The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, November 11, 1910, Image 9

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    Chili Sauce, Snider's (Tip) per bot
tle 22c ,
Chili Sauce, Elliotts (N. B.) per bot
tie 8c
Chow Chow, Relish or Onions, per bot
tle 8c
Ground, white Pepper, Cayenne Pepper,
Cloves, Cream Tartar, Nutmeg and
Mace, 2 ounce pkgs 5c
Ground Cinnamon, Allspice, Sage, Gin
ger and Mustard, 3 oz. pkgs 5c
- 10c cans pepper 7c
Horse Radish, 10c Lottie T 08c
Mustard, 0 oz. Jelly Glues 7c, 3 for 19c
Mustard, small jars 7c
Nutmegs 12 for 5c
Oyster Cocktail, Sniders (N. B.) 25c
bottle 19c
Olive Oil, 25c bottle 23c
Olive Relish, 4-oz. bottle Elliott's 1
brand 8c
Pepper, black, ground, per pound 15c
Pepper, black, ground, 5 oz. for 5c
Salad Dressing, Snider's (Tip), 25c
bottle for 19c
Red Peppers, 10c. bottle 8c; 2 for 15c f
Salad Dressing Yacht Club, small bottle 23c
Tobasco Sauce, per bottle 35c
Vinegar, Heinz, per bottle 24c
Vinegar, Cider, per Lottie... 8c; 2 for 15c
Vinegar Cider, per gallon 21c
Butter Color, Dandelion, 25c size 19c
Fruit Coloring, Price's, 2 oz 18c
Fruit Coloring, Prices, 1 oz .-,; 10c
Lemon, Tip Top, 2oz., 25c quality 16c -
Lemon, Purity, 10c bottle, 3c; 2 for 15c
Lemon, Dr. Price's, 1-oz 10c
Lemon, Dr. Price's, 2 oa... Y17c
Lemon, Dr. Price's, 4-oz 31c
Vanilla, Dr. Price's. 1-oz 14c
Vauilla, Dr. Price 'a. 2 oz 23c
Vanilla, Dr. Price '. 4 oz '.45c
Vanilla, Tip Top. 2-oz., 30c quality 21c
Vanilla, Purity, 2-oz., 10c bottle 6c
Vanilla, lVa-oz., 10c bottle 4c; 3 for 10c
Fruit Jars, Mason's, Vl gal. per doz 78c
Fruit Jars, Mason's quarts, per doz 57c
Fruit Jars, Mason 's, pints, per doz. ...50c
Fruit Jars, ScUram's, y gal., per doz 85c
Fruit Jars, Schrain 's, quarts, per doz 62c
Fruit Jars, Schram's, pints, per doz. 57c
Fruit Jar Rubbers, ' Nebia,'- per doz 6c
Fruit Jar Rubbers, 'Holiday,' per doz 8c
( 2 dozeu for -, 15c
Fruit Jar Caps, Mason's, doz. 17c; 2 for 33c
Fruit Jar Caps, Schram's, per doz 13c
Jelly Glasses, 3-oz.,per dozen 23c
Flour, 48-lb. sack, guaranteed first pat-j fl
ent, Our Tip
Flour, 24-lb. sack Tip 65c
Flour, 48-lb. sack, guaranteed first pat -a on
. ent, Economy lJv
Flour, 24-pound sack Economy 65c
Try a small sack of Economy or Tip use
one-half of it and if you do not find it the
best, return it and get your full money back.
Flour, 48-lb. Rye $1.32
Flour, 24-lb. Rve C6c
Flour, Beacon, 48-lb. sack '. $1.08
Flour, Beacon, 24-lb. sack 64c
Flour, Graham, per sack . ..27c; 2 for 53c
Flour, Whole Wheat, per sack.... 27c; 2 for 53c
Flour, Pancake, Pinkerton's, per pack
age 9c
3 for , ;
' Flour, for Cake, Boharts, per pkg -, 22c
Meal, Corn, white or yellow, per sack
Apples, Evaporated, per lb 10c
Apricots, Evaporated, per lb 18c
Bananas, per pound Ask Price
rMt-nn ppr prmnd --22c
Currants, 15c pkg 11c; 2 for 21c
Currants are going higher soon .
Lemons, 360 size, per dozen
Lemons, 300 size, per dozen-
Lemon Peel, per pound 19c
Orange Peel, per pound 19c '
Oranges, 126 sizes, per doz
Oranges, 150 ' size, per dozen
Peaches, Fancy Evaporated, per lb 10c
Prunes, 50-60s, .... :
Prunes, 60-70s, " per lb... ,
Prunes, 40-50s, per lb
Potatoes, per peck 15 pounds-. '
Potatoes, per bu. 60 lbs. s
Potatoes. Sweet, per bushel 50 lbs
Raisins, Bulk Seedless, per lb , -07 e
.Raisins, Griffins Heedless, 10-oz. (Tip) pkgT 9c
Raisins, 16-oz., per pkg 10c; 3 for 28c
AngeTus Brand, made from Muscat.
Grapes, pint bottle 21c
Dr. George's, 25-oz. bottle.. .' ,..23c
Tip, per quart bottle 34c
Tip, per pint bottle : 19c; 2 for 37c
Tip, per 4-oz. bottle 7c; 2 for 13c
Price of Lard and Meats change weekly.
Bacon, by piece already cut or strip,
per lb 25c .
1c more if we cut it.
Codfish, Opal Brand, 1 lb. pkg . l4c
Cooking Oil, Wesson's, 2-Jb can 27c
Cottoline, large pail : $1.50
Cottolene, medium pail 61c
Cottolene, small pail . 31c
Lard, No. 3 pail , 57c
Lard, No. 5 pail .'. 96c
Lard, No. 10 pail $1.92
Lard, pure bulk, per lb 17c
Lard, Compound, per lb 12c
.Lard, 2d grade pure, bulk, per -lb 16e
Nutal, 1 gallon jars, Vegetable cooking oil
. . $1.36
Herring, Holland, per kag 72c
Herring, Milkers, per keg 86c
Herring, Boneless Dried 18clb; 2 for 35c
White Fish, per pound 5 1-2c
Some of the stores may not have keg
Herring on han.d, but can get it if ordered.
Macaroni, Bulk, per lb....5c; 6 lbs. for 27c
Macaroni, Minnesota, per pkg ,9c'
3 for '. 25c
Macaroni Cut, per pkg 8c
Noodles, Grandma, large package- 8c
Noodles, Grandma, small pkg-- 4c
Spaghetti, Minnesota, per pkg 9c
3 for 25c
Spaghetti, Climax, per pkg -8c .
Candles, large tallow ....A for 5c
Coal Oil, per gal 8c; 5 Gallons 39c
Coal Oil, 20c grade, per gal ' 12c
Chimneys, crimp "top, No. 1 5c
Chimneys, crimp top. No. 2- 6c
("liiumeys, Rochester No. 2 09c
Chimneys, extra heavy, No. 2 12c.
Gasoline, per gallon 14c; 5 gal. for 69c
Gasoline cans, 1 gal. galvanized -20c
Gasoline Cans, 5 gal. galvenlzed 50c
Gasoline Cans, Neiburg, 5 gallon $1.45
(A non-explosive can play safe)
Lanterns . 45c
.Lamp Burners, No. 1 size 4 c
Lamj) Burners, No. 2 size 6c
Lamps, No. 2 15c
Matches, 5e boxes Radium Noiseless, 4c
3 for 10c
Matches, small o C
box L FOR UC
- 12 for 29
Oil Cans, 1 gal., galvanized 16c
Oil Cans, 2-gal., galvanized 27c; 2 for 52c,
Oil Cans, 5 gal. galvanized , 45c
Wicks, No. 1 10 for 5c
Wicks, No. 2 8 for 5c
Chocolate, Rockwood, 25c. cake 15c
Chocolate, W. II. Baker's 25c, Vi-lb. -a g
cake ( a . IOC
Chocolate, sweet, 1-8 lb. cake . t .,
Cocoa, W. H. Bakers 1-2 lb. can (N. B.)19c i
Cocoa, W. H. Bakers, 1-5 lb. can (N. B.)-8c
Cosoa, Van Houten's 1-4 lb. can 21c-
Cocoanut, Schepp's, 10c pkg ...........7c
Cocoanut, bulk, per lb (Tip).... 18c; 2 for 35c
Gelatine, Knox.s Acidulated 12c
Gelatine), Knox's Sparkling . 12c
" Jello, Ice, Cream Powder, per pkg 9c
Jello, assorted flavors, per pkg. ' 8c
Mince Meat, 10c pkg. (N. B.) ..... -QJC
Axle Grease, Diamond, per box 4c
. Butter, Country,, fresh Ask Price
Butter, Peanut Butter, bulk, per lb 16c
Bird Seed, 10c pkg '.. 6c; 4 pkgs. for 23c
Carpet Tacks, 5c box 4c, 3 for 10c
Crepe Paper, any colors, 10c roll for 6c
Coal Hods, 25c quality '. 18c
Cheese, per lb 20c; 3 lbs. for 58c
Dust Pans, ' : 9c
Eggs , . Ask Price
Fire Shovels, 10c size --r 6c
Family Scales ... 95c
Fly Paper, 4 double sheets, -5c
Folding Slate, book and pencil 6c
Cloves, Knit Wrist, men's size, per pair
9c; 3 for 25c
Gloves, boys' size, per pair 8c; 2 for 15c
Gloves, Gauntlet, 15e quality.. .....lie
Gloves, Leather front, 25c quality. 21e
Husking Mittens, per pair 5c
Hires Root Beer, per bottle 15c
Ink, 5c Bottle , 3a
Lemon Squeezers, 8c, 2 for 15c
Library Paste 4c
Mucilage, per bottle -4c
Oleomargerine, Silver Churn Brand, 1-lb
cakes 23c; 2 for 45c
Oleomargerine, Lotus Bran,d, 1-lb. cakes
:... 17c; 2 for 33c
Petrolatum, . ..- O
5c size, , - - -- JC
Petrolatum, 10c size ' 6c
Pencils, 5c kind- - 3c, 2 for 5c
Pencils, lc kind - 6 for 5c
Pop Corn, per pkg 8c
Powder, antiseptic, per can 11c
Quinine and Tar, cranes., 50c bottle...... 38c
Quinine and Tar, cranes, 25c bottle ..19c
Sewing Machine Oil, per bottle 6c
Shoe Polish, French Gloss, 10c bottle 6c,
Shoe Polish, Gilt Edge Brand, 25c bottle..-17c
Shoe Polish, Shinola .-. 7c
Shoe Polish, Two in One 7c; 4 for 25c
Shoe Polish, Jet Oil, 10c bottle -r-7c
Shoe Polish, Tan, 10c can 06c
Stove Polish, 5c Enameline ' 4c
Stove Polish, 10c liquid Enameline 7c
Tooth Powder, per bottle 9c
Talcum Powder 6c
Talcum Powder, 25c Memmen's 15c
Tablets, Ink, 5c kind 4c
Tablets, Pencil, 5c kind c
Thread, any size..... 5c; 2 for 9c .
Wagons, Boys ' Express, large $1.40
Wagons, Boys'" Express, small 70c .
Yeast Foam, per pkg . 4c
Almonds, per pound r 18c
English Walnuts No. 1 Standard, per lb. '
,22c; 2 lbs. for 43c; 3 lbs. for 64c
Peanuts, roasted, per lb. 10c; 3 lbs. for 28c ,
Peatnuts, salted, per pound 15c
Shelled Walnuts, per lb..... - 47c
Probably all the stores do not carry all
of the above during the summer months,
but can get them if ordered. ' ,
Olives, Plain, 14-oz. size ........22c; 2 for 43c
Olives, plain 8-oz. size -13c; 2 for 25e
Olives, plain, 6-oz. size 9c; 3 for 25c
Olives, Stuffed, 10-oz. size 22c; 2 for 42c
Olives, stuffed, 4-oz. size 9c; 3 for 25c
Olives, bulk, per pint 18c
Onions, pickled, 10c bottle- 8c
Pickles, 15c size bottle -11c
Pickles, Heinz sweet, sold by doz
Pickles, Seinz sour, sold by doz.
Pickles, Dill, in can or glass jar ....
Pickles, Dill, glass jar -12c
Pickles, Heinz Dill, will be in soon..
Sauer Kraut, Heinz.
Pickles, sweet, per jar -- 13c
Apple Butter, Clymer's, per jar 13c .
Jelly Compound, Tru Fruit 9e; 3 for 25e
Preserves, Holiday, 25c jar ...........22c
Preserves, Colorado (Tip)J- 25c
Preserves, Nectar Raspberries,
per can 28c
Preserves, Nectar Strawberries, ' . ';
per can (Tip) 26c
Preserves, pitted cherries, per jar.........2Sc
Preserved Strawberries, Union Brand,
20c quality- , 15c
Strained Honey, pure, per pt. jar 22c; 2 for 43c
(Soap, will be higher in a few days.)
Ammonia, per bottle 1. 8c, 2 for 15c
, Pon Ami, per r-ake V 8c
Bluing, per bottle (N. B.)- -4c
Bluing, Bengal bottle 9c; 3 for 25c
Borax 20 Mule Team, 15c pkg. IOC
Cleanser, Earl (N. B.) r 03c
Cleanser, Old Dutch -8c; 2 for 15c
Clothes Baskets, No. .3 small size 58e
Clothes Baskets, No 2 Medium size. 72c
Clothes Baskets, No. 1 Large size ..84c
Clothes Line, 75 foot galvanized 15c
Clothes Line, Royal Line 14c
Clothes Line, Sisal - 8c
Clothes Pins, 5 dozen for- - 5c
Lye, Rex, 10c can.. .....7c; 3 for 19c
Lye, Lewis, 10c can 9c, 3 for 25c
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