Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, March 12, 1857, Image 3

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Square (12 linen or less) 1st Insertion..
Each subsequent Insertion
One square, one month
three months
" six "
" " one year
Iliislness cards (o lines-or less) 1 year
One column, one year
One-half column, one year
" fourth " "
eighth " " "
" column, six months
- half column, six months
fourth " " "
eighth " " "
rnlnmti. three mouths
$1 00
2 M
t (HI
It 00
II) (K)
5 00
CO 00
XI 00
20 00
10 00
35 00
20 00
10 00
8 00
20 00
13 IK)
10 00
II 00
5 00
half column, three months
fourth " "
eighth " "
Announcing candidates for office-
For eighth sheet hills, per 100
Tor quarter " " " '
Vorhalf " " "
Tor whole " " " ...
For colorej paper, half sheet, per
$ 0 )
4 00
8 00
111 00
5 00
2 00
1 00
1 .riO
1 00
(! 00
4 00
r nr nianKS, per quire, mm u
F.ech subsequent quire
ranis, ier park
Each subsequent pack
For Hall Tickets. fanev paper per liiinM
Each subsequent hundred
Persons having any lawbnsiness to transact
with the firm of Howe & Smicst-ANO, for
the next sixty davs, will please wait upon C.
T. IIoi.i.oway, Esq., who will five them any
advice or legal assistance required.
Letters directed to me within the next sixty
days, will reach me soonest nt Albion, Or
leans county, N. Y..
rpHF. CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore rx
L isting under the name and firm of SAHPV
K1NNF.Y, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent, L. B. KINNEY having purchased
out the entire in'crest of P. A. SARPY. Will
settle all claims that he has contracted for
the benefit of said firm, and nil claims due
said firm are to be paid to no one except the
undersigned. L. B. KINNEY.
friHE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore ex
1 isting in the LA PLATTE STEAM SAW
MILL between the undersigned, known as the
firm of J. ARMSTRONG .t CO., is this day
Hhsolved bv mutual consent. All the business
of the hte firm will be settled bv the new firm
Li Plai'e. N. T. Much 5th 1SS7.
Hiviiie- s'd mv interest In the above firm
to ALEXANDER DAVIS. I hereby re
commend the new firm of DAVIS, HOGE
UOOM & CO to my friends and the public
La Plae, March 5h 1 7-3t
ifciJ See advertisement of Charles
CiiBiSToriiER, second page to-'days issue.
JgQT" YVe call the attention of Nebras
ka farmers to the advertisement of Messrs.
Mevj ii &, (Jetzscumahn's new Flouring
Mill, St. Mary, Mills Co., Iowa. From
the known reputation of these gentlemen,
wo predict for them a large share of pub
lic patronage.
We invite ullention to the card
of II. T. Clarke, Forwarding and Coin
mission Merchant, General Land and
Collecting Agent, on the first page of
to-day's paper. Prompt and reliable,
all business entrusted to his care will be
faithfully attended to.
Mr. Arteraas Clarke one of our early
settlers has just returned from Erie Co.
Pa.vhere he has been during the win
ter, and where he succeeded in finding
for himself a wife, whose personal ap
pearanse and manners indicate an early
training, that does credit to her parents,
and we trust is a guarantee that she will
be useful among us as a pattern of moral
worth, which is so necessary to the eleva
tiotfof the sterner sex.
We call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of Mr. Joseph Bray, on
the next page.
KQFA Fuel Famine. There contin
ues to be prent suffering in many of the
western cities on account of scarcity of fuel.
Thi Louisville Journal says that the last
lMiihel of coal has disappeared from that
mirket. There is a little in the cellars
of th citizens, but none in the yards of
dealers. At Cincinnati, coal has gone up
ti'W nuJ 60 cents a bushel. A town tnee
tin? hns been held; a fuel company organ
ized; a Locomotive purchased and placed
inth Zmasville railroad, for the exclu-
ait9 trin-tportation of coal to the city.
Win tile tha theromometer at zero, the
cnlitbnof the people of Cincinnatti. St.
Louis, Louisville and other western towns
wait be rather unsomfortuble.
Mobmohism ik UTAH.John Hyde,
-an Elder in the Church of the Latter Day
Saints at Utah, having been sent to the
Sandwichlslands on mission to convert the
people there, has renounced the Mormon
faith, and is engaged in exposing its fal
lacies. Polygamy comes in for a thare
in his denunciations, and it timet be con
fessed that it does not look remarkably
well as he paints it, although there is little
doubt but that the picture is true to the
Tootlo & Jackson,
.1. CHANTS, Council Blurt's cily, lows.
Having a Large and Commodious Warehouse
on the Levee at h Council HluITi landing,
pre now prepared (o receive nnd store, all
kind of merchandise and produce, will receive
and pay charges on all kinds of frclgth so
that Steam Boats will not be detained as they
have been heretofore, In getting some one to
receive freight, whn the consignee are absent.
Ru'KRr.Ncr. ! Livermoore it Cooler, S. C.
D.iiL ti Co. and Humphrey, Putt &. Torv, St.
Iiuis, Mo. t Tootle k. Fairlclgh, St. Joseph,
Mo. t J. S. Cheneworth &. Co., Cincinnati Ohioj
W. F. Coiilliough, Burlington, Iowa. I-tf
undersigned having recently taken
refitted the above well-known and
-L and
popular Public House, he trusts by th: strict
studious attention to the wants of "his guesls,
to merit a liberal share of public favor, confi
dence and patronage. His table will be
spread with the hest the market alfirds; and
no pains will be spared to make his guests
agreeably at home and comfort n hie.
Council niulTs, Iowa. nov 13-tf.
Masonic Obituary Notice.
In this city of Consumption on Saturday the
"III fust, Dri Wm. J. Rice, formally oi' St.
1-ouis, aged Hf years.
Tim diciastd 1.U3 only loco a resident
of our lily n few months during which
liuiu ho Ii:i3 niadu' n iK-cp impri's.ioii on
tlio minds of all who Knew liim. As a
professional iiinn hit talents were not ex
celled ly any in the west. As a public
man, lie was always ready to aid in esial -lishinij
principles that were of the utmost
importance to the growth, happiness and
pro.-p. rity of a new place. His loss we
dculpi'o, his memory we revere, and hi."
virtues will live vhil his remains will he
returned to our mother Ivulli. lie has
left a widow and three children to mourn
his loss. His voice will no more he heard
kindly adin"ni:,lii.i hi i little family, set'
tinr before tin in l!. ut example of virtue,
which is so essentially nccessiry tj ensure
happiness and prosperity, tlir.i.rr'i the rug
re. I path of life. His funeral was largely
j attended. His masonic hrcthivn agreea
j hie to his retjiie.'-t buried him with the s l
I emn rites of their order.
j St. Loui i, Ijwa a.i.'l Virginia ;
ipers please
copy. J
Ilombnrdiiieiil of ('anion by Hie
Ilritisli Vlvei.
The intercourse between the llrttish
utithoritii's .and the (jovrrnor of Canton
has for some lime been embarrassed with
growing difficulties:, the result of ihe un
redeemed grievances of Kritis!) merclinuts.
(Jtitlio t.hof ocfober the Chinese author-itit-s
con-sumiiiated their career of arbitra
ry violciico, by seizing a lo.rliu under
llritish colors, and made prisoners of the
crew. 1: ij statid, on goid authority,
that they cut oil' the head s of iour of the
The consul sent in a strong remonstrance
to Veh, the Governor of the ci:y, to which
no answer wai returned. Finding all his
efforts vain a naval force soou appeared
on the scene.
On the 18th nf October. Sir Michael
Seyimw dupatehed from Hon Kong, the
screw corvette FneouiitiT, M guns, and
the steam sloop Sampson, (i, for iVhampoa
in th't first imtance with a laiv f rce of
marines and blue jackets; and iln- slcant
blooi B:.rra:ou!u f jllju c'd wills f.irtherde
tacliinento. The river in front of Canton is rather
broader than the Thames at Loudon
bridge, but the depth of the water does
not exceed two fathoms, while the narrow !
'assages by which access is gained to it
on the eastern side of the island of Wham
poa, have a depth not exceeding a fathom
and a half. The city ts externally guar
ded py five forts, of which two are on the
land side, and two on Pearl river.
These were attacked and taken on the
24th of October. An attempt was then
made by Admiral Seymour to terminate
the difficulty without farther hostilities, but
the Chinese uorernnr would neither give
satisfaction nor grant an interview to ihe
Jinlish Commander. Admiral Seymour i
ihen determined to attack the city. A 1
wall, composed partly of sand stone and I
parliyot hrim, surround canton. It is
about HO feet high and 23 feet thick, and
is mounted with cannon. Against this wall
a fire was directed on the 57th of October
and by the 29th, a practicable breach had . w.h," not exceeding 25 cts. per annum, pro
L.A .k.mi. ...l.;,.l. ,u . ' vuled the subscription be paid strictly in ad-
I' "h ........ u. p.
entered. The Governor s palace, situate
in the south western part of the new city, '
was gained, but appears not to have prov- '
ed a position worth holding, for the troop j
were withdrawn m the evening, with a j
loss of only three killed and twelve woun-'
A farther attempt which was now made
to negotiate proved vain, and it was then
resolved to attack the old inner, or Man-'
chou portion of the city, divided from the
southern, by a high massive stone wall, '
and Containing the garrison of Canton. I
This part of ihe city was bombarded on
the 3d nnd 4tn of November, and on the'
Glli the liarracouta destroyed twenty t iree
int.L-s Anniherinie ,-nl nf rofl.w.i.w
war juiiKs. Anoiner imeryai oi relation
wasinpngramati 10 me . mnese uovernor seven liundred separate Driiinal Maxims and
but at the date of the last accounts from Independent Reflections, with wise saws and
Canton, which had reached Hong Kong, Profound A ph.rism,, which refer to every-1
. , . "Vbody and everything worth referring to, and
no signs of an accommodation was discern-1 especially adapted to the present time, it
able. I will I printed from plates formed by ths
. The imperialist garrison of Canton was ' Sr'ffffi & ZtZf ''" U'9 i
m a very weakened stale. 1 lie Governor
had raised the pay of common soldiers
from 6 to 8 dollars a month. Kawelin-foo
the capital of the adioinin!? province of
Kwangsi, was closely invented tyiiie in-
surgents, who, it was thought would prub-
ably attack the Manchou governor a soon
as his new embnrias'iiKits U'taine
To the Public, and will reader
To tht wauls of HIS C.VKSTS.
.1. T.
Bellevue, Oct. 2.1, IS.jIi.
Bollovuo, TXT. nc.
II WING removed into our large new store,
on Main street, we are now enabled to oiler to
the Citizen of Douglas county, one of fie
Largest, Cheapest and lies; Selected Stock of
Goods, opened in litis city, cuasi i.'iug in
part of
Dry Qoods,
Hats & Caps, .
Provisions, &c,
Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
fore extended to us, we earnestly solicit its
continuance, feeling confident that the quality
and price of our goods, cannot fail to please.
Bellevue, Oct. 23, l.itl. 1-tf
(eorge Jennings Proprietor.
THIS limine is nituntetl in Uie pp.ifmntiHt
rtart r.P ItoiUv ip. hi n ifnl nnt hnnlHiv
ocatiou and commands a view of country,
which for lieiuly cannot be excelled in thi.i
Territory. U is fitted up in the best manner,
and no pains will be spared to make all who
may favor him with their patronage, feel at
niS TABLE. .
Will always be supplied with all the delicacies
the market alliirds.
Attached to this lintel h an excellent
which we shall always have attended by com
petent and faithful Ostlers.
Hellevue, Oct. 2:t, 1S5U. 1-tf
Evi:hv Weuxckday Morning.
We take this occasion to announce to Farm
ers throughout the country, that it is the in
tention of the Editor anil Proprietor of the
'Oerinantown Telegraph," not only to con
tinue as nerotoioro me Agricultural jjepart- i :
r..K r.P l.ia ..onni. l...t a ... I , , I ... , .. 1 .1 I
mink ui ill.? J ' I ' ""i- " "' Mini jr iu it-.ia tir
its character and value by all the means at
command. All necessary space shall be pro
vided for a full record of Agricultural Details
and a full development of every branch of the
Farmer's Pursuit. He will in future, as he
has always heretofore, aim to bo practical,
and to be of real and substantial advantage
to husbandry. His course, also, will continue
to be thoroughly independent, end wholly im-
biassed by any other motives than those he
concedes to be promotive of the true interest
of Agriculture in its broadest meaning. Neither
Individuals, cliques, societies, or any other in
fluence shall swerve him from the path of
right and duty.
Farmers, throughout the country, who ds
sire a Newspaper, issued weekly, and equal
to any other family news and literary journal
published, which makes Agriculture' a speci
ality, will find the "Germantown Telegraph"
to fulfill every condition, and to render It en
tirely unnecessary for them to subscribe for a
periodical exclusively agricultural.
Practical Horticulture, Pomology and Gar-
generally, will meet with parUcular
As a Literary and News Journal it shall
not be surpassed by any in the country.
Neatly printed on good paper, of the largest
class, it shall continue to be one of the hand
somest newspapers of the day.
Every Family, in town or country, whether
they" lake other papers or not, will find the
I '"Germantovvn Telegraph" to be worth, in lit
' cral benefit, twice the amount of subscription.
I No subscriptions received without the cash.
Price 1 wo lJ.dinrs in advance. Hansen
not paij within the year, $j.50. Mail sub
scribers will have the cash postage deducted
vance. Postage stamps to this ainontt will
be returned as change w-Ph the receipt-,
Any person sending five new s-ulmi-rilieri at
OIie tim'"' wMi the rash wil1 le entitled to the
8,'. sent on requ.
In Press, and will be ready soon.
Or a collection of Social, Moral and Intellec
tual Maxims, by Samuel M. Smucker, A.
M., Author of the ''Court and reitrn of
Catherine II of Russia;" ''History of Em
peror Nicholas I," 4-c,
This undoubtedly will be the most interest-
w , l ev r l,ul"lsea in Amr-
will contain twenty Casket, .richly
,aJen wUh thc fl.,t wroll(r,t itl0 ovrr
p ,vm, without doubt, ;e the han Isome.t
book in tonoL-rsiiliical appearance ever hel'nre
published s it will he printed and bound in '
the best style, and P conten's w iil i.iske H a'
'ractive ami pleasing to all classes of read rs. '
Price .VI cenu
a copv, for wlncli i, will he
.Vidros. i
Kent, poMt-p;ji.l.
GEO. . GROKCT. Publish-.-. !
hi Dock St.. Philadelphia.
Country piper choosing to copy the aIoe,
will recive the book, poi'.-paid. j
TIN". S ibscriber resjrctfully invites Ibe at
teiitlon of purchasers, lohis large and Kplendiil
stock of (mmmIs, consisting of
All of which he warrants of Ihe be it descrip
tion, nnd bounht expressly for Ibis market.
He lias nlso a well selected stock of
Made nTler the LATI'ST FASHIONS, of the
ENCED WORK M EN. all of which lu sell
Hellevue, Oct. 2:1, 1-tf
Boot C.C3 SllOO
r M. I1ARTAY, would respectfully r
tf . inlorni Hi:! liiliaiiiiani oi neiievne
and vicinity, that he has commenced
to Manufacture
Of all description", from the finest finish to
the coarest imke. Employing none but the
best workman, he will be able to warrant nil
work done nt his establishment.
j,"Th'- highest cash jiriee paid, In trade,
rr nil descriptions or RAW HIDES,
llrlleviie, Oct. lit), HM. 2-tf
scriber ia Hellevue, SIX tiOOD MA
SONS, to whom (,OOI) WAOES, nu.l CON
STANT Employment, will bo given.
nellevue, Oct. 2.1, 18:U. 1-tf
Wholesalo & Retail "Merchant,
II AS just received and now has for sale, a
large assortment of selected merchandise
adapted to the wants of all in this new and
thriving community, which he can sell asc heap
ns can be otl'ered elsewhere so high upon the
Missouri river. His goods have been selected
by an experienced purchaser, with special
reference to tlio circumstances and wants
all classes of settlers in a new country. La
dies and gentlemen, 'children and youth, nil
can be supplied. Call and see for yourselves.
His stork consists of the following, among a
great many oilier articles he cannot now enu
merate : Among his
Dry Goods,
May be found Woolen and Satinet Clo'hs.
Cassinols, Tweeds, Cashmeres, Liuseys,
Flannel, Red, White, (jray and lllue, Caspian
I'laiils, Cotton Ouods, Sheetings and Shirtings,
llleaclied and L'nlile.iclie.l, Hlui ami White,
Drillings, (Jsnabuij;, Bed-Ticking, Hickory
Checks, &e., ike.
Fancy (ioods.
A beautiful assortment of fancy prints of
every variety of ' vie and pattern. Ginghams,
Lawns, .Figured Alpacca, Douiha.iucs, Hom
bayetls, Shawls; Scarfs Handkerchiefs, Neck
erchiefs, Crape, Muslin, Edgings, Ribbons,
A well selected it ck ot S immer, Fall and
i Winter Clothing, consisting in part of fine
j Dress Coats, Pants and Vests; also, good
I nummer iiounngoi an descriptions, and Heavy
T Clothing for Fall and Winter use. Also, Shirts,
I Knit Flannel Drawers and Undershirts. Socks.
Mens' and Hoys' Hats and Caps, of va
rious fashions, oualuies and prices. Hunts &
Kllfiea tlliplf n nil thin ftrdiahml n ltd iltmrdi linil
of every description, for Men, Women, ami j
Children's use.
Crushed, Clarified. Loaf and prown Sugar,
Molasses, Syrup Molasses, Golden Syrup,
Superior Tea, Rio and Java Coflce, Sassafras,
Ginsrer. Penner. Cloves. Soice. Cinnamon.
ground Ginger, Nutmegs, Snull), Tobacco,
j Cigars, Pipes, Soap, Caudles, Vinegar, Pickles
Pepper-Sauce, &.c, Jtc
. Provisions.
A large assortment of Flour, of various
qualities and prices : Corn Meal and all the
various products of the Farm and Garden;
i Hacon, Fish, jiila dried Apples, Peaches,
Currants, Raisins, Kc.
Stoves of various patterns, for Cooking anj
. Heating rooms, S!ove-pipe and Elbows, larg
and small Iron Kettles, Frying Pans, Skillets
1 J ..... I I ck....l. ...J T m .....
. lUf Knrk.;8cythe(l. Shovel, and Spades, Lo
and irace I'lriins, Axes, Hammers, Pincers
Iron and Steel, Nails, Horse-Rasps, Files
Saws, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Ha
xors, llutts and Screws, Door Handles, Kuo
Locks, tc, &.c.
A general assortment kept for household
Wash-tubs, Sliakcr Pails, Wood and Zinc
j Leather.
Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Cowhide,
j Kip Skins, Calf Skins, Linings and Morocco,
. Saddles, Undies, Mailers, Lariats, Circingles,
I Helty-bands, Driving-lines, Collars, Hack-
straps, uiruis, Ulind-uridles, S-c, .V.
A general assortment of M-dicines, for
Fevers, Fever and Ag ue, and the common
complaints of the country. Cook's, Lee's,
Sippnnytou's, Bragg'i unrf Jaynes' Pills, Qui
nine, Tonics, and various kinds of Stimulants,
Anodynes, Li.iimeiits, and other articles neces
sary for the sick and the Invalid. 1-tf
Greene, Weare Sc Benton,
and Land Agents, Council Mull's, Iowa.
Notes and Hilts collected and remitted to any
1 part of the United S'ates.
Money received on
oeposit, nnu interest allowed, r.astern or
Southern Drafts furnished in -.n to suit pur-
efiasers. Land Dirire funds paid for Currency
or bills of Exchange. Loans effected on good
securi'y. Taxes paid, titles examined, and
Heal Estate bought and sold on Commission.
Lauds entered for selt'ers and time given for
payment. Olllre opposite the Pacific House.
In west lower room of I.anJ Oillce. its i F. S. Jes ip it Vo. W. J.
Harney &. Co., Hankers. Dubuque, Iowa j Cook
&. S'irgent. Hunkers, Davenport, ow Cul
berton t Riio, Hankers, lows Cilv, Iowa
People's llink. New York City; Ketchein,
Roger A. Hunet , Hanker. New YorkCitvi
S-IUon. Wither ii Co., Washington, D. C. ;
Hon. Clin. M koii. Com. of PstenU. Wssh
iiTon, I). C. t ll .ii. A. C. Dod.-e, S. 11. K.
Kuiliuiri-m. ow.ij ll.i.i. (J. W. Jones, S: II.
S . D ih'ique, low., i ,,r. W'.lli.iiu.,
Chief Jus'ice, isc.ltni, o4.
(Vllicil 111 ills, O.t. 23, ( t-'f
firrtil Imlurtmrnh fur Vluh.
Messrs, G. P. Put in in L Co., having now
piililishe.l the first, volume nf (lie Illustrated
E.IUIoii of living's Life of Washington, being
Ibe rumple!- ,if of Washington bi-ror the
Resolution, nre ready to furnish th same to
subscribers, free of pos'ag. on Hi receipt of
l.'t .r)0. Slnu'le iiuiiibers sent post-paid to any
part of lb Union on the receipt of lift ets.
'Ill following Inducements nr ollered fo
Clubs desiring to subscribe In this magnifi
cent and national publication i Anv person
remilt Ing four subscript ions for the first vol
ume, comprising fo irtren numbers, will be en
titled In live roinplc'o sets delivered frep of
post ai;. Clubs or six, remitting will be
entitled to two extra copies of th volume, or
an extra ropy and any other of Putnam's it
Co.'s publications of im equal value. Clubs
of twelve rcinilting will h entitled to
four extra copies, or an extra ropy and a
complete set of Addison's works in six vol
umes delivered free of postage. The same
premiums will bo given for a lik number of
subscriptions to the succeeding volume.
Each number of the Illustrated Washington
will contain one, nnd every other number two,
first class Steel Engravings or Maps, fn
dilion lo the Sleel Engravings, the work roit,
tains numerous Wood Engravings, Il
lustrative or historical subject.
C.U'TtoN. PPrauns subscribing to the Life
of Washington, should ka particular (o obtain
Hi only work which must forever remain the
standard authority. Irvlng's Lif of Wash
ington bears the imprint of G. P. Putnam
Co.. the only publisher of Irving' work.
"Every American should put this work on
his book shelf, nld.' by side Willi bis liilite.
Let yo ir children read It, nnd learn by the
example of the great Washington the lessons
of patriotism, moral courage, perseverance
under dillienllies, which the history of his life
nfiords. Wn know of no American book
which we.had rather own than this. It is
worth a thousand of the trashy publications
which the press Is d.iily Issuing forth." Scl
eiitllic American.
Country papers copying Ihe above adver
tisement twice will receive a complete set of
Putnam's Story Library.
(. P. PUTNAM . CO.,
No. 321 Hroailway, New York.
For 1057.
r 1 1 1 1 P. Cheapest Family Newspaper In the
J. West I The Weekly Plain Dealer will
commence Its Sixteenth Volume on the 1st Hay
of January, 1S."7. It will continue th same
Independent, Jocose, Fearless, Fighting Jour
nal it In ever been, Dealing Plainly but kind
ly with all. It. will ballle for the Constitu
tion and the Union, ns "the world's best trea
sure and last hope;" It will oppose Fusion
ism in every form, nnd battle Dis-uiilon In
every disguise. Of its vigilance ns a Sentinel
upon the watch-dower of Liberty, It is suffi
cient lo say, that it has never yet been fo md
napping at its post.
The New Volume will rommence with n
New Year, big with important events. A
new leaf in the history of thi Republic will
be entered, upon the Inauguration of a new
President and Vice President. During the
routing year, the policy of the New Ailiuinis
Ira'ion w ill be fully unveiled In regard to the
following important and exciting National
topics: The Final Settlement of the Kansas
Dilficully, on which th whole Slavery ques
tion In the Territories I pendingi Tim Final
Settlement, of the Central American Qnl ion,
as airainst the claims of England Mar Right
of Transit Across the Isthmus, nnd the reeog-
nilion and maiiitninnnc of the Walker Re
public fn Nicaragua The Danish Sound Dues
The Acquisition of Cuba The Annexation
of the Sandwich Islands The Admission of
Minnesota ns a State Admission of Oregon
Admission of Utah, Willi or without Poly
gamy Admission of Kansas, with nr without
Slavery I'rohablo Admission of Nebraska
and Washington Territories Th Inaugural
Messnge of James Hiichanan The Doings of
the New Democratic Congress. These ore
some of the Icadin; events which will distin
guish the incoming Administration, and most
of them will transpire during the coming year.
Cleveland, from Its central location, and
from its great concentration of Rail Roads,
Telegraphs, and water communication with
the worliU Is ndmilted to be the Rest News
Point in the West. It can furnish intelligence
from nil parts of the world, Hays ahead of the
New York Papers, and the Plain Dealer, be
longing to Ihe New York Associated Press, Ii
the first to publish the Foreign and Domestic
Markets, News, Disasters upon the Lakes,
and Commercial intelligence generally, ll
will have Daily Telegraphic Dispatches from
Washington during the Session of Congress,
nnd has regular Correspondents in all the
principal cities of the Union.
In addition to a full ami faithful record ot
passing events, we intend to devote a consid
erable portion of our paper to "Polite Litera
ture." Every Paper will contain a Story,
either original or selected, accompanied with
the choicest variety of Miscellany, such a
Poetry, Discoveries', Iliographies, Jokes, Od
dities, he., fcc, making altogether on of th
roost Valuable Family Journals In the West I
"Prompt to improve and to invite,
We'll blend instruction with delight."
(TtT" Our Agricultural, Commercial, and
Telegraphic Departments, will each be worth
th subscription price of the paper.
The Hrighton, New York, Ilaltimore, Cleve
land and Cincinnati Market will be reported
Sintle Subscribers, $2.00
Clubs of Ten (to one Office) 1.V0
Clubs of Twenty (to one OHice),.. . 1.2
Clubs of Fifty, " " ... 1.00
Pay Invariably In advance. To the getter
up of a Club, one copy pratis.
CV Post-Mister are especially requested
to act as Agents. They stnuld in every case,
where possible, substitute Western Demo
cratic Paper for Eastern Fusion Papers.
Those desiring the President's Message and
other Public Documents, can subscribe now,
or at any urns neure uie nrst or lleccmner.
Subscribers to ths New Volume should
send in their names as early as the middle of
December, so that they may be registered In
time for the first UMmber. All funds received
at current rate, and if reig'.ered, mailed at
our ns.c. Address
JW. GRAY, Cleveland, O.
KIM '3 ALL, Hiving purchased this well known
and popular Saloon, in Omahs city, would
respectfully Inform the public, that they are
now prepared to famish their customer, at
a!) hours, with HOT MEALS, OYSTERS,
TONGUE, GAME, ami other
Comnriiin? all the Dxliearte of II.
Come xt that h-mger and thirst Com to
in -rr.. and ye sinu re tilled.
the corner t.f Niueteeuth Avenue and
ill'. ktrt. I meiiii'i. 1 Ku Itr Ii:.-.
The linve Hoot mil t ..!.! 1...-- ;
- - - - - ..... -,- ..... .
n;-liJl application u maJv to Mer Sea ton
this philadi:liiiia
Chen pest In th World. A new volume
lie-ins January S, lA7. Th pTst success1
attending th publication of the Philadelphia!
Saturday llulletin during the past year, ena-t
hie the Proprietor lo promise to Its render
tint It wl'l continue to deserve anrh success
He ha lately purchased and united to tlnf
llulletlii (hut obi andTamoiis Family Journal,
the American Courier, and his facilities for
making a first-rnte paper are thereby much
increased, i ne new volume Tor ths year
IHfiT will much aurpnss th volume for the
year 1x."Ml, In all respecta. The Philadelphia
Saturilny llulletin and American Courier. Se
lections from American and Foreign Periodi
cals. All lb news of the week, received by
telegraph nnd malls from all rirt of the UnU
led Stnte. 'Pie news from Ksrope, furnished
by correspondents in the Foreign Capitals,
and selected from copious filea of the beet
English, French ami German papers. t)rl
ghuil Tale, Sketcheg and Poems, Edltorlnts, .
by capable writers, on all current topics. Tlia
general literary contents of thn paper will be
of the most varied and atlrartiv character.
'Hi II imorous Department will be unrivalled
In lis selections, and Invariably In pnrt Ori
ginal. Great attention will bn paid to secur
ing the freshest nnd mist Interesting Loenl,
Miscellaneous, R.-lihmi Hill Scientific lutel
ligenr The Saturday Ruth-thi ami American Cmir
ler i a larg iloublheel, containing eight
piges of six columns, each, making 18 col
umn, which will be filled under tilt direction
of experienced and skillful editors. It la
prlnle.l on one of Hoe's Celebrated Lightning;
1'yp Revolving Machines, which are known
to be the bet printing Presses In the World.
In fact It will, we feel confident, be found to
contain more and better reading matter thn n
any n'.her newspaper In the country, and will
be the cheapest and best paper in the world.
The proprietor, from his long experience in
Ihe publishing business, with ample capital,
ha unusual facilities for furnishing a first
rale Newspaper.
The Saturday llulletin and American Cour
ier will be furnished to subscribers ami Hub
according to the following unprecedented low
For $2,00, O. in copy, an I Hook from the sub
joined C atalogue, published by T.
II. Peterson, to the of BO
For $.1,00, Two cojilei, or one ropy and books
fo lb nmount of iil,5l.
For $.1,00, Four conies, and o:ie to the getter
up or thn club) or hooka to the
amount of 73 cents.
For $10,00, Ten copies, and oae lo the jretter
up of th club j or books lo the
n mount of $1.
For $1.1,00, Sixteen copies, and one to the get
ter up of the club j or books to
the a mount of $1.
For $20,1X1, Twenty-four copies, ami one to
the getter up of the club j or book
to the amount of $2.
Fur $:10,0;), Tliirtv-eight copies, and one copy
of "The Poet ami Poetry of
America" i superb octavo vol
ume, containing choice selections
from all the poet of th United
H'ates. price of thia superb
book, hi the stores, is $.1.
For $10,00, Fifty copies, nnd a copy of Dr.
Oriswobl'a "Female Poete of
America," a work aimilar to the .
last, and the same price.
For $15,00, Fifty copies, and a copy of the
''Illustrated London New" the
most splendidly embellished Pa
per in the world, the price of
which, at any Store, Is $12 per
annum. To be mailed weekly, for
on year, to the addresa of Uie
party (jetting; up the club.
One Copy and any of the Three Dollar Maga
ines for Three Dollars.
Farther Inducement! to Clubs. :'
CV To the largest club, provided it ex
ceeds 100, the Paper will fcc continued to
every subscriber for the second year to the
same address, without charge.
(TV" For the second largest club, provided
it exceeds 0, a complete set of the "Waverly
novri - win ue sain iree or postage.
frV For the third lareest club, provided It
exceeds SO, a copy of "Abbott'a Life of Na
poleon," free of postage.
irV For xtill greater Inducement, see
prospectus In specimen number of Paper,
wiiirii may he oiitalned by addressing the Pub
lisher, as below.
With the Prices Annexed, from which Selec
tions are to be made of the above named
Dickens' Cliristmns Stories, containing a
Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The
Cricket on th- Hearth, BitUe of
Life, the Haunted Mm, Picture
from Italy, fcc. Price 50 cents.
Dickeus' New S'oriei, containing the fcvea
Poor Travelers, Nine New Stories
by the Christmas Fire, Hard Times,
tc. Price 50 cents.
Charles Lever The Knight of Cwynne, Kate
O'Djnoghue. Price M cent each.
T. 8. Arth'ir A Year after Marriare, The
Hanker'a Wife, Love in a Cottage,
the Orphan Children. Price 2.1 ct.
each. ,
Alex. D uns Memoir of a Phyalclan, the
Q ieen Necklace. Pi ice $1 each.
Genviere, (Illustrated.) Price 50
cents. ;
D'Israeli Heirlelta Temple, Vivan Grey,
Venetia. Price 50 eente each.
Mrs. Grey The Bell of the Family, The
Mino'vring Mother, Lena Cameron,
The Young Prim Donna. Price
23 cent each. '
F.ugene S ae The Wandri:ig Jsw (Illustra
ted.) Price t. Womtn's Love,
the Mm of War' Mia. Price 23
rente each.
CV The B'wka referred to above, will be
seat by unit, fie of psstage.
ft?" Kubcripiion and list of Clubs should
be forwarded, if possible, before the first of
January, 1S57. Address
CUMMINGS , PEACOCK, Proprietor.,
Bulletiu Buildings, Philadelphia.
coaaccTKD wrtBiv roa th oaskttk.
S.ipFlour,rsack$o (MH Butter, pltti
W, per buu. 1 l
ihouldcr. do
6 U
& 00
corn, do
Oat rtV
Potao do
1 ("llama,
'rd. Ho
Egga, per dom,
I 0(1!
Dried Peaches, do 2 75
vit, per tack
Apples, do 9 OOiiUy, per ton
Ho! For Frosh Water.
THE undesigned resptrilly Inform th
inhabitants of Bfltevu a ad the ttrrourlin;
lOMIl'rv. th h i prnrmt in Hie; a u fiuisti,
At th herft aoticr, and esj th most r
stable trims. D. A. LOU AN.
P.rll,.., OetSJ, 3Mt..-.U