The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, October 05, 1906, Image 2

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With greater enthusiasm than ever before. Our aim is to become more gen
erally known as "Lincoln's Economy Store" and all those who attend this
Great October Sale, will sav that we fullv deserve this title Added to this
If let us say, that there exists here a strong ambition to improve and progress
J! constantly me result is mat our ian ana winter lines oi gooas are more ex
tensive than we have ever shown in past seasons.
Here are Examples of the GREATER-THAN-EVER Bargains
Uomen who wish tine most
fashionable garments, yet
insist on having: full value
r their money, will find
much to their liking: here...
Excellent Examples of Economy
In the Second Floor Department
$25 COATS AT $20 $16 COATS AT $11
Hand Tailored of Fine Imported Several KaticSsorne Mew Models
cringing to choose from nt this price the fabrics are light and
rtfc'irk dark toned Scotch mixtures Velvet and strap A
jgAIJ trimmings perfectly tailored any other Lin-' rfo I I
coin store would ask at least $M. Hei'eonly...
Other CoatsEspecia8!Sy Priced for the October Saas at $8.5Q to $30 "
Fall Suits of Decided Elegance at Decidedly Low Prices
Kersey a charming modol with that loose swinging
back, ncely trimmed with silk velvet and
silk braid, lined throughout with tine satin
worth $25.00 here only
$7 values in black broad- values in fancy plaid
cloth skirts Octo- Etl skirts October Sale &A ffcE
Sale price : kj.kj ber Sale price. .. .Vi price i.7oJ
Largest and most Comprehensive Rispfay of Furs ever shown here-Styies right-Prices Guaranteed
$5 values in black Pana
ma skirts October (?'3 no
New Bags and Purses
Just the size you want, just the
right color, and so very reason
ably priced here.
By a luckv purchase we secured
one big lot of SI. 00 val- F"rv
nes at half price.' They
are now on sale at
Lac Curtains
Larger variety and greater bar
than ever before. See 1 E"
the i.CO Kottenham Jf). Q
Curtains at
Berlin Lisle Gloves, silk
lined, extra values,
Imported Kid Gloves, all
shades, worth $1.50,
Ladies' and Children's
Golf Gloves, beauties
at 50c and
i B
The Millinery Bepartment Offers
extraordinary values in the October Sale, A special
purchase of nobby street hats will be on sale at prices
nearly hair those of exclusive PTA tOi
milliners. S3 to $6 values pl-Ju W J J.
Handsome Coats for ChJ3dTren
bought at a tremenduous price sacrifice. EVSanufact-
urers SampSss finest materials, latest
made to sell at $ 10, b!2 and 1 15
stvles. coats
S3.50 to $6.50
m mk
say "TS-SE PEO
PLE'S is the
best p3acs to buy pet
ticoats." Great bargains in black sat
teen petticoats at 85c, 75c, 83c
and up to $2.25.
Mercerized Silk Petticoats,
olois black, blue, brown and
red $3.50 values at $2.39.
Fine Silk Petticoats, un
equaletl values at $4.50 and $6.00
90-inch heavy nnbleachod Sheeting. 27c value at 24-c
ra-inch heavy unbleached Sheeting.. 24-c value at 20c
75-inch heavy unbleached Sheeting. 25e value at 23c
:i'.i-inch bleached Muslin, line grade 11c value at 9c
Fast color Dress
Prints, per yard.
Apron Check
Ginghams, per yard,
25-inch unbleached Outing Flannel 6c value at 5c
W-inch bleached Outing Flannel 10C value at Sc
27- inch Shirting Cheviots, light and dark.. 8c value 6c
28- inch Percales, good grade. -1 0c values at 7 3-4-c
Heavy Muslins, un- 3 c
bleached, per rard . .
The October-Sale Offers
Iress Goods B&ra&ins.
Read Every Item, Then Come in and investigate
27-inch Alaska Velvets, rare color
ings and handsome patterns.
25s values at per yd. ISc
34-inch figured mercerized cloths
- fashionable shades of blues, browns
reds and greens.
18c values at per yd. 14c
34-inch fancy wool brocades, worth
25c. ISC
42-inch Voiles all the leading shades,
was an excellent value at 59c, Oc
tober sale price per yd .4C
50 pieces of flannelette very desirea
ble patterns and colors.
12 1-2; values per yd. l-2c
36-inch wool suitings beautiful mix
tures and shadpw plaids and
35c values at 27c
3(5-inch English cashmeres all colors
worth 35c 27c
3C-inch heavy wo-l suitings big var
iety of leading colors snap at 33c
October sale price per yd 27c
Very special sale of 36, 38, 40 inch Novelty Suitings
unmatchable values at 4c and S9c a yard!.
October Sale of 'Silks '
l!)-inch two tone Taifeta Sibc, colors
bine, brown ' and green; regular
75c values Qr
at per yard. - ut
Good $1.10 value 36 inch black QQ,
Taffeta silk at per yard OVC
Best SI. 25 value 36 inch black
Taffeta silk at per yard . . .
est Underwear and Hos
iery !ot Least Money
Euy your Cotton Bats here the best grades at a big saving.
$1.25 grade of Table Linen, sale price, per ard 9Sc
69c grade of Table Linen, sale price, per yard SOc
For one lot of slightly-soiled Napkins.
Formerly sold at $1.25 to $5.00 per dozen.
ia to
Spreads S1.50 for $1.85 Spreads
Extra largo; fringed; with or without cut corners.
Are the special prices on full-si.ed hemmed Spreads.
Linen Huck Towels, Hemstitched, regular price 15 cents,
now only .12 l-2c
Extra large Huck Towels, fringed, regular price 18 cents,
now only .- .15c
17-inch Twill Toweling at, per yard 4 l-2c
Women's fleeced vests and
pants, ecru and grey- 35c
Values at 25c.
Children's fleeced union
suits, sizes up to 8 years
35c Values at 25c
Women's perfect fitting
union suits, sizes 4 to 9
65c Values at 50c.
Infants' cashmere stock
ings, fine quality, all colors
Extra value, 2 prs. 25c
50c and 75c Values in La
dies' Fancy HosSery at 3c
You will be surprised at
these remarkable values
early comers get the best
Great Bargain in ESankets 4Sc and Up
The October Sale of Cotton and Wool Blankets should interest all eco
nomical housekeepers.
See tha new Bath Robe Blankets. See the New Porch Robe Blankets.
See the New Baby Crib Blankets. Immense assortments. Extra
ordinary prices.
Choose From a Splendid
lot of men's fash
ionable fall suits
that are actually
worth $12 and S15
and pay only $10
all the latest cuts, the nobbiest
styles and patterns, also plain
black suits---you can't equal
these garments anywhere in
Lincoln at the price.
CO A for men's Trousers
OZitvl that would cost $3.50
in any other store.
Oj eft for boys School Suits
OibvJ of good wearing mater
ials. Sizes up to 14.
S2.29 for Women's S3.G0 Shoes
Men's 50c Ribbed Underwear, 44c
Men's $1.00 Wool Underwear, 89c
Men's $1 50 Wool Underwear, $125
Men's $1.00 Negligee Shirts, 75c
for men and boys -the new winter
styles are here the best line of 25c
Caps for boys in Lincoln the best
Man's Hat that $1.50 will boy
These are broken lots from the best lines
of $3.00 Shoes in Lincoln. Not all sizes
in each style, but all sizes in some of the numbers.
S2.69 for men's 3.50 Shoes Some of these shoes are leather lined. Choice
of one big lot at $2.69. j-
I 00 fnr Plrlo' I 7Q Qhnre f box calf and fine kid' with the best soles;
hJJ IUI UlllQ uttUtiO many pretty styles andi all sizes; the best school
shoes at anywhere near the price. x
m Snrf nrn p L Soft sole shoes and moccasins,- all colors, both
IUC lOf iniSniS OOC OSlOeS plain and fancy leathers; the best infants' shoes
you ever saw for the money.
Men's and Women's House Slippers
An unusually large variety of the
best kinds 39c, 69c, 98e, and $1.45
Inexpensive Aprons
Ladies' long, white Aprons 25c
Ladies' fancy lace and embroidery
trimmed Aprons 50c
Misses' Aprons, of nice quality. SOc
Waitresses' short, white Aprons iiOc
Ladies gingham kitchen Aprons if5c
October Bargains in Outing
Gowns and Petticoats
50c-values, Children's Outing Gowns
at 35c
75c-values in Women's Outirg
Gowns :...5t)c
Ladies' Ou'ina FlanriKl kne-lenght Petti
coats, splendid values, 3oc, 50o anil 7So
The New Corset Models
Are Beady
All Sizes up to 3.
SPECIAL All "W. B." and TQ
"G. D." Corsets reduced to. . I "C