The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, November 11, 1910, Image 10

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    Lye. ito.l Seal, 10c 8c; 2 for 15c
l'i.ils. Galvanized, Yi quart 17c
Swift's Pride Cleanser, per can 7
Sapolio, 10c bar 8c, 2 for 15c
Soap, Bob White (Tip) 4c
Soap, Cudalmy's 711 Castile, per bar 4c, 3
lor He
Foap, Diamond "C" 7 bars for 23c
Soap, Whute liussian, 6 bars for 23c
Soap, White Duck, 2 small bars (N.B.) 5c
Or 4 bars for 9
Soap, Ivory, 10c size 8c, 3 fo-r 22c
Soap, Dutch Hand, per bar 8c
Soap, Fairy, per bar 5c; 2 for 9c; 6 for 25c
Soap. Glycerine, (N. B.) per bar -ie
2 for 9c
Soap, Polo 10 bars for 23c-.
Soap, Puramo - 4c
Soap, Pearl White, 4e; 6 bars for 22c-..
Soap, Rub No-More Naptha (N. B.) 4c-
Soap, Raven Tar (N. B.) 4c
Soap, Scouring (N. B.) 10c bar A
3 bars for 1UC
Soap, Witch Hazel 3c; 2 for 5c; 4 for 9c
Starch, 1-X-L Brand, 10c pkg 8c; 2 for 15c
Starch, l ib. pkg., Best Com....4c; 3 for lie
Price of sugar changes often.
Starch, Argo. 5c pkg 4c
starch, Best Gloss, 10c pkg 5c
r carch, Ce'luloid, 10c package (N. B.) 8c
Starch, Gloss lump, per pound 3 1-2c
Starch, Silver Gloss, 10c pkg 9c
Starch, Silver Gloss, 6 lb. box 54c
Tub, Galvanized, medium size ..54c
Washboard, Brass . 2c
Washboards, Blue . Enamel 31c
Washboards, cheap kind 22c
Washing Powder, Gold Dust, 23c pkg 20c
Washing Powder, Rub-No-More, 6c f f
(N. B.) 4c; 3 for 1UC
Washing Powder, Rub-No-More, 25c pkg
(N. B.) 15c
Washing Powder, Pearline, 9c, 3 for 25c
Washington Powder, Sal Soda, 3 ,lbs
for " 5c
Washing Powder, Sal Soda, 1G pounds 20c
Price of Sugar changes often
Cut Loaf, per lb 9o
3 pounds for 25c
Crystal Dominio, 5 lb. box .....50c
Granulated, per pound SVfec
Granulated 17 ',4 lbs. for $1.00
Granulated .... S2 lbs. for 50c
Granulated 4 lbs. for 25c
Medium Brown, ...16 3-4 lbs.-for $1.00
Medium Brown .". 8 lbs. for 50c
Medium Brown 4 lbs. for 25c
Medium Brown, per pound- 7c
Powdered, per lb
3 pounds for
. 9c
Cane and Maple Syrup, gallon size $1.25
Cane and Maple Syrup, quart 35c
Corn Syrup, Kairmel Brand, 10c can
8c; 2 for 15c .. 3 for 22c
Corn Syrup, Kairmel Brand, gal. can.
- .....32c; 2 for 63c
Corn Syrup, Kairmel Brand, 5 lb. cans,....17c
Louisiana Molasses, quart can 13c
Mapeline, 35c size bottle --28c
Sugar Butter, per pail 23c
Sorgum, 2 lb. can 09c
Sorghum, Tiger brand, 10 lb. can 48c
Can get a cheaper brand, 10 lb. can for 45c
Syrup, 5 lb. can, White Lily 22c
Black English Breakfast, 60-cent fciodj0
Gunpowder, per pound 40c
Japan, Uncolored, per pound 40c
Llpton's 1-2 lb. can 28c
Lipton's 1 lb. can 56c
May Blossom, Sun Dried . OA
1-2 lb. pkg UC
Siftings, 1 lb. pkg 11c
Basket Store Delivery Wagon Smashed.
Dwight Crewdson was struck by a So. 10th street car and was laid up
for awhile. Wagon wheel smashed, Horse and Harness damaged. Where
is the man who says "Free Deliveries?" There is no such thing as a free
A peddler was arrested the other day and fined about fifty dollars for short weighing
a customer on potatoes. It has always been a mystery to the doctor how a peddler can
buy potatoes for eighty cents and sell them for seventy cents a bushel. This peddler had
sold five bushel and they weighed up as three and one-half bushels. So the evidence
shows. The Basket Stores sell 15 lbs. of potatoes for a peck. They have no peck
measures in the stores. How do you like that system.
"It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions; it is easy in solitude to live
after our own; but the Great Man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect
sweetness the independence of solitude." Ralph Waldo Emerson.
"If the day looks kinder gloomy
An' your chances kinder slim
If the situation's pusslitt'
An' the prospect's awful grim,
An' perplexities keep pressln'
Till all hope is nearly gone,
Jus' bristle up, an' grit your teeth,
An keep on fceepin' on.
Fumin' never wins a fight,
An' frettin' never pays;.
There ain't no good in broodin' in
These pessimistic ways.
Smile Jus' kinder cheerfully
When hope is nearly gone;
An' bristle up, an' grit your teeth,
An' keep on keeping en."
Five Cents for regular deliveries over $100- 15c r hurry P' $6 0 rders delivereJ1 frcf- Terms C O. D.
There will be a few nrfil fl uove price M tha t some of the stores may.not carry but they can probably
be putTn where 4d uL. Follow a Basket Store "tip" and you will never get "bit"
N. B. means that the manufacturer doe? no. overbuTdeO the article with advertising and salesmanship expenses
and therefore the above low price, v .
i THE 3 X
Store No.2i.l2rNrTl4Sf -. ft A MV:
. Fred Kear,
Store No,' 3; 889 N .2? St.
E. L. Horn, IV Igr.
Store No. 4, 1645 Elm St.
Parker Fox, Mgr.
Store No. 5, 2045 O Street
E. G. Harlan, Mgr.
Store Nc. 6, 1020 P Street
C. S. Alvord, Mgr.