The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, August 12, 1910, Image 6

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term the following beneficial legislation recommended
by him has been enacted:
The bank guarantee law.
The election of precinct assessors by direct vote of
the people, thus restoring local self-government in mat
ters of of taxation.
The levy of taxes for state purposes has been re
duced $750,000 for two years of his term of office.
The corporation tax law, adding $125,000 to the
state treasury without cost to the individual taxpayers,
and for privileges not heretofore taxed.
PHYSICAL VALUATION and appraisement of
common carriers of the state as a basis for determining
railroad rates.
Prohibiting the issuance of stocks and bonds in ex
cess of the actual value of the property and investments
of the public service corporations of the state, thus pre
venting watering of stock as a means of concealing un
fair earnings taken from the people.
Re-imbursing the veterans of the Civil War for pen
sion money withheld from them by order of the state
, Establishing two state experimental stations in the
western part of the state.
. ; Placing the clerk of the supreme court upon a sala
ry basis.
The Oregon plan for electing United States Sena
tors by direct vote of the people.
t A reciprocal demurrage law, a law compelling rail
road companies to settle for a all claims for damage within sixty days, and a law providing for trans
fer switches. v
An anti-discrimination law to protect the interest of farmers and consumers generally.
The daylight saloon law for the regulation of the liquor traffic.
Preventing the sale or drinking of liquor upon railroad trains.
Prohibition of the sale of liquor to inebriates, imbeciles or idiots. ,
Prohibiting the sale of liquor to Indians, or desecrating the Sabbath day by the sale of liquor.
New charters for cities of Omaha and South Omaha, giving them the right to elect their own
fire and police boards, thus carrying out the democratic promise to give home rule to these cities.
Veto ot the Ft. Crook saloon bill, thus preventing the establishment of saloons adjacent to a
post where our soldiers are quartered.
Governor Shallenberger will recommend to the Legislature the
submission of the following Amendments to the Constitution:
you want him re-elected vote for him
at the Primaries on August 16.
Providing for direct legislation through the Initiavive and Refer
endum, whereby the people can vote directly upon such vital ques-
tions as the liquor traffic, suffrage, or other matters which are not
party questions, thus giving back to the people the right to settle vi
tal issues by a majority of all the electors of the state.
Providing that all cities may have the right to make their own
Providing for a non-partisan Board of Control to take charge
of the State Institutions, thus taking those institutions out of parti
san politics.
He will recommend such further legislation as will tend to take
our courts and schools out of politics, and the adoption pf a resolu
tion recommending an income tax amendment to the national con
stitution. .
He promises if re-elected to give the same care and conduct to
the business affairs of the state that have characterized his first term,
and to fearlessly enforce the laws and to practice economy in all the
affairs of the state.
His advocacy of reduced passenger rates in his first campaign
compelled the previous legislature to give to the people the 2-cent
tare law, as well as other laws beneficial to the people of Nebraska.
Dating Governor Shallenberger 's administration the laws ot the
state have been enforced and the peoples financial interests have been
conserved. The state is out of debt and the treasury is full. Liber
al appropriations for educational and charitable institutions have
been made. The pardoning power has not been abused. The gen
eral standing of the office has been held upon a high plane.
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