Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, February 18, 1858, Image 1

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    W1IIHMU M4l-'
' 'i ' ' . Hi n!l'M
. .' m..! V
A Family Newspaper Devoted to Democracy, Literature, Agriculture, Mechanics, Education, Amusoments and General Intelligence.
VOL. 2.
no. 13;;'
J.C ir"l 1 It I I j iflW Wtt Ai'Y XUT j&Tir iTIW
' rvuttinid tvaar rmimt It'
'' ' ' BCLLEVtE ClTTi St TV "
Henry M. Burt & Co.
Terns f SsbscriptloB.
Square (11 Untfl or less) lit Insertion.'!! 00
Each subsequent insertion 90
On square, one month S 50
" thres months 4 00
..' six J" 00
M - ana year 10 00
Biialncia carda (0 linaa er Wit) 1 year 5 00
Ons eeliftnn, en year 80 00
Oae-half column, ana year 35 00
" fourth - - " 20 00
eighth " 44 u .....10 00
column, alt month 35 00
' half column, at months 20 00
fourth " " M.i 10 00
. eighth." , " 00
" , column, three month 20 00
" half column, three month. IS 00
fourth - '... i 10 00
eighth - H u 00
AeAlag candidates far office 6 00
Por etfhth aheet hill, per
Far quarter "
100 St 00
- 4 00
" II 00
roe aair
For whole . 1 00
Per colored pr,half aheet, )er 100.. 5 00
Por hlanka, fer quire, A ret quire 2 00
Kech auVeequent quire 1 00
Carda, fr pack 160
P.aeh mhnthutnt pack" 100
Por Ball Ticket, fancy paper per hnn'd 4 00
P.ach aubtequent huudred 4 00
, , . . Bowen ft Strickland,
City Lota and Claim bought ana eold.
Purehaier will do wHI to call at our office
aad examine our list of Citr Lets, fee., before
oerchaeina; lewliire. t)Aice in Cook'a new
bntldine;, corner of Fifth and Main etreeta.
-i : i, If. I. BOVettt ,-.;-! .
LAW, Belleeue, N. T. 1-tf
8. A. Strickland,
LAW, Bellerue, N. T. 1-tf
T. B. Lemon,
, L AW . Office, Pontenelle Bank, Belle
eee, NWata Territory. lyM
O. T. Holloway,
LAW, Bellevue, N. T. 1-tf
W. XX. Cook
AGENT, Bellerue City, Nbraka. 1-tf
W. H. Longtdorf, M.
Main, between Twenty-Fifth and Twenty
Siath aweeta, Bellerue City. ' 33tf
will attend to all buaine of Sunreyinf.
laying out and dividing land, eurreylne and
platting tovma and - roada. Office on' Main
atreet, Bellerue, n. .i .. wit
B. P. Rankin, ' '
X. LAW. La PI itte, W. T. 1-tt
J. P. Peck, JC.D.
O br-ki Offlc and reaidenca on Dodge
Btfoet ..'.1 ; (Iy8)
y ' Peter A. BagpT,
l; CHANT, Bnmie, N. T., Wholesale
Dealer In India Good. Horaea. Mule, and
Cattle. 1-tf
D. af. BuUiran, SC. D..
J. Head of Broadway, uouncii Blum, lowa
. aoe. 13 1-tf.
wa. a. miTH. 1. . aMiTU
. Smith ft Brother, .
j rt--1 . 1 t 1 r- . . . n . 1 1 . .
Vebracka TerrHorr. will attend faithfully fend
proeewtty to baying and telling Real Eetate,
iy ueta.cuima, and und war rani, unci
at the Benton Houee.
tve wacew. . macor.
' Xuon ft Brother,
Omaha City, Nebraska. - Office on cor.
or of rarnftim "4 Fourteenth Street. 42U
D. H. Solomon.
V LAW, deawood, Miila Co., lowa, prae
tice in an the Court of weetere lowa and
Nebraska. aa4 the Sunreme Court of Iowa.
Land Aeencf Mt In the Programme, no 4-tf
- 1 . . . w. 1. r. e '
X Drlag, aad BathlnK Saloon, third door
wwi i w cscaaace uanK, umana, w. i.
Omaha, Oct I, lft7. 47
OmttAT Seeter, .
mnartRiienir tun nm wi.
JL NEER, Ettea Drawing and painting
ut eeery atyl and description. Alio, all
VoaUosa In hie line. Office on Gregory atreet,
C Miry, Mlfli eoenY, lowa.- -
i . t. .1.
H O T E L ,
To the Public, and will render
To tht varJt of HIS G VESTS.
Bellerue, Oct. 23, 18M. 1-tf
j. 11 nnoivN,
PlatUmovih, Cass "Co. 'M T.'
1 -
ATTENDS to buiine in an of the Court
of thla Territory. Particular attention paid
to obtaining and locating Land Warrant, col
lection or urnt, ame taxM paid. letter of
inatilrr relative to anv nart of the Territorv
answered, if accompanied with a fee.
Hon. Lrman Trumbull, U. 8. S. from nio.t
Hon. Jame Knox, M. C. mm
Hon. O. H. Browning, Quinry, "
Hon. Jame W. Grime. Governor of Towa.
Hon. H. P. Bennett, Del to C. from N. T
Green, Weare A Benton, Council Bluffi. I.
Nuckolla at Co., Glenwood, Iowa. 23tf.
-. Ira A. W. Buck,
AND and General Agent. Pre-Emptlon
J Paper prepared, Land Warrant bought
and old. Office in the Old State Hou, over
the V. S. Land Office.
' . . "REFER TO
Hon. A. R. Glllmore, Receiver, Omaha.
Hon. Eno Ixiwe, "
Hon. R. A. Strickland, Bellevue.
. Hon. John Finney, .. , - ?
" Hai. J. Sterling Morton. Nebraaka Citr.
Omaha, June 20, 1M7. -....-.w : 35
h. r. ciAKe.
FORWARDJNG'and commission
AGENTS, ,t ,
Dealers in P'ne Lumber, Doon, Saih,
Floor, seal, Bacon, ftc, &C.
3T Direct Goods oare Clarke ft Bro.
Florence, Nebraska, In Main St.
Town Plat, Map, ' Sketches, '
Bueinei Cards, Check & Bill, CertiCcates,
and every deaeription of plain and fancy en
graving, executed promptly in eaitern stylo.
SanSt ' ' -:.-: e.; i
" Greene, "Weare ft Benton, ' ' " ;
ni ..if- f - : . . t . .
Greene A Weare, Cedar Rapid., Iowa. 1
Greene, Weate at Rife, Fort Dee Moinen, la.
Collection madet Taxes naldi and Lands
purchased and sold, in sny part of Iowa. 1-tf
Snyder ft Sherman, '
- v 4 ur ...i vnTinirs nror in rM.M
cil Bluffs, lowa, will practice their profeseion
la all the Court of Iowa and Nebraska.
All collections entrusted to their care, at
tended to promptlr. - 1 '
Especial attention given to buying and fell
ing real estate, and making pre-emptions la
Deeds, Mortage, and other instruments of
writing drawn with dispatch; acknowledg
ments taken, sic, ate.
tar Office west aide of Madison street,
iuat above Broadway.
nov 19 ' j-ir.
P. A. SARPY -1
Still eontlnnea the above bnelneas at '
If. T, ...
Merchants and Emigrants will find their
good promptly and carefully attended to.
P. 8. I nave the only WAREHOUSE for
storage at the above named landings.
St. Marya, Fb. 20th, 1857. 1 1-tf -I
Tootle ft Jackson,
CHANTS, Connril Bluff city, Iowa,
liavlnga Large and Commodious Warebonae
on the Levee at the Council Bluffs landing,
are now prepared to receive and atore, all
kind of merchandise and produce, will receive
and pay chargea on all kind of freigtb ao
that Steam Boat will not bo detained aa they
have been heretofore, In getting aome one to
receive rreignt, wnen tne consignees are absent.
RarsasHCMf Llvermoor . Cooler, S. C.
V . . J . i. J U.MKWHM B..44 4. Cl.
Louis, Moj Tootle . Fsiriefgh, St. JfVPJhi
mo. , j. o .enrworin 10., v-cmncri vwim
W. F. Coalbough, Birliagto,
I. Iw ' i-tf
From Porter's Spirit.
Woman's Itlthta.
' ir vi ygaweit.
Women's Right I what are they pray I
Bay, what are Women's Rights f
Are they to " wear the pants " by day,
And speeches maseo'nlghU?
Are they to sees: for office,
Which men alone should station? '
Are they to mass our country1 laws,
And thus destroy our nation t ,
Are they to bluster, smoke cigars,
And mis In rows, or fights ?
Are they to crests civil wars t
Say, are thesi Women's Rights?
No, no, s thusand noes I cry I
These, sre the rights of women .
A heart for home a love for peace
With eyes that teas can awim In.
A modest mien a silent tongue
A plessant amile of love .
A cheerful face that'a ever young
A spirit like the dove.
A happy heart contented mind
A care for household duties,
A aoul submissive to Its God
Aye, these are woman's beauties.
From the Nebrsska Newa.
Woman's Rights I what ars they pray,"
Ah I what are Woman's Rights ?
They ars to work and toil by day,
And rock the cradle night.
She Is not to " seek for offices,
Which men alone ahould atation,
She ahould be amply eatiifled, '
With man'a wit legislation.
She la not to " bluster, smoke cigars,
Or mlt in rows or fights," 1
These are maw's prerogativee,
- And form his cbelf delights I :
. ' ) - . i:.t. ,
The Na' ion's purse strings open wide,
-. To receive her contributions I
But she is quite too week a thing,
. To speak of distributions?
, O, woman Is a vessle weak,
To be by man protected,
And she must nothing higher seek,
If aha would be respected I
She must keep " a silent tong-e,"
' Nor strive to find her level,
And sbs must hsvs " a love for home," '
Tho wedded to a Devil I
She muat bear "a happy heart,"
And quiet dlspoaition,
Tho' every part with anguish smart,
From vilest Imposition I
. If drunken husband knock her down,
la a fit of desperation, ,
! Shemuat amile and smile again, ,
, , In gentle'st submission I
O! woman's is a happy lot," " ' 1 ' ' ' ''
., ...A life replete with beauties!
And surely she should murmur not,
At doing woman's duties. ' ,'
All this, It seems "Di Vernon" thought,
' But I would turn the table, '
And say', that woman has I fciOHr,'
To be what she is able)
! . t ;
God, gave her being, mind and aout,
He made ber all a humane,
And 'tis In vain man would control '
The destiny of woman.
The greatest good aha can attain,
la woman's highest duty,
He own redeeming excellence, , .
Is woman'a caowsmo seavtt.
Nemaha City, Dee., 1857.
. My Child's Origin.
', ai davis SAakia. , '
Ona bight aa old Saint Peter alept
He left the d. or of heaven ajar,
When through a little angel erept,
And came down with a falling star.
One summer as the bleeced beam
Of morn approached, my blushing bride
Awakened from some pleasant dreams, .
And found that angel by her side. '
God grant but thla I ask no mors
That when he leaves this world of sin,
He'll wing his wsy to that blessed shore,
And find that door of heaven again.
St Peter'a Reply.
Full slghteea hundred years or moe,
live, keep, y dc,qra, securely tied,
Tfcut li so (ttle y$el w tcyt
Fri been sussing all t' 1 while.
I did not sleep as you supposed,
. Nor leave the Jour of heaven ajnr :
Nor haa a " little angel " left, . . ;1 .
t And gone down with a falling atar.
Go ask that ''blushing bride" and ses
' If she won't frankly own and say, '( ( '"
' That when' she found that angel babe'
She found It by ths good old way. ' ' ' '
; ..-(. ; " . ,1 , :.. ,1 t
God grant but this I ask no more
That should your number be enlarged,
That you will not do a before,
And lay it to old Peter's charge.'
What Is the News?
Unique in the world of letters, the news
paper is like no other thin;; it bears no
resemblance to any other literary produc
tion. It is the ephemeral record of the
great and exciting now of the world's
history, a collection of the jottings of hu
mor. '
It is the bust, industrious collector of
the world's highway, picking up every
thing, frorrt the 'revolution of an empire
to One of natures freaks a pig with two
hcadsj or a cat with two tails. It is an
omnivorous monster, greedily opening its
capacious jaws for anything and every
thing offered . It is a sleepless caterer to
the appetite of the million. Tho hetero
geneous confusion of subjects in a news-
)aper is singular to contemplate. The
udicrous and the pathetic the sublime
and the ridiculous are met with in
strange proximity; vice and philantrophy
jostle each other strange cunning and
stranger simplicity, love and murder, poll-
tics and poetry, are huddled together. In
one corner we ' have births, marriages,
and deaths life and death, as it were,
hand in hand the cradle and the coffin
side bv side. Here, George is earnestly
requested to communicate with his sor
rowing friends, and no attempt shall be
made to interfere with his movements.
There, "If that lady who gave her name
Tail, and left the child she called Tommy
Brown with Mrs. Cork, does not come or
send, tho child wilt be put into the work
house." Here a long liat of "Want Pla
ces" painfully remind us of the scarcity
of employment, and the superab mdance
of labor. There, the heartless votary of
fashion offers a statvtng salary to the pos
sessor of every imaginable prospective
qualification. There, false and fictitious
companies their names are legion com
posed of n parcel of tricksters, spurious
insurance companies, bubble annuity soci
eties, whose chief capital is unbounded
impudence, and, on the part of the public,
unbounded credulity these having joined
their purses to produce a prospectus, and
having taken an office, invite the com
munity to invest their spare cash in de
posits to insure their precious lives, to
purchase for themselves annuities. Here,
the honet finder -ot parse of money
honorably advertises 11 that it may be
owned there, the professional shark an
nounces a vacancy for- a apprentice,' cot
eluding hie pompously arrayed advantage
. . 1. . I - ' C - . 1 ..II 1 1
wnn me very significant worus, "nej win
be treated as one of the God-fearing fan -
ily,f "a premium, will be requirea."-
There, a bloated capitalist trumpets forth'
his thousands to lend "on approved securi:
ty," cr "Diamonds and plate purchased to
any amount for cash;" here, is anapp al
by some broken-h?arted. man, who l
clares that a loan of five dollars woulu
save hint and his family from irretrievable
ruin. There, a brutal husband half kills
his unoffending wife here, a drunken,
unfeeling mother is prosecuted for ill-
treatment of her child. There, a benev
olent stranger is commended for his dis
interested adoption of some friendless er-
phsos here, full particulars of the cost
y celebration of some high-life marriage
there, the melancholy destruction of
some hope -aba ndonded miserable. Un
told riches and abject poverty-f-the ' vota
riea of pleasure and the victims of des
pair theatres and Crimiual courts, (ire a 1
strangely mingitu no wiui uuiuer, ana
the pewspaper must le considered a very
"great fact,"
Again; "the pewipaper" ia a test of
the habits and tastes of the people. No
feather thrown into the air more surely
indicates which way the wind blows. The
grave poli ician turns at once to "the lead
er,"aod the foreign intelligence, to note
the movements of party. The fundhold
er to the price of stock, and then scans
the political horizon to see if there be any
cloud gathering, and threatening to affect
prices. The merchant bestows his atten
tion on the "price current," and the ship
owner to the shipping intelligence. The
literary man devours the reviews of books
and pores over the advertisements to learn
what ia in the press. The young officer
eagerly looks la tht army intelligence to
behold, for the f.rst time, hia, name in
print, iba avthur, sculptor, rainier, c
tor, all view a favorable critique as an
earnest of their future fume HI are eith
er sunshine or shade hona or desnair
lie niomenl they have perused the no-,
tice taken of them by the public journal
ist. It is in ihe newspaper we find every-,
thing from the settlement of a war iii a
controversy on the moon.- Godry't ' La
dy'$ Book. .: .
Steam Navigation or the Missoit
at 60 Yr.Ans Aoo. The first steamer
that navigated the Missouri as fur as the
mouth of the Yellow Htons, was that en
gaged in the famous expedition of Lewis
&l Clark, some fifty years ago, the Wes
tern Engineer, a boat of about the size of
a reapciable yawl. She accomplished the
trip from St. Louis to Sioux City in one
season. The first regular boat in the Mis
souri river trade wa the Oloo, which ran
one whole season, under the commind of
our fellow citizens, Cnpt. J. II. IIil, late
of the firm of Hill & Conn. Thia waa
we believe, in the year 1618. The Otoe
was a very different boot from those new
navigating the Missouri. She drew four
feet ef water, light, and her cotempora
ries being of a similar drau't, it is no won
der that a trip in that stream was consid
ered a matter of extreme hazard and diffi
culty. The Hancock plied in the trade
after the Otoe. In the spring of 1830.
Capt. Andy Wineland mnde a govern
ment trip to Fort Leavenworth. lie had
to cut his own wood. His boat was the
Globe, and like tho other boats of those
days, was slow and of a heavy draught.
This was the only trip made that season,
by steamer, in the Missouri. .. How great
has been the chsnge since the Otoe, the
Hancock and the Globe pressed the sands
and lazily plowed the waters of the mud
dy Missouri River. St. Louxh Dtm. ' '!
What the Isdiabb bid at thb
Smitusokiah. On Monday morning,
about (wenty of the Indian chiefs and
warriors now fn the city, visited the Smith
sonian Institute, and were conducted
through, -the rarioos deportments, where
they evinced, their surprise, and, delight,
after their wild fashion. In the "picture
gallery (Stanley's Indian Painting's,) they
were particularly interested by the repre
sentation of a war dance around two cap
tives a woman and a chiid. They were
much disappointed at, not finding portraits
of any of their own tribes in ihe gallery.
In the apparatus room, a number of
them were induced to join hands, and a
revere galvanio shock ' was given them.
Some of them gave vent to the significant
" Ugh," indicating their surprise, , and
turned fiercely about to discover the per
son they supposed had struck them, others
rubbed their arms and elbows, and from
the general talk in their own language,
one would suppose they had entered upon
a scientific discussion of the nature of the
singular manifestation. , ""
Afterwards eeveral of them took shocks
singly, and it was curious te witness9 the
grim deterednation with which these sto
ics of the wilderness undertook to assume,
that air of iinpassivenes ybicfy tradition
asserts f'le'y maintain when undergoing
torture as captives. i'But it 'was no go;'
t ey had to kuoekleto acienoe,,'and as one
after the other of the astonished brave
was doubled up, tumbled upon, bis knees,
and knocked into a heap generally by the
powerful battery, he was saluted by most
uproarious jeers and laughter1 by his
lows. . ' :' .i :ii.': f(.i !,
Some of the party mounted . the high
north tower of the Institute; but when at
the top only one pf them could be pre
vailed upon to approach, the edge and
look down the dizzy hight, most of them
squatting down as soon as they reached
the summit.
One of them was observed placing
small pieces of tobacco on the parapet.
The interpreter explained that this was
intended as an offering to the Great Spir
it, as the Indians bejived that, at this
highl they were nearec. the Deity, than
they had ever been before, and according
ly Improved the opportunity to pay their"
worship.":'' - -- J .-.1 1.'.
On descending, the Indiana had a great
war daoce . with amgiog, iu the .lecture
room, and shortly after concluded this
most interesting visit. ,
natninglon Slatm. "
Last 1 year 184,771 tmairrants arriv
ed t the port of New York. Of these, 57,104
were from Ireland, and 78,759 from Germany,
. It la believed that the emigration froea Ire.
land alone will be diminished during the com
ing spring, in consequence of the recent finan
cial depreeeioa ia this country, - The emigra
tion front Germany will probably, on the con
trary, be as large aa ever at that aeeewn.
The expected Aoctuation In the number of tm
migrant from the two conntriea which supply
onr foreign recruits, is accounted for by the
fact, that the Irish generally come here for
labor, which iejuat row not abundant, not
likely to be for aome months yet, snd that the
Germane earns with money to bey laed, which
I new among the cheapest things ia tho mar
Didn't Knosr Ma, own Oak-jr..
A citizen of Jamaica . Plains, L.., I
went to answer the ring'at the 'door,' ay
the request of his Wife, whefr 1 he 'found'
nothing but a basket) On' removing thai
covering a beautiful little child Appeared
aome five months old. .The lady scream,
ed, one of the lady visitors took up the,
baby and found a note pinned to its dfesi,
which charged' the gentleman of 'Ihe
louse with being its father, and imploring
urn to support it. A rich scene ensued,
tetween the injured wife and indignant,
iusband, the fatter utterly, denying all
(Viowledge of the little one, and asserting
hs innocence. The friends interfere,'
arid at last the wife waa induced to for
jive the husband, tho he stuck to it like,
a Trojan that he had been a faithful hus-'
band. Finally the lady very roguishly1
told her husband that it was strange be
should not know his own child for it wai
their mutual offspring, which had. just,
been taken from its ci-adle up stairs by, the
nurse, for thi very purpose of ptajinf
the joke. - -
How JoiVwoit riiK Pau'eViL-Joe H
i unquestionably the handsomest' rdab' la
Cincinnati. , . - s 1 -.J.,-; A 1 UW
..Joe sports a wife, besides several other?
creature comforta. .Well, he and his wife
Harry1 , John 7, and George-,
and their wives, all board at the sime?
house. A day or so ago, while they ffjr
at a table, luxuriating on . detached per,
tions of a boiled Turkey, which Lad tec
stuffed with oystew, the conversation turn-'
ed en Christian nam, when Mn. llat
17 contended that she eould ( name taortv
distinguished men who bsd,horo iht,
name of Henry, than any gentleman
could of Am own ' name ; and concluded
by offering gold 1 pencil asj i ' water.
against a suitable '. equivalent, should eh))
w,2l-i- : -' '! ;; il.i' ;;ie4tt
The trial commenced.. Mrs.i Ilarry,
- started 'off with ""Harry of the
West," adding1 a 'dozen others. f "1" "
George - now gathered en Oeerg'
Washington, the . fer ,eorse5r of Esgrs
land. Lord I George ..Franks, &e,,x ,tt
'Now, Mr. John r-, what have yo
W say f said the 'charming" Mrs. Harry;.
-'"Oh ! I can give you a hundredihe
tw Adams Lord John Russell Jeha
Tyler John, John, bring me some valtrv
Jonh." . . ; . ,
"Stop, stop, you can't wlo. Mr. JV.
seph , now yoor turn comes," eontinu
ed the juicy liute gamester; tit 1 .-ill Ue
Now, if. ever a bashful man livedo Hi
is my friend Joe. vHe dared not look up, j
He had been racking his brain for.", a a.
answer, but to no purpose, and in despair,'
he made one grand effort, and railing hie'
head replied t - - ( , r -re! s'ns
"My dear medam, I bare lost. .1 fant
not now think of any rry distinguished
man who ever bore the name of IJoseph
except the gentleman we Tead about in'
the sacred scriptures ha when wa ajticlr
a favorite of Mrs, Pouphaivbut I will Mir
offer him. fur. I ihiuk fit wa. J f dett
fool Ihxr did hear of ! ,." " ,
t -Here'a fhec pencil,- aalfri. tfafrV,
iiMeeiitj vt nverr tv unir, e sn aoa me out'
er ladies scud out of the ioat.nslre'j a?i
Would you rather die by the guiVotine?
or be roasted to death I By that lafter
process; because a hot atake (steak) ia
Utter than a cold chop. ,,
-t.tti 1 ."i- - T 'tT ttctl
The poet Rogers once obst'rved to a lady.
"How desirable, U was, in any danrer-to
have rrsenct of .mrnd." 'Yea," jihe.
quickly rerdiedr,out I would rather bare1
nearnceof body. '' .'-.' t; n
Did the defendant approach the plain-.
tiff's triatimr inquired an attorney, in ii
case vf assault and battery,' the other day;5
"No, sir-eeT waa the reply,, "he went ail
'em with a poker," ..; . :
Catsa awo ErracT. "Mother, hiiT
book tells about the abgry wares) pf 1 thsr;
ocean.' Now what -make the eeee get;
angry I" vBecauss' (t hat. Ven- croeaeel
eo often, my eon." ,
A link boy . asked J3ri Burveax.' (hr
preacher, if he would hare a light No-
ch'ld said the Dr.. "I am ' one of the.
lights of the world.: ! wish' then; re
plied the boy, yoii were hung up ir thef
end of our alley, for sre hart draadfut
dark one. . ,.-,..,. .r.,A '..vtV! e.-ii
-oMadam' said m eroes 'tempered!
physician to paueu. womea me
admitted to paradise stair tongue,. srauld
ma ice it a purgatorj, - "aoi some pnysv
clans, if allowed, to 'practice' there, re
plied the lady, "would make it a desert.
,Tf artificial propagation af fiala.TtS,
i" .1 - v. ?.t. j. '
oeen jotrooucea into canaaa wnn i
Mr. Bunks is the twentieth pofsti
baa filled; the gubernatoratl chair ef 2&
s,c))4aetu during the seventy-Mean yeetm
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