Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, July 30, 1857, Image 2

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BELLE VUE GAZETTE. ',J uth unearthly groans wo never
heard. There seemed to bo on opening
ruaiisnr.n by
For Delegate to Cong res,
V. T. IIOI.I.OM .4V.
JAMt'.N l4lSO.
Judge of IVohate,
r. ii. cook.
iv. r. wu.r.i'. .
JOII liXOtll.
c. i.
County Clerk,
ft. I. HI UK.
It. llrf'.4HT.
ic. i,oi:joy.
in the earth, and goblins damned joined
in the thorns to drown the speaker's voice.
He could not he heard. Dill Brown got
up on Uie box behind Scely, and told
them they were a set of d d fools ;
that ho was raised in Kentucky, and that
lie was ashamed of their proceedings ;
but they yelled the louder, and finally
Soely was forced to squat,
During the melee, an Irishman had
mounted another box facing the building.
We could not distinctly hear his name
but think it was Connor or O Connor
He came out for Thayer, and told them
what Thayer had done for Omaha ; and,
in conclusion proposed three cheers for
him, which was loudly responded U)
when (ov. Cuming wns called for. He
Rpoke but a fow words, stating that his
preference was for Chapman. By this
timo it was late, and the crowd simultane
ously dispersed, without effecting any
compromiso whatever. Omaha is a great
plncc, and some people living there are
great people.
Wc paid particular attention to hear
Sqatters Convention
We have delayed our paper to this
(Friday) morning, in order to publish the
proceedings of the Sfpjattcrs' Convention.
Perhaps it is due to the public, that we
.... i .i -i
give a snort History now mis whibuuuh
was gotten up:
We understand that several gentlemen,
actuated no doubt by patriotic motives, had
an informal meeting at the Benton House, 1
on lastSuturday night, and then and there,
purely out of love of country and thing
called this Convention. Well, the peo
ple, the squatters, thought it was best to
attend, and see how " things were did" in
this county. Now, we will not dure not
impugn the motives of the men who
were instrumental in getting op this ex
pression of the people, but, this we will
say, the PEOPLE spoke will they abide
their decision ?
The following was handed to us by the
Secretary of the Convention, as the pro
ceedings thereof:
On motion of C. T. Holloway, Gen.
L. L. UOWEN was called to the chair.
Andrew Sngendorf was appointed Sccre-
t t I .
wuai mcy nau 10 say ,S.. rrigusu.., . .. . r(,8olved
who . 3 ... . ... .... ... ,..
the candidates ue apponueu vy uuum,
r. n.tiirKV.
Supt. Common Schools,
Justice of the IVac.
A. It. Ill-At lilU U..
and every one of the speakers
named him, stated that " personally they
had nothing against him ; that no doubt
he was an honest man;" but, ah! there
is tho mi he cannot be bought ; he is
too pure and upright, for this wire-work-
inir cliuuo. They will quarrel among
thieves, bought minions and perjured vil
when the following resolution was offered
by Dr. Boykin :
Resohtd, That this convention will not
support any man for the Legislature, or
any of the various County offices, who is
not an out an out Sarpy County man : or
. ... ...u ...;it
call eacn outer liars ana uy u "u "iiv' ,. .
interest, with at least ner present limns,
and as much more as possible
liana; ana, oner mem a goeu man-n unanimously adont.
... ii : I :.t 1 j i
Those whodesh e to obtain printed tickets inn "n wu"111 Jl,sl'v wu" evur ,i c a s,r;,blnnrt P.n.. mnd the fbl
. .. .u l:i. t-i
forthe election, can obtain the same ly I l im..,, u, Um, howillg motion . That the convention pro
application to this office.
JfiSDrCAsii always in advance.
Of Nebraska! On next Monday you
will be called upon to exercise the inalien
nble right of American citizens a right
guaranteed to you by your futhers and
sealed ly their blood. You will bo called
....,. ... .k sca Itir l.nllnt m mnn In rpnrp
' . I nlmn nf hnniu V n nil n-nrth hif rnOinrr ' ... . .
sent your wants in tho Congress of the 1 . , ' ' " Larimer withdrew the above resolution
SO if.
the infatuated Jews of old, away with
him, crucify him."
Howl on, ye hell-hounds! glorious
news comes booming from the South.
We can hear the shouts of freemen on
the breeze, and their cry is, " FERGU
SON and VICTORY !" And from the
! north and the west the same glad cry is
heard; and, on Monday next the people
of the Territory will show their appreci-
cecd to ballot for candidates for members
of the Legislature.
On motion, two tellers were appointed
by the Chair, Dr. Botkin, and J. S. Al
At this time Gen. Larimer made a mo
lion that there be a delegation selected
from Bellevue, to confer with the western
delegation in nominating a ticket to be
sunnorted at the ensuing election. Gen
United States
your forces! come up to the polls and vots
for an honest man an upright man a
man who disclaims all sectionalism
man who cannot be bought. Rally
Nebraska City and Oloe County
In a blare for
On last Saturday morning, large posters
were stuck up through Nebraska'
nouncing the arrival of Ji-dge Fergoboh,
and that he would in the evening address
who is not afraid to meet his opponents the people of Otoe County. Our invisi
before the peoplo; defino his position, Me reporter being on hand as usual, thus
and tell them the course he intends to spoaks of tho result:
pursue. Do this
in tho future wil evidence that your
choice was a righteous one a choice
which will retlown to the glory and the
good of the whole Territory.
We were present on last Saturday
evenins at a meelinJ if the citizens of
Omaha, where the friends of Gen. Esta.
brook, Rankin, Chapman and Thayer de
fined their different positions, and we
have only room to give a meager sketch
of the proceedings.
It appeared that this affair was gotten
up by the friends of Gen. Estalrook, iu
consequence of a report in circulation
thai he had declined in favor of Rankin,
and that Rankin had gone north with
various pepers as usual, to show the good
people how he was gaining strength iu
Omaha and south of the Platte.
After quite a number had convened iu
front of Tioneer Block, Gen. Chipman.
formerly of Michigan, ascended a box
and made a speech in favor of Gen. Eaa
Irook asking, in conchsion, that the
people should concentrate upon oue man,
and if they could not effect it on E&ta
brook that he would go for Chapman, but
he beseeched them not to unite on Ran
kin. The General is a good speaker,
and was listened to with respect. Mr.
Macon was now called upon and occupied
ihe same position as Gen. Chipman
Mating that Rankin had gone north, but
that he would follow him in the morning
and smoke him out.
When he sat down, bully Hanscom was
railed for. He pitched into Gen. Chip-
The people met in the evening in tho
Hall over the Tlatte Valley Bank, and
the vast number which on so short a
notice were congregated together, plainly
showed the unusual interest manifested iu
the People's candidate for Delegate.
The Hon. A. A. Bradford, was called
after a disc ission It was again renewed
by B. P. Rankin, and lost,
The original motion was now in order,
to go into ballot for four members of the
On motion of S. A Strickland, F
Clarke was appointed as assistant Clerk
The Convention proceeded to ballot
with the following result:
S. A. Strickland, 163.
C. T. Holloway, 181.
Amos Gates, 156.
James Davison, 157.
R. Jones, 17.
John Glover, 16.
S. H. Wattles, 15.
Alexander Davis, 15.
It was declared by the chairman of the
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Que ens ware
and whose prospects of success such that
they may rest assured their votes will not
be thrown away.
Ji'DE FcBousoit is a man. who, in
every position in which he has been plac
ed, has so conducted himself as to gain
the esteem of all those with whom he
came iu contact ; amiable and moderate
ho has sufficient firmness and high sense
of honor to spurn with contempt any offer,
the acceptance of which would taint his
character as a high minded and honorable
i ii i .i. rr .
man. ui an tne men in me lerruory,
not one could have been selected, against
whose character, precidents and ability,
less could be said J ingenious malignanis
will no doubt brinir forward his very vir
tucs, his forbearance and his justice, as
arguments against him, with the corrupt
and sectional, all who are not also corrupt
nd sectional, are enigmas, ana become
the objects of vituperation and hales, on
account of their honesty ana mouerauon
t is d.fficult. we mizht almost say impos'
sible, for tho base to appreciate the truly
noble ; it is impossible for the ultra radi
cal to support tho moderato man. In this
Territory we dont want a radical man to
represent us, but a moderate, just man,
ono wlw has sufficient character, firmness,
ntogrity, and appreciation of his duty
towards all his fellow citizens, to prevent
his becoming cither the dupe or accessory I
f designing- and depraved men. ve ail
know what the Halls of Congress have
become with the intriguing, venality,
rowdyism ond rascality so prevalent
mong those sent to represent tne peo
pie, and wo should all deprecate such a
stato of affairs, and perforin a duty, we
owe to ourselves, to our Territory and our
country, in sending one to represent us,
on w hose pure, exalted character, there
is not one blemish or stain, and against
whom those revilers and slanderers, who
instinctively hate thft pure and noble, can
not adduce one single act of injustice, dis
honor, or lack of ability.
The neonle have now helore them a
candidate who is pledged to the best ia
terests of tho whole lerntory, and one
on whose pledge we know we can safely
rely. He will not represent ono uty,
one county or a faction, but labor zeal
ously for the whole territory. Such a
man we need now as much as ever ; man
ters of grave importance to this Territoy,
may be brought before the next Congress,
and that we should have justice
not to one section tun to an we neca a . i ,.,
man who has been tried, and not found vur Blu c"
And Fancy Goods,
to the chair, and R. R. Newcoinb, chosen convention, that S. A. STRICKLAND
Secretary. Judge Ferguson was inlro- C. T. HOLLOWAY, AMOb
duced by the Chairman, and spoke about and JAMES DAVIDSON, were the
three quarters of an hour in a calm, clear, nominees for Representatives to the Leg
plain, forcible and impressive manner. islature from Sarpy County.
The remarks of the Judge were well re- The convention then proceeded to nom-
ceived, and the resolution appended at the iuate County ufficers, with the fallowing
rlano of this article shows that it had its result, by acclamation:
effect. Probate Judge, W II. COOK ; Treas-
Gen, Thayer, also a candidate for Del- urer Wt F WILEY ; Sheriff, JOHN
egate.was present at the meeting, and EN0CH; Recorder, C. D.KELLER;
was called upon. He made a good speech. CommUsionerS) jx j. J EN KIN SON, R.
and showed up one B. B. Chapman as he MlCARTy, R. LOVEJOY; County
is in the Territory-a nondescript politi- RlirwvnPw.W. HARVEY : Sun. Com.
cal juggler, without a single claim upon s l i JOHN P. KAST : Justices for
r .1 . '
the people of Nebraska for their votes.
hen the Gen. had concluded, cries
were heard from the crowd vociferously
calling Strickland, Strickland! A counter
cry was raised for Judge Bennet and
Ucnnet, Bennet, was heard but it was
drowned by the still louder cries for Strick
Bellevue Precinct, A. R. BLACK
Wc now sincerely hope that certain tore
heads will be satisfied. There were peo
.ple there who do not live in Bellevue the
squatters were there, and they are all for
Ktw Society.
We understand that there is about be
ing organized in the City of Omaha, a
new Society to be called the " Sculldug
gery Society." A man in order to gain
admittance, has to divulge his real name
tell what he ran away from the States
for, or bring a certificate from the grand
jury of the County in which he resided,
stating his qualifications. We also under
stand that they sent for the Grand Master
of the order to Iowa City, one J. B. But
lies, formerly Warden of the Ohio Pen
itentiary, He arrived at Omaha, on last
Sunday on board the steamer Gen. Cross-
We happened to be at the landing when
he arrived his dark basilisk eye was
twinkling from beneath ponderous brows
his sallow complexion, haggard ap
pearance and faltering step betokens that
he is failing very fast. His conscience
is evidently laboring under the heavy
load of sin which has been accumulating
for years. No friendly hand was prof
fered to greet him to the shore but ta
king his carpet bag in hand, he stepl
from the boat, and with a sombre counte
nance, like some dark portentous cloud,
within whoso raging bowels a thun
der 6torm was brewing ; he ploded his
weary way to the hotel, un-noticed and
unknown. We advise him to do up his
business as soon as possible, and go home
where he belongs there is no room in
ihis country, for such black-hearted knaves
and scoundrels.
' ... . . I ... 1 ir II A fa...
land. Mr. Stricklacd took the stand, and
made one of bit telling speeches-thow- by a certain DrUcoll, withdrew when they
i . n itm rrnl issue in this ran
v..c .m with some bitter, sea- weeeed, and even one Bill pool Rankin,
.k: .t .;.,.: Mmrb. .taut some done all in his power to destroy the organ.
self nominated candidates who boast lha i"tonof the Squatters Convention which
Ul, r ,h W.Wr.W fcVJWi! be and Chapman s friends had called them.
Judge Bennet now obtained the stand and
made a frothy speech on Bjwen, Strick
land and his own wrongs in the Territory.
Major Grant made a short speech in favor
of Gen. Thayer, and at this point, O. P.
selves. But it is idle for us to say any-
thinnr about this drunken Gambler and
black leg he is beneath the notice of any
sane man. He had belter go back to a
certain place, Keokuk, for instance, and
man. stating that he was an old broken
down politician who had lately come there j h"'"',' e-pecia! confidence in 'he capacity,
for the purpose of teaching old settlers
Mason. Esq., offered the following, which UP nalle and 1hi"S9- 14 Gelt,n
xvas adopted unanimously aud the meet- nd we want 10 retire- and ho our
ing adjourned. friends, under the circumstances, will for-
Resolird, That we the citizens 01 utoe give us. tor ine meagre sutricu we
County, in general council assembled, re- given of this great Convention
how to vote, and finally w ound up his dis
course by declaring himself a Rankin man,
body, soul and breeches, Mr. Seely was
now loudly called for, when he mounted
m the box a la Beecher, and started off for
Hankin in a flvvrry tnd cajffr speech,
rut he had not proceeded far, when some j Marie llann, a daughter of the eminent
vnt proposed "three groan fjr Bankm, j German 8. trononier of that nrnie.
' i . ... -i -I-... i t
i judgment, uouny nnu uurgmy vi juuijc
Fenner Ferguson, pledge to bun our uni
ted and uncompromising support at the
coming August election for delegate to the
Congress of the United Slates.
Bayard Taylor, ihe celebrated traveler,
is to be marnea next autumn to .Miss
Judge Ferguson.
The following just tribute to the per
sonal worth of our fellow citizens, we
cut from the Florence Courier, and heart
ily endorse the sentiment it contains :
'We think the people of Nebraska may
congratulate thcuisclvt'S uimit having a
candidate now before them for the office
of Delegate to Congress, to whom they
can rhecrfully give their united topper!;
large, and carefully selected, and
by adhering strictly to the
cash system, we are able
to ofler very great in-'
ducements to all who
may favor us with
a call.
Corner of Jefferson and 27th street,
Opposite the Fontenelle Bank,
A (1 K S T 8,
Dealers in P'ne Lumber, Doori, Sash,
Flour, Heal, Uacon, &c, &c.
CT Direct Goods care Clarke ft Itro.
Room No. 1 Masonic Temple, Dearbop
Sireet, Chicago.
CAPITAL, $150,000.
Edmund Canfield, Pres., Wm. S. Bates,
Sec'y, Henry Chapman, Treas.
rriHIS Company was organized on the 27th
J. day of March, A. D. J855, under a spec-
ial charter from the Legislature of Illinois,
and business commenced under the most fa
vorable aiiHpices. Its establishment has been
upon a firm and reliable basis, and in view of
its stability, smindncss,and permanency, ranks
as one of the first Insurance Companies in the
counjry. To those desirous of protecting
themselves against loss or damage by Fire, or
perils of the Sea, they beg leave to offer the
Messrs. Stone &. Witt. Cleveland, Ohio.
' Williams &. Avery, Chicago, III.
" Norton & Brother, "
" Stone &. Boomer,
H. S. Durand, Pres. Racine & Miss. R. R.
Geo. C. Norlhrup, Cash. Racine C. Bank,
Wm. P. Lind, Esq., Milwaukee.
J. U. Conrne, Esq. Racine.
Ashley Gilbert, Cash. Com'l B'k, Chicago.
Henry Farnhain, President Chicago 4. Rock
Island Hail Road.
Daniel P. Rhodes, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio.
Thomas Campbell, Esq., Springfield, 111.
Hon It. Chamberlin, St. Louis, Mo.
Messrs. Wadsworth, Wells St. Seymour,
Chicago, III.
Messrs. I. II. Burch &. Co., Chicago Bank.
Messrs. (J. W. Sizer & Co. Chicago, 111.
Wm. Blanchard, Esq., Morris, III.
Messrs. II. C. & O. O. Cook & Co., Rock
ford. 111.
Messs. H. Wheeler &. Son, Aurora. 111.
Messrs. Judd, Smith &. Pratt, Dixnn, 111.
Nehamiah Case, Esq., Buffalo, N. Y.
Win. B. Fundy, Esq., Springfield, III.
Gen. I. Curn, Springfield III.
Richard Ivers, Esq., St. Louis, Mo.
31 JOHN J. TOWN, Agent at Bellevue.
tention of the citizens of Bellevue, Sar
py eounty, and the surrounding country, to
their new ana seieciea siock oi
Which they offer at Wholesale and Retail at
nrices 30 per cent, lower than ever before of
fered in this city. We can and will sell
Goods as low if not lower than thev can be
bouebt in Omaha or Bluff City. Please call
and examine for yourselves.
Bellevue, May 28, 185T.
Just Received and for Sale,
Land Warrants
C CONSTANTLY on hand and for sals
Pre-emptors can make a handsome savin'
ly using Warrants.
All w arrants sola by the above institution
are guaranteid.
juit:N j. luiKfl, uasnier.
Bellevue. June 27, 1857. 34
Executive Department,
The Dakota City Herald, publishes a
very lengthy and fulsome article, upon the
qualifications of Bird B. Chapman, as del
egate to Congress from Nebraska, from
the Sioux City Eagle, printed and pub
lished in the State of Iowa. Would it not
be well for the Eagle man, to attend to his
own business attend to the interests of
his own State and his own City? If the
political lines were drawn in this territory,
and the ditrerent parties were engaged
in a strife for supremacy; the interference
of the Eagle man, would be excusable
but here in Nebraska, the actual settlers
know their own interests, and wish no in
terference from any of the States. We
love the name of the Eagle, but as strong
as his pinions are, he cannot carry B. B.
Chapman to the Congressional Halls.
The Eagle man ought to recollect, that
after the tea commandments were deliv
ered to Moses on the Mount, that posteri
ty, by cominou consent added one more,
called the eleventh, which reads as follows:
"Every man should mind his own business"
CSirNothing was so much dreaded in
our school days as to be punished by sit
ting between two girln. Ah, the force of
education. In after years we learned to
submit to such indignities without shed
ding a tear.
A LARGE stock of Furniture, consisting in
part of Wood, Rush, Spindle, Split Bottom,
Jenny Lind, Maple. Mahogany, Children's and
Office Chairs, Rockers, &.c.t Bureaus, Center,
C.rd, Office, Breakfast and Dinner Tables,
Leaf, Toilet, Work and Wash Stands, Office
Desks, Sofas and Sofa Lounges, Double, and
Single Lounges, Trundle Beds, Bedsteads of
various kinds, Tin Safes, Mattresses, &.c.,&.
Terms cash. PALMER & AVERILL.
JUST RECEIVED, a large and fine assort
ment of Gent's Shoes and Gaiter.
ANOTLER LOT of Clothing just received
PALMER &. AVERILL have on hand a lot
of fine Black Doeskin and Cassimere;
also, a large lot of fancy Cassimerea. Those
wishing a good article would do well to call
and examine the above. 33tf
Omaha Citv, N. T.
To the qualified voters of Nebraska Terri
tory : I, Mark W. Izard, Governor of the
Territory or XVebraaka, in pursuance or an act
of the Legislative Assembly, approved Janu
ary 2fi, 18ji, entitled "Elections," do hereby
teclare and make known, that an election will
be held in the several counties of this Terri
tory, on the first Monday in August, A. D.
JH57, tor one Uelegate to tne Congress or Uie
United States, one Territorial Auditor, one
territorial treasurer, one territorial Librari
an, one Attorney General, and one District
Attorney for each Judicial District, to be vo
ted for bv the qualified voters of the District
for which he is to be elected. Also, thirty-five
members to the House jj Representatives of
the Territorial Assembly, to wit : The Coun
ties of Dahkota, Cedar and L'Ear qui Court,
will elect two Representatives; the Counties
of Burt and Cuming will elect one Represen
tative; the county of Washington will elect
three Representatives the county of Dougla
will elect eight Representatives; the county of
Sarpy will elect four Representatives; the
enmities nf Dndgn and Platte will elect, jnint
lv, one Representative; the counties of Cass,
Lancaster, Gaghand Clay will elect four Rep
resentatives; the county of Otoe will elect six
Representatives; the counties of Nemaha and
Johnson will elect three Representatives; the
counties of Richardson and Pawnee will elect
three Representatives. And at the same Urns
and place the qualified voters of each county
will elect the following county officers, to witt
one Probate Judge, one Sheriff, one Register,
one Treasurer one County Clerk, one Superin
tendent of Common Schools, one County Sur
veyor, one County Commissioner for each
county, two Justices of the Peace and two
Constables for each Precinct.
The County Commissioners of the organized
counties lying nearest adjacent to the unorgan
ized counties, will proceed to divide the unor
ganized counties into convenient election dis
tricts and cause notices to be posted in each
election precinct of the time and place of
holding said election, and of the officers to be
voted for, and to appoint judges, and cause the
said election to be conducted in all respects,
and due returns made thereof, as required by
In testimony whereof, I have hereun
to set my hand and caused to be af
fixed the great Seal of the Territory,
done at Omaha City, in said Terri
tory, on the thirtieth day of May,
A. l). in)?, and or the Independence
of the United States of America, tbe
eighty-fust year.
Bv the Governor,
T. B. Cpming, Secretary. n33
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CUTLERY A large assortment of Pocket
Knives, Knives and Forks, &c at the
A large stock of READY-MADE
CLOTHING, at Eastern Prices, can be found
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THE LARGEST LOT of Furniture and
Crockery ever broueht to the Territory,
can be found at PALMER fc AVEKILL'S
I? LOUR, Salt, Salmon, Mackerel, and Cod
fish, at wholesale or Retail, by
ASSORTMENT of Glass Ware
THE undersigned takes this method of in
forming the citizens of Bellenie, and vicinity,
that be has just received the Largest and
Best assortment of
Cooking, Parlor k. Office Stores.
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pectfully invite all in want of Stoves, to call
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I am also manufacturing
of all kinds, such as Buckets, CorrtE Pots,
Pans, Strainers tc, ic, and all articles in
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CVPartlcular attention paid to Roormo,
Spouting and job work of every description.
All work warranted to give satisfaction. Or
ders solicited. Mv place of business is oppo
site the Printing Office. Bellevue, N. T.
rrtFA, TEA, TEA A tip-top article of
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