Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, June 10, 1858, Image 4

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rini.urs,' Samson & aa
llcfo ft;ig;ijhuv
UOS '1' X, M A S S.
its aim ww.i. nr.
First! In Literature. ti leave no" province
tinrenreneiiteil. o while each t umber w ill
rniititin articles of mi ahs! racl and p,i uianent
Yalue. It will also lie found that !). healthy
appetite of thi mind for entertainment in i!s
ysrintis forms n Narrative. Wit, and Humor,
will not go unrarcd fur. The publishers wish
to say, also, that while native v. liters will re
reive the most solid pnr.nur.igcmeid, ami will
be mainly relied on to llll 1 he piijes of the
'AtLAlru, they will not hesitate t draw
from tilt foreign scourecs at their command,
M occasion may reipilie. nl lug rather on the
rotnpetcnry'of an author to treat 11 particular
uhject, than on any other claim whatever.
In this way they hope in mike the lr Pcriodi-raT-welcome
wherever the English tmiur is
prtken' or re an".
SraoxO '. In the t t (h Ant lite' lutein! to in-
elnde the whole domain of n k t ti . t i t s, ami
hope pr.Vilna.llf to make this crll leal depart
ment a true dm! icaness representative ol Art
In nil It various branches, without any regard
to prejudice, whether personal or national, or
t J private roiiKiil'M at Ih.m of what kind nofvcr.
Tiirnni In Po'iMc", the Ai f.Ml tc will lie
the orpin of no party clhpie, hut will hnncslly
endeavor to he the exponent of what its con
ductors believe to he the American H
will deal frankly with persons ami vvl h part
ies, ende.ivorsngtokecp el
ement which transcends all pi rsons ami par
lies Bnil which alone makes the basis of u
true and lasting national prosperity. H will
not rank itself with any sect of ANTir.s, but
with that I'odv of men which arc In favor of
Freedom, National Progress, and Honor,
whether public or private.
" As tin earnest of the material at their com
mand, they subjoin the following list of lilet
ry persons Interested in their enterprise ( wish
In tr it iii.vr'Ver to be distinctly understood.
Jhift they shall In.::; for support rm tvciv
Rim! of nhllllty' which desires t!ia avenue oY
their coliinm?, and in t'i" lennnvratlnn of
which they' shall be guided pun ly hy their
sense of Imrlnftid Merit : - - i
William II. I'reseotr, Ralph Waldo Emer
son, Win C Ilrvaiit, Henry W. Longfellow,
Ilev., r. H, llt' lje, T. '1. Nathaniel Haw-trlom,--"jotin
Ci Whittier, Oliver Wendell
Holmes, Janies R. Lowell, .1. Lothrop Mot
ley, George Win. Curtis, llerinan Melville,
lro(r. C. C. Fdton. I'ioiU I". .1. Child, I'. I'
Whipple. l'Minond Quiner, Author of Wcn
tfy. " Thomas V. Parsons, .1. T. Trow
bridge, Author of" Neighbor Jaekwood" &c.
Mrai II. Reerlier Stowe, Mrs. (Jaskill, Au
thor of " Until" " Mary Hurton" &.c. Mrs.
!,. Msrla Child. Mrs. M. Kirkland, Mrs.
like, . Author of Ida May, " " Caste, " ic.
Miss. Itose Trrrv. Wiklin Collins Author of
"The Dead Seeret", tec. (J. Utiflini Author of
l)octor Antonio " &.c. Shirley Hrooks Au
thor of " 'Aspen 4'ourt " F.. M. Whilty,
Author of " I'oll.ieal Portraits " Kc, James
Hannev Author of " Siupleton Fonlenov " Ac.
C. WI'hilleo Author of " Twice Married. "
Tlie I'uhlishcril will aim to have each num
ber of the msgainc ready iu time for distribu
tion and sale, in the more remote parts oi the
country, -on or before the first lay of each
month for which il is intended, '-
TKRMS. -uThi' At i.AKTicMoNTiit.v can
be had of Unnksellers. I'. riodleal Agents, or
from the Publishers, at Three Dollars a year,
or TwentvVive fonts a Number. -.
SnUcnlers remilting three dollars In ad
T anile, iX ill rn lv th work for one year,
r-osT rAin, in any part of tho United States
williiii auiH) milc
A liVieral discount made to wholesale deal
ers and to post-masters and others who act as
spent, to whom specimen inimlie r will be
furnished without charge.
The Publishers will tiot be responsible for
coulraoU made hy Hi-nts. All persons or
dering through that medium mut look to them
for their supply
All communications for the Atlantic must
be addressed to Hie Publishers.
to Ttt land orricrns is tiir t f.h ritori es
or Missr.soTA, tAsm and mtubaska.
"lY joint resolution of Conpress, approved
.13 March, 1)7, valid pre-emption claims on
Uie loth and Jtitlt sections, heielotore rescrveil
for schools, iu the Territories of Minnesota
Kansas and Nebraska, will be recognized
, It, Iu cases where the approved plat of
survey Iris not yet been returned, the declara
tory statement 'must he tiled within thki.f.
V'd. Where the phi li now iu the Keller's
Olfice, the declaration must be filed within
three months from the first i iti.katio.n or
'A failure to comply with this requirement,
will work a forfeiture of the claim.
n 3t-V Commissioner.
NO'lTCu is hereby piven, that the County
Commissioners of Sarpv county, will
meet on Monday, May lOlh, Ka8, at t o'clock
A.- M. ; at the house of Bemhart Myers, to
riew and locate, a ro id in answer to a Petit ion
to commence at a point near the residence of
said Beruhart Mors, where the load from
Ucllevae, intersect, ilie ruad lead
from Omaha, in Dor.plas county, to Cedar
Island in Sarpv county, thence to a point near
the residence of W. T, WliitUnnUu, thence to
the reijrnc6 of II. IL Saitih, thence near
the residence- of Oeorpe Swevil , to the most
practical route to Fairview. Said Commis
ioBrs will meet In the evenfn? of the same
day, at 5 o'clock at Kemh.irt Myers to hear
parties Interested in locating said rod.
On the roUvi:iR day." May lib, at 0
o'clock A. M-1 aabl Coinmissioners will meet
at Philander Cook's near Platte lliver, to
view and locate a road, piJposod ia Pel it ion
to raa from La Ph'f.e, aim.;; the Piatte lliver
bottom, next the blulls by C.lrlih's, H. II.
Smiths, and north of Snivels' to the S- I'.. cor
ner of See 10, Township 13, U.mpe 12, K. of
the 6th principal meridian. The Commission
ers will meet in the evening of the same Jay ,
at 5 o'clock at the house of Philander Cook,
to hear parties interested in anl roail,
n Thursday, May 13th, 13S, the County
Coininissiouer's of Sarpy County, will meet at
cUsubu Lovcjoy's at t) o'clock A. M. to view
and lcate a rosd, to commence a a point on
" th west line of the Bellevue Mission Claim,
theiics north-west by the most direct ami
Tractical routt, by way of the furks of the
big PappUlipn and We' pappillion creeks, to
Ilazeltou: thence t th north line of skid
oounty. at a poiut on the bortli ei.ta of Sec 13,
Township U, lUnge II
euntr Commissioiiers will then meet at Ueu.
ben Lovejoy's, in llellevue, in the evening of
the same day at i o'clock, to hear parties in.
By prior of the Count Commissioners.
Bsllevue, April Mh, 1VW County Cieik.
twenty-five WITNESSES;
Or. 1 1 in 1 or'r C tun utcd.
ir Pixjoil u iinl In (: (i Sure PirriiiUvn
against Vvunlrfi itinif litinh ,oct I
lil'.AD! HEAD!! liliAD!!!
Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!
JOHN S. I) VI' Is the Author, and the Hank
Note engravers all sav that he is the greatest
jiiillte ol' paper money lninp.
t' Til N l lll'. rilF.APF.ST!
i!!;rn:ii i n vn i nr. in;si!
rublislie.l wi'i'kly, '1 lie vshule only One a ear.
IIUF.ATFSI" IHCOVntY of th ptys"iit.
century for ilclect inj . onnl "rTeit ltank Notest
de-ici 'ihinp eveiv cenulne bill in existence, ami
exliibilinp nt a jjlance every coiinteireit in cir
c ul.i tion. Arranpeil so admirably that rrl'cr
i in n is esy an. I tidectio:i insl int.iui'ons. n
paes I o hunt up, but an simplified and a rranpe. I
tliat tlie merchant, banker and business man
van see all tit a rlance.
It has taken years lo tn.lkn perfect this
filll'.A T 1)11 )Vl.l!V. The urgent tieces- I
sit v for S'leii it work has huip been felt by
fPinnerei(il men. It. has been pnblishnd to
supply the call lor such a prevontive.nml needs
Im' to tie known to tie nniverHally patronlej.
It does more Hi in lias ever been attempted by
man. I'"di !ci ibes every bank note in tin .-o
dillcrent faiipitapes I'nulisli, French and (!er
man. Thus each may rea l the samo in hi i
own ivc tnnpTte.
Tr.IlM i. Tint p iper will be about 2S by 41
Inche i. and will emit aln the most perfect linuk
Nole List publisliod, toirinber w ith the rate nt
discount. Also ii lir.t of all the pi n ate It. ink
ers in America.
A complete summsrv of tlie Finances i f
Fuiope and Aineiiea, will lie published in each
edition, topether wilh all the important new i
of the day. Also IN I'l'.li l.S I I STOUIFS
from an old maniiseript found i.i the Fast, and
no where else to be found. It has never yet
appeared In print, and furnishes Ihe most com
plele history of Life, and describinp
tlie most perjdi xiiip p.oiilions in which the
Ladies and peiitlciuen of that country luc
been so often found. Tlice slories viiil con
tinue throuplioul tho whole year, and will
vrove th Most enlcr'.aiuiiievcr cllered lo the
public. , t
I" V" Furnished weekly In subscribers
at ?! .1 year. All letters must be addressed
to JOHN S. DYK. T1ro!er,
Futdioher and Proprietor.
3m13 70 Wall Street, New York.
Wholcsalo &; Retail Mcrchnnt,
COIIM II or MIN AND ClnEf.oriV 8l'Hi:KTS,
If AS just received and now has for sale, a
larpu assortment of selected merchandise
adapted to the wants of all in this new and
thri inpcoinmunity, which he can sell ase heap i
as can be ottered elsewhere so hisli upon the
Missouri river. His poods have been gelecteil
by an experienced purchaser, with special
reference to the circumstances and wants of
all classes of settlers in a new country. La
dies and penllemen, children ai d youth, all
can be supplied. Call and see for yourselves.
His stock consists of the followinp, anion; a
pleat many other articles he cannot now enu
merate : Aiiioup his
Dry Goods,
Mav be found Woolen and Satinet Cloths,
Cassinets, Tweeds, Cashmeres, Liiisej s, I
VI I !!.:! Wliil.. .lint lihie. C.i.liiaii I
I'laids. Cotton Ooods, Sheeliii'.rs and Shirtinps,
... . 1 T 1 - .1 - I ill I "I
i:ieacneu aiid . unie.iciieii. j.oi iiinj nunc,
Drillinps, Osnahurj, Ked-Tickin;, Hickory
Checks, &c, &r.
A beautiful assortment of fancy prints of
every varioty of style and patti rn. Oinphams.
Lawiis, Figured Alpncca. liomhaines, llom
bavetts, Shawls, Scarfs Handkerchiefs. Neck
erchiefs, Crape, Muslin, Edpinps, Ribbons,
&.C., j.c.
A well seleeten slock of S immer, Fall and
Winter ClothiiuT, consisting ia l'art of fine
Dress Coats, Pants and ets ; iilso, coo.l
Summer Clothlnp of all descriptions, and heavy
Clolhiupfor Fall and Winter use. Also, Shirts,
Knit Flannel Drawers and Undershirts, Socks,
&.C Mens' and Ilovs' Hats and Caps, or n
rious fashions, qualities and price.i. Hoots Ai
Shoes, thick and thin, polished and unpolished,
of every description, tor Men, Women, and
Children's use.
Crushed. Clarified. Loaf and Urown Snpar,
Molasses, Syrup Molasses, Colden Syrup,
Superior Teai Hio and Java Corl'ee, Sassafras,
Otnper, Pepiter, Cloves, Spice. Cinnamon,
round C.inevr. Nntmess, Pnutfs, lotiacco.
Cipars, Pipes, Soap, t atnlles, megar,
Pepper-Sauce, fce., &e.
A l.i rpe "assortment of I'loiir, f various
qualities and prices; Corn Meal and all (he
various products o the Farm and OanK-n;
Ilacon, Fish. Kiln dried Apples, Peaches,
Currants, Uaisins. fvc.
Stoves of various patterns, for Cookinp anO
Hatinp rooms, Stoe-pipe and I'.lhows. hr;,
and small Iron Ketilos, Fryinp Pans. Skill-t"
Hind-Irons, Shovels and Tonpues, Manure a u 1
II.iv Forks. Scythes. Shovels and Spades. Lot
and Trace Chains. Am s. Hammers, Pincers.
Iron anil Meel, ivnis. nore-ii.;isi, j-nex,
S...V.;, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives. I(a
zors, li itts and Screws, Handles, Kii"
Locks, i-c., A.C.
A general assortment kept
for househnk
Wash-tubs, Shakers Pails, Wood and Zinc
. Stole Leather, llarnen Leather, Cowhide,
Kip Skins. Calf Skin, Lininps and Morocco,
Saddles, Itridles, II liters, Lai iats, Circinples,
Itelly-bands, Diivini-lines, Collars, Hack
stians, Uirths, lilind-brnlles. Kc, Jw,.
A pensral assortment of Medicines, for l
Fevers, Fever and Apne, an l the common I
rormilaints r-f the country. Cook's, Lee's,
Sappetiyton's, 'Irarp's and Javnes' I'il's. tni-
i ine, '1'onics. and various kinds of SMmulants, I
Anodynes, Liniments, and o' her article neces
sary for the sick and the invalid. 1-f ki:i"! "
TOH.V T. 1IOHN & CO., i,arlh Prin'irp
il Odiee, U llevue, havs on hind shovels,
Hoe, Spades, J-orks, Haines, anil a general,
sisortmeiit of Tools. Call and fee. j
1 sisor
'uly, IS, llaT. 3w3d
rcT.T! iTVnnr) TTOTFl Ti
a ixvuooi), ioir.1.
ClothinjjS nothings flotliSns!
Clo'hingof the l.itei Fashion, at
J-weVh, l5?:. nil.
Nrw EvciAthlnc1, ft tho Oil Stand of
' SAl.f'V e. I'Nrl.lsU.
H AS tiie liquor to iid'or. i Hi" oph? of Hie
i Sou' hern District of Mo nj is ai.d the inljoi'i'
inp count ies, lie is now open.
I iiu: one of the larn sl Stocks of (.OOlJS ever
I biou.'il't to (.IcnwooJ, .Mills county, luwa,
consul inp or
DUV (Jtioi).
II Alt I) VV A III:,
oils, paints,
t;l l.l'.Nsn'A III',
I.I. I Mi lt,
I lit IN.
dv K-s-nrn s,
wir.!.tv v ai;i:,
1U.ADV-M A hi: CI.OI IIINii,
C A I! IT. VI I'.UV Tint! S,
And everytliinp thai may l e found pent.'! ally
in city rIctc all of which lie will sell
ciir,i roil cash.
r;r am. kinds of coi n i hy ruo-
Dl't'l". la sen in i xchniiu'e for (iooilx. Iluy
ers from town nr coindrv winliiiiLT siod an l
cheap Coods, either ?t. wholesale or retail, 1 1(
Will Have nioui y by rallii.p and exatnlnlnp bis
slocn before nirchasin elsewhere, ns thev
will find ;T'iod I' irir.iiiis and fair dealing,
til.KYO0ll, Iowa. no 1-tf
L. Huckolls & Co.
Collcclions ini'de ill Iowa, .Nebl.iska nd
K.iiis.i.i, and lemitlcd at current i it's of ex
ciiaiif'.e, I ree of chate.
Loan el!e
s. at
Wi s i ri:N li.vri.s of
recni r y.
Farms, Town I
boiu'ht .I'.d sol I.
s and I'liiini roved Lauds
T.ivs paid in any
also in Nebraska an. I
Notes bought anil
um!v in the State
Ivans. m.
Money loaned on
1 1 1 L . I St paid on Special l)cpm;M,
Laud Warrants houpht and sold.
Special iitlentiou piven to tlie selection and
rnliy ol Lands for seiilers or di-Uant dealers,
rillier with LhiiI Warnintsor money, in Iowa,
iNybi.isk.1 or knits is.
We cliarte '1 en Dollars per One Hundred
and Sixty Acres, and make reasonable deduc
tions, when enterinp larpe i i.'inlitie.i. Win n
Laud Warrants are Hent, Xo and a Half
Cents per Acre, tho Lanl O.liec Fi e,
accompany the Locating I ce.
When Warrant are sent, the N'o'a of War
rants, date, to whom israied and as.i:;ued.
should be copied and retained, to guard against
loss in mails.
Ilemittances to in, can be made i: Drafts
on any of the Fastcru or Sonterii Cities.
We w ill enter Laud with Warrant or Cash.
I pay all Foes, Taxes and Commissions, for
one mini ol the puns proms, acrruin Irom
the p;,e of the Land all expenses to come out
of our third of the proliis. Our arrangements
are such mi can enter Lands in all the
Odices in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. A
competent surveyer always in readiness to find
and select choice Lauds, Cov I'iki-P". Hock
(juAHKiF.s, Mill itks, Mineral Tracts,
Within the tiel twelve months there will be
offered for sale in Nebraska and Kansas, Two
and a Half Million Acres tit' Land, compris
ing the best portions of tlrisa Territories, and
exlendin;; alonp the Misscuri River, from the
Mouth of Kansas lliver vi the line f the
State of Missouri, to the Mouth v L-e.iu
(ini-ronr River,
We solicit foreign Capitol for investment.
Investments properly made in Western
Lauds n ud Tow ii Lois, ui h now pjyii.g from
twenty-five to lour bundled per eeni.
We believe that persona patroiii.inp our
firm will li.ii e peculiar advantages over al
most any c i ! 1 1 i in this Country. We were
ninonp the tint Pioneers of this vast and
prowinp country and are intimately acquainted
wi'h nearly rt cry portion of Western Iowa,
Nebraska and Kansas, and believe we will he
nbhMo rend r sat'.sl'iH'tion iu all buaincs en-
RF.I'F.Ur.NCFS; John Thompson; Hope,
Craydon &. Co.. New Yonc City; Wood, H.I
ron J: Co., Philadelphia ; Straight, Deininp Si
Co., Cincinnati. Darby fc Harks. laic; Humph
reys, 'Putt Terry ; Crow, McCreery t t'o.
St. I.otii ; Isaacs it Almond, Leavenworlh
City, Kansas; Oieene, Weare A ltentoti,
Council Klutl'i, Iowa; Henn, Williams Co.,
Fairfield, Iowa; Charles II ndl ie. Iturlin J'ou,
Iowa : Hon, A i. Hall. K.'osa i.i ie, Iowa ;
Hon. James Crait'. St. .losenli, Mo, ; Hon. A.
j S. I'ul'on, WyUosville, Ya ; Hon. F. McFull-n,
I r.s'ihille, Ya.$ Hon. 1'. Ferpusoii, Chief J us-
tice, I'ellevne, Ne'ir.iska.
I lilciivvood. jMdls Co.. Iowa. . C',-tf.
W. H. STAB!' & CO,,
t lid r.srectfiill; ii form the ladies nnd p-en-tl
n il of (luiati i and vieiur v. that they have
on hand and are iiianiUact irinp a complete
Of the Vc-t ount;ty, and warranlcd; compri
sing tlie i.illowin r. :
Ladies' Fine Lace and Congress Ciiters.
" " Ki I liootecf. and Congress (jailer.
' Slippers and Pannii Ties.
Heavy rdoroceo and Caif lioolceg.
Nlisses' ' k;
C. i.V Sewed Kip and Calf Foots.
. Pe-ed
' Fine I'ren -b or,i 11oot.
" Water Proof an Hjuilted-Uottomr to'-s.
" P.i'ent Calf Hunts.
(Mori Ties and (..liters.
ail l ,111 S.'ioes.
Rovs a-.d You'hs' Uiii U.-o's ar 1 r.rc 'ir.s.
All of which are n.ide of the best material
the market nirrJ. Our fieiiiiies for select
ins are nnnrpasc,l hi Cistern citii-s, and we
wish it dis'i.ic'lv mi lersto' d that we
"Warrant Every Article Wo Soil.
We have the best of workmen ia our em-
ploy. Every ttyle of Boot or Slice made to
older, and warranted an easy and fashionable
fit. Respec. fully,
no l"-if W. 11. STARK it CO.
Greene, Weare & Benton,
I J and Land Agents, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
. ies a mi liins co'.iec'.ei ant reinrte,i to any
part oi the United S!Me. Money receiv ed oil
; ,!ep,.si, and interest allowed. 'Eastern or
So.illn rn DiafN furnished in sinus to suit pur. ts. Laud OTice funds paid for Curi encv
I cr hills of Exchange. I.oius eif-cted on good
security. Taxes pai titles examined, and
1 lr Estate bought and sold on Commission.
UnriU nit0IVl fr s, t,iers and time give,, fr
psyirent. Olilce oppon'e the I'aciiic House,
i in west lower room or l.nnd iilllce.
i Kri r : F. S. .lesnp Si Co.; W. J.
j Barrey .v, Co., 11 iukei.s,Diibiiipie, Iowa ; Cook
j fc Sir'er.t, l'.ankers, Davenport, : Cul-
brton .V lno, Bankers, Iowa City, Iowa;
People's Rank, New York City; Ketchem,
lingers ft lle iiiet, Hanker, ftc'.v jui'fcOtvj
Seiko", Will r 4. Ci., Vrashingtoi , D. C".
Hon. Clin. tason, Com. f P-'ents, Wash,
ii.gton, D. C. t Hen. A. 1. Podge, S. U. S.
Burlington,; Hon. ll W. Jones, S. U.
S , Dubuque. Iowa ; lion. Joseph Williams
Chief Jiih'ice, Muscatine, ! .va.
Cax Bin ST., Oct. , H08 1-ff
l'oii 1s."jSvoi in.
prvorfn in
Wes'cni Aprirub ute. I Im I n nil ul e, M.-clian-ics,
I'.ducatioii, Literature, Markets,
and Ueneral News,
ninrn nr
JOHN A. KFNNICOTT, Concs'ind F.Jitor
AX'-lSTI'.rt )1Y
Over Five lluiidicd Pr.iclical Farmers nn.l
M"cliaiii'-. who have heretofore written,
and will continue, wi: h many others,
to write for tlie benefit of their
brethren and the public.
The '"Prairie Fanner'' is devoted lo the In
terest of the Western Fanner and Mechanic.
It is the O,!o! Agricultural Paper in the
We! is published weekly in quarto form, for
biiidiii'T is (harae!erie,l by a hid) moral
tone labors to promote the interests and :d
anceinent of ihe wiim.r. of the family, and
to ilevr
fop (lie A trri.' ul! hi al liesonrces ol Uio ;
A special and competent Commercial
Reporter is employed to pivc accurate Market
eporis weeklv. It is essentially thk l.uinly
paper tor (lie W et.
1 copy, I year, $1 in advance, or $1.50 at
the cn.l oT I he year.
It) copies, 1 year, fr'.I.OO free copy to
the person sending ciuh.
JO copies, 1 year, $l.'iiui free copy to
the person Bendinp i lull.
Till copies, 1 year, $3."t.( free copy to
tb" person sendinp ciuh.
f 3,' All old suhsciilier sending TKN nkvV
ones, or will receive use copy one
('. V S.ihscrijrtiot.s at (be club rates inunt
be paid invariably in advance.
I, -J" Subscribe now. You want, and need
"The rarmei."' We want vn to have it.
(., Current money may be sent by mail at. ,
our risk, provided the lelt'Ts are 'registered.''
;'V"A ddress ''Yalley Farmer,"' otfiee cor
ner Chestnut and 2d streets. St Louis, Mo.
ryf Advertisements, of an riptuopriate
chaiacli r, inserted at ten cents per line' each
insertion payment in advance.
" "("; on v. -s cm r. a t i : sf iVfT'oIitT"
still r.nrvTKn attwactioss
Will be oie red in
FOR is;,t.
'Iliis work has been the standard for twenty
seven years. When an imitation has henn at
tempted it lias failed. It is
Ilnvv to drss with Taste. Children's.
Clothes How to cut and contrive them.
Painting on Glass. Patchwork. The Dress
maker and Ihe Milliner.
Drawinp in all its variety, useful lo the be
pinner and the proficient.
Fashions from the establishment of the cel
ebrated llrodie," will be in every number.
I'vcrv-day Actualities A new series of
these illustrated articles will be tjiven.
Point, Urussels, and Yenetiin Lace of
everv variety. A specimen of tlie stitch to be
used in each will bo given. In addition to the
One Hundred Tapes of Reading will be
piven monthly.
God'y's Splendid Fntrravins on steel.
Loudon, Paris and Philadelphia Fashions
Gorh y's four figured Colored Fashions.
Embroidery Patterns, Model Cottages,
Dress Makinp with Diaprims to cut by.
Dres3 Pa i terns Infanta' and Children's
dresses, with descriptions how to make them.
All kinds of Crotchet and Nuttinp work.
The Nurse and the Nursery Yery excel
lent articles upon these subjects will often be
MUSIC Three dollars' worth is given
every vear.
In" the various numbers" for lS.Irt, will be
found the newest desipns for
Window Curtains, Broderic Anplaine Slippers,
Bonnets, Caps, Cloaks, Lvenilip Presses,
Fancy Articles, Head Dresses, Hair
Dressing. Robes lu ("ramble, Car
riape Dresses, Brides' Drcs.i
cs, Wreaths. Mantillas,
Walking Dresses,
Killing Habits,
and Morning Dresses.
Dresses for Infants and Misses,
Boys' Dresses, Capos and Cloaks of Fur in
season. Patterns for Needle-work of all kinds
and lnitteriis to cut dresses by ore piven
Crochet and Netting Work in Colors, Slip
pers in Colors.
Dravvinp Lessons for Y'oulh.
Send in vour orders soon, ns we evpect oar
list for 1:7 will reach lOO.O(M) copies. The
het plan of suhscribinp is to send your money
direct to the publisher. Those' who send
larpe amounts had better send drafts, but
notes will answer if drafts cannot be pro
cured. We think we cm show how much cheaper
it is to take the Lady's Book at Three Dol
lars than nny other mapazine at Two Dollars.
We will take a late number of both, 'ihe
Two Pollar Ma-Mine contained 3d aitieles,
the Lady's Book fi2.
The Two Dollar Mapalne contained 32 en-
eraviiijrs, the Lady's Boole ftli.
The Two Dollar Mapainc contained CI pa
ce, the Lady'a Book ICO.
Twenty-four more en;raviiips, twenty six
mole articles, and thirty-Kit inure pavs,
nearly double the quantity. The lowest ciuh
iriee'of the Two Dollar 'M.ipa.ine is MJ'i ;
lowest ciuh price of Lidy's Bonk l,ii7, only
12 cents diilcrenee in the price, which is three
n tul a half cents on each number, and for that
sum (thiee and a half certs), you receive
tweny-sis more articleg, twenty-four more
engravings, and thirty-six more papes month
ly certainly a very cheap three and n half
cents' woith. This view of the case has
probably never before been presented, but it is
a true statement, which any lady can con
vince herself of bv comparing the'two maga
One copy, oi.e year, Two copies, one
year, $ . Three copies, one year, ti.
Five copies one year, and an extra ropy to
the person sending the club, making siv
copies ,10.
Fi;ht copies one year and an extra copy to
the pe,s,,n sending the club, making nine
co; ies !.".
Eleven copies one year, and an extra enpv to
the person sending the club, making twelve
copies $-.'t).
'1 V Tlie above terms cannot be deviated
from, no matter how many Hre ordered.
God.y's Lady's Hook and Arthur's Home
Magainesjcith one year for $3 50,
Godev's Lady's Book and Harper's Maga
zine both one year for fit).
Godev's Ladv's Book. Harper's Magazine,
anil Arthur's Home Magaiint one year So.
The j ihe ouly way weciu tlub with
Harpers Magazine.
The money must all be sent at ons time for
anv of th Clubs.
Subscribers in ths British Provinces who
send for cluVs, must remit 01 rci.ts extra on
every subscriber, to pay the Auiericjn poxt
spe to the lines. Address.
k a. rionr.Y.
M3 Chesr.'it St., Ibilads., fa.
Tor 1850.
fplllE Cheapest Family .Newspaper ill the
.L Wet! The Weeklv Plibi Dealer will
commerce its Seventeenth Yohime on the 1st
f January, 1S.'i., It will continue th same
Independ' id, Jocose, Fcwiless, Fij'h'ing Jour
nal it has ever been. Dealing Plainly but k i tul -Iv
Willi all. It will battle lor the Constitu-
i tion and the Union, ns "The world's best trea
j sure and last hope." It will oppose Fusion
I ism in every form, and battie Iis-uniou in
every disguise. Of ji vipilanec as a Sentinel
upon the watch-tower of Liberty, it is suffi
cient lo say, that it has never yet been found
nappipp at i's port.
The New Volume will commence with a
New Year, hip with Important events. A
new leaf in the histoiy of this Republic, will
be entered, upon the Inniipiiratioii of a Hew
President and Yice President. Duiinp the
commp vear, the policy or the New .VlminiH-
trati'm wi
bc fullr unveiled in reirard to the
followins imivriant
and excitit,? National
topics: The Final S' ttluuent of the Kansas
Dilliculty, on which tlie whole Slavery cpies
tiou iu the Teiritniies is peudinp The Final
Settlement of the Central American Question,
hs apainst tlie claims of Enpland Our Hipi-.t
of Tiansif Acro-s (he I'hmus, and the recop
ni'inn nnd mnintainance of the Walker Re-
I public iu Ni:ara:na I he Danish Sound Dues
I lie A cii'usil ion of ( una I he AliueKntlon
j of Ilie
i Minne
Sandwich Islands 'ihe Admission of
'a as ,1' Admission 'T Orepon
sion (if Utah, wilh or without Po'y
Vliuissioii of K,iir a, with or '.vilhout
: Admi
Lri mv
, Slavery Probable Admission of Nebraska
j nnd Washington Territories The
i Message (if James Puchanan The linings of
i tin New D'.'iiiorr.U ic Conrevs, These are
. some of the leading events which will dislhi
; puish the inroiiiin. Administration, and most
of them will transpire duriup the rominp vear.
Chveland, from its central location, and
fro'n its rrrcat coneentration of Rail Roads.
Trleprapdis, and water coiiiinunicatiori with
thcvvoild, is admiited to b tint Best News
Point in the Wcsl. It can furnish intelligence
from nil parts of the world, davs ahead of the
New Yoik Papers, and the Plain Dealer, he
lonu'iiur to the New York Associated Press, is
the first to publish Ihi Foieigu and Domestic
Market. News, Disasters upon the Lakes,
nnd Commercial Intelligence penerally. It
will have Daily T'leraphic Dlspatrhf s" Troiii
Washington dttrinp the Session of Conpress,
and has repular Correspondents in all the
principal cities of the Fnion.
In addition to a full and faithful record of
passing event o, we intend to devote a consid
erable portion cf our paper to "Polite Litera
ture." Every Taper will contain a Story,
either original or selected, rvcompaiiicd with
the choicest variety of Miscellany, such as
Poetry, Discoveries'. Biopraphies, Jokes, Od
dilies. Sic., fce., mal. insr altogether one of the
most Valuable Family Journals in the We9t I
'"Prompt to improve and to invite,
We'll blend instruction with delisrhl."
f"V" Our Agricultural, Commercial, and
Telegraphic Departments, will each be worth
the subscription price of the paper.
The Brighton, New York, Baltimore, Cleve
land and Cincinnati Markets will be reported
Single Subscribers, $2.00
Clubs of Ten (tiijone Oflice) I.;i0
Clubs of Twenty (to one Olhce),.. 1.25
Clubs of Filly, " '" LOO
Pay invariably in af.vance. To the geltei
up of a ('l ib, one copy pratin.
iV" Tost-Masters are i specially requested
to act as Agents. They should in every case,
where possible, substitute Western Demo
cratic Papers for Eastern Fiiion Papers.
Those desiring the President's Message and
other Public Documents, can subscribe now,
or at any time before the fust of December.
tF Subscribers to the New Volume should
send in their names as early as the middle of
December, so that they ni.iy be registered in
time for the first number. All funds reclvcd
at current rates, and if ngistercd, mailed ei
our risk. Address
J. W. GRAY, Cleveland, O.
Prill.lSHLO AT
KvEHY YVl'.DNlnY HfoilMNri,
ly vi hup n.
We take tins occasion to announce to Farm-!
erg throughout the country, that it is the in
tention of the Editor ami Propiietor of the
Germantown Telegraph,' not only to con
tinue as heretofore the Agricultural Depart
ment of his paper, but scdulot ty to add to
its character and value by all uie means at
command. Ml necessary space shall b pro
vided for a ful record of ' Agricultural Details
and a full development cf every luaiiclj of the
Farmer's Pursuit. He will in future, as lie
has always heretofore, rim lo be practical,
and to be of real and substantial advantage
to husbandry. His coarse, also, will continue
to be thoroughly independent, and wholly nn
j biassed by any oilier motives than those he
I conceives to he promotive of the true interest
j of Agriculture iu it s broadest meaning. Neil her
individuals, cliipies, societies, or any other in
fluence Khali .''ive him from the path of
right and duty,
j Faiiio-rs, throughout the country, who de
jsiie a Newspaper, i ssucti weeklv," and equal
to any other family news and literary journal
piuuisneu, vv nicn maKes .igriculliire a speci
ality, will find tlie "derma n! own Telegraph"
to fulfill every condition, and to render it en
tirely unnecessary for them to subscribe for a
periodical exclusively agricultural.
Tractical Horticulture, Pomology nnd Gar
dening, generally, will meet wilh particular
As a Literary and News it shall
not be surpassed by rny in the country.
Neatly printed on good paper, of the largest
rlasi, it shall continue to he one of the hand
somest iicwspapcis of tlie day.
Every Family, in town or country, whether
they take other papers or not, will find the
'"Germantown Telegraph" to be worth, in lit
eral benefit, tw ice the amount of subscription.
No subscriptions received without the cash.
Pi ice Two Dollars in advance. Subscriptions
not paid within the year. $-.'.. 50. Mail sub
scribers will have the cath postage deducted
when rot exceeding 2." cts. per annum, pro
vided the t ul, script ion be paid strictly in ad
vance. Postage stamps to this amount will
be i (-turned as change with the receipt.
Any person fending five new subscribers at
one time, wit li the cash, will be entitled to the
paper for one year.
Specimen numbers sent on reques.
lHE subscriber begs leave to Inform tho
public, that he has now in operation, a
first ciafs Steam Ferry llellevue. N. T.
st the point known as old TrHer'e Point Ferry.
The lioat is one of the best on the Missouri
lliver, and every exertion will be used to
Me il,e pnbke to cross the Riv with
and dixpatch.
ron sim:.
A valuable timber Claim of IfVlarres, with
in three rri'.rs of Bellevue Citv, for tale. En
ij.iirs at tin Office. ' rdJTtf.
'ia. Scauu Irrangrmcnt. "5s,
or the
Repular St. Louis, Council Bluffs Omaha
City, Sioux City, and Iowa Point Packet
for Sioux City, Omadi, Senrpent's PhifT U'
if.'.n'' Hf0' '"'"''r.Oinaliii City,Coun"
Blun,, llellevue, St. Marvs, Wvonmip cTy
Nebraska Citv. 1 li,,U n,,,....". m. 7
.... .... iriimur, .-u marys, w vomuie Citv
.'ras,r.a-.CiV. Li,"tle,n. BrownVille Rock-
port, White Cloud, Forest Citv, Orcc
Iowa Point, Savannah. St. Josenh. etc
f I1IIE entirely new, very light draught, and
J. superb freight and passenger steamer
SIOUX CITY. Baker, Master, Ims con,-'
meiiced running as a regular packet to the
above and all intermediate points, coiitinuine
in the trade during the season. 6
The Sioux City, as her name Implies, was
built expressly lor a Sioux City paekct. under
the especial supervision of Captain Baker
who, in her construction, has spared neither
trouble nor expense to make her a No. 1 Mis
souri River steamer, and one in nil respects
most udmiraby adapted to the wants of the
river. She will he found, as regards capacity
for business as well as the superiority of her
passenger accommodations, inferior to no
boat in the trade, and as such Cant. Baker
takes much pleasure in prcsei ting her to the
favorable consideiation of his frie-.ds and
acquaintances, and the public generally, hon
ing to receive at their hands a continuance of
that generous patronage for which he j8 i.
debted during a series of years, while in com
maiul of dillerent boats in the river.
Shippers may rely upon having their frcipht
handled with the greatest care and dispat. h
and passengers are assured upon the Sioux
horn' f be"'S 'ade t0 fCCl alvva--' 1uito at
l!l H. T. Clarke fe Bro., Agents.
1S5S. Season Anangtmnt.
Regular St. Louis and Sioux Citv River
Tor Lexington, Kansas, Leavenworth City,
Weston. Atchison, Doniphan. St. Joseph
Iowa Point Forest City, White Cloud',
Brownsville. Linden. Nebraska City, Plaits,
mouth, St. .Mary's, nnirVlle) Omaha, Coun
cil Bluirs, Decatur, Blackbird, Omadi', Sear
gents Bluff, Dakota, Sioux City, Florence,
Pacific City. Covington. Logan, St. Johns,
Concord, Niobrarah and Fort Randall.
fTlHE well known light draught freight and
,r,i,?7,,!.io"'',bl0 Bassenger Steamer
OMAHA, ha ntnr resumed her trips in the
above trade, (and all intermediate points on
the Missouri river,) and will continue thtm
with her usual regularity thro' tlie whole sea
son. Thankful for the very liberal patronage be
s'owed upon the Omaha the past season, ws
trust, by strict attention to business, the
wants of fchippcrs, and comforts of passen
gers, to merit a continuance of the same.
J. J. WILCOX, Clerk,
21 D. T. Claiikk & Bno., Apents
38. M;1S0 ARRANGE NEXT '58.
Regular St Louis and Sioux City Missouri
River Packet.
For Lexington, Kansas, Leavenworth City,
Weston, Atchison, St. Joseph, Savannah,
Iowa-Point, Linden, Nebraska City, Bclle
vue, Council Binds, Omaha, Florence, De
Soto, Omadi and Sioux City.
rPIIE ""w, light draught and
Vrftfy X elegant passenirer Steamer
S3SrE. A. OGDETvT. Wm. Thomp
son, Master, will, on the opening of naviga
tion, commence running as a regular packet
to the above and intermediate points. The
OGDEN is furnished with all the modern
improvements for the Missouri river trade,
and every convenience for the comfort nnd
safe transportation of passengers, and her
ofheers respectfully solicit a share of busi
ness, and feeling confident from their past
experience and knowledge of the wants of
both passengers and shippers, that they shall
be aide to render entire satisfaction to those
who may favor them with their patronage.
For freight or passage apply to
21 H. T Clarkefc Bro. A-ents.
"sruixu .UiRANmioT.
Regular Packet for Kansas. Leavenworth,
Weston . St. Joseph, Savannah, Iowa Point,
Nehr.ska City, Bellevue, Council
BlulTs, Omaha and Florence.
1 '??'?S TIfI' new and elegant Passenger
MVtV-1vO' Sloitinor ITInrnna T Thrneb.
i MTigisilLJinoiton, Master, J. E. Gorman,
Clerk, will commence her trips as a regular
packet in the above trade, on the opening cf
navigation in tlie spring, and will remain in it
throughout the season.
The Florence having been built under the
superintendence of the nneerslgned, expressly
for the trade, is of extraordinary strength, and
well adapted lo it in every particular. A rea
sonable share of the patronage of shippers,
and the public generally, is respectfully soli
cited. J. THROCKMORTON, Master.
2J-8 J. E. (ioil.MAN, Clerk,
II. T. CLARKE & BRO., Agents.
Entering Town Sites.
Tlie following correspondence will shov
that the act of the last Legislature of ths
Territory, designatinp the County Commis
sioners as the pioper persons to enter Town
Sites, is not recognized by the Commissioner
of the Land Olfice.
It is a question of doubt whether the Judges
of Probate, or the United States Judges, can
be regarded as "Judges of the County Court."
! As soon as that doubt is removed, notice wi.l
: : l .1.- -'.-!...
no m,rii. iu mo iitfnn urns no rnieruiQ wi
towns not incorporated can be made.
A copy of the act of the last Leglslatms
will he placed in the hands of ths Commis
sioner, and, under the circumstances, the en
tries already made mav be confirmed.
JOHN A. PARKER, Register.
Land Oflice, May Path, ls07.
or Tin: land orrice, DATed
Lanp Orrice.
Omaha, April 15, 185T.
Under the "act of twenty-third May, 1814,"'
the "Judges of the County Court" are given,
the authority to enter "Town Sites." In this
Territory there are no such officers as "JudpfS
of the County Court," but the Legislature has.
recognized the "County Commissioners"
the proper persons to enter "Town Sites,'
and we have, in view of the spirit of the lavs
permitted such entries, in the hope that it
will meet the approbation of the Department
Very respectfully, your obed'nt eervanty
JOHN" A. PARKER, Register
c. r. ii. roiiuESi
J veyor, being now located at St. Marys,
where he experts to make a permanent res'
I dence, takes this method of informing the cit
j izens, that he is prepared to do any suryeyinp I
and from his long experience in the business,
he is able to plve entire satisfaction.
rit. Marys, Sept. 2J, 1!S37: a""
counts of Lumber bills, Lc. The finder
will confer a favor and be suitable rewarded,
bv leaving it at the priuUnj; office, Bellevue.
Oct a U4
Job Printing.
NEATLY and expeditiously exeented,
reasonable trns, at this OfT.ce.