Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, August 27, 1857, Image 1

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A Family Ncwspaper-Devotod to' Democracy, Literature, Agriculture, Mechanics, Education, Amusements and Gonoral Intelligence
VOrTX BELL K VU.I:1, . N E 15 LV SKA;' ,T 1 1 1 j I ! SD AY, AUGUST 27. 1.S57. No!l2
r; ": 't J.? v . . .. , ".'i I ... .
.. 4 i 4 1 1 ? ....,. ... ., , . . ; '
iw niniMii n ii in i.r'.m 'i m i mini
3ficUtbuc (Sincttc.
Terras of Subscription.
Two Dollars per annum, if pnid in advance,
or $2 60 if not paid within the year.
Three copies' Wnnr address, in advance $. 00
Seven do do do 10 00
Fifteen do v do do 20 00
A club cf seven subscribers, at $10, will
entitle the person making it up to n copy' for
six months; a club ot fifteen, at $20, ton ropy
for one year. When A club of subscribers
ha been forwarded, additions may be niade
to it. ail the same terms
Square (Urines r. Jss).lst ii)scrlipn.,.$J. 00
J.acii sontorment anseriipn
One square, euc uiunlb . J. k i i- & f4
One eqnare,
" " three nioiitlis
" " six "
" " one year
Ouiiness cards (t'i lines or less) 1 year
One column, one year
4 00
0 00
10 00
5 00
i'.o oo
3j 00
20 (Ml
10 00
Hne-half column, one yMP-y.
lourtn "
" eighth " " "
" column, six months
" half column, six months
" fourth " " "
" eichth " , "
" ''coliuriD, three irtonthn
" "half column, three months
" fourth " ' -
" Hffhth - .:' ...
3.) oo
20 00
10 00
8 (0
20 00
13 00
10 00
. ti 00
5 00
Announcins candidate! for office
for eighth elieet bills, per 100 S2 00
Pot quarter " i I .. 4 OO
For half " " '" 8 (Ki
Vor whole " " " " lo 00
K'or colored paper, half sheet, per JOO.., ; 5 00
For blanks, per quire, first quire 2 00
tech subsequent quire 1 00
Cards, per packff. .... A 1 50
Ka.rh subsequent pack ' 1 00
For Ball Tickets, Taney paper perhun'd 6 00
T.ach subsequent buudred"" r". ri 4 00
Bo-wen & etrickland, tr
ATTORN KYS AT' LAW. " He.iV Estate,
'City' Lots; fetid C1nliil hW'stil ml' .-14
P'-ViTaMri evijl do wid) 1J rail it iurloincf
nd examine our list of til'v J-otfl A. p., before
burchasinp elseu-iiere. r. Omec In Cook's njy
building, corner of Fifth a,ud Main streets.
-" f; ( Mr iJ. aj. .ny wen. , ., f
,.LAW, llellcTiie, N, Tvl .,,):. W
, Y'V. Z A. Strickland,
L.KVft Kellevue, N. T. 1-tf
C. T. Hollow-ay, - '
XV. LAW, Hellrvuc, .V. 1 ' - -
v.'j rr W. II. Cook -.f '
AUliNT, I'.oUuvuBCity, Nebraska. 1-tf
" ' 15. P. Hankin. - -' ;
l LAW, J-a ri HU, T u .''..f'
, .... S. W." Conzens, ;
ATTOriNEY AT'fVW and Oqneral Land
AGENT, Omhfcity, N. T. Office in
Henry 4. Koot'e pevr Urick Dbx-k, Farnhain
street. V'' ' 11,4 i ' ' 1 ' -li-iui.
John vVPattison.
IN AGENT. Fbnteuclle, N. T. 1-tf
James B.Tzara &'Co.
I"" AND AGENTS, Oiaabs, Douglas Couuly.'
JJ Nebraska lerntflrt. - l-U
. ' : Dra. Malcomb & Peck. , .
OMAHA CITY, ; OIBre on Harnev street,
opoosite the Pont Oiiice. rarticular -at
tention civth to Knrcorr. ' . 1-tf
v.....,,,,. ;,, , -.-r-r-
w .., .... P. E. eijannon. . . :
Post Oiruc. St. Mary, Mills Co., Iowa, j 2
. P. E. Shaunon, . . . .7. '.'
CHANT. SL AUry'e Landing Mills Co.,
Jowa. 2-tf
Peter A.1 Sarpy,: r ! i :
17. CHANT. I'.ellcvue. N. T.. Wholesale
Dealer in Indian Goods, Horses. Mulea,'td
Cattle. T ' ! - ' - 1-J
I D. J. Sullivan, M. D.. .
X Head of Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa
- nov. 13 . ; . ' ' 1-tf.,'
i ... Cumins & Turk,
Allorneyt kt Iaiv and Real EsfuleJlgritfs
u.viau i in i. i.i
WILL attend faithfully and promptly to
all justness entrusted U Uieru, in the
Territoriiil or lwa cotu-ts, to the purchase of
lota and lands, entries and pre-erajitions, col
lections, Alt ,
Office in the second ttory of jlenry & Ronil
pew building, nearly gpposLUt tit Western
Er.-hiiiRe bank, Karuliam street.
Papers in the Territory, Council Bluffs Hu
rle, and Keokuk Times, please copy and
rhare Kebraskianoffire. fj
: 1 ' Job Printing.
Ll reaao
.x and expeditiously xcuted, on
raonablt terms, at this Office.
II. Solomon.
ftn.t rniTxsr.T.T.nn' at
LAW, Glonwood. Mills Co.. Iowa, prac
tice In all the Courts of, western Iowa nnd
Nebraska., and the .Supii-me Court of Iowa.
Land Agency not in the Programme... nq Hf
T. !loi.i.6v'.
C. n.
GrNKltAL LAND AGENTS, liellrvi
ity, IV. T.. will promptly uttebd to the
rollerting snd inetr; money, locatiris Land
Warrants, buvinc and selling city lots, &c
Ollice at the Bellevutt i toils?. , .
Tiro. Macdv. 'Arrx; 5f..fp!. If. O. Joxf.
Macon, Brother & Co. ', ' ,
T. AW. AND LAND .Hi EN'TS. Omaha City
A Nebraska Territory, l ...o V-lt. ,
M'.l'.U, Executes Drawing find l'aiiwUnir
of every sty I" and description. Also, all
business in t)is line. OlTice on Gregory aU'et,!,
St.' Mary, Mills county, Iowa. '.' m 1-tf
Greene, Wcaro & Benton, ' '
.'Mulfe, Polowattnmie comity, Iowa.
Orenne fc Weare, Cedar Kapids, lot,v ' .-ir
Greene, Weaie fc itire. Fort Di s Moines, la.
Collections made Tjxus pahU niKl Lands
purchased and sold, in any part ot. Iowa. 1-tf
W. W. Ilarvcy, , , .
. ., . i i .ii i ... r
promptly nurnii 10 an nusinrssoi purvey
in? layinjl out and dividinrland.surveyln!rand
platting towns and, nnd will adcompanv
persoiyi i!ijmu'Hi of maLiiij: j1.tiius, and .Mill
art dVagent for the sale of claims. Office on
Main street, Belleyne, N. T. 2d-tf
oto. sxyfiin, , .. ..jons n. snenxA.v.
'Snyder & Shorman, i , .' ,
cil Ululfs. Iowa, will practice their profession
in all the Courts of Iowa nnd Nebraska. , ;
AH collections entrusted to their care,'at
tended to promptly. .!.. .' ' ' ;
! Especial attention piyen to buying and sclli.
Inj real estate, and making pre-emptions in
Nebraska. ' ' -
Deeds Mtirtapres, and other Instruments of
Writing ' ilrawit. wiUi jtiispatch (i ackBows.iJ5
menUi tflken. &c, kc. ,, . , . i. t
(r?" .Oififle west afite of Madison street,
itist above JJrcadway. - r .
nov m v' .-... i -. : t . J-u. ,
WW. H. SMITH. .1.' , .', . It. SMtTH
Smith & Brother,' '
and .Dealers in Heal Estate, ' ISMIcyiie,,
Nebraska Territory, will attend faittifidly and
promptly to buying and sidling' Real Estate,
Citv Lots, Claims, and i.ana War,rautg, tuiire
at the Henton Home. . .. . ' 21-tim
.i.J. II DKOIV.Y, , ,., )..
, ' FlattenwuJh, 'Cam Co. X. :T.'
ATTENjia toluisinees ii any rt the Courts
of litis Territorv. .Particular attention paid
to ob'ainiiic and locating Land Warrants, col
lection of debts, ane taxes paid. Letters -of
inquiry relative tn any parts of the Territory
answered, if accompanied wilh a fee.
; r.LTEUENCF.!) .
fon. Lvmsn TrumHidl. U. S. 8. from Ills.;
Hon. Jjfiiies RiioX, M. C. " "
' Hon. O. II.1 Browning, Qninry, "
Hon, James W. Grimes. Governor of low.
, Hon. H. P. Bennett, Del to C. from N. T.
Green, Wonre.&, BenfflPi CoiHicil HlufTs, I.
Nuckolls H Cp., (Ilepwoodi Iowa. 23Lf.
? Ira A. W. Buck, , .:.( i
I" AXD and General Ajnf.' ; Prr-Fmptlon
J Papers preiiared, L.'tid Warrants bought
and- sold. OIHre In the Old State House, over
the U. S. Land Office. .-;
IttKhil TO..,-..
lion. A. HI fli'lmore, Ilect lvcr, Omaha.
Hon. Enos Lowe, ! ...' I
' Hon. 8. A. -Strickland, HrP.rrac. I 1
Hon. Johiv Finney, .. .. s .. t . ' :' .
' Hon. J. Kti rline Morton, Nebraska City;
QMtatta, June 20, 1MS7. ' ' ' " 1 35 '
H. T. CLASKr.. ' A. M. CLASUX.
CLARKE & B R 0 . ,
.' A U li T S, i
Dealers .in P:ne Lumber, Doors, Sash,
.. Flour, Meal, Bacon, xtc, &c.
CaT Direct Goods oare Clarke & Itro.
l-tf '' '-
: nelleriie, Nebraska. I
IS prepared to transact the general business
of Banking, will receive deposits, Discount
short paper, buy Bills of Exchange, on all
parti of the Count) v,-. apt! - soil on St., Louis,
Chicago and New. lorki make collections in
the vicinity' and remit for the same at Current
rates of Exchange,
$T Interest allowed on special Deposit v
JOHN WEARFt President.
- Tiio. H. llr.Nras, V. Pres.
Jon J. Town, Cashier. '1-tf
Bankine HourawFroia to 12, A. M., and
1 to 3, P. M. -
, W. Longsdorf, M. D., .
THYSICIAN AND S I7 R G fit) N . Office on
X tMiin.netween j wemv-r inn ana twenty.
Sixth streets, Bellewe City. 33tf'
IV A. SAlil'Y. .
Still enntinm tli uhovc Imsinonfl M
N. T.
M"erclianls and 'F.miftranla will find their
pootls promptlv nnd carefully attended to.
t P. NV I t.avethe Mily WAllEIIOCK for
storaire at the above nhined 1 idling v
at Marys, Feb. l)th,lSj7. i'l-tf-i
Tootle"& drce'ro,
i Glenwnod, Towa, W" beg le.lve to
call the ntlentlim or the Good People of Mill.
Pottawattamie, Montgomery Hid Cass roiiu
tie, lewa also, Dinmlan und Cass counties,
NelirpsJ;,-), to our laive and la IP supply nfiviM
kind of ME-UCH AN D1SI-'', 1 itsn.-flly kept in
Westnn JiiWa. Our stock .f Grocerius. is
largo and ruiiiplelc, having born bought and
shipped a little luMi-r .titan Mr neighbors,.
Our stnek of Hardware,' Qaeellswari'. Wood
enware. Tlots ,trd flukes, Hats flnd C.-'ps and! Clothinir.htve all bnm purchased
in tltti risterii ril.ies;,aUlielowi!St.caHhprie(i,
Give u .1 ca,ll before yon purchase, and if
We do not sell you cheap. good!,' We will tnaks
our tieishbors ilo so.' . . . . i. . . .
ti'if' Kemembrr the cheapost houso intowr..
, . - . ' ToOTLJi ft GREENE..
! Clonwpod, Imvil, Oct, 2ll, is;i(i. 1-tf
TooMo & Jackson, :
. CHAM'S, - Council lllulls city, Iowa.
Having aj Large and Commodious. Warehouse
on the LcWe iit the Council Bluff's lauding,
are now prepared to receive' and store, nil
kinds of mer.-handise nnd produce, will rvrelve
nnd pay charges on all kinds of frelgtlts so
that Steam Boats wiU detained as they
have been heretofore, in getting some one to
receive freight, when the consignees are absent.
Rifkhf.ncks i Livermoorn ft Cooley, 8. C.
Davis & Co, and Humphrey, Putt & Tory, St.
Louis, Mo. ;. Tootle k. Fnireiph, St. Joseph,
Mo. ; J. S. Cheneworth ,tCo., Cincinnati Ohio;
W; F. Conllmugh, Bnrlisgton, Iowa. 1-tf
r4 i- : -vt
rHA' f..' KEMP, WILMAM fnopSUAM.
i i ,
DEALERS io Clocks,. Watches', Jewelry,
Musical Instruments, Uiiles, f-bot Guns,
and Pistols. ' 1 ' ' I "
i . ; . . - CLOCKS.; -j J , -,:! -.' I,
IThirty hour and eight day clock of the two
best manufactories m the Union ; steamboat
and office spring clocks.
Single and double shot Guns, from five to
fifty dollars; Rifles, of our own luiike ( also,
Eastern nnkfl; Pistols of all kinds ; pistol
flasks, shot bags, wadding and wad cutters;
common, nnd water-proof caps ; colt's caps,
and numerous other articles suitable for the
Western trade, which neither tinio nor apac,e
will allow to enumerate. . ,
'(" All of the above articles sold on the
most reasonable terms. Repairing done to
order at short notice. . . , .' no D-tf
' Omaha Ctv, Ni T. ,-. - ,'
f I11IE nndorsigned have opened, lit their new
X, store on, Douglas street, opposite the
banks, a new lind splendid assoi luit'iit of
PRY COODS, . ' ' ' ' '
' CLOTHING, .' ''''' :'
i 'BOOTS and tfliOK?, : '
: ... r, BOOKS, BTATIttNERV.fci!. ,
Our stock ot Dry Goods romprieet all kinds of
I A T tt-t-mttc rT Tr r T7 a mT rta
and everytl)iug that is requisite to make up a
complete assortment of Dry Goods.
.We have a large lot of Clothing that Is wl
nnd fashionably made, and out of the bent
material. Our slock consists of all kiuds uf
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
! ' ' POOTS and SHOES.' ;
Our stock of Boots and Shoes is the largest
ryer ottered to the eitixensnf Aehraska.- 'ITiey
are purchased directly from the manufac
turers, and are of the very best quality.
Our goods art, all new, and recently pilr
chasrd'in the Eastern cities, and we 'intend
sfllii.i them at astonishing low prices. All
the ci'iene tit Omaha and vicinity arc re
quested to call and examin our stock, as they
will find It to their Interest Jo'do an.
- VVe study to pleas.
10-tt. PATRICK k CO.
..MT ..' y. CLJLL-'"! --r
'i ' i , "'TT" '" .1 . 7 ! . : .
i . .' ' It It 4 .
To th Public, and ; will
- , '
' ' Assmrors ATTr.Tio .
To Me vanls of HIS GUESTS.
Tlsllevne, Oct. SI. ISM. 1-tf
. ' r -n r , ---,T,. 1
inn rr a Tr a a oiii.
''.-. ,.. ...r, "j- vri ......
X Young JIveon. at ft ft, per nfund. at th
From the Knickerbocker.
Dark, d'ttk dn nigbt, nnd Mus da npon,
No star but one nin peeping j-J'f .
Dn hoot-owl sings de sanio olel'tomi,
As Iron da Woods I'm creeping,
" Boo boo, Inn boo !" who car" for dal,
Von good-fois-notrn feddhri d cat? ' '
Dis nijTija koep on singing ! ,,
lie sing ni(1 on the bjirje play, '
To ch um the gobluui (.bonis away,
While skunk he sweets am. flinging.
( 'froo de woods, push along, "
' Nebber fear the,"
! Troo de woods, dat'a (In song, , '
. I (iallus son of finger Jlluq I ', .
De whip-ian-will spout tut Ue at un,
. T'rowsj uiusic from his fiddle ,
L'e d.inriii fr'j all swasii-4 down
Outside and up Ihe middle ' 1 ;'
AVhaf dat ? whiit dat dis nlgger'n eyes i-'
Displnro with mighty big surprise,
Upon the gum tree swinging? ' . h
'T au) ntsa possum at he case, . , ,
Rocked in de Tadle of de breeze,
And listening to de singing.
"' Tfbo de woods, )nsh along, :
' ' ' Nebber mind the possum (ooj
. '' Troo dn woods, dat's de song, ,
, ,; .. IV.irUs son of Ginger Blue!
De. vibotr s gwinn down pitch dark de night,
Cold, cobl dc dew am l.illing ;
I fear dis darkey see a sight, '
Dat si't lie tfotd a crawling . '
Who daf dar 1 a goblum cussed I ,:
'Peak I or dis minstrum's banjo bust I
Pcakl'aiiil dyse'f unrabb'l '. t.l
'Peak, jtobluB,''peak I but whe'r' or no, ,
Dis minstriim rlrap his ole banjo,
Add ti a LITTl.. TnAi.a'l.1
Troo de woods cut along, T .
,t- . Furder back, you boog-a-boo I
Troo dc woods, drap do aong
Nimble child o! Ginger Blue I
, titvuliuit, tVafer-Melons.
A tnrttj in a country town 'took groat
jiii-a.-iuie in' having' a licit! garden. He
itad nil kinds)- of Hee-uhles ami fruits
earlier than his neighbors, but, thieving
boys in tiio ncitjliboiJiuoJ uimoycij Lint,
damaged bis trees, 'trampled down bis
(lowers, :md " bgoked" bis cliuicu.t fruits.
IIo tried various ' ways' to' protect bis
grounds ;'1iit his watch doswero poison
ed, and sft-trap caught, nothing but' his
fatted fowls and favorite cat. ,.
Ono nfternnon however, jtist pt night
fall, he 'overheard a couplo of mischiev
ous hoj'i talking together, "when ono1 of
tliein aid : : ' w. . . . . .
, " What tlo you say, ,Joa? . Shall vye
come the ; prab game over the melons u
nielli ? Old 'Swipes will he sijuii-.g like
ten irieii heforo 'i o'clock." !j
Tho oihrr iitijected, as there was a high
wall to get over. . - i , . .
"Oh, pshaw! was. Uie reply; I know
a place where you can get over jut as
easy know it like a Look.' Come, Joe,
let s go.
The owner of the melon patch duln t
like the idea of be'nj an eaves ijropper;
but the conversation so immediately con
cerned his' melons which he had taken so
miich pains to raiso, tbat he kept quiet
and listen'd to ihe pbmsof tlieyiwigf scape
graces, so tpai hu might make K aome
what bothersome for them. ..
.Ned proposed to get over the wail on
the' so ith tide by the great pear tree, and
cut directly errors to the summer-houae,
just north of which were the melons.. . .
Joe was a clever fellow, wiio iovea goo
fruits exceedingly, nnd was as obstinate as
nu n.s. (jet once darted to do a thing,
and he would stick to it like mud-turtle
to a nrro's to.. .The odier didn't care o
nuicli for. the meloa as Ut the fan of get
luig tliein. , ,
Now hear tjie owner s etory.
I made a needful preparation for the
vi-it : put m brads pretty thick in the
bcantling along! the wall where they in
tended to. get over; uncovered a large
witter vat wiiidi had been filled for some
time, from' which, in dry weather, I was
accustomed to water iny garden; dug a
trewh a foot deep or so, and placed len-
ler board over t, which wer kliohtly
corned with dirt, and juV- beyond them
tome little cords, lastened tightly some
eight inches from the ground. 1 picked
all the melons I wished to preserve, leav-'
mg pumpkins and squnshfs, bout thsize
mid ll4)o of muloiis, m their placee,'
Tlie boy were (juito right in iupposing
it would be dark, but tliey .missed it a lit
tle in inferring that CM Swipes " ns
they tailed him, woitij be 1 irv ,bd. The
old man liked a little fun as well us they,
and when the. time came, from Lis hiding
place he listened :
" Yh!, Jee! dca't you hear some
thing ?" '
I think Unit it wn.1 very probable that
they did, fur hardly were, the word
tittered, tiit.ii ilu'te cuino a sound of foi'ii
ble tearing of fiiMinn.
(Jet oil' my coat tail !" whisprrcd Joe,
" there goes one (f the llnps ns sine as
guns! Why get oil, Ned." : . t
And Nod wns oil', nnd one. leg of his
breeches berides; arid then hn wnsnh-ing,
oh-hg; nnd telling jop thnt'he " believed
thole was nails iu that tide, of tli wall,
for Noiuethiiig had S'Ttitehed tiim tremeieU
eu!y and torn his bren lies nil topierev.
Jtirt Bympathized willi him, for he said
"hnlfihis coat was hanging up tlieie
They now Marled liainl-iii-liainl,for Ned
believed ho knew the way." They had
arrived a littbi beyond the tree.", 'when
something went awash ! Bwaiih ! into tiio
wutur-vat. , . ,
A Ntieeice ensued, ihen therxclauiation:
" Thunder ! that water smell., rather old !"
Ned wanted to go luune nt oner, but
Joe wns too much excited to listen for a
moment to such a proposition.' ' ,'
.'.'Never heard anything aloiU thatois
lei a before; the old fellow mu:t have
fixed it on purpose to;' drown' peoplo in.
('iirioim, thoujh, that wo should both' Tall
into it." ' ,v ', i.-.:. , '''..'
They piilwd on again for the melons,
Presently they were caught by the cords,
and headlong they went into a heap of
briers nnd thistles, nnd the like, whirh
had been placed there for their express
accommodation, . V , .
"Such a gettin' up stairs !" muttered
one. '; ;ti .' . ; 1 . ,-. i
' ." Nettles and tliistles ! how they prick I"
exclaimed the other.
They now determined to go' more ran
tiotisly. At length , they nrWved at the
pnlrh. - ' .. : - -
."How thick they arc, Joe? Como
here ! There's more than a dozen fat
ones here!" " '
j And down they sat in the midst nf them,
nnd seemed to conclude- tb.aj they wore
amply rewarded for all their mishaps.''
Here, Joe," Mud ;Ned; take this
musk-inelon ; isn't it a rouser ? Slash in
to it.", -. ' ; .; '.. .'!.';
',' It cuts tremendous , hard, Ned. ". Ned
it s a eatiasli :
' No it isn't, I trl! yo:t its tx new kfnd
Old Swipes sent to Rhode Island for the
seed last spring. ,. . .,,..'
" Well. tUen. all I ve cot to sav. is thai
the old fellow trot sucked, in--t hat's nil.",'.
i " I'm going to' goilgo into the water
melons; halloo! there goes a hall n dol
lar! I've broke my: knife. : If I 'didn't
know it was a water-mlon, J should say
it was a pumpkin. ' 1'utt i., I belivo it i.s
a ptimjikiii." "" . .',''"
hut the boysdid bendes, while the
owner went to the iablo and uninuzled
the dog, and led him into the garden, We
couldn't say; that they took Jong Mens the
the onion and (lower beds revealed in the
morning. ' ' ' , ' ' J
They paid pretty dear for the whistle.
They had not tasted a aingle melon ; they
had got scratched, and torn thnjr clothes ;
were as wot ns drowned rats, a,nd half
scared out of their wits at the ravenous
dog and' the apprehension of being dis
covered, -: ' ;..'l-
Tho next night the owner of the melou
patch invited all the buys of tho village,
including Ned and Joe, to a feast of mel
ons, on the principle of ' returning good
for evil." This circumstance changed
the boys' opinion of " Old Swipes," and
hi jmilons were never afterwards dis
turbed. , . . ' i :, . ,
A printrr not long ago, being " flung"
by his sweet heart, went to the ollice and
tried to commit tuiicide with the " Mioofing
sfick," hut th thing wouldn't go Hi'. -The
" devil," wishing to ' pacify him, told him
i jeep into the samt nn where the editor
was writing duiu to del nqueij, subs-.rjL
t-r. lie did so, and the tiled was iu:ig
i. 'al. He frays that the pi-tcre of depair
which he there beheld .fully reconciled
him to his fate. .
Spibitl' al 'Apteal A Colossal sail
or, full of whisky, went into the llocton
"Jiothel," one day last winter. The day
was very cold outside, but the air of the
chapel was hot, and being crammed with
poor people, in all frtages of dirt, its air
was not pleasant. ' This tta.e of things
Toduc-jd visible e-tfocu upon tho drunken
tailor. Ha becam i uualmisli, and dispos
ed to vomit, and being jaunned up among
the crowd, and unahle to get away, his
face was twisu-d into strange contortions,
the aweat pouring from his face, and he
became very pale. The "preacher noted
the changes, and nttriluied .them to tho
sermon, and at once turned vj ihe sailor.
exclaimed " firother mariner, how shall
we helpyoti?" ,4 Jivrn a rrg .'" was the
AnJ.l 1.1. Id mhlV . ...
. , r ,
Those who fancy tliat money can do
everything, are generally prepared to do.1 amounts to a little over twtsiy
I every'hinj- fcr money. jdollari.
Romano; ii Jl j:a r. Livr.. Sometime
since, six young gentlemen bade farewell
Id tho lasses who hud won their hearts
amid Scotia's blooming heather, nnd sought
th'i nhores of America, in liopo of being ,
enabled tho belter to preparo for wedded
life. They located nl Chicago, where tho
remrmbmnco of their " bontiio Annio
Lmiries" umpired tln-m to unusal nnd per 1
Nevering exertions, till fortuno ot last so
favored them that tliey sent homo to Scot
land tho information that they were now '
afixiotis to 'arc their betrothed, and accom
panied the message with a goodly remit- ;
lance to pny their passnge. The girla, .
for iimttial protection nnd society, camo .
over too ocean in tho same vessel, and ar
rived .in safety at (Jut-ber. Thence they
embarked with several hundred other em
igrant a river stenmer. to continue their
journey down tho St. Lawrence. Tliat
.-'.earner was the ill-fated Montreal, and
of the six betrothed maidens, five found
either fn-ry or watery graves. Tho sixth
-rMiuM Jcnnettf? 1'ettigrcw was taken
up for drowned, and only by faithful and
persistent nttentiou was her life saved.
All of her worldly possessions were gone,
but the kind-hearted women at Montreal
supplied her abundantly when they heard'
her tiU'eeting- story. Kventually she
reached her destination, and in a late num
ber of the Chicago Tribuno there is
chronicled the marriage of Mr. Adam
Tate, of Chicago, to Miss Jeanette Petti- "
grew. IIo alone reaped the reward of '
hi long exertions; and ot the wedding i
there were present two of the other five
young men, whoso feelings, when tliey
contrasted tho happiness of their friend '!
with their own herenved condition, must '
hhvo been sad indeed. i . . , )L
: Tac I';rst Locomouv l. -In 1757, in
Iledruth, in England, as a worUipaslor,
late in the twilight; was returning from a. '
viit to his llock,. ho saw before him n ?
strange nondescript, as largo it3 black '
ram w ith eyes Hashing fire, and breathing
vtry hard, running furiously towards his .
bhuw. Providentially ho upran aside,
and before the assailant could stop and
turn upon him, ho hnd : run such a dis- '
tance as gave hope of deliverencef, when
ho came full butt against a luan running,,
in an opposite' direction.
. "Have you seen mv stenmer I" asked ''
the strnntrer. ' ' ; ..
"I've seen the evil spirit himself, runl
run: ... - ; i
" Ty Jove !"' exi lalined the stranger. .
"how far nhead is cheT" "
The tone of the question, and the com- '
panyof a human crenture, in some meas
ure dispelled the frisrht of the faithful man : .
nnd ndmoni.-dicd him that he, if any one,
should have the cournge to face the pow- ;
ors of darkness, so he turned nnd ran af
ter the stranger, who ho thought, by mis- '
take, had takcu tho. wrong direction..
They soon came up to the object of their
pursuit, which had got into a ditch and
was roaring terrifically. The stranger,
to the astonishment of the parson sefzed '
and dragged the fiery monster to the road. -.
Sho got away from me, sir ; I was
giving her a try, the bit of a road being
good for a run'.
i " Oh' goxlnoss ! well, she is yours then,
pray what is she?" ..;!
" A .eamer, sir. I rail her. She is a ,
little cxpei iment of mine, got up to try .
whether Mr. ..Watts' idea of running,'
coaches by steam' can he carried out. I
think it can, sir. if capital can be got for it."
-''Indeed! indeed! Pray, dear sir, whd" . ; , .
( " I am William Murdoch, at your ser- "
y!e ; a mechanical engineer for Iloulton
smMVntts, in the mins herealiouts.
i Great was the relief and saiiofaciion oC
the worthy pastor ondiscoverin? that what '
be had imagined to bo something loose
from an unsafe place, was but a bit of .
honest mancraft ; a lunatic conceit, it might' '
be; but harmless, except when it ran
away; nnd might frighten children and
perhaps hurt them.
This miniature engine was the first em
bodiment of tho idea of the locomotive by
steam. R'tilromi .Advocate. ' .
Douglas Jerrold, the eminent wit.anJt
ditiintruished author, who died suddenly
in London, wa a printer by trade. His
first literary effort was a review, of an
opera, which ho dropped slyly" into the
Kditorial box of a paper which he was
engaged ;pott as; compositor. To his
great delight, the "opy" was handed
him, Jo " set."
The' latest case of absence of mind is
recorded of a ladv about to " whirl ud"
some eggs for epomre cake, who whiped
j the baby and saug Watts' cradle hymn to
the ergs. '
I " 1 . , ., . -
i The value of personal property in Cin-
' cinnaii, nccordinutothe Assestors returns.