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    Dr. Q. H. Ball
1304 O Stmt
Phone Auto 5592
I : 4
dm Hmir 1 ID 4 D. III.
Oftoe, S11S O Su Both rhona.
Published Weekly at 137 No. 14th
it, Lincolr. Neb. One Dollar a Year.
Entered as second-class matter April
;l, 1904. at the postoffice at 1-incoln.
Xeh, under the Act ot Congress of
March 3rd. 1ST.
New Location, 1127 O
rim wirk a Specialty.
Particular attention to Work for &
e lurnmkr neoDle.
2 people.
9 Special inducements for photos &
$ 1214. O St., Lincoln.
Yaseworkers, Attention
We have Money to Loan
on Chattels. Plenty of it,
too. Utmost secrecy.
lao So. llth St.
More or less has been said concern
ing the State Federation of Labor
that will be organized in Lincoln
next Monday and Tuesday. It has
been charged in certain quarters that
politics" was behind it. It has also
been charsed that it was a plan to
turn the trades unions over to a
political party. It
widow and the orphan, and taught
men of labor to hold np their heads
and demand recognition of their manly
rights. Born under a foreign, flag, he
is as intense- amenaiu as suij
proud descendant of a revolutionary
sire. His heart is big enough to
take in all creation, and his brain is
big enough to enable him to meet and
vanquish the enemies of unionism
upon their own battlegrounds.
Here's hoping that Uncle Sam
Gompers will have the time of his
life on his European trip. He will
be met by no parade of troops, nor
ill he be heralded by uniformed
flunkies at the courts of kings and
emperors. But he will be nauea wun
acclaim by the Grand Army of
Toil, and he will be welcomed ino
the homes of the men and women
whose toil and skill has made this
the greatest generation in all the his
tory of time. And may he return even
better fitted than now to lead the
hosts of labor to greater victories in
the arts of peace and happiness.
Help make the Federation conven
tion a great success by attending
every session.
If you miss hearing Raymond
Robins Tuesday evening you 11 miss I
hearing the most eloquent champion
might be well at0f organized labor.
this particular time to state just what
the objects are. The election of three prominent
The first thing sought for is to trades unionists to office in St. Louis, I
bring the wage-earners of the state I where Jim VanCleave lives, is calcu
late closer relations with a view of Mated to make Jim rush out behind
bettering working conditions. tec-1 the woodshed and bite himself on the I
ondly, it is necessary to secure the
enactment of laws in the interest of
the workers not laws for their spe
cial interests, but laws demanded by
The attention of President Kirby of
the Union Busters is called to these!
facts: The Philadelphia Traction Co.
Every legislative session sees every I said it wouldn't recognize the union, I
special interest well represented with
the sole exception ot the men and
women who worK m mm, snop ana
factory. The packing house interests
are well served; the railroad corpora
tions are well served; the insurance
combine is well served; the physi
cians are taken care of, and the
farmers always get the recognition
thev demand. But the wage-earners.
unrepresented on the floor of
but it did. The hat manufacturers I
said they would never recognize the I
union, but they did. The Chicago de
partment stores said their drivers
shouldn't wear union bnttons, but the
drivers wear them. President Kirby
should now mount the rostrum and I
deliver himself of another diatribe.
Say, what became of the report of I
the I that commission appointed by Roose-1
All rectal disease such as
Piles, Fistula. Fissure and Rec
tal Ulcer treated scientifically
and successfully.
DR. J. R. HAGGARD, Specialist.
Office, Richards Block.
The Big New York Success
By Clyde Fitch
Written for uvi piayrd by Maxine Elliott
Kir tw immu i tha largest citwa. A
twc-7 vunMaly of worth, tlM Ant Ium at
popular pm-aa.
Kttt Bigs with Wednesday sad Satur
day MliaKia.
house and senate, and without repre
sentatives to look out for their in
terests, never get the recognition that
is due them. It will be the purpose
ot the State Federation of Labor to
work for a better recognition of the
200,000 men and women of Nebraska
who are earning livelihoods at gainful
occunations apart from the soil and
the professions. It will have a com
mitiee to look after legislation in the
interests of the wage-earners, and to
oppose laws adverse to their inter
ests. It will strive to secure a better
recognition of those departments of
state charged with the duties of look
ing after the enforcement of sanitary
laws, the employment of labor and
the protection of life and limb. It
will seek to promote closer relations
between men of all trades and crafts.
It will seek to be a force in politics.
not from a partisan standpoint, but
from the standpoint of the welfare of
those who toil for wages.
These are some or the purposes of
the proposed organization. The men
who are interested in promoting this
organization have nothing to conceal.
The sessions of the Federation will
be as open as any church revival
The proceedings will be printed and
distributed free to all who may be
interested enough to ask for them.
The first man who seeks to use the
organization for partisan purposes
will be thrown over the transom. It
will be an organization of earnest
men and women seeking to advance I ation
the general welfare of the toilers. It
will deserve the support of every
citizen who wants to see better con
ditions prevaiL
velt to investigate American homes? I
Come on with it!
The "open shop" is closed to self-
respecting workingnien. The "closed!
shop" is open to self-respecting work
The injunction in labor disputes I
goes marching on. The unionists of I
Manila have been jpn joined from hold
ing mass meetings. First they de-
prived us of trial by jury. Then
tney deprived us of a free press. I
Now they deprive ns of the right of I
free speech. What next?
Of course the delegates to tbv-1
State Federation of Labor will wearl
labeled garments and smoke only I
union-made cigars.
The United Hatters of North Amer
ica have a right to feel a bit chestv I
these days.
is.eep up tne agitation for organ
ization. The boosting of the label
is a good way to keep at it.
tiny union labor men in the par-1
liament of Great Britain. . How many I
union labor men have we in congress?
Be a "kicker" if you want to, but!
for goodness sake don't be a "knocker."
Boost for the Nebraska State Feder-
of Labor.
Hear Raymond Robins Tuesday night. I
When this Issue of The Wageworker
reaches its readers, Samuel Gompers,
president of the American Federation
ot Labor, will be on the briny deep,
en route for Europe. President
House I
Recess Meeting at the State
This Saturday Evening.
The next regular meeting night of
the Central Labor Union falls on the
night that Raymond Robins addresses
the Nebraska State Federation of
If you have need Af a
reliable bug killer of any
kind, especially Bed Bugs
we have one that is SCT8a
If it fails, come and get
your money back.
It breaks up nesting
places and kills the eggs.
Put up in eoilVenient
squirt top bottles.
Ciz Dsilbs 25s
12th &0
Gcmuers soes as " the fraternal I Labor. For that reason the regular
delegate from the American Trades I meeting will he dispensed wuh. but
Unions to the British Federation of an adjourned meeting from the June
Labor convention. Is meeting will be held at the office
Much as we would like to take! of the commissioner of labor at the
that trip, we'd rather see Uncle Sam I state house this (Saturday) evening.
Gomners taking it than any other June i. 1 ne labor commissioners
man on earth. He will reflect credit office is on the third floor, east end
upon American trades unionism as heof the, state house.
stands as its representative before I The meeting is called for the pur
the Trades Union congresses of thelpose of picking np some loose ends
world. He will bring back for our I connected with the Federation meet-
benefit the added wisdom he gains by I ing, and to start the Labor Day cele
reason ot his trip. I bration matter to going. It is none
When the history of this generation 1 too soon to begin laying plans for
shall have been written by some fu-l"-oor uay. ana tne central body is
ture historian, the name of Samuel I usually charged with starting the
Gompers will be written in large I movement Without the Saturday
letters. His life has been spent in night meeting it would be well along
the uplift of humanity. He found the towards the middle of July before a
workers of America an unorganised regular meeting would be held. All
factional mass; he welded it into a I delegates are requested to take notice
harmonious whole. He found the I of this adjourned meeting and be pres
toUers a prey to every selfish in-1 ent. ready to help boost things along.
erest- he ores nixed them into a I Heretofore preparations for Labor
powerful army ready to fight like men I Day bave been put off so long that
for Its rictus. He has carried the I things had to be done with too much
lieht into nianv dark places, he has I rush. This should not be the
(defended the helpless, befriended the 'case this year.
ie ao
There are numerous reasons why the Armstrong
Clothing Company sells more clothing than any
other clothing house in Nebraska, for it is a fact
that the Armstrong Clothing Company does sell
more clothing every year than any other Nebraska
clothing establishment. One great reason for this
being a fact is that no other establishment in Ne
braska can equal the Armstrong Clothing Company
in value-giving. Because of our large purchasing
ability we get the pick of the market; because our
methods of doing business are based on the principle
of fair dealing; because the Armstrong guarantee is
never questioned.
These are a few of the reasons why the Armstrong
Clothing Company does the largest retail clothing
business in Nebraska and is one of the largest re
tail clothing establishments between the two big
mountain ranges. ;
$15 TO
We are featuring a magnificent line of hand-tailored
suits a line from which the most fastidious dresser
may select to his satisfaction and there is big value
in every garment. There is great delight in these
lines for the men who want to be well dressed with
out extravagant outlay.
Who wants the very best garments made by fellow
unionists we have a line that we are proud to selL
We know the goods, we know the value and we
know the wearing qualities they are all all right.
At from $17.50 to $25.00 we can give you union
made garments that even the most fastidious dresser
would be pleased to wear. There is real value in
every garment value that is apparent to even the
most indifferent judge. ::::::
In the line of work clothes bearing the union label
we have a most superior line. We also handle the
Model Shirts the best union made shirt on the
. market.
Printeries That Are Entitled to
the Allied Trades Label.
Following is a list of the printing
offices in Lincoln that are entitled
to the use of the Allied Printing
Trades label, together with the num
ber of the label used by each shop:
Jacob North & Co, No. L
Chas. A. Simmons. No. 2.
Freie Presse, No. 3.
Woodruff-Collins, No. 4. -Graves
& Payne, No. 5.
State Printing Co., No. 6.
Star Publishing Co, No. 7.
Western Newspaper Union, No. S.
Wood Printing Co, No. 9.
Dairyman Publishing Co., No. 10.
George Brothers, No. 1L
McVey, No. 12.
Lincoln Herald, No. 14.
New Century Printers, No. 17.
Gillispie & Phillips, No. 18.
Herbnrger, The Printer, No. 20.
Der Pilger, No. 23.
You Will Find the Union Card in the
Following Places.
When you enter a barber shop, see
that the union shop card is in plain
sight before you get into the chair.
If the card is not to be seen, go else-
hwhere. The union shop card is a
guarantee of a cleanly shop, a smooth
shave or good hair-cut, and courteous
treatment- The following barber
shops are entitled to the patronage of
union men:
George Petro, 1010 O.
J. J. Simpson, 1001 O.
George Shaffer, Lincoln HoteL
C B. Ellis, Windsor HoteL
D. S. Crop, Capital HoteL
M. J. Roberts. Royal HoteL
A. L. Kimmerer, LindeU HoteL
C. A. Green, 120 North Eleventh.
C A. Green, 1132 O.
E A. Wood, 1206 O.
Chaplin & Ryan, 129 North Twelfth.
E C Evans, 1121 P.
Bert Sturm, 116 South Thirteenth.
J. B. Raynor. 1501 O.
Muck & Barthelman, 123 South
J. J. Simpson, 922 P.
Frank Malone, Haveloei.
C. A. Hnghart, HaTelock.
Among the pet delusions ot the av
erage American is the belief that he
belongs to a race characterized by a
keen sense of humor. The theory is
completely discredited by the fact rrrt
a majority of the people ot this coos
try stm read the congressional debates
on the tariff question, without the
slightest suspicioa that there is say
thing funny about them. New Tors
Daily CaTL
The coal miners of West Virginia
most arbitrate the question of whether
they win be allowed a representative
to watch the weighing of coal miaei
by them. This was the Hit that
caused the strike of 7. " mem last
week. The walkout has been de
clared off on the promise of the op
erators to refer the qttestioa to outsiders.