Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, July 02, 1857, Image 2

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    BELLE VUIJ GAZETTE. """'' .f -the p,.i,ti.-..i u
...... . ' . ' I iCII." 1,-ddj tin" follow n ; 'angllUgi".
p t' n i. i a " r. t B Y "Thf two cniuli lu'ce l!i:it arc uui pnmi
a a sTPtrvt.AMn it nn.. '' "f 'nal.a tuy,
R. 3. M'ttWEN, EDlTOIl.
TlfuUsiuY, jn.Y -J, 1S17.
rou mi.iiJAir. to toM.tms,
gen. leavitt l. howen.
All thoso opposed lo tlio present luca
toi tff ihe Cripi'ml, and opposed to any
further appropriation ly Congre.-s, fur the
completion of tlio Capitol building at Oma
ha, are requested to meet in delegate Con
vention at I'lutfunoutri, Cass. Gunny, on
Saturday th 1 ltb inst., at 'J o'clock V.
M., f.r tho purpose cf nominating a terri
torial ticket, to Le supported nl the coming:
election. I'nrh county to lo entitle J lo
one delegate in said Convention, for ciuli
member of tho I.cgWuture it may be en
titled to, txeept the county of
which th all In entitled to one hulf the
number of members it hu in the I.egislu
1110 ll u
M.'.vcn and Tl.ayer. The lainr we U'
luxe !aiid-i the Ui'pul In an piiitfei'ui.
and receive tl.u i;i enter putt d' hi m p
port from iluo, who tiro ulna in tin ir
iews nil the t'M'ilitig ipn: -liui ef tho day.
I'r.un a litter pet received from Iv Nm,
ill Washington cuuntv, wo learn that the
race in that eotiuiy will ht luiu'eeii theso
gpiith ui"ii, find thai (.ion. JJiwi n will
curry tho day.
South i'f I'latto the ronti-t will l e be
tween 'el. Hinliiii, in id (Jen. llowen.
The Col. ii in eieeuc, M-.Mihfiid-n-iive
character and has traversed the (-i!tli-nieiiti
pretty ihnmuhly, and ha- ii'uloul.t
iiiiido ninny friends I ut, our pn-l'e'i rii't;
m fjf (.Jen. 1! wcn, inasmuch nj he ii
line ns Meel on the ipieMton i lint iiitiTef-t
m inure than nny other, viz., the removal
of the cnpitid n ml ngnin-t any further ap
propriation lieimy t:md'- by (.'"ii'jn'ss for
the ioin'!eli,iii of iho Public Iluildinga,
until a (h'fiiiile location ii made by the
Territorial Legislature.
This ii the ipies'ion we would like to see
brought to an jsuc, when wo b-'lieve the
uction ef our late I egi-lut'ire on 1 1 1 i Hide
jeet would be fully sustained. The (Jen.
plants himitlf lirmly ivi l!i platform; al
though a rovlenl ft Hi llevue, In' pledges
Co: U".';'iii.b m;'0 tin" C I ..'.'.l.
I):.or C i'.-j v. N. T.,
Mb. HiiI rou: Darin,' em cf my
tnimps t!.roii:;h th'n : per eoueify, I ne
ciifviitally found i: the pnM v i' H of on;
of you.- niii.u'roui readers, a ternt titun
bi r ef t!v (! t: :'lr. I i it 1 f tu:l!,tomy
utiuii..t sui -fai i i i i . that our tim :-i ieJ and
rver faithful friend, lion. I.. 1.. IWen,
had bri ll plaei .d in lioluinaUuii ,ur tho
ollieo of Delegate to tho Conre ilia
United Suites. Tl.H nouiinalien ;'uiud
OaslnriD) .
The l:is-1 Omaha .VJcjAi.i, cMiia.n.i
a iiu an, low, on'ein' tihle, datat Jly item
in repaid to (Jen. Dowtr. NVc ore
ttrotiqdy under the imprenaion that the ed
itor, Mr. lion i n mi n , did not pen that nni
cle lie is too intieh i f a gcnlleinan. It
could have emanated from no oth r source
than tho low groveling imay inatien ef
such a man as h. I. cnipman. lie, like
n d-shozzar, seea tho " hand-wi itin,' up
on tlie wull" und driven to desperation
on neeouut of his waning pepularity, he
tuvo. Laih organized county Luvinj no hmiaelf to work f ir tho whole Territory
rr presentation in the Legislature, w ill be
entitled to one delegate.
EQThis call is ma le by prominent
citizens generally, outside of Omaha.
Cnnittuliiiiiitt Urlfiutv,
and to m-o that the favor of Uuelo Sum,
uic fiutly diitribnteil.
These an; our view s, (the l'.ditor ludnj:
uhi-cnt,) but if in a short time a Conven
tion vhonld be railed; and the choice of a
ijofiiy vt lb" peepln be made l,uovn.
Tho Flor nee Courier, Nebrasha n.,
Deyoto Pi7o, together wi'h the Hellenic
Gazelle ihc majority of the japirs pub
lishe I in thiiTei ritory.wlio have vxprexsed
any views in regard to the election of Del
fgate to Centres, have nil been nnxions
for a Convention cf delegates from the
different Counties for the purpose cf de
ciding upon a int. ii who tdiad faithfully
represent the views of the majority of the
electors of the whole Territory in the
halls of Congress. The time intervening
between thii and tho election being thort,
and no call having been made, we have
ly the odvice and consent of several prom
inent gentlemen in the Territory, ventured
to namo tho time ami place, together w ith
alasiscf representation, which ail will
ngreo is fair under the cncunibtona's.
The Desoto riloi, iit quoting our in
dovscmcut of th views of tlio Florence
Couriert says:
"Bat tho Gaz"llc, after what we have
quoted, has tho following; paragraph:
Tho only dilTioulty in our view is, tho
want cf a basis to 'tis the representation
from tho different districts of tho Terri
Ve do not fully understand this, and are
at a loss to knew w hether the G.3'c, after
ao fully indorsing the Courier, makes this
kind of excuse to back elfin another direc
tion rr not? Has it for tho moment for
gotten the Ufaga cf tho whole country; that
is, to adopt the but vote or the lal oppor
tbtvnent where a cenus lm not I een re
cently taken. Vui care net whether you
avmmo a ceiuits so as to gtv.i every pirt
of llu Territory the t 'l I enei.t c: its i .
creased population, or not. Th'i3 i3 easily
dottp; and we would be satisfied. Hat here
is an apportionment jvut at hand, and one
tlu neonle will elect next August.
Taka that a'.iportiouiuent and pve lo each
county and di-trict at least one delegare for
each member of tho Council and each
member of tho House of Delegates, and
o:io delegate to each co.mty in tho Terri
tory that has neither Councilman nor
member of tho inuse. ii )i v..L
for each of them or tw for each, we are
atUacJ. AnJ let the li.nj a::d J laco be
TliO Mot, does s inje.:;ico when it
doubts whether we "make this kind cf an
excuse to back ell in another direction di-
ill i. ...
' rection or not. It is a wen kho u i.iei
that tho idea of a ca.l for a Convention,
fust originated with the Coi.iiVr, and in
repondinij to the suggestion cf brother
Mitchell, wa remarked thnt wo re
fra'ned "from tujgestingar.y definite mod
of procedure ia regard to a Convention, or,
whether under existing ciu-umstonccs, it
is lest to hare one at all that matter we
io.. nor" t.i-pthre n of the rres who
Ctt.V v .-v.. - - .
Mich ii sianilard-l'i'urc r.
of a man who is higher above1 him in man
hooad, eharaeUr, und every virtue which
adorns and cnobles life ; as Heaven U
ubotecarthl The charges are beneath
th ! notice of Gen. Uowrx, ai d in pity
nud cempasbi iu towards Chapmun, he is
d'.'poved to adept the language of another
and iay : N
" Toor eld horse let him die !"
I i,i:m the above, and various other m:r-1
re., we. think that wo are warrant' d in
eoiiiim; to tin: eonolution thai (Jen. Uowl.n
is tlie man of the time, and that the ijood
,ene of the Delegates will fttdorse this
epitiion by nomiuatinj him for Congress,
llo is a man who is capable, and willing
to pledge himself to net in mth a manner,
Ms to result in tho greatest L'oe-d to the
Ti i ritoi y ut larje. Wo will however, as
we have said before, yiel I Md uiijsively to
the will of the people a expre:-cd by their
delegates in Convention ns.;cu,bled.
Come, then und let us meet together
and express our i "v j freely, fet us rea
sen togeiln r a men having the common
good cf our btauiif-l Territory at heart
Lrjeitiiu o.:r FCrf.onnl predjedices ia a
measure, let os select a man who will re-fu-fft
to be bciii.;'..t wih d:y lots and who
will spurn to be corrupted with (joIJ.
Claim Jumping-
Considerube excitement has prevailed
in Sarnv county for lb past week in re
gard to claim jumping. It appears that
fcomo individuals who were strangers to
the Club law r- gulaiion-, in thu section,
(the main feature of which is to suelaiu
squatters in holding C-'O acres cf land)
relyin" upon tho pre-emption aU, and
prolably being advised wrongfid'y by oth
ers, had taken some claims which eld res
ident quarters regarded as riyhtfally be-
longing to them under the regulations ct
the Club law. When this fad lecam-'
known, a meeting of the Club was culled
which convened ut the School houso in
the city en hut Saturday. The meeting
was largely attended, and any amount of
enthusiasm seemed to pervade the crowd.
Several cf tho prominent citizens of
Omaha, mponded to the call,
whom were Gov. Ccmmino, Gov. l.ieii
. i hi rv.
Aiirsox, lion- jwii-lih, vju
Low .-is tmd ollicrs. They took p ut in
the di-cussions, and thowed as was ex
pected, the right rpirit in regurd to thu
protection of actual settlers against all
jumpers. Gov. Cummiug mado a I eld,
fearless and able speech and was highly
applauded showing Jackson-like, ul
thoogh Governor cf the Territory, that it
was the lest inteteU cf Nilrnska to sus
ihe early f rulers in their original lights.
The Club thi n adjourned and r paired to
the claims which were taken, and when
to roe to be f-o eminently lit to be mado cowardly endeavors to sla'u the reputation
that I nivoluiitai ily shouted. (Jar Terri
tory, you nre d ud tle?s nware, has been
wi l'tiily and s-hanief dly mi represented.
Ciil fueds and local antagotii-ins have
T'l''tlT into exi;tctice from on end cf the
Territory to the other; the ratural fruit
of se'Ii h in.inngeiiient. J-'urontism has
eharacterizi'd tho tll'orts of lb 11 Chap
man throughout his o'l'tcinl ccurse, and it
requires no rare ken to predi't the result.
The condition cf this 'favored Territory
cries aloud for change. Ve .vant a man
to represent our interests at lie Federal
Capital, whose fwd is largi enough to
embrace the wholo Terri'iry; whoso
hen it i.i big enough to cmiprthrnd the
wants i.f every soul within il boundaries ;
a patrictiMii beyond briber', and nn in
tegrity unllin' hing. Ve w nt a mini cf
aeknowh dged ability ; one i'i'"'i inter-
v witti (host itf pe-
iib he represents; and one in wlio?i his
'on: '.ituencv can tdacc unliu ited 'onli-
VTe Stninl C orrected.
In our remarks in regard lo B. IV
(-linpinaii, we ttated in cur Jast issue,
that ho came to this Territory the sec
ond time, " thirty-eight days before tin
,.t :,i. l.; ...t i ,n.i.- "
11I11(I, , IUI 1.13 1, I.V IttJM V'ilK. .limn
We are informed that this is a mistake
for in addition to the trunk he had also a
band-box. Such uu one I know tlio p?cpb:
will Und in Gen. I.'owen of y.n.f eiy. I
have known him long and well, and have
.seen him tried an I found true.
I know that you feel a deep interest in
tho re: ult of the August election, and in
the welfare of NeLru.-ku, which I deem
is invoiced in it.
Ia t mo f.-iy for your comfort that
Northern iWt'raska is aw; Ko to mo im
portance cf the coming election, and that
Gen. 1'owcn is her choice. The County
cf Dakota, including tho country from
Aoivay River lo tho Niobrarah, will, or
is capable cf polling 1000 votes. Some
Stw IJrens.
The Nebrusba ,'nr$ has come out in a
o.- .,., improved style. Tilriiy crett.taUo
to its proprietors. We believe -il is the
olilost paper now published in the Terri
lory. Its founders have no doubt tunk
money by upholding tho paper in its in
fancy, and nv deserve the patronage of
all thoso who wish well to enterprise and
perse vtrence. Success to you, 2 Mon ross
Pacinc City r.nterprisc.
This id the title cf a new paper Mnrteci
in Fa cine City. It is a neat and hand
some fcheet, and we wish it success.
terrref.d wr.-Uy l-y C'LAi.i.r. Jt n-oiiirn,
Korwaruini; and Com, .llt ichauts.
Vlur Familv, $:i,nopnr l'X'lls
" lxtr.i S iietliui $",." J 00 "
M.-l $1 W p- r Iin) l!n.
Appl DrKd, l 0'r" TiO bus.
V;ictip 4 " M "
I ; e t r N o v W) r r 1 !t
,!o llM'Kl'"l.30G'l5Vlb
pixanr' 00 V
C'Tii-SJ.UI) "i laiili.
.In. S' P'I 1 1 "." !o.
Oats $ I 25 ( 1 :iil Imsh
Iticua ShoiitMi-rs 13 luc lb.
Siile- li ( V lie.
ir.nm lsc
S'lfjar cir.'d 0e b
r,L'S. -2 On -J ic ' doz
11,1,.,n-v, H to 10c
ilo (iiffii .1 f"i Ac.
ll.iv n J eX-iS tun
I'ork Oil V M.
I.nnl 20 rti 2" r r i
Onloiis ( t.nn Snj
J'o!atp-s $3 01) f 3 50 "
p,.ts Mi.-rp 7.V (a. $1 00
ilo Conn 10 (;! &'
Lnrnhrr e'oltniiwooil slii-at'Sil ",1 Id.
tin .q. P(l.,Td $:o 0" "
An OaV, W.ilimt, H'siwoikI $15 00
do ria i'lini, cli-ar $:'-5 0 ) "r1 rn.
Jo riooring 2.1 JT0 00 (J $75 0(1
1st 7."i00
rionr.N $73 00
Slilnfilps IMiip ?10 50 T in.
' ' Col ton won, I $3 a)
Latli Pine P? 00 prr m.
j),iors " Stl f0 () $ 1 73 each,
"ash f7 00 (i.. $' l-l per rasomont.
R,A)in No. I Masonic Temple, Deartori
Street, Chicago.
CAPITAL, 8150,000.
iitnar cimfmak,
It. . MONnOE,
m:v aiivi:rtisf.mi:xts,
Remaining in the Fot oniee, at Bollevue,
Juue 1st, 1S57.
Pliittmoiilh Journal.
The above is the title of a very neat
paper which haiU from rialt-riiiouth, an
enterprising and flourishing city near the
mouth of the Platte River. Wo hope tho
cf the-e Chapman m iy Cf, n fo-v v. n! ; proprietors wiu niauc it pay. 1 hey have
be cast for Rankin; some will be llm vnl tho liberty of devuting uvo mortal long
for Gen. llohnan, who is a candidate,
but tho mas-jcs are for Eowen. There is
no douli of this ; yet, p.litical knavery
may blind the people who are now for
the best man. A County Convention will
bo held at Pt. John on the 11th prox.,
but I do not know that millers ouUiJo the
county w ill bo discu.-sed.
columns in reading us a hemily for pub
lishing an extract from a loner to a Boston
paper. We have retracted already what
our inexperience (or our ignorence if you
please) led us to do, and we hope that it
is satisfactory. We have no quarrel with
Plati-mouih or its interets. Let us mutu
ally aid each other and fight what we con
conceive to be our common enemies, ic
Burney John G
Bowers 1 lump
Blaukhart G 'J
Bell John
Beits Henry
Baldwin Walter C
Ihckei John A I
Brac-kelt L
Clark William
Davisson Sarah
Uropee Stephen
Eoker Gilbert
Floyd T C
Gwire Win A 2
Gilmore Augustus
Gray Mrs Aiicida
Hunter Charles
Hughes John W.
Hoi ion A E
Jadison Marinda"
L.oomis ) in. am
Lancaster Isaac
Beaird George B
Be,.Jt r William
Buickhart (iiuae
Bu.ieo L I)
Ball Mr
Baldwin W C
Bachelder Sias
rPMfKrt CANrriLP,
i vac ronK,
Edmuni Canfield, Pres., Wm. S. Bates,
Seo'y, Henry Chapman, Treas.
rpitlS Compny organized on the 27th
X iny of M.rrch, A. I). 1855, under a upec
ial charter from the Legislature of Illinois,
und liuaines minmiMiced under the most fa
vorable nirspices. Its establislnnent lias been
upon a ruin and reliable basis, and in view of
i' stability. 8oamiiie8s,and permanency, ranks
as one of Oie first Insurance Companies in tlie
cu'iniry. To th se ilusiroas of protecting
tbrTiiselves airlnst loss or damage by Fire, or
pori's of the S.-a, they beg leav to oifor th
fu! lowing
Messrs. Pfone & Witt, Cleveland, Ohio.
Williams k Avery, Chicago, 111.
" Norton .V. Brother,
" Stone & Iloomer, "
If. R. D'lrand, Pres. Racine Si Miss. R. R.
(;oo. C. Nor'linip, Cash. Racine Co. bank.
Wm. P. hind, Esq., Milwaukee.
J. (J. Cotiroe, Esq. Racine.
Ashley Gilbert, Cash. Com'l B'k, Chicse;o.
Henry Farnhnm. President Chicago it Roclc
Island Rail Road.
I)iiiiol V. Hh-vli-, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio.
Thomas Campbell, Esq., Springfield, 111.
Hon Ii. Chamherlin, St. Louis, Jto,
Messrs. Wadsworth, Wells Ac Seymour,
Chicago, 111.
Messrs. I. II. IJ'irch Jt Co., Chicago Bank,
Messrs. O. W. Sier ii Co. Chicago, III.
Wm. Illanchard. Esq., Morris, III,
Messrs. II. C. & O. G. Cook & Co., RocV-
ford. III.
Messs. II. Wheeler &. Son, Arr.ra 111.
Messrs. Jndd, rtiniih & Pratt, Dixcn, 111.
Nflnmiah Case, Esq., BitfTalo, N. V.
Wm. II. Fnndy, Esq., Sprincfield, III.
Gen. I. Cum, Springfield, III.
Richard leers, Eiq., SI. Louis, Ma.
31 JOHN J. TOWN, Agent at Bellcvue.
Honinsr lhat Gen. Bort-en may le tri-
umphantry elected and our difficulties all thoe who oppose the general welfare
aii.-ractorilv adiuated, I subscribe mysedf, of Hie lerntory
rrau-rnaliy yours,
NORTIII-B!! Kebbska.
Mean Confer.! pUMo.
Vo have heard of men being so mean
that they would steal perry's ofl' a ib-ad
niggers s eyes -ond enco we hiard of u
man in viasl time, so mean, lhat he fol
lowed a blind hog through ihe woods, and
Mole away the acorns which he rooted from
the ground but, neither of die above caes
are so contemptibly mean as that of per
sons refusing to pay the printer for bring
ing their C'.i.lvmj title names into notice
through ihe eoluiims of his paper.
A linn of Land'spcculatitig ItH'lfigging
lawyirs and li!iig paju-r city b.t broker,
who nre known under the Myle of popple
lun S: I i.ei s," had tberr card, amounting to
two squares, in."i rted in this paper for eiglit
month.-, fi.T which we charged tie in or.'.y
S.G0, nud when their bid was presented,
refund to pay it, aiming that they had not
ordered it lo 1 e inserted.
We have taken their card uut, and pro
pose giving prominence to the LnA'.imcni. t) I n
llv occai-ienally refirrinj U ihcm in our gold l anus ami ruis,
1 w w
Mosher Jlerritt C 2
Malum William A
Homaii Patrick
llusel Mrs Elizabeth
Dunwody Ales'r
Fisher Samuel
Gwinn Thomas
Gray Mrs. U K2
Hathaway S S
Haines Henry
Jamner Miss BE
Lancaster John F
McDonald S
Mooney Samue.l
Heed R
P, anion M D
Has Dr. TvAxtix, iu good faith, re
signed his ollkc as Marshal of Nebraska
Territory ? It is doubled.
r.rn. VTooS's Sword of Honor.
The sword prepared by order of Con
greis for iresentatiou to Gen. Wool, in
appreciation of his gallant services ren
dered in Mexico, and especially at the
l .-i'il,. .,f lluena ViMa. has been present
ed to the veteran A more beautiful and
appropriate compliment than that convey
ed I y this leti rnial could not have been
I eMowed. The blade is thirty one and a
quarter inches long, of tho finest -caM
Meel, and emblazoned with rial onal de
vices. The hilt is of solid gold, and is a
.-pi'cimen of rare workmanship I he tie-pi-n
is an tar of corn, half concealed ty
ihe hiick surrounding it. he upper
eart is a tprcad eagle, on the heart of
which, is the MM '"'f !'!
IJaena Vbta, Feb. 2'2 and 'J l, 1S17.
Tl,., .v.v of thO eagu: me uiui.ii,.iu.-.
The cro.-s of the hi'.t is the Mexican coat
f nrmsthe serpent ana cactus ery
Slicrwood &. CoAV M 2 Sturgcs Henry 2
Schell Jac ib Suck Jonathan W
Selkregg Win A 2 Simons George
SherwooJ Willis M 2 Smith Milton II
Tilton John E
Thornton Lindley M
Taylor John
Vanette J W
Tilton Hosanah
Tharp Philander
Vanetter John
Wortendyke II
Wurden Wm
AVamer F C
AYheeler A
Weltner John II 5
Whiling Martha U
Warden James G
Warren Win A
W'iremun Alfred A 3
Zeigler B W 2
Persons calling f ir nny of the abov3
Imcrs, will please say advertised.
the facts were a.i stated to ta.:s woo jUa, A i;lwycr wl0 theat
them in occupancy, th(. y rcai.i y Witurew, . ,t ,. ou, j. -:i ;u.j tuf s, will sl'.d
ieavily wrought, th eyes cf the serpent
it ing garnts. The scabbard is of silver,
ri;.tt?il Villi gold, and ornamented with
ill l ands and rings, lue enJ or li.o
al bard is of bolid gold, and of unique
Afier tho above arrange.i.onn were
completed, ihe whole crowd niVoi.rr.ed o
have been longer in the HeiJ, nul who. it j JMlevuo, and f.i.uheJ their labors ty re
is presumed, are b-tter rtcquaimed wi'Ji j nioving a hou.-e and fixtures whi h the
thewi-ht sof the majority of the citizens town touncil in their corporate capacity
of the Ttrritorv. Ia th" mean tune we jj declareil to lo a nuimme.
fiem Ids clients rob ihe widow cf her
la.-t farthing di fraud helpless orphan-
m'.I his 1 irth-right for a "mess of pot
fchall hold ourselves ready f,-r action, and
prepare for the fight
Another large meeting of the Clc.bwa
bold on last Tuesday. The inhabitants
n;, ,W. nn in our orinisn. look much ! e,f Sarrv county acre united, and we as-
like "backing oil in another direction," j iCrt nothing but the truth, when wo say
tat let that pass we understand each ! that the actual settlers w.!i I e protected l y
other now. lie Cl'-u irUlirhWMDt ; ndjiazardj.
It is a well known fact alo, that cur j Goad Out.
r - - T". amp f.l!.,. 1 . I-- C 1 ... r.-i.nir- fl'fr l!ie
prtierence iur xvirtair, .... Uil cam.uuj v. ...... .s, - - , ,i, ;4 ,,,ri :a :
LM. Gen. L. L. Bownc. whom wo f ri:aihs Chrhtc pher was de.v is a gent eman-as h art
telieve lobe honcM m.d ccpil le an 1 who t.-0VP j, he errived at heme, (bein; abser t
... e -:.....,.... .). a. TJt r.l.-r,. ' . ", ... . . t .1 ....... ..1, ,.l r , o' .,,
wi.J rrrrescm u.e unci e-si u u'c ....v.j tuuo ci lae iii.aiu-ja.v; ..v -..... y
On o;n si'b of the scabbard is the fol
lowing in c;ipt;on:
To Gen. John F. Wool, as a testimony
! .i i l. . . . , .1 1 it I
, i i , t'l It1 111 Ml &CI.SI" VI Mi l lawn u i- jvi'fi,.
tag..," and finally go to the -place he Le , . al ,h(J
ngj. liiuscnotui u.e him m , , e uMua iMa ; m accordance
with a j'iir.1 resolution approved January
21. 1S01."
The tworJ was manufactured by Sam
uel Jackbon, of UaHimuie. It coM 61,
000. The des-ign was furnished by laeu-
j tenant Benion of the Army. .wu.iy
W. It. Loagsdon", M. D.,
Maiii,letwef Twenty-Fifth and Twenty-
Sixth streets, Bellevae City. J-Jtr
Corner of Locust and Cooleig? Streets,
r. i.mvriTH. c. e. n'TttnmtP
Grilflth & Eutterflold,
Laud Warrants
CONST AXTEY on hand ari l for sale by
PiP-cmntors enn make a handnome saving
by uiinij Warrant.
All Warrants sold by Hie above Institution
nre Kiiarantciil.
JOHN .T. TOWN, Cashier.
Ec'.lcvac, June 27, 1V)7. 31
Talmer &; Avcrill,
WHOLESALE and Ret'iil dealers In China,
(ilass and Qaeensware, Mirrors and
Fancy Good", Lamps, Waiters, Table Cutlerv,
Britannia V.'are, &c. Oar stock is entirely
new, very large, and carefully selected, and
by ad.'e'r.njr strictly to the cash svsteni, we
nre able lo oiler very ureat inducements to all
who may favor us with a calL 33lf
r not L.iMTvrior
Executive Department, )
Omaha Citv, N. T.
i errnnry or n-nm-ii", -
of the Lepslative Assembly, approved Janu
ary 2u, IS'iO, entitled "Elections," do hereby
teilare nnd make known, that an election will
bo huld In the several co inties of this Terri
tory, on the first Monday in August, A. P.
I.i7, for one Delegate to thff Con:res of the
I'nitpd Slates, one Territorial Auditor, Oii
Territorial Treasur-r, one Territorial Librari
an, one Attorney General, and one District
VUorney for eacii .mmht-ii Lnnrier, in ne vo
ted for bv the qualified voters of the District
for which he is to tie elerten. Also, miriy-nve
memhprs to the Home of Representatives of
the Territorial Assembly, to wit : The Coun
ties of Dahkota. Cedar and L'Ear qui Court,
will elect two Representatives; the Counties
of Hurt and Cuming will elect one Represen
tative; the county of Washington will elect
three Representatives; the county of Douclas
will elect eisht Representatives; the county of
Sarpy will elect four Representative? ; the
coenlics of Dodge and Platte will elect, joint
ly, one Representative; the counties of Cass,
Lancaster, linen ana tlav win elect lour uep
resentalives; the county of Otoe will elect sue
Representatives; the counties of Nemaha and
Johnson will elect three Representatives; the
counties of Richardson and Pawnee will elect
three Representatives. And at the same tion
and place Ihe qualified voters of each county
will elect the following countv officer". to wit:
one Probate Judge, one SlirirT, one Register,
one Treasurer one County Clerk, one Superin
tendent of Common Schools, one County Sur
veyor, one Comity Commisioner for each
county, two Justices of the Teace and two
Constables for each Precinct.
The County Commissioners of the rrgani-ed
counties lying nearest adjacent to the H lorg.m
Ucd counties, will procerd to dhl le the unor-
gani7.ed counties into convenient eiee'lou !;s
tricts and cause notices to be posted in each
election precinct of the time and plice of
holding said election, and of the ollirers to bn
voted for, and to appoint juilsres, ami cause tn
said election to be conducted in nil respects,
and due returns made thereof, as required by
In testimony whereof, I nave here'in
to set mv hand and caused to be af
fixed the' creat Seal of the Territory,
done at O.naha City, in said Terri
tory, on the thirtieth day of May,
A.'D. lS.77.andof the Independence
of the I'nited S;ates of America, the
eich'y-fust ycur.
Py the Governor,
T. B. Ccminc, Secretary. n32
regard to Messrs. Top-gi iV Elow-lurd.
Glivl to hear it.
We und -rsiar.d that the appointment of
Mr. r.oni nrsos of Omaha, as Postmaster
cf that ti'y, i revoked, nnd Hint W. W.
Wyman is re-pppc-inted. This is ns it
should le. V'e have no ol ji i lions against
Mr. Uobebisox whatever; in fact we
at VY&h"mgton, regardhss cf lf or the j mil found his wife seated near ihe fire.
dictalknof BO intere ted clique still we ! checoati.u'nci d tehinghim the pai'.'.cuiar,
the right place, liat he has unroriunnte
ly given lu ed lo the co-meU if i s.hcm-
Steam Terry Iloat.
Wc ham from relial le authority, that
T E TCHERS, aivt oeai. rs in CATTLE,
SHEEP and SWINE, have permanently
located themselves in JJellevue li'y, anO are
prepared lo furnish the citizens of Rellevue
with fre-h on Tuesday and Salmday
moridt'gof each week, and of ener if necessa
ry. They can be fD.ind at the grocery of Wat
tles & Pike, where they will bu happy to wait
upon their customers. 3m33
Just Rcceit cd, and for Sale, .
"A LARGE stoek of Furniture, consisting in
part of Wood, Rush. Spindle, Split Bottom,
Jenuv L'nd, Maple, Mahogr.nv, Children's and
Oifiee ( hairs. Rockers, 4.C.; Hmcaus, C enter.
Card, Orlice, lireukfast and Dinner Tables,
our new Steam Ferry Dual will Le hero Laf. Toilet, Work and Wash Stands. Otlice
. , . ' i. : -1 ., I Desks. Kofai ami Sof Lounges, Double and
l y Monday next. It li one Of tllO iry Single Lo uies. Trm dle IWs, Bedsteads of
let Terry Hoats on ihe Missouri, and the
. . . ., i
in, wiro-woiliug poliiieian, ami lefre r.vcr Icing narrower r.cre, inau on cm
hiTwaj aware of what he was Jjing, he er ferry wit'da the range of r thousand
"nt.ii M miles, we anticipate fne win uo a g'.ini
virions ki"d
Terms tush.
Ti" S:ift, MaitresHi , ,Ve., Kr
EST RECi:iVF.n. a large and fine asioit-
mei.t of Gent s Shoes a-.d GaitTn.
go into the convention uaramcllod. and Rnd lc umark. d tha, he l,d heard a ru( "" far vve cau ,oari,, bl, iaM. Wo have long needed a good j PALM ER & A V F.HILL.
wiil giv our hearty .upport to the ( 1Uor alout it on -, w?y ho.u e. th.t , Mr. V - . , which ran U run in r -
vi-or he? mftv be. ihere was no fuU't!d.u. lor it. -joun- -v - - . . , ......lmi iviiiui. 'I
."I . . .' . ; ,.. i v fl.i,;.. to his V.u, nes and U li not the policy ct all stages or tne waicr nuu c .c " i y
,1 :iZZt G C i r Z ti on. d ; 7i I cr C7::Z rt to M, a fuithfd, j to realize th, wMied for and long -p ALMnH & .u ,k.IX1o , lot
regard to the popularity t,f Gen. 1 tx. , lllUlg .ation and p,...t ul Lcr n,i0 r to 1 1, r (a , Joimcrut Uv) fl,r ,.xp,,i,d event. As foon nS the travel 1' of Black Doeiu and Ca.simere,
fromall psrts cf the Territory for in- Sliluld..'i mg raau. "don t you ee ou v.u. una oi.ur.iii (, j i a Jit of r.s.sime.. 'Ihose!
Zee, Jk nt our correspondence from ' psJ that th, M u u! -l,v ! any cilier Per.,,, whatever may I , h, . mg y -re arP-ed , .,, f,c, . ..d,.,
Bollcvnc, 1".
Olice Levee, at the old Trading Post.
fllOWX PLATS. Maps, Sketches, HeadiPis
L of Letters, Bills and Certificates, and
every description of pbin and fancy engraving
ami lithofrraplumr hoik neaiiy uone.
Our presses bcins of the best and most im
proved kind, we hope to execute work eiuul
to the best in the United States.
S. W. Y. M ill Mtolv I ,
3m12 THOS. P. HOYES.
BOOTS and SHOES Twenty case
Loots and Shoes, all sues, at the
r. a. irowiu.
ur.uHue s tbi no ta.
Stringer & Ilowig.
DEALERS In Pina Lumber of every de
scription, Slunles, Lath, Sash, Doom,
(tlM corner of Hancock and Twcnty-Sevenm
Street, H.Ucvue, N. T. t-"-
1F.A, TEA, TEA A tip-top article rr
oung Hyson, at Iu cts. per pounu, m i
Forks, If., at Hi
Hi.i.i.r. vi'E f-K:in.
I f ARDWARE, Spades,
IXik'Jth, and