Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, May 20, 1858, Image 2

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HKNltY M. Hl'IlT,
Newt an.l I.ih'M F.uitor. k
... b. : LA
Ilciuocrnc)- Triumphant 1
i ' ' ' "III li ii " nw-
f.,..- .lie- ..i,,.,. r ui.,1 ihr r,.. , M r. V irn'h, The c.ntruct between! 'I'm:' Fon r Ssi em-so Kn r n. Tliij
i . . . ... . . i .i. . i -ii. ... i r... . . i i i .. . .i ...i ..r
John A. t IIMhlllgloil, I.S ., aid uie ' auveu iiumi imi . iiiiieii u Kieui uem uii
. . . 1 . . ' m ' A.I l.l ..... . '
J. i. lies Mount t rnoti A.-.uri.tiion. , lor C0iniH-i4 tiironju nMvsp.ip.'r jire-s oi
lowing huif Kiit comprehensive missive,
fi.Mii thu mi .f .siuim fair omt i.i ih far- , M f Mtmnt y ,..,,, was put on
oil' KuM. If there be those among us to r,., ord iri Fairfax t otinty court on M outlay
whom it re fers, wo think su. h kind, words list. Tin foUowiu nro the dates of tho
m..l l..lS,liinrT lfiintlil .,, i.thov thai payments! SliLQOO nt the execution of
...Vr . " ..V.. .'. t .. he contract : H J7.000 on tlie la .lay of
i,.ihiii'ii s 4ii i t ' iiiM inn nnii'iiiiMi i nil r t
"-;'- V 7 . . January, 1S-W;,
the country. Tliu
veloi'd by ili' testimony
Coirgrcss committee
All lid WiU 911111"
near the dose -f I
Local & Territorial. Ti,E election for city oiii-cer. under
z-. com li l.ui.i C larter of Nebra.ka
incamlo nciion, nn ini-asum i
ciHhe this unknown Lllo t r columns,
hophig tint we imy yet rmve the pleas
ure of welcoming her to our city:
" Mn. Ennon: May a stranger ask of
you, n litilu time and space ?
f 'Tnbu:h'far "Tt way;" there be- thone
22ddaVof February. WSJ, with lotoreet military purposes,
on lhr nevernl payments from the time of
tho contract.
i I' I' :... uiil i.r.n.-!, mi III.. SlI.O 1 CUV. rjS llt.J 1.1 tlt'CUJII of
luetsoflli.jci u aide- . ..' . 4 ... V. II V .-"It... .?tfrki
taken l fore the House, on N.nuay evening next.-aiff i-- Vjr "T S ""S ...71
... I : . ... '1 ar 1 P r I. r 'anf r.i IT V...I. 17 ...
.lira .rie v ai f.) loiv uo ocV. Su .iuuJ : 'V ine 1' .vsaa . Bleu- iv .uj
tied throu"h Conjfre-s.S:! nl.d'Mol4l Tratoinof CluUlreu," I Al I6r.haa-1 ,! i iif .l-Win. 1'
1 s
niinrv. 1SVJ: 64l.jlli.tili on tin 2Jil; iniliinui auihoriiiij tho war tl'-pm-'l -in,!,' . , , V-LTho IliniH-rn.
.V.. r . - .i.1 . . ii .. .. . I I c ... . i. . . - ,w
Ot l' tLroary, lMH. am 911, u ut ug mi ( ineui j m m uny uui ijus hov, re'juiicu 101
The Chop is 1'..; vim. Wo learn
ll.rou.'h .Mr. Mar.sclialk, of th Jonesbor
in f-pltMidiilty
.' ,v-
great rtrogresMvc
.i t .1.- ... rr.....;. " . 1 . r i" iK-ii.M..., 1.1 v u..i ...v.,.ij. .jri,
tuuon, with the riiilh-waMllait, lin .'ftr.v Stlnn.Vnhrtl friV heart with frojr.isca' nr of onmion thar. tvliti a couminunce f , ftorifi uttO nl.,1 i.nAt.l'1 f..r M Of).
put 10 rtfct, Una most ttisconianl quosiion. 0j j)rjpjlt fture, wliich thur tnU-iiU ravorablu weatlR-r, ttiu uarva. in inai Tho ul waj niudu privately, an I vitl
Ami in Jh liapBy.srMleincnt cf th
vexeil tilirSfloif, lilJ Hint of every
national iK-m
1 !.. - - . vit iuiv 111H1111 liiv i in. 1 r mi 1 11 v 11 ni.rv I IB Klin at
UlICllll'.'ll to
iase untlef
. 1.
illv l.leml with ours. Let ua '"f"1 ,u l" '""' r " -n - - me oa, oocause 11 was ueeu 101 suuu
' 1 '.til llMVl. A 1 1 1 r 1 1 111, IIIIUl'V frOII. ll. WllU.ll ..,,r. .... ..-In I., ll.u nuunl u.T..I im IllJ
I IIIIIV.7V , ,,I.J ... 1 I V . V. L. V UbVIV." .
iiilsn ri'i ii rriii'il lint nivsilV for U.siii''
jwith ih'MU, we divi.le their lalurs one buuuaut that otie half o lluMn'niiI.t' well ! pari uf it'lfor the inilitury service of the !
ilnlf, ,tliytely proving ourselves iiulceJ a ' be spired. ' ' :' 1 country. ' ''
. ... .. .-'i . i II..: M...Mi..lH..rt7t! J Ana ..ri' ,. II I I II... '
L iiiiMi inimiy irrm- 1111 '"iji. .in-... 1 1 va soiu in a oou y , a n'l noi in sec-
vegetable-, a is evidenotd by. the fuel .,ft,.r tne nltt ovt rnin.Mit .urveys,
r nf yinlv ( Viiini V. will.lriHct 111 IIMSS Ci)U-d 5;
. . , , . , ... . T
I . . . , . - . . V .f T
llmlrir thu vn.r.irt Afi. Srrel:ir. VefUlon. at the Scliool llJ.ti in IWHeVU.'. vWara
Floyd Bold to Richard Schel1, of j on Saturday next, at 1 o'clock P. M.
The ohjt'ct is to appoint delegates to the
Territorial convention to mee- at Pluis
mouth, in the fira week in June next.
Ect 1.11 good de ocrati aiton ', ns vi
,id 1 j. 11. JJeioAi,
Ld Wadl-C C. UliiuWaj. D.
New Yo' l and fctnte senator, to Mrs,
Schell, hfi wife, to John C. Mather, alio
M.iU .spimtor and (Joveriuiunt whare house
gli Oazrtle, tbUiQcal crop i Wlj-i WMU. W h'tduk bvudauud -ia-,oiw,,Dr,
g splendidly in Union county. It n al- (;ri,,a
haul. Fori Snelliu. and ei'lit or ten
Trtajurer J. H. Maxon,
A'sessor J. D Wniie.
The Muyor was elected ly a plurality
of 11 votes.
usi'n- Lf . iho bright future, whit li llif-ir talenu favorable weather, the harvva. in thai! Tho ule waj made privattdy, an I witli
' ,n,,ch ' and I eait-xxotth -ii.a'ifle.l thrm to fulfill. ! P'1""!" t F''0ryPl b'J ly.,hc 'V'1' , " ""Y Public notice pr .imiiiiaiion t!mt
v other! r,M . , r.' . ? ;u tirt'-hi'-tin I dlu w Juno . ( ! ', j i Jl the property wiwji marlM.l f .i
LliL.:il'0. filler t 5riiilnii Tl peach u'emXima CQMyxLL&fi, f,,, it -oi-Wm- nhdf.r
norraii i .1 i r0 j i,crc, huc'i may nil- j.,r. ,.,. ,Tiv. iiiriioiili r; nro uiio ' ..,.r....a .i.. i... . .uM,inm r
".'..rf-.- . ' . I r J , ,iiiiiiiiyi"ii vsvji, in v wvf',iij v.
nnHiirj', nunii iii- -ijour Jito Lie evermore, nere aim mere, oi a oouniuui croji. intie n.ii.i i" ' llJ war, .lr. 1 uiiiiilctiy uec
the fo'iiinlatiou thU Governtnont, it liasly,,,:, 'others' cares, hopes, nml severe"in the cou. try on Sunday t.,lU.rlnm proposals for in nurclia
coih. Domocratic r.y a Etrugule.whwh U , nmlUiliy i,LM1,i wilh ours. ' Lot u ,"1,t ,a"1' "rt,the y."un rt,:,,L", lT?lxUe ttCt' b,,,Ca,u4e,
ha, left a and i.ructive 1-son, to ;tl)cn 8(riv0 ,.il,,, that in 8harinS ' " r tt'ed . a, Kui . i s ' ,vill brt pr.-sent. nl"S "aier i iSmi ixuuu, iew
ed spH'jrji frjin u'lM.i I viH tw pr
1 ' I ! ' : I
jbulegat'es from, this '
RppulJici-n. Ttrritorinl Convention. ,
1 i
reijife(l ;ib iicl't tu jjuilgi CpoUr
rvx'. Monday evi nini. at 7 1-2 o'clock.
every true national Dmorfat. Na great
eij, enhcr persoiial, pol'tical, cr nnlional,
waa ever ailnineJ, without at) exertion
ntid a struggle,' eommniumrata with t!io
greatness and grninleurof the obj 'ft to be
nrmplibhcij.'. Five yenn ao, when hn
Deniocralij pnrty, hid, ly the passage of
the1 Kansas-Nebraska nci, wiped out,. and
de,Mroyed forever, the obnoxious line, Rep.
orating northern ." from Fotithern' instuu-
tiom.and eaahlishin; in the placo lljerq-
, n fair f riei d mur-
" better half."
' A 'trend-mill lif,'
mu s. Who treads iho " mill my deaf f , jonebi,oro wt.rt. served on the table of lUe
and wherefore T
Hath not evi'n tho ' tread mill" cluud
- t t . i ....
Uiut new potatoes, grown a iey nines iroui a3 provided by- law. '-' f i
! the terms of sale, the rfurchasers are
to have iheir dwdi ' upon paVm the
fira installment, and without a mortgage,
a eilvery lininq ? For other' sale and j
Union houe iienrly a mouth ntjo."
The rutsiDtNT Cum i. no West. We , ...
not ours, . only turns the in
turns the mill,
:.. .I:- !..;.... i... , .Klni. r..
, . 1,1 ?rd.from u"J"ullrd. "lhori,y th,: bid. u hi UA for any ev.
,urns i:.e mm. -uunnjj u.e ion recs ot on rress, u , anJj th , kMlUrV j.rice is
lri"ht visions ,hould re-1 rres-iJent contemplates lmiKinij a tour to( , ...... .. --.
turn ;
tho main ti.d in view-a; well as the W His lira stopping place : will j
of . m im ing. in our nnht CS. SO Cons 'Uanl ' .1.- .1 .1 Tv... .1... I.nnnv uu m? cl I'"" . ' """"
'i"" I WT w - j - illiu lillllU uuiii'' i ;
with tho popular pulso of tho American
ppjiple, ah I to cfttphntically endorsed by
ilietii', iu itie election of the wise, 'nml' fa
irs !. ,,1.1 . 1 . . . . .
gacioiu sta"leMiinn, B.tchannn, to the Pres
idency, and thus innueratinj n ife and
dirabl policy, for tho future govern-mV-pt
of our" Territories. ' Ajnin.'n fier-e
and embittered opposition, ns fiorco and
malignant as snctional animosities, could
enjendor, ha been tmJe ajainst'.the
practical carrying out of those Democratic
principles, of ? srpiaUer ' .'sovereignty so
clearly and umirjuivocally endorsed by the
people. ..-'.And again jhave the opposiliftn,
in their' blind, rmatical oppoMtion 10 prin
ciple, justice and equal nHt'"onal rights,
been defeated, -by the. prudence tho la
gdtjvisdoml and i fttrioti; m of a Iluchan
a'ri, tnl the virtu'o atiJ.mtegruy of o Pern-
ocratic Congress. , ,
1,1 ..
;l Democratic , Meetlua;. . , .
It will ba' seen by a notice in another
place, that ihrr democracy 1 of Sarpy, are
t ) meet in lass Meetinj, on Sntuidav
n.Vxtk at Uio School Jlouse, in this City,
Yo hope .that this Convention will be
largely attended, ns the want of a thoro'
organization of this party in this vicinity,
his lonj been felt, uml acknwlcdjeJ.
If our principles are wotth anything, .we
oortaiuly are under obligations to organize
in order Jo secure their firm establish
ment. We hope that personal excitements
ni ftecrtonal rivalries since onr residence
in Vho, Territory, "have not wca'icned our
(ith, in tho yorih and wisdom of dem
cralic -doctrine,- or Uawd our devotion
to the flag, under which we have so often
matched to victory, in other places. We
are anxious to see the day in the territory
when democrats will meet on a common
platform, and wage a warfare with their
enemies, upnv higher 'grotiii Is,- than
p?lfy loral contfoversies, or personal an
itnq.iues. ,'e hail-this step to organiii;
th diinocjacy, asJ t'ae auspiciuu duwninj;
f a tauerera in our territorial politic.
Jet evry democrat see that the orjsnii!
t'Xoti is t!iorijh and permanent. '..
. t.fnl iniiinvnv to t!i Mi.silnni vallev
thought to divide with the fellow miller, j Thel xu,ht 0f j,js u,ur l0t known, but
Smiles, honest smiles' are most welcouio " he may vi.iit the Superior country, and
'I'l..v ,nnU obi. I even '" the ' pos.-iblv those thriving little villages out
Oil l II I H'J ...-;. " " I. . . .... "
dark pi
lino. They make "lad even the pos.-ibly those thriving little villages out Runt Days i.ntiie Yeah.
dace's of the En.ih." Puin. sorow, ' known as Chicago and bu Loui. (dense from-Johnson's Pliyi
1 ... . ,. 1 I he early adjournment of tomrres, 7ili in , the followinsr facis on tms
cn wear u Miiiliug race, ""'"S jullU win Rive niiud opportunity to not gem rul, thu, tm.l.ber of ran
j wrong, while bespeaking a more 011y 0lir c,j,.F Executive but the Secreta-1 j,r,.atea near ,th sea, mid dii
self no
ronlial wolcoiuo for us ainoni those with
whom wo fojourn. The "will" is a
mighty agent, Like faith, it can "remove
1 . I . Mn....
sunsnino we can, oeiweeu nm jwuw
clouds! . "Farewell,1 "".
. Feb. 22, '33. T,' LOLLO." '
These being the farts in the ense, the
whole transaction of the sale exhibits a
shocking degree of official corruption".
' ''St. Loui-i,' Democrat.',
ii t ii i .,;' i " :
We con
" Ada"
P,at. Strainer FixUo4 "iarrived
May r The, J.V toss. v Vrmd May
mation, that an election for City offic -rs,
will beheld in this1 City! toii? Monday,
June 7th. Tickets will be printed at this
office, for & consideration. - '. . ..i-
York Creek, mar Cuming City, which
was carried away by lijgh Wat, last fall
lyu bjen rebuilt, in a jfQbstaiTtinr iiunner
foflortfug Trpih' ihff SK LoVis5 k
Em o k m 1 9 j Co Hi k o rT e ,
News: -
"'A folonjr of 790 perr,-ko bout
five buiidiKd.lroiPyntit-jflfi'atnaatid the
resi from Maryland,- have procured a
larcra bxlv.of lauJ oi.lhrf PUtte river. Ne-
J bra.a'Teffftor'yt Wild eM proceed-foriK-
. ,- a rf Dra.;a i erruory; Tiiiu wnt proceea-xoria-
Itwiir'R seen by thi Mavo.r'Proola'1 wjti, ij eaablish-thrmselves on it, and
build a city of thtf own.' The. following
gentlemen, officers of the Company or
Colony, arrived bre this morning on ther
Stcphen Decatur, on the'if A-uy to their pro
posed location, to wit: Craiue, Tres-nrur-
.Y t fiiiir.r. nrifenn!" Wmr- n
The riuttsnrruth JefTetsnniad. hasieefi' Darliaytoiu-Surveyor; nUo(ien.. H. L .
changed oj tht ; f jattf Va)JexrTPli n"d i I"1'. of Beil' tir comny., lVniir i
Rainy Days i.nthe Yeah.
ranty .-days is
on. I il .,l-i-i:l t!
ries, heads of D.-partmeuts and members ' further we peneirato iuiirth 'nterior,
Congress gemrul y, to visit this Western on the eastern side of Ireland u ruuis2U3
country now becoming in exten', Aveallh, ! days of the year; in the Nettierlands
and population, tho wonder of the world. . 170; in England, Frdiwo, an J .the Worth
A ... ....... fr..... 'I'n.i.i.l.M I ..f ' .. ...1 :.. !,.IP..F U," ... I ..... 1
Life is so brief we must gather all the assure us that he t-hall vir-it Cleavland ! 0n from 152 to 155 dayes -.while on the
- .. . . . . ' i I .1 : .1 ..l..4v ...I.i ... . v ..VL.- .. :
uurni'J me recess, unu oui iimui-u f plains 0 ine oigo ui ivasiin, u rums on
already informed of ihu great projected yo, and in the interior of Siberia, ouly o,n
11.(1'. I . IT I'.l. :. ... ...... nil' ll.a I ., I C . I... I.. 11,' ....... I'
JlUUillU I.UI.l, WlJIVll 13 VUIIIJ Ul. ...V
coming season in tho Red ltiver and Pom
liana country, to be r nicipated in by the
Turkish Pachi, Lord Napier and several
foreign grandees resident in this country.,
: (.'Icviland Wtddy PlaiuitMr,
StAvrnv in' D e l a w a n e. -Tho Pe
nlmuiar News, published al Milford; Dl ,
comes out in a long editorial nitiela for
ihe abolition of hlawrv in that State. In
is now edited by C'aas. W. Sherfey.
The May,Term of the Diarict Court,
for Dokma Coimiy, ia now in pessjqn, at
Dokota City,
t he I'lai
Judge Wnkeley, presid
iivec j5 flow- at hiiVjWater
I''J'l i'Ar'lO
order to mike good its cause it nuuuie a j
coinn.iriso.1 between' Newcustle and .Kus-jis
v lJesi?rss at Chica-o. The following
an extract from a letter from a Chirag i
sex counties, one free and th other slave, merchant !
In : the former improved1: farm laud ' is Everything is in a suspeuJed condition
wnrtlt uvr hfiv-itiree dollar. Ier .acre, nero at tins time. A watuoi i.asiern ue
60 days of the year. In Western Europe
u rams on twice as many uayj us in
Eastern Europe ; in Ireland, 'A three
tunes as many days as' in Italy and Somh
of Spain. -'-tT "" : 1 v" '
The Siamese Twixs : Nowh ebe: A
correspondent of 'the? LouisvilU Journal,
writing Iro.n IK'uileraoii; Ky. gives ifte
folowmg accou.4-ot a'. locus nature" in
llial place, that 8urpusseaU treaka.ot inul
otcasioually whiuiaual Iddy, Damu Natuie
I .... .flat t. ..A . . ... . . . .,
while the latter aunilar lauJ u worm but maud tor grain cause an unusual sine oi iu..u ..
from -even to ji hi dollars per acre. It thiiv.-s. Navigation' has been open for a'j I havo.jua returned from a viai to-one
cites the follow im cae as showing how 1 month, but farmers refuse to take the pneef of the moa extraordinary cui iojities ever
slavery repels population7: " ' ' n otlerd for grain, and are storing it in ware- j known u. the hia-jry b the' human raee.
.. i i.:,... .iV....' nrs..niT., n band of : bouses Toe dealerd refuse io advanco A negro woinith belonging to .Mr. Samuel
three hundred Swus unigranis arrived in prices, and have deposited their, money m
Now York, with all Uieir . rrangoments , biuik. I lie transpoj'tation companies nave
made to settle in Delaware. They were ' tied up their vessels; and refuse to take
farmers,' with money to buy land, and. ' grain at the rate of the freight oil'ered. .
hearing that land w-as chekp in Delaware j I understand there was never Luown
a State sailed by iheir fathers Uiey t such iimnense,; (piaiitiiies of grain as are
concluded ta. seuled here; but liudmg, j now accumulating a', this point never a
nn ihpr nrrival. that Delaw are was a ! much money on deposit, to the red it of
slave State, thev parsed us by, settled in grain dealers never as many vessel, lied
Ohio, and helped to angineiit the wealth , up in the harbor all uta dead btaud aill.'
of thut young giant of the linou.
The News proposes a remedy thus:
Tho Hon. Tom. F. Marshall publishes
V.nir. if the neon o of De aware, at ' the following card 111 iie tMCinnmi com-
the next session of the legislature, ' will vierrial. ' . ' .' " " ' ' " J '' "
pnsi an act that after the following fourth In a notice wlitcn int Lommrrciai me
day ' of July,' all the children bom or , other iluy was kind en-wth to take of my-bro.i-ht
into tha Slate shall be free at tho discourse at Suiih & Nixon'a on temper-
aire of .ihteeu and twemv-one, it will aace, it was wateii unii nan .mora. eu
e ve Delaware Hie rliaiacter ot a tree uiriMmmiy, ..
State at once, nrtect no btavenoiiter sen-, lerrt u mm i n.. . jo.... n
ous!y in his property, and bring down m son. 1 am receiving iettr comainmy
to Kent and Sussex a rush of emiirnitiou abundance of pious exhortauous, pryer,
of the industrious, freemen i-f the adjoin-! &c, which annoy im t-xeedrngly. I
inr States. Laud .here will ut oiice com-1 have joined no church and have not the
i .
mand advance prices
Stiles, of this place, gave birili', eight days
ao, to four living cliiIdVn.1 J lileJ lo
geilier by pairs in' a ail! -more pecuhur
manner Uian- the SiauieJ'T'ius.-. 'Tae
two boVinre Cjiineeied ut the slioubler,
and troui the hip io the kueejoii.r, h aving
the lower joint of the legs. and the feel ot
caen periicny nee. inegius uie juni
id ui mu sUjulderi' wita this diit'eiciice
from the boyes, that the h'uye but . one
arm issuing troin' the junction' of their
shoulders. They are''joined from . Hie
hip down to the foot ihe two1 legs'; end
ing in one foot, In regard to to tne col
or of me children, nature seems to have
beeiiiuuie as eccentric as in their (onna
lion, one of. the boys beiu.. black, ,nnd
ihe other a white us the cmld of a; white
woman; aid so with the' jjiilsV They
all seem te be perfectly be'aluiy,' and .Uio
mother is doing unc numouly well.. . ,.
nnd there will ' most remote idea of doing so. I nm 'no
sprin- into being anwng lis a ' spirit of j infidel; certainly 5 but' have a very fair
enterprise to which wo nro yet strangers, j copy of the Senium es. which I read, and
t have thought much and long of this to which alon I refe: for rehgous truths.
ipat;er, ani can buw ;aa; a -- vi !!?
nature r.;entionJ above, would, on the
very day it is placed on the ttatutc book,
inrreao ' the value of thd real eMinte of
Del twit ! ji' millions of do'ltn! It
would give an imj eius to our great ( ub
he woiks which wo. are now arugghug
almost aainsi hope to uccouip'.i-h, and
wntcti is
I have never knowiuizlv deceived any one,
and urn constrnined to take tKis" Vnethod
of undeceiving the pnblie. ' " i L
Abb est or v CounTtBrti rER or Coif
:m Kaks.o. The LcuveawoMU paper
state that for the last three months that
r.lacj has been fooled with counterfeit
silver coin. On the 15th instant, th U.
S. Marshal arrested Sergeant ReparJ of
the Sixth U. S. Infantry, and found in his
trull.; a lare supply of bo us coin. An
accomplice testified that he had seen Re-
! riared engaged in its manufacture.1 The
The Drr.citNcr Bat..-Which has h-us coin is b.a a poor iiniUtion the
jaa passed Cmg.s, ha, the fol.owing -
provisions: ! oihcr biuidir fa ;tories m ih u vicinity. '
. .... ;
instead ot me cr.ismiiij iiieroi.
now resting en us we shall soon realuj
tho life, activity, and prosperity which
,.ow chuacteruc the new Slates if it e
grei urla west." . .
Organization of Political rar-
-'1Jica.n,e Territory. ,
Although as will be soen in this issue
this paper is Aiioroilgh democrau'o and in
favor of ihe orgamiaiin of the Democrat
Ijid'Party, in the Territory, y -f we, wish it
distinctly , underaood, lliat . althv'ugh we
are in1 favor of now taking the initia.ory
ttfps.'to secure an efficient an penpanrnt
r)rgani9t!on in ih'futirt. wj a,re uncom
promisingly opposed to any. organisation
prior to the ensuing summer, or fall elec
tions ; and we shall oppose, with whatever
force or ability.'we are possessed; any at
tenant at organisation, looking to the pre'
'enJf W (ale ihis fO'ition, becauso we
helievo great and vital questions, qt a lo
cal nature, of more importance to the peo
ple of the Territory, at this crisis, than
any other, sliould be made the issue of
t'ae earning electior, will o. I any rar,y
bias. We refer to the vexed Capitol
Question, and the questons presented to
(he Territory,' by the breaths op of ihe
lat Legis'atir', going to the very sov
'ret'imty of the Deaule itsi If ' We predict
i will coiijdence, that until these exciting forseA-eral valuable invem.ous. died Weed who will now assume t'.
.. it .i i i. in wretched poverty a few days ago. at of chief editor of that paper.
S33uea,ar disposed of, (as they uodoubt. -' . , V.- ' ,vyle., LJ
Far CUrki of th Hons
ContiiiRenrss of the Hnie of B'P
Uvular supplies of Q. Master Dep't 77,000 Tut Cnors in Illmos promise rir.ely
Iiircha r.f Morses 253,000 wheat ep-eially. Thre is a large bredth
J,., 1 ,..-., nf Knrinrr nMri:illv nnd it UrerV
6,4'Jo!ofo foward and thrifty. .
5,000 MissxciivstTTS has 1.509 miles of
Effi Railroads, vhich coas S13.910.101,
"s)30t They woulJ probably uow sdi for about
UI I,4HO,000 $J0,0OU,UUU. . . . . .
i - - '
$j,y76I,a)J t con-emience of pnlotiged inlispo
' - 1 sitton. Mr. Saunel Wilkeson ha retired
r Pr. John Tecock Holmes, a member from Tiiel!b tnv Lvemns Jounvu. having
of the Hr tish College of Surgeons, aud told vut his merest to Mr. Thurlow
ie position
IixiJtutle Expews of Q- M's Dep't
nnrrsckt and othr nnnaii.s
Transportation of tb Army
Subsmtene in kind
S'irvevs for Military Defeaes
fl r.wn n r,ln-.ii
C srks in Post Offle
uc.ti .mo m llettuuts of P. O,
Wnr Eotpt" Was' NAied.-A
correspondent -of a4Beltille (111.) puper,
says. In the early settljuient lue -Nui-
gamy country, long before mo fouuties
of Sangamon and Ureen' were organized.
there were sever. I families who' movyd to
these counties fioui St. Clair county, and
amonust tne numoer was a man oy. ine
, f i-. -j ll ...... .1 .!...
name oi L.evi u.iy, wuo eonecieu it vutii-
pauy of meiVaiid cauie dow n to St." Chir
uoumy for seed Corn in Ihe spring for
several years tu succession., U-i hu wny
down he would t ,11 lue, peopU. ho vvas
"going down to Ejypt for , corn." .The
early frost in that couutry injured the com
a u wjuldoiatiprouu aud Uifyat.ra.4jhr
iiged lo Lave, seed corn, from sonie pluce.
1 his was thirty-ax or teven years Hg .
I well recollect the circumstances, for I
used to help to shell the corn myself,
which my father nbed : .to. aell them tor
ed. this was tetore cuicago was
thought of as a city. ' "' '
Aojoi-njiMEST ' or Cooess The
Washington de.-pached lo-lhe New York
Ikruli. dated 2tth.. savs : "It is not
believed Consrress can adjourn' on the
seventh of June. The President wishes a
re-eonsideration of tho resolution of ad
louriuneut unless Air. Clancy Jou.s
proposition of night sessions is agreed to
The more experienced members regard
.. i 'r ;ui . .
aujouruuieni oetore a uiy us .niwwmiu,
The 'ground has been broken for a new
reservoir for the Croton of New York city
which will con ai" 1,02,.).N80.I43 gallans
and in extent will cover 1U aero, . The
contract for builduu? it is 611,2fS,77
and the contractors expect 19 gel it done
in three years.
There is a large quantity of moil mat
ter; mAst'jM papers held at the Post
Office, in this City, for postage. Wo
are Infotrned lhnr Ynanf packages of pa
pers are deposited m the office, , without J
pre-payment, while thr. packages, con
taming more than one, paper, have only'a
penny stomp .affixed to them. ' Those
sending papers through the'tnai!s,,mutn
nil cases. -1 pre-pay .their postage,.' or they
J.:i' s,i ' " 1 '".
uni uj kusc siv uitivv ...,.
- Rarp't" Couwt' Krr-tJBi.ieAr vor
vEMTio.N.-rPersuant' to a call,' t'ie,, Ites
publicans of Sarpy CoiintV; -nvfinGon-'
ventiiialBlevue, Mty I5ih. at 2 o'clock
P. M. ferr the of orsraiiiziiic" a
Republican "party ' in ' this. County. n,i)d
eteotiniDMlHijrfes to the Terriiorial Con
vention, lo be held at Oinaha.'Tliursday,
Ar.ir27th:' r i,,,,v
Theiiwetitii was talk J t.ojlir ) v
D.-B."Ri:Vi,,'who briefly Mated the obji ctl
On.inolion',' JMf!4 QowJ wai called to
tne Chair, and 1ttpi(Ti liunT was
choseASet5viBy.;j .2UV3JJ3
,; Ua. inotiou, .the President! appoiiried
the fohWio? D.degiKes','1 i6 attrtd 1 th
Terfhof inf; Converrtion :-0. L.- "Parker
Thnmasy.e.n E.. ee ILL Smit'h,
Cyrus rf5MarlJ. Aff rM ' ftMiW.
yl ciitiTmiV of
five, vas-ef.t4J fbr fjrtiisNj'lHiisinVss, con
silfin'g1 r)h'fo!lrt'yinV V'fs.mV,-T3:' t
Reed, James Cow,1 - Henry M. Burt,
Robert Ci. Jenkinson, II. II. Smith. 1 ; .
Speeches'' "we're : mad- by D.' E. Re' d;
W. H.-Cook, G, L. Parker; and others.
,.,Oii oiiitjou,the inaetinudjaurnedv f .
c : JAMES GO Wt. President I
,iiEnr kiBbivSecryiary.
r -' .l i . ' i ii i ; r"i f ;ur??,l. 'J
sylvana. and Col.- Atbury -R. titewart, .
and S. II, Bell, or the, EnmV place.
! oThe latter gentlemen are oi .(he highest
character for wealtlh intelligence aud en
terprise; and, indeed, thw whole colony
is of a gra le not often equaled. 11 'There
fan not fad to be a high degree of. pros
perity fulling to the M of tlwfc pan ot.the
vVeat w here so much enertty and wealth
shall pliijit itself.' The rest of this im'r)or
tant Colony will fellow in a few days.. .
Th"anhunl ' meeting '-yi "theCJahd
Lodge of Free and Accepted Masoas -et
the Terr i'riry of Ne bra ska ,' w i 1 1 take
'.-ice at Nebraska Ciiy, " on VVedqesdjy.
the 22ikI day of June uext, Commenting
at io o. clock, A- m. . , .
'edlywill beet the next tesuonof the
r.tegislaturf,) 'do party organization, will
-le t any nyad IQ secure harmony. '
Hon. Edward Everett t Masiachusau
is stopping at 6t Joseph, Mo.
lud. Dr. Holmes was formely in theem-i The It en vortb City papers of the 26tb..
ploy of tho Hudson Bay Company,' nd soy: The peace couimissioners started
was the intimate friend of Caj 1 Barry, for Utah. Troin ihe fort, yesterday. They
tl e Arctic navigator. In his litter years were well i-qmpped, ha I five ambulances,
he became blind ardparalied, and finally with four m iles to arh. n I p'O. ose st
diod in misery and obscurity. I curing an escort at Fort Laramie."
' Col. Benton died poor; it seems, with a
mortgage "of 'S10.O00 oh'h'is aOttse)' irr4
AVashington, which, hyrrebnilt after it had
been destroyed by fire. " "A recent num
ber el the Charleston Courier contais;be
folloNvinsr ' relatiiig W the deceased iVhia'
fampy::.:;;;; :; :; ;;
( In UoiiieaM;fe.he iyre. aDxempTary;
character) and as husband ianj faaber was
whiit may be called a-fatnili ,mttm A
distihguisTied'fiiend iif iur tVhile'irtahy
years ago proM'cuiug,a (JiarJeVton cliiim,
in"' M a-liingnn, ocenpied lUf-roOmj-at-
IrmtMwmwmnmtmmttmm l.i.l.fti. I llli.lill l.l i.nvl
W' . , . 1 1 IJ 1,1.' I. 1 1 ... vpjvpsphm
to on" .iyt lay CW; JlylniU(l his
fuiinly jvitli t-sii b tl.mi paniuoii interveu
mg. aod uhnvoidaHy;-hj AU jbpt trans
.rreOl'tin:Cw! Be4jli'sl apariojwH.-TTh-'
resu't wa .-' thut Our fiftnutinndJ rlnimS-i..
upviteit d-'i-cotfrjfl.lhat tfy VrhofirBfe had
reummled, to saiy lie Uuaaui ul ihe,
rowOies, -if not Ibulloa.t ot'.-JieT, 3enniV
Chiioiber, wjs Vae mid.keiutleand afTec
tipB ite uoi.ijugtt.l and pareiitaHiead uf 4he
.tool- stic chamber,: d. aliug in terias.auU.
acts of endeariu- iH. titward.lhtj.loved Ones
aryund l.iiiiViid judiuiju.ay"cMubiuint;
the ollic f of educational audsrioral pra
c ptor ..."T, i " " "
'-MocAxA'i RR.Weblifrye
from the Repuliean .that tJie Irpn .loun-;
tain Raitroad .has beeq completed to Pilot
Krjob, St Louis ' tis'noW live mostim-
pofiunt roads conne'ciig ue.r .wrtby ' tb vjf
rions qtia ers ot the couptry. - j? ive year
niii not a single railroad-had a terminus
W.'.t'hyvOf alfv .'ibVjraj'alj.-'
ever projected, that to the Iron Mountain
i.- perhaps the thbsf fihpoeAnt.1 -
.11 .was aetermmeq to, open tnis fiairer
rond.,vith a grand ;,)Xi;ursiot on.Uie, llthv
i nst.'"' L ery precauuoowasjaken to pre
veM accidents;, The terrible disaster of
tne Gasconade will uql soon pass ir.dv
tlioir tlioughtS'upon -oocasioo of this land.
n tu . o : SI. JiuttnM liHilir tiiiteUe.'
' l ,: ! ,:f.
The Du'jtvfln (HU)Maiing Jcurns!
sysr l ere-is n, wg'petnried nsn, 'iae
sixteen teet long, in tin "nines i-ia
mnnd coal lrtin nea Uiatt ptace. It is
hMiedded 'In a slatw fdctl AMany UifJ
pefriflcatiohs have' been fmihd therV.'suel
as leavs, - twigs, log f woodr siiiau
jLeon'olJ Laihrop. son; of jCh-inQfllor
Lathrop, of the N isconsin State Univers
ity, and atormer editor oi the Florence
Courier, died in Madison', Wj onmi,
April 26th, age 23 years.' .k , ,
We "-are, in. recoint of the - Atlantic
Monthjyl fof fay, published by fhillips.
Saaipson Co. Bosign.'ii The,- present
number sustains 'its well earned reputa
lion, ns being one of the best - Magazines
jiublishecl in this couitryj ''Term!il3,00
per annum, including nastnge. , Five cop
ies for - one year BIO, subscribers to
pay their own piaage'' v . j
' '- : : . .V
On Saturday nnd Sabbath, the Rev,
Mr.' Hughes, pastor'of the Presbyterian
Society in Pacific City, tnld a series of
meetings in Platsmuuth. A society was
organized at the same time, and m-astir
s taken t to erect a churth the comui,
season. A considerable amount his at
ready been subscribed and the .work tv.'
be' pushed forward 1 a) fa,t al y SMbl ..
The Sunda Mercury, in a fit of Rev
olutionary en'.h'iinsn' says:
"Hurrah for the girls of 6 f
Thuniler ! rrie a N. J. Oarter. "ihat'i
too old, No, hurrah for tbi sjirU of The building i to It iLirtyGvo ly fifty
17! . Jlect in Ounonions.
"I X
'f Sp)Thnckray-'lhus dagiierree
type ihe nii'mal Snob in speakingjDf
English society : -
" A snob is that mariV)? wrrftsn who is
.Jwayvprctending to be. sothe'thiti t?trl-i'
espicially richer' or more ' fasbwnahje
-r-thajii , they are. " it lsone xino tniriKa
his'own poitioo,iq life cpnternptible? and
u ahvay .ftnd striving to, force
himself into one above, jthout 6dufc!ttin
or characteristics which belong" to it j one
who looks down upon, despises and over
rides his inferiors, or even equals of his
own standing,, and is ever rea.dy to wor
ship, f awn -opon and natter a rich or uin
man, nor because he), is a good man, a
wie man; ' or a Christian man;' but be
cause he has the luck to be rjch of ctrv
sequential." ;' - 1 .-..'A.-J "
. , - -- -
T'.Thn last; excuse for , the Crinoline
ihnC ihe uronLni vpsI nerda llOOUIUSTrf '
. . . i . . - i j i .'
TIei.ry Ward Beet hefi great Vi tVlfcT
up collections, At the-old- Joh- Sw-'
church,, one dectSiori, lhey&an;ed to ink
an t'stu raise. I, AfrB qhef eli-eikay
addres-d he jt0 couivrfsi and ,uw
ask. d thii-e who ha I uperieowd -rahfo'1
iii that vhiircji: hold up iheir right hni"
Nclv i.'V.liitat'vT.rj Wisl "?
a'iUr'oitly .up. ."Now, Vskv
B eoher, pa thnt hand in. yvue pocUV
tvhc'uthe- plate ia passed rouud'i"-"'