The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, August 07, 1909, Image 2

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In Mr. Sullivan the people of Lan
caster county have a candidate on the
Republican ticket who has been tried
and not found wanting. Mr. Sulli
van is the man who was appointed
in 1S9S to finish an unexpired term as
county treasurer, and whose work in
the appointed office proved so success
ful and satisfactory that he was re
elected in 1S97. This record speaks
Clark Dailey, of HavGlock
Tier sre several reasons why Mr.
C3srt Djuiey is entitled to receive the.
republican ccmiuation for the position
cf eos&ty ecn'missicner. and a most
iKnortant reason why the working
people saculj vote for hint. He de
serves the support of the working peo
ple because he is a working man hini
se!f and a union man also. Mr.
Dailey is it progressive man and Is
public spirited to a high degree, and
I if nominated and elected will do all
j in his power for the advancement of
better roads and bridges in Lancas
ter county. As Mr. Dailey is a union
' man it is not necessary to comment
further as to advisability of our mem
bers supporting htm, as a vote for him
means a vote for a friend. When you
go to the polls to cast your ballot Aug
ust 17, remember Brother Clark
i Dailey.
x VV
) a k
for itself as to his ability and integri
ty to properly serve in this, one of the
aicst important offices within th$ gift
of our voters.
Mr. Sullivan is one of the pioaeer
business men of the county. He has
been in the live stock business here
since 1SS6. and he assisted to an ex
tent that is hardiy comprehensible in
increasing both the quantity and quali
ty of our improved live stock in the
county and slate. Mr. Sullivan, like
other live stock men, has performed
a great and valuable service to his
county, his state and his nation.
whereby they and their citizens have
become greatly enriched. In short, he
has been a true patriot and a good citizen.
Mr. Sullivan has always been a
warm friend of the laboring man as
his record will show. He has given
hundreds employment and befriended
hundreds more in his liberal way
The union man can find no better or
more considerate friend for whom he
may cast his vote.
Herewith we present a likeness of
O. C. Bell, who is a candidate for
county clerk. Mr. Bell is a promi
nent business man of Lincoln, and is
h - v
i - Vs.--- "
thoroughly capable of conducting the
office in a business-like manner. The
laboring men of Lancaster county will
not make a mistake if they give him
their support. Mr. Bell has lived in
Lincoln thirty-seven years.
The position of county treasurer is
cue of the most important within the
Sift of the voters of the county. In
Mr. Wm. C. Severin. the present dep
uty treasurer, we have a gentleman
who has filled this position in a high
ly creditable manner. He has served
the people faithfully, and is thorough
ly familiar with the work of the of
fice. He has always been willing to
assist the taxpayers in giving them
any information pertaining to the
office at any time, and has been accom
modating and courteous with all who
have had business with the office. Mr.
Severin has always been friendly in
his attitude toward the cause of or
ganized labor, and our friends will
make no mistake in voting to give
him the nomination to this important
office. He has never held public of
fice as have a number of his oppon
ents, and is entitled to your support.
If nominated and elected he will give
the office careful and able attention.
It is the custom by common consent,
to accord a county officer who has
served acceptably for one term, the
right to a second. Most fair-minded
men agree to this. Mr. Hoagland is a
candidate for the nomination for re
election on the republican ticket
There is an old adage that it does not
pay to swap horses in the middle of
a stream, and the many friends of Mr.
Hoagland contend that the phrase
holds good in this instance. By his
fair and impartial manner in conduct
ing the sheriff's office he has won the
estem and respect of all and it is for
;he best iuteresis of the people that
he should be his own successor. If
he H nominated and re-elected to this
important position the citizens of
Lancaster county can have every as
surance that the office will be con
ducted along the same careful, conser
vative lines in the future as it has in
the past.
One ot me strong men in the race
for the republican nomination for
county treasurer of Lancaster county.
is Mr. Louis Helmer, who is one of
the best known men in the city and
county. A man of strong cnaracter.
even temperament, good sound judg-
' V
vr- v
- - - --i x v -
ment, if nominated and elected would
do his duty at ail times. He is a busi
ness man of abilitv and the highest in
tegrity, and he has a host jof friends
who are working and aiding him in
his campaign. Mr. Helmer is quali
fied in every respect for this high po
sition and the voters should give his
candidacy their thoughful considera
tion. As a man and a citizen he has
the highest standing and is known as
a gentleman who will serve the peo
ple faithfully.
Ei-MUr i (3 J
constructed to bake perfectly, to save fuel and to save work.
The Glass Door
When we introduced the glass door many people were skeptical atxmt its dtxra&xl
ity. Today hundreds of Moore's Ranges are being used in homes of intelligent
housewives, and the glass oven door Is proving its excellent worth. It is found
only on a Moore's Range.
The Hinge Top
A most convenient device which lightens the work. Toast xride in a minute
without any smoke. Meat broiled over the oven coals try simply pulling the
chain and lifting the stove top. This is an exclusive Moore's feature.
The Anti-Scorch Lid
Impossible to burn foods if cooked on a Moore's Range,
the anti-scorch lid. No extra work.
The Nut Shell
Simply place them on
Moore's Range has no equal. Costs nothing to see it. It excells in quality of
construction. No stove approaches it in labor-saving devices. The gas attach
ment is both new and economical- We urge you to examine a Moore's Ranzc
before you buy.
1112 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska
August 1
ican candidate for coroner,
7. 1909.
Republican candidate for re-election
for justice of the peace.
The office of Register of Deeds is a
very important one, and the voters
shonld see that they cast their vote
for the best man fitted for the office.
Mr. A. J. Morris is a candidate for the
nomination on the republican ticket
for this important office and is receiv-
ing the support of a host of friends.
The union men of our city should at
all times vote for those whom they
know to be friendly toward their cause
and a vote for A. J. Morris means a
vote for a friend. If Mr. Morris re
ceives the nomination, and is elected
to this high position, he will devote
his time and attention to the office in
a manner that will reflect credit on
himself and the citizens of Lancaster
county. He will represent all the peo
ple and not any certain class. M r.
Morris has served the people of this
city in the capacity of secretary of
the board of education for the past
ten years in a commendable manner,
and is well qualified to fill the posi
tion to which he aspires.
Among the many candidates to be
voted for at the primary election to
be held August 17, there is no man
on the republican ticket who is better
known, whose record is cleaner, nor
whose fitness for the position sought
appeals stronger to the intelligent
voter than those of Forrest M. Moore,
candidate for the office of register of
deeds. "Forry," as he is familiarly
known, was born in Lancaster county.
He is at present a deputy in the office
for which he is asking the nomina
tion, and is thoroughly familiar with
the workings of the office. If nomi
nated and elected, he would conduct
the affairs of the office in a creditable
manner, serve no particular class, and
all would receive a square deal. Mr.
Moore is a friend to the man who toils
for a daily wage, and any support
given him will be appreciated.
Where and When the Clans Will
Gather to Boost the Cause.
August 9, SL Joseph, Mo, Interna
tional Typographical TTnion.
August 10, Indianapolis, Ind Shirt
Waist and Laundry Workers' Inter
national Union.
August 12, Kansas City, Mo, Inter
national Stereotypers and Electrotir
ers" Union of Xorth America.
August 16, Boston, Mass, Metal Pol
ishers, Buffers, Platers, etc
September 6, Eureka, Humb Co.. Cal
International Brotherhood of Woods
men and Saw Mill Workers.
September , Springfield, Mass Ta
ble Knife Grinders' National Unic
September 6, St- Louis, Mo, Xatirnal
Federation of Postoffice Clerks.
September 7, Milwaukee, Wis . In
ternational Pooto-Fngravers Unieo of
Xorth America.
September 9, Boston, Mass, Interna
tional Spinners' Union.
September 13, Bostoi, Ma?s . Wood,
Wire, and Metal Lathers' International
September 13. Denver. Colo, Inter
national Association of Machinists.
September 13, Elmira, X. T, Inter
national Hodcarriers and Building Lab
orers Union of America.
September 13. Chicago, III, Interna
tional Brick, Tile, and Terra Cotca
Workers' Alliance.
September 14, Denver, Colo, Amer
ican Brotherhood of Cement Workers.
September 17, Xew York, Pocket-
knife Blade Grinders and Finishers' In
ternational Union.
September 29, , . Tra
elers" Goods and Leather XoveKr
Workers' International Union of
September 20, illnneapolia. 3Iibb-
International Association of Br'e
and Structural Iron Workers.
October 4. 31 Hwaukee, Wis, Interna
tional Union of Shipwrights, Jot!Wt
Caulkers. Boat Builders and Ship Cab
inet Makera of America.
October 4. Toronto, Crat, Amalga
mated Association of Street and Elec
tric Railway Employes of America.
October 3. Milwaukee. Wis, Jour
neymen Barbers' International Uekn
of America.
October 15, Detroit, Mich, Interna
tional Association of Car Workers.
October 1?. Charlotte, XC C Ualted
Textile Workers of America.
November 8. Toronto. Can,, Ameri
can Federation of Labor.
November 29, Xew -York, X. Y, In
ternational Seamen's Union.
December 8. Indianapolis, InL, In
ternational Alliance of Bill Poster f
You Will Find the Union Card in the
Following Places.
When yon enter a barber soon, see
that the onion shop card is in plain
sight before you get Into the chair.
If the card is not to be seen, go else
where. The onion shop card is n
guarantee of a cleanly shop, a smooth
shave or good bair-cnt, and eonrteows
treatment. The following barber
shops are entitled to the patronage of
union men:
George Petro, 1019 O.
J. J. Simpson, 1'X1 O.
George Shaffer, Lincoln HoteL
C. B. Ellis, Windsor HoteL
D. S. Crop. Capital HoteL
M. J. Roberts. Royal HoteL
A. L, Kimmerer, Lindeil HoteL
C. A. Green, 120 North Eleventh.
C. A. Green, 1132 O.
E. A. Wood, 120 O.
Chaplin Sc Ryan. 129 Xorth Twelfth.
E. C. Evans. 1121 P.
Bert Sturm. 11 South Thirteenth.
3. B. Raynor, 1501 O.
Muck Sc Barthelman, 122 Sooth
J. J. Simpson, 922 P.
Frank Malone, Havelock.
C. A. Hughart, Havelock.
We can show yon exceptional valuer
in good farm lands at from $ I -.M to
$30.C'O per acre, on very easy terras.
Excursions every Tuesday at the
special low price of fIO.09 for the
ronnd trip to Wessington Springs.
For further information call or ad
dress EI wood Realty Co, 1222 O St,
Lincoln, Xeb. Auto phone