Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, August 19, 1858, Image 4

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lcli) ft;tg;ninc
T"i't: Tn Literature, in leave re province
unrepresented, io while each t umber will
contain articles of an abstract and prrmanent
value. It w ill also he found that the healthy
appr'ite of the mind fur entertainment in It
virion form of Narrative, Wit. ami Humor,
will not go uncarcd for. The publishers wisn
to say, alio, that while native writeri wiil re.
reive the nioiit solid encouragement, ar"l wi"
lie mainly relied on to fill the pace of the
Atlantic, they will not hesitate ti draw
from the foreign scources nt their command
at occasion nny reipirc, reiving ralher on the
competency of an author to treat a particular
subject, 'han on any ot!ier claim whatever.
In )ils way they hope to ninke their Periodi
cal welcome wherever the English tongue it
polton or re id.
Srrovn I In the term AnT they Intend to in
clude tin whole domain of o hct i t and
hope gradually to mle this depart
ment a true and fe.irliMs representative or Art
in all lie various br jm lies, without anv regard
to prejudice, whether personal or national, or
t pri ale ions kinci soever.
Third: In PolrMcs, the Atlantic will he
the organ of no party clique, hut will honestly
endeavor to he the exponent of what Its con
ductors heMcve to he the American idea It
will deal frankly w ith persons and with parl
ies, enrleavorsTi'itokeep in view that moral el
ement which transcends all persons ni par
ties and which alone makes the basis of a
true and lasting national prosperity. It will
not rank Itself wllh any sect of antifs, but
with that bodv of men which are in favor of
Freedom, National Progress, and Honor,
whether public or private.
As an earnest of the material at their com
mand, they subjoin the following list of litera
ry persons interested in their enterprise ; wish
ing it however to b distinctly understood,
that they shall hope for support from every
kind of abillity which desires the avenue of
their columns, and in the remuneration of
which they shall be guided purely by their
sense of intrinsic merit :
William II. Preston. Rilph Waldo Emer
son, Win C Hrvaut, Henry W. Longfellow,
Hev. F. H. Hedge, D. I). Nathaniel Haw
thorn, John G Whitlier, Oliver Wendell
Holmes, James R, Lowell, J. Lot I) r op Mot
ley, George Win. Curtis. Herman Melville,
ProfT C. C. Felton, Proir. F. J. Child, E. P
Whipple, Kdinond (iuincy, Author of Wep
lev." Thomas W. Persons, J. T. Trow
bridge, Author of " Neighbor Jackwood " Ac.
Mrs. H. Beecher Stnwe, Mrs. Gaskill, Au
thor of "Until" " Miry Uurton" kr. Mrs.
L. Maria Child, Mrs. C. M. Kirkland. Mrs.
Pike, Author of " Ida May," "Caste." kc.
Miss. Uose Terrv. Wiklie Collins Author of
" The Head Secret Alc. ft. Rurfini Author of
"Doctor Antonio" ic. Shirley llrooks Au
ditor of " Aspen Court" k E. M. Whitty,
Author of 'Poll. Iral Portral's " &.C; James
Hanney Author of " Singleton Fontenov " kc.
O. W.'Pnilleo Author of "Twice Married.
Tlie Publiwhers will aim to have each num
ber of the magazine ready in time fur distribu
tion and sale, in the more remote parts oi the
country, on or before the first day of each
inon'h for which it is intended.
TF.UMS. The Ati.vktic Monthly can
be had of Booksellers. P riodiml Agents, or
from the Publishers, at Three Dollars a year,
or Twenty-live Cents a Number.
.Subscribers reuniting three dullurs ia ad
vance, will receive the work for one year,
potr rstn, in any part of the United States
within 3iMii) miles-
A liberal discount made to wholesale deal
ers and to post-masters and others w ho act as
Agents, to whom specimen numbers will be
furnished without charge.
' The Publisher will not be responsible for
contract made by agents. All persons or
dering through that medium must look to theiu
for their supply.
All communications for the Atlantic must
be addressed to the Publishers.
BY joint resolution of Congress, approved
March, 1'7, valid pre-emption claims on
the Itith and 3tifti sections, heretofore reserved
for schools, in the Territories of MiuneMota,
Kansas and Nebraska, will be recognized
WHnr. the settlement has heen, oh may
1st. In rases where the approved plat of
survey lias not yet tieen returned, the declara
tory statement "must be filed within three
2d. Where the plat is novy in the Register's
Office, the declaration must be tiled within
three months from the r'usr publication or
A failure to comply with this requirement,
will work a toriemire or the claim.
n D0-8w Commissioner.
OTICE is hereby given, that tha County
ll Comrr.issiiKters of Sarpv county, will
meet on Monday, May 10-h, lS.",8,"at o'clock
A. M. t at the house of P.eriihart Mvers, to
view and locate, a ro:id in answer to a Petition
to commence at a point near th" residence of
said Ben.hart Mvers, where the road from
Lellevue, intersect the Territorial road lead
tiji from Omaha, In Douglas county, to Cedar
Island in Sarpv county, thence to a point near
the residents of W. T. Whittington, thence to
the reeirionre of H. H. Smith, thence near
the residence of George Swevil-. to the most
practical route to Fairview. Said Commis
lonera will meet in the evenin of the same
day, at 5 o'clock at Bernhart Myers to hear
parties interested in locating said road.
On the followiue day, May llth, ISM, at 9
o'clock A. M. said Commissioners will nieet
at Philander Cook's near Platte River, to
view and locate a road, proposed in Petition
t ruu from La PUtte. along the Platte River
boUoui, next the blurts by Carlile's, H. H.
Siui'Jis, and north of Swivels' to the S- E. cor
ner of Sc 16, Township 13, Range 12, K. of
the bth principal meridian. The Commission
ers will meet in the evniin? of the same day
at 5 o'clock at the house of Philander Cook.!
to bear prlies intcrc
rtstet in sid road.
On Tu'irtdav, iay uin, me county
Commissioner of Sarpy county, will meet at
i Reubn Lovejoy's at 'J o'clock A. M. to view
eand Icate a, to commence at a point on
the w est line of the Belb vue Mission claim,
thtuce north-west bv b mod direct and
rrraetii-a' route, bv way of the forks of the
fig PappilUon and" Wet pappillion creeks, to
lluellxin: thence to the north line of aaij
r aunty, at point on the north aide of Sec 13,
Township II, Range 11.
couty commissioner will thn meet at Reu
ben Lovejoys, in Bellevue, in tbe evening of
the same day at 5 o'clock, to hear parties in
terests i.
By order of the County Commissioners.
1;llevue, April Vh, lv'? County CWk.
Or. The
Cv?" Do you rivi to hirr a Surf Prrvrnfh
a-rnxnst Vouutrrfritmg Ititnk , Wr ?
1 1 1 0 A I ! JM:AD!! lUAD!!!
Enbacribel Subscribe! Subscribe!
JOHN 8. DYF. is th Author, and the Bank
Note engravers all ssy that he is the greatest
judge of paper money liwng.
UF.TTF.Il 'I'll AN THi: UF.ST!
Published weekly. The whole only One
Dollar a Year.
niir.ATr.ST DISCOVERY of the present
eenturr for detecting counterfeit Bank Notes;
describing every genuine bill in existence, and
exhibiting at a glance every counterfeit in cir
eolation. Arranged so admirably that refer
ence is easy ami detection instantaneous. No
pages to hunt up, but so simplified and arranged
that the merchant, banker and business man
can see all at a glance.
It has taken years to make perfect this
G'tKAT DISCOVKIIY. The urgent neces
sity for such a work has long been felt by
commercial men. It has been published to
supply the call for such a preventive, and needs
hut to be known to be universally patronized.
It does more than has ever been attempted by
man. I'.'deserihes every bank note In three
different languages English, French and Ger-
man. Thus each may read the same in his '
own native tongue.
Terms. The tuper will be about bf 42
Inches, and will contain the most perfect Bank
Note List published, together with the rate of
discount. Also a hit of all the private Bank
ers in America.
A complete summary of the Finances of
Europe and America will be published in each
edition, together with all the important news
from an old manuscript found in the East, and
n where else to be found. It has never yet
appeared in print, and furnishes the most com
plete history of Oiiental Life, and describing
the most perplexing positions in which the
Ladies and gentlemen of that country have
been so often found. These stories will con
tinue throughout the whole year, and will
rove the most entertaining ever oflered to the
f V" Furnished weekly to subscribers only
at $1 a year. All letters must be addressed
U JOHN S. DYE, Broker,
Publisher and Proprietor.
3m32 70 Wall Street, New York.
Wholesale & Retail Merchant,
HAS just received and now has for sale, a
large assortment of selected merchandise
adapted to the wants of nil in this new and
thrivingcommunity, which he can sell ascheap
as can be offered elsewhere so high upon the
Missouri river. His goods have been selected
by an experienced purchaser, with special
reference to the circumstances and wants of
all classes of settlers in a new country. La
dies and gentlemen, children and youth, all
can be supplied. Call and see for yourselves.
His stock consists or the following, among a
great many other articles he cannot now enu
merate : Among his
Dry Goods,
May be found Woolen and Satinet Cloths,
Cassinels, Tweeds, Cashmeres, Linseys,
Flannel, Red, White, Gray and Blue, Caspian
Plaids, Cotton Goods, Sheeting's and Shirtings,
Bleached and Unbleached, Blue and White,
Drillings, Osnabur, Bed-Ticking, Hickory
Checks, it., &.c.
Fancy Goods.
A beautiful assortment of fancy prints of
every variety of style and pattern. Ginghams,
Lawns, Figured Alpacca,, Boci
bave'ts. Shawls, Scarfs Handkerchief. Neck
erchiefs, Crape, Muslin, Edgings, Ribbons,
ic, Lc.
A well selected stock of Summer, Fall and
Winter Clothing, consisting in part of fine
Dress Coats, Pants and Vests; also, good
Summer Clothing of all descriptions, and heavy
Clothing for Fall and Winter use. Also, Shirts,
Knit flannel Drawers and Undershirts, Nocks,
ice. Mens' and llovs Hats and Caps, or va
rious fashions, qualities and prices. Boots &
Siloes, thick and thin, polished and unpolished,
of every description, for Men, Women, and
Children's use.
Crushed, Clarified, Loaf and Brown Sugar,
Molasses, Svrnn Molasses, Golden Syrup,
Superior Tea, Uio and Java Coffee, Sassafras,
Ginger, Pepper, Cloves, Spice, Cinnamon,
ground Ginger, Nutmegs, Smills, Tobacco,
Cigars, Pipes, Soap, Candles, inejar, Pickles
Pepper-Sauce, ic, kc.
A large assortment of Flour, of various
dualities and prices; Corn Meal and all the
various products otitis rarm and warden;
Paeon, rish. Kiln dried Apples, 1'eacaes,
Currants, lUisins, tie.
Stoves of various patterns, for Cooking nJ
Heating rooms. Stove-pipe and Elbows, l.irgj
and small Iron Kettles, Frying Pans, Skillets
Hand-Irons, Shovels and Tongues, Manureanl
11 IV Forks, Scythes. Shovels and Spades, Log
and Trace Chain", Axes, Hammrs, Pincers.
Iron and S'eel, Nails, Horse-Uasps, Files)
Siws, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Ra.
7or, liutts and screws, uuor nanuus, kiiou.
Locks, &c, &.C.
A general assortment kept for houscho.
Wash-tubs, Shakers Pails, Wood and Zinc
Vole Leather, Harness Leather, Cowhide,
Kip Skins. Calf Skins, Linings and Morocco,
Saddles, Bridles, Halters, Lariats, Circingles,
Belly-bands, unving-ltnes, collars, Back
straps, Girths, Blind-bridles, kc,
A C"''l assortment of Medicines, for
Fevers, Fever and Ague, and the common
tomplainti "f the country. Cook's. Lee's,
Sappenyton's, Hragg's and Jaynes Pills, Qui
sine, Tonics, an i various kUuls f Stimulants,
Anodynes, Liniments, and other articles neces
sary for the sick and the invalid. 1-tf
Farm e rsre Vim
JOHN P. HORN k CO., near the Printing
Oflice, Bellevue, have on hand shovels.
Hoe, Spades, Forks, Hames, and a general
assortment of Farming Tools. Call and see
'uly, 1SVT. 3w!
Corner of Locust and Coolf!ge Streets,
(lot bin
Clothing! Clothing!
il Clothing of the latest Fashion, at
J :ne Vh. lrC. r.21.
New Everjthinjr, at th Old Stand of;
HAS the honor to inform the people of the
Southern District of Douglas and the adjoin
ing counties, Nebrasxa, that he is now open
tng one of the largest .Stocks of GOODS ever
brought to Glenwood, Mills county, Iowa,
consisting of
duy goods. groceries,
hardware. boots k shoes,
hats 4. caps, qlef.nsware,
nails, leather,
cordage, ikon,
oils, paints, dye-sti:ffs,
wood and willow ware,
ueadv-made clothing,
carpenters tools,
And everything that mav be found generally
in city stores, all of which he will sell
DUCE taicen in exchsnge for Goods. Buy
ers from town or country wishing good and
cheap Goods, either at wholesale or retail.
will save money bv calling and examining his
.4 1. I,.--:- l 1 . t .
stocK before purcha.siii!' elsewhere, as they
win iimi good bargains and lair ueaiing.
Glenwood, Iowa. no 4-tf
L. Nuckolls & Co.
0llfnO OCt LHU ftUCIOj
Collections made In Iowa, Nebraska and
Kansas, and remitted at current rates of ex
change, free of charge.
Loans effected for foreign Capitalists, at
Wesii.rn Rates of Interest, on real estate
Farms, Town Lots and fnimproved Lands
bought and sold.
Taxes paid in any County in the State
also in Nebraska and Kansas.
Notes bor.ght and Money loaned on good
Interest paid on Special Deposits.
Land Warrants bought and sold.
Special attention given to the selection and
entry of Lands for settlers or distant dealers,
either with Land Warrants or money, in Iowa,
Nebraska or Kansas.
We charge Ten Dollars per One Hundred
and Sixty Acres, and make reasonable deduc
tions, when entering large quantities. When
Land Warrants are sent, Two and a Half
Cents per Acre, the Land Office Fee, must
accompany the Locating Fee.
When Warrants are sent, the No's of War
rants, date, to whom issued and assigned,
should be copied and retained, to guard against
loss in mails.
Remittances to us, can be made in Drafts
on any of the Eastern or Soutern Cities.
We will enter Land with Warrants or Cash,
pay all Fees, Taxes and Commissions, for
one third of the gross profits, accruing from
the shle of the Land all expenses to come out
of our third of the piolits. Our arrangements
are such that we can enter Lands in all the
Offices in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. A
competent surveyer always in readiness to find
and select choice Lands, Coa Fields, Rock
Quarries, Mill Sites, Mineral Tracts,
Within the next twelve months there will be
offered for sale in Nebraska and Kansas, Two
and a Half Million Acres of Land, compris
ing the best portions of those Territories, and
extending along the Misscuri River, from the
Mouth of Kansas Uivcr or the line of the
State of Missouri, to the Mouth of L-eau-qui-cour
We solicit foreign Capitol for investment.
Investments properly made in Western
Lands and Town Lots, are now paying from
twenty-live to four hundred per cent.
We believe that persons patronizing our
firm will have peculiar advantages over al
most any other in this Country. We were
among the first Pioneers of this vast and
growing country and are intimately acquainted
wilh nearly every portion of Western Iowa,
Nebraska and Kansas, and believe we will be
able to render satisfaction in all business en-
trusted to us.
REFERENCES: John Thompson; Hope,
Graydon A. Co., New YorK City ; Waod, Ba
ron & Co., Philadelphia ; Straight, Deminjr 4.
Co., Cincinnati. Darby k Barks Jnlr; Humph
reys, Tutt k Terry ; Crow, McCreery & Co,
St. 1 .011 is ; Isaacs k Almond, Leavenworth
City, Kansas; Greene, Weare k Benton,
Council Bluffs, Iowa ; Henn, Williams k Co.,
Fairfield. Iowa ; Charles Hendrie, Burlington,
Iowa; Hon. Aug. Hall, Keosauque, Iowa;
Hon. James Craig, St. Joseph, Mo. ; Hon. A.
S. Fulton, Wytheville, Va ; Hon. F. McFullen,
F.stilville, Va. ; Hon. F. Ferguson, Chief Jus
tice, Bellevue, Nebraska.
Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa. 2i-tf.
W. H. STARK & CO.,
WcilJ respectfully inform the ladies and gen
tlemen of Omaha and vicinity, that they have
on band and are manufacturing a complete
stock of
Of the best quality, and warranted; compri
sing the following, vu i
Ladies' Fine Lace and Congress Gaiters.
" Kid Bootees and Congress Gaiter.
" " Slippers and Parodi Ties.
" Heavy Morocco and Calf Bootees.
I Misses " "
Child M
Gents' Sewed Kip and Calf Boots.
" Peged "
Fine French or Pump Boots.
Water Proof and Quilted-Bottom F jots
Patent Calr Boots.
" Oxford Ties and Gaiters.
" Kin and Calf Shoes.
Vovs' and Youths' Kip Boots and Brogans.
All of which are made of the best material
the market affords. Our facilities for select'
ing are unsurpassed in Eastern cities, and we
wish it distinctly understood that we
Warrant Every Articlo Wo Sell.
v e oave the best or workmen in our em
ploy. Every style of Boot or Shoe made to
order, and warranted an easy and fashionable
lit. uespertrully,
no 13-tf W. H. STARK 4. CO,
- Greene, Weare & Benton,
and Land Agnts, Council Blurts, Iowa
io'es ana urns collected anil remitted to any
part or me unnea states. Money received on
neposir, anu interest allowed, i.astern or
Southern Drafts furnished in sums to suit rur
ch.tsers. Land Office funds paid fur Currency
or bills of Exchange. Loans effected on good
eeenrity. Taxes paid, titles examined, and
Real Estate bought and sold on Commission
Lands entered for settlers and time given for
payment. Oillce opposite the Pacific House
in west lower room of Land Oflice.
RErrsrvcEs: F. S. Jesup k Co.; W. J.
Barney & Co., Bankers, Dubuque, Iowa ; Cook
riargeut, Hankers, itavenport, Iowa ; Cul
herton k Reno, bankers, Iowa City, Iwa;
reopies nan, rvevy orK Illy; Ketcnem
nogers ne 'net, naiiKers, iew vork;ity;
Selkon, Wit) -rs k Co., Vashington, D. C. ;
Hon. Chas. Mucn, Com. f Patents, Wash
ington, I). C.J Hen. A. Dodge, S. V. S.
Burlington, Iowa ; Hon. i W. Jones, S. U.
S , Dubuque, Iowa ; Hon. 'oseph Williams
Chief Justice, Muscatine, It s.
Cmincil B'"ifTs, Oct. 21, 18! 1-tf
FUR lSy-YOL. 10.
Western Agriculture, Horticulture, Mechan
ics, Ldjration, Literature, Markets,
and General News.
i.niTro av
JOHN A. KENNICOTT, Corres'ind Editor
Over Five Hundred Practical Farmers and
Mechanics, who have heretofore written,
and will continue, with many others,
to write for the benefit of their
brethren and the public.
The "Prairie Farmer" is devoted to the in
terest of the Western Farmer and Mechanic.
It ia the Oldest Agricultural Paper in the
West is published weekly in quarto form, for
binding is characterised by a high moral
tone labors to promote the interests and ad
vancement of the whole of the family, and
to develop the Agricultural Resonrces of the
West A special and competent Commercial
Reporter is employed to give accurate Market
Reports weekly. It is essentially the family
paper for the West.
. .
1 copy, 1 year, $1 in advance, or $1.50 at
the end oi the year.
10 copies, 1 year, $9.00 free copy to
the person sending ciub.
20 copies, 1 year, $15 00 free copy to
the person lending club.
50 copies, 1 year, $3!.00 free copy to
the person sending ciub.
CV" An old subscriber sending Tttf new
ones, or $S, will receive one copy one
Subscription! at the club rates must
be paid invariably in advance.
rV Subscribe now. You want and need
"1 lie Farmer." We want you to have it.
Current money may be sent by mail at
our risk, provided the letters are "registered."
Pf?"A ddress "Valley Farmer," office cor
ner Chestnut and 2d streets, St Louis, Mo.
Advertisements, of an appropriate
character, inserted at ten cents per line each
insertion payment in advance.
still greater attractions
Will be offered in
FOR 185S.
This work has been the standard for twenty
seven years. When an imitation has been at
tempted it has failed. It is
How to dress with Taste. Children's
Clothes How to cut and contrive them.
Paintinz on Glass. Patchwork. The Dress
maker and the Milliner.
Drawing in all its variety, useful to the be
ginner and the proficient.
Fashions from the establishment of the cel
ebrated "Brodie," will be in every number.
bvery-day Actualities A new series of
these illustrated articles will be given.
Point, Brussels, and Venetian Lace of
every variety. A specimen of the stitch to be
used" in each will be given. Iu addition to the
One Hundred rages of Reading will be
given monthly.
ttodey's pendid Engravings on steel.
London, Paris and Philadelphia Fashions
Godey's four figured Colored Fashions.
Embroidery Patterns, Model Cottages,
Dress Making with Diagrams to cut by.
Dress Patterns Infants' and Children's
dresses, with descriptions hinv to make them.
All kinds of Crotchet and Netting wrrk.
The Nurse and the Nursery ery excel
lent articles upon these subjects will often be
UUUbl 'S I.H YAI.U.Bl.h KE.l. irE.3
MUSIC Three dollars' worth is given
every year.
la uie various numbers lor ivw. win ne
found the newest designs for
Window Curtains, Broderic Anglaise Slippers,
Bonnets, Caps. Cloaks, r.vening Dresses,
Fancy Articles, Head Dresses, Hair
Dressing, Robes de Cra mble, Car
riage Dresses, Brides' Dres.i
es, Wreaths, Mantillas,
Walking Dresses,
Riding Habits,
and Morning Dresses.
Dresses for Infants and Young Misses,
Boys' Dresses, Capes and Cloaks of Fur in
season, Patterns for needle-work or all kinds
and patterns to cut dresses by are given
Crochet and Netting Work in Colors, Slip
pers in Colors.
lirawing Lessons lor loutn.
Send in vour orders soon, as we expect our
list for 1S"7 will reach KX,(XK) copies. The
bes plan of subscribing is to send your money
direct to the publisher. Those who send
large amounts had better send drafts, but
notes will answer if drafts cannot be pro
Ws think we can show how much cheaper
it is to take the Lady's Book at Three Dol
lars than any other magazine at Two Dollars.
We will take a late number of both. The
Two Dollar Magazine contained 3li articles,
the Lady's Book 62.
The Two Dollar Magazine contained 32 en
gravings, the Lady's Book 5fi.
The Two Dollar Magazine contained 64 pa
ges, the Lady's Book 100.
Twenty.four wore engravings, twenty six
more articles, and tnirty-six more pages,
nearly double the quantity. The lowest club
price of the Two Dollar Magazine is $1,25;' to any other family news and literary journal
lowest club price of Lady's Book $1,67, only I published, which makes Agriculture a speci
42 cents difference in the price, which is threo : ality, will find the "Germantown Telegraph"
. " ""- "u ui.i
sum (three and a nair cents), you receive
twenty-six more articles, twenty-four more
engravings, and thirty-six more pages month
lycertainly a very cheap three and a half
cents' worth. This view of the case has
probably never before been presented, but it is
a true statement, which any lady can eon -
vines herself of bv comparing the two maga-
On copy, one year, $3. Two copies, one
year, $j. Three copies, on year, 6.
Five copies one year, and an extra copy to
the person sending tha club, making six
copies $10.
ueiii copies one year and an extra copy to not paid within the year, $2.50. Mail sub
the person sending th club, making nine erribers will have the cash postage deducted
copies $15. when not exceeding 25 ets. per annum, pro-
Eleven copies one yesr, and an extra copy to vided the subscription be paid strictly in ad
the person sending the club, making twelv vance. Postage stamps to this amount will
.P'e'20 . , j i i , b returned as change with the receipt.
UlT The above terms cannot b deviated j Any person sending five new subscribers at
.., no iniurt uuw many oi. wunni,
Godey's I.adv'a Book and Arthur's Home
Magazines both one year for $3 50.
Godey's Lady's. Book and Harper's Maga
zine both one year for $1 50.
Godsv's Lady's Book, Harper's Magazine.
and Arthur's Home Magazim one year $'.
Th, above is th. only way w. can club with
year o.
Harper's Magazine
The money must all be sent at on time for
nv of the Clubs.
Subscribers in the British Province who
send for clubs, must remit 34 cents extra on
every subscriber, to pay th American post
age to the lines. Address.
US Ctejnut St., I'biUd., Pa.
For 1658.
THE Cheapest Family Newspaper in the
West! The Weekly Plain Dealer will
1 commence it Seventeenth Volume on tbe 1st
! of January. l.i. It will continue th? same
Independent, Jocose, t earless, Figh ing Jour
nal it has evei;been, Dealing Plainly bu: kind
ly witli all. It will battle for the Constitu
tion and the Union, as "the world's best trea
sure and last hope." It will oppose Fusion
ism in every form, and battie Die-union in
every disguise. Of its vigilance as a Sentinel
upon the watch-tower of Liberty, it is suffi
cient to say, that it has never yet been found
napping at its post.
The New Volume will commence with a
New Year, big with important events. A
new leaf in the history of this Republic will
be entered, upon the Inauguration of a new
President and Vice President. During the
coming year, the policy of the New Adminis
tration will be fully unveiled in regard to the
following important and exciting National
topics: The Final Settlement of the Kansas
Difficulty, on which the whole Slavery ques
tion in the Territories is pending The Final
Settlement of the Central American Question,
as against the claims of England Our Right
of Transit Across the Isthmus, and the recog
nition and maintainance of the Walker Re
public in Nicaragua The Danish Sound Dues
The Acquisition of Cuba The Annexation
of the Sandwich Islands The Admission of
Minnesota as a State Admission of Oregon
Admission of Utah, with or without Poly
gamyAdmission of Kansas, with or without
Slavery Probable Admission of Nebraska
and Washington Territories The Inaugural
Message of James Buchanan The Doings of
the New Democratic Congress. These are
some of the leading events which will distin
guish the incoming Administration, and most
of them will transpire during the coming year.
Cleveland, from its central location, and
from its great concentration of Rail Roads,
Telegraphs, and water communication witli
the world, is admitted to be th Best News
Point in the West. It can furnish intelligence
from all parts of the world, days ahead of the
New York Papers, and the Plain
longing to the New York Associated Press, is
the first to publish the Foreign and Domestic
Markets, News, Disasters upon the Lakes,
and Commercial Intelligence generally. It
will have Daily Telegraphic Dispatches from
Washington during the Session of Congress,
and has regular Correspondents in all the
principal cities of the Union.
In addition to a full and faithful record of
passing events, we intend to devote a consid
erable portion of our paper to "Polile Litera
ture." Every Paper wiil contain a Story,
eiuier original or selected, nrrompamcd with
the choicest variety of Miscellany, such as
I'neiry, JJiacovenes, Biographies, Jokes, Od
dities, kc, Ac, making altogether one of the
most Valuable Family Journals in the West!
' Prompt to improve and to invite,
We'll blend instruction with delight."
CV" ("T Agricultural, Commercial, and
Telegraphic Departments, will each be worth
tbe suhserml ion nriro nf Ih. rnnr
ITie Brighton, New York, Baltimore, Cleve
land and Cincinnati Markets will be reported
Weekly. 1
Single Subscribers, $2.00
Clubs of Ten (to one Olfice), l.oO
Clubs of Twenty (to one Oiliee),... 1.25
Clubs of Fifty, " " ... 1.00
Pay invariably in acvance. To the getter
up of a Club, one copy gratis.
Post-Masters are esperi ally requeued
to act as Agents. Thev should In everv case,
where possible, substitute Western Demo
cratic Papers for Eastern Fusion Papers.
Those desiring the President' Message and
other Public Documents, can subscribe nw,
or at any time before the (irt of December.
C"?" Subscribers to the New Voluwie should
send in their names as early is the middle of
December, so that they rn.'iy be registered in
time for the first number. All funds uclved
at current rates, and if registered, laaileJ ei
our risk. Address
J. W. CRAY, Cleveland, O.
Every Wednesday Mobniso.
BY rill LIP R. FRE.4S.
We take this occasion to announce to Farm
ers throughout the country, that it is the in
tention of the Editor and Proprietor of the
"Gerniantown Telegraph," not only to con
tinue heretofore the Agricultural Depart
ment of h'S paper, but aeduloiaty to add to
its character and value by all Hie means at
command. All necessary space shall be pro
vided for a ful (record of 'Agricultural Details
and a full development of every branch of the
Farmer's Pursuit. He will iii future, as he
has always heretofore, aim to be practical,
and to be of real and substantial advantags
to husbandry. .His course, alo,will continue
to be thoroughly independent, and wholly un
biassed by any other motives than those he
conceives to be promotive of the true interest
of Agriculture in its broadest meaning. Neither
individuals, cliques, societies, or any other in
fluence shall swerve him from the path of
right and duty.
Fanners, throughout the connfry, who de
sire a Newspaper, issued weekly, and eoual
io ruinii every condition, and to render it en.
tirely unnecessary for them to subscribe for a
periodical exclusively agricultural.
Practical Horticulture, Pomology and Gar
dening, generally, will metit with particular
As a Literary and News Journal it shall
! rot be surpassed by any in the country
ieaiiy priiuea on goou paper, or tne largest
class, it shall continue to be one of the hand
somest newspapers of the day.
Every Family, in towu or country, whether
they take other papers or not, will find the
"Germantown Telegraph" to be worth, in lit
eral benefit, tw ice the amount of subscription.
No subscriptions received without the cash.
Price Two Dollars in advance. Subscriptions
one time, with the rasa, will be entitled loth.
naner for one vear.
Specimen numbers sent on request.
HE subscriber begs leave to inform the
A public, that he has now in operation,
first clans Steam Ferry Boat,t Bellevue, N. T.
. . , , . . - , . .
bE ' it Tt " WZ'tf..ZZi
River, and every exertion will be used la
ble the public to cross the Hiv with safety
and dispatch.
ron sale.
A valuable timber Claim of lfOgere,with
in three miles of Bellevue Ci'v, for sale. En
"lire st this OSee. ' u37tf.
'5X. Season Arrangement.
or THE
Regular St. Louis, Council Blufs Omaha
City, Sioux City, and Iowa Point Packet
for Sioux City, Omadi, Seargent's Pluff De'
ratur, DeSoto, Florence, Omabs City, Conn.
Bluffs, Bellevue, St. Marys, Wyoming City
Nebraska City, Linden, Brownvilie, Rock
rort, White Cloud, Forest City, Oregon
Iowa Point, Savannah, St. Joseph, etc.
rpiIF. entirely new, very light draught, and
A superb freight and passenger steamer
SIOUX CITY. Baker, Master, has com-'
menced running as a regular packet to the
above and all intermediate points, continuing
in the trad during the sason. 6
The Sioux City, as her name Implies, was
built expressly (or a Sioux City paeket.under
the especial supervision of Captain Baker
who. in her construction, has spared neither
trouble nor expense to make her a No. 1 Mis
souri River steamer, and one in all respects
most admiraby adapted to the wants of the
river. She will be found, as regards capacity
for business as well as the superiority of ber
passenger accommodations, inferior to no
boat in the trade, and as such Capt. Baker
takes much pleasure in preset ting her to the
favorable consideration of his frietds and
acquaintances, and the public generally, hop
ing to receive at their hands a continuance of
that generous patronage for which he is in
debted during a aeries of years, while in com
mand of different boats in the river.
Shippers may rely upon having their freight
handled with the greatest care and dispat. h,
and passengers are assured upon the Sioux
City, of being made to feel always quite at
21 II. T. CiABKB Ic Bsc, Agents.
1858. Season Arrangrm nt. 1858.
Regular St. Louis and Sioux City River
For Lexington, Kansas, Leavenworth City.
" jicuison, uor.ipnan. M. Joseph
Iowa Point Forest City, White Cloud',
Brownsville, Linden. Nebraska City.Platts
mouth. St. Mary's, Bellevue, Omaha, Coun
cil Bluffs, Decair, Blackbird, Omadi Sear
gents Bluff, Dakota, Sioux City, Florence,
Pacific City, Covington, Logan, St. Johns,
Concord. Niobrarah and Fort Randall.
THE well known light draught freight and
unexceptionable Passenger S'eamer
OMA HA. lias now resumed her trips in the
, above trade, (and all intermediate points on
! the Missouri river.) and will continue them
; with her usual regularity thro' the whole sea
I son.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage be
stowed linon tbe Omaha ll r,.i.r ...
! trust, by strict attention to businessthe
I wants of shippers, and comforts of passen-
ici3, iu ineni a continuance or III" same.
J. J. WILCOX, Clerk.
21 H. T. Clarice t Bso., Agents
Regular St Louis and Sioux City Missouri
Kiver Packet.
For Lexington, Kansas, Leavenworth City,
Weeton, Atchison, St. Joseph, Savannah,
Iowa Point, Linden, Nebraska City, Belle
vue. Council Bluffs, Omaha, Floreiice, be
!oto, Omadi and Sioux City.
,(ftkipHE new, light draught and
LrTTfSi elegant pa.senrer !teamer
fSaSxatE. A. OGDEI7, W.n. Thomp
son, Master, will, on th opei:ig d naviga
tion, commence running as a regular packet
to tbe above and intermediate points. 'J'ne
OGDEN is furnished with ail the modern
improvements for the Missouri river trade,,
aivt every convenience for the comfort and"
safe transportation of p,,g-is, and her
ollirers respectfully solicit a share of busi
ness, and feeling 'confident from their past
expeiieiue ar.d knowledge of the wants of
both passengers and shippers, that they shall,
be able to rmder entire satisfaction to those
who. may favor them with tlitir jatronae..
For freight or passage apply to
21 11. T Clarkeii Bro. Agents.
Regular Packet for Kansas. Leavenworth
Weston St. Joseph, Sa varuiiih, Iowa Point,
Nebr ska City, Bellevue, Council
Bluffs, Omaha and Florence.
K THE newand elegant Passenger
S. 1 f-, -!, . ,
oidiiirr F lorence, j. inrocK
sinoiton, Master. J. E. Gorman.
Clerk, will commence her trip as a regular
packet in the above trade, on the opening of
navigation in the spring, and will remain in it
throughout the season.
The Florence having been built under the
superintendence of the uneersigned, expressly
r the trade, is of extraordinary strength, and'
well adapted to it in every particular. A rea
sonable share of the patronage of shippers
and the public generally, is respectfully soli
cited. J. THROCKMORT' N, Master.
25-a J. E. Gorman, Clerk,
. II. T. CLARKE 4, BRO., Agents.
Entering Town Site.
The following correspondence will show
that the act f the lait legislature of the
Territory, designating the County Commis
sioners as the proper persons to enter Town
Sites, is not recognued by the Commissioner
It is a question of doubt whether tbe Judges
of Probate, or the United States Judges, can
be regarded as ''Judges of the County Court."
As soon as that doubt ia removed, notice wi.l
be given. In the mean time no entering of
towns not incorporated ran be made.
A copy of the act of the last Legislating
will be placed in the bands of the Commis
sioner, and. under the circumstances, th u
trie already made mav be confirmed.
JOHN A. PARKER. Register.
Land Office, May 19'.h, 1S57.
or the land orriCE, DATed
Land Orrice,
Omaha, April 15, 1857.
Under th "act of twenty-third May, 1844,"'
th "Judge of th County Court" ar given
th authority to enter "Town Site." In this.
Territory there are no such officer a "Judge
of tbe County Court," but th Legislators has
recognized tbe "County Commissioners"
the proper persons to enter "Town Site,"
and we Lave, in view of the spirit of the law
permitted such entries, in the hop that it
will meet th approbation of th Department
Very respectfully, your obed'nt servant,
JOHN A. PARKER, Register.
veyor, being now located at St. Mirys,
where he expects to make a permanent resi
dence, takes this method of informing th ci'r
izens, thaf he is prepared to do any surveying
and from bis long experience in the business,
be is able to give entire satisfaction.
St. Marys, Sept. 21, 1857. 5t48
Wi O H T
count of Lnmber bills, A.c. Th finder
will confer a favor and be suitable rewarded,
by leaving it at tb printing office, Bellevue.
Oct lt43
Job Printing.
NEATLY and expeditiously executed,
reasonable terms, t this Office.