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    Cure Forjhe Blues
Health Fully Restored and the Joy of
Life Regained.
When achccrful, brave, lig-ht-hearted
woman is suddenly plunged into that
perfection of misery, the BLUES, it is
a sad picture. It is usually this way :
She has been feeling' "out of sorts"
for some time ; head has ached and
back also ; has slept poorly, been quite
nervous, and nearly fainted once or
twice ; head dizzy, and heart beats very
fast; then that bearing-down feeling;
and during her periods she is exceed
ingly despondent. Nothing pleases
her. Tier doctor says : ' Cheer up : you
have dyspepsia ; you will be all right
But she doesn't get " all right," and
hope vanishes; then come the brood
ing, morbid, melancholy, everlasting
Don't wait until your sufferings have
driven you to despair, with your nerves
all shattered and your courage gone,
but take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound. See what it did for
Mrs. Rosa Adams, of 819 12th Street,
Louisville, Ky., niece of the late Gen
eral Roger Iiunson, C.S.A. She writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" I cannot tell you with pen and ink what
Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound
has done for me. I suffered with female
troubles, extreme lassitude, 'the blues,'
nervousness and that nll-eone feeling. I was
advised to try Lydia E. I'iukham's Vegetable
Compound, and it not only cured my femnle
derangement, but it has restored me to perfect
health and strength. The buoyancy of my
younger days has returned, and I do not suf
fer any longer with despondency, as I did be
fore. "I consider Lydia K. Pinkham's Vege
table. Compound a boon to sick and suffering
IS you have come derangement of
the female organism write Mrs.
Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., for advice.
When offered something else
instead of
Kemp's Balsam
stop and consider: "Am I sure
to get something as good as this
best cough cure ?
If not cure, what good reason
is there for for taking chances in a
matter that may have a direct
bearing on my own or my family's
health?" . v.
Sold by all dealers at esc. and 50c
"When you luy on
v - n
It's the easiest end
only way to get
trie nest
Sold everywhere
days come to over-worked
women, because of their
weakened female organs,
which cannot stand the
vital drain that over-work
causes. Pain, backache,
headache, sideache, etc.,
can be cured with
because of the specific curative
effect it has on the womanly organs.
It builds up woman's strength and
makes her hard days easy. "I often
recommend it, in my practice among
women," writes Dr. J. F. W. Metz
ler, of Roaehill, Tex. Try it.
At all Druggists cio
WRITE lor Free Advice, stating
man nnd tccrihin vour svmntoms. to
Liidies Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga
Meuiuine (Jo., (Jnattanooga, ienn.
hrn in votirehiiii-e. We offer tftf.VOOO In II
FHIZKN fur those who secure hii tthcnplton for t he
two real est niiLuii.tne dubbin oiler not the norhou,
&itccfna and IVuntnn'n Home (Jmpftnin, cuch lor u
full, 1 t6; Snrcgtt, Woman's Home Companion
and Heview f lirmeun, li are in addition
to a lib'Ji'iil commission oo each order. T ebt clubs
almost Bell themselves. Some earn 1100 a week,
munjr as tiiiicb us Oim uko all your time or a
f art of it. Write to-day fur particulars, before your
errltorv In fnlten. to
MJtXfcfiB MAUtlMt, Hi WMhlnrtM Soj. K, Hrw York CH7.
BSiciriiSr Thomyson's Eye Water
mm a Mil a
419 6
im jirapwjwtfwim fur,1! TIM
Surely Two Wrongs Never Yet Have
Made a Right Truth in Lesson
Taught by Wisdom and
So many crimes are committed in
the name of vengeance that it gives
one pause and turns one back to the
meaning that lies beneath the word.
Once, evidently, men killed at need,
and snatched at greed, and each
man's idea of personal enlargement
was to be a formidable power, holding
out threatened injury and death to
all who encroached. Civilization is
a slow but sure progress toward the
idea that all enlargement is by sym
pathy and service, by tolerance and
To return a wrong by another
wrong has never by any mathematical
computation made other than two
wrongs in the world; they have never
produced a right any more than ten
persimmons can produce an apple. To
imagine that a man can enrich him-;
self by robbery is sheer inteliectua
stultification. Whatever a man takes
from another to the other's loss and
detriment becomes the impoverish
ment of the robber, paradoxical as it
may sound, and another's suffering
can never be our gain. We have
but to look at the spiritual pauperism
of the unrighteously rich to know
The whole lesson of revenge was
taught of old. There came to live
and to teach in the world Wisdom
and Love incarnate, and men, see
ing the power and the beauty, and
desiring all power and all beauty in
their own hands, said: "Let us tor
ture and kill," and this they did.
And Wisdom and Love incarnate
spoke and said: "They know not what
they do," and passed on. The re
venge is that since then Wisdom and
Love supreme are without bodily
form in the world, and men who- de
sire it go searching, and lose them
selves in mists and thicket and
swamps, they stumble and fall and
rise again, and hope and despair, and
cry out, but "for no yearning, and no
prayers, and no stretching out of
arms through the centuries does the
visible form become alive again.
This is the great revenge, to hide
in the shelter of the silence and the
mystery; acts entail further acts,
and we become drawn into the mesh
of human intricacies and partialities.
But in the far quiet there is peace
for the slain while the slayer wraps
about him the gray isolation of his
acts, and out of his errors come the
sufferings which are the birth throes
of new consciousness.
This is the wisdom of ages that
there is no big and no little, and
betrayal and fulfillment of destiny are
one and the same; men do what is in
them to do; they act according to the
ideas that have already shaped the
brute world. Hut in the future, the
least and the lowest of men will
know that there is but one revenge,
and that is pardon. Harper's Weekly.
The Fountain of Youth.
"The fountain of youth, I am per
suaded," said Mr. Cheerily, "springs in
our own bosoms only. The mistake
we make in searching for it, as we all
do, is in looking for it elsewhere.
"Here it is, as one might say, right
under our noses, but that fact we
never realize; and we all go search
ing for it, near and far, as Ponce de
Leon did centuries ago in Florida.
"Here's the trouble, the real trouble.
The fountain within ourselves, if we
don't watch out, is likely to get sealed
up; and it is when it ceases thus to
flow that we begin to look for it else
where, always more and more aimless
ly, and always with increasing weari
ness, for it is worry that prompts us
on this vain search and that leads us
always farther and farther away.
"That's the secret of the whole busi
ness freedom from worry; it is,
worry, and worry only, that seals the
true fountain and starts us on that
fruitless quest.
"Don't worry, and you will never
have to search for it; you will discover
it, springing perpetual, within your
own heart the true and only foun
tain." Theories as to Earthquakes.
The director of the solar observa
tory at Kensington in England an
nounces that at the time of the San
Francisco and Valparaiso earthquakes
and those which occurred in 1894 the
spots on the sun were at the niaxi
mum of their size. It is not known
that the sun spots and the earth
quakes have any relation, but their si
multaneous appearance has been ob
served often. There is another the
ory of the western earthquake, how
ever, which is more simple and prob
able. It is that the mountains on the
western shore of the continent are
slowly but constantly being forced up
ward. Occasionally the upturning
strata of rock slip and the result is
destruction to the pities within the
area of disturbance. This theory fits
well with the earthquakes on the Pa
cific coast.
Remarkable Coincidences.
Some remarkable coincidences are
recorded in the case of two men, Wil
liam Connolly and Patrick Cantwell,
who were drowned a short time ago
by the upsetting of a "float" on the
Grand canal, near Tullamore, Ireland.
The two men were born on the samo
day 3C years ago; they were baptized
in the same water; " they were
drowned together in the Grand canal,
and they have now been buried to
gether at Rahan, King's county.
Not a Single Stone Has Formed Since
Using Doan's Kidney Pills.
J. D. Daughtrey, music publisher,
of Suffolk, Va., says: "During two
or three years that
I had kidney trou
ble I passed about
2A pounds of gravel
and sandy sediment
in the urine. I
haven't passed a
stone since using
Doan's Kidney Pills;
however, and that
was three years ago.
I used to suffer the
most acute agony
during a gravel attack, and had the
other usual symptoms of kidney trou
ble lassitude, headache, pain in the
back, urinary disorders, rheumatic
pain, etc. I have a box containing 14
gravel stones that I passed, but that
is not one-quarter of the whole num
ber. I consider Doan's Kidney Pills a
fine kidney tonic."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Nature probably backed the camel
up to win the animal race.
Dresses, Cloaks, Ribbons, Suits, etc.,
can be made to look like new with PUT
Insults proceed only from black and
rancorous minds. Fielding.
Don't flatter yourself that you can
commit a sin without being found out.
Thousands have tried it and failed.
Chinese Send Much Money Home.
It is calculated that Chinese living
and working in other countries now
send home not less than $50,000,000
Cheap Excursions South.
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
month the Big Four Ry. will sell ex
cursion tickets to most all points in
Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Alabama and Georgia at rate of one
fare plus $2.00 with return limit 30
days. Liberal stopover privileges.
Write I. P. Spining, General Northern
Agent, Big Four Route, 238 Clark St.,
Chicago, for further information.
Aunt Mary's "Quiet" Funeral.
A dear old New England spinster,
the embodiment of the timid and
shrinking, passed ' away at Carlsbad,
where she had gone for her health.
Her nearest kinsman, a nephew, or
dered the bedy sent back to be buried
as was her last wish in the quiet
little country churchyard. ' His sur-
1 prise can be imagined, when, on open
ing the casket, he beheld, instead of
the placid features of his Aunt Mary,
j the majestic port of an English gen
eral in mil regimentals, wnom ne re
membered had chanced to die at the
same time and place a3 his aunt. At
once he cabled to the general's heirs,
explaining the situation and requesting
instructions. They came back as
follows: "Give the general quiet fu
neral. Aunt Mary interred to-day with
full military honors, six brass bands,
saluting guns
Attire of Mendicant Surprised Vis
itors in London.
Tho visitors from the country turn
ing from a London railway terminus
into the street on Saturday stopped to
gaze aghast at a man standing in the
gutter. "Look," said one, nudging the
other, "even, the b- ..gars wear 'top
pers' in London!" It was true in this
case, at any rate.
Here was a man of about five and
thirty, di-essed like a ity clerk, in a
good morning coat and trousers, sound
boots, clean starched shirt and collar
and a well fixed tie. He was crowned
with a silk hat, well, brushed and
ironed. But there he was in the con
ventional attitude of the curb-itona
merchant, one foot on the pavement,
the other in the gutter. One hand
held out for sale half a dozen boxes of
matches, the other invited alms.
A man keeps a nice little place in
the country from the profits of his
pitch on the pavement in the Strand,
but his workadny clothes would not
fetch as much as this man's hat cost
to iron. London Evening Standard.
To Stain Oak Color.
Dissolve five cents' worth or Drown
polish in one quart of hot water, then
add as much brown umber and yellow
ochre as will give the shade desired
by at least two applications. Apply
hot, wipe of while still wet with a
piece of rag, finishing in the direction
of the grain. There is a method of
staining and varnishing in one opera
tion, but the more satisfactory way is
to stain the wood first, then aprly the
varnish dr polish. The colors men
tioned can be purchased ground in
water, in which state simply mixing
them with beer or vinegar makes good
stains at small cost.. By this one can
tighten the sashes.
As an organ of universal benev
olence, the Post would thus admonish
our whistlers not to whistle in public.
We do this in the spirit of the kind old
Scotch divine who, having prayed for
two mortal hours for everybody and
everything, closed with: "And noo,
let us say a guid word for the puir
deil." And then he prayed for the
devil. '
And that is the temper we are in
when we forewarn the whistler. We
shall not pray for him. Washington
irl!" -i : iT W mil f ffWTiiTH Hi -
Fifty Years a Publisher.
Frederick Hess, of San Francisco,
proprietor of the California Demokrat,
has been celebrating his golden jubi
lee as a publisher. In September;
1856, being then IS years old, he pur
chased the paper named and has been
running it ever since. That he still
has great confidence in the future of
San Francisco is shown by the fact
that although he lost his entire plant
.at the time of the fire he immediately
eestablished himself.
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is -usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not enly destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
can be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more thinly because of its crat
er strength than other makes.
Died in Westminster Abbey.
Henry IV. died in Westminster Ab
bey in 1413. It is claimed, tliat from
that time to this no life has ended
there, except that of a minister named
4hepherd, who dropped dead in the
famous old sanctuary, just as he fin
ished a speech, at a meeting recently
held under the charmanship of the
Dean of Westminster.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
3ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by ilall'd
Catarrn Cure.
m F. J. CHE5TEY & CO., Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney
for the last 10 years, and believe hlin perfectly hon
orable d all business transactions and financially
able to carry out auy obllgatiuns made by his firm.
. Waidiso. Kikban & Maevix,
Wholesale Oruerglsts, Toledo. O
Hall a Catarrh Cure la taken internally, actinn
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of thy
system. Testimonials sent free. Price 7a cents pei
bottle. Sold br all Drnczlsts.
'fake Hall's Family I'.lis fur constipation.
Will Train Office Boys. '
Oleon C. ShofE, of Cleveland, has un
dertaken the gigantic task of conduct
ing a class for the training of office
boys In the boys' department of the
city's Y. M. C. A. He will teach them
proper deportment and office duties.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle o CASTORTA,
a Bate and euro remedy for infanta end children,
and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
Ia Use For Over SO Years.
1'ho Kind You Have Always Bought.
Bernhardt's First A'merican Tour.
Sarah Bernhardt made her Ameri
can debut in "Adrienne Lecouvreur,"
at Booth's theater, New York, Novem
ber 8, 1880.'
The greatest cause of worry on
ironing day can be removed by using
Defiance Starch, which will not stick
to the iron. Sold everywhere, 16 oa
for 10c.
Occasionally the first to propose a
reform i3 the last to accept it. .
Parrot Fond of Music.
The parrot appreciates music more
than any other of the lower creatures.
Poeta and students of astronomy
have a faraway look.
Mrs. Winston's Sou tiling Syrup.
For children tfetuuitr. softens the Kums, reuuees ln
Uaininatiou aUajra pain, cures wind colic. 25ua bottle.
About the dearest thing on earth Is
a cheap man.
There are two classes of remedies; those of known qnal
ity and which are permanently beneficial in effect, acting
gently, in harmony with nature, when nature needs assist
ance; and another class, composed of preparations of
unknown, uncertain and inferior character, acting1 tempo
rarily, but injuriously, as a result of forcing1 the natural
functions unnecessarily. One of the most exceptional of
the remedies of known quality and excellence ia the ever
pleasant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California
lig: Syrup Co., which represents the active principles of
plants, known to act most beneficially, in a pleasant syrup,
in which the wholesome Califcrnian blue figs are nsed to con
tribute their rich, yet delicate, fruity flavor. It is the remedy
of all remedies to sweeten and refresh, and cleanse the system
gently and naturally, and to assist one in overcoming consti
pation and the many ills resulting therefrom. Its active princi
ples and quality are known to physicians generally, and the
remedy has therefore met with their approval, as well as with
the favor of many millions of well informed persons who know
of their own personal knowledge and from actual experience
that it is a most excellent laxative remedy. We do not claim that
it will cure all manner of ills, hut recommend it for what it really
represents, a laxative remedy of know quality and excellence.
containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious character
There are two classes of purchasers; those who are. informed v
as to tie quality of what they buy and the reasons for the excellence
of articles of exceptional merit, and who do not lack courage to go
elsewhere when a dealer offers an imitation of anv well known
article; hut, unfortunately, there are some people who do not know,
and who allow themselves to be imposed upon. They cannot expect
its beneficial effects if they do not get the genuine remedy.
To the credit of the druggists of the United States be it said
that nearly all of them value their reputation for professional
integrity and the good will of their customers too highly to offer
imitations of the
manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., and in order to
buy the genuine article and to get its beneficial effects, one has
only to note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company
California Fig' Syrup Co. plainly printed on the front of every
package. Price, 50c. per bottle.
Penetrates to the Spot
Right on the dot.
Price 25c and 50c
We want a live, active and thoronchly experienced
salesman in this locality witb sufficient money to
buy outrigbt his first month's supply of oar Sim
plicliy J-o w PvcMure SITollow 'Wire G-aso-Une
JL.isht. A utility needed iji every store and
home and fully complying with inrnimnco rules. To
such a man we will srive exclusive sales rirht and
guarantee to refund nionev if coods not sold in 60
id;iys. FurtherparLifii'arsonrcrqtit'sr.. TheStandard
UUiett liufhfc Co.. ao JM. HiUsted St.. Chicago, IlL
ICEAMj estate.
Biampa. SoaLhera Timber A Land Co.. inc., Petersburg, Viw
it$W.iy'? TUC8
gs3iS2gy5 HARM.
Defiance Starch Company,
One size only. ,
3-50 &3.00 Shoes
W.LDouglas $4 Gilt Edgs lino,
cannotoeoquaueaatarjpr ce
To Shoe Dealers :
W. b. Douglas Job
bing Honse ia the most
complete in this conntry
Send for Catalog
Ken's Shoa. $5 to Sl.BO. Boys' Snc, $3
to $1.25. Woimh'3 Ejoo. S4.00 to i.60.
BUaaes' & Chaldron's Etioes, $2.25 to $1.00.
Try W. X.. Uatiglai Women's, Blisses anoj
Children's shoes ; for style, fit ana wesj;
tliey exeel otlier ni-alkesj
If I could take you Into tny large
factories at Brockton, Mass ..and show
you how carefully VV.L. Douglas shoe
are made, you would then understand
why they hold their shape, fit better,
wear longer, and are cf greater value
than any other make.
Wherever you live, you can ofetela W. L
Douglas shoes. His name and price 13 stamped
on tue bottom, which protects you against higb
prices and Inferior shoes. Take no submit
tute. Ask your dealer for W. L Douglas shoe
and insist upon having them.
Fast Color Eyelets used; theu wilt notawzr brasam'
Write (or Illustrated Catalan of Fall Styles. .
W. L. DOUGLAS, Dent. 12, Brockton, Mas,
$95 nftn Hfi FOR AGENTS. Pleasant
pa,JVJU.JU worK among yonr friends,
frequent sales, large commissions.' and biff prizes
for all. Address Oepc 12 X. 1) E. 2)ih St- N. T.Ctur.
W. N. U.,- LINCOLN, NO. 40, 1906
osoms, Collars
and Cuffs
sever crack nor be
come brittle. They
last twice as long as
those laundered with other
starches and give the wear
er much better satisfaction.
If you want yonr husband,
brother or son to look
dressy, to feel comfortable
and to be thoroughly happy
STARCH in the
laundry. It is sold by all
good grocers at ioc a pack
age 1 6 ounces. Inferior
starches sell, at the same
price per package but con-
' tain only 12 ounces. Note
the difference. Ask your
Insist on getting it and you will never
use any other brand.
Omaha. Neb.