The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, November 24, 1905, Image 8

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An Ideal Fuel for Furnace or Base Burner. It contains more heat units than the best anthracite coal.
Pound for pound it gives more heat, is cleaner, easier to handle, and gives better results. . " .
This is a Home Product
Our Coke is made right here in Lincoln, and is the best Coke on the market. It is the only Coke thoroughly
adapted to domestic purposes
What Is Gas Coke?
GAS COKE is made in the gas works of the Lincoln Gas & Electric
Light Company. It is made from Youghiogheny coal, the best bitumi
nous coal, containing the lowest-percentage of ash and impurities.
In the retorts gas, tar, and smoke-producing volatile matter are
driven off by external heating.
The solid carbon is left.
This is coke. -
Coke is not half-burned coal. It's baked.
What's so Good about Gas Coke?
Ton for ton, Gas Coke goes just as far as hard coal, and costs 30
per cent less.
It's smokeless. It does away with soot.
It's light to carry; easy to kindle; clean to handle.
It doesn't soil the hands. 1
It's a Case
of Knowing How
Qas Coke is daily growing in
favor as a domestic fuel.
It would be much more widely
used if people did not have an
erroneous impression that a Qas
Coke fire burns out, quickly and
injures the grate.
Treat it right and it will never
do either.
How to
Burn Gas Coke
Our Gas Coke contains more
carbon than anthracite coal, and
being less dense, should be given
less draft. Remember Viis, and
the fire will last as long as with
hard coal.
Coke burns more freely than
coal if given the same amount of
air; therefore, admit less air to a
Coke fire, and always leave some
ashes on the grate, which will
check it.
How to
Kindle a Coke Fire
Kindle the fire in the usual
way, and spread with a light body
of Coke, and when fairly burning
fill up with a DEEP, even body of
Coke. ,
Keep a large body of Coke under
a slow fire rather than a little
Coke under a strong draft.
This will prevent the formation
of clinkers, and the Coke will ' not
burn any faster. 1
To Keep
a Low Fire
To keep a low fire, close the
draft openings in the ash-pit
Keep the feed door closed, and
the damper in the chimney pipe
The damper should be opened
full only When kindling a new
Keep a layer of ashes oi the
grate, and when shaking, stop
just when hot coals appear.
To Bank a
Fire for the Night
To bank a fire for the night, '
fill the fire box full of Coke, adjust
damper according to the strength
of the draft in your furnace, and
throw on Small Coke or Dock Pea
Coal to fill up the spaces.
This Dock Pea is exceedingly
valuable to , have ' on hand for
banking fires at night.
It makes a fine compact mass,
and brings down tie average "
price of your fuel.
It's a Case of Draft
"Keep down the draft."
There's the whole secret in burning Coke successfully.
A chimney damper is the greatest saver of fuel. If there isn't one in your chimney, Have one put
Study your furnace. Find now much less draft you need with Coke than with hard coal.
Then you'll never complain of burntout furnaces.
A representative on request will assist you to learn how to burn Qas Coke.
Give your order now.
Qas &
Bell 75
Auto 2575
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