The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, June 12, 1909, Image 3

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Sir. Saphead By Jot, It's nearly
IS o'clock. Perhaps I had better b
Miss Smart Well, they say "Never
put off till to-morrow what you can do
Prompt and unquestioning obedi
ence ! the corner stone of the foun
dation of succea In life. No man can
give orders properly who has not
learned to take them, and "save he
serve, no man may rule." It will be
found that the men who hare won
their way to positions of power and
responsibility hare invariably been
the men who did not reason or argue
or even "respectfully represent.' but
who promptly did as they were com
manded without questioning. It Is
the large man, not the little man. who
recognises a superior authority.
Sheer white goods. In fact, any fine
wash goods when new. owe much of
tneir attractiveness to the way they
are laundered, this being done in
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory if proper attention was
given to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
the goods. Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
Unproved appearance of your work.
Not Hard to -Please,
"Woman may be uncertain and coy."
remarked the boarding house philoso
pher, "but she tsnt hard to please.
That's where the poet is wrong."
"What new light have you had on
that subject, Mr. McGinnisT asked the
"She'U put up with almost any kind
ot stick for a husband and wear any
old thing on her head for a hat."
"How did that sculptor leave hla
"In a strictly professional condi
tion.- t
"What do yon mean?"
"In atatu quo."
Nebraska Directory
Yelie Wrought Iron Vehicles
trill Not Wear Oak Insist oa having them
ak TTvr local deafer or
at barnia arfe-ea. Write
for list. LIMI6EK INM.E-
mi tateat MMO la mm. Would tou
wn t Liiw-olnf Afciraa LOCK SOX Oil,
uncaia, sts, Keiareacee lumlaaea
Lightning Rods'
Copper CiMt
I aad lUrhralsg ar
resters for tda-
' aaaata. Protects forever. The beat.
W. C MINN, - - Uncoln, Nebraska
We have a complete
line of fresh Ama
teur Photo Sup
plleew Our Amateur Finishing Depart
ment tsia the hands of experts and equipped
for prompt service. Kodak catalogue mailed
'on request. Liocota Phot Sua pi) Co.
1217 0 St. lincoia. Hah.
Pays the fclffhea prica tor
We carry a large etock.
mus to select from.
Vnta for booklet.
in i aorta ins street.
Orate, Prswtaieaa. Stocks. Cotton
Mate Offica. S04-S0S Ftataraita- MM
BeUPfcoaaSIS Anto Phone 365S
Largest Boas la fetal.
, Made especially tor
taa Weatera elimata
oat of lb very beat
ooa-nora wool-felt,
densely coated with
Trinidad Laka Aa.
paalt. aatrlsllyreaaad aad treated tor
the sarpoa. Will aot eart aad tot Ilka
tae eaeaa axaoea. aajroaa earn lay u
ta Ufa this
It year dealar doaa aot haadla
aa Waar OtOai' Oann.
afWlw I Wa Voa Caa Bur
Matte with the Greatest Care
Made of Best Materials
Made in Omaha bj
Bjtt.3 & Hammer Dry Gccds Go.
People Talk About Good Things.
Fourteen Tears aco few neoole knew of
j such a preparation aa a Powder for the
reel. lo-dav alter UM genuine menu ot
Allen's Foot-Ease have been told year after
year by grateful persona, it is indispens
able to millions. It is cleanly, whole
some, healing and antiseptic and gives
rest and comtort to tired aching feet.
It cures while you walk. Over 30.000
testimonials. Imitations pay the dealer
a larger profit otherwise you would never
ne ottered a substitute tor Alien s root
Ease, the original foot powder. Ask for
Allen's i'oot-Ljise, and see that you get it.
Smoother Then.
The second-year debutante, as she
massaged her left cheek with a rotary
movement, said:
"Of course I Ioto him, though, he's
rather rough. 1 confess."
"Before I threw him over," said the
third-year debutante, looking up from
the face-steaming machine, "he shaved
every day."
Imiwtant ta Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOK1A a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see tnat 11
Hears the
Signature of i
In Vse For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
A Lucky Mischance.
"At the last moment Fakem lost his
"Then pray kind fate that nobody
else will ever find it."
Rel. 'Weak:. Weary, Watery Eyrs
Relieved by Murine Kye Remedy. Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Mu
rine Doesn't Smart: Soothes Eye Pain.
Write Munne Eye Remedy Co., C hicago,
for illustrated Eye Book. At Druggists.
Not Exclusive.
"Was it an exclusive party?"
"Not at all. Some of her relatives
were there."
Over fiftv Years of miblie confidence
snd popularity. That is the record of
nanuina t izaru vm. xne vora s siana
ard remedy for aches and pains. There's
a reason and only one MERIT.
Uncle Josh Says:
Taint all cigarette smoke in Turk
ish circles, b' jinks. Is it?
For Any Disease or Injury to
the eye. use PETT1TTS EYE SALVE, ab
solutely harmless, acts quickly. 25c. All
druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo, N. 1
Marriage Is not a lottery; It's a
raffle. One man gets tSe prize while
the other gets the shake.
The milliners have solved the prob
lem: What shall we do with our ex-
Some marriages mein war and some
mean an armed truce.
Kovar Vary in
Qualify or Tasto
because the utmost
care is taken by Sr
bys Chefs to select
only the choicest mater
ials, and put these up in
the same careful manner
every time. You are
thus assured of uniform
goodness, and this is
die reason that the use
of Libby's gives such
general satisfaction to
every housewife.
Try these IMtOy Foods
Cried Beef
. Mexican Tamafo
Ham Loaf
OhB Com d
w re. raesas
Evaporated KSSk
For luncheon,
spreads or every day
meals, they are just the
Keep a sup
ply in the house.
You never can
ell when they
will come in han
dy. Ask for
LHhtorand be
sure you ret
There's Danger
if you've been neglecting a cold.
Don'tezperiment with your health,
et a remedy that yon know will
cure that remedy is
It's safe. In the severest cases of
coughs, colds, bronchitis, croup, in
flammation ot chest and longs it is the
most effective remedy known. It does
its work quickly, removes the cane of
the disease
SeiJ ewrjMtAae m ikrem aixe
safrfe, fl.OO. 50c 25c
"Why, uncle, how are all the folks T
"They're all well, thanks, "eept Bill.
He's got the baseball fever!"
From Bent Backs.
A bad back is a heavy handicap to
those of us who have to work every
day. Nine times out
of ten, backache
tells of kidney weak
ness. The only way
to find relief is to
cure the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Fills
have given sound
strong backs to
thousands of men
and women. Mrs.
Wesley Clemens, 311
Marion St, Manchester, says:
"Constant work at a sewing machine
seemed to bring on kidney trouble. The
kidney action was irregular and the
pains in my back and loins so severe
I could hardly endure It. Doan's Kid
ney Pills made me feel better In a
short time, and I took them until en
tirely free from my trouble."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Jlilburu Co. Buffalo, X. Y.
Prominent Women Aid Good Cause.
A large number of women occupy
ing prominent positions In society, or
on the stage, are taking an active In
terest in the anti-tuberculosis cam
paign. Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt has re
cently given fl.000.000 for sanitary
homes for consumptives. Mrs. Keith
Spalding of Chicago has erected a
sanitarium for the Chicago Tuberculo
sis institute at a cost ot about $50,-
000; Mrs. Collis P. Huntington and
Mrs. Borden Harriman have given
largely to the consumption fight. In
Porto Rico, Mrs. Albert Norton Wood,
wife of a prominent army officer sta
tioned at San Juan, has stirred the en
tire Island through the anti-tuberculosis
crusade she inaugurated. Hum.
Emma Calve is a most enthusiastic
worker, and has given largely of her
talent and money for the relief of
tuberculosis sufferers, and Mis3 Olga
Nethersole has even lectured before
the public on tuberculosis.
Couldnt Stand It
A Raleigh, N. C, woman not long
ago received into her house for "train
tag" a "cracker" girl from the moun
tains. Endeavor was made to Inculcate In
the girl a love for order and cleanll-
ss, but suddenly this discipline
ceased, for the "poor white" fled to
her home in the fastnesses. Thither
the Raleigh woman traced her after
come difficulty.
"Why did you leave me, Mary
Jane?" she asked.
"Mis Morgan, I jes couldn't stay!"
exclaimed the girL "I was jes cloyed
with neatness!"
At a baseball game in Chicago the
gatekeeper hurried to Comiskey, leader
of the White Sox, and said:
"Umpire Hurst is here with two
friends. Shall I pass 'em in?"
"An umpire with two friends!"
gasped Comiskey. "Sure!" Every
body's Magazine.
On Natural Lines.
"How does Miss Hilda get along
with her French conversation
"She is making them a pronounced
success."" Baltimore American.
For Tender Meat.
Do you love to have your meats ten
der? Then never allow them to boil
when cooking in water. Tough meats
become tender by proper cocking,
while the reverse of this is equally
true. Indeed, bard boiling in salted
Iwater will toughen the best piece ot
meat ever sold. Consequently, always
Jlet the kettle simmer on the back of
the stove and your meats will gem
e rally become nice and tender.
Sarory Mutton with Carrots.
Boil a lean piece of mutton ant
after skimming, add salt and three or
four large carrots, cut in small cubes.
When done remove the meat and A
brown in the oven. Cream part of
the carrots for a side dish and leave
the rest in the liquor, which makes
delicate soup. If preferred, a little
cream may be added to the soup, with
butter and flour for thickening. Sea
son to taste. The carrots take away
tie strvng taste of the mutton.
New Bedford is again restored to
the map by the report of the master
of a whaling ship that was fitted out
in that port and has returned with a
record. The ship has brought back
to New Bedford more than 2,000 bar
rels of whale oil of a value of more
than $40,000. This means probably
that Capt. Hagerty's crew captured 40
or 50 "leviathans of the deep," which
Is pretty good business when one con
siders that the whale oil fishing has
been regarded as largely a thing of
the past.
To Stew Tough Meat.
A tough piece of meat can be stewed
tn a double broiler in half the time
required to cook it directly over the
Chicken and Veal Are Particularly
Adapted for This Form of Sea
soning Curried Eggs for
Luncheon or Sunday Tea.
Curry, the Cinghalese sauce or rel
ish whose making is one of the mys
teries of the ori
ent, is the founda
dation, or at least
leit motif, of all
sorts of "curried"
dfshes, more par
ticularly chicken
and veal, b y
means of which
the hostess or
housewife can curry favor with her
Onions, garlic, pepper, turmeric
ground cocoanut and fermented milk
are only a few of the simples which
enter into the composition of this
hot Hindoo condiment which, like
most so-called national dishes, inclu
ding our own American mincepie,
owed its original invention to some
accident, famine or emergency. It
icomes in powder form.
The average table-d'hote idea of
curry is a watery chicken stew with a
curry-powder thrown into it at
the last moment. The real thing is
quite different.
Almost any flesh food can be cur
ried to the queen's taste, but chicken
is the most popular. For this dish
procure a good-sized stewing fowl;
also, if desired, a couple of pounds of
veal cutlet. Skin the fowl and cut
the meat in pieces. Slice an onion
and fry in butter, to which a table
spoonful of curry powder has been
added. Then put in the meat, pour in
some water, cover the kettle and let
simmer by the hour over a slow fire.
It may be well to reinforce the cur
ry flavor by adding another spoonful
of powder, as the boiling proceeds.
Keep it irrigated, so as not to burn
or scorch. Just before serving put on
a blanket of "thickening," made with
either flour or cornstarch.
Rice is boiled in the eastern fashion
as follows: Throw half a cupful oi
rice into a large kettle two-thirds full
of salted boiling water; leave it to
boil 20 minutes, strain through a col
ander, then steam five minutes over
a tea kettle, until the separate ker
nels are light and dry. Rice, thus
prepared, accompanies all curries.
The curry should be placed in the
center of a large platter, with the rice
piled around it as a border. Cut nar
row stripes of sweet red Spanish pep
pers and place in crosses on the rice
as a garnish. Green peppers also can
be used to enhance the color scheme.
Serve also a dish of grated- young
cocoanut, a dish of chutney, some
Madras pickles and possibly a scoop
of guava jelly.
Bombay duck (which is no duck at
all, but a small dried fish), is another
Hindoos tan ee hot relish, which doubt
less would be more popular with occi
dentals if it did not smell to heaven
when warmed up in the oven.
In making beef curry the round is
.used, the process being the same as
with chicken, except that a not-too-tart
apple or two may be utilized for
the thickening, being stewed with the
meat after it has been boiling three
An artful luncheon or Sunday tea
dish is made by currying eggs. Make
a white sauce, to which has been add
ed a tables poonful of curry powder,
and pour it over hard-boiled eggs cut
in quarter sections.
Almost all shellfish, too, can be cur
ried in a way to make the most sav
age gastronome eat out of your han
Cream Tartar Biscuits.
One quart of flour, sifted; two cups
of milk, butter size of an egg, two
even teaspoons of cream tartar, one
even teaspoon of soda; put butter in
flour and mix until it disappears, then
cream of tartar, then soda mixed in a
little milk; stir and then take out and
knead slightly, then cut with biscuit
cutter. . .
Coffee Cream.
One and one-half cupfuls of hot cof
fee, one-half cupful of cream or milk,
one tables poonful of granulated gel
atin, two-thirds cupful of sugar, pinch
of salt, yolks of two eggs. Cook like
a soft custard. When cool add the
beaten whites of the eggs and one-half
teaspoonful of vanila.
Hot Wheat Gems.
Beat two eggs in a dish, with one
half teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoon
ful of sugar, one pint of milk, two
cups of flour and one teaspoonful
melted butter, three teaspoon fuls of
baking powder. Beat all together
well and place in muffin pans and
hake 20 minutes in a hot oven.
Small Side Dishes.
Small side dishes, once so numer
ous, are now used for nothing save,
perhaps, a thin apple or rhubarb
sauce. Rarely more than two vege
tables are served with the meat
course. '
Fruit Icing.
A nice filling for any kind of layer
cake is one-half cupful of raspberry
or strawberry saunce, one cupful of
sugar, and the white of one egg, all
put in a pan at once and beaten until
Excellent Iron Rest.
A fire brick is an excellent iron rest.
It will help to retain the heat in the
flat iron much more than the ordinary
metal iron stand
Find Help in Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
Winchester, Ind. "Four doctors
told me that they could never make
me regular, and
that I would event
ually have dropsy.
I would bloat, and
sufferf rombearin
down pains,cramps
and. chills, and. I
could not sleep
nights. My mother
wrote to Mr3. Pink
ham for advicend
I began to take
Vegetable Com.
pound. After taking one and one
half bottles of the Compound, I am all
tight again, and I recommend it to
every smtencr woman. Ants, iax
Dkai Winchester; Ind.
Hundreds of such letters from girls
and mothers expressing their gratitude
for what Lydia E Pinkham's "Vege
table Compound has accomplished for
them have been received by The Lydia
E. Pink nam Medicine Company, Lynn,
Girls who are troubled with painful
or irregular periods, backache, head
ache, dragging-down sensations, faint
ing spells or indigestion, should take
immediate action to warn oa toe seri
ous consequences and be restored to
health by Lydia . Pinkham's Vege
table compound. Thousands nave oeen
restored to health by its use.
If you would like special advice
about your case write a confiden
tial letter to Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice is free
and. always nelpf uL
"I suppose you mistake me for a
"Mistake you? My dear boy, I
know you too well!"
Baby Boy Had Intense Itching Humor
Scratched Till Blood Ran.
Found a Cure in Cuticura.
"Our son, two years old, was afflicted
with a rash. After he suffered with
the trouble several weeks I took him
to the doctor but it got worse. The
rash ran together and made large
blisters. The little fellow didn't want
to do anything but scratch and we had
to wrap his hands up to keep him
from tearing the flesh open till the
blood would run. The itching was in
tense. The skin On his back became
hard and rough like the bark of a
tree. He suffered Intensely for about
three months. But I found a remedy
in Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Oint
ment. The result was almost mag
ical. That was more than two years
ago and there has not been the slight
est symptom of it since he was cured.
J. W. Lauck, Yukon, Okla, Aug. S3
and Sept. 17. 190S."
Fbtter Drag a Cbem. Cora, Sola Flops, Harm
He who is false to duty breaks a
thread in the loom, and will find the
flaw when he may have forgotten the
cause. II. W. Beecher.
Mrs. Window's Soothnnr Srrnn.
For children teeUtbur. aafteaa Dm iratu, nance te
She is a wise young wife who tries '
her first cake cl a tramp.
The Philippine tariff bill passed the ,
house Monday by a vote of 12S to 68.
Occasionally a dressmaker give
her husband fits.
mt PP'8 i
Sever aUa to Btora Orey
tx Twi-Hfrtl Qatar.
Cue aalv AiMoma ahmir jme
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's FootsEase. a powder for the lee- It relieve paisfsL
len. smarting, nervous feet, and instandy takes the strog out of
and bunions, ft the greatest rosif nrt duces cjy of tae age.
Allen's FootsEase makes tight-fitting or sew shoes feet easy,
certain relief for ingrowing nails, perspiring, callous aad hot.
aching feet. It is always in demand for sse in Patent Leather
and for Breaking in New Shoes. e have over yojooo as
TRY IX TODAY. Sold by all Dihrhb. 23c- Da
say SafHOtate. Sent by mail for 25c in sumps.
la a
ate A Ilea's
tm f e,
45 to 50 Bo. of WLeat Pmr.
vesiem tarn
panWd) aad da had a
toSIZOOptraoa faoaBasecsa
asms aad dairraw is feaUv
kst cfiaakv apkaid schaak mi
of aabL Ra3wav aad bad
laaA lot nle at loar pnen aad aa
frc For cfcaa mwtA
to atn fca njt r
Smfi irate rate u a
m 9rv lark Uh lafiAss. I
toilet flrrnspn3
Til!!! TEaaTii "rVTaasWai stsasS
(roam dte fc--ri. beader
att ferns of decay aad rfi,ii waa
aaota prepatatsoas casaat co.
Irao. aad hSm sat
Jmed and
mad op
leaves tbc body aatacpncaBy
for sate TDmwToanjec
SICK ieadao::2
rosiUvaf y i ad by
tfces Lira fills.
They alaa saOraa Saa
e Ta
They regal Boaaia. Ply Tacasaaaa,
Genuine Bast Bear
Fac-SinSc Signta
Nearly Every One Gets H
The bowels show first sign
of things going wrong. A
Cascarei taken every night
as needed keeps the hovels
working naturally without
grip, gripe and that upset
sick feeling.
Ten ceatboz.wseVs aajaracEC,
Ail Arcs: stores. Bisxeat aaar ks
Basd mm as i Inaii wh
tab.y I
karaa; what daey safe tec
af rcgfct; Sm wr. ai'nlee am.: wif
fai Tarns vakanwe: ao aa. pa ormwr- a I.SMM
niM. una
ta'.TkWBrsoa's Eft VTsSsr
W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 24-1909.
It is a
tract fceM emapmmmrcM Jimmmvmt AHMnf
Armrtmm f lajujr. itm.
k am paaaUa la ca-r a iaMaJ af MO
aemfaae aad i.ilf n KOaoa.at3LUOaarana,
Haifci Ii kaac oaid sW caar at aW iam ft
t liinath SIOuDO
if it it. Eaarf-
sad Ian. aar be I tfw
-d-dae. k .aaZa
tnseuuai Dyvaasafawaa.
fliaaatioaiaaatTaii Tlasl 1W
Eatiaa-. A atrtMLS 111
dy for Tf maa. Waa
m. Prn a. U
I JllllE