ago Five or six years ago he was lured to the Canadian man who votes for a man he knows will not represent the people
; northwest by the glittering advertisements of the land boomers. He merely because he thinks the man. he votes for is most likely to get
sold his eighty acres for $110 an acre, cash, and thought he was ai appropriation for a public building, which public building when
, making a good sale. He went to Canada and invested. After two erected will add to the value of the voter's real estate in that vicinity?
jyears of it he came back to Nebraska post haste and bought back his .
: eighty, acres, paying a bonus of $15 an acre for it. The man he sold Senator Depew's sudden concern about the elective franchise
it to and then bought it from made just $15 an acre on it, besides is one of the humors of present day politics. Depew is, of course,
having the crops from it for two years. Agriculturally and horti- opposed to the popular election of senators. When the people elect
culturally Nebraska is the best state in the union. their senators they will elect men to represent then, which means,
Loiled down, that representatives of railroads, tariff protected in-
Once there was a man who owned a nice home, but he was dis- dustries and other special interests would not have special repre
satisfied and wanted a change. So he put his home in the hands sentatives masquerading as representatives of the people. And, of
fof a real estate agent for sale. The agent wrote a description of course, that would mean that the Chauncey Depews, the "Bffly"
'the property and inserted it in several newspapers. The owner read Lorimers, the Penroses, the Aldriches and the Quays would be ab
them and recognized in the description just such a place as he was sent from the senate chamber. Depew is sorely afraid of the sway
jyearning to own. . So he, chased down to the agent and wanted to of the "demagogic orator." Isn't that one. of the most delicious
!know all about it. When the agent told him he had been reading of all the long list of Depewisms? And doesn't it fall trippingly
.a description of his own property the. man said: "I didn't know from the tongue of a gentleman who is always interested in the
;it was such a fine place until I read about it. Take it off your list, dear people providing the interests of the dear people do not con
;for I wouldn't sell it at any price." The man who owns a farm with the interests of the New York Central and Hudson River
lor an orchard in Nebraska usually does not know what a lucky man Railroad? A Chauncey M. Depew opposing the election of United
he really is, and is apt to be lured to other and far less desirable States senators by;- direct vote is one of the best arguments that
J.lands by merely reading the glittering and; alluring advertising matter could possibly be made in favor of the proposition,
rpcrtaining thereto. .-
! Did you "wire President Taft" urging the claims of San Fran-
; A few years ago a wealthy lumberman of St. Paul was afflicted Cisco? Of course you did not. If you did, you merely demonstrated
? with a peculiar malady. Having plenty of money he hastened to that you had nothing to do and plenty of money to do it with. And
; Germany for a surgeon to operate upon him. At Berlin he called if you are built right you rather resented the San Franciscan waving
upon the most noted of German surgeons who examined him thor- of the "bloody shirt" when it endeavored to arouse prejudice against
oughly and then said: "I am not competent to perform this oper- New Orleans by charging "sectionalism." If Nebraskans never be
ation. There is only one surgeon in the world who is competent." come any more excited over anything than they have over the
"Who anl where is he?" asked the Minnesotan. The German sur- location of the "Panama canal exposition," it is quite sure that they
geon replied: "His name is Mayo and he lives in Rochester, Minne- will always be the most placid people imaginable,
sota, United States-of America." That Minnesotan had traveled 7,000 'tThe National Progressive Republican League" is - its name,
miles to learn that within twojiours' ride of his own city lived and and its announced purpose is to "lead the party back to its old
worked the most noted and successful surgeons in the world, Mayo ideals." The men who have organized the new "league" have
;and sons. Thousands of Nebraskans have gone to Oregon, Wash- a j cut out fr themselves, for the republican party 'of today is
ington, Idaho and the Canadian northwest only to learn that the about as far from the republican party of Abraham Lincoln's time
best wheat lands, the best corn lands and the best orchard lands as Tammany democracy is from Jeffersonian democracy, or sump
in the world, are in good old Nebraska. And ere long they will tnary legislation by a democratic legislature is from the old tenets
come drifting back, and be tickled to death when they get back, of the democratic faith. -Present day republicanism has traveled
at an almighty swift gait, to get so far away from the ideals of its
! Is anyone really surprised at the stories of political corruption founders of sixty years ago. The principles announced by the
I coming from Danville, Illinois? That is "Uncle Joe" Cannon's home founders of the league are all right but those principles are not
Icily and the metropolis of his district. Cannon has never been more republican than they are democratic or populistic " Indeed,
; cisased as a stateman. He is merely one of the best "poker grabbers" several of those principles are the direct result of populist agitation,
i that ever represented a congressional district. Being a congressman and the writer has more than once heard Senator Norris Brown
merely incidental to Canon business. He owns banks, manu- denounce them as "visionary," "harebrained" and "impractical.'"
'iacturing plants, street railways and other public service corporations. That was in the old days when Senator Brown was a country law
4As congressman, and especially as speaker, he is able to take care yer and making an occasional g. o. p. speech in the "Big Third"
of these interests to an appreciable extent, and the salary of $7,500 or the present Sixth district. If what he is now advocating is "pro
a year that Uncle Sam pays him wouldn't pay his campaign ex- gressive republicanism" then are most of us "progressive republic
tpenses for a month when the fight is on. "Uncle Joe" is billed to ans." The trouble is that it is not "republicanism" at all; it is gen
Jspeak in some town in his district. Somebody hires a special train vine democracy. And by "genuine democracy" we do not mean
v cf ten or fifteen coaches and takes over a thousand or so loyal Cannon the partisan brand . The chief, and about - the only, difference be-