Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, May 20, 1858, Image 3

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    (Jmi at JJalloox. itiMij.r nv
Pnoi'. UV't Tot J lm Wi,.',''i.f
my, fxii'n-ivi ly Kmimvii for ln many mio
rtnfbl iril ihriNiiift turonautic Voyaoya
ikI ili.ici'vi'ij'7 , Jftt L"UCiii;r yrs:i tduy
for, VVuulnust 'ti t-i' y . to wake prepratiohe
for a serios of l ie in t extensive ari l in.
torpsiinp; b:iM('0:i exptTiiniM.U ever it
n -sicJ m mir. co miry. Mr Wiae Lit
b ni fn '-15. J io in iW these experiments
for ih" 8untrisMiiii Ifi.,iituti',' with instru.
nu-iits provide I'V it for th purpose. II
Tilt N,iys )V, r.uviv. d I..m;8 '
r j.-r3 Ui D f 1 1 f llu-lthli. 'it y'v-1
l liil lio liiiiir iuiuT :f nit H.-ltiii M 'ii '1i;iii ;
Lu.iul for Utah liml arii.l ,t Si. Lm,l3y tllC FrCSldCllt Of tllO
in three iinys up 10 tin lOt.i, two-uiinls of Unit C(l OlcltCS.
mil! lur ripvin lott i-v
tho nut: her hnviii'r left l-v 'tertunTs for
Tori Jj-uvi'uwortli, nu-.l tli other wipiM
I'MivimI.c iv tiliy. S v-ral Shiim Fe iiti;r
chi't I nd n rut il I-i c euvm; in. tin v
s- n I r r tl ini'ly fr mi -"in ninl rU
weather. Evii vtr iin Iwi u gr atui" if
m' niii1 rtrraiiifiueii'i with the Ci!vOi r 'f horses mi l 11 Is All
Onnifiv for ft lihcnl sunnlv of irus for' the streams wim-. hiirli. hikI water rnwnul
hi u,o. One uf ihri e-xnernnenl. Mill the plains. The
consist of a sMimilron of lolloons in tin ixmi-d ih of"nntrly nil llieir nninnls,
sliane of a l-al'o n rr-ghtta. In another by the extreme cold wentlnT. The trass
one, ho will cut loose fro:n the balloon, 'wits tr-wd on ih rune. This ' rty ' iipM
uhuii two in l-s high, (leaving; the bol- , immense hi of lUf.i! pithiii a dilys
loon itirhargduf a compniiixii.) nnd des- tidu of the eitkiiiinl o kansaj
oerd m ith ft ra ivas a n Cor duct.
N pursuance of I.hv.I. J A MP's RrCIIAN-
AN, Prescient Mid ,1,11'pa. x:m ot
America, do lierehv ileriiru an.l irsue know
tint public sale will b hrU '. 'le i .tl''il
l;i iU (licfi in 'Ii-.' T rivtor' of
Ilobr isk t, at the periods desl.
llilt'd. lo wit 1
A ! tlUsia-.lUrn it BUjWN WILLE.
I ... 1 tr ,1,.,.., ... I rOIIIIIHMUMIIir lH ll'"llli, MM- lilXHI u.i; .
han met ly iht in U -1 af f.,r .i,,,,,,,.,! . 11..
I III VVI . ' -
Wlllllll IIIU 10IIU A lllg-IIMUICU
JVlr.. AVis ! 1 xi'cU 10 esialib'eli the pac-
Mn. Cnvucit i sniil t be rnsiirfd
liiiauility . of gi i 'in bnlliwus along tie in t c Niagara falls from U10
lines of telegraph, and by oihpr means ! American side, to match hi picture frutu
so a to be able to" stoer for and arrive nt the Canada shore.
n given point, with at much certainty . as 1 . 1 1
thins are maun to nnvi;;i:ti ht ocean nnd
carrv on commerce whh the torld.
tjster Timts. ' . ' . .
"Govenor Gilmer, of Georgia'' sosnvs
a Gerjian comri'nitor, " h1 a ra sion
for buying ad oru uf old iron
brcjlittn down wagons and rubbish,
he h id piled up in the yard, and under
the impression thai it would com l ) 110
sonic lima or,otlvir. fIt anuuyeJ liij wifa
escsslvHly'j'anu'one 'day wh n the Gov
ernor' was awny from home, she bail the
whole pile carted .oiT lo auctiou. It so
happened that, a, the am tiotieer had
put tip the lot, the governor va riding by.
A lie loolted at it, he d"i l.ired that he
had n lot tit, home in tvliidh t!ic;x5 was
tteycra) things U) match. He lid ten dol
lars, and the whole concern was knocked
ilown to hiiri;; : A few days afterwards he
was aditdrlnnf Mr. Gilmer's new bonnetj
and diking her its'coit,. trhc hiud'Twi
dollar j,'lubiinJ . the same ten you paid
for your old iron, and if you don't clesn it
out of the yord, I fchall sell h 'aaih!"
I IX WIT T L. DO iV I'. V, Mivr of (he
City oC Bpllt-va", do h r b' i'S i i by pro-
i.liim ili.111 1 In tlii vii' or t ut I hit Pit V tlf lli'l
truc!, i v ip, lliiit an r.iiclioa will ln li''M m tlio fii Jt
which Mjnuav in June. . i.px". H'-attli" Sjhnnl
llonm in II IU'TUp, for the p'irjcn9 of elf-clinij
a Mayor, 'pr AliJTiusii a Hscoiunr, Ireas
urrr. Ait'trswir. it nil M.imliaM.
The noils to b ouinil at nine o'clo'k A. M.
and coalinuo oiie i 11 lil f' ir oVIock P. M.
i.r. vvnT Lt uovi;y.
Altit AKGE M KjSTS !
(G 13 iD S
Mew , PrSccs I
t piIH partnership he-p'ofori yi3!i under
1 tin- name of VM. C. AT.R I.L CO.
in this dav diHSolved by mutual consent, and
the bii"infsa will he coinbirtrd hefafHT by
Win. C. Avrill, who is an'.hori.ed to icltle all
accuiiuls cf the late firm.
vm. c. wr.rm.T..
BelVvne, May 11, 13S1?. 2rj
fTlllHheU lluilirnrisii Hrsss Seed.
I! ndieU llumrnrisn flrsss Seed, at
!d5 n.ARKK fc BRO S.
Madame OasiNi. Madime 1 Orsini
lms left Paris 10 return to the Italian vill
age where she has long been rstLli.-h?d ai
sclonhuictress.- Friends of Italian liberty
helped lo anminister all the comfort that
RS. J. E. NYK.. will cn:nmnce
School in Ilellcvift, Ui? first Wednrat V
lay In their flower bV 'subscribing band- i jne, to be continued for a term of twelve
8i)meiy tiiUiifiAviiiow! anaatqerh'ss, ani weeks. .
su.n of AisOO franca was nlactd in Mad- For tl.a ftrst rudiments of reading and .pell
....xVSr V..-.I, - ;.c.i... in?SI.0.
auie t)r.-ini's hau ls at die. tuomitit of de
paruve, to which the principal subscribers
ar Euglih. .: '. " " ' .
nd . Aceril
Th rej'dar . mnrtifiirii' bf
U r. So. 181. of Tree h
V SMisont, siiMbehKll at M.ion4e Hall.
mi. the eCoiifi nnH t'mirlh Tuesday evenings of
ch uionUi, at l) 1-i o'clock.
, ,i ,-..' - L. It. KINNRY. AV. M.
. ; ' i. 0. 0. r. " -
;T?ha 're-ralar rncf'.ijis of Bii'.lcvue Lo.'.je,
No.' 4. wiQ be hold ou S.iljifclay , evening of
e.cH week, at ,7 o'clock, P. M....Xrotuerj of
Uje rder w'oo in .0 ir city on that,
evcn'uis. are rexpectr al'v inyit"d to attend.
' . S. A. STRICItL.VNU, N G. ..
.r,' M., DAY KN PORT, Src'y...
Common ., F.nsllisli branrhe, Arilhratic,
Gi.tniiiwrnr Gcoerap' v, $3,(!U.
Hi her F.iielish brandies, or Trench, $G,00.
li.'llevuo, May 13, 1RT.
NF.ff and vrv d'sirabV
vT H'Hisc. rontnii.p f r rooms, and cllsr,
pnlilio Units
townships, ii i
,Vu(7i tf tht bain l!nc ant fjsi of tht
aii.lijjiintipu! iitcrilian.
That part of township OltO iMtslde of the
Sac and Pox. and Ha't Ureetl, Nemaha icjtcr
vation, of ranee I7t
The parts of townships l.?. 3. and t out
side of the Sic and Ks, nmi 11 ilf llrred, N
m n ti n reserratlon, and fmctional towuahip
5 nnd ii, ot ramte Hi.
That part of township cmoo i'sideof the
Sac and I'ox reservation! U'vcnhip 2, the
p ut of townships 3, in d .", o itside of ttie
lla'.f lli'-ed, Xem ill reservation i and trnc
tional township 0, of riiipe la.
Tli.'t pari of townsliip onO onisuin oi i:ie
S nnd Kox resei va1 io i lownslini 2, '.i, and
1; Hi." part of township 0 onlsi.iu of tli
llair llreed, Nemaha reservati li and town
stlip tl, Of frtliRe 11.
Townships I, '2, I. nnd "f r "'2" '''
Towastiips 1,2, 8, l. ft, and i, ot rnne 1.'.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4. o, and ii, of rane 11.
'I'ownstiips 1,2. :i, 4. i, ami U, of rain;' l.
Townsliipa 1, 2, 3. 4, f, and i's of rant 0. (
At thi land otlice at NEBRASKA
CITTf, commencing on Mond iv, (lie PlXtll
diy orScpterabcr nexf , for the disp-.s-Hi
or the public lands within the following
namfil townships, vir. :
.Vori o f tht tiiieliiie and ca? oie
tirA principal meridian.
Tract! mal townships 1 and H, of rante l"i.
Townifiip 7. and fractional townships 8,
10. 1 1, and 12 of range It.
'Tawcshliis 7. s,t 10, u. nnd U. audfrac-
tionaf frwnOiin 13. of range i:.. i ...:!'"-.
Townships 7, .!, H, and II, and fractional
townships 12 hiuI 11, of rang 12.
Townships 7, 8, 11, 10, and 11, and fraction
al loViishi, 12, of range U.
Townships 7. H,9, PI. and 11. and fractional
towii'ihip 12, n, and 11. nt rang 1".
Townships .7, 8, and IS, and fractional
township II, la, and Hi, of range n.
At the land offiV at OMA.IIA. CITY
rominenclMir on Mivmia v. Hie BlXtrl atyOii
September next, for thn disposal of the
public lands within the lollowing-nained town
ships, vl :
Wurlh of the baxr lint and tost of tht
sixth priiicifHtl meridian.
Fractional townships 13, II, 13, and 10, of
r.Vilfe 11.'
Fractional townsjils 13,11, la, 10, end 17,
of range 13. '
Fractional townships 12 nnd 13, tnwnhip
11,1ft, nnd l'l. and frac.lo'ial townships 17,
IS. TJ, and 20, of range 12.
''Fractional township 1 1, townships 11, 14,
la, lo, 17, nnd H, and fractional township
19 and 2', or rngi U.
Fractional tiw.iohips 12, 13, and 11
rilllF. imdersltaed aia new opening Ihe
1. largest and beat selected, assortment of
Spring and Simmer goods, ever before oll'eied
in market) for the irulh of this, we in- it o
the Ladies and (ientliinvn to call nnd see
th it this is no Ntwa Paper pnlf, no fiction, no
g ass
Rat truth In rea'by,
Tven hi Nebraska
Tlierernra roms one, come all, aim David will
bn on hand in hi usual good humor to wall
on all, l.adie la pari ie.ulnr.
F.very thing may be round in the simps of
choice dress cuods fwr Spring nn Hammer at
C1 UUL'tUlJ'-S of vry decription, cheau at
r i i i. m i- tfiNNi.v tt c:o
,hie, gonl ami warranted ut
JOO l'3 and
variety at'
and Slipii"rs of every
Till', uiiilei signed hive opened, a lariC
Snd rconmodlo is iiew store, nn the turner of
M tin and 2 'h Street, In llelltvne, where a
varied assortment of Uoods may be found
Anmttg them aie
Sui;h as
Iiiown MatMn,
Shlrtlnr. ,
Flotlery, if
KlIOVK.r.'s. II A Y-FORKfl.
Together wl'h a nnsntityiif
BOOtS c&S 31X00 3
Segsrs, Rakes, Ropes, llotso'collars) Carpet
sacks, Window Sash, lloora,
Toliocco, ijiifeiisnrc, i Glassware. 1 louf,
Crarkcr nnd a great .many more artich.'.
They keep constantly un hand, a large at'
snrliuciil ol good
X I ur nml l.lqiiora, ,
lYa-frttiffd Ilia best quality t cheap for cash,
n:mr J.' p. morn co.
Glass and leensware, rheap at
II! AVE liefn very indulgent wl'h mv custom
er about fffiyliitf "P. omtirr.e this prin
cipel censes to be a virtue I will now notify
nil to coirenp to the rack anil settle old scores
immediately, and von will very much ubiiga
Your obedient servant,
lh'.f 1 H. KINNEY
loc 'led on Jollerson S.reel,
q iire of (3t25) ' T.
For term, in-M.'MrCORD.
. ..Miill AvraitSPiueiits"
.Tiedv, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6
o'clock, P. M. '"''.' :
' . ;: CLOSES 1 f ' '.
Ssndavs',' Tuesdays, and ThnrsJays, at 9
6cloek,'P, M. '
';,-VVt:3TF;UN MAIL ,:.-u
-- 'e "-I aaaivBi
srTuesdavs. TJuirsdays, and Saturdays, at a
tVclock, P. M.j. : . I
CLOSES ..-. .......
Tiiesdavs, Thursdays, and Sundays, at 9
'elock, P. M. '
l-::r..ii . . SOUTHERN" MAIL. !
k" .. I
t,,, .... .. , , ARaiVRl
: Tn'eadays, and Saturdays, at 10 clock,
,:M.C'.l l f . J' ! 1 '
,i ;s:' ,eiXi(S. ' .a ' r.
Monda'ys,' ahd Prilaysal 3 o'clock, P. M.
-. cm in it
I- r.T'f ERS of Adiiiluis' ration on lh estate
i of, John Ray late ot Sarpy county, de
ceased ; having been granted to the a' bsci iber
residing in riiTli'Viie, lie hereby gives notice to
all persons indebted to said estate lo call and
settle the kaine, ami those having claims
against the estate are requested to present
them properly until Miticated for settlement.
Went Market
Chanced Hands.
chased or II. Cook Giitlith, his entlra
Interest In the butchering bnlnes, and will
lierenfter bo found ni bis old atuml. on Mls'on
'venue, east of Main K'reet, under K. M.
Pike's Grocery and Provision Store, where
they will be happy to wail upon hi old cus
tomers, and all other who may choose to
favor them with llielr pstronnge.
Oct. 8!. 6mSl CHARLES SIONF.i
svv'e 'l.s
..Mondays, had Fridays, at J o'clock, P. M.
-r r:.a ) T
rr-1 ! . " 1 s
.Tutadays, and
OUST- Sig-i a-i.l . Ornamer'al Pai i'.-r.
Irai i-r and Pa-er ll.ntT, j I I. exei-M'e
all trder'hi liis 'iS'tof nS' f.vt, neat, cheap
and quick. r Workjv uranttl . ,
R"tervnce:4j'oo, and iMvuporr. ,
SHOP a few Juo'rj north of tho Jlellcvne
House. ' '' ii.'. i'.' ; ' 'ittf '
Trustee's Sale.
WHEREAS ReUrrt a McEwnndid by hia
certain U-ed ofTrust, dated the Twen
ty Six'h day of October. YVl, and recorde d in
the olfice. of Register of lceds, In Sarpy
Co inlv, Nebraska Tenit rv, in Book H, Pate
237,coHev to Warren Green, the fu!oving
described land, I the undivided half of the
. . ... . . . an ... , -T t . . . MM I '
3 1-2 of w, i. or a w, aim .s n or r.
quarter of Sec. 1. In 'lowiislup 11, norm,
Range 14, East of the tith principal meridian.
Nebraska Territory. Also ins itneresi in ioe
S E of N E quarter of Section IS, In Town
ship 11, nortfl, Range 11, east, t . the County
of Sarpy, Territory of Nebraska! which said
conveyance to the said Warren Green, was in
trust to secure the payment of said Robert S.
McEwen's note, therein particular described ;
said note datftd October 2d, 1(57, pay
able ninety dnv after dat", for t e ei.m of
Fv'e Hundred and Nine Dollars. ($MV.) upon
which there Is now d ie. and unpaid, at tills
date. Five Hundred and Twenty-Three Dot
lar and Thirteen Cents. Now.atthe request
etrietly adhered to.
L;il. KINNEY, P. M.
townships 15, l'i, 17, IS, TJ, and 2'i, of ra ng
10. '
Fractiotial townships 11, 1ft, and Id, and
townships 17, IS, TJ, and 2(5, of ran. 9. '
T.andn annrnnriated bv law fir I'.ib use of
schools, military, and other tuirpuBes,' will be !
exi lucd from lh sale.
P'.te olF'Tiug of 'he above 1,-nds will be coin-
mein-ed en -the days appointed, atid will pro-
eeil in ttie order 11 which trt'-y are a Jverilsi-U,
until lie! who' "hall have beirv oll'ered, end
the Hales thus cluvd: but nosile hIi.iH uo
kept ojicn louffer than two . weeks. H''d in
irlvate entry of any ot' thn land . will he ad
mined until a tier the cxpiraliuu of, liifl two
wek i ' .
G'lven under my hand, at the city of Wash
ington, this thirtie'.h day of Much., anno
Domini one thousand eight humlid uJ fit'iy-
eigtir. , '
By the President t ii .
Tios. A. Hr.sratcKs,
ComtniiSionei1 of the General Lmd Office.
- ' ANTS.
Every person entitled to the right of pre
emption to any of the lands wi'hin the town
ships and parts of townships above chnraeri
ated is required to ts'ahliah the same to the
satisfaction of the regls'er and reclerer of the
proper land ome, and make nnymcnt
thcr;for as soon ns practicable after
seeing this notice, and befo e the day
appointed for the commencement of the public
sale of the lands eniurac'hg the tract claimed,
Otuerwuo sucu maim wilt tie rorieueii.
ComtHUaiwur cf ta Gmcrul Lund VJJlct
ORDERS left at the office of Shakspeait
lloyes, St. Mary, will receive prompt at
tention. G. SEF.GER, Civil Engineer and Surveyor,
would respectfully Inform the cili.cus of Mills
and adjoining co unties, that lie is prepared to
execute all work of the following character :
Laying off town sites, leveling of streams for
and ! water Power, drawing of mans plain and
W. Tl. Lonsndorf,
G1RDUATE of IVnn. College of Dental
f Surgery, respectfully announce 10 the clt
jens of Ilclli'viii'. and vicinity, tliM ha Is tmw
prepared to practice Dontutry, ill all it va
riou branches.
Olliue hour from 2 till 5, P. M. 45 iao clock, A, W-ef- .hg hMlf of tM note,and la pursuance of open on Sundays, .ofiy from fto'cloek the terms and provisions of said deed or trus,
T. M. to So.eloelf p. M..' 1 his rule will be
Cprfect'd weekly ly Clarke &. BsoTjirn,
rorwardinj and Com. Merrhauts.
Flour Fiffra Superfine, $3,f0 per 9S lbg.
" Iowa, $3.nt,
int'ine, $40, p i. ..
Meal $2 per 100 lbs.
Apples-Dried, '2 50 per bushel.
- Peaches ' , .. , 4 NI.
. - Butter Vejr 20c VI 03 -
.. . , .teana $2 (fl V bua, , ,
1 ' Corn 50 W.- f .
r" : r-' - " 1
nv ' -Jf I ......
' Beef 7 to Sc. ' , ' ' " , ' '
Dried Beef 20c per lb" ' ".'
. Salt G. A., per sack, $3 '.,
t F-egs 15c p doz ,
glides Dry, 7c . ,'..' ,' . ,:
do Green, 3 .'' " ' ' ' ' '
. flay $4 OOfilo'OOtua '
Jtran. 30 cents per bush.
Haraa-li lc. . , .." ' 1 '
'Sides Clear. 12 l-2c. '
8honWera-10o, I ...
; ;IjWll-s-y e ! I - ,1 ' I ,
. 'Onion w$2 50 ybtM.' '. " .",.
Potatots.30. .. , '
relts Slieep 50c - ,,'..'
do. Coon 2-ic . .
Weo.1 -Coyon, 3iK1, Hird, 5,00.
Lumber -Cottonwood heat'g25
" " do i. edned 1311 00
!- Osk, Walnu, Bsswood $10 CO
no Pine iiHne, clear $ao00 in.
r do' Flooring 24 00 ' ,
1 ' 1st $7 J no
' Fosrds, $M1 (Hi $75 l
Shlr.fV Pine $, 50 (a, $ SO Ifi m.
" Cottonwood tft 1)0 - '
Lath Pue.. . fl2C0prm.
Doors " " f 3 SO Q $1 75 tach.
baib-fj WQfi 1-4 per caseaeat
by which the undersigned Is duly appointed
and constituted trustee and auorney ior rn
said Robert S. McEwer, and in his nam.; with
f ill po ver to sell and convey tlii above de
scribed land. Public no' ice Is hereby given,
that the nt dersiirned trustee will, on Monday,
th"7'h d.iv of Jii-ie. lSV, be'ween the hours
of If, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P. M. of tint day,
' at the 'Bellevue House, 1 'be city of Belle-
vue, Sarpy County, iNt-hraska lerrttory, sen
the above described Lanl' at fnhlic Anction,
for rash.lo the highest b d ler. to sa:nry sua
note, n.terest anu.cost or sail! sale.
t Jl.L IS .A. IHlUt, irovrr,
Be'levue, May 5, Is 38,' 1 4 21
TINES' new and well arranged Ferry, lsfiow
tJ in operation pn th EikUor'i River, near it
colored, drawing designs for buildings of all
s vies, with estimate of cost.
Corrcc'. plats of the townships of Mills
Co mt v, showing the true pn-rt'ious of the tim
ber, water courses and btutf', kept constantly
on hand. II ivlng had experience bo'h In this
country and in Europe, he fe- Is assure il of
giving satisfaction to all who may ravor nun
wit!i tlieir patronage.
Cold Medal awardn! nt the late St. Louis
fiirto G. Scei'T & S. Schimonsky for the
best topographical man.
Oiucc Gicuwood, Mills co., Iowa. II
rpHE nndersiinod liferms the publie, that
L after thU date, they Imve adopted the
Cash system, and reduced thiir jirofil column
te the lowest figure.
All persdns ituh'b'Cit to us, are requested to
call and settle before the drat of May, A. C.
Without fail,
Aprils, iy. J. P. HORN, k. Co.
520 , :
GCo tho 0FiLl3lio,
rilHE undersigned having purchnsed the en
X lire stock "f Jewelir. formerly owned by
Alex. Kemp, i prepared to aell ih same at
25 per cent less tlisti was ever offered in this
city before, as room must be made for a large
spring assortment. Hie stock consists of
Setts of Cameo, ('oral. Enamel. Painted.
Gold Stone, Mjsonld and Mounting Jewelry,
Ilroacliea, Kr Drops, uull Tins, Hlnrl HtuUs,
ockets. Hraceles, Kings. Gold, Silver, nnd
PlaPed Gn- Fob ami Vest Chains, Gold
and Sliver Bpeetselc Also a splendid as
OLD PENS Also Muieal Instrument.
utlery, Port Monies, Touche, Card Cases,
A fine stock of Rifle, Shot Guns, Revolv
ers, fcc, which will bO sold at a smalt ad
vance above coit, ns the subscriber wishes to
go out of the can business.
All kiinis or repairing aone wit,n neatness
and dispatch by competent workinn.
I rt' ill continue ro tak uin ilii Scrl", Wes
tern F.xeh.lnge, Nemaha Valley, eastern mon-
y, or eold nnd silver. In exchange for goods.
fr.jTH'.ore on 12th S'.ren, one door from
sriihain. ami directly opposite the Western
Esehnnce Bank, Ouinhn, N. T.
Please call and examine goods and prices.
. - ,:: ; T. W. WOODS.
OmaSa.Jan. 12th, 183S. ; . 3 ml)
T HEREBY give noHce, that on and after
X the 1 i h day of April next, I will proceed
to give deeds, to those en'llled to lota and
Hint, 'n 'lint porti nor Hie Cit v or llelley e en
tered by k Mayor: as a town site,? at the
otlice et I'wen a: M'ricUlanil. .. .1
TT.n'KRts Testamenfnry ihe 'cetate of
i Alexander Davis, late i of Sarpy county,
deceased, having been granted to the luidesin
ed, residing in said county, she hereby notifies
ail person knowing themselves to be'indebted
to said estate, in insue Immeili-ilr. ii.ivmni.1.
mouth, situated on Section 23, Township 1 1, and those having claims, (0 present the same
Hangs .10. East, between the Steam Saw j properly aninenticated. ror settlement on .or
.alius or Kool a, iuiiiocn. anu J. U. anu J. I ucioi ioe 111 si uay or :iv next.
iui'.-r. p.ns, Am'r.
Bellevne, 3tarch 1st, IS. 3ml
- . BLACK ESnAS0CZ 10.
TOST all kinds of seeds, sush a Hunga-
iri. rian Grass, Barley, Seed Cliestnnts.
Cheriies, dried Peaches, Cane Seed the
anrt or bnshel. White Itean. Gardeo Sees,
Mltn an assortment or iioe. KSKes, hftnvels,
and Spadesj ll fsct everything neededtowoik
Farm er lloese-keen wuu. ; All lo be f 11 J
at 'tlia' Hardware ;ore ef P. A. RYE,
on Main Street, nearest store lo th (ai ding,
at tiiesign or tue cora .Mill. .
Our slock is nearly complete, ami our Tin
Shop ha plenty of tin, for those who want
jobs done, which will all be attended to with
Uiapatcli. ,
We have Hops, by the bale or pound. Wrap
pine paper by the bundle, to any amount;
Winitia; paper, a large quantity; in fact, we
have and can furnish ne;irlv an v thing lor sale,
ai d will sell very low for 'ash."
T. &. J. A. WYF..
Ma 1st, 1858. Im2l
I also have a good nw Flat, large am! con
venient ou the same SecMon and Range of the
Horn Ferry, where I will cross travefeis oyer
the Platte Kiver, oh Fridays ar.d Saturday,
when the w eather and circumstances will ad
mit : (r on other days if uecc3sary.
The above Fcrrits are ou a direct route
west of Bellrvue to Fremont, on Hie Platte,
on the north, and Chester Salt Sprint's, Salt
Creek, Pawnee Village on the South side, and
Fort Kearny. Fort Laramie. Salt Lake City,
fcc. '23 , . RANGER JONES
'For Rent or Salo.
flUIE Fine-Stone Building knowa as the
J. He'.levue S ore, situated on the corner of
Jetlerson anil 27th streets, liellevue, S. X,
will be sold, or rented, at a birrsln.
For terms, enquire cf T. 0. LEMON, at
tn i-outeneii uank.
2m 2J . .
T WM. RAWITZER'3 Cheap Cash
Store, No. (1, Jefftrioa Street, ,
; ; ORANGES, ,
If von wish to purchase any of the above,
cheap for cash, call at my alors and examiut
for yourselves, .
CASH will be pail by Carke A. Bro.
any quantity of dry and green hide.
A Salt at
NCY S. f. 5t. Lo-il Flour at
hereby warn aft persons against negotiat
ing or purcnasing a certain promissory
noiR uiau n y uie ub'iersirnca. at t oanci
BlntTs, and date! December 2!t. A. t). 1V7
and payable to James A. Stewart, t or be
for the lirst day of May, A-. D. I808, fof the
sma or one hundred dollar. The said note
having been paid and cancelled and now fraud
ulently retained by the said Jauae A. Stewart
win be resisted to Hi extent ot the law
wbos hand aever it mar be found. -
2iif THOM AS H. BEN IX), JR.
Council BlufTs, la., April 17th, 1S38.
: '
Ntie of tbe Forecloiur of Xortgftf i..
b7 Advertisement.
COL'NTT OF SARPY. $ ' ' ' ' -Reuben
Lovejoy, Mor'jat, )
Alfr- Kelhim, I
V. A. Gwycr, Mortgagers. J '
Deed of Mortpsrt tlatsd Deeemosr l8tfc, A.
D. 1V.7, and recorded in Book B , P
any, S7u nnd i71, Dectmler 21st, 1WT at 19
o'clock, A. M. '-.. i
Default having been made In payment of tbe
lum of two thousand two hundred dollars j
($2,200.) which is tlalinadtob due at tie
date of this notice, and aecured by a deed of ,.
Mortgage bearing date, December 18th, IS57 ,
executed bv .slfred Kelhim and V. A. Gwytr ,
of Harpy County, Nebraska Territory, to Rest k
ben Lovejoy, of the city of Beilevur( Srpf ,
County, Nebraska Ttrritury, and recorded tn ,
the office of the Register of Detd for Sarpy .
County. N. T., In book II., pscis 209, 270 Sn4 ,
271, on III 21st dav ot December, A. D. 1857, ,
nt 10 o'clock, A. M Now, therefore, notice .
is hereby given that In pursuance ot a power
ilf sale contained lit tsid mortgage, and of tbe .
Statute in such cases mad and provided, the
premise described in and conveyed by said .
mortgage, to will Ail that certain piece er .
parcel of hind, lying and being situate lathe
County of Sarpy, and Territory of Nebraska, ,
and described as follows, to wit I CoaunnJ
Ing for the earns at a poll 84. 0 rods, North ,
81 1 Uciifef, Esst of the S. W. corner of ate. ,
turn thirteen, (13) Township thirteen. 113), ,
Runee thirteen, (13), east of the. OlU Princi
pal .Meriilian ( tlirnca nnitli 47 1 degrees, west ,
S 1.5 rods to u coltonwood stump, thane north .
31 ilrgiecs, east U.5 rod to a post, thenee
South 47 1-2 d-gnes east, 23.5 roda
to a post, tliencs south 30 degrees west 9 5,
rod lo the place of beginning, containing on ,
acre and fitiy-scven perch, together with all
and singular the tenement and hereditaments ;
and appurtenances thereunto belonging, of la ,
anywise appertaining, cousiiting tn part of.
one engine, boiler and all the machinery,
fixture for a perfect eteam taw-mill, tnanuf at- '.
tured by Cooper and CI irk, Mt. Vernon, Onio,
and said to be ot thirty horse cower, will be
sold at public auction oh the ttiita dav of June,
Ai I). 18.)8, between the hour of tl o'cloca A.
M., and the selling of th ann on the tne
Uy, to tht Highest bidder, . lite aai 10 D la .
front of th IWIIevua House in th City of,
Ilellevue, Sarpy Cwiintv, Nebraska Territory,,
' Mortjsgstt
T. B. I.Eioa Att'y. , . '
April 1st, 1858. nlfltlt
siioriir '& &zxio. .
BY virtu of an execution, to m dirtcttd.
by the Clerk of the Dittrict Court
Sarpy county, N. T., in favor ct Cyrua K
Mara, and against the property ot Utorge
Jennings, to satisfy a judgment against the
said Jennings for the sum of Ave hundred
and nlnety-aix dollars, and eventy-slx ctnta
($.M)H,70). - Now, therefore,' I will offer at
public auction, In front of the Bellevne iloase
on the 24th day of April, A. D. 1858, btwa
I . . ..I .. . 1 ). . tf . . 1 M-
o'clock P. M., or said day, to tht htghtit Bid
der, for oath, the followlne described proper
iv, to wit l oeing tne n. w , or n. fc., or
is. r.., h. k. or n. w. or section 24, towns.'
13, rant;e 13, C of tht eth principal merldiaai
Is. I .''.
Dated March 23rd, 1838. '
JOHN M. ENOCH, Sheriff, i
2118 By 8. II WATTLES, Dep. SheriC
ftXT The 1mv. ! wti mulnantil lA Rati
urd"ay, May 22.
a. ii. ivitiiLM, Dpt. Bnerirr. '
Bellevut, April 2?; ';4t2l;''
SEEDS, FOR 1858.
WE are now prepared with a full and
and complete stock of .
Of the newMp,to supply any demand whole
sale and reiaiti on tne very oett or terms.
Our stock is new (as we do not consign aeeds
and lake none back- 10 mix up again,) and
much of it grown under our own directions In
till state. Our (lock of European seed 4
imported directly by ourselves from the most
re in ble grower in England and 1 ranee.
We fe confident no better advantages to
the public can he offered than we oan give,
and we cordially invite an examination or our
stock before nurcliasinr. Our stork consist
In pirt or nprmg Wheat, ll.iVley, Corn, Pca,
r.cens, .!., a very large variety of Garden
Seeds and a full assortment of Flower Seed
or i-ho'lce varieties.. Also,' 150 bushels port
i ninrnf onsr nera. .
Constantly on hat a larse' assortment of
Agricultural amr HoTtlcuUurnl implements
- Full priced seed mid iinplrmeni calalorue
sene upon tPfv ft aiamn ie pay postage. ;(
.- lit..ill it.- ii. Ltj., .
StaoeU' . 201 Luke Street, Chicago. .
u. 4.. aioaaoa, 0,
TS hereby given, to M iry Kirkpstrick, aad
J. ail wnooi it mv ro;icerii, that I will ap
pear st the Iviod Oilive ia O nnha, on Fiiday,
Till day of May 1K", and there prov ray
right lo pre-empt the N. F.. of Hi .N. f. and
I-t No. 3. and tbe S. W. of Uie N. W. and th
iu & W. of the 8. W. qunrter ot section No. 25
township nuiaher 1 J, in rarur number 12, eat
of th tith principal roeridiaq ia Nebraska
April ii l?S. ' J. A. CARLILE.
Notice of Foreclosure of llortjage by
CUU.ill Vt SAKI'V,
Reuben Iyejny, Mortgagee,
William R. Johr.ion
AITred Rellum, : r' .'
Aaron O. Cox, Mortgager.
Mortgage dated. M uch 14th, A.' D. 185t. re
corded in hook K., Page 160, April Slst,
ISM, at ft) o'clock, A. M. ' -.:
Default having been made in t e pavmeat
of the sum of two thousand and two hundred
dollar, ($i,'JOO.) which Is cliind to be due
at she date or tin notice, and eeenred by a
certain Deed -of Mortgage, bearinr dale
March lilh, A. D. 18a7, executed by WilKam
It. Jolmsnn, the of Hie State of lewa. Alfred
Kellum, Mnd Aaron O. Cox. of Bellevne, Say
DV County, Nebraska Territory, tn Reuben
Lovejoy, of Bellevne, aforesaid, and Recorded
In the office or the Register or Deed, at Oma
ha Cilv. for Sarpv Countv, N. T., In Boole E,
Pge 100, on the 21st of April, . V., 1857, at
10 1-2 o'clock A.M.
Now, therefore, notice I hereby given, tllat
In pnrana ce of a power of tale contained In
said murtrage,. and of the statute, In auch
cases made and provided, the premise de
scribed in and conveyed by isid mortgoge, to
wit all that certain piece ard parcel of land,
with its e;wrinaiit, situated and 1ytt.r tn
the city of, In said county of Sarpy,
and Territory of Nebraska, and described a
Block one hundred and thirteen, (113) iu aaid
city of Ilellevue, ecoriling to the survey there.
of, mJ Kv Mr. Sctiimonky,tn th year 185j,
wi'l be old t public miction on the 181, day
of June, A. D. WH, between tb h iurt of V
o'clock, in the forenoon, end the setting of tht
ia ei that dv, to th b'uhrat bidden th
sal to b In froat of th ' Belleyu Home, in
be city of Btllevue, Sarov Cnui.iv, Nebraska
Territory. RETJflKV LbVEJOX.
... . Morteajtt,
OFFICE i . ... u.
Room No. 1 Masonic Temple, Dear.
Street, Chicigoi '"
CAPITAIj, Sl5O,000'
OFFICERS i - - i
Edmund Canfleld, PrtaWm. 8. BaUb,
beo'j, Henry Chapman, Tre. -
THIS Company was orfanlaed on tht J7tM
day of March, A. D. 18f5, under a pe
lal charter from the Legislature of Illinois',
and business commenced nndcr the most fa
vorabl auspice. It establishment hasbteei
upon a firm and reliable baala, and in vies of
Its atability,eoundnee,and permaaency. ranks
aa one of the first Insurance Comnaniee la the
Country, i To tho desirous of protectiuj
ttiemselvts against Ioe or damage by Fare, or
peril nt the Soa they btg leave to offer the
following . '..-,,.) -
Messrs. Stone it Witt. Cleveland, Ohio;--
' Williams & Avery, CLicaeo, III."'
'; Norton k Brother, ' s
" Stone &. Boomer, '
II. S. Durand, Pres. Racine tt Mls. It. lO
' Geo. c. Northrop, Cash. Racine Ce. Bank'
. Win. P. Mnd, Esq., Milwaukee. J- '
J. G: Conroe, Esq. Ratine. v " f
Ashley Gilbert, Cash. Coin'l B'k, Chleage.
Henry Farnham, Preeident Chicago Jt Rock
Island Rail Road. '
Oinlel P. Rhodes, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio.- -Thornaa
CajnpbeU, E., Sja-iflgeeld, llli
lion R. Chaiaberlln, fit. Loin, Mo.
Mesrs, Wadsworth. Wejle Seyasour
Chjcago, III. . . , ,
Messr. I. II. B irch 4c Co., Chlcagi Baak
' Messrs. G. W. ftiser at Co. Chicago, 11L
. Win, Blanchsrd, Eq., Morria, 111.. .
. Mesrs. H. C. is O. O. Cook at Co., Retk
' ford. Ill, , i
Msts. H. Wheeler k. Son. Anrora. 111. '
Messr. Jmld, Smith at Pratt, Dixon, 111. ?
Nehamiah Ce, F.sq., Buffalo, N. Y;
Wm. B. Fundy, Esq., Springfield, IU. :
Gen. I. Curn, Springfield, 111. " ?
Richard Ivera, Esq., St. Louit Mov ' '
T. B. LEMON, Apnt, Bellerut. i
J2L Now TTdxtom,
"' ' AND - - i
Establishment in Omaha
WM. FRODSHAM, having retired frets
tb late firm of Kinp at- Frodahaet,
ha opened a new atore at No 3, Capt. Dosvm'e
buikling, sjtweenthsMthodt Church, where
he invitee hi old patrons to give bins a call.'
Time piecea and Jewelry, ot every deeerio.
tioa, neatly and tpdtUouelj repaired.
risrch J 1th, 1R68.
TUOT.CE It given to Ceorre W.
11 Lwl, John Cleaveland, and all other
concerned, to appear before tht RegUUr and
Receiver of th Land Offic at
Wednetday tht Jnd dsy of June, 185$, at 10
o'clock A. M., and Offer aucb tvt nct a ye
may havt in aupport or advra to the pt
emption of John Cle iveland, td lota J.t, and
3, Section 27, Tf ll Range 12 east, ae per
Instructions of tht Commissioner of the Lead
Office to r-!ivst!gate asld pre-tmptlow
JOHN A. PARKER Jr., Rsgleterv'
A. R- CILLMORE, Rc4vte.
March at-th, 185, tM
' . i . "