Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, May 06, 1858, Image 1

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A Family Nowspapor Dovotod to Democracy, Literature, Agriculture, Mechanics, Education, Amusomonts and Goneral Intelligence.
VOI 2.
cllclntc (dinette.
PIIDLIKIIIU tVtSr Til if Sen A V X t
Henry M. Burt & Co.
Terms of Subscription.
V .CB.
' I nro (U Htei or !'i) 1st htTt !
Kuril ilieiiient Itucriinii"'"
i o,.ire,ant moii'n
ihre uionMi
" ont ver
ft (XI
HO 00
3a (HI
2' 00
10 00
3.1 00
2(1 00
10 00
an (hi
1.1 00
10 00
(i oo
IV 00
".nine card (! line er le) t yvr
u i coiiim i. O.i year
Oae-h.tif culuian, on yenr
column, tlx month
half eoltiinn, lis months
frvirih '
. I eh Hi '
" column, Hire ino'ith
" half column, three month
forth " " "
eighth " " "
Announcing candidate for o(tit
r.r ttehlh het bill, per 100
for quarter " " M '
for half " " " -
Forwhol "
For colored per,h.lf ahet, per 100..
Far blank, per qilre, firt q iire
F.tch subsequent quire
Card, per puck"
Kiel) Mbeenttent pack
Vor Hall Ticket, fanev paper per hitn'd
$1 00
4 00
ft 00
in oo
ft 00
Each ubnint imudrtu
UVtllV Rid CAttDI.
Bowen & Strickland,
City Lota and Clnlm bouiiht and ld.
Purehaaera will do well to rail at our office
and etatnine our Hit of City Lot. fee, before
J purchasing tletwhere. OffiVe In Cook'e new
n building, comer o r itm ana ftl.iiu eueet.
L. L. Bovrrn.
J. AW, Relleviie, X. T. 1-tf
B. A. Strlokl and,
LAW, BHvo, N. T. Uf
T. B. Lemon,
LAW. Office, Fontenellt Bank, Belle-
ite, Nebraeka Territory. IvM
C. T. Ilolloway,
.M. LAW, IMIevue, N. T.
I -If
W. II. Coo'x.
AC5ENT, IWIevintv, Nehri-k. l-'f
W. H. Louiilor'.M. D.,
. Min, between Twentv-Fifth an.
Bixth treet. Ilellevne City. 33tf
W. W. ilvrvey,
will attend to all bneineea of 8-irveyina,
Uvin it and . la wK in eying ami I
plitiinr towna and rad. Office on Miln'
1 1 re. rHIee'ie. s.X Wtf
11. P. R inkln,
l L VW, Lt PI ute. X, T. I'tt
J. P. Pf ck. M. Tjf"
br akaOffice and residence n lo.l
Sr.n. u (vft)
Pjtr A.. Svrpy,
r,o:twRniNO roiiHm .mwi.
I' CH WT, Rei;en. X. T. W(.olr.(te
Dealer In Indian Good, ILre, M ile. d
OatMe. t'f
D. J. BulllYMU M. D.
. Head of Broideray, Connell BlnlTv la.
noe. 13 lL
em. a. mitm. . . eiT
Smith & B other,
nd Dealera In Real Kte, RellevH,
Nebraaka Terrltorv, will attend rUhf illv ad
promptly bTiiH( d aellmc R'l I elate.
Cur Lot. Claim, and Land Warrant. Office
at ih Benton Hon. tl-Am
1 Kaooa tt Brother.
Omaha City, KaHratka. Offic n ror
aer of Famham and Fourteenth Street, 44f
D. Uv8olomoa,
LAW. (ilM.wol, Mill IV, Iowa, rc.
tice in all the Court of, v'r Iowa and
Nehra.ka, anj the prem Court of lw.
luind Acey not In the PnHtrawme, rto
m i. ii ii f k
IASIUONABLr. Hair Ciltinf, ialnf,
Drine, and rUthmc Selvw, third dot
wt of the r.xrhaere Dank. Omaha, K.T.
Oeaaha, Pet. I, 41
Guatav (tcgr,
NF.ER, Rxet Drawing and faiMinc
tn eerT a vie and der-ripito. Ak, alt
bveiaaaa i V, Una, OA Urrry aueel,
Mary, Mill Co.?, Iea At
To the Public nd will reader
To the wanfa of II IS GUESTS.
Dellevie, Oct. 8.1,
j. it itRovrx,
1 l'lattsmouth, Can Co. JV. T.
ATTENDS lo hnnlne In any nf tin Court
of thli Terrltorv. I'.irticulAr attention paid
to otitalnln.f 11111I loontiiia Land Warrant, col
lecllnn of aMit, an taxe paid. Letter of
Inquiry relatlv to any part of the Territory
atiRwerrd, If accompanied with a fee.
Hon. Lvman Trumbull, U. S. 8. from Dla.i
Hun Jam- Knox, M. C. "
Hon. O. H. Drownlnir, Q'llncy, "
lion. J me W. Crime, Governor of low.
Hon. H. P. Hennett. Del lo C. from N. T
(ireen, Wenre It Ronton, Co'mcil RlnfT. f.
Nuckoll k. Co., Glenwood. low. i3lt.
Ira A. W. Back,
I' AND and General Airent Pre-Emptlon
J Paper prepared, Li nil Warrant bought
and oltl. Otflc In the Old Slat Home, over
Uit V. 8. Land Office.
Hon. A. R. Glllmore, Receiver, Omaha.
Hon. Eno Lowe,
Hon. 8. A. Htrlcklmnl, Dellevua.
Hon. Jnlin Finney, "
Hon. J. Slerllnc Morion, Nebraaka CI'v.
Omaha, June 2t, 1S57. 3 .
It. T. ri.AKR. A. M. CLAaKt.
CLARKE & B R 0 ,,
A ii E N T ,
Dealera inP'ne Lumber, Boon, 8ih,
Flour, Meal, Bacon, &e., &c.
ZV Dircot Goods oare Clorko & Rro.
B O YE S & c b' S
Florence, ScbinltH, In iflnin Si.
Town ria'a, M't. ' Sketrhee,
Riialne Ctd, Check A Rill, Certificate,
and every decriition of plain and fancy tn
fravlnr, executed proniptlv in eaatern atyle.
3en34 '
Greene, Wears 6 Benton,
lllutr.. IVtnwa'tamt county. Iowa. .
Greene &. We ire. Cedr Rapld.i Iowa,
(ireene, Weie 4t. Hire, Fort IV Nine, la.
Collrctlnr. m.idej Tsxe pldt !nd I.nd
pundiaard and void. Ii anr part of Iowa, l-tf
iro. Nvrr. johm ii. ttirtMAX.
Suyrlcr it Shcrrann,
A ?. W. ei.d' N.StaR? IVt Pf 'r.i.Vc! Cvm- !
. nii'Vji'i I Alio T i
nl Rl.T, t'OV, '!' nnoMce hlr pr,f-loii ;
in a the tV t'i f tow a id Virka. I
Ktfial nHe:Un glvn to kuvinf and tell-
real et'ate, and making pre-emption in
Heetl, Mcrtagee, and o'lter Inetrumentt of
writing lrwn wi'h dtepatrh t acknowlelg.
nien taken, tf., Jte.
tfW"0.flre wlt tide of Mdion ttrtet,
iil above Ittoadway,
o t) t-tf. '
Brhl .... .b, L.La... ... i
6T. UABTS, IOWA, BELLBVUK, 1 TT' wuriw ,M" .
B.MA.uaa,v n,-eeeMMe wo, m glrt w luat kiltl Could Uut
Merchant. a4 Eataat. will M JP uJ pUy Uka Uoer. Tue l.l..
ed nronvMlv and taref atrerdeil l Ouiuauce of Utw perreruoo tf
P. . I baeth oulv WAKEIIOCSF. for ' nature i au enervated body and itund;
atorage at the abve named landing, I au. few mor- yrmr- artt ddd to
Kt. Marya, Fek 1- Ur life, khe hat acvuiuulaivJ iry govU
Tootle At Jackaon,
CHANTS. CWeU riv, Iowa.
Having a .e and,.. Warw.
the Ix-ee at In.. Connrtl liURt Undine.
rtin prrparl to receu aMJ u.e, all
kin-Uof iv.e.-liiJie . will receive
RiiniMii l.lwivy a r-lr,S. t
Jxu cs and : rjt a Twt, .
W. r. CeeilVoHcH, ice, Ut. l-W
aiHi pv erieer att aieat t rreigiaa m bo (if girl
I Wat iitum Hnal will be deUuie4 at they ,k.r MT; u,
be beea teretnfre, U eel ting ce u , .
reerreirt.iiUeee4ici.areanM. -y graduate
Tin Aftue wii (lie Illlt.
I'm alt:i.u in my room to,il(h', j
A llio iaiid mile away j
Fro.n thai dear home I have not teen
Fur man y, many a day, I
Tha city'i din and bntle fall
Unheeded on my ear,
For other aonnd of other year
My memory can Ii i-
The waierfall, the a n of birJi,
The wind thtt whistte dirill
Among the tree that waved .ibove
The cottage on the hill.
In that aweet pot it waa my lot
Full ma y a joy to know,
And there upo i my .pint fell
I.I lie.ivy lifr-lo:;r woe.
The of', hrih'. look I loved to kin
And rev, my cheek upo i,
Are lyinK low beneati) tbe dit,
Tbelr light and beauty gon.
Th bmy hand are folded now,
The active brain I atill,
And all that' mortal reiti betid
The cottage on th hill.
So, frHuN, when I am fa lin faat,
Oh, take me there once more,
And let mi etand, a once I atood, t
Beiide that cottage door.
Let m but breath my natlv air,
My aid acquaintance greet,
'Twill mek th laat day of my Ufa
Uuuttarably aweet
And a tha p ile of my heart
Beat (tow and alower atlll,
Mora dear will grow that grave betid
Til i cottage on the bill.
Judge Gently.
Oil, there hat mnny a ttar been thed,
And many a heart been bioken,
For want of a gtntlt hand put forth,
Or a word la klndneaa ipoktn.
Then, 01 with brotherly regard,
Greet every aob of aorrow,
So from each ton th dropping heart
New hope, nw atrength, aha II borrow.
Nor turn, with cold and tcornful eya
From one who hath offended
Hut let the harehnets of reproof
With kindlier tonea bt blended.
The aeedt of good art everywhere i
And Iti the guiltittt boaoin,
Sunu'd by tht q'lickeuiug rayt of love,
Tut forth their tender bt.aiom.
Whilt many a toul I ath doubtlett beta .
To dtdt of vll hardened,
Who relt that bltttrect of grief
Tlit firtt orteuct unpardoned.
liiequalily of the Sexva.
W hut. Lie p.. I lie mind i biiiijj agitated
aU in ue optical U wou.un, in m
loo k tor a intmii lit hm1 see 1 if tue vuum.
of lite precttot tu quality of la aeXea do
aot oriiiioiu of' "Cog and lilacx
alone or of toe ballot-box. Let u com
pare tl jfrowta ami education of the two
Ji'om lulancy to mature yeari, aud
we akali, 1 tl.tnk.i.ave the inaic key
wiit-ri wiui t uutvKa ;tie my.-ttiy. .
i uppo.e me boy and ir coiuniouce
life wua t-ijuai jiovvwr of mind and body,
carcuiy nu tne yMiiij " hum' .eeu acr
vCoiiU uiiimer, vviicu " niuiuuiit" te''ine
h r mtu tut- tiuu.lie uf Uui-
lo.i t I ;. ,u . ty, a it t- l uaj not undo
t..e i u'ld. ii.c l .e Lifd u praise tiiiu i i
- t
I Utgat w iauV'u, late., or run ly
r jle, or raluer not tu run at ah, Imt la
vj'k diunriMy, wnere toe tnuiiiai- wnl
nU reel I'pon ni t fair lace, Uzx A niaKe
it lee beautiful ((Utry -w.oudT wfiy uu
blue ia nut ju.4 u--cea y to eweioji
theU atitywt a vtnld a a r ). IKr
In. an loiiL'i, and her liu.b acne, fur a
u rry rmup w.lii trotner nit turuuu tae
itrveu wuuUo, and aA.y by tue rtviT i but .
aliw i heiumi l in I y rule 4 eliviuetle
' 1 innumerable, uud luoou ehe cuuu 4 uu-
I dvriai4 iray aUt auoubi b rubuml ot tier
and weakne-ea ltd eiie ta teady to iuk
the luJ of retutW-'t) (tj ae t
errit. U cause tha u.u l ( uol Ucnail
rx.,u,u Lv of ,0 aliment.
1 , . ,. .
. ioy coue- oi re iu. n.y
U vrry ditL-nut. U-ue l-ov arti be
i trK.(f be girU. ii would t
from ima. h auUerta ). The ;
from the gifat kdio4 of
nature. Wauh yonder libt-hearud
Voth a, UAet in tiaud, he u bounJioj
etl towatU the .o ahare h the
luwreU the frutu of autumn. What to,
THURSDAY, MAY (i. 1858.
liim nr-' tin rule ( T niA't'ity f II;Unnv t
lliilie, illc tllDSJ ullK'll .-'liu lion u
li'iirt iite in iu cIhM-Iim- inii'tconcu.
11 liiv.nlir, hi tnjipiu-'Ji wnli inu l'ru
uir, nu I tlif in t ry iii.ut it initur'a ufo
ty vul" lor ii limit uvirilnviig with
lllip)il''-. lit lldlit'Ve tllill LiiimI muJe
fiim a boy l mt he n.i it b hnppy. Suu
I it kiiurkii.i'j vu unl ro-iV cimt'k! llio'
they are ulnnluj by n Dm ami soiled hut,
tlii'y givt) t vi K-iicc tin t llio lilV-iuir.-ni
diiii-fM joyo.i:ly to tlit iiiti-.ii: of henltli
and liHpiiicit.. W'lifit you Wiiul.l rear,
tinTtf, i in intt'llt'ii'iiil ttriiL'tiirc. yjii liavu
Him rounluMJii of ii iiualtliy Ldy u-!iuivon
to liuild ; wiilmi'l this, it liii Imil lui u
Iiojso iijmii th.- ruml tUu lirjl advoitfj
wind uiuv dejtr.iy it.
Tim in tliwi'jti-iit pnhi il l did It y and
tiit- jjirl eiil t.i ir tuy up ilie inli of
li," thtfoii y.uticri.i jtteut.i and vior
i. y.-HTs roll mi. wiiilti tat otaer bocouii!
iiiou cii'-rvjitd uud l.-aj vi,'orou. '1'Ue
boy i educated tor a man ; th girl, for
a fashionable nppendaje to a fanhioaable
entablihinent. VVliat wonder, theu, thnt
wo find i he in, at the tiiuiinit of the hill,
so much tmlike eac1, other!
M -iluTi, lor tliu ako of liumanity. for
tlm uVtj of tlioju little one deurer to you
limn lite it--It, do Id your chi dreu Itvn
natural Qi. Uj tmt in ike eucb a dis
unction between the tn im, thu towing
the aecd which may develop the lieu .lion
youth. L)j not interfere o teraly with
iu individuality, but teach U that it hat a
guiding liirU within, aiirj Jo n d, oh, Jo
not trunii it Gjd giva tacuitiea bvueath
tht weight of a taUe aeaiimeui. Lift
Fulr Play for tVoineti.
George W. Curtis delivered L'u prom
ised lecture on this nuljett, at Alozirt
Hall, llrortdway, on Tliurd.iy eveuiuj of
hut vvto'rf. lt waa u most eloquent p r
fori i in nee und elicited grent tipianae. lie
loolt tliu tu'oude-ii view of the sultject, and
advocated eipiul rijbte and privilege for
the eexe, I'u li .ociai and reii0'iou. Jo a
rapid historical aketoh he ulio.ved the du
poiii mi wliicli men hitve in all ue mani
fested to lyroiiiiiite over. their btiter
halves." and deradid them to the tttost
iiienia! und ill paying a vocation!, i'ne
folluvvui parurupli i illuotrative :
" Wt umu claim t ) Id u C.n utiuu na
tion ; when a cardinal principle of dn,
ti.inity 14 love to (Jod and to o ir net,rlibora.
(Laughter.) We all know whettier the
universal principle of irudx u not Hv
ery man for himlf uud ihn devil fortnu
hiudinottt." We are ex-olficio Ciiriatiaiu.
tu.t at a boy U an ex olhcu U inicraia,
bi'i au-e lii lather a a Tammany Sjcu iii.
Thee are liniple facta, and 1 im utioa
thi iii to elui.v tiiere ii a tfreat deal more
to be doii-i tnau ha yet been done, and
nobody iced loi for the M.IIi-iiiiiiii be
f ire th'! end of summer. Ii the practi
cal p'.iUic opinion in this county a just and
nolle un? Do v e open to worn in every
iii'lu trml opportunity, uu I uJ.uit her to
eijuai nhti in wni ty f When we hear
that old lie rod KIM s.uJ t icro vu4 a place
in Babylon where they old woni -a. we
remark, " That we.a l-foro the Curutiuu
er-i." tVhea we are 'od Uiat wives are
add in Asia, we aiy, " TIioju are uncivi
liied land." But how hbout tbia i t l'a
ru tday, when t'l nudo i Ukea from a
couvrat a a 111 irri d to the old roue of 70,
whom he bu a -v. r eea. or having teen,
she tiutea I IIj v about t iii in Loudon,
where Kthel N-'Wcouu 14 eold to the
Manpue tvho bid I i hest i Doei th'
not t. with all her h ait, and oub
mi: f II nv. t.n n, abmi New Vutkf
Hit no I pit oil" d,v ih . lliu, 1 am
told. i a (Jnri 11 in city tLi u m Co.
aiuiiiiu p!e. Here we marry for love.
Tliu i no Liuid ni or Tari-. Of course
it uua! (I.auijiiier. ) May we not read
in the morning paper of taoe delijutful
public dinner, at which men ouly are
present. When the aerioua busiueu wai
dUi,ised of; when the great apeechea
were made i hut complimented women ao
pr ttily, and ihe privileged ladi were
in In 'id tliH tr ne ; aft. r the orator had
r tir d, the army and navy wi-re druuk
a ith cheers, and the on e had been aunj
tlie Ixa toa4 it proposed, " tVomau
Heaven last and best (Tift, it ia receiv
ed with tremendou cheer, and the gall
ant editor of The Weekly Flopdoole ra
ruaidi; many hed tear; alter which
ihoe of the company that wore able rote
and hill.oi is:, We won't go home till
iiurniii,'," bf cuned lo their home.
"Mr Ciixk frier!, how long have
yoti ti-en tnairied I"
" Vel, lioh a diaj vat I seldom don't
lie total uboat; but vei 1 dose, it
feeiui 1 1 li t ao bnj as it 11 ver vaj."
The time occupied iu Cinrinniti in
firing up a t. am Are engine, lijhtins torches, attaching the horses, and Jjel
tui, the inaclune into the tre-t, doe act
exceed one minute and a half.
A Cju.fiHV Kuitor'm Criticiim on
Tiik iTHtc l, 11 John K Ilalo'.ier,
ed.tor of tliu C iluuibian ( l enn. ) Mirror,
vmited Naihvillrt duri iff the engagement
of Julia Ojuii llayne. , Hatcher didn't
lnvo the cuurteaiea of the preaa extended
to him In hta laat paper he give tin
following first-rat 1 aketch of hi impreaa
lomon the performance :
Found, when vre got to the ci y about
supper time llinl
(tint's tho way tlie piiy bi!!i have it fie
niu.-t feel small) wr.ti to bi midj the vie
lit uf a cj.iiilMioiiinry beiiulii that aiglii
Iter lat uppifiiraiice on liio Nashville U.du't recollect ever having
don anything for Julia; concluded to
ci nplim,'iit her wit a our pffseiuu and
i(ive her tlie benelit of eur six bits. As
we don't have many of them things to
.pure, hope she considered the benefit
considerable. Ought to have gone in free,
with pea-nut and extra programmes furn
ished gratis, as Cri.ip, the big dog of the
concern, has been remarkably successful
in nn aitpmpt to owe us two dollars for the
nat live years.
(Jot into the pit, with feet comfortably
anchor; d in a puddle of tobacco juice just
as up flashed the footlights and down
(lushed the five fiddlers called by court
ety the orchestra through the square
hula under the stage where the licker de
partment of the establishment is located,
fang-a-lang went the bell, (a sweet
toned instrument borrowed from the cow
which grazes iu a lot behind the theater,)
up went the curtain, and eix greasy look
iiiij fellows, whom the audience were re
quested by the programme lo look upon
us thorough-bred entlemeu, but which
ih'-ir appeurencj an I manners wouldn t
let the uudieuco do, were "discovered"
seated round a p plar mahogany t ible.
drinking o I of silver gohbns made of tin,
and ta king about a gal, who, from all we
could learn, uu ome pjukias through
and through.
Didn't care to hear any mire about her
thojgh, ant pished the time till the prem
ium wtock anno aim irJ in curving " hum
bug ' oh the lack of the next acat wiih a
jack-knife and 111 peruiiug ihi tiers of fe
male highfnliiiiuity that carried double
barn I spy-g!ases. rented for the occasion
round at old man (J-wdey's jewelry tore.
When the ruscul. got through with their
nuns UjO, Julia Dcun Hayue fl -ated out
11 1 fine at rplit t-ilkc. Julia is a lovely wo
man, nn 1, having plenty of money, wears
very fine clothes ou the stae, and proba
biy otf of it to H44 been married a
couple f years, aud had her baby along
witli ner. siMiieiimes p.ays w.tu it in her
arms though this don t often occjr on
the tage. . ..
r irt rate actress. Julin t and difTered in
niauT ways from the actors that figured
ia tne first scene t uprciilly in this, thai
while she has'y 4 Grecian Ciuaten-
an ', Hie otliers seem t J have been cast
in greaieheeli mr h-aJ, wthout havuir
had time lo wash it oil' The play wt.
' The Love C'haW . Julia suits the play
like a brick. That abundant toft hair
and pearly classic brow, those languish
mgiy lustrous eyes, those pouting lips.
aud iu abort, all tlie features of her face
form a ? tote an 1 earn Lie " that a love
chase an exceedingly probable circum
stance. Her part ot the play paid a hand
s line per cent on the six bits invested, but
tile rest of the thing was a bad specula
tion. '
Went back 1 1 the hotel whun the in-
stituti ui adjourn -d, smoked a ciar in the
liar room, an I went up t bed, and to
sleep ; aud dreamed that all the world
was a stag and thut all the actresses
were Julia Deau Heynes which they
ain't though, by several. ,..!....,
A Pcxxlisc Pomx." Troperly
punctuated, the following nonsense, be
comes aeiuibte, an I i t , djubtleas
as true, na 11 is curious,, though a it uow
stands, we admit that it is very curious if
true. ' ; ; r :
. I ta a pigeoa miking bread '
. I aaw a girt composed of thread ..
I taw a towtl one mil ta itre I
I taw a meadow in tht Air 1 1 J ''
I taw a rocket walk a mile '
I taw a pony makt a blt -'
I taw a klackataita ia a boa ;
I taw an orang kill an ox ; . ,
I saw a butcher mad of stttl 1
-' 1 saw a ptn-knift dantt a root 1 "
'- I saw a aailor twalva foot Bbjra I
I taw a Udder in a pi
; I taw so applt fly away 1
I taw a tparrow making nay 1 -I
taw a farmer like a dog 1
. I aaw a pappy aaising grogt -
I aaw Uiree men, who -v iht toe
And will co Jirin what I tell yo u ,
1 1 .
Miry Bra mar J was arrested in FuflTalo
for giving her liege brd an unmerciful
thrashing, but let ctf upon showing that
the had l aupport the family, wtile he,
laiy, go-id-for-uuthin fellQw, "gave her
aV when she told bun to run ou au er
rami ,
NO. 24.
CLtatcxL HatviTr. A minister of "
the Oosple, an old acquaintance of ours,
a hard shall Baptist, who reside! In Ne
brasba Territory, was recently called up
on to unite a couple living in Atchison
county, in this State, in the holy bonds of
wedlock whioh he performed in a manner 1
to brief and entirely new that we think it 1
worthy of record. Arriving at the place ...
appointed for the ceremony, he waited un
til the guests ceased coining when he en
qu.'rod of ihe hoii 1 '
"Are all here yoti expect," and being '
answered in tho allirmuiive, he turned :
to the couple toon to be made happy, by , .'
Hyinn:al ties, with
" Voting folks, stand up. Do you want
to b in irried I" The reply was einphat "
ic Yes " " Th 'n " he continued, " jino 1
hands." The injunction was performed. ,
aud without further ceremony he proceed
ed, " I pronounce you man and wife 5
salute the bride." ' ' -i
Tht aiae minister performed a like aer -vice
a few yean ago, in Holt county, (of
another couple. The ceremony was ft,
little varied yet not less novel or interest
injj. After bidding the parties Mjlne
hands, he commenced with the groom, as
follow:- .Mr. do you swear before Al
mighty God that you are willing to marry
Miss ? He then put the same question,,
to the bride, and the answer of both being '
satisfactory, he said, " then I pronounce '
you married." These forms, it will be :
perceived, differ a little from the "good.!
old way" clereical gentlemen usually do )
these things, yet we are not aura but what
they are improvements, and are certainly'
in law of equal force and effect, ' -1
St. Jot Daily GtUt. ,, .,"
. Wht Cousins shoclo iot MaaatV
In the Annual Report of the 3uperin '
tendent of the Kentucky 1 Institution for !
the Deaf and Djmb, we find the follow '
ing argument against tbe marriage of
cousins 1
From ' ten to twenty per cent, of deaf .
mutes are the children of cousins. It is
greatly to be regretted that the law for '
bid i tax the marriage of firet cousin 1' ' dial'
not pass the recent' Legislature. r These 1
marr.agesare a violation nf the laws of noc
ture, as ia evidenced by the afflictions (
visited in almost every case upon their off,
sprin; in blin In si, d mfn?s and idiocy '
and ought to be a violation of human laws .
alo. The Com nan . wealth luui clear
right to protect itself againit these ill-sur
red matches, whose offspring it has Yo
sustain, too frequently for life. It may '
be hoped that this important aubject wiut
not eeaps the action of our legislators ,
mioy years lonjer. It is confidently be ,
lieved that by forbidding marriages of
thi kin !, ami by proper attention and care
of infant! liboring und-r the diseaset
stated, the number of deaf mules in the.
community might bo diminished one half .
in a genrution. ,
Over Kativo. How many peopMt
eat to make even f ' All the butter ie
gone, but the bread is not ; quite eaten,
so another piece of butter is taken ; but it.
was loo much, and the bread has given
out! ' '
' How many a time has the reader eaten '
some remnant on his plate not because he)
wanted it. but . to prevent , its being
wasted! How often hare you eaten as
much as you wanted, and were about'
pushing back from the table, when very'
unexpectedly a new dih, or a splendid
looking Hiddidg. dumpling, or pie, is pr.
seated, and you imoaiatelv "set te" and
before you are done, you have eaten al
moat as much in bulk as you had done be'
fore! ,'I
Many a time you have gone down U(
the table, not ouly without an appetite
but with almost a feeling of aversion to
food ; and yet you tasted this, and that,'
and the other, aud before you were aware
of it, you had " made out a coaaidtrablet
supper ! .
. All these practices are wasteful, hurtful
and beatly no, we recall that: we are
doing Mr. Pig an injustice ; for, like all
other respectable animals, ' wheo he M
done," he " quite "a thing which ration
al man seldom does. IIaW$ Journal ef
Health., ...
A tippler who had his load ou " fetches!
up" agairat he aide (fa houae whi
had been newly p linted. Shoving him
elf dear by a vigorous efllru be took a
glimpse at his shoulders, asother at ' tha
house, and then at his hand, and exclaim4
ed " Well, thai are a darned carlasa trick .
in whoever painted that house, to leave
it ttanluu ail night for people to rap
' V
The sculptor Filippo Abarini diad ft .
, Rome on the 17th of February, iavtfee;
Slot year of bis age He Ivid atciiad.
j high rank in h:s profession, and diedpa ;
sessed if a large tortune. whicn W f(: '
(for the benefit of young anietf. 1