Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, April 01, 1858, Image 3

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r-Tt train from Union vetterdty afternoon
toneisting: of ksvest frelg at tare, baggage
and paassngsr ear vet with a serious acci
dent, Juat before reaching tha bridge over
Greenville creek, tha axel of ona af lha freight
enrt broke tha train tntered tha bridge, and
tha locomotive and ona freight ear had reach
ad tha other and of the bridge whan tha bridge
krokt In tha center, and ati of tha freight cara
'nd ona bar? lira etf whent down, aoma of
than near fifty feet. Tha bridge ia about ona
- hundred feat' long . Tha brakeaman on tha
- passenger ear (tha laat ona tn the train) sse
' Ing tha danger pulled out the couplinr pin and
I nut on tha braket and checked up tha car be-
- fore tt reached tha bridge, ao that tt remained
? upon tha track tinlnlured. There were about
thirty passengers. Including three ladlea. ia
the car.- The name of the brakeiman who
ebowed ao much pretence of mind In tha einer
nnfyle Thomas Malcney, ha desrvee an
I honorable mention.
I ' The conductor of tha train, P. OJIIn, Jr.,
and threa patisngera were tn tha baggage
ear they were all slightly bruised, and that
-was all. l"h atova fell apon the conductor,
bat be managed io get it off wit' out being
' burned. Dayton (O) Journal March 5.
N'tw most Mexico. Aa waa expected.
( tha government of Zuloaga la like that of
. Cffwefwt, e9 the paint of breaking to pieces
' and Mexico ia once More adrift. According
to the lateat newa Alvarei waa again in arma
against the govtrnmt it, and every patty chief
. .who could raiae a few men waa exercising a
-i aVrt of feudal despotism over aa much territt
T y a ha .e mid aweep. Indeed, the whole
-country' reminde ona of thoae wild eountrlee
f the middle agea, where no man'e Ufa nd
Mwvnin'i honor were aafe out of bowahot
from a big cattle, and where the aole occupa
i tioa of the Inhabitanta waa to make war upon
"one anil her, from year' a and to rear'a end.
" Ail thia praeagee the return of Santa Anna,
but after all, even thia would poatpone the and
for a ohort time. ' Chronic desease mnat rt-
. main tha condition of Mexico untill It paaiea
Into tha hand of tha United States.
'"" MARRIED. -On
the 27th Inst, in thia city, by tha Rev.
William Hamilton, Mr. John Russell, to
.Miss Rebecca Clifton.
Two hearts in union are combined,
-1 . My every bleasing be entwined,
- Around their honev-moon j
.-. Mar happy apirita cheer the bride,
'! And John be ever aa a guide,
To light tha uaree of home.
The regular' meetinge of Nebraska
'Lodge, No. 184, of Free and Accepted
'Ma none, will be held at Masonic Halt.
' on" the second and fourth Tuesday aveninga of
each month, at o 1-2 o'clork.
11 ' L. B. KINNEY, W.M.
r 11 ' 1 1 1 ...
-m"i m . i. o. o. r.
r The regular meetings of Bellevue Lodjre,
: No.' -4, will ba hold on Saturday evening of
each week, at 7 o'clock, P. M. Brothers of
the order who mey be In wr citron that
t evening, are respectfully Invited to attend.
... 8. A. STRICKLAND, N O.
F. M. DAVENPORT. Seev. ''
i Aaairat
'Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 0
'clock, P. M. -
i'v I closes 1
Snndavs, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at 9
"o'clock, P. M.
. I , asmvh ;
Tnesdara. Thursdays, and Saturdays, atO
o'clock, P. M.
I . , - , ; CLOIKS
Tuesday, Thursdays, and Sundays, at 0
o'clock, P. M.
,'' I' aaaivE i
t -, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdaya, at 0
'clock, P. M. i
Mondays; Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 10
o'clock, A. M. .- -: .-. ' u (
-). (! ' 'f : ' 'Aaaivr.s ; ' 1 1
Mondays,' Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 10
o'clock, A. M. ,
. "
Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdaya. at 9
o'clock, A. M.
OffictbneA on Sundays, only from 0-j'clock
P. M. to o,clock P. M. Thia rule will ba
atrietly adhered to. :'
(?orreeed weekly by Clash a k. Baoritca,
nrartlB? and Com. Merchants.'
r,V jFlourExtra Superfine, $4 per 8 Jba." -
per 100 lbs.
, ,Appiea Driedr S3 50 per bushel.
' Peathee . 4 oo.
, .. , Bnttaiv-New 0e V 23 .
Jieana-43 00 H bua. v
. 1 . Corn 50 $ bush.
Oata-. -Me
j. Beef 7 to 8c.- .: '
Dried Beaf-r20e per lb.
,B , Salt G. A., par aack, $3. -
r-Kt 13C v 001 '1.
,;, Jlidea Dry, 7e - -
,-..- d Green, 3 - i
, ,;Jiay 4 00 $6 00 tua
. .Bran. 30 cents per bush.
j - Pork-r Fresh, $ to $7 per bum.
. Urd iSelftlb ,v
. i . i .Awn
A 10 vwuons a w vji ous. .
Potatoes 60.
r .Peita Sheep 50c ' ' ' .
do Coon 2S
Wood Cotton, 3,50, Hard, 5,00.
i. Lumber Cottonwood aheat'g 25 H m
. do aq. edged $30 00
. ... , da Oak, Walnut, Basswood $45 00
rj . . .-. i , do Pine aiding, clear $V 00 l m.
Ao Flooring 2d $05 00
(. ' ' let $7500
. f - ! Boarda, $50 $75 00 :
. -Shingles Pine $8 50 M $ 50 V
- Cottonwood $5 00
..... Lath Pine $12 00 per m.
, Doora " -$3 SO Ci $4 75 each.
tiaah $1 00 Q It 1-4 per easement
CASH will ba palJ by Clarke k. Bra. for
any quantity of dry and green hide.
;J5TotiCC.; :
II hereby given to Elbert W. Blore, and all
V are whom It may concern, that I will
.appear at tha Land Office in Omaha eity,
JJuaglas "county, pi. y., frflay,th day of
April, 185a, at 11 o'clock A. M. and than and
thara, prove my right to pre-empt the aoutr
weat quarter of aection V, townahip 14, in
range 12, east of th Otk, principal meridian ia
Nebraska Territory.
JHJ ' ' . TlfAVMTB tTAur
N$tic$ of tht Forecloiure of Mortgaje
by AdrertUement.
Territory of Nebraska, )
County of Rsrpy, )
Reuben Lovrjuy, Mor'gagee,
Alire Kellnm,
' V. A. (Jwyer, Mortgagors.
Deed of Mortgage dated ' December IS;h, A.
D. 1H57, and reordrd In Book R.. I'agea
209, 270 and 271, Dscs.nber 21st, 18G7 at 10
o'clock. A. M.
Default haritig been made in psvment of the
sum of two thousand two huntfred dollars,
f2,2O0,l which I claimed to b due at the
data of thia notice, and aeeured by a deed of
Mortgage bearing date, December lth, 1S57,
executed by Alfred Kellum and V. A. Qwyer,
of Sarpy County, Nebraska Territory, to Rea
ben Lovfjoy, of the city of Bellevii"-, Sarpy
County, Nebraska Territory, and recuMed in
tha office of the Register of Deeds for Surpy
County, N. T., in book B., pagei 209, 270 and
271, on the 2lst dav of December, A. D. 1857,
at 10 o'clock, A. M Now, therefore, notice
is hereby given that In pursuance of a rower
of aal contained la said mortgage, and of tha
Statute In auch cases made and provided, the
premises described In and conveyed by said
mortgage, to witt Alt that certain piece or
pare) of land, lying and being siMiste In II.
County of Sarpy, and Territory of Nebraska,
and dearribed aa follow, to wit : Commenc
ing for the same at a post 94. 0 rods, North
It decree, East of tha 8. W. corner of aec
tion thirteen, (13) Township thirteen, (13),
Range thirteen, (13), east of the 8th Princi
pal Meridian j thence north 471 degreea, west
23.5 rods to a cottonwood stump, thence north
31 degree, east V.5 rod to a post, thence
S tilth 47 1.2 degrees coat, Ui.b rods
to a poE, thence south 30 degrees west 0.5
rod to the place of beginning, containing one
acre and fifty-seven perch, together with all
and alnfular the tenement and hereditaments
and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in
anywise appi-rtainlng, consisting in part of
one cngins, boiler and all the machinery and
fixture for a perfect steam saw-mill, manufac
tured by Cooper and CI i rk, Mt. Vernon, Ohio,
and said ta be of thirty hone power, will be
old at public auction on the 2Hh day of June,
A. D. 1959, between the hours of 9 o'clock A.
M., and the setting of the sun on the a me
day, to the highest bidder. The sale to be in
front of the Dellevu.) House in the City of
Bellevue, Sarpy County, Nebraska Territory.
1. n. LtMOrt, All y.
April 1st, 1S53. nlCtl2
To AH.
The undersigned take thia method of call
ing upon those who are indebted to them, to
come forward and settle their accounts, and
notes, bef re the 10th day of April next, as
we must have money by that time. We have
waited Ion; and patiently on our enstomera,
and if our invitation ia not respond. I tn, w.
Shall place the acco ints in other hands for
collection. S EATON fc ROWLKS.
Bellevue, March 24, 1858. . 1.18.4
Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage by
. , Advertisement.
Territory of Nebraska, )
County uf Sarpy. $
Reuben Lovejoy, Mortgagee,
William R. Johnson,
Alfred Kellum,
Asron O. Cox, Mortgsgers.
Mortcage dated, March 14th, A. D. 1S57, re
corded in book E., Page 100, April 21st,
1857, at 10J o'clock, A. M.
Default having been made in t' a payment
of the Sum of two thousand and two hundred
dollars, ($2,200.) which is claimed to be due
at the data or this notice, and aeeured by a
certain Deed of Mortgage, bearing dale
March 14lh, A. D. 1957, executed by William
It. Johnson, then or the Mate or Iowa, Aitred
Kellum, and Aan-n O. Cox. of Bellevue, Sar
py County, Nebraska Territory, to Reuben
Lovejoy, of Bellevue, aforesaid, and Recorded
in the orlic of Die Register of Deeds, at Oma
ha City, for Sarpy County, N. T., in Bonk E,
rage iih, on lite ?it oi April, A. U., ISO., at
10 1-2 o'clock A. M.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that
in pursua ce of a power of sale contained in
said mortgage, and of the statute, in auch
cases made and provided, tha premises de
scribed in and conveyed by aaid mortgage, to
wit r au that certain piece and parcel or land,
with its aoDiirtenances. situated and Ivlne in
tha city of Bellevue, in said county of Sarpy,
and territory or Nebraska, and described as
Block one hundred and thirteen, (113) in said
city of Bellevue, according to the survey there
of, made by Mr. SchlmonsUy, in the year 1851,
will ba sold at public auction on tha lRlh day
of June, A, D. HSy, between the hours of 9
o'clock, in tha forenoon, and the setting of the
aiui on that day, to the highest bidder) the
sale to be in front of the Bellevue Houee, in
the city of Bellevue, Sarpy County, NVbra.ka
. Mortgagee.
T. B. Lemon, Att'y. x
March 24th, 1858. n!8tl2
SlierHTs jSteile.
BY virtue of an exeention to me directed by
the Clerk of tl District Court of Sarpy
county, N. T., in favor of John Kahler, and
Igainst tha property of Harrison Berry, to
sstisfy a judgment against said Berry, for tha
sum of- nfteen-hundred and thirteen dollars
and eeventy-aix cents, ($15l3,7o ;) now there
for f will offer at public auction on the prem
ises, oa tha 22nd day of April, A. D. 1858
between the hours of nine o'clock: A. M. and
four o'clock P. "M. of aaid day, to the highest
bidder, for cash; tha following described prop
erty, to wit t n .teaui saw mill with all the
apparatus belonging thereto, said mill being
situated In the west part of Sarpy county on
Elkhorn river, and known aa iht Harrison
Berry Mill.
Dated, Bellevue March 15th A. D. 1858.
2t ' Sheriff of 8arpy County, N. T
snerltTe Solo.
BY yirtnaofan execution, tn me directed,
by the Clerk of the District Court of
Sarpy county, N. T., in favor of Cyrus K.
Mark, and against tha property of 'George
Jennings, to satisfy a judgment against the
aaid Jennings j for the sum of five hundred
and lilnety-six dollars, and aeventy-aix cents
($591,76). Now, therefore, I will 'offer at
public auction, in front of the Bellvue House
on tha 24th day of April, A. D. 1858, between
the houra of nine o'clock A. M., and four
'clock P. M., of said day, to the highest bid
der, for cath, the following described proper
ty, to witt being the N. W. of N. E., St of
N. T.., S. E. of N. W. of section 24. townsh p
13, rang 13, E. of the 6th principal meridian,
N. T.
Dated March ?3rd. 1858.
JOHN M. ENOCH, Sheriff.
itlS By 8. H WATTLES, Dep. Sheriff.
TA E ALERS ia Dry Goods. Groceries. Hard.
xJ ware, Hate and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Crockery. Furniture, fcc.
We will sell our goods, at low prices, and
trr rsaiy pay en'y. V
NOTICE Is hereby given, that on th v
ntnr f th I nth inst. I lost my p. rket
book In Pailevut city, containing aom valu
able pspera that are of no ue to anf ona but
myself, together with a dollar bill, with soma
notes against various persons, one of $15 on
Charles Peter Make), and one of $MI,50 on
M. D. Shsw, one on I. P. Horn, at co. of
about $0,00, ona on B'nrkburn of $S,$I nd
varlona others. 1 1 erehy notify all persons
from purchasing any of the said notea. Any
person finding said pocket-bonk and returning
the same ta me, or leaving It at tha office of
tha Bellevue Gasette, will be liberally re
warded, besides confering a great favor.
(tf!8) E. N. LTJOHN.
lew Prices!
rMIE undersigned are now opening the
J. largest and best selected, assortment of
Spring and Summer goods, ever before offered
In market for tha truth of this, we in-its
ths Ladies ami Gentlemen to call and see
that this Is no Nsw Paper puff, no fiction, no
gais (
But truth In rea'ity,
Even in Nebraska I
Therefore coma one, come all, and David will
be on hand in hia usual good humor to wait
on all, Ladies in particular.
Every thing may be found in the shape of
choice dress goods for Spring and Summer at
G ROCERIES of evry description, cheap at
BOOTS and shoes, good and warranted at
K1NNER &. CO'3.
GAITERS, Buskins, and Slipper of every
variety at KINNEY 4. CO'S.
AILS, Glaaa and Q ieenswsrr, cheap at
A TEW Firkin of good Butter and a lot of
sin.-.ll white bean', for sale at the H 'rd
ware store of T. ic 3. A. Nye Butter 25 cents
per tb. Beans $3 per bushel. .
Roth warranted to ba not strong, esll
around there that have the money. 4tl3
BY virtue of an execution, tome directed,
by the Clerk of the District Court of
Sarpy county, N. T., in favor of Louia Uarte'a
and against the property of Georre Jennings
to satisfy a Judgment against said Jennings
fort' e sum of three hundred and ninety eight
dollars and seventy two centsj now therefor
I will offer at public auction in front of the
Bellevue House, on tha 17th dav of April
A. D. 1858 ; between the hours of 0 o'clock
A. M. and 4 o'clocx P. M. of said day i to
th highest bidder, for cash, the following de
scribed property, towitj Lot 4 in Block 103
also Lot 1 in Block 57, in the CI' v of Bellevue
Dated, Bellevue. March 17th 1858.
JOHN M. ENOCH, Sheriff.
2t By S. H. WATTLES, Dep. Sheriff.
i Notice.
IH A VEJbeen very Indulgent with my custom
er about paying up, sotn"tirr.ei this prin
cipel ceases 'o be a virtue. I will now notify
all to eotr.eup to I lie rack and settle old scores
immediately, aud vou will very much oblige
Your obedient servant,
IS hereby given to George Rife, William
A. Robinson, and all whom it may con
cern, that h will appear at the Land Office in
Omaha, on Friday the 0th day of April, at
11 o'clock, A. M. and there prove uy right to
pre-empt the a. e quarter of the a. a. quarter
of aec. 20, a. w. quarter of S. w. quarter of
sec. 21, w. half of n. w. quarter of sec. 28,
township 13, range 12, east uf th 6th princi
pal maridian, in Nebraska Territory.
I" ETTERS of Administration ou the estate
J of John Ray late of Sarpy county, de
ceased having been granted to the a"bacriber
residing in Beltevue, he hereby gives notice to
all persons indebted tn eaid pntste to call snd
settle the same, and those having claims
against the estate are requested to present
them properly authntieated for settlement.
CARDERS left at the office of Shakapeare
Vr voyes, m. Mary, will receive prompt at
G. SEEGER, Civil Engineer and Surveyor,
would respectfully inform the citizens of Mills
and adjoining counties, that he ia prepared to
execute all work of the following character t
La ying off town aites, leveling of streams for
water power, drawing or maps plain and
colored, drawing designs for buildings of all
s'yles. with estimatea of cost.
Correct plats of the townships of Mills
County, showing the true positions of ths tim
ber, water courses and bluff, kept constantly
on hand. Having bad experience both in thia
country and in Europe, be fe-la assured of
giving satisfaction to all who may favor him
with their patronage. "
Gold Medal awarded at the late St. Louis
fair to G. Seegr k 8. Schimonaky for the
best topographical man.
Office Glenwood, Mills co., Iowa. 1 1
"MOTICE is hreby given f George W.
Lewis, John Cleaveland, and all others
concerned, to appear before the Uegiater and
Receiver of the I .and Office at Omaha, en
Friday the 19:h diy of April, 1858, at 10
o'clock A. M., and offer (urU evllenc a you
may have in anpnort or adverse to the pre
emption of John Cle ' veland, to lots 1, 2, and
3, Section 27, Tp 13. Range 12 eat. aa per
inatructi'tns of th Coinmis.loiter of tha Land
Office to re-loyestiga'e stid pre-emption.
JOHN A. PARKER Jr., Register,
A. U. GILI.MORE, Receiver.
Mrrh 2 Vh, 1V.
1 N
Store (GrOOi1
W. C. A VERILL tli CO ,
Having determined to do out the balance ot
tbas'ock, will offer until tb lit 4 March,
their entlr stock at
Great Bargains may ba Had In
i .
HI g i
JUa mM M. J t
Kahogany Front, for only $10.
Without Regard to Co it.
Fine Shoes.
Fancy Groceries at Cost.
Any one in want of really cheap food, wilt
do well to defer buying until they
attend tbi sale.
TERMS, ..!.?. . CASH.
Bellevue, Jan. 28, 1358. 10
LOT fl, Block 253. L. 0, B. 192, L. 8, R. 23.
" 2, 2J, 1, 174, " 4, M 120.
" 3, ".171, "It," 2S, "11 W.
" 4, . " 25, " 8, " 138, "14, 17.
" 10,11,12, 210, 4," 49. .
Out Lot 21, in Bennett's qr.
" " 25, in Bottom.
Also, an undivided 1-2 of Block 155, k. tl3.
Price, $1750. Enquire of
At hi Baoklne: House. Council Bluffs, or
41 J. B. JENNINGS, Bellevu.
Mortgage Sale
NOTICE is hereby (riven, that by virtue,
a- d in pursuance of a Deed of Mortja;
executed by Alfred Kellum, to th under sign
ed j dated December 18tb, A. D. 1857. to se
cure the una of Fifteen Hundred and Forty
Six Dollars and Eighty-four cents, in the fol
lowing manner, to wit ; $500 on the 20th day
of December A. 1). 1857, $500 on the 9th day
of January 1858, and the residue on the 9th
day of March A. D. 1858, and Recorded in
Hook B. of Land Records, of Sarpy county,
N. T. Page 291,2,3 ; one of the conditiona in
the aaid inorla:e is, that default being made
in the payment of, either of aaid notea, the
whole should immediately "become due, and
payable, and default having been made in the
two first, named note, and Intereat thereon
and thia beiufr, the thtrd time, aaid mort-r-age
haa been renewed) now therefore, by vir
tu of the authority in me vested, by said
Deed of MorUrage, I will p'oreed t sell, ac
cording to the conditions therein set forth, to
tha highest bidder for caah, at public aale, in
the city of Bellevue, N. T. before th door of
ths Bellevu House, on Saturday, the 3rd day
of April A. p. 1858, at 10 o'clock, A. M. all
the following described property, to witj the
u-divided one half of Block No 113 in the city
of Bellevue, Sarpy co. N. T. according to
survey made by S. W- T. Schimonaky iu 1856;
and also, all the undivided half of tha certain
piece or parcel of Land situated and lying in
the county of Sarpy and Territory of Nebraska
and known and described as follows, to witt
commencing at a post 81:1) rods North, 81 1-4
East of the S W corner of see 13, township 13
range 13, E of tha 0 principal meridiaa.
Thence north 47 1-2 weat 23:5 roda to a cotton
wood stump, thence N 34 E 0:5 rods to a post
thenre S 47 1-2 E 23 rods to a post, thsnca
S 3u V 0:5 roda to place of begining ; also all
the improvements and buildings, consisting in
part, of one stsara aaw mill and th tenement
hereditament and appurtenance thereof. aub
ject nevertheless, to a Deed of Mortgage, to
secur the payme. t 'f Two Thousand Twn
Hundred Dollars, ($2200) it being a prior
mortgage and having precedence over all
other. i
12t-8 V. A. GWYER. Mortgage
Jtfew Firm.
5TRHE undersigned, hsving purchased th
IX ttoek in Irsde, of Palmer.
business will bs carried on, aa heretofore, at
the old stand, under th name and atvl of
Wm. C. Averill at Co.
m w. h. Loc;popr.
THE undersigned have opened, a (arts
and commodious new store, on tha corner if
Main and 2.1th Streets, In IMIevue, where a
varied assortment of Goods may be found
Among them art
fueh at
Brown Muslin.
Hosiery, lit
Together Willi a quantity of
Sepsri, Rake, Rope, Horst-colUrs, Carpet
sacks, Windnw Sash, Deors,
Tobocco, Qusenswars. Glaesware, Flour,
Crackers and a great many mort articles.
They keep constantly ou band, a large as
sortment of good
sTInra nnd Liquor,
Warranted the bist quality i cheap for t ash.
l37tf J. P. HORN k CO.
Meat Market
Chang od Hands.
Chased of II. Cook Griffith, his entire
interest In the butchering business, and will
hereafter be found at hie old stand, on Miss'on
Avenue, east of Main Street, under 8. M.
Pike's Grocery and Provision Store, where
they will be happy to wait upon hie old tus-
tomers. and all other who may chooss to
lavor Ultra wiin weir patronage.
Oct. 89. 6m51 CHARLES STONE.
I LL persona who art Indebted to tha late
ifU Arm of Pslmer at. Averill, will please
can ana settle toe same wiin
N. B. All accounts not clossd within 30
davs, will be autd.
Jan. 25th. 10
W. II. Longadorf,
GRADUATE of Penn. College of Dental
VJ Surgery, respectfully announce to tht clt
urns or iseiievne, and vicinity, that ha ia now
prepared to practice Dentistry, in all Itt va
rious branchts, .
Oflict houra from 2 till 5, P. M 48
T ETTERS Testamentary on Ilia eatat of
I j Alexander uavts, late or sarpy county,
aeceaaen,rinrtngneen granted to u undesign
ed, residing In said county, aht hereby notifies
all persons knowing themselves to bt indebted
to taid estate, to make immediat payment,
and thost hnvlng claims, to present tut taint
E roper ly authenticated, for aettlement oa or
efort the first day of Mav neat.
Bellevue, March 1st, 185S. . ImlS
To the OPuLtDllo.
THE undersigned having purchased tht en
tire stock if Jewelry, formerly owned by
Alex. Kemp, Is prepared to sell tht tame at
25 per rent lest than was tver offered in thit
eity before, at room must be made for a large
spring assortment. Ths t'ock consists of
Setts of Cameo, Coral. Enamel, Painted,
Gold Stone, Masonic, and Mourning Jewelry,
Rroaches, Ear Drops, Cuff Pins. Shirt Studs,
I.ockets, Bracelets. Rings, Gold, Silver, and
Plaited Guard, -Fob and Vcat Chains, Gold
and Silver Spectacles Also a splendid as
GOLD PENS. Also Musical Instruments,
Cutlery, Port Monica, Touches, Card Cases,
kx.t itc.
A fins atock of Ritlea, Shot Guns, Revolv
ers, Ac, which will b told at a email ad
vance above coat, at tht tubtcribtr wishes to
go out of the gun bnsiness.
. All kind of repairing dont with neatness
and dispatch by competent workmen. ;
I still continue to (akt Omaha Scrip, Wet
tern Exchange, Nemaha Valley, eastern mon
ey, or gold and silver, in exchange for goods.
gVtora on 12U Street, -tie door from
Farabam, and directly oppooit th Wet tern
Exchange Bank, Omaha, N.T. '
Plsaat call and txamlne gda and prices.
Omaha, Jan. 12tb, 1858. . Im9
MR. S. M. PIKE, .till continue to keep at
his old stand, on Mission Avenue, caat
of Main Street, fresh Groceries, f all kinds,
of the bet quality. , Also, a choice lot of
He hat fitted up, ia tht rear of hit ttore,
firat data , , . i , i
Where he will furnish warot meala, or cold
lunch, at all houra of tbt day, including tht
following dishes i
Roat Beef, Oyttert.
Corned Beef, . Sardine,
Pickled Tongue, ' Wild Game,
Pickled Tripe, Hot Coffee,
Plge Feet, Aad Ta.
Hi customers, and tbs public generally, art
invited to give him a call.
Nov. 2J. ' Itf
E are now prepared with a full and
aud complete atock of
Of the new crop, to supply any demand whole,
sals and retail, on the very best of terms.
Our atock ianew (aa we do not consign seed
and take nono back to mix up again,) and
much of it grown under our own directiona U
this state. Our atock of European teedt la
imported directly by ourselves from tht most
rt'iabl growers In England and France.
W feel confident no better advantagea to
Uit public caa bt offered than wt can give,
and w cordially Invit an examination of our
atock before purchasing. Our atock consists
in part of Spring Wheat, Barley , Corn, Peaa,
Beens, itc, a very large variety of 'Garden
Seeds and a full assortmsnt of Flower Seeds
of choice varieties. Also, 150 bashtla pure
Cniattt Sugar Cai.t 6d. . . : t , .
Constantly oa hand a large assortmsnt of
Ajrrteultural and Horticultural impUmenta.
"Tull priced aeed and implement eatalojpia
tent upon receipt of stamp to pay postage.
3aH CM fc'reet, Ottesgo.
;. - :. , THE i . - .-.
Fiatn In Literature, to lsavt no provinco
imrepreesnted, to that whllt steh r umber will
contsin artlclst of an abstract and prrmsnstit
vslue, It will also bt found that lha healthy
appetite of tbt mind for entertainment In Ita
various forms of Narrative, Wit. and Humor,
will riot go uneartd for. Tht publishers wish
to say, also, that while natlvt wrlttrt will re
reive the most solid encouragement, and will
bt mainly railed on to fill tht pa get of tat
Atlantic, they will hot beeltal to draw
from th foreign acourcea at their command,
at occasion may require, relying rather on tht
competency of an author to treat a particular
subject, than e aey ether claim whatever.
In this way the hops to make their Perledl.
tal wtleomt wtiertvtr tbt English tongut ia
tpoktn or resd. "
Srcoitd i In tht term Aar thty Intend to In
clude th wholt domain of atethttkt, and
hop gradually to maka thia critical dedart
menr a true and fearless representative of Art
in all Its various branchea, without inr regard
to prsjudlct, whether personal or national, or
ti jrivatt conelderatlon of what kind totvtr.
Tilted i In Politics, tht Atlantic will ba
th orgsn of no party clique, but will honestly
endeavor to bs tlie exponent of what Itt con
ductors believe to bt tht American Idea It
will deal frankly with pertona and with part,
let, endeavorsngtokeep la view that mora! el
ement which tranacenda all persons and par
ttst and which alone maket tht basis of a
tiutand lasting national prosperity. It wilt
not rank Itself with any sect of antici, fat
with that body of men which art In favor of
Freedom, National Progreu, and Haatr,
whether public or private.
At an earnest of tha material at their Com.
mand, thty aubjoln tht following Hat of litera
ry persons interested in their enterprise wish
ing It however to bt distinctly understood,
that theyshsll hope for support froas tvtry
kind ef abiUlty which daalrat tht avtu f
their columns, and In tbt rtnumoratlon f
which thty thall bt guided purely by their
tense of Intrinsic merit i
William If. Prtieott. Ralph Waldo Emtr.
son, Wm C Bryant, Henry W. Longfellow,
Rev. F. H. Hedge. D. D. Nathaniel Haw
thorn, John G Whlttler, Oliver Wendell
Holmes, James R. Iwell, J. Lothrop Mot.
ley, George Wm. Curtis, Herman Melville,
ProiT. a C. Felton, Proff. F. J. Child. E. P
Whipple, Edmond Qulncy, Author of W
aley. " Tliomaa W, Parsons, J. T. Trow,
bridge. Author of " Neighbor Jackwood " Itc.
Mrs. II. Beecher Stows, Mra. Gasbjll, Aa
tlior of "Ruth" " Mary Burton" Ac. Mrt.
L. Maria Child, Mra. C. M. Klrkland. Mrt.
Pike, Author of "Ida May," M Cattt, avr.
Mist. Rost Terrv, Wikllt Collins Author of
" Th Dead Secret Ac. G. Ruffint Author of
"Doctor Antonio "Ac. Shirley Brookt Aa.
thor of " Aspen Court " ki. . M. W bitty,
Author of Poli'.iral Portralta " Avt. Jaaaao
Hanney Author of " Singleton Fontenoy M die.
C. W. Phlllco Auther of ' Twice Married.
Tht Publ'shtr will aim ta havt tack nuas
ber of tht mtgaiint ready la tlmt for distrlba
Uon and tale, In tht mort remote partt ol tha
country, on or befort tht ftrtt day of tack
month for which it It Inttndtd. '
TERMS. Tht Atlantic Mowmtf eta
bt had of Booksellers. Periodical Ageatt, or
from the Publishers, at Three Dollars rear,
or Twenty-five Cents a Nurobsr.
Subscribers remitting three dolltrt ia ad
vanct, will rtctivt tbt work for oat year,
roT rAio, in any part of tbt Uaittd Statto
within 3000 miles- . . ... ...
A liberal discount mads to wh)etalt deal
en and to post-masters and others who act aa
agent, to whom, tpecimea number will bo
furnished without charge.
Tlit Publishers will not bt respenslbls for
contracts made by agents. . All psrsons or.
derlng through that medium mutt look to them
for their supply
All communication for tht Atlantic mutt
bs addressed to tha Publishers.
Room No. 1 Masonic Temple, Dearbo
, Street, Chicago. ' r v
directors! ' : , ;
gr-MPMO CANriCLP. ... - ; KCNty CMArMAV.
Isaac cooa, . . . t. Moxaoa,
M. A. WTNCOor. ' "
Edmtnd Canlleld, Praa., Wm. 8. 1tC
bwj, oenrj vaapm&B, Treaj. ,
THIS Company waa organised on tht 27th
Amm et MavK S Tk 1 . J -
Isl charter from tht Legislature of IlUoote,
tmamt-a uwoiincia unaer me moac a
vorable aospieee. Ita establishment bar beetr
unnn a firm and r.ll. kl. ka.i. - .J i- ui -m
' . mm u w at
Its stability, toundness,snd permanency, ranks
mm vui w uii ui i inauranca UBNSWf la Uite
eournry. To those desirous of proteetinr
tliemaelvae airaln.f Im. ajI.m..a V. pi..
. . . WMHiK mj m .f ., wr
peril of tht Sea, they beg !tvt to offer tk
Messrs. Stone A Witt, Cleveland, Qbt.
Tiiuams a. a very, vuteagoyJIt.
Norton k Brother,
Sin, ARmm. -' . ' ,'V
H. 8. Durand, Pret. Racine Mitt. R. X.
Geo. C. Northrop, Caah. Raciae Co. Bank.
Wm. p. Uod, Esq., Milwauke.
J. G. Conrot, Esq. Racioo.
Ashley Gilbert, Cash. Coral B Chicago.
Henry Faro ham, President Chicago k Uck
Island Rail Road. , .
inii r. KQoass. r.sq., Cleveland, Obttj.
Thomas Campbell, Esq., Springfield. Ill,
Hon R. Chamberlin, St. Louis, Mo.
Messrs, Wadswortb, WelU k Styaaour, v
Chicago, 111.
Meaara. I. H. Burck It Co Cbkart Bank.
Messrs. G. W. Slier k Co. Chicago, UL .
Wm. Blanchard, Eaa., Morria, III.
Meesrs. H. C. k O. G. Cook A Co., Rock-
ford. III. .... ...TM. ,
Messs. If. Wheeler k Son, Aurora. I1L
Messrs. Judd, Smith k Pratt, Dixon, lUJ
Nehamiah Caae, Ea'q., Buffalo, N. V. '
Wm. B. Fundy, Eaq. Springfield, IU.
tlm. I. Cnrn, Springfield, III. -Richard
Ivera, Eaq., St. Louia, Mo. ' 1
, , ,T. B. LEMON, Agent, BeUtrtkK ,
Establishment in Omajiy
WM. FRODSHAM. kavtng rettrsd trai
tho latt Arm of Kemp fc erejdakaaa,
hat opened a tew etor at No S, Capt. Dowaa
VuUding, between th Methodat Church, wktjrtj
MuiviA hit old patroas to giv him a call.
Tins piecea and Jewelry, of ovary dtocrtp.
tieftt neatly and expadiMmwry repaired.